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GoodNotes 5 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

GoodNotes 5 app received 74 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GoodNotes 5? Can you share your negative thoughts about goodnotes 5?

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GoodNotes 5 for Negative User Reviews

Worst appThis app is so poorly designed I almost failed a test because of this, due to the whole COVID situation, we have to give exams online, so for the maths exam I wrote my answers in GoodNotes and when I hit the upload button, I pressed “export this page” which means only one page of my working went through, luckily my lecturer is nice and will mark my work again, but please remove that button I almost screwed up so many submissions because of this issue!.Version: 5.4.28

Handy App - Better Integration Across Platforms RequiredGoodnotes is a great app - have been using it on my iPad for years with my studies. Once your preferences are all setup, it's super handy for getting things done. Have recently started using it in conjunction with my Macbook, and there are the beginnings of some great ideas in that performing work on your iPad is directly transferred across to the Macbook app. However, even with a good internet connection the time it takes for changes to transfer across platforms is ridiculous. Writing something on the iPad sometimes requires resetting your iCloud to ensure the changes are transferred to your Mac. This is the same for changes made on the Mac to transfer to your iPad. Surely, considering both apps work basically flawlessly by themselves, there could be a more seamless transfer of information between them?.Version: 5.7.10

Expected more from GoodNotesI have been a goodnotes fan since my paperless journey began. I had been using goodnotes 4 for roughly 5months during school and i loved it - i thought it was overall a good and functional app with some little annoyances (i would post about it on the goodnotes feedback website). Ive been using goodnotes 5 since the release and it just seems like a mess. Seems like the creators just tossed it up in the App Store - so much was promised and I haven’t seen anything extraordinarily new (I was really looking forward to the split screen option but nothing) and the app is so buggy. Please give us the categories section again!!! Like on goodnotes 4 - it’s annoying having to get out of a file and click back back back back to get to all my files. Nothing new, nothing special, going to check out notability. (Edit: also where’s the mac version i loved switched through all my devices on goodnotes 4. Just seems so sloppy to release an app that seems to be finished).Version: 5.0.14

Cloud storageGoodnotes only allows files to be synched accross devices through Apple's iCloud, which forces users to buy more iCloud storage. This is expensive compared to others like Dropbox etc. While there is a Goodnotes facility to backup to Dropbox, there is no ability to sync or open Goodnotes files other than thru iCloud. Furthermore, some cloud storage users choose not to use iCloud because other applications only work universally with Onedrive, Google or Dropbox. If Goodnotes could work with Dropbox, Google dxrive and Onedrive, it would increase the integation with other packages like Pages and MSWord etc. How about making Goodnotes more universal by using other cloud storage providers like Dropbox etc ??.Version: 5.6.28

GoodNotes isn’t so goodHalfway through using editing tools, they cease to function leaving the job half done..Version: 5.4.9

HOW IS THERE NO WAY TO ADD BULLET POINTS? - Please add thisNO BULLET POINT CAPIBILITY – WHAT ARE YOU AS APP DESIGNERS DOING?!?! – A notetaking app is supposed to make it easier to create notes (including typing them) and not make it more difficult and time consuming. I’m literally contemplating calling Apple tomorrow and requesting a refund for this app. I can’t even type notes without the ability to add billet points or spend an absurd amount of time manually adding them in (which is also extremely annoying). Not only is this annoying for the users of the app when typing, but it is hindering the success of this app. I’m sure that it’s safe to assume that EVERY other notetaking app has this feature. It seems as though that many people choose between this app and Noteability. This is a great app and stands out in many aspects and appears to be a good notetaking app (specially the folder organization). This is why even though I already purchased Noteability, I bought GoodNotes planning on switching apps because of the many wonderful things that GoodNotes has to offer. I was very excited to be using this app, but apparently, I was wrong. Within 5 minutes of use I realized that its essentially useless to type notes on as a result of not being able to organize my notes wih bulletins when typing. The ability to make bullet points and sub-bullets is a fundamental feature of taking notes. So I guess I will continue to use Noteability as the point of having an iPad and MacBook is because of the ability to flawlessly be able to switch between the two and when using my MacBook, I obviously will be typing notes. Are you guys trying to have a lower revenue by having customers choose competitor apps instead of GoodNotes? I’m sure that by adding this one feature you would have a lot more business, as this is something that people REQUIRE in a notetaking app (especially for university students). I am extremely disappointed that this app does not have a feature to add bulletin points. This is not something even think to look into when researching the app as it is such a basic feature and is unheard-of and obscure for a notetaking app to not have. How does a notetaking app does not have this basic capability? especially when advertising to students? it is a headache and is extremely time consuming. This is extremely annoying and makes it difficult to organize notes for my university classes! There ABSOLUTLY SHOULD be a feature for you to add a bullet and to make sub bullets. Instead, I have to type "-" and when making sub bullets press the tab a bunch for the next line then add in the dash. This is so unnecessarily time consuming. I’m sitting there having to pause my recorded lectures just trying to add bullet points into my note. I understand that this app is more directed towards iPads, however, most iPad users (including myself) also have a MacBook because of the easy capability to switch between the two devices. And some classes are easier to type notes when they are word-heavy where you need to write a lot, especially since tying is factor. These same are also classes where you NEED the ability to have bulletins so that your notes are not a DISASTER (and the inability to do this on this app is a DISASTER on your part). I don’t design apps, but id assume that this is such a simple feature to add. When I was trying to figure out how to do this, I came across MANY posts and comments of others who are also complaining about this and for YEARS. Thus, this is not the first time this is brought to the attention of the app developers and is very evidently a MAJOR problem with the app that greatly affects the apps useability. So, you guys either do not read your reviews, don’t care about creating a more friendly user experience, incompetent at designing a notetaking app or are stupid... I am sorry for being rude here, but I’m astonished that such a well-rated and popular app lacks such a curtail and basic feature. And if despite the demand for it, you still think that this is something that you don’t need to add, at least indicate that on the main page of the app. I would say that its almost false advertising by saying that this is a notetaking app but doesn’t even have bullet points. Or do not offer it in the app store for MacBook’s and only offer it for iPads. Because I’m certain that pretty much anyone wishing to type their notes would want this capability. I would probably have given this app a five-star review, but only have two stars because it is absolutely ridiculous that this is not a function. PLEASE JUST ADD BULLET POINTS for your sake as you will have more satisfied customers and for the sanity of students trying to type their notes. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I’m literally begging you..Version: 5.6.32

