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Woodoku App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Woodoku app received 134 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Woodoku? Can you share your negative thoughts about woodoku?

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Woodoku for Negative User Reviews

Unable to playI had loved this game, but after a recent update, the game lags out to the point where it’s unplayable. Had to delete it after 3 days of trying & no change. Current iPhone & iOS up to date, no other apps running, and hard restart had no effect..Version: 2.02.03

Good but frustrating.There are times when this game is a lot of fun to play, and also others where it becomes really infuriating. It’s possible to make good progress with the first few levels, but soon you get told there is no space available when your score is very low, and this repeats a number of times, before suddenly things change and it becomes very easy again. Had a game where a only one more of a certain colour was needed and the game didn’t put that particular colour out at all. It simply kept adding blocks with colours has already been completed. The ads are also a major pain, and there should be an option to skip these, especially when you’ve already watched State of Survival 20 times!.Version: 1.9.4

Black screenBlack screen (empty add) keep opening during the game, unplayable..Version: 1.8.7

Ads completely ruin this appEnjoy the game but the ads are complete overkill. There’s far too many, they are way too long and you can’t shut them down at times. They are so annoying they completely ruin the app..Version: 1.9.0

Really Poor “Privacy” PolicyThis app literally “makes” you to accept them using your IP everything for advertising before you’re able to play and says if you want to withdraw your convent, email us!! The most bully developer I’ve seen. By the time, you’ve initially “accepted” their policy (by force of course!!) and then email them to withdraw your convent, they’ve got all the information of yours. I simply removed the app when saw their not cool at all policy..Version: 1.9.1

Great game, cr*p softwareThe game is great and I love it, super addictive! The major downside is that it constantly freezes and crashes, and the ads constantly pop up in and out of games. I’m going to have to get rid of the game (which is sad as I actually enjoy the game) as you can’t finish the game without it glitching and sometimes the game doesn’t load at all. Shame on the developers really.Version: 1.9.0

Where is the game that was advertised?Downloaded this game from an in-game advert which promised a “how old is your brain” gaming experience. The actual game doesn’t match the one shown, is dull and clearly designed to frustrate by offering reverse-shaped blocks to spaces left, which will be impossible to fit. It’s a free game, so nothing lost except a bit of wasted time, but if I’d paid for it I’d be requesting a refund under “Not as advertised”..Version: 1.7.2

PityI have really enjoyed Woodoku and have recommended it to many friends! Whilst I appreciate their transparency with the Privacy agreement-I have two wishes, one that it came in earlier, two, that there was a paid version instead of selling my info to third parties, advertisers! Now I miss out on something I enjoy playing because I will uninstall it. Then I will have to tell all my friends not to play & warm them about your nasty surprise once we’re hooked so very disappointing *sigh*.Version: 1.4.0

Not what they advertiseThe advertisement was of a scenario where you have to solve the puzzle in order for the old lady to cross the bridge to the bathroom. In reality, the game is nothing like this, there are no levels or scenarios or story to it at all. It is just a blank board you play over and over. It would be a decent game, but the fact that the developers lie to me to try and get me to play their game shows they have no integrity and are not someone I will support..Version: 1.2.2

Loading problemsI really like this game, but this week it either doesn't load or I only get to place 2 pieces before it closes the game. Lost patience with it yesterday because it happened so often I didn't get to win the gem for the day. Doing it again today. No updates waiting. Love trying to do the journeys but if it's going to drive me nuts for much longer I'll just replace it with something else..Version: 1.8.1

Annoying advertsI really enjoyed playing this game until the adverts started popping up all the time so I turned off mobile data so it stopped the ads an it was great for a couple days then today I’ve come on the game an ads are popping up again every 2 minutes an I don’t understand how they are when I’ve turned data off for the app ..please tell me how you are managing to get ads on my phone without having mobile data on.Version: 2.01.01

Seems dodgyI only played one round of this game, whilst I was playing, within minutes of downloading it, I received some kind of spam text to my phone asking me to click a link to some terrible sounding novel. I did think it seemed dodgy when it asked me to click to agree their privacy policy at the beginning but it didn’t show me it, it just took that as accepting it (with no way to decline). Promptly uninstalled..Version: 1.9.4

DisappointingWhen I first downloaded this app I loved it. But now it freezes frequently and only allows me to move a piece when the advertisement changes. Extremely frustrating and a waste of time. If it worked seamlessly I would enjoy playing it. Also, I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it seems to drain the battery faster than other apps that I have downloaded. I hope they sort out the problem.Version: 1.8.5

Tiles don’t seem randomTotally agree with previous reviews. The algorithm for the blocks seems to be off. Scoring also seems random. I also HATE the ads for games and other random things at the end. I would prefer to pay for an ad-free version. I would also like it if the iPad and iPhone versions would sync with each other so that my scores would carry over. In the future, it would be fun to be able to flip the blocks around backward/forwards, etc. I really like the concept though, because it allows you to fill up squares as well as horizontal and vertical lines to win..Version: 2.00.00

