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Jackpot Wins - Slots Casino App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Jackpot Wins - Slots Casino app received 90 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jackpot Wins - Slots Casino? Can you share your negative thoughts about jackpot wins - slots casino?

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Jackpot Wins - Slots Casino for Negative User Reviews

QuestionThey said you can win real money ... how you do it ?.Version: 1.7

Don’t botherThere are other better fun slots to play. The wins are few and far between..Version: 5.0

Keeps crashingNot even had 2 spins and my iPad crashed. Tried again, not even 1 spin and it crashed. Deleting app.Version: 1.9

Turn back time.Being a FOREVER VIP is like someone just starting to play this game . Still can’t get jackpots. 😕😖 I really used to like this game, but all the changes the way the wheel moves sometimes slow sometimes too fast all the money that I wasted on this game and still no decent jackpots. I’m pretty much fed up and. I know it’s just a game but a lot of wasted money it’s not good you would think with all the money that you spend on these games they were at least let you play a couple of days on a grand jackpot, but the grand jackpot is like not existing. Enjoy your soon find out..Version: 5.0

Good to start withReally enjoyed initially, but now not happy about the constant raising of the minimum bet though. just becomes a money grabber no longer a light form of entertainment. As with all these types of games though they always start out well!!.Version: 2.1

Such a shameI was enjoying this game until I got the free games on Key to Riches Fangs of Fortune. The program then shut down. Every time I go back in, same thing happens even though it will let me play other games..Version: 2.1

Rip OffWhen I won free games, game malfunctioned and I lost even the money invested and the game is inaccessible. When I tried to seek help was given the run around..Version: 2.1

Long time between pays.You get 1 big win a day. Then all the pop ups when your trying to play. Frustrating. And pretty crappy. Like most slots.Version: 2.1

Great notifications. Once in a while you can spin slotsConstant notifications about missions, quests, rewards, and gifts make it hard to enjoy the game. Just as bad as ads..Version: 1.8

Bonus quests need a changeI love playing this app, but the quests (even when playing on easy) need something changed or updated. It’s frustrating that it takes days to get thru n billions of coins just to get the free spins that’s needed for the quest. Especially when it’s on a timer! Please look into this..Version: 3.7

Enjoyed at start.Got a little hooked on this and spent lots of real money buying tokens. The games don’t give you a long enough experience as they speed up and gobble your coins..Version: 4.3

Garbage slotEverything they advertise is false. Just another greedy developer providing nothing but zeros.Version: 5.7

Awful Awful AwfulDeserves ZERO STARS!! This game started out okay. It’s obvious the developers only want your money now. Win a little, lose a lot. It’s the routine now. Every update it gets worse and worse. Can’t win a free spin or a jackpot anymore. The last few weeks, it’s been the worse I’ve seen it. Don’t waste your money on this game. Customer support, if they respond only gives you the run around. Play at your own risk. Dont be surprised if you end up spending your cash to fill they’re pockets..Version: 5.5

I’m imagining so they sayThis game paid out in the trillions for the first month or two, now having played for 6 months or longer, I can burn through 1.5 trillion coins without a big win. The developers say it’s not possible but read the reviews, I’m not the only one. I’ve paid for coins on many occasions, it’s not like I’m only paying the freebies. It’s time to move on, too bad, this was a fine slot to play..Version: 2.3

Money grabThis game is the same as the others, they act like you take a seat in a Vegas slot area. It’s a game not Vegas devs. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, I lost 20 million chips betting 100k lol and that was on a few different machines. I wish someone would make a slot game that paid out and allowed people to make micro transactions with mini games if that’s what they wanted. That being said, I’m getting rid of this money grab game. Hope this helps others so they don’t spend thousands of their hard earned money on virtual chips..Version: 3.6

RubbishThese games DO NOT PAY OUT, join the quest they say, you’ll win big they say, then they take every coin you have and straight away start badgering you to buy. FOR YOUR OWN SAKE STAY AWAY FROM THIS RIP OFF..Version: 4.3

