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Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend app received 90 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bubble pop! puzzle game legend?

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Great game but...Fun and not too involved - perfect for picking up and putting down again when busy 👍 Edit: ads are eating my life. I wish there was an option to remove them. I've gotten to level 300+ but I can't take any more. Still love the game, but the ads are too much, so I've reduced my rating to 3 stars and I'm going to delete it..Version: 1.6.7

Please fix issuesIPhone 7+, v 14.3 Re: Your App: Past 3 days (?since the last update?) the game has been freezing and force closing 100% of the time when trying to watch an ad in exchange for a power up, and 99% of the time it won’t go longer than 3-5 seconds, at MOST, before freezing or force closing. It won’t let me aim one ball without freezing, and will definitely freeze again before I shoot that ball. It’s driving me crazy, please fix! Re: This App Store Review: I’ve written this review three separate times (hopefully I don’t have to leave the review again before submitting it). This means I’ve given you 2 stars, three separate times, where Apple has given confirmation of my feedback. This time, I copied my text before I left so I could paste when I got back. But the prior two times I returned, the stars were back at 0, so I thought giving the star rating would prompt me to write a review, but it didn’t. It just thanked me for my feedback. Just a heads up just in case it accepted my 2 stars every time. But once the issues are fixed, I’ll gladly come back FOUR times to add five stars (to overcompensate for my 2 stars x 3 times), because I like THIS game THAT much. Not sure if it works like that or not but thought I’d let you know what’s up, just in case it does..Version: 21.0120.00

To many ads!! To many exaggerating ads!!This game is fun, good for passing the time. It’s free to download, however... it has way to many ads, it feels as if you are playing a virus game. I get that ads pay for the game, but the amount of ads in this game is absurd. Also, you get coins for every level you pass just like any other game, but this game only, limits you on the coins you have earned. So.. if you want to keep the rest of your earned coins by passing each level, you will have to use your actual money and pay for keeping your coins. There’s no winning as a user. Made it to level 200 and the ads just keeps on coming. When I pause the game and try to resume, I have to see another ads. The choice to close the ads are very small and well camouflaged with the ads. Good luck getting rid of it without paying. Fun at first, but my patience with this ads has run out. Even though is free, all those ads make it worthless..Version: 20.1217.00

RidiculousI have just downloaded this game and an advert after every single game is R I D I C U L O U S! and the incessant invite to upgrade to have an ad free game is equally jarring. 15 mins after installing I am uninstalling SMH UPDATE..... (3 days later) I have just received a response from the developers who said “We’re sorry you’re experience didn’t match your expectations, it was an uncommon instance” UNCOMMON INSTANCE????? That makes no sense when I have read COUNTLESS other reviews complaining about the same issue. I will be certainly avoiding all of your games. Such a shame as this has the potential to be a good game. Bye!!.Version: 20.0916.00

Too many ads!There are so many ads that I looked to pay the £1.99 that was offered after initial download. Only to not be able to find it anywhere! Some of the ads freeze the app & so I have to restart it, meaning that the level it’s frozen on has to be replayed. It’s incredibly frustrating.Version: 21.0414.00

Opinion :)I really like this game but it sometimes can be abit boring aster playing it for awhile. There are quiet a lot of adverts in it aswell which get very annoying in between levels. Overall I’ve had this game for about 1 year now and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I definitely recommend for any age really and I like this game but the things that I said could be better. 💖.Version: 21.0120.00

Great but annoying constant crashesThe game itself us great but I often end up with just a black screen with just « Bubble pop » written in white across. The only way out of that screen is to log out and login in again, which means having to view yet more ads before being able to play. And because it doesnt save an unfinished game, you need to redo the last one. Not the end of the world, but it keeps on happening (3 times in the last 30mns), so I will now delete this app. Apart from that, the game itself is fun ..Version: 1.5.9

Bubble popGame was fun for a day until I got at a high enough level where it couldn’t register everything goin on, and kept freezing and crashing. Game is unplayable at this point..Version: 21.0429.00

Fun but too many adsI was enjoying the free version, so decided to buy the game. Soon after the game became extremely difficult to complete levels without watching the ads for more bubbles. Not worth buying,.Version: 1.6.1

Yet another pay to playThe game is amusing enough, but later levels are designed to be impossible to complete without either paying for extra rounds, every single level, or by sitting through an ever increasing length of advertisements. I’d much rather pay $5 for a game, and rely on skill to progress through it, than to be able to finish any level if I am willing to pay enough, or watch enough commercials..Version: 1.6.9

Bring back 5 bonus bubbles for watching an AdPlease bring back the option to watch an ad to receive 5 extra bubbles! It’s so frustrating to get near the end of the level only have to do it all over again when all you need is a few bubbles. I play this game to destress, but this just change just does my head in and i’m not enjoying playing it anymore! I loved this game before you changed it and would have given it 5 stars..Version: 1.7.3

AdvertisementsThe App itself is good but it is spoiled by constant advertisements after every single go. You can’t close them until you’ve watched for a number of seconds. This is extremely frustrating. You can pay not to see advertisements and I think this is why they are constant. I am now deleting game as I’m so fed up with the advertisements. I do not recommend downloading this there are better versions available without all the advertisements..Version: 1.6.9

Addictive and AdsIt is really addictive because you constantly want to complete level by level which is great for your company, obviously. However there are ads showing the same game made by different companies surely more people will download them as the levels are harder and more challenging. Overall it is a rather fine app so well done..Version: 20.0612.00

Update ruined the gameI never put reviews in, but this needs a review. I got this game back in January. I loved the game even with all the ads. For awhile the ads drove me nuts, but I got used to it. You recently put in an update where you can’t finish a level without buying coins. I thought this was a free game? I tried to email, but everywhere I look your giving the same response. I used to work in retail, but your not addressing the problem. We’re all not happy with not being able to even finish a level. The response should be we’re addressing the problem and will have it fixed by the next update to ensure that we’re actually fixing problems. If you want to buy it put in a settings category that way you can play for free and still have a choice to buy it. Listen to your customers we’re the ones playing the game. I will delete this soon if you won’t update the problems. I can’t play a game where I have to restart the level 10 time just to finish it. Please fix the problem to ensure customer satisfaction!!.Version: 20.0709.01