Not random and too many long adsThere is a consistant lack of smaller pieces provided the longer you play, as other reviewers have stated. It means you have to replay Journey games over and over and over to finally complete them. Furthermore, the number of ad screens has increased from 2 to as many as 11 or 12 since you have to touch the super tiny ‘x’ to get back to the game. The difficult button means you switch back and forth between the ad and the download screen over and over and over until you hit the ‘x’ just right. Far too many interruptions for this game to be fun. Also, there is no way to silence the ads unless you turn the sound off on your phone. You can silence the game sounds in the app but not the ads. That means no playing in bed, at work, or in public (ie. waiting in line or in s waiting room) without turning all media and phone sounds completely off. This causes all sorts of problems when opening the game and forgetting to toggle all phone sounds, alarms, audiobooks, etc off before starting to play. And there are not enough days allowed to finish the journey activity. 5 days to get through 45 levels, each of which have ten or more ad pages after each fail and between levels. All in all, the game is fun even though the parts dropping in to be played are far from random and the ads take up so much time and are splittingly loud. Exceptionally fristrating..Version: 1.8.9

Could be so much betterI did enjoy the game in the beginning but I realised we are fighting against the computer from the beginning and make the game so difficult, it knows all the moved before you and you get pieces not random but completely opposite to what you need so not a fair game..Version: 1.8.7

Unstable and too hot to handleI love doing the Journey part of the game. But the app is so unstable. The tiles are often ‘sticky’ or completely unable to be moved. The other concerning thing is when this app is open, my mobile gets so hot I can hardly hold it in my hand. Please fix this up! I also have a major concern about the ads and the subsequent spam I’m inundated with. Fix these problems ASAP or I’ll have to find something else to challenge myself with..Version: 1.8.5

Not the game advertised in addsIn the adds they advertise a game where you have to fit all the weird shaped blocked into a shape. The actual game is more like Tetris.Version: 2.00.00

Developers lie: tiles are not randomParticularly in the Journey levels, especially the more you advance, the game will give you the exact same blocks in the exact same order, attempt after attempt. Once you get so far into the Journey, the levels are impossible to win. Not difficult. IMPOSSIBLE by design. So that you will fail, and they can make you watch yet another interstitial ad. This app is obviously just a cash cow and the devs don’t care about actual game play or players. A couple things could make this app amazing. 1. offer a paid version, with the option to watch ads in order to receive perks 2. allow players opportunities to switch out a block for a chance at a better shape (if it’s truly random, this should already be an option as it is in other games) players could choose to watch ads for a certain number of swaps The only thing keeping my review from 1 star is that the game itself IS fun up to the point you realize it’s screwing you because you’re getting too high a score. If changes aren’t made, I’m deleting. Starting to get bored with playing a level 100+ times knowing that it’s rigged..Version: 1.8.9

Good concept for a game but fatal flawI actually love playing this game but stopped playing when I discovered the game puts you in a situation where there is no possible solution. What’s the point of a puzzle game if there is no solution to it. Essential they can give you 3 shapes that are impossible to put down so defeats the purpose of the puzzle. Waste of time when you get to a high score and it’s impossible to complete the level..Version: 1.9.0

Have to delete due to adsThese ads are a problem. Ads do not EVER get to control my sound. I have everything muted on my phone yet you seem to think it’s ok for ads (of all things) to have any control over my phone. Are you also tracking everything on my phone and not disclosing it… who knows. Now deleting every game from your brand because you can’t deliver something that doesn’t steal from me..Version: 1.8.1

Game is good but advertisements frustratingI love the game and having an app for free, I don’t mind watching adverts however I find it really frustrating the “close” button on adverts is so small, I keep switching between the App Store and the advert as all too often, the advert doesn’t close. It’s so frustrating it puts me off playing as the adverts are so frequent - AT LEAST LET ME CLOSE THE ADVERTS EASILY PLEASE 🙏.Version: 2.00.00

Good game, awful adsI love this game, it’s distracting, compelling & I spend far too long on it. BUT PLEASE AVOID IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES AROUND EATING I will regretfully be uninstalling solely due to inappropriate advertising of “miracle” weight loss pill between almost every game. Obesity is complex and weight lost often regained. Such pills are lacking in evidence for efficacy and potentially dangerous. Their relentless advertisement is unethical and could be harmful. Do better games company!.Version: 1.8.5

The game is fun but the adds are causing issuesThe game is very fun but the advertisements are posing issues as I can exit them and it mean i have to swipe the app off and go back in so I can’t progress on my levels and it’s really annoying.Version: 1.8.1