Lucky gameYou said to try your lucky Game I did and all l did was lose money don’t bother me with it again I will pick my own game.Version: 2.9

Avoid like the plagueThey flicked a switch a month or so ago. Nothing since then. Watched 300 trill go down to nothing betting small. Avoid this game at all costs. Uninstalled..Version: 3.8

Ugh update your app!I recently been playing won a eff load of money and man I was excited I climbed the pier only to have lost connection and had to start over again. I was on the last one. This happened to me three times and each time I have to start over. Fix your app. This is damn shame.Version: 5.5

Super cool!!Liking this game so far! One of the better apps that makes it fun by winning and good graphics!! Hope it continues!! Thanks!!! Follow up to responding to the developer. As all these games lie about the wins! Oh, of course they make sure you win at the beginning but just when things start going good whoops now you start losing and here comes the options to buy more spins/coins! You’ll never and I Mean Never will get a dime from me for a game that means nothing!!.Version: 4.8

Game crashes every time I open itGame was good but hasn’t worked for a couple of months now. Every time I load the game it crashes. Have deleted and re downloaded but have the same issue.Version: 3.1

Game is badI was playing the game for the first time and was having some fun with it. I was getting lots of coins and hitting jackpots. I reached level 30 and the game stopped giving me jackpots completely. I spent nearly all my coins but still got nothing so I deleted the game and was very disappointed. The game is not a fun game in my opinion and all of the ads I saw were lying to me and I would definitely not recommend this game unless you like giving money to a bad game. But this is just my opinion and some people may think differently and I am okay with that. Just saying I did not enjoy my experience with this game..Version: 4.3

The greediestDone the rounds and of them all this one has the hardest tasks, some almost impossible due to the high targets requiring high stakes. Unless you want to play the same machine 24/7 both options costing heavily. £4.99 giving around 30 minutes. Need to take this one of the list..Version: 2.5

Same as all other casino games…Starts off by shoving micro transactions down your throat none stop. It baits you all the time when you are 1 away from the bonus like way to much. When you finally get the bonus it’s only ever then mini or minor. In other words it is a game where you can never be self sufficient with the winnings you earn. It did advertise that you will get a bonus in your first 10 spins but you better enjoy it because they are very very far between..Version: 5.4

What happenedI downloaded this game last night and did the normal thumb print to allow game to download. I played a bot and get up the next day and money has been withdrawn from my account. I never gave a second thumbprint to allow a withdrawal. I will play out the coins I have and review this from my iPad..Version: 2.0

DisappointedUnequivocally the worse slot site that I’ve ever experienced. You have absolutely zero chance of winning anything! Don’t waste your time on this site!.Version: 5.6

Waste of timeIs there any point in this? All it does is ask for my money..Version: 5.4

Don’t waste your timeYet again another falsely advertised game no jackpot and lost all funds pretty quickly..Version: 5.7

So disappointed 😔I was having so much fun with this game even made some purchases today adding up close to $25 in the game ... And all of a sudden I'm playing it fine winning and losing, normal till I exited this one game I didn't like and when it took me back home it reseted my entire game level and coins!!! 😡🤬🤬🤬 I'm so mad I was in level 103 or 104 maybe higher and I had a little over 7 billion coins. It says try connecting your account to Facebook and it'll reset itself back to your original level and coins well let me tell ya something as soon as it reset back to level 1 and made me go through the whole tutorial process again it connected itself back to my Facebook account because it has my Facebook picture on the phone bubble I even updated it and nothing. Where did my COINS GO and I wanna be back to my normal level I earned it and spent actual money as well..Version: 2.1

MehLots of bonus in the beginning Issues with billing They were good to refund when called out on it but frustrating to lose 4T coins after spending a ton of actually money building it up It’s like when you stop purchasing your luck runs out.Version: 2.0

