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Top War: Battle Game app received 125 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about top war: battle game?

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Great gameIt is not like the ads but it is much better than that!!!!!! Very easy to get started and with some grinding level up very fast!.Version: 1.145.3

Great fun gameMerging units without wait time is fun. However you do need to be an active Alliance. Some pay to win element but at small fee not to difficult. Otherwise just your normal grind.Version: 1.50.9

Good game if you wanna relaxIts fun👍.Version: 1.169.0

Better than adds!The adds my seem fake and annoying and you just are checking this game out it is worth it. This game is awesome you can combine you troops but it is not the same as the adds. The adds you are on a island easily being able to upgrade your troops to max level, but in this game you have to research them which is pretty easy just not as easy as being able to max them easily with just combining them over and over. So if you had the patience to read all of this the I suggest checking it out if you don’t like it just delete it it won’t take up any storage. SO WHAT’S TO LOSE!.Version: 1.151.0

The best game I have ever playedI progressed very fast in one day so I would want you toy play this game but try not to play too much or els you Be addicted to this but just download this awesome game..Version: 1.50.3

First timer having funAwesome game totally addictive can’t put down once you start to play defenitly no play to win and better than any supercell game.Version: 1.50.9

Amazing GameI genuinely thought this game would be terrible but I was so addicted after 10 minutes of playing it, it always keeps you entertained.Version: 1.153.0

I love this game!This is amazing.Version: 1.173.0

TopwarVery fun to play!.Version: 1.171.0

YehTeetz.Version: 1.177.0

Amazing but a few crucial improvementsSo this game is great, I play it 1-3 hours a day and don’t get bored, and it’s even better to play with friends but there are a few things to improve on, I’ll name the one that I’ve found as a problem, the problem is playing with friends, when you starting you can choose a region to start in and that is the region your in and as me and my friends found once your in there you can’t change where you are and the game only lets you friend or make an alliance with people in your region so I can’t play with my friends without losing months of work which I do not won’t to do, please fix this but overall great game👌.Version: 1.148.0

NavigationWish the game was a little easier to navigate honestly, put all the items in a little hotbar or hub buy categories, I store gem buyables, in app purchases, etc, The chat could be a little longer, makes me feel goofy when I have to triple chat to get a decent sentence out Alliance mail system should have a check system to let mail senders know people read or acknowledged the mail I feel like VIP 3 and up should get more and better rewards since we have spent more money to keep the game going. I’ve personally spent a decent bit of money on the game and only hope to see it grow more.Version: 1.160.1

Great gameGood game so far but it dose look like it might be a pay to win game but you can do without the pay to win just a grind.Version: 1.50.6

Love it!I just love it my words cannot describe it😸😸😸.Version: 1.190.0

It’s fantastic, with one funny flaw.So far the game has been great. A merge style game with war elements to it in a similar fashion to other games of its type. One thing that I think may be a flaw but I’m not entirely sure is that the mini map when in world view is just a snip of the grand theft auto 5 map haha.Version: 1.111.0

Top warGreat game!!!.Version: 1.173.0

Having Fun so far Level 16...It’s starting to slow down a bit with the building times and construction and such, but money flow is pretty good, never really in a rush for cash to upgrade, cuz it takes a minute to grind. The grinding is just starting up now. Good communication with alliance I joined. Overall a fun game, I have spent a few dollars, less than $5. And don’t feel like I need to spend more, I can just wait it out. There’s battles you can do while you wait, but you use up your energy to do a battle and run out occasionally. Overall highly recommended the game good for wasting some time! Thanks!.Version: 1.84.0

Like GOW, but with a twistIt is a lot like Game Of War: Fire age. But, it has the small twist in the game’s world leveling system, with the merging factor for the player’s bases, and a scaling factor with the world bosses, enemies, opponent bases, and more. The one issue i find with the game is how slow it can get with the leveling, feeling like you’re trapped down by the minimal stamina bar, with a slow recharge time. With the use of a RnD system, random outcomes are easily possible. But, with this game, it feels you can never get the item you want when you need it. I’ve been stuck trying to collect the little puzzle pieces to upgrade my troop training speed, all to further upgrade my main units. But overall, it’s a well rounded game and has great potential to be a time-killing, RTS, mobile game..Version: 1.50.1