Think twice …..I would love to give this more than two stars as it’s quite an addictive game (for a reason. It turns out!) 1. At the end of EVERY puzzle you compute you’re forced to sit through up to 60s+ of adverts that you are unable to switch off. The developer has chosen to generate revenue from ads only rather than being able to pay to switch them off which very quickly kills the enjoyment of the game. 2. The app is constantly doing stuff remotely in the background as highlighted by Norton (installed on my phone) constantly blocking it from going to sites which are flagged as being unsafe. This causes the app to respond sluggishly a lot of the time as frequently, mid-move of a piece, the whole app hangs for several seconds. I have never had such a problem with any other reputable app ….. Nice idea but developer greed (incessant ad serving) kills the appeal and enjoyment of a very promising game. And the reason such a simple puzzle game is rated 12+? Undoubtedly the kind of adverts it serves up …….Version: 1.9.4

StumpedEnjoying the game to relax the mind… Working good until today… the game keeps freezing and not working properly… I have updated new iPhone… would like to play without the freezing and strangely slow movements happening. Also the ads are incessant and annoying… otherwise it’s cool I like it… want it to work better..Version: 2.02.03

Fun but ad annoyance kills itGreat game, loads of fun but making me watch an ad after every game is going to make me delete it. Seems stupid that I can’t just pay for an upgrade (premium version) to kill ads. I know why they’re there but I’d pay once to avoid them. Now I’ll likely delete it and look at hundreds of other games as alternative entertainment - likely never to return here. Seems short sighted for a developer..Version: 2.02.03

Frustrating!I have no complaints about the difficulty of this game. I think the graphics are good and the puzzles themselves are pretty well done. I do, however, dislike how the game actually works. Or not! The sensitivity of the graphics is not good at all. I have to tap repeatedly on the screen to get the game to acknowledge the piece I want to move. Once I start to move the piece to complete a pattern, it very often stops working, and the piece goes flying into a completely different location! The game crashes multiple times per use. The ads are disgusting, and never for anything I am even slightly interested in EVER purchasing and are a complete waste of time. I’ve tried the updates and they never fix these bugs! Good game, but the bugs are a bigger frustration than the game is relaxing!.Version: 2.00.00

Great game but….I have loved this game for ages but recently it’s been freezing and going slow so whenever I go to place a block when it unfreezes the block ends up in the wrong place. Very frustrating- I play the journey every day and this is driving me nuts. Please fix. Otherwise it would be 5 stars.Version: 2.03.00

Ads and ‘No Space left”Too many ads and you can’t turn off the sound on some of them. Also, you can’t see what blocks are coming up so it makes it impossible to plan ahead so you always end finishing after a fairly short while. I’ve persisted for a couple of weeks but I’m now giving up even though I did enjoy the game play. Fix these issues and it would be a fun distraction..Version: 1.9.4

OverheatsWhile I love playing this game, there’s 2 issues I hate so I probably will delete it if I don’t get a response to this review. First, I keep having a Mazda ad dropping onto my screen only in the middle of a move. I don’t drive so I don’t know why I would get ANY car ads! Second this is the only app I have out of 168 apps that I have on my IPhone that overheats my phone through the case so hot that I can’t hold my phone and I have to stop playing and put it in my freezer for several minutes to cool down so I can continue playing! That’s ridiculous! And it’ll ruin my phone that I have only had for 8 months! I am not even done paying for it yet! So why do I have these issues? My provider is T-Mobile and they suggested a Network reset, which I did more than once to no avail. Sincerely, Tammy Johnson.Version: 1.8.5

So much email spam nowThe game was good but they stole my email addressed & sold them to spammers. Now i’m getting tons of emails daily from random spammers. The worst. Your app is gross..Version: 2.03.00

A bit disappointedI love this game but recently I have had a lot of problems with it. It takes ages to load and when it does it freezes and then goes back to the start and I have to begin again. I know I am on an old operating software version but the Woodoku software is up to date. Any help would be appreciated...thanks..Version: 1.8.1

Lousy with advertisingThis is probably a great game, but I am SO sick of games that don't let you get a taste of how good they are because they force you to watch 15-30 second ads in between each level. Seriously, I am more than willing to pay for a good game, but at least let me spend more time playing it than I have to spend watching crappy ads so that I can make a decision. Get your marketing, sorted out - give people at least 10 free levels before the rain of advertising opens up - and then at least 2-3 levels in between each on going forward. Make a clear link to how to purchase to go ad free as well. Probably great game but who cares..Version: 1.9.2

Rigged game- Addictive but it becomes apparent that it is set up gameI am glad that as I opened the market to do a review on this so was not the only person that found this out. This game is set up to keep you at a low average state. You can not win and will not achieve anything. Makes me sad because I was sure hoping to achieve high scores but then as you play along you realize that the game is not giving you specific blocks at a point. Then it begins to give you opposites of what you need. It is sad because it then becomes NOT a game. I deleted it immediately once I figured this out. Played for about a year constantly and stayed at same unintelligible medium average. Don’t expect to learn or to progress your mental skills here this is a cheating game..Version: 1.9.4

