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Top War: Battle Game App User Positive Comments 2023

Top War: Battle Game app received 83 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about top war: battle game?

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Amazing game but kind of rude commentsI send the message at all,then they gets angry when I was bit lazy. But I love this game,I’ve played since 1 week. So,it’s rude to commented that he treat me I’m sad or make me sad. I never pay for this game,but I can’t buy anymore by the way. I’m not rude,I probably says the people ‘What’s going in here :(‘ and ‘Could you please calm down’. I enjoy this game :) Thank you for reading!.Version: 1.250.0

Top War ReviewTop War is pretty fun but isn’t anything like it looks on ads or the info page. It may not be a pay to win game but still takes a long time to reach higher and powerful levels..Version: 1.153.0

YehTeetz.Version: 1.177.0

Great time sinkGood little base and base builder. Can sink an hour into it without realising and not feel that you haven’t achieved much like some of its competitors. There is a fair amount of ads which do feel a little pay to win but in all honesty I am more than happy to put up with and just plod along with the free stuff..Version: 1.156.0

Love this gameI love this game but there’s too much it’s hard to understand what everything is for n what there is there focusing on too much at a time it’s hard for new players.Version: 1.154.0

Good gameI like this game overall the merging, battles and upgrades. I wish the team build an internal system of email where i could report bugs such as not receiving rewards of gems, system glitches and any technical upgrades. I experienced issues with receiving rewards and sometimes utilizing supplies but i dont know who to report. Overalll good game, download and enjoy..Version: 1.191.0

Good but pls put restraints on the text because I and others are being bulliedThe game is Prity fun and I still play it because I like upgrading and things like that but in the world chat there is a lot of swearing and sexual /racist discriminations to all the people plus the ad I got for it was not any thing like the actual thing which is a problem.Version: 1.232.0

Is the goodsNot too high maintenance but still a bit of fun when you get a few minutes to yourself and you just pick up where you left off.Version: 1.142.0

Super fun!Very addictive, but in a good way.Version: 1.261.0

Love it!I just love it my words cannot describe it😸😸😸.Version: 1.190.0

Top War: Battle GameThis is an excellent game to play with graphics to match. The reason why I have given this game a 5 star review is because the developers has drastically reduced the cost of purchasing items you would need in the game. If however they suddenly decided to put the cost back up then I and others would either walk away from the game or stop buying said items..Version: 1.57.1

NiceVery addictive.Version: 1.194.1

It’s a good gameWeather you like it or not you will end up spending little money on it but it’s kind of worth it..Version: 1.201.3

GgIt’s awesome.Version: 1.145.3

Fantastic GameGreat game, spent countless hours playing and still enjoying every minute. The only downfall is that the ads are very misleading. None of the ads I have seen represent the actual gameplay, Despite this, the game is loads of fun with competition amongst players, forming alliances and lots of server vs server events..Version: 1.254.0

Killer7Awesome game!.Version: 1.204.0

Great game!Love this game. Didn’t think ide like it at first but once I got the hang I love it. Yes, I see all the reviews about having to spend money. It’s just like any other game though. You done HAVE to spend money to play but it does give you some extras and make it a bit easier. And I don’t know where these people are saying they need to spend thousands to play. That’s just crazy talk. I’m level 60 and have been playing for a few months and I think I spent about 20 bucks TOTAL so far. And that was by choice. I did NOT have to spend that to get where I’m at but I wanted a few extras so I spend a few bucks here and there. So spending thousands? SMH that’s simply not true. But it is a great game. Very fun and lots to do. You can play for hours with much to do. Definitely one of my favorite games! Good job developers!.Version: 1.207.1

Make more people thing EAnd make it easier to get more land because it’s pretty hard I tried and it took a long time for me to level up my troops or or whatever you cool your wall thingamajig a bobs.Version: 1.147.0

Bring the WalletI have been playing this game for over a year and half now and I have to say, enjoy it immensely. I’m now a top level player and have dropped over £1k in to it. I would say, even given the investment, I’m a mid level player at best. To compete, the strongest players are upward of £30k investment. That said, you can tick along nicely at no cost but it take patience. There are so many things to understand about the game it’s important to level up to around level 60-70 and get in to elite alliances. The experienced players hold the key to success and it’s important to purge the knowledge and advice of these players. I’d also recommend joining the Facebook pages and reading the forums. This is not a game to play and think you can boss it. It takes a lot of time and energy but addictive and worth it with the friends you make across the World. You’ll spend just as long chatting in the alliance, World and Discord chats than you will playing the game. I would highly recommend it 👍🏻.Version: 1.180.0

