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Grubhub for Drivers app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Grubhub for Drivers? Can you share your negative thoughts about grubhub for drivers?

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Grubhub for Drivers for Negative User Reviews

Doordash unfair and takes the word of customers and not driverDoordash did a similar thing in which I delivered food to customers who then stated they didn't get their food. Unfortunately, the customers word was taken over mine. So now I take a picture of every single delivery and address that I go to for verification. It's an absolute necessity to keep from being accused of fraud. Uber kicked me out after claiming that my identification was fraudulent. I was shocked! there is a difference between my passport picture of my drivers license simply because I lost 65 pounds after a stomach operation. I explained this when I sent in my identification but was kicked out anyway. it's too bad there's not an attorney available to sue both door Dash and Uber ruining ruining my reputation...Or anyone's reputation for false charges against driver. I've lost all respect for door Dash and Uber and now I've lost respect for GrubHub as well After hearing your story and others..Version: 4.3

Work for other apps and earn more per hourI thought grub hub was the company to work for in making $20+ an hour, but it’s not the case. Uber eats and post mates are way better in the way they operate and handle their drivers. Postmates doesn’t even have the rating system cause they know how customers can be. My account was put on suspension for fraud and I wasn’t given an explanation or evidence after a week of emailing and trying to get an answer. They put my life and earning on pause without a care or communication. I’ve been doing the independent gig thing for over 4 years now, so I’m no newbie to this. I’m pulling in what I was making on grub hub for 7+ hours of work in 4. Do yourself a favor and steer clear from this company, it’ll save you the stress. Plus the scheduling hours thing is just something to keep you stuck in an employee mindstate. Be a boss and go with the others..Version: 4.10

Lies, Fraud... Accusations towards me? What about GRUBHUB?This company IS guilty of FRAUD. Somehow GrubHub cancels Blocks intentionally when a driver logs into deliver within their Scheduled Block. You log in, slide Tasks to available, 15 min later “This is GRubHub, we’ve been unable to locate you, so we cancelled your Block and adjusted your time accordingly”. I’ve lost an average of $100/week over their games. GH also accused me of keeping every order I’ve delivered for 2 weeks?!?! I’m no! GH had nothing to back up their slanderous claims but the also CANCELLED ALL BLOCKS FOR THE NEXT WEEK. ***I can write to the corporation commission in my state, I will write to the Labor Board, and also the attorney general. If every driver would DO SOMETHING about GH mistreating their drivers, they might get fined and thrown out of each state? I was advised to create a bill of earnings owed to me by GHs games. (And add a 1.5% interest per day on the back pay GH owes me. I think I have $5,237 loss from GH.Version: 4.3

Make Extra Money Plan to Drive A Wild MapI have been driving for GrubHub since October of 2019. The pay is pretty decent, but they are very disorganized on how they send you orders. It is quite frustrating! So you spend a lot of time driving from point A to point B then on to another restaurant. It’s as if they pay no attention to where you are on the map, and I know they know! I have been the farthest south in my region and get an order for the farthest north in my region. It is quite irritating. Over all that is a 35 minute drive just to get to the restaurant! I do not understand how that is helpful to us as driver’s? I believe they could do better keeping us in a tighter area, or at the least walk you through with orders on your way throughout your region. Instead of long stretches of driving time. It just a very disorganized!!.Version: 3.58.1

Some serious flaws that are probably hurting customersSo there are a few big issues with how this whole thing functions for drivers. 1. Customers shouldn’t be allowed to not tip OR y’all shouldn’t ask is to take all orders. Sometimes you can offers for legit $2 that will take you 20 miles away from your starting spot. Would you do anything for $2? 2. There needs to be some way for you to standardize how restaurants use the app. Some restaurants will have started orders before you get there to pick up, so you only have to wait if things are crazy. Others don’t start until you show up, so you can legit end up waiting 45 minutes. That’s losing a ton of money to get an order. 3. There needs to be a way for us to report safety issues when delivering food. I have multiple times had to deliver to homes with garbage and feces around the delivery area. There should be some way for us to at least help protect other drivers..Version: 4.0.2