No luckRather entertaining game but no where near get rewarded enough for time playing nor coins spent on certain slots and the “lucky spin” well it’s about as lucky as Friday the 13th.Version: 3.6

No funKeeps crashing. Frustrating.Version: 2.3

Used to be goodI loved playing this game ... probably buy too many coins to show it. However, lately I noticed that the payouts haven’t been that great in addition the bonuses haven’t paid as stated which is frustrating when I buy the coins. The jackpots (mini, minor, major, etc) will show one thing but if you win it will only pay a portion on some of the games. I’ve contacted support but they aren’t that much help and give a little bit of coins as “a sorry” but doesn’t even touch what the payouts should have been. Unfortunately, I’m going stop playing the game and definitely not buying any coins!.Version: 1.3

ScamYou don’t actually win really money it’s joke and scam to get people playing when the people that have no money think they can get money from her and that there going to rich and think there problems will all go away when it’s just a lie.Version: 5.7

Pure CrapThe dead spins certainly outweigh all other spins, I guess we can only expect to gain exactly what’s mathematically coded into these games 👎 👎 I’m trying to get to level 25 then deleting this crap. Tried it again and it’s worse than ever, you can only expect to gain exactly what’s programmed into these scam apps..Version: 5.5

Not Actually FairYou can spend money and you will win a bonus on any slot the second you make a purchase. Ive made dozens of purchases and it was the only way I would win. Ive went months without purchases simply trying to grind the free coins and you will not win only waste your time for a minute or two until asked to purchase when youre out of coins. Dont waste your time. Its just meant to get you hooked and take your money..Version: 4.3

Connection LostKeep getting a Connection Lost message since last update even though I’m connected to the internet. Please fix..Version: 3.9

Too many ‘glitches’ and constantly get kicked out of the game when claiming bonus prizes!!Site really needs to fix the glitches to make it an enjoyable game site to play..Version: 2.6

Garbage AppVery unstable. Constantly crashing! Waste of time..Version: 2.5

It’s getting WorseExpensive in App purchase,the game is not giving back as it supposed to such a shame.Version: 3.3

Takes your coins.Keep your money, it’s a rip off..Version: 1.9

Vegas FriendsThis is rubbish. I installed this game and when I tried to play it It started to load and then switched me right back to the beginning again. After five attempts I gave up. If you want people to play this game this must be corrected..Version: 2.5

Jackpots??This game is not as good as they make out. Barely win anything and it’s impossible to win a jackpot. They just want you to spend real money. Won’t be playing no more.Version: 3.0

No winnings but good graphicsNo winnings at all. Hyped app.Version: 4.4

Game sucksGame sucks.Version: 2.0

Seems good but doesn’t loadStarted the game, got through the tutorial and then nothing was loading, slot games don’t download past 1% and then the game doesn’t load at all just shows “updating Assets”.Version: 2.9

It’s blahI downloaded this game and the ad was right, I won a jackpot right away but it was a mini one that was just barely over my bet amount. I got to level 30 and all big wins stopped. I am deleting this app, and will look elsewhere. Good graphics though, it does have potential, but not if your wins are much smaller than your bets..Version: 5.4

TamI think I could delete this game faster than it takes to load ..Version: 3.1

Fun game.Just started playing, so 3 stars for now. Will update in a couple of days. Posted Mar 23 2021.Version: 1.9

Wasted over a billion creditsI wasted over a billion credits without ever hitting any kind of bonus round on this. For a free game, you’d think that it would pay out a little bit? Take you to some kind of bonus round after so many spins? Nope… three and a half hour streak of not getting anywhere… The frustration of the game constantly doing this… makes me not want to play anymore. Thinking about deleting the app..Version: 4.8

Don’t spend real moneyPlease please please, don’t spend a single real penny on this game… you will never win anything and quite often get through billions without a single bonus game… this game is a complete rip off and like real life slots, it will just take your money and give you nothing in return. If you have spare cash then send it to charity and not these scammers..Version: 3.4