GhGg.Version: 1.83.1

Great game, needs a few simple additionsOverall this is a great game that doesn’t make me feel very left behind by players who spend lots of money on the game. It reminds me of clash of clans but requires much less time to get to a higher level and is a bit more chill overall. The only thing I think needs to be added is the option to mute alliance chat. I’m in a big alliance and I don’t want to disable notifications so I can know when my VIT is full, but I get sometimes 100+ notifications in a few minutes due to the alliance’s size. Also maybe add a way to sell (even for barely any amount of in game currency) leftover tickets and items from previous events that have no use. Besides that the game is great!.Version: 1.161.0

AlfieGreat game fun and really fair, I have played lots of games, however this it’s one of the most entertaining and challenging, the only issue it’s that you can get to the same server if you want friends to joint you, however this it’s also a benefit as a stronger level unit will not move and take over like it happens in some games, so it’s more fair to play..Version: 1.94.0

Top gameExcellent game & features.Version: 1.175.0

Great game, easy to pick up for five minutes and drop when neededAmazing yet simplistic gameplay makes learning it easy to understand, and the progression is easy and not pay to win ( though paying does help you progress faster). Overall 10/10 couldn’t fault it.Version: 1.223.0

Best game I playThis is the best game I eaver played in my life.Version: 1.52.0

I play this game a lot !Love the game. It’s not a short term affair but it is a lot of fun especially on KE days. The additional events like SvS and everlasting land are fun even if you have a small base like mine and the rewards can be very good if you bother to get involved in these events. Preparation is key and this game has enough ways of boosting your strength and efficiency to keep it interesting. The one area which I think could be improved in the actual game is the World Boss Attack which happens 3 times a day. There should be more distinct levels for more players. Not higher rewards just more detail within the levels. Now only the top 3 players are named this is not good, it leaves the rest of us out of the loop and relegated to just a place number. It would be more competitive if players were trying to improve their position within groups of ten perhaps ie groups 1-10, 11-20, 21 -30....etc. It would be nice to know who we are competing with as well. A bit of friendly competition for Boss attacks at all levels might encourage people to play a bit more.Version: 1.207.1

Free 2 PlayI have never played one of these types of games f2p of course u can pay to win but if u just play a lot u can easily outgrind other players and play all day and grow fast highly addicting great content and to come.Version: 1.50.6

AwesomeGood game.Version: 1.337.0

UpgradingGreat overall game but my only problem was how hard it was to get crafting materials to upgrade and merge stuff I would vs the dark army constantly and just get enough to upgrade needs to be another event to get more but keep up the good work👍.Version: 1.196.0

Base Codes and SharingIt is an amazing game with almost no bugs or glitches and is so great to wake up to awards and is just an easy game for anyone to play. For the next update I would love to see some base sharing or base codes for the people like me who can’t afford the costs for the base or quens. And for everyone who has so many of them and dosent want to use them if they could share them, same with the R&D, but other then that great other all game. [- | - ] Sinning - Vulcan War Zone 1471.Version: 1.207.1

Greatest game everThis game is so good but you need to make the game 9 plus because i think the game is a all ages game but some people have restrictions for there technology so please lower the age limit please and thank you..Version: 1.337.0

Top warGood stuff.Version: 1.52.0

Cool gameGreat game!!!.Version: 1.248.4

Love this game 😃😃😃This game was addictive since I was level 3 now I am level 13 and I have a level 18 duel helicopter but I used to have a level 19 helicopter then after a few battles it went to 18 and I was annoyed so I rate it a 4 because it is a waste of money just for a level 19 helicopter then went to 18 plus now I have to work to get my 19 back Thanks for your time.Version: 1.176.0

GoodDo good.Version: 1.198.0

LEGENDXR6Great game I played on my Samsung tablet and i broke it .inow have an iPad and don’t know how to retrieve it i was up around lvl 20 and had purchased a monthly pass,last week and I can not use it. have had to start again dam here we go again from the beginning cheers tony.Version: 1.63.1

BugsI do love the game everything like the merges and the game play everything is so cool except for thing first is the voices in my opinion but my biggest problem was how I trained troops but they were..invisible? I couldn’t see them at all and they were finished I still couldn’t see it so I had to rely on the dock and the garage to auto merge even the air craft thing.Version: 1.248.3