Where to startGH is stupid, they discriminate against drivers, and have you traveling 20miles for a $10 order because unlike Doordash... These MFs don’t tell you the mileage. Their pay is horrible and most of the money you make WILL be from tips. I was geeked to partner with them after waiting from January or February all the way until November last year. My first 3 weeks were awesome then boom... BS with multiple sides of $3 half a country Taco Bell runs etc. The only thing good about GH is their bags are high quality and the customers tips. Other than that... GH does not deserve the #1 spot on food delivery in my opinion. Don Smocks Punk A waited 2 months to respond to me only to find out he wasn’t my DS, then after sending him a piece of my mind he tells me who my DS is and that he also forwarded the message I sent him to my DS. Like mf you guys should have let me know upfront who my DS is and that you are Acquisition Specialist not respond 2 months later with the AS signature you didn’t have on the 1st day you congratulated me via email saying I’m ready to hit the road. This whole company is a joke. From BS pay for mileage to the small delivery pay they payout. Tips are literally almost double of what they pay. Not even close. They always want your location even when not using the app smh. Can’t say enough about this company. Too late to get it together GH. Doordash is and will remain #1..Version: 3.54

Pay is ok help is awfulPay is ok but if anything happens that requires help...forget it. If you have to fill out a form to get something fixed you won’t be answered even if it effects scheduling (for up to months). If you have to call in for help they have long winded scripts read by people with super thick accents, instead of just helping they take up precious time and they often have no way of helping. I’ve had orders cancelled because my pay card was loaded with 2$ less than what the restaurant was charging. I still was paid a little over 5$. So instead of just placing a disclaimer on orders that drivers have to place themselves, no one wins Also you have to have gps turned on to “always”. Why not just during use like all other gig job apps? It’s sneaky and intrusive.Version: 4.12

Grubhub is Not the sameI started Grubhub the beginning of the year and I made great money but it has gone downhill these last few months. I have not done Grubhub is almost 2 months and uninstalled the app. I am disappointed in the feature of no longer showing you how much you’ll make with the tip included and of how far away you have to drive outside your zone. I will not do a $4.00 delivery and not see my tip just to wear and tear my car. At the rate it’s going, I burned more gas than earning. I always drive in the hot spots and now get an offer that is like over 10 miles away but they only give you a 50 cent per mile reimbursement of the distance from the restaurant to the customers house. I panicked when I had to drive so far out in in the area of Kansas that I was not familiar with when my zone on the Missouri side downtown. Customer service is also a problem, you’re on hold for like 10 minutes.Version: 3.45

Evil CompanyGrubHub rules by fear. If you: Turn down an order Remove yourself from your schedule Can’t make a shift They send you the worst possible jobs(drive ten miles for $4.00) they know you can’t turn down an order so they send you farther and farther away. I ended up 47 miles from home Friday night. THEN you get the last choice of schedule. Seriously, you get the hours that are left after everyone has picked theirs. You have precisely thirty seconds to choose what is left and they are all gone. That is truth. You live in constant fear of the app screwing up. It will tell you, out of the blue, that you just missed an order. Even if it never appeared. Then it counts against you. It has happened to me so many times that they knocked me down to third rate. It takes months to get back to the top of ever. The app will kill your placement and they couldn’t care less. You are nothing to them. I literally have high blood pressure now because of living in constant fear. I lost my company because of COVID and had to make money fast. Sorry to rant. Stay away..Version: 4.4

Over saturated marketThey let too many drivers on so now the market is completely over saturated. I used to make good PT money and lately it’s been dead slow. They will send you offers while your driving and you only have a few seconds to accept. Often times the restaurant or customer is far away so you have to be careful to check. Kinda hard to do when you driving and they don’t give you enough time to pull over and see what your getting into. The little map they display can be deceiving and look like a short trip. I wish they would display the total miles with the offer. Also, their app settings require to know your location AT ALL TIMES. It’s annoying I have to change it to never when I’m done driving each trip..Version: 3.69

APP, PAY, AND SUPPORT ISSUESI am so grateful for the job, but there are some app, pay, and support issues. The map will often take me to a wrong location, and yesterday would not show me an alternative route for road work areas; it just gave a message saying “no directions available.” Luckily, I knew where to go and was able to find the delivery address on my own, but I did have to take a detour which added miles to my delivery that I did not get paid for. This happens quite often. There’s no use in reporting it, because the time it takes wouldn’t be worth the compensation, which is usually only $1 if you file a delivery pay complaint. The restaurant pick-up time stopped showing up a long time ago (months). As of yesterday, I’m unable to text diners. Also, when an order is removed at no fault to the driver (i.e., restaurant closed) there is no compensation for time or gas spent on that delivery. GrubHub is able to monitor everything we do, so they should be able to compensate us for time and gas for deliveries that are removed at no fault of our own. Even when reported, GH refuses to pay unless a delivery is “completed.” As a driver, I would describe that as a completed delivery since we completed as much of the delivery as we were able to. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Just a few bug issues that calling or emailing the support team about seems to do no good..Version: 4.5