The mac app is buggyIt looks and feels just like a clone of the ipad app, with pinch gestures that select items, and the ui not being optimized for a computer. That would be ok if the app wasn't buggy, but it is. It is slow, sometimes crashes and has syncing problems. The mac app is nowhere near the same quality as the ipad..Version: 5.4.35

Lost my notesThought this app was amazing. It was really easy to write on and make notes. Used it since it came out for my notes as an everyday lesson book. After a couple months some glitch occurred where whenever I added pages it added them to the second page instead of the last page and I couldn’t even move these new pages to the back of the notebook. This meant I could no longer add pages to my SAT notes notebook. I tried to see if the same thing occurred and tested it out on two other notebooks with the same result; I could no longer add pages anywhere but the second page. After troubleshooting to the best of my ability I decided to simply sync my notes to iCloud, delete the app and reinstall it. After reinstalling I downloaded all my notes back onto my iPad Pro except three of my notebooks (the same three I was using when the glitch occurred) have turned grey and are inaccessible. I’ve now lost my SAT, Arabic and biology notes. I therefore advise anyone reading this to not download this app if they wish to use it for anything important because their documents will not be safely stored and can be lost just as mine..Version: 5.0.9

Loved this app till the recent update.This app has been a great go to for my daily journaling as well a my studies and web dev lifestyle. The only problem I had was on the Mac sometimes you’d click to add or edit text and it wouldn’t type. You had to click outside the box then click back in to get it to work. I could live with that but I hoped this latest update was going to fix that but it has sadly made text unusable! Now I have to click multiple times in and out of the text box on the Mac to get it to work and on my iPad I am having the pages go blank, freezing and text will sometimes type or copy etc other times it won’t. I am so upset and am having to spend an entire day switching to a different app as I can’t use the text tool as I need to and should be able to do. Developers please fix this ASAP..Version: 5.8.7

A brilliant note taking app with heartbreaking missing functionalitiesI love taking notes with this app. But this app is so focused on note taking with apple pencil that it throws note taking from keyboard out of the window. Even basic stuffs like bullets and numbers are not available. And the typed letters do not fit in the A4 lined sheet automatically. This really upsets me and makes me look for other apps. Also, the option to record lecture and follow along the notes with recorded lecture (like in OneNote) would be fantastic. Please add these features. It would make this already great app so much more complete for all users regardless of input type..Version: 5.7.18

No tool bar in the zoom window!!!!GoodNotes 4 has the pen colours, erase, undo, redo, and indent buttons on the zoom tool bar. GoodNotes 5 only has the indent buttons, which means you have to go all the way to the top of the screen to erase mistakes and switch pen colours. Sounds like it’s not a big deal but in reality it is rather inconvenient. This will take up precious time when you are taking notes during lecture. I will be using GoodNotes 4 until a better update is released..Version: 5.0.3

Lots of bugs!I like the new features added to this version and was very excited for it, however it is EXTREMELY buggy. Not sure why this was released with this many issues. I use this daily for school as I’m sure many people do so it is very important that it actually runs properly so we can keep up with out work. Some issues: - when moving files, they only go to the destination you chose if you ONLY move files to that destination (eg. If you are sorting your files, they will all just go to the last destination you chose) - crashes - if you have text tool selected you can’t scroll, it gets super glitchy and takes you to the first page - handwriting (with apple pencil) is laggy, meaning I need to erase and re-write, slowly, a lot - removed pen options in the zoomed writing window.Version: 5.0.6

So frustratingI spent 3 hrs taking notes of the lecture yesterday and now i checked it, its all gone. This didn’t happened till now. Also, this app started to get really laggy after i wrote alot on one note. I used goodnote4 and i loved it. But don’t feel like goodnote5 has any improvement on these factors. Since my note is all gone i now need to rewatch the lecture and rewrite all things again. Such a waste of time. I will move on to different writing app..Version: 5.4.43

I like the new features, but there are lots of bugs.As someone who loved GoodNotes 4, I was very excited for the transition over to number 5. First, I must start off by saying that I really enjoy the new formatting and some of the new features they’ve added such as being able to move text around with the lasso tool or adding the Insert a Picture feature right on the tool bar. But, I’ve noticed a lot of bugs since transitioning; the app crashes on me several times a day and no matter what I set the palm rejection sensitivity to, it still confuses my palm with my fingers. For example, if I use the zoom in text box feature while writing and it suggests a new place to start, as soon as I lay my hand back down to begin writing, it mistakes my palm as my fingers and moves the screen around causing many random scribbles and not legible letters. I use this app primarily for journaling and note taking which makes it inconvenient when the app shuts down or interferes with my writing. Additionally, the vertical page scrolling is still very glitchy even though the newest update was supposedly supposed to fix that. I’ve added too many things to GoodNotes 5 to convert back so I guess I just have to wait until they fix all the bugs. Like I mentioned, the new features are nice, but they don’t outweigh the cons. Shouldn’t have transitioned over..Version: 5.0.6

NEW SCROLLING ERRORI saw this in one other review - but this needs to be fixed! Scrolling is all messed up. If I try to scroll through 2 pages, it takes me to the end of my notebook. Very frustrating! Takes forever to get back to the page I was on when it scrolls ridiculously fast..Version: 5.6.3

Apple Pencil glitchThere’s 2 glitches that sometimes happens with the Apple Pencil. Sometimes if the app has been on for awhile every time I try to write it automatically goes into the straight line mode after I finish a pen strike making my writing blocking and sometimes unreadable, but this can be stopped by restarting the app every time it happens. Second, sometimes the pen “jumps around” when I try to write and adds a bunch of dots or long lines all over the page. It takes awhile to redo all these random lines/dots and is hard to precisely erase since you can’t customize the size of the eraser. I have not been able to find a workaround for this glitch. So devs, please fix!.Version: 5.6.46