Very buggy.Unfortunately, keeps freezing when trying to place block. Restart does not resolve, but sometimes, after a ong delay, recovers itself. After recovering, the longer the game goes, the more times it freezes until having to kill the app to try again..Version: 2.00.00

Too many addsThe adds are too many and so inappropriate. I would never buy anything advertised here because of that. But the game itself is great and I would give 5 stars if you would stop them or give us the option of stopping them..Version: 1.8.1

Addicting, but audio issues are annoyingI love the game itself, but there is no way to effectively mute the sound on all the ads. I prefer to play games with the sound off and to listen simultaneously to podcasts. However, even with the Setting for Sound turned off, some ads automatically play sound, and when they do they hijack the Bluetooth audio through which I am listening to podcasts. So, I have to manually mute the ad, then go open the podcast app and hit Play again. It’s really, really annoying. Sound Off should mean sound totally off, not off until one of about half the ads rolls around and decides otherwise, and shuts down what you actually want to listen to, too!.Version: 1.8.7

Not what the add showThis game is not what the add said.Version: 1.2.1

Impossible and too many adsGreat game but would not recommend it. There are far too many ads and no option provided to purchase an ‘opt out’. The journeys are great but some levels are impossible to win no matter how many ways you try - very frustrating. Have tried to contact support but no one responds..Version: 1.7.6

Poor techI like the game but the ads are sluggish taking up so much time. Even moving the blocks can be imprecise, ending up in the wrong squares. We can’t even pay to get rid of those ads. It’s like they want us to move on to other games they advertise. This is unprofessional and disappointing. Sort out the problems so we can play the game..Version: 1.8.4

Data HogIn really hate to write a bad review for this app, as it is absolutely my favorite game to play. I like the regular game, enjoy the Daily Challenge, and love the Journey each week, even though it is very challenging (and I never can finish the Journey). Unfortunately, Woodoku is a data hog. For a long time, it used about 7-8 Gb of data as I played. Then I noticed my iPhone having memory issues, and noticed that Woodoku was using a whopping 16.2 Gb of data. That is a ridiculous amount of data for any game to use. I attempted to contact Support through the Woodoku App, with no response - not even a “we will get back to you soon.” Then I attempted to reach Support through Woodoku on the App Store. I was sent to a nice website all about Tripledot Studios, but no access was available to contact Support. So, I deleted Woodoku. Use of my iPhone functions are more important than playing a really fun game. This use is excessive data has happened to another person I know. They also were not able to get in touch with Woodoku Support and has to delete the app. Hope Tripledot Studios can figure this out. I’d really like to play this game..Version: 1.8.9

WoodokuI have been playing this game for ages it has changed and updated over time but just was better. The latest update has a puzzle that has apples with leaves that is so, so frustrating to try and clear this level. It has turned me off the game and not playing anywhere near like I was ALL the time. Levels are sometimes frustrating to get out especially when they give 3 wood cubes that it’s impossible to clear anything… seriously why bother giving levels that are impossible so you just have ho keep starting again. That’s the other frustrating thing about this game. I hope they can change these annoying things they have changed otherwise I will be giving this game a big miss. Games are all have frustrating times but they have changed this way beyond that & I am starting to dislike it and have been downloading other games. I don’t put up with the frustrating levels anymore ! Please change it, it USED to be really good!.Version: 2.02.02

Good game, inappropriate advertisementsThe game is quite entertaining and I don’t even mind the advertisements, however there are too many gambling advertisements and not appropriate for children. The game is rated for 4 and up. Not sure if you can add a child filter for the advertisements or offer an add free version..Version: 1.7.2

Really is a B.S. Game in the endWill admit I enjoy playing it, but after about 4-5 rounds, the frustration of only getting 3 blocks at a time and not see what is coming next always kills a great game and eventually you’ll need to just close it and move on. This game never allows you to calculate risk when setting the third of the 3 delivered blocks. You can set areas of the board up and the game can progress and progress and you never get delivered the piece to clear cornered or areas you have prepped. It’s almost as if the game traps you in to keep trying to clear one section of the board. Decided to write this review after the last game just closed down. I had the upper left corner and basically left side of the board prepped for any number of pieces and went through multiple rounds and the game would not even deliver me a single block or double block. I highly doubt the pieces are delivered randomly. No block games being developed will ever match original Tetris..Version: 1.9.4

Good but annoying advert audioThis is exactly the kind of game you play when listening to a podcast or watching TV but that experience is ruined when so many of the adverts override Silent Mode and blurt out annoying audio, cutting off the podcast. Isn’t watching them after EVERY round enough?? I would rather delete the game than listen to those all the time. Please fix this bug!.Version: 1.7.6

Ads too lengthy and frequentFun addictive game, ruined by long adverts after every single game!! Sort it out please developers. Less ads or the option to pay to remove!!!!! Also, can we see shapes in advance instead of just the next 3? I can’t help but think that the game is deliberately putting up impossible shapes to make you lose and play more games, and watch more ads!!.Version: 1.8.1