Poor Timing of Assigned OrdersI actually prefer driving for Grubhub over the other companies. HOWEVER, there is one reoccurring annoyance that is much worse with this company - especially when time is money. I’ll receive an order for a restaurant that I’m just down the street from. I can’t see what time to “pick up by” until I accept the order and I can’t see what time it was placed until I arrive. Then I’ll see that it was placed at the very moment that I received it. So I go into the restaurant and wait 20 minutes because I get penalized if I drop the order. I don’t have this problem with doordash. There have been times when I see that the order was placed 15 minutes before I received it so I go straight there by pickup time, but the restaurant is so busy, that they haven’t even confirmed the order until I’m parking and then they tell me I’m way too early, as if I’m in the wrong. Please make the timing better. If other companies can figure this out, so should you..Version: 4.5

Waste of time Door Dash is betterWhat a waste of time. I always show up for my scheduled block, I have excellent customer service, no drops and I struggle to make over $50 on a 5 or 6 hour work schedule on Friday and Saturday night. First few weeks I made great money then all of a sudden, my income dropped and I’m better off staying home. I’ve taken every pickup and I still struggle, I’ve also rejected and accepted and still the same outcome. Very inconsistent $$ and with all expenses said and done, you make less than minimum wage. Customer service is horrible, hard to get ahold of anyone if there’s a problem, very long waits at restaurants without compensation. The rating system is very unfair and a lot of the pickups are far away and the pay barely covers the gas and time. Very disappointed. Definitely wouldn’t recommend to anyone trying to make a living and pay their bills. Just not worth the effort. I dropped all my blocks and I’m moving on to a different company..Version: 4.10

New color scheme makes it harder to readThe new (Sept 2020) color scheme and fonts include electric bright backgrounds with white letters, very fine lined fonts, and a many places with light grey text on a white or very pale grey background. These are harder to read than before. I find some nearly impossible to read with sunglasses. Since we often have to read the screens while driving, it would be smart to make the text as easy to read as possible. Darker backgrounds for white text and bolder black text on light backgrounds please! For orders that require drivers to pay by card, the apartment numbers do not appear on the navigation page, although they do show in the preview, unless the text is too long. We also need dark mode so we don’t have a bright white screen glowing in front of us at night. That is a safety hazard. Operationally the app seems almost unchanged. In app messages, such as order ready for pickup still often do not pop up or stay for only 1 second..Version: 4.0.2

Most corrupt company to work for!!I worked for them for almost a year and quickly became a premier driver for them at first it wasn’t too bad except for there horrible app it’s very unreliable and tends to have quite of few bugs that can really mess with your deliveries I even thought it was my phone so I bought the newest iPhone but even after there was a few times the app crashed mid delivery and I had to call support to try an finish the delivery which support also is terrible to deal with an often times will just tell you to take the loss an just take the food back to the restaurant. I eventually quit do to realizing how corrupt the company i had 1 slow day during my schedule with only 1 delivery because it was a holiday and they had the nerve to accuse me of somehow manipulating GRUBHUBS app to get less deliveries for that day and restricted me from making any more schedules permanently. When I contacted support they handled it very poorly took them over a month to respond and they couldn't provide me any evidence or even explain how it is they came about this ridiculous idea that they accused me of. I truly believe this company is corrupt after finding out this happens quite often to people that work for there company i realized if grubhub is ever forced to pay you hourly because of slow deliveries expect the same thing to happen to you!.Version: 4.10