Well establishedInitially overwhelming and a mostly a “bonus currency clickfest” almost put me off. Perseverance into regular play loop and a good clan paid off and I’m having fun. Suggest a newbie playpen to slowly introduce players to concepts established..Version: 1.190.0

Nice gameA lot of fun.Version: 1.202.2

Amazing GameI genuinely thought this game would be terrible but I was so addicted after 10 minutes of playing it, it always keeps you entertained.Version: 1.153.0

Top warSuper bon jeux amusant.Version: 1.203.0

Good gameFun but you need lots of spare time.Version: 1.145.3

War storiesYup first timer do takes a bit to learn. But very addictive.Version: 1.142.0

Good game, missing detailsI’m level 53 now and love the game but feel the game needs some important changes. 1) at level 53 unlocking area 31, the reward is only 2,567 gold. For someone who needs 950bb gold for an upgrade, and so far late into the game, the rewards aren’t acceptable. 2) levels are hard to come by now and unlocking land every 2 levels seems to be a marathon when a lot of your land is being occupied by training troops. 3) designing base, like most other games, a base designer mode has been introduced making it easier to style your base, especially as decorations play a huge role in the game. 4) when you attempt to attack a level 50 mercenary, you get 9 tanks level 260m. Where as a level 55 merc has only 3 tanks level 56M 5) finally when in private chat you can’t see what your typing with the white text and white background..Version: 1.89.0

Fun gameReally nice.Version: 1.52.0

Great game but need more energyIt’s a great game but I always run out of energy before I can do what I want to do. I say there should be 100 energy.Version: 1.142.0

In Game supportI have recently had to use the in game support via email. I was pleasantly surprised by their persistence as it took a while to sort out my issue. Many thanks to ‘Knight’!.Version: 1.296.0

Good game!I think this game is really good I like it a lot!.Version: 1.159.0

Plz read new gamers ( This game's first 5.0 review I think )I first got and logged into this game about a month ago. I loved the experience. It wasn't another time consuming money grabbing game that we often find. It was easy to start and I'm now level 25 and I'm just merging soldiers and battling all the time. I found no glitches and there are no money grabbing ads or anything that i found ( heck with the contraversy i think this game is better than forge of empires in that front ). And honestly people even if you did lose your progress don't rate it a 1 because for one i love starting over and two you still cared enough about the game to play it for months on end right? which means you enjoyed it............... Anyway thanks developers, I hope this makes front page because I really want people to read it..Version: 1.204.2

Great! Just two things😊This game was great! I only have two problems. The first one is that I have an IPad and I feel uncomfortable having to play vertical side up and my second problem is the misleading ads. When I first saw the ad it was a merging game and I love them but that was only at the beginning of the game. At least least add a game mode with that merge aspect. If these were fixed I would’ve loved that. And if people like playing vertically pls ad an option to change or compatible to change between horizontal and vertical..Version: 1.180.1

GET THIS GAMEThis game is super addictive! Although it has one pop up about buying something,that’s all! I’ve been playing the game for a Month and it is one of my favourite mobile games. Another plus about it app no ads (unless watched for a small amount of in game currency bot you have to do this manually). I highly recommend this app!.Version: 1.214.0

Top WarT.Version: 1.214.0

RecommendAmazing game, great community, good gameplay, its just great. Recommended.Version: 1.211.0

One of the best games in the worldThis game is so cool I think everyone should get this game if you like merging. The biggest problem with this game it doesn’t let you keep all levels of dark forces in case you missed them which is a really bad thing for those people who suffer from Autism so please game sort this big thing out and then this game will become the ultimate of all games..Version: 1.148.0

Love itLove it.Version: 1.153.0

Vintage feel, interface a mess, fun anywayPay attention. The slick ads they show you have nothing to do with the game. This is an old school grid-based turn game, glorified rock-paper-scissors, with tons of little gacha machines and roulette games and blind boxes to keep you gambling for tiny little prizes that help you along. You can spend real money, but if you do, you’ll quickly realize it’s the same game play at every level. You can’t buy your way up because it scales with your spending. The game is not gorgeous and the user interface is chaotic. But the little red badges that mean “there is something to do here” Kees you tapping your way through 50 levels in 5 days and the simplicity is fun. Mostly an idle game. A level 46 airplane takes 10 hours to train up. Lots of chat and plenty to do as long as you accept the premise. Old school, legacy graphics, rock-paper-scissors mechanics, and slot machines..Version: 1.163.1