Needs audio recording and two documents opened at onceWould love to have both of these features to make this an amazing app!.Version: 5.0.12

Quite goodI really got excited about GoodNotes5 and planned to take all my meeting notes for work directly onto my iPad. I purchased a licence even before it was made into a bundle. However, it hasn't really met my expectation; the licence I bought will not allow me to put it on my two work laptops, iPhone and iPad - one is an old Mac I use as my office workstation set up in my study at home, the other is my newer Mac that I use for working while I'm out and about and travelling. I also always carry my iPad which I had hoped to be my writing pad along with GoodNotes5. It will sync with my traveling laptop, but refuses to sync with my home station! I guess it's a licence thing - but I do not love it enough to pay for two licences. I have persevered with the direct note taking which is good, but tricky at speed (I find). Anyway I am partially hoping some one from GoodNotes will read this and cut me some slack with the licencing so I can sync across all my devices - my iPhone as well!.Version: 5.6.11

BEST APP FOR IPAD - WORST APP FOR COMPUTERI have used Goodnotes for a long time now on an Ipad and Its the best hand notes app on the market in my opinion but recently I have been needing to access the app and my notes on my computer too. The sync works great between the two devices. But the app shows that it is not as smooth on the computer than on the Ipad in the ammount of glitches that the app has. When using the text tool (which is the most important tool when using a desktop for me) - always glithes when I try to edit the text and move the text about. The text tool can also sometimes have this glitch where when I press the button and then try to deselect the tool - it wont let me and I cant press anything else. It is just really annoying and in the end I just dont use the app at all. I would be very thankful if you sorted those annoying small glitches out for the desktop version to make the app once again an all time favourite for coss compatibility use! Thank you for reading - Luke.Version: 5.6.34

It’s OKAY.So. The new Goodnotes 5 is OKAY. I actually really don’t like it. It has some new features that I do like and enjoy but, I prefer the older Goodnotes 4. Firstly, it seems to me that the sensitivity or the palm rejection on this version isn’t as good as the 4. Every time I am writing my page moves or “jumps” and I never experienced that with the older version. Also, the beloved Zoom box is TERRIBLE on this version. I use the zoom box all the time on the GN4 - it zooms in perfectly so I can write my notes neat and the transparent “blue box” carries on to next space on the sentence so I don’t lose my spot while I’m writing and then, continues down perfectly to next sentence. On GN5 it does not do that. Instead, of moving over to the next space of the sentence, it jumps down to other sentences and I have a whole gap of space on my current sentence. It also sometimes, jumps down a few spaces or will even move on to the next or previous page! I honestly feel like the newer version has too many bugs and I can’t enjoy it at all considering the fact that I do appreciate some of the newer feature like the folders, the ability to erase just the highlighter, the new page and cover options, and the pen options. I’m also really disappointed about the lack of the ability to view multiple documents simultaneously or side by side. Just an over all disappointment. I will continue using GN4 for my note-taking..Version: 5.0.1

Unfortunately so buggyI really like using GoodNotes on my iPad. But it is sad to have to deal with so many bugs and inconsistency in UX. Moving texts, changing font size, colors present a lot of problems. I loose a lot of time trying to make this work. The Mac app is even worse and really hard to use. And sync between Mac and iPad is slow (with no possibility to force sync without quitting app and restarting). So if you want just to take notes, that’s a pretty good application. But if you want to go further, combine notes and texts, play with images, layout pages, it is really limited (no control on objects overlap for example) and irritating..Version: 5.6.54

Would be the best 5/5 notes app if they would address 3 very key points.++Add an Endless paper document type, like a whiteboard which can expand in any direction. Cannot stress this enough. Notes sometimes work best when they can grow organically, one idea spreading to others. Paginating between content pages is often not suitable to see context behind the current active working area and it can completely break one’s flow. Please implement this. I am having to switch away from GoodNotes because of this shortfall! It’s a digital medium, let’s make highly practical but physically impossible paper types like this. ++ Change folder icons to a custom image. All folders are the same blue icon. Terrible discoverability if you want to effectively curate your notes. ++Ui items to the right of the apps toolbar strip are inaccessible when in Side-by-side mode. Please remedy this by allowing the tool strip to be scrolled by dragging or even add an arrow. Aside from these problems, the app is flawless. The controls are otherwise intuitive and the input methods are handled well. I want to 5 star this, I just can’t when it has these utterly glaring oversights present. I hope the developers do address the endless paper type at very least so this app is actually valuable. As it stands, I’m regularly having to use other solutions that are inferior In all other ways..Version: 5.7.58

Purchased but won’t let me downloadI bought GoodNotes 5 yesterday for £7.99 and downloaded it on my iPhone as I was at work and not near my iPad Pro. When I got home I tried to install it on my iPad but it wouldn’t install. I’ve uninstalled from my iPhone now and tried to install from iCloud onto my iPad. Instead, it installed GoodNotes 4 and now whenI try to install version 5 which it said was free I just keep getting the error message ‘Unable To Download App. GoodNotes 5 could not be downloaded at this time.’ I’ve tried to install over 10 times now with no luck.....same error message every time. I’ve made sure iOS is up to date on my iPad Pro but I keep getting that error message which is so frustrating considering I purchased version 5, not 4. I’ve been on GoodNotes website and there’s no contact form to send a message to the developer, no email address, no way of contacting anyone. So now I’m stuck with GoodNotes 4 instead of the version 5 which I purchased. How do I cancel the purchase when there’s no contact details???.Version: 5.1.1

Great except you have broken the straight line toolA number of great improvements from GoodNotes 4 but some lost functionality. Shapes tool is nowhere near as good at drawing straight lines. Now that GoodNotes 4 is no longer supported and no longer works with Google Drive we have been forced to use GoodNotes 5. We draw a lot of diagrams that have straight lines and GoodNotes 5 does not function consistently in this area. Also has a tendency to hang when using lasso tool to copy and paste. A real shame. We will have to migrate away from GoodNotes 5 if these function are not improved. Did raise a support ticket about these issues and initially the response was good. Were asked to demonstrate the issues with screen capture which we did then received no further follow-up..Version: 5.5.4