Take your coinsPoor bonuses, keep your money.Version: 2.1

Don’t waste your timeThis game is garbage. I have played for over a month, leveled up past 1100, and have seen trillions of coins on my hands. At some point they either tighten up the slots to the extreme or just turned off winning after a certain bet amount. I have seen my games hit back to back bonuses and jackpots galore….BUT the moment you up your bet to see if you can’t win some more you won’t win jack. I have spent money to buy more coins then it happens again. You bet low you win like crazy. You bet high you win nothing. It’s garbage. This isn’t Vegas. There is not chance to win actual money so why is it so tight? It’s a game. Charge for fun in game items or something like that. Don’t make it impossible to win so you can play. That’s not fun. That’s not worth it. I know for a fact that who ever ‘won’ the last challenge spent near $2000 in about 3 weeks to amass the amount of special items needed. Also, it’s impossible to maintain where you are without forking over actual cash. Again, they tighten up, it’s seems, according to how much you are betting. I have had better luck going to the local casino for heaven sake. Avoid this game..Version: 5.0

Could be fun but way too glitchyThis game has the best graphics & is fun but it glitches all the time. It’s really hard to win billions of coins & the one day I did the app kicked me out & restarted itself & wouldn’t pay out my 300billion + in winnings. Customer support is worthless & acknowledges that I should have received that amount but maintains that it must be because my brand new iPhone 14 can’t handle their game & that their app has no glitches. Unfortunately, they only would send me about 1% of the missing winnings to reconcile the issue. All in all, i ended up deleting because it’s so glitchy & incompatible with new iPhones. It’s really not fun to play it when it does pay you what you won..Version: 5.5

Game is garbage2 updates ago they changed how often payouts would be given out. I used to make trillions of coins and the app used to be fun because you could hit a jackpot at least once a week, and you’d get bonuses like crazy. Then they became greedy and made it so you hardly make any coins and you could literally lose all of your coins on the low end bets and not get a single bonus. THEY ARE GREEDY PEOPLE THAT USED TO BE BETTER. Garbage game. Won’t even respond to why they changed it on instagram or Facebook they just delete your comments and block you. Got greedy and destroyed the game. At least here I know you can’t delete reviews and comments discussing your payout rate changes. Devs are dumb. Don’t bother with automated response no one cares to contact you because just leads to blocking and banning. Will file a report with the App Store to have it taken off and will be taking back the hundreds I’ve spent for turning into a scam. What a shame..Version: 4.2

CrashThis game crashes immediately that I get it running, am soooo frustrated. I have done everything I can think of so now I’m just going to delete it. Very disappointed.Version: 2.1

No featuresOver 100 spins in a row and no features that’s the only reason I play. 3 days straight no wins.Version: 3.8

Worst casinoWorst casino!!!!.Version: 5.4

Lost MoneyI had a LOT of money then when I opened app the next day it was all gone except for around 200,000 😢. WHY ?.Version: 3.0

Glitches and Missed PayoutsFinally had enough. I’ve been playing this a LONG time. Interface and games are great. Dealing with glitches and “support” is a nightmare. Missed getting my payouts on a bonus i purchased. Customer support sends to “engineering”..: multiple replies received from Engineering through Customer service about nothing I had issues with. It’s like playing that broken telephone game. Of course in the end “Engineering” says we don’t see that issue and resolve it by throwing you a handful of token coins. Every problem dealt with the same way. I’ll spend my $$ on a developer that actually cares about its Product and customers. Pew pew..Version: 5.4

False advertising and spam gameTotally false advertising about jackpots, their quest king challenge game Vegas I blew through 3billion coins without completing the challenge which has a win of 70 million….so the math vs their advertising how easy jackpots are to get is totally out. Can only win with free spins in this particular game which don’t happen, this same game got me last quest king challenge with over 5 billion spent to get a 270 million jackpot to conplete it….waste of a download, go elsewhere…not even worthy of the 1 star.Version: 4.3