ResourcesThe game is great I love merging and building and battling but just one thing can you please make it easier to win battles and get resources I find it a bit hard to win battles and upgrade my troops other than that the game is the best.Version: 1.189.0

My experience of how this game is a load of greatness.I played this game and sure as f not anything like in the ads it’s more like spamming hangers/garages and spamming all the ranks tanks you can make then expanding your islands to fit more low as shi5 tanks to merge to waste even more valuable space for farms or something thennnnn we have to wait OVER 15 HOURS FOR A SINGLE TANK TO BE LOADED IN/CREATED HOLY P4 RATTE AMMO THIS IS LARGER OF A WAIT TIME THAN THE DMV oh and i want to mention something you know how there is so many 80 level players? Either one they pay over 1000 gems or around that since it’s been a year i played for a clan to group with other level 80 people not letting any new players in or they pay to over likely 300 dollars to just get their account deleted once they have a high amount of progress they likely will do anything to get back. Last note I will mention, NEVER LISTEN TO THE DEV FEEDBACK, the way they say their response is if it’s pre made and rigid in the response not like offering a refund it will just say to this comment, “Sorry for your inconvenience we will try to make this game better for all commanders”, make this game better my panzerfaust rocket launchers. Also the fact we have to merge tanks is just a literal repeat of the game 2048 plus the fact when you attack the enemy which both have the same Tanks and levels as you it’s a rng based attack run of crits hits and first hits. May god give up on this game as it gave up on us..Version: 1.278.0

Good gameplayWhen I first saw the ad for this game I was very skeptical due to the fact I have been mislead by many other games, so I thought this one was like the rest. I was seeing their ad numerous times a week and a couple months after seeing the ad, I decided to try it. I was not let down by the gameplay. I started in a good time because I ranked up pretty quickly but now it takes much longer to become more powerful. This requires me to wait days to level up but it’s worth it since you become even more powerful. The game is updated frequently so bugs are fixed and new features are added. I recommend this game since it is fun and addicting. I hope my review is helpful. :).Version: 1.151.0

Can’t stopGreat game good people give it a go!.Version: 1.63.1

Good game shame about the playersThis game is great for wasting a few hours. It’s your usual build and merge format with added socials due to the chat. The downside is the abusive nature of the conversation especially in “world chat”. All the isms are present with race and gender taking usual top billing. If the developers actually did anything about that this would be a 5 star game. Server 1571 is particularly hateful I have found..Version: 1.247.1

Done very wellCombine all your pointless merge games and lords mobile and then what do you get?? A very fun game that is sadly much underrated... this game is a legit 4 star but deserves a 5 because you can tell there putting a lot of effort into this game despite how low the play count is on Thank you and keep building this game because it deserves a higher statue.Version: 1.47.0

Great gameUnlike other games you don’t have to wait it’s so much better than the other war games when you have to wait and wait and wait it’s a thumbs up from me.Version: 1.54.1

Top warTop war is literally the best game I have ever played in my entire life! I recommend it to all of my friends and family! If you are reading this, you should seriously consider gettting it! 5 stars from me. And a big thank you to the people who made it because I enjoy it so much!.Version: 1.156.2

Really fun gameIt’s the typical mmo that we all know and likely you play if you are checking this out! Differences are that the game has removed build and research times, instead you collect needed tech for them which is a bit more fun. The gameplay itself is a lot of fun though the battle mechanics are overly simple in comparison to some other games. I’m primarily FTP and able to keep up with most players so gameplay is quite balanced..Version: 1.63.1

Top warVery enjoyable game.Version: 1.197.0

It’s good, just needs some quality of life changesThe game it’s pretty good, my main problem is how annoying merging buildings can get at later levels, especially gold mines. When you need 20 current level gold mines to get good money from your taxes, it can just be a nightmare having merge so many buildings together it seems less like a game and more like a chore. Two other smaller notes, monetization is terrible. How much you need to spend to get anything of real value is just insane. And I wish you could set units to “auto-expedition”, meaning you could make the units automatically set out and get you resources either based off of how much of each type you want or how much stamina you want to spend. All in all the games good it but some quality of life changes could make a big difference..Version: 1.68.0