Where is the customer service team?I would love to give this app a good review, however I’ve been unable to even open the app on my iPad. I have reached out to customer service with 4 emails and have not received a single response. Really disappointed.Version: 5.8.7

Good, Needs some additional tools!Overall a pretty good app, comparable to notability. Could use some urgent improvements: 1. Be able to go back to the last page you saw. 2. Provide a link to another page anywhere in your goodnotes documents..Version: 5.6.48

Hope someone will finally respond...I totally love the app and was using Goodnote 4 for a while. And I bough the new release of Goodnotes 5 without any doubts... However, right away, when I set the app for a left handed person and started to use it, I found a bug that I’ve emailed and complained about a couple of time... I was promised someone will try to do something about it... But it’s been almost 2 years since I brought it up and no one yet fixed it. Every update I was hoping... But here is the new update and nothing changed. Now, about the problem...If you set the tool bar to be on the bottom (handy if you’re left handed) when you try to type a text the virtual keyboard slides out and covers the tool bar so you can’t edit anything (color/font etc) until you hide the keyboard. That was never a problem in Goodnotes 4 and as soon as you insert text there’ll be a tool bar above the keyboard to change the font’s style, size and color. And that was great and very comforting for a left handed person like I am. Now in Goodnotes 5 it’s a useless feature to have the tool bar on the bottom. So I’m giving it 1 star and hope someone will try to look into it and fix it or at least will remove this bottom tool bar feature that’s left there as a joke... Looking forward into someone’s response and would love to change my 1 star to 5 as the app truly deserves it... but this glitch is killing it all..Version: 5.4.34

Recent updates is really ruinning this tool!!I have been an user of Goodnotes for more than one years since I mainly repied on iPads to take notes. Recently I have been using Mac version heavily. However I notices that recent updates is making this software extremly unfirendly towards Mac users. Since I need to type a lot to take notes instead of handwritting, I reply quite a lot on text input. However, I don't know for what resason Gootnotes team decided to make the text input module extreamly hard to dynamically change text color. There were three options just like handwritting input settings. But now just one from toolbar, I have to click twice to choose a different color. This is really terrible user experince. Looks like it's time to make up my mind to find something else. Sorry to see a handy tool get ruined though..Version: 5.6.23

Not polished enoughThe ipad and the iphone apps are great but the mac app is considerably worse when compared to its other counter parts. - The app is very laggy when clicking on the button to create a new file or new document. - the search function needs a reword. It does not work like an actual search function and overall provides a very bad experience..Version: 5.8.6

Used to love it, but now it glitchesI used to love this app. I used it last year with no problems whatsoever. But now for some reason it glitches every time I try to write with my Apple Pencil. My pencil has no problems with other apps such as procreate, and I’ve tried quitting the app, restarting my iPad and even redownloading the app, but nothing seems to work.Version: 5.7.31

SuggestionsI’ve been using GoodNotes for years now and it definitely made notes taking way easier. However there’s something that I’d like to be added to GoodNotes 5 from the previous version. I would love to be able to change colors on top of the zoom box again. Also, I would love to have the ability to get the dashed lines for indentations to show when I’m not using the zoom box as well. Something I absolutely hate is that every time I scroll back to previous pages to copy something I wrote down it kept bring me back to the page I’m writing on. This is extremely annoying so I’d have to take away a star. I’m a math student; there’s a lot of formulas and equations that I constantly need to refer back to. With GoodNotes constantly changing the page/section of a page I want to view it quite frustrating. GoodNotes 5 also have trouble picking up my Apple Pencil where I would have connect it over and over again. Is there a way to make scrolling to a new page easier while using the zoom box? I have exit the zoom box every time I fill the page up or I would have to minimize the page and pull the zoom box to the bottom of the page to add a new page. I’m not sure If I’m the only one with this problem but sometimes the lines on the pages don’t connect and it looks pixelated..Version: 5.4.21

Please fix the zoom function, moving screen, and straight linesThe "automatic zoom" feature is turned off but I still have this issue where the screen moves while using the text box function and keyboard. I don't see very well and I cannot write for very long. I am an artist and own the Apple Pencil but most of my note taking is done via keyboard and textboxes. To input notes, I take a small portion of the screen and zoom into it. However, when the keyboard appears, the screen moves to the middle of the document? You can no longer see what is going on. Especially if you are in putting text boxes near the bottom if the screen. It's annoying. I wish this app would give a work space similar to procreate, where you could zoom in and out of any corner of the page. Also, the straight line function is no longer disability or shaky hand friendly. For various reasons,I cannot draw in a straight line or make perfect circles, blocks, etc. The straight line function was great because it didn't matter how shaky my hands and body got, it would be a straight line. It was a really stable app. But now GoodNotes 5 no longer corrects lines as strictly. Sometimes it corrects lines, other times it doesn't. Maybe they assume I'm drawing or am purposefully making obscure lines and shapes. But I'm not. GoodNotes was once a great option for assistive tech but not anymore. Please give people the option for strict line correction..Version: 5.2

Almost got me to move from NotabilityThe new ink engine is really good. My writing looks better than Notability, which is impressive. I’m also pleased see the vertical scroll added, and as a maths student, I appreciate the dot grid paper and snap shapes, as well as A3 paper. I’m also pleased to see they’ve finally allowed us to copy/paste from another app. What you can’t seem to do is select objects on one page and drag them to another. It’s insane, you have to cut and paste between pages. Sadly, the big flaw is the typed text. It is a fight to the death to change the font (no matter how many times I change to Bradley Hand, it WILL NOT type anything other than Helvetica Neue) and absolutely impossible to change the font colour inside the style screen. GN5 picks a colour and font for you, so you’d better like it. I was SOOO close but these are infuriating deal breakers for me..Version: 5.0.30

App in actionGood notes has many helpful actions that I enjoy. However I have been using this app for a year and find it is lagging, very slow to load, edit, write and not always exact in what I am wanting it to perform. I do feel frustrated when this happens and it is not a one off but the lag appears to be a fault in the program.Version: 5.6.34