You might as well download malwareThis app now crashes so often it is no longer playable. You used to be able to get around this by playing in airplane mode, but this is no longer possible. The game isn’t like the adverts you’ll see on social media either, it’s quite basic, but was quite good fun. However, the past few months, you simply can’t play it without the app crashing and closing down every 30 seconds or so. Download it at your peril, it’s likely to mess your phone up.Version: 2.02.03

Addictive, but boringI love this game. It’s addictive, creative, and the daily challenges are great! And I don’t even mind the many, long ads (I understand the need for them). But I absolutely hate that, after the three pieces come up, and I’ve played those three pieces, the new trio seem to be programmed AGAINST me, even so much as ‘greying out’ so I can’t even play them unless I play out a row or cube (which half the time, it won’t allow me to!). I get that it’s supposed to be difficult, but this is just downright lazy programming. If you’re not going to have levels, with increasingly difficult challenges as you go, at least do a little more with the one level we have to work with. It would be much better if, when you played one piece, a new piece automatically replaces it, one for one, so you always have three options and can continue playing. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Love it otherwise! But if something doesn’t change soon, I won’t have the patience to continue, which will be a shame..Version: 1.6.0

WoodokuGame is ok but there are far too many ads which are difficult to remove. Not worth the effort..Version: 2.02.03

New candy crush advert crashes the gamePlease oh please remove the recent advert for candy crush saga.. it keeps crashing the game !!! And it is well was a brilliant game to play .. it was even worth putting up with the adverts as they weren’t that bad!!! But this new one crashes the game and that’s it for about 20mins!! If this doesn’t get fixed I’ll have to delete the game and it’d be such a shame Thanks for listening.Version: 1.7.2

Another wrong adsAs title, ads tell you something, but the app is something else.... 2 stars ‘cause the game is pretty well done..Version: 1.7.6

Designed to capture then frustrate the simple minded.Yes, that describes me. If you can relate, do not get this game for more than three days. It will quickly capture your attention then almost as quickly frustrate you to wanting to play another game to better your score. Day one, about 10 games in, I scored 1084. Days 2 &3, the closest I got to that was about 750 a couple times. I know realize that early in the games you will receive a few 2&3 block pieces. Then after that, those are provided VERY rarely and never when needed most, when the board is nearly filled in. By this time, there will be many small 1, 2, & 3 piece pockets that need filling. IF you get a small piece, 9/10 times it will be facing the wrong direction which makes it either useless or another piece required to be placed where you want/need to keep it open. It’s a scam to hook you, then keep you playing by manipulating our minds’ inherent desire to always want to do just a bit better. So enjoy it for a few short days. Then when you find it takes 50 games to beat your previous high score, realize the scammers have rigged their randomizer to manipulate you into trying just one more time..Version: 1.7.4

Can be fun, but there are problemsI wouldn’t say rigged, but it definitely gives you trouble for when you’re placing the blocks down. You might be on a roll, and then all of a sudden there are “no more moves.” And what the heck is up with the banner ads covering the screen? That must be new as I used to play this game and then decided it didn’t challenge me enough. I was bored now so I downloaded the app again, however, the banner ads taking up the screen WHILE playing is obnoxious. And when watching an ad, please don’t take us to the download page. Give us that X so we can close out and continue playing the game. Thanks!.Version: 1.7.2

Great but resetsThe game is great but the journey keeps resetting. I was over level 20 and it randomly resets..Version: 1.7.5

Could have beenThe app had potential and could have been really fu . Had they actually finished the app before releasing it. So slow, crashes constantly of freezes then crashes. Ads constantly repeat themselves even after you’ve pressed the cxl feature. The only bright side with this app… I didn5 have to dish out any money.. Guys you can(should) do better.Version: 2.02.03

Ads break the gamesI really liked the game until ads popped up at the top of the screen and took full focus so that the game UI is not accessible. The close “x” on the ad doesn’t work so there is no way to play the game once an ad appears..Version: 1.1.1

First screen forces you to ALLOW tracking.First screen forces you to ALLOW tracking - apparently to ensure all the annoying ads are ‘relevant’ based on website visits and other apps you have installed. Asks you to select ‘allow’ on next screen, but there isn’t a next screen… ‘allow’ tracking is the only option if you want to play. I’ve uninstalled. This is so WRONG!!!.Version: 1.8.4

Game Hang Up OftenI have been playing this game for a couple of years now and enjoyed it so much especially the daily puzzles….until recently when the game freezes up and the blocks pop in places where I did not intend for them to go! Also after winning the puzzle for the day game switches to a commercial ad and after the ad the screen turns black and does not allow an “x” to pop up to go back and claim the win…..a real bummer! Very frustrating, a game that originally started out great and now a hit or miss of claiming the win! I do not like hang ups when playing. To the owner…fix these problems!!!!.Version: 2.00.00