So frustrating!!You have to watch so many ads/videos to advance, earn extra moves, spin the wheel, and on and on. That part I can live with. I understand you have to make $$ in some manner. What I can’t live with is when you have almost completed the level and you’re offered 3 more shots, all you have to do is (of course) watch a video. However....the video won’t load. Therefore you have to close the app/game in order to get it to stop searching/thinking/loading. You have now just wasted your progress. I usually just go do something else for a few, go back to see if it has loaded. I do that several time before I finally give up and close the app. BEYOND frustrated!!! Way too time consuming!! Made it to level 364 and I have had enough!! I really enjoyed playing on the rare days it works correctly but I’m sure I can find something else to play that I will enjoy..Version: 21.0401.00

Used to love itI used to LOVE this game and played it daily. Paused for a bit and started up again but noticed its changed a lot. It purposely makes it impossible to win the game unless you buy more credits when you lose. I thought I lost my touch but I recorded a few games to watch back and its true. It’s actually designed this way to make money. So dishonest, you wont be getting a single penny off me. Deleted. Its a rubbish app now. Not even the right level of challenging when some games are impossible to win. Waste of time..Version: 20.0626.00

ProblemsThe overall game is fun. I’ve been playing for about a year now. My main issue with the game is you’ll constantly get colors that you can’t use and is just a waste of a move. You’ll watch a video for extras at the end of a level and none of them help. It gets really annoying when you get stuck on the same level over and and over again. You’ll come close to a power up and the next 5 moves are completely useless. Also having to waste a move to get rid of the white ones that make everything drop is the most annoying thing about the game. I understand making it difficult as the game goes on but if nothing is attached to them they should just drop on its own. It also gets annoying when you have to watch a video after video just to get stuck on the same level 10 times..Version: 20.0928.00

Money trap, hook line and sinker.Seems the developer has found themselves a niche. When you get to the upper levels you’ll find that options to get add on’s are much harder to the point you almost have to buy them, I guess they figured at that point you would be invested and not willing to just delete it like I did. The ball rotation will repeatedly give you bubbles you don’t need and are nowhere near the proximity of the lower bubble line level and then there’s the bonus bubbles that you really can’t get unless you purchase them. So not only are you going to watch bucket loads of ads they have been paid to run but you’re also going to pay to advance. I stopped at 147. It was all good up to that point. Personally I dislike things like this because it to me feels more like a money scam and less like a game..Version: 20.0716.00

Enjoyable but unstableI enjoy the game but it freezes when trying to load adverts after you click “next” between rounds. The ‘wait’ arrow just goes round and round and round. Does it approx 1 in every 3-4 rounds. If you go out and back in, it’s still frozen. Only solution is to reboot iPhone. I’ve tried removing from Home Screen and restoring, I’ve tried deleting completely along with the data and starting from level 1 again. Still does it..Version: 21.0318.00

Don’t be fooled by high user reviewsFirst of all, I am not against some monetization of game apps. Developers are entitled to compensation for their work. This game, however, doesn’t take long to evolve from a fun distraction to straight up pay to win. The game starts out challenging but winnable in the early stages. It gives several prompts during the early and enjoyable stages to rate the game while it is still fun to play. After a while, it appears the game has an algo to intentionally withhold “useful” bubbles until it is too late to win, setting up the need to buy power ups to advance to the next stage. Again, once in a while paying a dollar here or there isn’t too bad, but basically once you get past level 50 or 60 you’ll either have to pay $1 to $2 for power ups, or play each level twice, watching a video for 30 seconds to gain a power up on your next first play. This gets tedious after a while. There are better similar games out there with less pay to win to endure..Version: 21.0120.00

Good game but frequent crashes annoyingGood, simple game to play. If you don’t mind the frequent ads then you can easily progress without having to spend money, which is rare these days. What IS annoying is that the game frequently hangs at the point of getting 3 free shots by watching an advert. The game doesn’t respond and means you have to force close it and try the level again. Not the end of the world in the big scheme of things but it does spoil it.Version: 20.0916.00

Can’t win upper levels without frequently spending moneyI love this game and would be willing to spend a few bucks on it now and then but once you get to the upper levels you CAN’T win unless you spend money on more point and boosters. Also, you earn lots of points when you do win at easier levels but you have to PAY to redeem points you’ve earned! This is seriously messed up- most games give you something when you win; this one just gives you a booster or two which really does not help much at all. So in a nutshell, this game is great until you get to the levels where the balls keep changing colors and then you’re stuck there unless you’re willing to constantly buy expensive points and boosters- you’d think since people are going nuts with the coved stuff, these companies would cut us a break- times are tough. So unless you change this so users receive rewards when they win, I’m dumping this one. 😕.Version: 20.1203.01

Update is horrible don’t install!!!This used to be my FAVORITE game. It always helped me pass time wherever I was. With this new update, it isn’t an offline game anymore. You can now only play this game online!! >:( They probably did this so then you have to watch ads. Ive had this game for about 2-3 years and it is the game I have had the longest. With this new update, for the first time I want to delete it. There is also “difficult levels” which is stupid because you can’t win them without using power-ups, or continually watching ads. I wish it could go back to normal, at least for me. I also hate the new power-up update. The laser type power up only reaches to where you can see, but it used to go all the way. I HATE this new update and I will probably be deleting the app soon. I never thought I would say that because it was the only game that I could play anywhere and never become bored of it, but now it’s useless..Version: 20.1112.00

CrashingGame keeps crashing when going to watch ads to gain power boosters. Only way to plsy on is to close the app completely and reopen it. Loving the game but need to fix this bug, it makes me not want to plsy after a couple of rounds.Version: 21.0414.00

CrashesI really enjoyed this game but it kept crashing when I ‘claimed’ anything. I kept having to delete the app and start again However, I saw in another comment that it might be because my software was not up to date and sure enough there was an update. I downloaded the update, then downloaded the app again. All was well so I decided to pay for ads free at £1.99. Just now the app crashed again. I re-downloaded the app but now it is playing those infuriating advertisements. I will have to stop playing but would appreciate my £1.99 back..Version: 21.0302.00