Password protection?This app is good (love that music notation manuscript is included), but would love the ability to password protect certain notebooks. Other notebook apps offer this feature, can you?.Version: 5.8.2

Will become better with timeThis is a great app, and so far I’m loving most of the changes made from GoodNotes 4. The app is fast and easy-to-use, and the redesigned file management is amazing. However, I’d like to see more tools, like perhaps a ruler and protractor, as I mainly use the app for maths work. I’d also like to see the ability to have more than 3 different pen colours in the menu bar, as I often switch between 4 colours when taking notes. Most importantly however, is that I’d like to see the return of the option to have my pen colour presets available at the bottom of the screen when using the zoom feature, like you could in GoodNotes 4. This meant that I didn’t have to constantly move my hand up to the top of the screen to change my pen colour. Improved palm rejection would also be useful: I find myself sometimes moving the page when really I was just writing normally..Version: 5.0.8

Going back to GoodNotes 4It’s getting worse and worse as the months goes by. Been patient for a while now (especially in the beginning to give time to fix the little issues) but the lagging started and it is now excessive. It is literally slowing me down a lot. Got tricks to make sure I don’t loose anything but the frustration (and the fear to loose something important) is growing. The struggle is real. Going back to 4. Will even consider another app. If you can’t get better than what is it you have to offer?.Version: 5.0.30

Handwriting issuesI have some issues with the handwriting: my lines are cuted in smaller lines, as if my Apple Pencil wasn’t detected some times. I always have the latest version of Goodnotes 5, and my Apple Pencil is working perfectly with other apps..Version: 5.4.17

Stay with GoodNotes 4Not worth the upgrade. Key features are missing. New versions should augment and improve. That is not the case here. GoodNotes 5 is not improved..Version: 5.0.1

GoodNotes 5 shows promise but missing basic featuresThis version definitely shows promise, but it is disappointing that many basic features on V4 haven’t been the starting point for GN5. Examples are, lack of cloud backup (e.g. Dropbox), small size thumbnails that are hard to read (GN4 has bigger thumbnails that are just the right size), Navigation - “Go To Last Page” and “Go Back” are also missing from GN5. Once you find a document using the search feature (which is very powerful), the information field that shows the document location is too narrow, vital information is chopped off the right hand side. There are several other items that I can’t remember right now. For the moment I will be sticking to GN4..Version: 5.3.3

Great for annotating PDFsI have been using this app for annotating PDFs since I was in undergrad (now in PhD). The app works brilliantly for this. I have two complaints: 1) it chews through the battery. In one 50 minute lecture, battery goes from 100% to 80%. 2) there needs to be more than three colour slots for pens. I’m constantly switching between up to 5 colours while taking notes..Version: 5.7.18

So many lagging and errors.Sometimes when you switch back to “text”, it does not work, you have to close the file and open again. Hand writing recognition is terrible, worse than previous editions..Version: 5.7.42

Broken syncing functionShould have just stuck with the iPadOS app instead of paying money for an unfinished desktop app.Version: 5.8.6

Its just not worth 3 stars when compared to other apps !Second review There is no ability to create folders and then create separate notes within that folder. Its all based on pages ! Its called GoodNotes and yet it does not really support good note taking. Pages are NOT notes. You are in a meeting taking notes and it comes up to 5 pages of notes within one meeting. In the Good notes system thinking that is 5 individual pages that are not combined in any way or fashion to each other. Thought Outline was perhaps what I needed to understand within the app. Fail. With Notability going to a subscription based system I am in search of a replacement and GoodNotes5 is NOT it ! Reducing this app to one star. First review was a 2 star rating Have tried to use GoodNotes app now several times. Each time saying give it a test run and figure out why this app won an Editors’Choice award. Truthfully, a user cannot do too much in this app when compared against say Notability app. Tried to draw a shape and resize it, failed. There is no re-size function. There is no shapes library. What a waste of users time to have to draw a shape vs grab and paste from a shapes library ! This app is a solid 2 stars, cannot see it getting to 3 stars until the developer seriously starts addressing usability from a users POV instead of how it seemed to be developed, from a dark empty room..Version: 5.7.45

Love Hate relationshipI am a big time user of GoodNotes. As a student i spend about half my day on goodnotes every day for the past 2 years. I absolutely love the app. I waited a really long time for the 2 major updates that came earlier this year. Those are the universal search tool as well as the introduction of unlimited hierarchy. I am a major fan of both updates and they both make my use of the app much more productive. With that being said the ease of use with the new app has gone significantly down since the update. At first i thought with in 2 to 3 weeks they would work out the kinks and bring it back to standard but its been 4 months now and it hasn’t happened. One thing i sorely miss are the keyboard shortcuts that used to be available in GoodNotes 4. They are gone from GoodNotes 5 and have never been replaced. Besides for that the “smoothness” of GoodNotes 5 has just never been the same as 4. The crashes and just plain unstable use that haunted the app at launch are for the most part gone and the app can now be relied upon again for every day use however i still use 4 as much as i can because it is just so much nicer to use than 5. I really hope the developers continue to work on bringing GoodNotes 5 back to the standard of GoodNotes 4. The two big updates are a major addition and if the rest of the app comes back to the level of 4 there will be no app that can compete in this AppStore..Version: 5.1

The problem with appsThe problem with apps is that there's so many options and every option presents someone else's point of view on how, in this case, note-taking should be done. And you'll quickly find you use multiple apps because not one person has all the right ideas down. As is the case here, I love the structure and organization of Good Notes, but that stops in the main UI. When working with text, it definitely feels like an after thought. One of the things I loved about Notability is the fluidity of jumping between text and hand-writing. But the implementation in Good Notes is lacking (both visually and functionally from an organization perspective). Notability also has audio/note-taking syncing which is invaluable and something you won't find here on Good Notes. The Good Notes Mac app is soooo much better than Notability, but I think a lot of that goes back to UI and what our expectations for the look and feel are. The UI structure [organization-wise] for Good Notes is strong on iPad and the Mac app is a mirror of that. Even if you set the bar low, Notability is likely to come in under. Now that I'm typing notes more, Good Notes is starting to feel less and less like the right app for me, so I'm starting to look at actual writing apps like Ulysses..Version: 5.4.23