Great gameThis is a great game it is enjoyable and there’s so many type of thing u can do and it tests your interest 😊.Version: 1.137.0

Top gameExcellent game & features.Version: 1.175.0

Is the goodsNot too high maintenance but still a bit of fun when you get a few minutes to yourself and you just pick up where you left off.Version: 1.142.0

I play this game a lot !Love the game. It’s not a short term affair but it is a lot of fun especially on KE days. The additional events like SvS and everlasting land are fun even if you have a small base like mine and the rewards can be very good if you bother to get involved in these events. Preparation is key and this game has enough ways of boosting your strength and efficiency to keep it interesting. The one area which I think could be improved in the actual game is the World Boss Attack which happens 3 times a day. There should be more distinct levels for more players. Not higher rewards just more detail within the levels. Now only the top 3 players are named this is not good, it leaves the rest of us out of the loop and relegated to just a place number. It would be more competitive if players were trying to improve their position within groups of ten perhaps ie groups 1-10, 11-20, 21 -30....etc. It would be nice to know who we are competing with as well. A bit of friendly competition for Boss attacks at all levels might encourage people to play a bit more.Version: 1.207.1

GET THIS GAMEThis game is super addictive! Although it has one pop up about buying something,that’s all! I’ve been playing the game for a Month and it is one of my favourite mobile games. Another plus about it app no ads (unless watched for a small amount of in game currency bot you have to do this manually). I highly recommend this app!.Version: 1.214.0

Great game, needs a few simple additionsOverall this is a great game that doesn’t make me feel very left behind by players who spend lots of money on the game. It reminds me of clash of clans but requires much less time to get to a higher level and is a bit more chill overall. The only thing I think needs to be added is the option to mute alliance chat. I’m in a big alliance and I don’t want to disable notifications so I can know when my VIT is full, but I get sometimes 100+ notifications in a few minutes due to the alliance’s size. Also maybe add a way to sell (even for barely any amount of in game currency) leftover tickets and items from previous events that have no use. Besides that the game is great!.Version: 1.161.0

🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩This game is so awesome that you must get it no matter what. There are almost no ads. This game doesn't even need an update!.Version: 1.169.0

I love this game, but....This game is awesome and very addicting but to be a top player you gotta have a fat wallet. The prices are insane , and talking to some people from other countries , they pay a lot more than I do and I thought I paid a lot. You’re losing players left and right due to the high costs in the game. If you dropped your prices in half or more , you’d gain 10x the amount of players for the long term instead of having them play for a month or 2 and then quit because it cost too much. Please look into it, this game is very addicting and fun like I said earlier but it’s getting costly very quick. Thanks for your time !.Version: 1.90.1

One of the best out thereI was looking for a game to play so I was searching the App Store until I came across this game. It is absolutely amazing. It is simple to understand everything in it is fun and wants to make you keep playing. Not going to lie, I spent 7 whole hours on this game yesterday and progressed so much. Thank you top war, during the pandemic this game has made my life just a little bit brighter..Version: 1.198.1

Bring the WalletI have been playing this game for over a year and half now and I have to say, enjoy it immensely. I’m now a top level player and have dropped over £1k in to it. I would say, even given the investment, I’m a mid level player at best. To compete, the strongest players are upward of £30k investment. That said, you can tick along nicely at no cost but it take patience. There are so many things to understand about the game it’s important to level up to around level 60-70 and get in to elite alliances. The experienced players hold the key to success and it’s important to purge the knowledge and advice of these players. I’d also recommend joining the Facebook pages and reading the forums. This is not a game to play and think you can boss it. It takes a lot of time and energy but addictive and worth it with the friends you make across the World. You’ll spend just as long chatting in the alliance, World and Discord chats than you will playing the game. I would highly recommend it 👍🏻.Version: 1.180.0