It’s okay ...The laser shoot thing used to shoot through EVERYTHING even the bubbles that aren’t on the screen yet and it make the game so much better. now it feels like it’s really hard to get through a level because the laser only goes through the bubbles on screen. it’s literally so terrible. besides that i love this game and have been playing for years !! i’m obsessed , but if this is a new feature and not a fault in the game , i’ll have to delete it..Version: 20.1105.00

Great game with big issuesI absolutely love this game! It's the perfect amount of challenging, and completing the levels gives a great sense of accomplishment! But the colors are so close together. Especially between pink and red, you can barely tell the difference. Maybe adding a light purple or might be beneficial. The ads are also super annoying. Everytime you fail a level, there's an ad. Everytime you leave the app, there's an ad. Everytime I answer a text from my notifications while playing a level, there's an ad. It feels like I'm just watching ads instead of playing the game. I understand having ads after failing or finishing a level, but every other instance seems so excessive. The home screen is also so cluttered that I can't click any of the levels on the sides without dragging the level path to the very bottom of the screen. I think it might be easier if the icons were smaller or they were consolidated into settings/folders. I've been playing this game non-stop, and I absolutely love playing it. The game itself deserves five stars, but the close colors, ads, and home screen bring it down to three or lower..Version: 20.1028.00

Ads are constant and game isn’t well madeThey show excessive ads and the ads they choose all have a very sensitive close button. If you dont pin point it, it opens the app store. They also try to get you to watch ads in every way possible. When you beat a level the next button can switch to a different location and where it was before is an watch an ad button so your muscle memory to go to the next level makes you click the ad. Besides this standard app nuisance for ads the game itself isn’t great. The aim is sensitive so when you release it can twitch causing a miss. When you select a power up on accident you cant go back so you have to waste it. You cant plan your shots because there’s no way to zoom out or look ahead so you play what you can and end up not getting where you want. Overall standard garbage game that you’ll get tired of before you have any fun with it because why watch 20 ads every 5 minutes when you can play a better game..Version: 21.0401.00

Fun, until it isn't.The first 75 or so levels are fun. Bit of a challenge here and there but with consistent progression. However once you get to the more complex levels the colors needed don't come close to the colors that are presented. I was up to about level 160 and decided to go back and try to peg three stars on all levels. That's where the frustration starts in earnest. For example, I needed either a light blue or a dark blue to drop a large number of balls. I had about 15 left to finish the level and was in a good position to do so. However I proceeded to get six red balls in a row (there was a single red ball that wasn't accessible due to the dark blue balls) and then got four orange balls in a row (same situation as above due to the light blue balls). I ended up not finishing the level and that was the last straw. I'll put up the game but not delete it in hopes there will be a playable update offered in the future..Version: 1.7.3

0 stars if I could for advertisementsI have been playing a few levels and ran out of bubbles for the level, so I agreed to watch the short video for 5 more tries. Well, imagine my surprise, when the video that came up was complete pornography!! I am playing to pass the time at my child’s karate practice, so now imagine the fact that I am mortified that anyone might have seen this on my phone!! Not only will I NEVER download these games again, I will tell everyone I know to avoid this particular one!!! So I have to put up with ads here and there, but to have this kind of garbage (full nudity, rough sex, and disgusting content even based on the few seconds I saw as it was hard to believe what it was) is completely uncalled for and should be no part of an app that is just a relatively fun game to pass time. I am so embarrassed and VERY happy that no one saw what came up on my phone in a family-friendly environment!! I am sick about it and had to write a review because even if i wanted to play the game i never will again..Version: 1.3.2

It would be more fun with more distinctive colorsThe game is fun until the colors become indistinguishable from one another and so you make mistakes simply because you cannot see the shades of red or blue that are different. Also sometimes the aiming dots tell you that you have a clear shot to where you want to go but when you release the ball, it stops short of the target. I suspect with some levels there is a prescribed way to win & anything else fails. I have reached level 122 and find the game isn’t fun anymore. They could improve it by using colors that are not alike, by allowing user to choose what level of difficulty they want to play which may mean increasing the allotment of shooter balls for a particular level or it may mean changing the layout pattern at the start of the game. Even occasionally tossing in a pattern that is a little easier would help. Often a whole string of shooter balls are in a color that cannot be used. Also commercials for other games are required to play through before the game allow you to continue. It is BORING to watch the same commercial a gazillion times. The indistinct colors bother me the most. After that, the plethora of commercials. Games should be fun. Thus one starts out that way but isn’t fun later on..Version: 1.7.7

AdsAlways freezes when you get offered free coins to watch a ad so annoying! Deleting the game.Version: 21.0507.00

Ruined by commercialsYet another game that should be fun, but which is ruined by being constantly interrupted by lengthy commercials that can’t be stopped until they’re finished running. Add to that continual attempt to sell you items within the game, and it’s just an unrelated barrage of greed, spoiling and otherwise perfectly good game. Unless you want to wait for 30-second commercials to stop running every time you finish a level (something that takes less than a minute in the early stages), don’t waste your time on this one. Plus, the developer was stupid enough to use nearly identical colors for his bubbles that make it almost impossible to distinguish one color from another, in a game where doing so is essential. For instance, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the aqua-green bubbles and the light blue bubbles, but you are forced to do so all the time, once you reach around level 50. Likewise, there is are dark pink and red bubbles that are also very difficult to tell apart. There’s no excuse for this. It would’ve been easy to come up with basic colors that that clearly stand out from each other. As is, it’s ridiculously frustrating and confusing once the game enters that stage of indistinguishable colors. The vast majority of users will simply stop playing it, rather than putting up with such nonsense..Version: 20.0910.00

Ok but.............This is quite a good time waster but it gets repetitive really quickly and when I started being made to watch ads twice in a row because the X button wouldn’t appear at the end of the first run through I got over it in a real hurry and just deleted the game. Not worth the effort..Version: 1.6.1

FrustratingI’ve played a lot of games that aren’t violent but they were removed and a hole lot of violent games were introduced and I’ve played nearly all the games that are not murder mystery or violent games and when I tried to find games that weren’t like the ones I’ve mentioned I found only ones that shoot at other things or are find the hidden objects murder games. I lost interest in the candy crush games and gem games and I dislike gambling games. I know that it is a lot of of games and even this game got boring after a while. I ended up going to card games such as solitaire and ones like it and colouring games but the ones I had were mostly the same. I know I t cost you a lot of money to put out these games but I’m epileptic and have to be careful with the games I play and i only have the use of one hand so my iPad is a way of keeping my other hand still working. Look here is something that you could think about. For people like myself why not have a good section of games that we could play. Make sure that the games are not to difficult or boring and keeps their brain active. The reviews might be better and parents or guardians would be happier. Sorry this is so long but someone had to speak up for people like myself. Customer thank you..Version: 21.0120.00