WHY? Didn’t get paid and phones messed up now.I did Grubhub with my friend and we made $120 in 6.5 hours. Next week we were supposed to get paid Thursday. Didn’t happen. Contacted driverpayment support and they said we already paid the account you put down. Unless that person returns the money you will not get paid. Who is going to return free money?? I contacted them ago and got back the automated email we’ll get back to you in 7-10 days. NOW! my phones maps app and service is complete crap. I’ll go from full service to my phone telling me no service at all within seconds. My maps barely calculates my location and it’s very hard for me to drive. I am so disappointed!! You think their tech support would be better since they’re such a big trending thing now! WRONG. Unless you want to make imaginary money and never get paid. AND have you’re phone totally messed up download this app right now!.Version: 3.41

They will accuse you of fraud for customers false reporting order not delivered for free foodI worked part time for Grubhub doing just a couple of deliveries a month just to keep my status active. But I just got an email from them saying that my account had been suspended because of fraud (with no evidence). This could well be from my last delivery few days ago. A customer had to wait too long for his food because the other drivers were not picking up the food because he apparently tipped just $1.75 (which I only saw after I picked up the order) for food worth well over $50 and for driving at least 15 minutes to deliver. As soon as i picked up the food I got a text message from him complaining how long he had to wait ( which is not my fault but I picked up the order as soon as it was sent to me). I delivered the order and the customer took the food in and reported the order was not delivered just to get the refund and the free food. I make a good living with good income from other sources and I wouldn’t steal food even though I go hungry. To be accused of fraud for working faithfully is the slap in the face. I don’t recommend anyone to work for GrubHub for how they treat their drivers..Version: 4.11

I hate Grubhub SOOOOOO MUCH (Please Read)Okay so to start this off I really hate grubhub, here’s why working for them is the absolute worst! Well first of all they NEVER respond to emails. I use a bank that’s not on there little system so I had to email them my new account stuff. IT TOOK THEM 4 MONTHS AND THEY STILL HAVENT DONE IT! not to mention there is no support number for us and no live chat only for customers, they Really don’t care about their drivers at ALL, I picked up an order once and the RESTERAUNT forgot to put chips in the sealed bag that the customer ordered, I couldn’t look thru it, sooooo the customer complains and then I got 4 calls from grubhub saying that I stole the chips and that I never even got!! Wth. Annddddd they really don’t pay fair wages at all, I work for DoorDash as well and they will send us 9 mins away for a ten dollar order, on grubhub you get 10 for an order over 25 mins away. DONT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL!.Version: 3.53

Payment and distanceI’ve been a driver for a year and a half and this new system is much worse than the previous one. Originally we were supposed to get assigned orders that were closest to us, but half of my work week I am driving long distances to a pickup. Even with the new mileage pay, it’s hard on my car. Speaking of new pay, it seems to me that the burden of our pay has shifted more to the customers. I’m being paid less by the company for most orders than with the previous system, though admittedly there are a small handful where I get more because I have to wait so long. On top of that, as a driver based in LA County, we have had two county wide minimum wage increases that grubhub has not kept pace with. It’s my opinion that that should be fixed.Version: 3.40

Okay.I’ve been driving for a while now and here are my gripes: 1. The customer service team blow. I’m sorry. One time I was being harassed by an agent because I told him I was leaving the restaurant and haven’t even put I am leaving in the app so I didn’t know how long it would take to get to the customer. After having to yell over him to tell him it would take 4 minutes. I hung up and then he cancelled the order as I was handing it to the customer. 2. Numerous times have I shown up to a location that no longer exists. I was sent to the same spot a week later and refused to drive there so I called to inform them again. They didn’t believe me. 3. As drivers we should be able to see if the restaurant has recurved the order. Can’t count how many times I show up and they didn’t even know. So now I’m there for 30 minutes to wait. 4. I understand the negative aspect of dropping blocks, but I was good standing and had to drop a whole weekend because I needed to leave for funeral arrangements. I emailed 3 different departments to see if there was any way I could not get marked down for those because it would have severally knocked me down. No email, no call, nothing. So I just let it go cause I didn’t have the time or patience to call and wait 45 minutes. If you know how to work the blocks and the areas. You can make some good money - but it up to you to decide if it’s worth it..Version: 3.35