So many great features that other apps don’t have, but...I love how in depth this app goes, I gave it 4 stars for a couple of reasons. For one, the app is too sensitive to the Apple Pencil, I’ve even changed the sensitivity setting but to no avail. What I mean is it captures even the slightest movement like every time I put the pencil down and lift it up, it is able to catch the slightest motion to where letters end up looking messy and don’t end in a straight clean line like when you write normally. I have seen other apps do better with the handwriting but they have nowhere near as many features as this one which is why I keep coming back. But the fact that it’s so hard to get my handwriting to look decent makes it harder for me to use, and seeing as how handwriting notes is the main feature of this app really makes me think twice about using it because I have to try harder to make my letters clean. The second thing is I wish there were more cropping features besides rectangle and free hand. One possible solution might be to add a background erasing feature built in to the app so people can easily remove backgrounds and not have to crop. This app is great though, I wouldn’t be writing a review if I didn’t think it was worth it..Version: 5.6.24

No good without Apple PencilI switched from Notability to GoodNotes 4 last year due to its support of smart stylus. I used the app for teaching every day, and found it really easy to write with. I didn’t especially like the system for organising notes in GoodNotes 4, but this new version seems to have improved on this. Unfortunately, without an Apple Pencil, I am finding it virtually impossible to write in GoodNotes 5. I will continue to use GoodNotes 4 for the time being, but look forward to the addition of other smart stylus to GoodNotes 5. Then I think I’m really going to enjoy using it..Version: 5.0.7

Reconsider for Text Based NotesI primarily use text based notes with photos/illustrations as adjuncts. I was hoping to utilize editing abilites to create visual notes however there are constant and signficant challenges to using this application, especially for text. Do not use this application if you use text based notes. Often this application does not tolerate format changes and there are problems with typing: 1) indentations from Word will limit text margins and textbox size 2) colour change and font emphasis is problematic with screen lag/glitching (ie. font colour selector glitches and with typing it will alternate each letter to a different colour) 3) keyboard shortcuts do not consistently work/are recognized (ie. keyboard shortcut for change inconsistently changes to ∆ in this application only) 4) spelling error indications disappear after initial input and reappear only with highlighting text vs simply selecting the textbook 5) the textbox is finicky to resize (specific area needs to be clicked in order to resize) 6) textboxes do not lock in place (with multiple layers on one page do not anticipate moving objects without altering another object) - layering and locking objects should be an option The application lags with multiple windows of the application open. The amount of times I've had to force close and restart the program has made any potential efficiencies of this application nearly nonexistant. Changing pages on the sidebar/note book outline is not always accurate (ie. on page 3, click page 1 on outline and not automatically taken to page 1) - there is also no option to hide the margin and moving the window to hide the outline would hide tools/features you would require for note writing. There are adequate functions with handwriting and colouring. Photos do not have the ability to be moved or copy/pasted from different pages without reinserting the picture on the correct page therefore another problem where moving content/editing is difficult (also problematic switching between Macbook/iPad if photos are not easily accessible/organized). This is a paid application that has many active problems and has not greatly improved my note taking abilities and therefore I regret this purchase..Version: 5.6.21

Customisable toolbar and split screen please!GoodNotes has been a great app to use. However, again and again I am finding myself constantly wishing for a customisable tool bar and split screen function between two GoodNotes notebooks! It would be a lot more convenient for us to be able to choose what we want on our toolbar - for me specifically I would love to have more colours on the toolbar since I am switching between colours so often over the camera or text function which I never use. I am aware that these functions may be useful to some people so having that option to choose what to keep or remove from the toolbar would be AMAZING and would definitely improve the user experience :) Notability also has this really cool split screen between notes function which I think is super useful when you want to have the questions / notes / PDF on one side and your answers on the other. I have been considering switching to Notability JUST for this function so I really hope this is considered in the next update!.Version: 5.2

Handy to haveLove having the app on Mac. Gives flexiblity in the way I'm able to have typed and handwritten notes in the same space. Syncing is great. Only issue is the quality of the interface seeems quite grainy - this influences my use of it a fair bit when it comes to handwritten notes but not a big deal for me as most notes are done via iPad :).Version: 5.7.32

Many issuesGoodNotes is in general a great note-taking app but there are way too many bugs. Most recently the notes have stopped saving text boxes and will just randomly delete texts, which makes it VERY frustrating when entire pages of notes would just disappear. Please fix this!.Version: 5.6.30

Very disappointed with this appI had GN4 and it was generally pretty good. Sync’ed well with dropbox, supported good stylus’ and wasn’t buggy. Not the case for GN5. I can’t export more than 1 file at at time, when I try, only 1 is copied. If I just export 1 file, it forces me to email myself a link to that file. My style is only supported as an Apple Pencil, so the programmable buttons that worked on GN4 are now useless. And to top it off, every once in a while the app bricks and I have to fake a hard reset to allow me to kill the app before reopening it. I generally only lose a word or two of text, but it’s still annoying. And I had to pay $10cad to buy this app. Very disappointed with GN5..Version: 5.6.39

NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AVAILABLEConsidering I paid for this app twice (v4 and then again for v5) I would expect that there is some way to contact when having issues. I have searched and searched for the answer to this and there is absolutely no way to get hold of you guys to request help. I am currentlu using Goodnotes on my MacBook as my Apple Pencil has gone missing and I rely on Goodnotes for work. However when using the typing tool, the keyboard shortcuts randomly take over and I cannot type anymore (eg if I type E, it switches over to the Eraser.) The only way I can get it back to typing properly again is by restarting the app and opening every single document again (I work with 5 documents at a time switching between). This could all be simply fixed by adding another key to the start of the keyboard shortcuts instead of allowing a single letter to be pressed, or at least give an option to turn off the shortcuts. Sort your customer service out, or make your app free..Version: 5.9.4