So far a great gameReally impressed with the game overall. It solves 2 problems most games have: 1. How to prevent the player from reaching end game content to quickly 2. How to keep the play entertained the entire time. This game solves those by providing a time cap on training units and most other thing needed to progress level wise. However, the time cap isn’t EVERYWHERE like most games. This game allows marching and attacking, and otherwise most activity to a very low time. Marching across the entire map only takes at most 5 minutes. Other games will factor in number of unit and level and this and that and you’ll be marching for hours. This game say hey, screw that. Let them keep attacking. And by attacking targets you can get the needed items to level up. In short, this game doesn’t feel like a grind. But doesn’t allow you to progress to quickly. There also isn’t much Pay-To-Win in this game. There is some but most of it is ridiculously over priced so it if someone is willing to spend $100s they probably deserve it..Version: 1.143.0

5 StarGreat game, only annoying but is the in app purchases do not go away!.Version: 1.163.1

Love the game, but lost moneyI love this game, it is a great way to pass the time, but I made my first in app purchase today of the discounted 5,000 gems, you’re supposed to get an immediate 1400 then an additional 600 every day after. After paying for the gems, they did not appear in my gem total, I thought maybe it would just take a little time to process but I have waited around all day and still nothing. I’m just looking to see how I can either get my money back or get the gems I purchased. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Still love the game and the ability to interact with my alliance, everything else is on par!.Version: 1.150.0

Top WarT.Version: 1.214.0

Love this gameI love this game but there’s too much it’s hard to understand what everything is for n what there is there focusing on too much at a time it’s hard for new players.Version: 1.154.0

Really goodThis is such a fun game to kill time with! It’s so fast and easy to level up and fun! Even though it crashes some times it has a fast load in time! 100% would recommend.Version: 1.154.0

Great GameI love this game because it brings a nostalgic clash of clans feel when I was a kid but it’s completely different due to the merging factor. I love the high numbers in this game because the player feels much more rewarded and satisfied when they see a huge increase in level and power after upgrading and completing quests. I’m pretty far into the game and the one and only issue I have is the fact that wants you get your troops from level 31 and above the skins and looks start to repeat. I would love to see an update releasing new looks for all of the higher level units. Other than that the game is super smooth and never causes me problems and is great for wasting some free time!.Version: 1.63.1

Love this game 😃😃😃This game was addictive since I was level 3 now I am level 13 and I have a level 18 duel helicopter but I used to have a level 19 helicopter then after a few battles it went to 18 and I was annoyed so I rate it a 4 because it is a waste of money just for a level 19 helicopter then went to 18 plus now I have to work to get my 19 back Thanks for your time.Version: 1.176.0

ExcellenceParfait.Version: 1.175.0

Good game but needs slight improvementsI have enjoyed the game a lot but I would like if it showed your army size when attacking instead of just 3 jeeps and 3 soldiers. Also attacking over bases just doesn’t feel good since u don’t see any of the fight etc.Version: 1.52.0

Great time sinkGood little base and base builder. Can sink an hour into it without realising and not feel that you haven’t achieved much like some of its competitors. There is a fair amount of ads which do feel a little pay to win but in all honesty I am more than happy to put up with and just plod along with the free stuff..Version: 1.156.0

Top warGood stuff.Version: 1.52.0

Great gameI love the game it’s awesome.Version: 1.169.0

Fun gameReally nice.Version: 1.52.0

Great game. Easy to understand and doesn’t force real money payments to get further.5 stars.Version: 1.145.3

Top War: Battle GameThis is an excellent game to play with graphics to match. The reason why I have given this game a 5 star review is because the developers has drastically reduced the cost of purchasing items you would need in the game. If however they suddenly decided to put the cost back up then I and others would either walk away from the game or stop buying said items..Version: 1.57.1

Great gameI read the other reviews and you guys must be bad if u think it’s pay 2 win if you want to progress. I’ve been playing 4 days and I’m the 48th strongest on my server without spending a cent and it was really easy to do. Overall a good addicting time waster 4 stars. Could be better in making it so u get more VIT to get tech easier.Version: 1.147.0

Free 2 PlayI have never played one of these types of games f2p of course u can pay to win but if u just play a lot u can easily outgrind other players and play all day and grow fast highly addicting great content and to come.Version: 1.50.6