Ads hang and cause loss of rewardsThe first time I played the game I got quite far in the levels and did not mind watching the ads that come up, especially if watching them gained coins or points bonus. However, the ads have started hanging and freezing, forcing me to close the app. The rewards are lost and the level restarts, losing my progress. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app (which of course lost all completed progress) but the problem is worse than ever..Version: 21.0414.00

Not funThis game started out fun. However, it is not fun unless you like pain & frustration for the game to give you levels that you cannot possibly pass even spending all your coins on the help items. Never mind the supposed random colors you get that just happen to be repetitively opposite what is needed to finish a level by the skin of your teeth. Update: I decided to try to be patient and try again. Had some fun for a while, but again these levels are not configured to allow you to pass them. The colors that you need it never ever gives you and only makes you waste most of your moves on the wrong colors. What a piece of crap game designed to frustrate people. I do have to give you credit on the algorithms you guys wrote to force people to spend all their coins and then you think I’m gonna give you actual cash for this piece of crap game. Not going to happen. You guys are liars and cheaters and thieves.Version: 20.0827.00

Greedy appThis game can be fun to a point. But if the player doesn’t do what the developers want you to do (advertise them, continuously pay more money, let them have access to your social media) then they don’t give you the color bubbles needed to complete some of the levels. Why not just sell the app (after free trial) like companies sell board games and stop manipulating people? I don’t expect to buy a board game and keep repeatedly paying the company who made it. If developers are trying to make a living by charging more and more money to consumers it isn’t a good balance . It counts on people being addicted to a game. I don’t mind app owners making $$ to keep up with their costs and the time it takes to work on it. Can’t you do an affordable ($.99/month?) monthly cost? Something reasonable. I am deleting for now..Version: 20.1015.00

Too greedyIt's a nice enough concept but the game designer has greed written all over, I paid to remove ads because I believe game makers should get paid for their work, I paid for the piggy bank once but the incessant pop ups of asking you buying more items and prompts to watch ads to double or triple you money is too much. Meh..Version: 21.0318.00

Let’s get to the annoyance hereFirst of all I think this game is rather fun. There are a lot of these bubble pop games out there but this one has taken more of my time than others during the times internet or the power goes out. I’ll be honest, I can deal with the commercials after every level since they take a while to complete, and restarting does not force an ad into my face. However, the piggy bank that holds coins from stars hostage and actively wastes the coins I could have received from purchasing the pig is one of the most scummy tactics for an in game purchase I have seen. It destroys the want to 3 star every level and it annoys me to no end that I’d need to pay 5 dollars for my own earned in game currency. Had the levels decreased in coins per star over time to keep my balance in constant risk of falling into an unfavorable balance, that would win my praise. Not by keeping my achievement behind a pay wall..Version: 20.1020.00

Bubble Pop!Game is great. However, the Google ads keep popping up in the game while I am aiming my bubble. Although I can no longer see the bubble because the Google ad covers the screen, the game is still playing. So, as soon as I remove my finger from the screen, the bubble shoots. And I have to remove my finger In order to close the Google ad. These Google ads also sometimes make the game unresponsive just before the ad come. Sometimes the game’s responsive is sluggish and if I tap the “X” to close Google’s ad more than once, I am actually shooting the bubbles, which I can’t see because of Google’s ad. If several Google ads come within a span of 5 minutes, then the game freezes up and I have to exit the game, open the game back up and start playing the last level from the beginning, which is really frustrating especially during a level in which I am getting a high score The other ads, although annoying, do not cause the problems that Google ads do. So I have continued playing their game and it’s glitching & freezing up often so much so that I finally had to delete this game. I would not recommend you playing this game until all the above mentioned problems are fixed..Version: 1.4.2

Would be 5 but...I expected ads, but holy crap there’s one after every, single, flipping level. Did your phone time out and the screen shut off? Ad. Did you accidentally click on a text or news pop up at the top of your screen? Regardless of how quick you came back, there’s an ad. Did you accidentally hit the button and close out of the game? When you get back, ad. It’s incessant and I refuse to pay $2-$3 to remove ads. I know developers need to make money, but there are better ways to do it. This is a horrible tactic and it’s getting worse every year. 30 seconds have turned to 45 and now I’ve seen minute long ads. I can imagine it will get worse over time. I’ll be deleting this app. Give us optional ads that give us extra boosts or something, this is such an overused, slowly worsening tactic..Version: 1.3.9

Fun, but crashes too oftenI enjoy playing, however after every few games I have to restart my iPad because the game “ hangs up” and won’t advance to the next screen.Version: 21.0429.00

New update made it unenjoyableI’ve been playing this game for the past 2 years and I’ve enjoyed it to the point where I don’t even mind the excessive amount of ads! The issue that I have is they’ve recently changed how the laser beam works. Before, it used to shoot through all the bubbles (the ones visible on the screen AND the ones that weren’t visible). Now, the laser beam only shoots through the bubbles that are on the screen. This has completely changed the game for me and has made it even more difficult to win the levels. You might as well delete the laser beam feature because it doesn’t do much at all to be honest. I’m hoping that this is just a glitch of some sort but if this is how it’s going to be, I’m sadly going to have to delete the app :(.Version: 20.1105.00

Fun game ruined by an obvious money making mechanicI paid for the game to avoid ads. I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with is how pretty much every other level is designed so you won’t win on the first few attempts. Eventually it changes (levels are never exactly the same, which is the giveaway) so you can win quite easily, but the mechanic is the devs are hoping you’ll spend coins or watch more ads to complete the level and move on with your life. Gets tedious and considering I’ve paid money for the game it feels underhanded..Version: 1.8.3