Don’t Waste your Time with the Reno Nevada. BranchI Made $113 delivering making about 11 Deliveries. Tried cashing out. So I could get more gas in my car. It didn’t work so I made sure my banking account information was right. It wasn’t. So I tried updated my Banking information. That didn’t work. So I tried several times after, still nothing. Found Customer service phone number. Called them, they told me that they couldn’t do anything about it. That I needed to use Email to contact their accounting Department. I received several Emails from them, telling me the problem was solved. But It still hadn’t been sent by Direct Deposit. This went on for about 2 weeks. I noticed that my $113 no longer showed in my app. And it’s not in my Banking account. I believe some one in the Reno Branch stole the $113 dollars. Don’t trust the Direct Deposit feature on the app..Version: 3.60

Decent but needs detailed InfoThe app is properly built despite it runs a bit sloppy even on my phone which is an iPhone 11 Pro Max, if it kinda freezes and works slow on this phone I can’t imagine the struggle for users with older devices, that’s a part of the couole of stars less I provide in the rating, the other part is that Grubhub SHOULD NOT have their drivers try and guess how many miles they’re driving before accepting an order, if every other delivery gig platform can provide the total miles why can’t GrubHub do it as well? It’s pretty screwed up to be honest, these two items pretty much lower a perfect rating into 3.5 stars but since Apple allows only round ratings I’ll be choosing 3 stars, these issues definitely have a way to be fixed they should be taken care of..Version: 4.9

GH plays games with their driversGH will dispatch an order to a driver at or near the same time that the restaurant receives the order. This causes extended wait times for the drivers who are near to the restaurant when the order is dispatched and GH makes veeery clear when called out on this issue that they don’t pay drivers for an extended wait. So many times their orders are stale because drivers drop orders with long waits and it can take some time to find a replacement driver. Also, GH’s supposed market in my area is huge with GH asking drivers to not only wait a long time at a restaurant but also asking them to drive 25 minutes into the middle of nowhere to deliver an order. Granted a driver has the right to refuse and even drop any order they want, but GH is consistent with over promising and under delivering. They also allow a diner to order from a franchise restaurant much farther than the closest franchise location is to the diner. I see so many orders with 15-20 minute drive times even though the closest location to the diner is almost next door..Version: 4.0.2

Mutually requiring to keep the app’s location on “always on” mode!I don’t understand why Apple allows this company to mutually require delivery drivers to keep the app’s location status on “always on mode”. Here it is how they manage that. So, in the previous app versions they were openly doing it. But, with the recent updates they started no longer forcing to keep the location status “always on”; instead of that they send a message to turn the “precise location” on. However, keeping the location on does not help to get rid of the same message as it dictates you to turn the “precise location” on unless you change the location status on. So, blame apple more on this as they let a company to tweak the use of privacy’s data and commit at least an unethical use of data practice!.Version: 4.7

A company NOT WORTH WORKINGThis company is not worthy of my time and devotion. I worked for them for almost two years and almost always keeping Premier level. But... Because they have so many drivers and many new applications they treat current drivers for nothing!!! You are just a source of earning money for them. They have one way rating system meaning that customers can and will rate you and you cannot rate them back. There are so many customers ordering food being ‘high’ on drugs or pills or something else. And they will abuse you, make some dirty comments about you etc. But you cannot give them good or bad rating back. Personal experience: “You are now deactivated for multiple harassment.” Period. No explanations of how, when, who? So protecting myself from various abuses from customers is considered Harassment for GrubHub. I tried to find out more details by sending them emails, texts etc. They ignored me. I just wish them to lose some big lawsuit or go bankrupt. This company is not worthy of good people working for them. Because they don’t care and don’t protect them.Version: 3.49.1

Awful supportDrove for a while using their “schedule” system. There is no flexibility if your in a schedule and to drop off the schedule you loose in there system and then are not allowed to choose a shift, it is basically impossible to get a trip without being on the schedule. The “minimum” they pay to drive $12 in the Southbay is a lie, they use tips to equal your promised pay. Miss a trip or don’t want to take one that outside your boundaries, too bad you have to or your disqualify from there guaranteed pay. You can’t even have a fair discussion with driver support because Grub Hub makes the rules for their company, so they are always right. I have been NOT payed for a schedule guaranteed shift because I wasn’t given any trips during that block. Dispute accepting 100% of my trips when given. I emailed back and forth with support I was told Nope I’m not getting $12. GrubHub argured with me and stop responding to my emails to skip paying me $12 of compensation I earned. I stopped using there schedule system, it’s a scam, over 100+ miles driven in an 8 hour shift. GRUNHUB IS A TERRIBLE APP TO USE FOR EXTRA CASH, I DO NOT RECOMMEND WASTING YOUR TIME..Version: 3.48