GgIt’s awesome.Version: 1.145.3

This game is fun game especially if you like to play different gamesThis game is fun even though at first it’s kind of confusing but join an alliance change your profile name and go to your alliance territory and start rallying also to those out there that rated a one star the reason you lost your account is because you didn’t back it up in your account profile please do that now! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨so the only negative thing about this game is that it takes forever to load sometimes you have to exit then get back in because it won’t load.Version: 1.162.0

Freinds and timeThis is a fun game over all but there is only two problems I am getting with this. One of these problems are playing with friends. Me and my friends have all go this game but we don’t know how to join a clan. I have started a clan but when they search it up it won’t show. We have tried to switch servers too but we can’t figure out a way to work it. Another issue I have with this game is the time. This game is advertised to say that there is no time needed. But once get into a higher level you have to train your troops. My tanks now are at a high level. This makes it one hours to train one tank. But other then these two problems this game is pretty fun..Version: 1.48.0

TopWar after three monthsWell, I found a game that I’m not wary about tossing a few bucks at. Don’t get me Wrong- these games are all money grabs - but the social/global interest in this platform, for all ages and skill levels, has been pretty impressive. While I’m generally not a fan of “attacking” other players (we do this to each other WAY too much in real life), I do enjoy the opportunities to engage with people and cultures from around the world through this gameplay. The translation feature alone makes TopWar a curiously subtle interface for potential friendship and conversation on a much larger stage. Keep doing what you’re doing, and congratulations. -From “fenor” and “York” in S542..Version: 1.97.0

Fun but to easyThe game is fun and all but if you start to buy wanna gems and then you just completely go through all of the levels of buildings you can get like a level 20 unit and just blow through like all the campaign maps in a few minutes so far I have not lost a single unit because I used some gems and I keep on forgetting that I have a lower level unit so when I need to level it up I cannot do so so I wasted a lot of funds on a unit that I just had to get rid of because there is no possible way for me to upgrade to unit. But overall it is a fun game to just kill time or if you don’t have anything better to do..Version: 1.50.1

Good game!I think this game is really good I like it a lot!.Version: 1.159.0

Best game I playThis is the best game I eaver played in my life.Version: 1.52.0

AlfieGreat game fun and really fair, I have played lots of games, however this it’s one of the most entertaining and challenging, the only issue it’s that you can get to the same server if you want friends to joint you, however this it’s also a benefit as a stronger level unit will not move and take over like it happens in some games, so it’s more fair to play..Version: 1.94.0

LEGENDXR6Great game I played on my Samsung tablet and i broke it .inow have an iPad and don’t know how to retrieve it i was up around lvl 20 and had purchased a monthly pass,last week and I can not use it. have had to start again dam here we go again from the beginning cheers tony.Version: 1.63.1

AmazingI simply never write reviews for mobile games. Maybe 3 in my entire career of mobile gaming. Top War is truly the most fun you can have on your handheld device. It’s simple to get into, very detailed characters and design, fun mechanics, and a very decent store. Some say this game is pay2win but simply this is not true. I have played for 3 days now and I haven’t spent a penny, yet I am the best in my Alliance! I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants a refreshing twist to the classic city builder mobile game. The merging feature is extremely useful and efficient. 5 stars!.Version: 1.148.0

Great GameAs a mean Chinese guy I paid twice in this game..Version: 1.170.0

Top War: Battle GameFast and fun! I have only been playing for 20 minutes so that may change..Version: 1.54.1

It’s a good gameWeather you like it or not you will end up spending little money on it but it’s kind of worth it..Version: 1.201.3

Fun gameEasy to play, noob friendly and has a lot of content.Version: 1.159.0

Awesome gameVery fun easy to play a few bugs here and there but the mods and tech support fix it within a day all up 10/10.Version: 1.54.1

Level up Quick!Awesome Fun! Really Quick to level up, fast pass..Version: 1.147.0

Top warAbsolutely amazing the game just doesn’t get u stuck like other startergy games this one is there is always something to do and u never run out of coins or anything.Version: 1.143.0