The adverts freeze the gameI understand that if a game is going to be free, then it will serve adverts to cover the development costs, but this game is ruined by adverts which freeze and you can’t return to the gameplay. If you get to a promising position in the game and opt for free bubbles in exchange for viewing an advert, there is a fair chance that the advert will bomb the game and you have to start all over again. This is happening on about one in four or five adverts..Version: 21.0507.00

Likeable, but hinderedI like this game. The concepts are good, and the levels are relatively interesting. But there is just too much wrong for it to be enjoyable. Firstly, there are a few annoying bugs that get in the way of the game play. Next, there’s too much luck involved in getting the right colours you need to move forward in a level. It’s annoying that the game itself is just stopping you. And finally, the ads. Yes, we all know there are going to be ads, and mostly for other games by the same studio. But come on! After EVERY LEVEL?! I just want to play your game and enjoy it. Every time I complete a level, or restart one, or even swap to another app and come back there’s an ad! Give me a break! So, it’s a delete for me. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn’t last long. A pity, really. It’s a nice game hindered by bad decisions..Version: 1.3.0

Forced consent is not consentIn order to play this game as many others, we are forced to “click to continue”. This is not a true legal acceptance of my consent. I just want to play the game but do not consent to my data being stopped or used for any purpose whatsoever..Version: 21.0318.00

Losing lusterIt increasingly seems like the levels have become deliberately unbeatable to make players buy more coins and booster shots. It’s starting to feel like the developers are soaking us for maximum cash. Did BitMango get bought out by a private equity firm or something? You are provided too few bubbles to win the boards. The initial play of each level has the easiest layout. If you do not beat the level the first time, each successive layout becomes harder. This does not seem random. The ads player regularly freezes up after choosing the +3 shots option and after the x2/x3 options after the prize wheel. Please return the beam shot to what it used to be: the ray shining its entire path through the bubbles and with the ability to zap bubbles over the ENTIRE LENGTH of the board, not just what is visible on the screen. That was an immensely fun aspect of this game that I miss very much..Version: 21.0414.00

RetlawI really enjoy this game and play it on my iPad & iPhone. Twice on each device I have gotten to levels over 200. Then.....the game freezes. It occasionally occurs earlier in the game and if I wait it out it will automatically start again. Twice on each device I have had to delete the game, return to the App Store so I can download it from the cloud; then I reload the game, hence I loose all of my progress and have to start over. Not good or fun. Additionally, my husband has Mesothelioma and I get Mesothelioma adds adnausium! Let me tell you, I am the last person who needs to be taught during my ‘down time’ about this horrible cancer! I take offense to these adds and feel I should not have to see them repeatedly. Just think about it..Version: 1.7.3

Classic Game, too many adverts.Enjoyable bubble bobble style game, hampered by far too many pointless adverts. At the time of writing there appears to be an advert after every third level, rather than on a timer. As most levels can be completed relatively quickly (under a minute) this results in a frustrating experience as the player barely has time to engage with the game before being forced to wait through advertising. Assuming a relatively competent player is competing levels in around 30sec and an Ad length of 30sec, the game time to Ad time is totally unbalanced. I would recommend setting Ads to a timer of around 5-10 minutes rather than having them linked to level completion..Version: 20.1203.01

Game glitch is soooo annoying!!The game is pretty addictive but it freezes a lot and I have switch my phone on and off to get it to start working again, this happens quite often which is really frustrating especially if it happens part way through a level, getting annoying to the point that I may may now delete the app 😩.Version: 21.0302.00

Good in partsI completed 45 levels of this game, so it’s fair to say the gameplay is addictive and compelling. There are two things though that let the whole game down. Firstly, the animation is very jerky and the screen often freezes for a half second between frame updates. Secondly, the writers seem to try and cram in two ads between each level of the game, which is really annoying. Were it not for the jerky animation I might consider paying for the pause version to get rid of the ads, but as it stands I’m more likely to delete the app..Version: 1.5.7

Too much pressure payThe game plays adds during and after levels are completed. You are asked to pay to remove adds which sometimes take longer then the level played. A good game apart from the adds and pressure to pay..Version: 1.6.1

Great gameI used to have this style of game many years ago on PC as a kid so it was nice to have it back. The gameplay I really enjoy. The one downside for me is that I payed to remove adverts yet the game is clearly coded so the colours I need don’t appear when required with mystery bubbles conveniently changing to reflect this. This is obviously designed to encourage me to watch adverts to earn more moves even though I’ve paid for these to be removed altogether..Version: 20.1203.01

Buggy and gave my phone a virusDo not download this app, it is a scam. I saw an ad for this game and it included a mini game. I pressed the screen to play the mini game and it lead me to the AppStore. I figured that since they tricked me I should just go ahead and download the app. After I played for about 5 minutes the game started stuttering and my phone started heating up. I had nothing else running and my brightness was all the way down. I checked my battery health and it had dropped from 97%, to 73%. I am not talking about battery life, I am talking about the efficiency of my battery. After every recharge your battery becomes less efficient and overtime the maximum charging potential decreases. But this app had actually damaged the physical battery in my phone in just a matter of minutes. I quickly deleted the app but when the icon started jittering the x button to remove it didn’t appear. I called Apple support and they said that there was nothing they could do about it except send me a replacement phone. But I ended up losing all of my data because my backup included this app. Do not download this app if you have photos you don’t want to lose. I had my only picture of me and my dead grandfather on my phone and now it is gone forever. Do not download this app..Version: 20.0612.00

No different than the restYou’re probably here because you got suckered in with the ads and vids showing awesome chain-reaction combos. Unless that happens well past level 200, you’ll only see it in videos. This is just like every other cash-grab bubble/puzzle game: first few levels have you feeling like you’re going through a warehouse of bubble wrap, then the next, you’re throwing stripper singles at it just to advance. I understand it’s supposed to get more challenging at higher levels, but I refuse to sacrifice money to the rng gods when I have a screen full of red bubbles with 12 left and they toss me 11 greens. Developers, here’s a tip: you want to be different? Unlimited balls and make the score about how many are used as opposed to how many are left. Two stars because at least one of the ads got me interested in another game that’s not a skin of the hundred before it. Deleted..Version: 21.0120.00