Pretty Good UpgradeI use this every day as my notebook at work. There is no longer support for connecting to one drive - but this doesn’t really matter as there is drag and drop which works easily. The new folder system is something I always thought GoodNotes 4 needed. I can be taking a note or drawing a diagram in my daily notebook and can easily drag a single page and drop it into other apps (mainly One Drive and PDF Expert) One thing that appears missing.....AUTOMATIC BACKUP!! Where has it gone, can you bring it back, the is only Backup Now. **EDIT** Coming from using GoodNotes 4, there is definitely some items lacking, where is the pen size slider in the customisable colour, its gone, the autobackup is gone, the eraser sometimes does not fully erase or an erased line rerappears. And i think the palm rejection is not as rock solid as the previous version. I have both versions running side by side to compare. Though it definitely is much more polished than the previous version. Just not sure why these features have gone missing. **EDIT** When is AUTO BACKUP being reinstated. I am kicking myself...had an iPAD crash had to reset and lost a month or so of notes. My bad!!! GoodNotes 4 had it. Still a good app. **EDIT** AUTO BACKUP to OneDrive please!!!! Keep getting an error with iCloud.Version: 5.3.6

Great for organisation but some problems with writingI absolutely love the ability to scan in documents is such a good addition and it’s really high quality software - the fact that is also recognises text makes it so much more useable as well. That said, on thing that frustrates me to no end is the limited movability of the page you are writing on. I’m left handed, I write at an angle and I need to write in the middle of the screen so that the edge of my iPad don’t get in the way. There is no way for the edge of the page to be moved to the middle, it’s stuck there and I hate it so much because I'm forced to write on the very edge of the screen. It’s messy and uncomfortable and I hate that there is no way to fix it. It’s such a stupid “feature” to force you keep the whole page on screen, it makes it look nicer sure, but it detracts from the actual usability..Version: 5.4.41

Great app, but text (typing) can improve a lotThis is a great app for writing notes with your pen. It feels robust, syncs quickly, and easy to use. The one big downside is the text tool is very difficult to use. It has a number of bugs associated with it. Overall, I would recommend this app!.Version: 5.6.30

Don’t downloadGreat ideas in this app. Very poor execution. Can’t upload any documents, always get errors. Can’t download any documents, just stops doing anything. I have let the iPad on to do this overnight, still nothing transferred. Constantly crashes, like every minute. If you do a cut and paste and the app crashes, you lose what you cut. Been trying to get this app to work for over a month, no joy. I sent an email to GoodNotes, no reply. I am stuck. I have been using GoodNotes 4 for the past year with not to many problems. Have even tried uploading back into that app, nope that doesn’t work anymore. All my documents are stuck in GoodNotes 5. Stupid me didn’t back them up, I just transferred them to GoodNotes 5. Yes I regret that now. If you are using GoodNotes 4, don’t go to GoodNotes 5..Version: 5.4.6

Horrible!This app may be great for artistic types who want to draw on their screens,but for people who type their notes……..forget it! That should be the FIRST function of a note taking application. I don’t even know if you can do it? It is a note application,is it not? It should be intuitive. I should be typing in notes as soon as I install this app and I can’t. I want a refund..Version: 5.8.2

Pls fix glitchesI love using GoodNotes but lately, there’s been frequent glitches whenever I use it. It makes crazy random lines whenever I handwrite (I am using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 - if that’s relevant). I have tried restarting my iPad many times (like what the site instructs) whenever it happens but it doesn’t fix it permanently. I also recently deleted and reinstalled GoodNotes hoping it would fix it but it’s still happening. It’s getting very frustrating because I waste most of my time erasing or undoing the random lines. I don’t think it’s to do with my apple pencil bc it doesn’t do it whenever I use Notes. Please fix this. Thank you.Version: 5.5.3

Used for years had no problems until nowI’ve been using this for years and loved how easy it was to import and take notes. Very simple to learn to use and import/export files. However recently for the last two months my app has been glitching where when I write something and try to erase it, the second to last thing written will be erased but the last thing will remain. The same goes for backspacing. Also if I’m writing something suddenly one of the lines I wrote would drag out and cover my entire page. It was very frustrating to deal with this especially during finals week. The frequency of this glitch occurred more and more to the point that I gave up on using this app and swapped to onenotes instead. I have contacted them and sent them a video of the issue with no response. I have tried changing my sensitivity of the palm reject, and deleting and downloading the app again with no prevail. I also thought maybe it was my iPad or pencils issue so I have tried to write on several other apps without issue (procreate and OneNote). When I redownloaded the app, the issue appeared to be resolved until I tried to write a few more times when the exact same issue started occurring again. I’ve given up. Going to swap to notability instead..Version: 5.7.5

해결해 주세요어제부터 사용을 하는데 PDF 파일을 불러오기가 안되네요. 계속 불러온다고만 하고 멈춰버리는데 이유를 모르겠습니다. ㅠㅠㅠ 다른 메모에서는 잘 되는데 유독 이 어플에서만 안되네요.Version: 5.6.46

Doesn’t remember pen colours & sizes between documentsNeeds ability to bookmark more pen and highlighter colors, including different line weights and sizes of brushes rather than having to try and guess each time you re enter the document. AND it really needs to actually remember these, for different documents again, so you’re not just guessing each time! Apart from that, really enjoy this app, but these things are quite annoying when you’re using the app.Version: 5.8.2

Love it...but at the same time I don’tSeriously having a love-hate relationship with this upgrade. Love all the new customisable features I can change now like the pen and highlighter size and the addition of the brush pen and how easy it is to import pictures from the camera roll. - Not loving the new shapes feature. In good notes 4 I could just roughly draw a square and it would snap into shape. Now I have actually make sure i draw it quite accurately or else I’ll end up with an odd shape. Also, I hope you bring back the ability to draw shapes with the highlighter. - Lately I’ve had a lot of issues where the eraser wouldn’t work properly and today it has kept crashing when I try and copy and paste things after using the lasso tool. Which is a feature I use the most and has almost made the app unusable for me. There’s also been a few other bugs, but hoping these can be fixed soon or I may have to go back to Good Notes 4, which I’m not really keen to do because I am really enjoying the new features..Version: 5.0.7

Terrible BookmarkPlease bring back the rename bookmark feature like GoodNotes 4..Version: 5.0.2