CrashesLike the game but crashes constantly on iPad. Contacted them with me email address over a week ago, never heard back from them. Have tried reloading doesn’t make a difference, still crashes every few minutes..Version: 1.9

It is a bit poor.I have played better slot games..Version: 2.6

It just disappearedTo many glitches and one is that you lose credit without playing I’ve lost just recently over 150 billion I’ve never played or bet that it just disappeared gone.Version: 4.5

Lies and cheatI downloaded this game because the ads said they if you don’t get a bonus in 10 spins then contact them. Needless to say I didn’t. In spending over 30 billion coins I got two free spins at betting only 250k per spin. The game is rigged and will not do what they say. Per customer support they are random which I get but in any game if you are betting over 30 billion in coins you should get more then two bonuses. This game is a lie and you are better off finding another slot game. The customer support is worthless and don’t provide any answers. The payout is garbage and chances of a bonus is almost zero. Don’t waste your time and download another game. Update Don’t respond with your automated response. It just shows how much you really care about your customers..Version: 2.8

$13 Billion to ZeroClues in the title. Spend money and they have got you hooked. I will no doubt keep playing but you think you are on a roll, then boom you are skint! Smooth graphics and sound track but just like EVERY other slots game out there. Money hungry developers not interested in retaining custom..Version: 2.2

Do NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!!It seems like if you don’t buy coins to level up faster or buy coins at all you lose everything then when you do buy them you lose them quickly and can’t finish missions or keep enough to even unlock the chef bonus or what ever bonus is for the week! You can’t level up to play the star bonus!! It’s RIDICULOUS!!I reached out to customer support and haven’t heard back!!!.Version: 3.1

OkGame appears to be good if only I could play it for more than a few spins, it's seems unstable and shuts down repeatedly, if you wish to play this game be prepared to have to restart it over and over again.Version: 1.5

DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEYI’ve had this app for less than 24 hours. It will be deleted after writing this review. Incidentally, it’s the same platform of another casino app with misleading feature titles and gimmicks. They obviously are trying to lure you to buy tokens to play. Very conniving. I lost more than half of my winnings because of that. Please don’t tell me to contact customer service with suggestions for improvement..Version: 4.4

GlitchI have played this game for a long time I love it except when it makes me turn my whole phone off. If I do anything outside of the game I.e watch a video from the app. The little box that comes up saying in purchases not allowed. I can’t just hit ok and it goes away I literally have to shut my entire phone off. I can’t even go to the contact page for this app. If this didn’t happen I would give this game 5 stars.Version: 3.1

Not fun really…Downloaded 2 days ago and while graphics are nice the game isn’t fun if you don’t win. I’m sure if I spent money my odds would magically improve. Opened game on day 2 and I counted my spins to see how long until I hit a bonus and I went 273 spins without a bonus game. That’s worse than any real Vegas slot. Not fun at all. If you want people to play you have to make it fun and if I had won a couple of big wins I’d be much more inclined to spend some money. I’m deleting. 2 stars only because graphics were nice..Version: 3.1

Stealing MoneyI spent hundreds of dollars without winning. It’s one of the worst slots I ever played..Version: 4.4

Golden CardEveryday (without fail) for 4 months, I have selected the 4th icon in the mole game and have NEVER got the golden card. How rigged is this game? Better chance in a real Casino 😏.Version: 3.5

MehBig wins don’t come very often, the most coins you’ll have is after you buy them. Don’t waste your money..Version: 2.2

Updates gone wrongAfter this latest up day it seems impossible to win anything lost billions and didn’t win once, not worth playing anymore, not to mention the amount of adds that has been jammed into the game, MAKE VEGAS FRIENDS GREAT AGAIN.Version: 3.8