Unfair gameI enjoyed this game; some levels were a challenge and others were easy. It was satisfying to knock down a lot of bubbles at once. Then I got to a certain level, 124 or 144, I can’t remember. The level is full of these bubbles that change color every turn, so it takes awhile to make matches. I was playing it over and over for weeks, threw whatever aids I had at it and it wasn’t enough. Then tonight, through sheer luck, I get to the end. I have 1 color changing ball stuck to the top. I pay 100 coins for 5 more turns, all the coins I have. It’s still not enough, every turn the ball changes color, I can’t build a match. I watch a video for 3 more turns, and it still doesn’t work out. So, I’m done. If I can’t get one bubble in 10 turns then the game is rigged and why spend my time playing a game that aims to frustrate me?.Version: 21.0120.00

WaitingGets you hooked lol & then makes you wait too long til next game !!!!!! Unless you pay $$ Boo !!.Version: 1.4.8

Bubble PopThis is a good game but you get bombarded with adverts and then if you want to stop adverts you have to pay so that means giving out your credit card details, this is totally annoying especially when you’ve already paid for the game in your App Purchase. And then when you do watch an advert and press the X to close the advert it then takes you to the site off the advert app. This is how I feel tonight after watching countless adverts🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Received a response from Bitmango and they said go to their site to respond so I did only thing was it showed me advertising of their other products! Highly disappointed I would not recommend anyone purchasing this game in their Apps as you will then get bombarded with adverts unless you want to pay more to stop the adverts, and if you do that they then will have your credit card details. Since writing this review I have deleted the Bubble Pop App from Bitmango from my iPad. Worst experience ever..Version: 1.5.7

Purchases Not HonoredI have been using this app for several months. On May 2 I purchased the No Ads option which is now reverted back to having to watch an ad after each game. Last night I purchased the 500 coins which also was not honored. I’ve now paid over $6 for purchases I did not receive. When going to App Store and using the contact link, I am told not to respond to the link they provided but to contact through an option within the game. The emails are the do not reply type of emails. I have searched and searched and cannot find any way to contact through the game itself. In fact when going back into the game I am forced to start at level one instead of the 200s where I left off. There is no way to return to previous level without going through all levels again. There are very distracting ads scrolling across the bottom of the screen while playing game in addition to the annoying ads that I paid not to see after each level. I don’t understand why the makers of this game have chosen this path but I’d like my $ reimbursed for No Ads and the 500 coin purchase. Buyer Beware! I would like to add that there is a standard no reply email that states they no longer use that address. I attached photos of purchases as requested but just keep getting the same no response emails..Version: 1.3.6

Adds Adds AddsThe game is great. It’s just the adds . I paid for add free so I got if you want anything coins or moves you watch an add . One minute thirty seconds of every game is adds if you want to win without stumping up loads of cash. Then they raise the cost of special bubbles to four times the start cost so now 150 add on costs 600 coins . Not a happy customer at all , and I’ve completed over a 1000 levels too . Added around level 1500 . now they want £4.99 to empty my piggy bank . That’s it leaving.Version: 20.0910.00

Ok but way to many adsI am not one to complain about ads in a game. I appreciate having a free game to play, and I also appreciate the developers needing to make money. But my goodness, this is ridiculous. If you have to minimize the game for just a second, you have to watch an ad just to get back into the game you were playing. That makes it extremely annoying because a lot of us have multiple things we have to do and just play this to pass the time. I don’t care so much about the ads in game, but they need to get rid of the ads they show every time you have to minimize and then go back in. Edit: moved to one star and deleted the game. Now ads are starting to pop up right in the middle of a game. This is unacceptable and the only game I’ve played thus far that does this. And I’m not going to reward this greed with my time. Seriously, how much is enough? Well, it’s enough for me..Version: 21.0120.00

Don’t like the new updateI’m sure that the new update brought a few things to make the game run smoother but it made one massive, notable, and very disappointing change. There’s an ability you can get in the game after getting 7 consecutive pops, it’s a laser beam that pops all bubbles in its path. It’s normally very useful and sometimes even satisfying to use when you manage to drop a lot of bubbles, but that was before the update. Before the update, the beam would go all the way through the level popping every bubbles in its path regardless of distance, some levels are even based around this ability and let you nearly clear the level with one well placed laser beam, which was very satisfying. Now though, the laser only pops the bubbles on the screen, stopping short after a few bubbles off screen. This is a massive gameplay change that I can’t imagine many people actually enjoy, it makes finishing levels much harder and playing the game much less bearable. I’ve honestly considered uninstalling the game just because of this feature. There are other things that aren’t the greatest, but none are even worth mentioning compared to this.Version: 20.1105.00

Good game with some basic flawsI absolutely love this game. It’s addictive and challenging, and it’s just fun! There are a few flaws that keep me from rating it higher. First, there is no colorblind setting. Especially in night mode, red/orange and green/blue are virtually indistinguishable. It turns fun into frustration. Second, you have the opportunity to watch ads for coins. I’ve been able to do this exactly one because “Ads aren’t available right now. Try again in a minute,” and half an hour later there are still no ads. Third, the frequency of non-voluntary ads is horribly inconsistent. At some points in the day, there’s one every time you do anything, even just click into another app for a second. The ads are not only long, but several of them allow you to close them just to open the second part of the ad. Other times there are no ads at all. It makes no sense—why not evenly space the ads so that there are some all the time, but not enough to make you quit playing? If the point is to force you to go ad-free, why have times when the game IS ad-free? It’s such a shame for such a good game, because too many ads don’t make we want to pay for ad-free. They make me want to quit playing..Version: 20.0916.00

FrustratingI purchased the no ad version on my iPhone for £1.99 which was worth it as a good game but the adverts drive you crazy However, as my eye sight is not good I loaded then it onto my iPad from App Store. Guess what. All the adverts came back and it asks me to purchase the non app version. Am not paying twice. Cannot see anything in App Store for no ad version. So not a happy bunny Thank you for your response to contact you whilst playing the game. However, I can see no way of doing this or sending you a copy of my receipt securely ???? Surely when I purchased bubble pop my account is linked to the game and should be add free on whatever device I play it on Perhaps you could let me know how I contact you privately or whilst playing the game ? After further contact from the developers my issue was solved and I am no longer frustrated and can enjoy playing this game. I must say the developers were very professional and patient sorting out the issue. I am very impressed that they read and responded to this review. Well done all of you.Version: 20.0626.00