Very giving developers and lots to do!I don’t normally write reviews unless if I have a strong opinion, good or bad. These guys deserve a review. I played quite a while ago when it launched, but my interest fell short. I recently picked the game back up again and I’m really starting to enjoy it. The developers are VERY giving when it comes to bugs, glitches, or even the tiniest of issue and they offer generous compensation for everything. Just about every day that I log in, I have a gift waiting from the developers. Not many devs are like that. I don’t have very many complaints for the game. I’d say if there was one thing that I think needs improvement is the frame rate increased or optimized to run just a tad smoother when scrolling the screen and tapping through animated menus. Portrait style games like this instantly win my heart. I’d much rather play a kingdom/strategy game like this in portrait mode rather than holding my phone sideways the entire time. So mega props on that devs!!! Awesome game, it’s worth trying!.Version: 1.164.0

Easier way to get upgradesNeed to bring in more rewards for attacking someone other then gold, some percentage of tickets to upgrade buildings and units would be good with gold..Version: 1.50.9

Top warTop war is literally the best game I have ever played in my entire life! I recommend it to all of my friends and family! If you are reading this, you should seriously consider gettting it! 5 stars from me. And a big thank you to the people who made it because I enjoy it so much!.Version: 1.156.2

EzThis is so ez.Version: 1.131.0

Killer7Awesome game!.Version: 1.204.0

Pretty good!I enjoy this game! The only annoying part is that if you really want to be a strong player and competitor in the game you would have to spend A LOT of money. I haven’t spent any money and I’m a level 60 all within a few months. But the players who do buy all the VIP stuff or the growth fund have all the perks, more marching queues, better rewards, more gems, more hero vouchers. While all that is way more restricted and takes more time if you don’t buy anything. Im in a pretty strong and active alliance and I would say that that is the key of you don’t want to buy all the fancy stuff. With the help of a good alliance you will get more rewards and be able to participate in a lot of events..Version: 1.160.1

Top War ReviewTop War is pretty fun but isn’t anything like it looks on ads or the info page. It may not be a pay to win game but still takes a long time to reach higher and powerful levels..Version: 1.153.0

Very funI enjoy it but it isn’t very intuitive. There are lots of buttons which I don’t know what do with them. The tutorial was quite brief, but the game overall is fun!.Version: 1.143.0

Top war review.It is a good addictive game with plenty to do. Very heavy on pay to win though which is the only reason it’s lost a star. I know they need make money but does it really have to be so heavy with it and so expensive as well. That is my biggest gripe. Same with just about any game these days all about bleeding money from customers..Version: 1.157.0

Game isn’t bad.The game is nothing like the add but for a war game it‘a pretty easy to grow. The game doesn’t even make you spend as much as other games. I have played multiple other war games that make you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get little progress. This game I have used about 20$ and I went from 1-28 in a day. Gaining power is pretty easy and it’s definitely one of the better strategy games out there..Version: 1.170.0

LEGENDARY FUNIt just looks fun you earn money you merge to upgrade you even get to battle other opponents and get higher ranks..Version: 1.145.3

可以只是不同等级的外观不重复就好了都好的.Version: 1.194.1

Great appI love this game so much, it’s super easy, and, everything is on a HUUGE discount, which is amazing, there is no waiting 2 minutes +. And it has no ads at all. 5 star.Version: 1.54.1

Great and well balancedThis game is great, as long as you attack camps at your skill level, it is fun and easily playable. I like the concept with merging and strategic fighting, but the merging can be difficult. Maybe, at least for beginners, there would be a screen, somewhat like a guide, that would tell you what to merge and what it does. For example, “if you merge 2 level 2 barracks together you will get a level 3 barracks that makes rocketeers.” Otherwise this game is fun, well-balanced, and well-made. But if you could make a merge-guide in the next update, that would be brilliant. Another thing is money, maybe make it possible to compete at a high level, but not easy or fast, instead of using money. Thx!.Version: 1.145.3

Good gameplayWhen I first saw the ad for this game I was very skeptical due to the fact I have been mislead by many other games, so I thought this one was like the rest. I was seeing their ad numerous times a week and a couple months after seeing the ad, I decided to try it. I was not let down by the gameplay. I started in a good time because I ranked up pretty quickly but now it takes much longer to become more powerful. This requires me to wait days to level up but it’s worth it since you become even more powerful. The game is updated frequently so bugs are fixed and new features are added. I recommend this game since it is fun and addicting. I hope my review is helpful. :).Version: 1.151.0