Absolute dog tripeNo1 - the adverts for this are completely misleading. It should not be allowed in the uk. False advertising. No2 - it’s not a game. Start in the left; all pieces face left. Start on the right and they all face right. It’s just a generic Tetris type game thats sole purpose is to serve adverts and not give a fair chance. Sure they will tweak it till the algorithm finds the optimal Balance between advert delivery and game length. I hope one day the regulators become aware of this type of bait and switch advertising and people get protected from liars..Version: 2.00.00

I want to play the game not get assaultedWhen I download a game it’s because I want to play it. After every game I had to wad through countless stupid other games that I am not remotely interested in downloading. STOP being so annoying!.Version: 2.02.03

Compulsive but adverts are too intrusiveThis is a great game but I have given up because the adverts are not just shown between rounds but also drop down over the top of the playing board when you are working on it and stay there so it is obscured and there is no way of removing them. A real shame but it is not worth the frustration and irritation..Version: 1.8.4

Great game, too many annoying adsGreat game but it has super annoying ads between each play. I wish there was a purchase option to get rid of them.Version: 2.01.01

Too many adds and iPhone gets HOTDownloaded game because of an ad but puzzle shown in the as was never available. Also this games makes the phone get hot quick and starts freezing..Version: 2.03.00

AdsWould be more enjoyable if there weren’t so many ads..Version: 1.2.2

A good game but all those ads!This is a good game if it wasn’t for the endless parade of same old ads. Please can we have the option to buy and get rid of the ads. Giving me never ending ads only turns me off ever buying - or even looking at - the product. We are all getting sick of the non-stop ‘buy, buy, buy’ of you guys..Version: 1.7.3

Shut off the gawddamn musicThis is an enjoyable game, but there’s constant noise either with obnoxious adverts that don’t always mute, and an inane background soundtrack that doesn’t mute either. this is a huge irritation for an otherwise good game app..Version: 2.00.00

Oh dearI love this game. I have enjoyed the increasing difficulty. I don’t mind having to replay games over and over again in the journey that is new every week. I never get to the end of a journey, but it is a great relaxing game. Two things have changed in the last few months: The developers increased the daily challenge from 10 diamonds to 14. That means it’s no longer a quick “sit with my coffee and enjoy the game” before I begin my day. I routinely have to play it to several times. The other change, and this may be a dealbreaker for me, was that I paid a nominal fee to be ad free. Not only does that option no longer exist anywhere I can find it, I know have ads all the time. It’s not about the money, but it is. I paid for an ad free game that no longer exists. Very, very disconcerting..Version: 1.9.0

Not goodThis game if functional would be great, as soon as I get close to finishing the journey it locks up and starts over, this is before the end time for the journey. It just went back to level one with 11 hours left. I’m deleting it..Version: 2.03.00

Too many ADS!!!!After every game is another Longggg advertisement, extremely annoying. It’s simply too frequent and the same ads repeated over and over with no choice to opt out. Often tricking you to click to close but takes to the App Store. This is misleading and some kind of black hatting click bait tricks. The game is ok and quite simple, but the ads being too frequent ruins it for me..Version: 1.8.3

WoodokuGreat game. Really helps you pass the time. Only one gripe is “ the journey” level, sometimes it’s just impossible to do them. Would help if there was a hint button or if you could undo last move. I have been on with a level for over 4 days & it’s just impossible to do. Very frustrating..Version: 1.8.1

Great game but crashes after 1 game because freezes on the adsGreat game but crashes after 1 game because freezes on the ads.Version: 2.01.01

Black screenLove the game but lately this black screen keeps popping up every few seconds!! Extremely annoying. Deleted this app because it was so frustrating..Version: 1.8.7

Good game but ….I really like this game. It is fun and addictive and a good time waster . The problem is it keeps crashing and freezing to the point I am ready to delete it 😔.Version: 2.02.02

The ads are too long and too constantIt would be a fun little game, but the ads are LONG and some of them do not allow you to exit once the “X” is clicked, but rather take you back and forth between the ad and the Apple store, and sometimes I have to just exit the game and open it again to escape the ad. There is a 20-second ad after EVERY turn at the game. So, sorry, Woodoku, but I’m deleting this and another app that has a similar protocol. I understand that seeing the ads is my “payment” for a “free” game, but it’s not fun if I have to spend almost as much time watching ads as I spend playing the game..Version: 1.4.3

Good but…Almost everything is right about this. But you don’t always get to see which block is coming next - you see groups of 3 blocks and only get to see the next set of 3 after placing the current set of three on the grid. This introduces an element of luck that spoils the game - sometimes you have a choice of places to put a block in and if you knew what the next block was you’d be able to make the right choice. As it stands it’s down to luck and that’s disappointing for a strategy game..Version: 1.8.9

Way Too Many AdsFun game, easily addictive but WAY too many ads. Even after clicking X to get rid of it, the ad pops up in the next screen as the game ready to play or from the App Store ready to download. A new ad after every completed Woodoku game. Unable to buy an ad free version of the game..Version: 2.02.03