Worst SupportI would give the app 5 stars if it wasn’t for the support team, it’s a very good job, pays well and the app works fine. But i had so many frustrations with the support team, i got 2 unfair absents witch impacts heavily your priority of picking up schedules, it affects your earnings badly when it happens. The first one i was making a delivery outside my area (for a grubhub delivery) and in my way back my block started while i was still returning to my area, it’s a understandable issue that was supposed to be easily fixed, but no one in the support helped me, and it was obvious they weren’t even trying. The second one i was in apple bee’s parking waiting for orders but I didn’t get one for like an hour, when my block started they told me I wasn’t available and they gave me an absent, when i contacted the support the agent gave me another schedule and i got another absent instantly, he told me to reinstall the app, i did it and he gave me the schedule again and it worked, but i had 2 absents now and he told me only the driver care could fix it and he was going to contact them to make sure they fix it. After 2 weeks i tried to contact the driver care my self, talked to a bunch of agents and all they did was tell me it was my connection and they couldn’t do nothing about it. So the job is really nice until the day you will depend on people that doesn’t even care about you....Version: 3.65.2

Suspended my account over their errorI worked in the Waynesville NC region for about a year, when the day after Christmas I had to report several restaurants as closed, as they had closed for the holiday weekend. I went through the correct protocol in reporting the restaurants as closed (Grubhub requires you take a photo of the “closed” sign on the door). The following Monday I received a computer generated email from Grubhub stating my account was suspended due to a “large volume” of refunded orders. They gave not a single detail, yet accused me of “negligence and unprofessional behavior,” which is a laugh since I was the only Premier driver in the region. I was locked out of my account and all my blocks were taken away. Four hours later I received another email stating they had made an error (they realized the restaurants I reported as closed were indeed closed) and that my account was reactivated. However, they released all my blocks to other drivers in the region, and I was only able to recover a few. I decided to quit Grubhub and reactivated my account with another delivery company who actually has their act together. So basically I was punished for their mistake and their negligence, while being initially accused of the same. What a joke..Version: 4.10

Horrible payIf you can't give offers that pay better than .50 cents mile, then I can't drive for you anymore. The distance for delivery is beyond ridiculous now. Whatever you changed to give more offers sure that worked, but you also made it so far it's not worth it. 25 miles through rush hour traffic from one side of the region all the way to the other just to make the pickup, then another 6 Mike's to make the drop off and only a $12 offer? That run would take almost 2 hours, how is that worth it? I have gas, car payment, car insurance, maintenance, & I'm not even getting offered half what an owner operator truck driver makes. I'm not working for peanuts and I'm sure a lot of other drivers feel the same. Gas is expensive. Parts that break on the car are beyond expensive, and I'm not even getting offers that cover my time. I'm driving for someone else..Version: 4.12

App ErrorI updated the driver app and many problems arise! Delivering food then cowbell rings i click to accept and i get an error saying “ offer acceptance not available, please try again” So i did same error, meanwhile the offer goes away and i get wacked on my acceptance rating saying i refused an offer. NOT FAIR! its a app error. ALSO if you get an offer and cant click in time It will re-offer it a few minutes later you take it and still lose acceptance rating. Certain things need to be corrected in this app. I have an older car so no Bluetooth. This state has “no devices while driving laws “ I cant pick up phone to accept offer while driving w/o getting a $350 fine if caught ..Version: 4.2

Pays great. My favorite app. But needs improvement.I work 4 apps. Uber/Lyft/Door Dash/Grubhub. Grubhub is my preferred app for when I want to stay close to home. They pay is better than DoorDash and Uber Eats. We get all our tips and I appreciate that. One issue I have is, I’d like to be eligible to drive in other people towns without having to switch my main profile. I visit a town 30 miles from me often and have to do DoorDash instead. This is potential money Grubhub could be making. When I email my local team about it, they simply ignore me and refuse to answer. Also getting rid of seeing what a customer tips ahead of accepting is a mistake. Nothing worse than accepting an order and seeing they tipped $0. When I could have declined. It makes the driver resent the customer..Version: 3.42.1