Very funI enjoy it but it isn’t very intuitive. There are lots of buttons which I don’t know what do with them. The tutorial was quite brief, but the game overall is fun!.Version: 1.143.0

可以只是不同等级的外观不重复就好了都好的.Version: 1.194.1

Addictive grindingIt’s a grinding building game, there’s not much strategy at all. Build, buy and grind your way to a better level defeat enemy’s on a world map. There’s a slight gambling edge to it with “loot boxes” and buying gems to open them, there’s so much and so many different types of in-game currency that it becomes hard to track what opens what and what a certain point system is used for. Some of the actions are time based which obviously you can pay to speed up. The graphics and animations are very simple with not much going on but can become crowded and chaotic quickly. All that being said the positives are that all the points needed are free at fairly regular intervals the time to complete actions can range from a couple of minutes to many hours, but, this is fun. It’s fun and doesn’t feel like your’re being cheated. I have spent money to make the game more fluid and it is tricky in how it gets you, couple of quid here, 99p there, know what I mean? But, the game gives you enough to pick up and play then put down again keeping the pace and you invested. For me it’s fun and I’m invested now. I would recommend this to anyone that has a spare few mins in a day to concentrate on something that isn’t work. Its not kid friendly due to the invitation to pay for things..Version: 1.202.0

AwsomeThis game is awesome there is so much to explore and so easy to upgrade👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 1.185.2

Money greed.The game is awesome with cool gameplay. It’s very different to the ad. The game basically has events running weekly. But sometimes they ask for players money events. You can choose increase your VIP or save money. Please don’t get addicted to spending $100+ on this game it’s not worth it. I have Alliance members who do it. This game just wants money. Just play and have fun..Version: 1.269.0

Nice gameI love the app before it is free but it has a great interface and.Version: 1.253.0

There is one huge problemThere is this one person (Blitz) who keeps spreading lies about me and some others please delete his account and stop him from cyber bullying people. Other then that a really awesome game.Version: 1.321.0

EzThis is so ez.Version: 1.131.0

One of the best out thereI was looking for a game to play so I was searching the App Store until I came across this game. It is absolutely amazing. It is simple to understand everything in it is fun and wants to make you keep playing. Not going to lie, I spent 7 whole hours on this game yesterday and progressed so much. Thank you top war, during the pandemic this game has made my life just a little bit brighter..Version: 1.198.1

AwesomeFirst phone game I’ve really enjoyed in years. This is great you don’t have to spend money to become a power house. Which for me make me more likely to spend money lol really enjoying this. The multiplayer is great to, I actually feel like Im contributing …well hope I am Ive become a Vice President.Version: 1.265.1

Great gameThis game is so good i love it, there are no ads and its really fun. You dont get attacked once youre in a good alliance. One thing i would recommend is that when merging troops, you can choose how many you want to place, e.g. i usually want to place 16 but i have to click the barracks 16 times but it would be easier if i could enter that i wanted 16 and it would place 16 is enough space..Version: 1.223.0

Top warAbsolutely amazing the game just doesn’t get u stuck like other startergy games this one is there is always something to do and u never run out of coins or anything.Version: 1.143.0

Great gameI would say this is a very good game except for the fact that the ad has nothing to do with the game itself. The ads I have seen say you drag tiles together to create a bigger over all tile for your army but that just isn’t true. And the over all design of the game is kind of strange for instance you drag together people at the start to create tanks which is weird if you could add a different kind of soldier that is people it would make more sense. Also it is always asking for my money to buy in game heroes which can get a little in your face and annoying. Over all, great game with some good and weird features but one worth downloading and playing out..Version: 1.165.0

Really goodThis is such a fun game to kill time with! It’s so fast and easy to level up and fun! Even though it crashes some times it has a fast load in time! 100% would recommend.Version: 1.154.0

Amazing but a few crucial improvementsSo this game is great, I play it 1-3 hours a day and don’t get bored, and it’s even better to play with friends but there are a few things to improve on, I’ll name the one that I’ve found as a problem, the problem is playing with friends, when you starting you can choose a region to start in and that is the region your in and as me and my friends found once your in there you can’t change where you are and the game only lets you friend or make an alliance with people in your region so I can’t play with my friends without losing months of work which I do not won’t to do, please fix this but overall great game👌.Version: 1.148.0

I’mcoolyou drool and I smak u on ur booty yeyeyeyeyeyyeeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeHi hi.Version: 1.137.0

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