Fun butThis game can be highly addictive and fun. You’ll make friends here and spend a lot of time. You will need to spend money to compete. Unless you’re independently wealthy you won’t be able to compete at a high level. People spend the equivalent to a mortgage payment and more to have all the toys. Those same people can become arrogant and bully entire servers. Servers die slow deaths as players grow bored or frustrated. Talks of merges are always there. There’s always new heros and the heros you were told to focus on and did for months are now passe. To get a gold hero to the top level requires a tremendous amount of time unless you spend a tremendous amount of money. If you haven’t guessed, you won’t compete and be lucky to be an average player unless you spend money. Skins can cosr $200 American. Want a fancy march? Another $50. On and on. They’ll run sales and say a “bundle” of this or that and it’ll be 5 piecss. Again fun game but if you’re not willing to spend you will ultimately end up disappointed ..Version: 1.134.0

Amazing gameHas really good features such as the translation in the chat and different events. Only problem is that I’ve been temporarily muted for saying something inappropriate even though all I’ve done is ask people to join my alliance, nothing inappropriate.Version: 1.145.3

Good game, missing detailsI’m level 53 now and love the game but feel the game needs some important changes. 1) at level 53 unlocking area 31, the reward is only 2,567 gold. For someone who needs 950bb gold for an upgrade, and so far late into the game, the rewards aren’t acceptable. 2) levels are hard to come by now and unlocking land every 2 levels seems to be a marathon when a lot of your land is being occupied by training troops. 3) designing base, like most other games, a base designer mode has been introduced making it easier to style your base, especially as decorations play a huge role in the game. 4) when you attempt to attack a level 50 mercenary, you get 9 tanks level 260m. Where as a level 55 merc has only 3 tanks level 56M 5) finally when in private chat you can’t see what your typing with the white text and white background..Version: 1.89.0

Update fail.Most recent update now makes the app crash on start up. So that’s great..Version: 1.161.3

Best Phone Game EverThis game is fun as you can play for free and take your time or spend a few bucks and speed it up. Is good for a quick play or all day and has a lot to it. The different aspects are: getting new bases by merging, leveling up and using weapons (tanks, boats, planes) for each battle, leveling up and using heroes for each battle. Each one has their own add on level ups and skills. You get many different drops by completing quests, clearing surrounding land, fighting works enemies, or playing events. It had a lot more too like joining alliances, making friends, and chatting. Overall almost everything you can think of in a game..Version: 1.59.1

RecommendAmazing game, great community, good gameplay, its just great. Recommended.Version: 1.211.0

Addictive grindingIt’s a grinding building game, there’s not much strategy at all. Build, buy and grind your way to a better level defeat enemy’s on a world map. There’s a slight gambling edge to it with “loot boxes” and buying gems to open them, there’s so much and so many different types of in-game currency that it becomes hard to track what opens what and what a certain point system is used for. Some of the actions are time based which obviously you can pay to speed up. The graphics and animations are very simple with not much going on but can become crowded and chaotic quickly. All that being said the positives are that all the points needed are free at fairly regular intervals the time to complete actions can range from a couple of minutes to many hours, but, this is fun. It’s fun and doesn’t feel like your’re being cheated. I have spent money to make the game more fluid and it is tricky in how it gets you, couple of quid here, 99p there, know what I mean? But, the game gives you enough to pick up and play then put down again keeping the pace and you invested. For me it’s fun and I’m invested now. I would recommend this to anyone that has a spare few mins in a day to concentrate on something that isn’t work. Its not kid friendly due to the invitation to pay for things..Version: 1.202.0