Less Money, More DrivingI’ve been a full time driver since 2016(yes that long). After last June payment system changes GrabHub is not the same anymore, I’m sure long time drivers can relate. Removing base flat fee of $4 really makes it trash, now company relies only on customer tips and long distance delivery milage, it’s really unfair for both Drivers and Customers because one gets paid less to drive more and as an outcome the others get lower quality of service. Customers wait for food forever until grabhub steps in and adds “bonus pay” for an order just so drivers would pick it up and bring it to a dinner. GrabHub just removed minimum guarantee per hr pay, they want you to work but not earn, barely survive. $3.5 orders in L.A area, you got to be kidding me?! Next step they will remove per order pay transparency trust me, that’s where is everything slowly heading. Sorry not Sorry GrabHub!.Version: 3.44.1

NahApp has gone downhill. No more pickup times, and now it REASSIGNS an accepted order if you dont move towards the restaurant within 4 minutes of accepting which is ridiculous since some of these restaurants take at least 20 minutes to prepare the order. I wish grubhub would listen to drivers and take into consideration what we say but they dont and wont. Screw this company and app. (7/30) UPDATE (12/15): havent worked since mid august when they (with no evidence) claimed i was “severely” delaying orders and deactivated me immediately. They never responded to me when they said i could respond for more details, they never even checked rhe additional driver support tickets that i sent in, and theyve cost me a decent amount of money since rhey were my primary income as a working, full time college student. Their support has never been this bad and it is very frustrating since their need is so high given the number of drivers out there. Do better grub hub and stop baselessly claiming fraud and “delays” without providing the accused with evidence..Version: 4.5

They don’t treat you as an independent contractorI’ve worked for them on and off for a year and a half, and I had to step down for a few months. I was planning to schedule myself again, and low and behold I’ve been deactivated and couldn’t log in anymore. For starters they send you to different regions other than your own, and sometimes they’re far. They pay you the mileage to get to your destination to deliver your order, but they won’t pay you to get back to your region. Then they deactivate you if you’re not active for more than a month. I thought being an independent contractor you could work any time you want without restrictions. That’s really not good at all on their part. So I deleted the app if they’re not willing to treat you as an independent contractor..Version: 4.4

Terrible company with no concern of the end usersTime and time again I contact GH support with problems and I’m only ever blown off. Problems are never addressed or fixed and it feels as if the company could care less. I’ve had problems logging into my account for over a year, have trouble getting my tax information, and can’t even receive basic help on orders. I’ve been scammed of my time, money, and life working with this company. Imagine trying to work for yourself with your own equipment and gas only to be tossed around like trash by a GrubHub representative who can do nothing to help you. You may think it’s great at first, but just wait, they never fail to be a let down. If you’re looking to be kicked while you’re down, this is the company for you. If you don’t care about your customers and the service they receive, drive for Grub Hub! If you want to be sure to hate your job and destroy your vehicle while doing it, you found the perfect opportunity! Help promote another company that doesn’t care about the end user today with GrubHub!.Version: 4.3

Shady OperationMost restaurants have some kind of agreement with GH regarding charges but others do not. In this case the drivers have a GH debit card to pay at the restaurant. This requires the driver to call in the order to restaurant, wait while it is cooked and packaged, pay with card then deliver. I have found most restaurants will not take the driver order if they know it’s GH. So GH specifically instructs drivers NOT to tell the restaurants its GH when placing the order but use customer name only. This way the restaurant doesn’t know its GH until the driver pulls out the GH card; at that point the restaurant has already made the food and can’t really turn down the card unless they want to throw the food away and be paid nothing. I couldn’t figure out what this was all about until I talked to a restaurant owner who told me he thought it was just like any other card transaction until his merchant services (credit card processing) bill came. The charge for GH cards was like 40% of the tab. This is just plain fraud on GH’s part..Version: 4.1

Driving for GrubHub is ehhA few things they could fix but never will as their driver support is unsatisfactory and almost impossible to get ahold of in a timely manner. 1. Every time I’ve needed support while driving and called the number I’ve heard the “we are experiencing more than usual phone calls” and then waited to talk to someone for at least 15 minutes. 2. There is no way to see earnings from the previous week or any week besides the current one without emailing support. Even when you do email them they aren’t able to show you more than a month back for whatever reason. 3. There is no way to see ratings, not sure what the point of a rating is if nobody, including you, can even see what yours is. 4. The app randomly disconnects and says you are unable to accept new offers because you’ve gone offline. When I go on other apps they work just fine because my phone isn’t actually offline. 5. Lastly, I don’t believe they really truly care about their drivers. If they did, they would be reading our input on places like the app, these reviews, and emails and actually doing something about it. I know I’m not the only one with these sort of complaints and nothing has changed. I will be switching to a different food delivery service ASAP. Not the worst job in the world but I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time working for them when there are plenty of other food delivery service apps out there..Version: 3.32.1