Why so many adverts and lock ups.This could be such a brilliant game. It is wonderfully relaxing when it works correctly, apart from the constant stream of idiotic and inane adverts. Yes, I accept that there has to be some advertising, but surely not so much? My second big gripe is the fact that it keeps “locking up.” You play a session, and the next time you return it won’t restart, it just displays the rotating circle. It doesn’t happen with any other game or app. Thirdly adverts which will not go, when the X is touched, no matter how many times it is touched. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to delete the entire app, and download it again, because of reasons two and three. Please sort this out and return to being a brilliant game. Yet again, I get to level 182, and it “locks up”, and won’t release. Entire app needs to be deleted. THIRD time its happened on 182. PLEASE sort this out. I won’t load it again..Version: 1.7.7

Game is fun, App is notThis could be a very fun game. It is challenging, but not impossible. There is some variety. The app is a mess though. Very, very glitchy, on both my iPhone and iPad. I get the ads, they need to make money, but way, way too often the app freezes trying to load an ad, especially if you are watching an ad to get coins or a booster. Then you see the Bubble Pop circle of doom, around and around it goes. You can get out of the app, but if you go back in hours later, it’s still going around, and the only way to make it stop is to restart your phone. And you don’t get the reward you were trying for either. Not great. There are some other glitches too, but that is the most frustrating and frequent. I may give up on it. It’s too bad, because, like I said the game is fun..Version: 21.0318.00

Latest Release is GarbageThe latest update to the game is garbage. Game keeps getting hung up. Sometimes no option to get additional bubbles and when you click on that option the game stalls out. Lots of lag in the game. Bubbles not going where you aimed. Another new update, but still not fixed. Now when you click on extra bubbles, you get the ad, but then the game gets hung up. Better for them, but worse for players. We have to endure ad without any benefit. If you bother to try to fix something, do it right. Verify the fix works. Do not waste your time with this game. They update the game but never fix the issues with the advertisements. The game also cheats. Shots not going where aimed. Bubbles in queue changing colors. Levels changing pattern in which case there are levels that you’ll never get three stars..Version: 1.5.9

Just A Couple of ProblemsThere is constantly an ad banner across the bottom of the screen which is no problem until it suddenly, without being prompted, expands into a full-screen ad, covering the game I’m in the middle of. I saw similar comment from weeks ago from another user but it appears the programmers see no reason to address this issue. Also, if there are five different colors on the board and you are in a position of needing two of those five colors to clear some bubbles to advance, mathematic odds are 2 in 5 you’ll get one of those colors. But this, just like all the other bubble shooter games, is fixed. I’d like to think the color selection is completely random, but after playing dozens of levels, it’s obvious it’s not. On multiple occasions, when in the situation described above, I will have 9 or 10 consecutive bubbles of the three colors I don’t need. Again, this has happened multiple times. I’m not a statistician, but I’m guessing the mathematical possibilities of that happening are pretty slim. The fix is on. Otherwise, this is a fun game and is a relaxing way to pass the time..Version: 1.4.2

Too many adsWay too many ads. Deleting game.Version: 21.0429.00

Ads after every level. 🤬Petty fun game but very annoying having to watch an ad after very level. That’s enough of a reason for me to delete it..Version: 21.0511.01

Waste of TimeCome on, for all the puzzles games that have come and gone, this must be the biggest rip off. I’ve never had to play so many levels over and over again to complete it like I have with this version. I understand some level of difficulty, but this game is ridiculous. I should have trusted the reviews I read. And this isn’t the first ever bubble pop game, I’ve played the game before. Also it’s really annoying that you HAVE to sync the game with Facebook, not even through Apple’s Game Center. I paid the price to remove ads, I don’t mind “buying” a game if it’s worth it, but that only applied on my iPad since I didn’t sync the app. But in the end the game is totally not worth my time. I finally gave up and am deleting the app and will avoid this developer. You guys got my money for a few hours game play, but you won’t get any more than that..Version: 20.0716.00

The amount of ads ruins the game.I just deleted this game because the amount of ads is completely ridiculous and excessive. It completely ruins the game. There is an ad after EVERY SINGLE level and every time you open the app. In many cases you cannot silence the sound which is often so obnoxious that I close the game and reopen it so the ad I have to endure is at least one that I can silence. The game offers ad-free play for a low price, but the game itself isn’t fun enough to justify the cost of ad removal as I can tell I’ll lose interest in the game rather quickly. So I saved myself some money and irritation and deleted the game. I’ll stick to a game that is worth the cost of ad removal and/or doesn’t inundate the player with excessive and obnoxious ads!.Version: 1.4.4

Fun, but too dependent on luckNice graphics. Nice physics. Nice sound effects. The idea on this game is that you buy your way to success by buying and using the power-ups. That’s annoying enough on its own. But it turns out, that’s not really what makes you successful. What it really comes down to is luck. Do they give you the right color balls when you need them? If yes, you win; if no, you lose. That’s it. If you don’t get three stars on a level, just keep restarting it. Eventually, you’ll pass with three stars. Not because you played better, but because you got lucky to get the balls you needed in the moment. I’m on level 352. They have these wooden balls now that have pretty much ruined the game for me. Again, skill doesn’t help. They just make the game more frustrating and less fun. I think I’m pretty much done..Version: 20.0928.00

Title?This game isn’t always accurate. When aiming, it does not always go where directed. Don’t know what those stars are that have accumulated in the top left corner and when during the bombs and such, they don’t often work. I just played #249, had 3 bubbles left and one shot. I went to use the bomb, all three bubbles were highlighted, or circled and then I shot, the muddle bubble did not pop! Makes no sense. Last of all, I at the moment have no WiFi, I just sent a message regarding the above issues and because I have no internet at this moment, the message wasn’t sent! What’s up with that? If I wanted to do anything else at this time, I could but this game says I have no internet. Guess you need to update your game! Now we’ll see if this review gets sent. If it doesn’t, then I’ll know my 2 star review was to generous..Version: 1.6.8