Great game concept pretty much ruined by adsThis is a terrific game concept. It makes you think in different ways than some of the other block puzzles, and it is both creative and fun. That being said, the advertisements truly detract from the game. Not only is this one of those games that makes you go through a process of dismissing the same old ads for the same old online games, but mine often reverts into some empty ad mode where I have to click an X on an empty ad screen because the app thinks it’s time to load an advertisement for me at random times, and there isn’t one coming from their advertisers server, or wherever those ads come from. It’s gotten to the point where the game is no longer fun and I simply have to delete it. Don’t waste your time until the people making money off this put in a little effort to make sure the game is actually enjoyable rather than just a money maker for them..Version: 1.8.7

Obnoxious hard-sell advertsEvery game ends with a trip down a hard-sell rabbit-hole for other games! Enjoy!.Version: 2.01.01

Too many dam addsIs it the adds that cause this app to freeze, it is extremely annoying and ruining an otherwise good game. Why can’t I Buy an add free version, I want to give you money to play this game uninterrupted. Isn’t that entire reason that you make stuff, to make a living..Version: 1.8.1

Offensive AdsThe ads one is forced to watch are highly offensive and misleading. Diet promises and lies..Version: 2.00.00

Really laggy!I enjoy this game a lot but I find that when I play it after a couple minutes it become really laggy and make the game glitch. Also the ads after every level become super frustrating. An update could fix these issues.Version: 2.03.00

WoodokuQuite good but suggest see the following improvements 1- ability to undo last move. 2. Daily challenge- ability to do the days you have missed- perhaps for a limited time 3- collecting jewels is fun-can this be made to a game that is more than the daily challenge? 3- new ‘journey’ game arrived on my phone, froze and disappeared- frustrating-can it come back?.Version: 1.7.2

Waste of TimeThis game is ridiculous. 1) After being barraged with advertisements for this game, while playing a different game, I finally succumbed and downloaded. The game isn’t at all like the advertisement. The ad literally shows a different block puzzle game. I decided to play anyway. 2) Of course, the goal of these games is to get you to watch ads and download more games, hopefully spending money too. For game designers, balancing play time versus forcing you to watch ads, is the challenge. In this regard, this game fails miserably. They control the length of each game (of course), by deciding which puzzle pieces you get. All games are designed to have you lose at some point and watch an ad, but this game is way too aggressive at having you lose. You can’t play for long enough for it to really be fun. It’d be like watching a tv show that showed commercials every two minutes instead of every seven. Pass..Version: 1.8.7

Ads froze screenEnjoyed the game, but it got into an endless loop with one of the casino game ads. Can’t be bothered rebooting after every few games, so it’s been deleted. Good luck with it. It has potential, but the ads are a killer..Version: 1.8.3

What is running under the covers?This has so much background activity it is virtually unplayable. Running on an iPad Pro, the game keeps hanging and the heat generated by the CPU goes through the roof; the case of the tablet was so hot. After just one game this was deleted. Avoid like the plague. I will make a note to avoid any other app from this studio as well. With the background activity going on I have real security concerns..Version: 2.00.00

NOT AS ADVERTISEDWhy do mobile game developers KEEP doing this? They advertise a game on social media which isn’t actually the true game? Why can’t they just make the game they are advertising? Probably because it’s the same game as 100 others just reskinned to look different. The apple store needs to clean up the false advertising. Total War is another perfect example.Version: 1.9.4

Great game terrible appI really enjoy this game. The ‘journey’ level are particularly addictive and challenging. It’s a real shame that the app will crash your phone or slow everything down to a crawl even if it’s only open in the background. Then there are the ads. There is no option for a paid ad free version so you get ads constantly. The ads are the kind where it’s very difficult to hit the x to close and you usually get sent to the App Store several times before you are able to actually hit the x and close the ad. I’ve enjoyed the game enough to put up with these major annoyance but probably not for much longer. The behavior of this app is so terrible I have a slight worry that there is something malicious going on..Version: 2.00.00

MehI’ve played this game for a while now….the main complaints I have are 1) the Ads….ok I get you have to show ads. The repetitive ‘fat drink’ ads are so annoying. To the point that I don’t want to play the game! 2) Then we have the 3-4 click ads….again so annoying. If I wanted to get whatever game is advertised I’d click the first time. The fact that I have to click 4 times to get out of the ad is just wrong! 3) Then let’s talk about the ads for Woodoku! You show an ad for shapes and you don’t even include that in the game!? What gives? In the App Store you show pictures of ‘Brain Age’…again, not in the game! So basically all you play are the monthly Gem collecting games and the game to try to beat your ongoing best score….THAT’S IT. Stop with the false advertising…..Version: 2.03.00

Customer choice!After an update today I now receive a notification when I try to play the game asking me to allow ad tracking, apparently it’s needed to keep the app free. The only option is to allow this or don’t play the game. I don’t want to allow ad tracking, surely you can give an option to decline rather than trying to force us! I won’t be playing until I can bypass this notification. It’s an invasion of my privacy..Version: 1.8.4