Not as good as expected on MacBook ProI'm really disappointed of this app. I'm studying at home and I though I will purchase this app so I can make notes easily while I'm watching the lectures. But...it is not as good as I expected on MacBook Pro. Text box is painful to resize or even to align with the page. If I copy and paste old notes the text box is overflowing from the page so need to go through and delete my notes line by line to see how much text fits in to the page. Text box is not snapping to the next page...which I think would be expecting. Highlighting text also is painful...sometimes when you double click on the text it is highlighting the text box itself so yoou dragging around the whole text box over the page instead of highlighting the text. Really disappointed. Asked for refund. Won't use it anymore! And won't recommend it to anyone who wants to use it on MacBook Pro or any laptops!.Version: 5.6.21

Lost dataFor some reason good notes doesn’t store your data in app, so if you accidentally uninstall the app you lose all your notes if you didn’t save them to iCloud. I’m an engineering student in my final semester and I lost an entire semester of notes after my iPad automatically offloaded the app because I did t use it over reading week. These notes included really important information associated with my capstone project. This was very stressful and upsetting and something I don’t need to worry about on top of 6 courses and a part tim job. I don’t understand why they don’t save your data like most other apps do..Version: 5.8.6

It was a good app one year ago..Does anyone has same problem as me? When I take notes, the Apple Pen would create some scratches on my notes automatically? My iPad and pen are fine. It happened before with my old iPad and because of this reason I bought this new iPad Pro but problem still here…..Version: 5.7.36

Missing some key featuresI like this app, it is better than other note taking apps however it’s missing a couple things that would make it great. 1) a duplicate button. yes you can use the current page as a template for the next page but it isn’t the same. i made my own template to go on top of the flashcard feature and i had to keep replacing and fitting it every page. imagine doing that for over 100 flash cards. it would also be useful for using the same picture on one page and annotating in a different way, just like on google slides. 2) the flashcard feature is pretty bad. i wouldn’t want to use anki or quizlet as they are difficult to use with an apple pencil however the way to “study” the flash cards is impossible. it should have more options on how to study your flash cards, whether you want to do it back to front or quiz yourself in a specific order. the current and only setting is completely random and useless. the app developers should take notes from other flash card apps. overall i feel a couple other improvements to allow more flexibility on the app would be useful such as customising templates etc. sometimes i feel restricted on what i can really do and it’s a lot of work to do simple things..Version: 5.9.10

Random lines and dotsLoved the app at first and then it started to glitch every time i would finish writing a word causing lines and dots everywhere. I would try to restart the app, but that did not help with anything. I am not to sure how to fix it. Please fix this..Version: 5.6.48

Nice multi-page doodling application, with afterthought export and PDF featuresIt’s a neat, well-designed tool for making notebooks and handwriting in them, or drawing in them. You can search in them inside GoodNotes *only*. These features put it on about the same level as the built-in Notes application that Apple ships on every iPad. While it makes big claims about PDF export and handwriting recognition, be warned these are afterthoughts (currently - the forum is full of requests for this to be overhauled). You can export either a PDF, or a plain-text document of a single page of text at a time. If you have a multi-page document, the text export will produce as many text files as you have pages. There’s no mechanism to batch recognise notebooks. The PDF export makes no use of the text recognition that the application performs *anyway*, which seems an oversight. You can’t open the PDF and select text in other applications, as it just exports a picture - it makes no effort to embed the text into the PDF so it may be recognised. The pieces are all there, but they’re not quite baked properly yet. Despite hearing great things about this application, these major shortcomings means you’d be better off using either Apple’s defaults or other tools for capturing things like lecture notes or longer forms of writing..Version: 5.7.5

PLZ FIXOne of the greatest apps to ever exist for a medical student. However, after writing an overwhelming amount of notes, the ONE FEATURE I rely and dependent upon is the SEARCH tool. GoodNotes consistently FAILS to search for the words I have written. Sometimes In my frustration I will test the feature by searching for a word that I can see clearly written on the page - and yet it still FAILS to find the word; instead it says 0 RESULTS or just loads FOREVER. PLZ FIX THIS ASAP! I came from notability to goodnotes and expected at least this feature to work well. I also bought both the MAC and IPAD goodnotes versions before the merge happened.. so I’ve spent and invested more money into this app than ur average customer... would really appreciate an update and fix please. I can’t wait to see an update so I can finally call this app perfect again! Added feature would be an UNLIMITED page size, for mind maps. Can zoom out endlessly to add more and more text. I currently do this on a A3 page - which is where the SEARCH feature really struggles..Version: 5.4.22

Amazing Interface but there are a lot of new glitchesThe update is a 180 degree change from the previous version which is why I didn’t hesitate to download it despite being content with GoodNotes4. However there are quite a lot of glitches that are hindering the full potential of the app. 1) more often than not the app gets stuck whenever I attempt to flick through the pages and to fix it I change it from reading mode to editing mode before going back to reading mode again, this usually fixes it until the next time it happens. 2) the pen tool gets stuck sometimes I.e. if I’m scribbling something the text will get dragged out of the line or it’ll create a random line that extends across the page 3)the random “connect to Bluetooth to use GoodNotes” message that appeared only when I wasn’t using the app. The glitches are making me contemplate going back to the older version which was much more functional. I hope these issues are improved on in the next update!.Version: 5.0.17

Latest update isn’t quite so disabled friendly.I used to really enjoy using this app! I used it for so much: work, bills, tracking, medical stuff, notes. You name it, I probably used it for that. I generally use an apple pen with it as I’m disabled and have bad hand tremors but the latest update has made this a little more difficult. As an example, if I had highlighted something, but wanted to move the text that’s underneath a little without moving the actual highlight, I used to be able to click the text function, then the text box and just drag it around with my pen. Now when I try that, it draws lines and words as it thinks I’m trying to write. So I either have to move it with a shaking finger and have the text accidentally end up on the other side of the page, or move everything with the lasso function then redo all my highlighting from scratch. Workable but not ideal, especially when it’s whole pages of things that then need fixing. Prior to the last update, this app would have been 5* for me, but unfortunately I don’t find it quite as accessible for me now..Version: 5.6.39

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