Can’t stopGreat game good people give it a go!.Version: 1.63.1

Vintage feel, interface a mess, fun anywayPay attention. The slick ads they show you have nothing to do with the game. This is an old school grid-based turn game, glorified rock-paper-scissors, with tons of little gacha machines and roulette games and blind boxes to keep you gambling for tiny little prizes that help you along. You can spend real money, but if you do, you’ll quickly realize it’s the same game play at every level. You can’t buy your way up because it scales with your spending. The game is not gorgeous and the user interface is chaotic. But the little red badges that mean “there is something to do here” Kees you tapping your way through 50 levels in 5 days and the simplicity is fun. Mostly an idle game. A level 46 airplane takes 10 hours to train up. Lots of chat and plenty to do as long as you accept the premise. Old school, legacy graphics, rock-paper-scissors mechanics, and slot machines..Version: 1.163.1

Top warVery enjoyable game.Version: 1.197.0

Great Game BUT...This game in its own right is great. tends to be a more pay to win type of game which i feel they should take fortnite’s approach and just make skins and sell those for money(for ex: unit skins, base skins, everything should get a skin) they also need to improve the rng of island battle’s health tents. one tent per level seems fair if its only 30% of your health, just buff the defense and make it have more heath than usual (10-20% more) and let us have a chance of getting further, rather than praying we see a tent on lvl 7 when the AI has 3billion health and you have 2million left. overall a good game but needs to make the small improvements to reach its full potential..Version: 1.159.0

Good gameGood game ,I love it..Version: 1.173.0

Best game of 2021This game it’s 1st on my game charts. It the best fighting game and there’s always upgrades to do and plus it’s super easy to get coins, boxes and ect But I don’t like how when they say to clam your gems , then you have to pay :( They should at least give us it every 5 level and you just need to watch a ad or something.... Anyway I hope the next update this will be mentioned :) Great game 😌💵👏.Version: 1.155.0

Pretty funIt’s good, not disappointed. Too lazy to write more cuz real review u know.Version: 1.169.0

Actually greatTurns out this game is really fun, it is kinda similar to other games but also different/unique if that makes any sense. It’s super addicting, free to play friendly, and easy to level up especially when you first start for constant fun. Love it so far, definitely worth your time trying out..Version: 1.165.0

AwsomeThis game is awesome there is so much to explore and so easy to upgrade👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 1.185.2

War storiesYup first timer do takes a bit to learn. But very addictive.Version: 1.142.0

1 probIn the game my tanks are constantly marching and I can’t stop them can you fix this there is no line to tell me where they are going I can’t stop them from marching this game would be a 5 star but it’s limiting me but overall the game is one bst game I have apart from Minecraft but I need this game to be fixed thank you if you do..Version: 1.156.2

Really fun gameIt’s the typical mmo that we all know and likely you play if you are checking this out! Differences are that the game has removed build and research times, instead you collect needed tech for them which is a bit more fun. The gameplay itself is a lot of fun though the battle mechanics are overly simple in comparison to some other games. I’m primarily FTP and able to keep up with most players so gameplay is quite balanced..Version: 1.63.1

Very good game but a few suggestionsThe suggestion is: Passive mode Passive mode keeps your shield permanently unless turned off and when passive mode is on you cannot attack other players however you can do rescue missions and dark forces.Version: 1.193.0

Awesome funHaving a blast in this game. Much better than cats..Version: 1.175.0

Addictive Strategy Game!This is the perfect curl-up-in-bed and keep on upgrading and battling and merging. Top War understands that it is a phone game and is designed to take advantage of those strengths. Much better than trying to be a console or computer game... without gamepad or keyboard! This game will eventually demand some cash from you if you want to play with the big boys & girls. But short of that, you can play casually without spending money. I feel that if I like a game and want to support the company, I willing do micro transactions. This game definitely deserves a few bucks. Play it and find out for yourself!.Version: 1.157.0

Great gameUnlike other games you don’t have to wait it’s so much better than the other war games when you have to wait and wait and wait it’s a thumbs up from me.Version: 1.54.1

Good gameNot boring, good one !.Version: 1.166.0

Keeps You BusyLots to do in the game to upgrade, need plenty of time to play to be successful.Version: 1.109.0

Muy buena appExcelente.Version: 1.167.0

NiceVery addictive.Version: 1.194.1

Done very wellCombine all your pointless merge games and lords mobile and then what do you get?? A very fun game that is sadly much underrated... this game is a legit 4 star but deserves a 5 because you can tell there putting a lot of effort into this game despite how low the play count is on Thank you and keep building this game because it deserves a higher statue.Version: 1.47.0