ReviewThis game is really frustrating the odds of winning big is very low and you’re scratch prize is very low which doesn’t give you much to play with which is a shame as some of the games are fab I love the leprechaun game although very hard to get onto the extra games to win May really have to delete this game soon as don’t get much play out of it.Version: 2.1

ConfusedHow do I get the money out?.Version: 5.4

Worst game everSlow start and cuts out all the time. If there was minus stars this app would get -100 stars straight up.Version: 2.3

Cash CowSeen this game advertised on TikTok as being the best game going. It’s by far the worst game so far that I’ve played in my life. After you get past level 10 the machines get sold tight and they start jammin adds down your throat to buy this and buy that. This game has to be even worse than Slotomainia and that’s saying something. but if you don’t mind throwing your hard earned cash out down the road just giving it to these guys then this is the game for you. But if you don’t then you need to keep looking cause this game is not for you. The bonuses are horrible when you are managed to get one. The bet and win ratio is clearly out to lunch. If they’re going to promote this game on TikTok they need to stand by it. I’ve deleted it after 60 mins of playBecause they only offer you 2 million sign up bonus to play their game which is a joke and if you come back every hour you get 57,000 and the minimum bet on most games is 10 to 15,000 so it’s a joke all around Joke yet another game totally based on sales..Version: 3.9

Quite goodMy beef is the exchange rate. I think it might be illegal to say USD $4.99 currently is $7.99 AUD. As it is. $6.55. Please fix this.Version: 2.0

Gamblers be awareWant to play for free but you still bombard me with cash offers talk about being hooked by gamblers try this one.Version: 4.4

TerribleAfter 2 hours game just stopped winning spent more time watching adds than playing game total waste of time..Version: 1.9

Time will tell!So far so good!! Just waiting to see how long it lasts🤔.Version: 1.9

Vegas friends is crapNothing but crap dead spins daily there games are manipulated like every aspect of there games are rigged.Version: 4.8

EhAd claimed to hit a jackpot within 5min and never did. Claims you will hit a big jackpot more often then not. So far I have hit small wins nothing massive. And I have definitely ran out of chips by day 2 seem to lose more than win. Point of the game I suppose but I am slightly dissatisfied, I have also only hit the bonus games on the slots a hand full of times and won basic amounts. Also not to mention it’s amazing how I can go through millions of chips and not hit a bonus game one time..Version: 3.3

Vegas friendsToo many bugs in this game Takes too long to load Even with 5G Game cuts out on a big win always saying reconnect.Version: 2.6

Annoying addsGame was fun then something changed now all you do is watch adds that go for far too long sad it use to be fun….Version: 3.8

Ugh!Update: your “developer response” is an automated joke. If you truly want to improve the app, take responsibility for the issues your customers have and fix them. We are all telling you how to. It’s a free game to play. Loosen up the slots! If you hit a good amount, it’s gone in 5 minutes and takes weeks to have any real ability to play. The events are unattainable unless you spend money on the game, and even then it is highly unlikely you will complete any of them. Seriously, this is not fun..Version: 4.8

OkThe game is ok, but it’s off putting when you make a purchase & you don’t receive your coins. Also doesn’t matter how many purchases you make you keep have to making more… very rare to get high wins, very rare jackpots, technical issues when you do finally get on a roll the game glitches & then it’s a downward spiral. Don’t even think they’ll let this review go through, can only see one on here… deleted maybe?! Huh?!.Version: 5.6

Was a favorite, not now!Was one of my favorite games, until they decided to use pop up ads! I don’t mind the ads for coins, that is giving me control of when I watch one, I wouldn’t even mind so much if it was when I changed to a new slot, but some of the pop ups when you win big keep opening the browser every time you click to close it! Some are just freezing on the screen and I have to close the app completely! Very annoying! Will be looking for a new favorite, which is sad, because this was a really good game before!.Version: 3.8

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