It’s ok for quick cashIt’s ok for quick cash but I would really waste my time scheduling a block. I’ve never lived within the region but, as of lately, have been marked absent from scheduled blocks for not driving to the region to toggle on. I feel it’s a waste of time to do that. It’s pointless to drive completely out of my way JUST to log on and go back home. Or let’s say I do go out of my way and do it just to toggle on, my deliveries are 30 min away, outside of region boundaries (merchant and customer), and closer to my house. I’ll just stay home and get what comes my way. Oh! And stop offering $4 orders, those seem to always be the furthest away and no one in their right mind would drive 30+ min for $4 and have to work their way back in whatever traffic is out. I agree, you guys need to go back to the minimum delivery pay and hourly rate..Version: 3.49.2

New pay idk what it isEvery delivery that comes in is 4-6$ consistently. And this is with a garbage tip. I use to easily get $8-14 order. I am also in hot spots and orders barely come up like they use too. I refuse to belive people just stop eating. Grub hub has become some bad I’m ready to go back on my door dash app for good . I can’t figure out the pay and what’s going on but I’m pretty sure we lost out on something. Base pay idk. But you have some nerve giving me a penalty for not accepting an order 14 miles away for $5. That’s 14 miles there and back home. Plus gas. I have drove my car to the ground working for this company and it just doesn’t pay anymore. Oh this one really gets me . I’m I. A restaurant waiting for an order. GH send me another order. While still waiting for the current order in the restaurant. GH cancels my next order for not moving . Why do we click arrived if u can’t understand we are still waiting ..Version: 4.1

Horrible! Worst app for deliveries*your earnings disappear from the app every monday. You have to rely on your email. Reset earning monthly!! Garbage!! *you cannot change your checking account number/info for direct deposit. Good luck changing it if you need to. Garbage!! *the process of dropping and picking up blocks is horrible! Why can’t this be some sort of calendar type process? There has to be a better way than this multi step process crap. Garbage!! *if i want to drop a block that I previously scheduled for a specific time/day, let me drop it and pick up a different time slot that day without being dinged a dropped block, BLOCK SWAP!! Garbage!! *make the unavailable/taking offers a VERY simple toggle switch/button. ie UberEats. *offer instant pay option in the app or multi day deposits *stop sending me dual offers for 1 restaurant when the first order has been ready for 10 mins already and the 2nd order was just placed and the diners are 13 mins in opposite directions! GARBAGE!! *switch to location based offers within a certain range, mins/miles of my location. Stop sending me offers that are 18 mins away for $4.40, then ding my acceptance rating for rejecting the offer. Garbage!! *im done for now, I definitely could write more. Makes me angry the more and more i write and think about how disgusted i am with this GARBAGE!!.Version: 3.32.1

Very unsafe for Drivers!The current app version is a serious safety issue for delivery drivers. Most states now mandate the use of a handsfree setup / phone mount. After receiving an offer, it literally requires 3 clicks to get to the point where a person can actually see the offer and a fourth click to start the navigation process to get to the pickup. I wonder how grubhub can justify this behavior which forces a person to look away from the road and endanger the safety of others. Drivers concerned about their acceptance rate and program level will give priority to their app. A few improvements grubhub can make are as follows: All infomation should be able to be viewed in the same page ; tasks, schedules, earnings etc. should be divided into tabs like that of in a mozilla browser. They should appear icon sized and may be enlarged when clicked on to be viewed. When there is a new offer, the offer tab should glow changing colors as well as vibrate but not make those distracting sounds it currently does. The driver would click on it and it would enlarge and then automatically become icon sized after a few seconds. Drivers who feel pressured about missing on an offer should have the option of auto accept offer and auto navigate to the pickup location. Notifications need to have a voice option where it announces the text. I am also very critical of their non existent email support like a brand new car with all latest features just missing the engine..Version: 3.56.2

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