Great gameI would say this is a very good game except for the fact that the ad has nothing to do with the game itself. The ads I have seen say you drag tiles together to create a bigger over all tile for your army but that just isn’t true. And the over all design of the game is kind of strange for instance you drag together people at the start to create tanks which is weird if you could add a different kind of soldier that is people it would make more sense. Also it is always asking for my money to buy in game heroes which can get a little in your face and annoying. Over all, great game with some good and weird features but one worth downloading and playing out..Version: 1.165.0

✌️Great game no ads in game.Version: 1.165.0

Pretty GoodOne MAJOR flaw in this game is that their is CONSTANTLY a finger pointing to something even if it can’t be completed yet. Instead, I would advice them to assume the player isn’t an idiot and eventually turn it off, or provide a way of turning it off. As someone who is liking this game, I will eventually stop playing as this has always been a turn off in other games. Additionally, I would suggest adding more realistic looking female characters to the game as well as Amalia is the only remotely unattractive character and there are at least ten unattractive/realistic male counterparts. That is not to say to add more unattractive characters, but at least half the women are showing their midriff and the others are also clearly sexualized. This is coming from a white straight male mind you. Outside of these flaws that will likely lead to my eventual exit of this game the game is overall enjoyable and it is not necessary to pay a large portion of money to still have an enjoyable time..Version: 1.148.0

Really good gameSo I read the reviews and some were bad but I saw this game on a ad and thought I don’t like these games but no this one really got me intrigued it is great Download it plz.Version: 1.148.0

Love itPut some of the girls in bikinis 😉.Version: 1.169.0

Amazing!Love it!.Version: 1.164.1

Impossible to progressI’m loving this game but I’ve got to Level 27 and am stuck on Chapter 9 because it is impossible to defeat 5 Warhammers. I haven’t even completed one yet because every time I start an amass it always results in “invalid enemy”, “too late”. I’m sadly going to have to delete the game if I cannot progress..Version: 1.100.0

Great game but need more energyIt’s a great game but I always run out of energy before I can do what I want to do. I say there should be 100 energy.Version: 1.142.0

One of the best games in the worldThis game is so cool I think everyone should get this game if you like merging. The biggest problem with this game it doesn’t let you keep all levels of dark forces in case you missed them which is a really bad thing for those people who suffer from Autism so please game sort this big thing out and then this game will become the ultimate of all games..Version: 1.148.0

Easy fun game light on the processorYes fun and like other hires games that fried my Samsung A50, the same but cute graphics make it enjoyable in a different and more fun way.Version: 1.173.0

It’s good, just needs some quality of life changesThe game it’s pretty good, my main problem is how annoying merging buildings can get at later levels, especially gold mines. When you need 20 current level gold mines to get good money from your taxes, it can just be a nightmare having merge so many buildings together it seems less like a game and more like a chore. Two other smaller notes, monetization is terrible. How much you need to spend to get anything of real value is just insane. And I wish you could set units to “auto-expedition”, meaning you could make the units automatically set out and get you resources either based off of how much of each type you want or how much stamina you want to spend. All in all the games good it but some quality of life changes could make a big difference..Version: 1.68.0

Love itLove it.Version: 1.153.0

Make more people thing EAnd make it easier to get more land because it’s pretty hard I tried and it took a long time for me to level up my troops or or whatever you cool your wall thingamajig a bobs.Version: 1.147.0

Easy funThis game is easy and challenging but enjoyable. Simplistic enough and not overly complicated. You can spend money but you don’t need to if you’re willing to grind..Version: 1.159.0

Good but...I love the game and u should try it but the mods don’t ban people they just disable their chat please fix this but the game is good..Version: 1.170.0

Good gameFun but you need lots of spare time.Version: 1.145.3

I’mcoolyou drool and I smak u on ur booty yeyeyeyeyeyyeeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeHi hi.Version: 1.137.0

GhGg.Version: 1.83.1

GoodIt’s very good.Version: 1.170.0

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