Great Challenge BUT...Too Many GlitchesThis is a relaxing end of day challenging game BUT....it freezes up constantly! Makers say to download current version, download updates, close other running programs, restart everything. Nothing works. It doesn’t just freeze up now and then. It has glitched every time I’ve played over the past 3-5 mos. I play at least 4x a week or more for past 2+ yrs. Play a round and get option to add 3 more plays, which requires watching a video and it freezes. Video never plays and game play is lost. So start all over, need one more move and surprise!! Video for 3 more plays never loads & screen freezes. Used to be fast paced and never froze or glitched. Has become a big disappointment. Fix the bugs. I’ll play a little longer but will delete if things don’t improve..Version: 21.0401.00

Ads ads ads adsThis game is addictive but gets boring after 10minutes and they smash u with ads. If your not prepared to buy full version don’t download this game. There’s ads before u start, when u finish, ads between levels, if u leave the app for a sec to reply to a message.... BAM!!! More ads!!! So many ads! And 90% of them are 30sec ads! if you are prepared to buy it remember your only paying for 10 minutes of entertainment. Probably better off getting another version because there’s heaps out there. Not very original..Version: 1.4.9

Not Worth ItThis is a money hunger company. Pay for no ads and still they try to shove ads at you. Levels so tough in order to get you to buy their coins. Designed with a money grab in mind. Thinking of reporting to the App Store for deceptive marketing and constant push to spend money. I downloaded, was having fun playing so I paid to remove ads. That was a mistake. Sure ads were removed but then get slammed with ads to give the developer money for in game coins to keep moving forward: unless you want to sped all day on one level. I am a developer and frankly developers trying to retire on an arcade type game upset me terribly. Come on I just want a game to waste my time and not create a continuous cash drain or a game I PAY for and then take the it off because of the constant give me money attitude of developers today.Version: 21.0414.00

Used to be goodThis game used to be good for free play. Plenty of ads (fair enough, they need to make some money), but the power ups were affordable based on collecting points. Then they put all the power up prices up sixfold, so it takes far longer to attain them. Money grab. I’m happy to sit through some ads to get free play, but they took all the fun out of this one. Good luck passing higher levels without power-ups. Boring!.Version: 20.1217.00

Fun time wasterI enjoy as a distressed but ads are so frequent to the point of do I want to continue with the game. Also the 3 star point should be 2 . You should be able to redo that last point before moving to the next one otherwise I would have scored the game higher.Version: 1.6.3

ExasperatingI made it up to level 355 and it’s just not fun anymore. The developer fixes the game so it’s not possible to win without watching an ad, buying more bubbles, or using a boost which costs game coins. There is no relationship I can see between the points earned in each game and the coins you need to power up. So even without ads popping up between games, the developer gives you an “opportunity” to get coins or multiply a prize by watching ads. Over and over again. Not short 5 second ads. These go on for 20 or 40 seconds. During game play, the color you need does not come up. In one memorable game, I waited for 15 moves, half the game, for needed pink bubbles. This game fixing is rampant. Yes I know the developer wants to make money and I’ve made about $15 in purchases. The more coins I purchase, the more each game is set up to use up my coins or boosters. It was fun for a while but not anymore. It’s more like a slow motion stick up. All done..Version: 20.1022.00

Since updates, game is horrible!Update: I was on a very, very hard stage that I had been stuck on for DAYS, then today I was finally gonna beat it... all I had to do was watch one ad to get another bubble to win, then the dreaded spinning bubble pop thing happened again with “If the video didn’t load, please try again later” in the background. I was sooo angry I just deleted the app, and I wont be reinstalling it. Bye Bubble Pop, it was awesome while it lasted. I used to be addicted to playing this game (im on level 2150), but after the update before this last one, i’ll go to extend the game by watching an ad video, or i’ll be trying to watch an ad video to double to quadruple my prize drop, and it wont load... it just says “bubble pop” and spins and spins and spins. I’ve come soooo close to finally passing a level i’ve been working on for days, and this will happen, causing me to force quit the game. If this doesn’t get fixed soon, i’m going to delete the game, as it’s become useless!.Version: 21.0318.00

Great game but rips you offAfter watching hundreds of videos to collect a 1000 coins to put in the piggy bank you loose access to them. When you get to 1000 it wants you to buy the piggy bank for $8 to get your coins back.... Ripped off. And you loose your items at the bottom between levels so don't try and save them..Version: 20.0903.00

It’s a miss for meSome levels are near impossible to pass without spending money.Version: 21.0429.00

It’s pretty goodI love bubble pop but it does get boring very easily, so if you get bored easily I don’t suggest you get it..Version: 21.0429.00

Awesome amount of levels to completeGood Game except 50-75% of the ads crash the game, so I have to close and reopen App. Unsure if paying for removal of ads will fix this constant error. Especially when the App says to watch ads for benefit’s which never come because of the crash errors, a black screen or constant loading screen does get annoying. Plenty of Levels to complete, if you can keep going. If I can be assured the glitches stop happening perhaps the $2.99 Ad Removal may be considered. Although sometimes I like the ads, they show me new and/or unknown about games available. Everyone is different, I just like to try and pass puzzle games intelligently rather than expensively...Version: 20.0626.00

CrapPlayed this game for around 25 mins.. well I tried my best with all those ads lol. No need for all them btw!! Not gonna lie I’d class that as some sort of add harassment. Didn't even get to level 20 and the cheeky swines are forcing me to empty a piggie bank for £4.99 (dunno what the hell this piggie bank is used for but I ain’t paying for it) I thought this was was a free game? £4.99 for a piggie bank I know nothing about, is it even my piggie bank?? Never heard of paying my piggie bank rent before! £4.99 tho wow I could get sausage chips and gravy in a tray for that much. Disgusting behaviour! It’s a NO from me 🤟🏾👋🏾.Version: 20.0916.00

Way to many adsSuch a great game but the ads when you’re in the middle of the game are really annoying! And add every 2-3 levels makes sense but at the end of every level and halfway through the level is ridiculous!!.Version: 20.1022.00

Support issuesI like this game. Except for the very repetitive ads. So I did the right thing and upgraded. I had left my phone in my unlocked pocket and accidentally it. Reinstalled ok. But no ad free version. Contacted support and send apple receipt. Received acknowledge from support that my request was received. 5 days later. Still nothing. Not good enough. I’ll happily change the rating of support actually provide support..Version: 1.3.6

Why should I report an issue with Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend.

Is Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend not working?

Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend.

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