Fun but infuriating and certainly not randomIt is a nice way to waste away some time but some levels on the ‘journey’ element are simply ridiculous and it is amazing how many times the ‘random’ pieces are always the ones you don’t want. Yet, the next time you play the ones you wanted last time are the only ones you get. Also, if you set a challenge to get a certain number of a particular colour maybe make it fun by actually giving you those colours not every other one! As I say, it is fun but I have nearly deleted on more than one occasion because of how frustrating it is (and appears deliberately so)..Version: 1.8.1

Way too many adsFun game but it’s faster to quit and relaunch the game when every ad starts. Probably won’t keep this long though as there are way too many ads to be worth it. Too bad..Version: 2.02.02

Not randomI have been reading the developers comments and they SAY it is all random but dont believe it!. It starts out with easy easy options to clear blocks or rows. Then the 3 shape combinations that pop up get harder. Some of the more difficult ones NEVER pop up in the beginning, like the ones on the diagonal. As your sore goes up the options get harder. Even when you have at least 3 options to clear a row or block the needed option does not pop up. I got 1217 once but since then I've only broken 1000 once. If it was totally random the harder options would pop up in the beginning at least some of the time. It’s rigged!.Version: 1.5.2

Its a shameI have checked out many of the wood puzzle games that are available and at first, Woodoku was the one I liked the most. I was especially fond of the “Journey” feature. But then the constant freeze up problems with the game forced me to simply give up in complete exasperation. I checked my devices first, of course, and reloaded the game several times and the exact same problem always returned. The tiles would freeze and become unresponsive to anything except a restart. This meant a loss of progress in a game that I might have spent awhile achieving. It isn’t my connection or any of my devices, it is an ignored defect in the Woodoku app itself. The app’s devs ought to be ashamed of themselves for not resolving this easy to fix defect.Version: 1.7.6

Game is fun but developer now wants to track usersThis game is a lot of fun, one of my favorite. I particularly like the Journey feature. It’s possible to play without ads in airplane mode or see ads in when airplane mode is off. Now that the new Apple update allows us to choose whether or not to allow tracking, I chose “Do Not Track” on my free apps including this one. The developer now seems to have blocked use of the game. If the developer wants to keep users who don’t want third party tracking, it should offer a paid version of the app. It can already see from the numerous reviews that a lot of people would like that option, and don’t like all the ads..Version: 1.8.4

Problem withe the adsI love the game and would give it 5 stars, but some ads (always the same ones) freeze the screen or finish with a black screen. The only way to play a new game is to get out of the app and wait around one minute before turning it on again..Version: 2.02.03

FrustratedUsed to be a good game and enjoyable but ruined by your inability to tidy up the faults - too jerky - ads cannot be got rid of - often freezes and one cannot do anything but leave the game and come back another time, which one does not always bother to do! - now totally spoilt - about time you either pulled the game or did something constructive like sorting out the problems, that is always assuming you have the required skills and ability to do this which one questions. What is the point of having a game when it is impossible to get rid of an ad so that one can continue to play the game, it becomes pointless - sort out the problems if you have the capability do do so which one is beginning to doubt!.Version: 1.9.0

Very good but only on newer phonesI’m an iPhone 6s user. This is a great game but it caused terrible overheating, the incessant ads caused glitches. When I upgraded I will reinstall but I am surprised such a simple game caused this kind of problem. If you’ve got an older phone, beware. After loading this app my battery efficiency has dropped from 86% to 80%. This may just be an old phone killer..Version: 1.8.4

What’s going on?I was loving this puzzle, especially trying to complete the weekly challenge. Now something’s gone wrong! Last week I got to level 50 and the game reset half way through the week! Today I tried on a different iPad, got to around level 20 and the same thing happened! What is going on? I think I’m going to delete the game, it’s too frustrating to lose all progress half way through a challenge. It’s supposed to be relaxing! It isn’t! I’ve tried reporting the problem, the app doesn’t recognise me! Pah!.Version: 2.02.03

UpdateI have just updated the game and when I try to open it it is still telling me to update please fix this as it is most annoying.Version: 2.03.00

Good app but freezesThis is a fun and addictive game. It unfortunately freezes often and you can’t do anything but delete the app. Very frustrating!.Version: 2.01.00

So Frustrating!This game is very addictive but also very frustrating! I have never seen a game this impossible to finish levels in. I can spend literally hours and days trying to beat a level and it is literally impossible. As much as I play, I still have never been able to finish a weekly challenge. The first few levels are easy but by the time you get about half way through, they get nearly impossible to beat. I am a very competitive person and it infuriates me that I can’t finish- EVER. The other thing that is horribly frustrating is how the stupid ads lock up the game. I have the data turned off so the ads don’t come on when I am out of my house but as soon as I connect to my WiFi they are back again. Some might say it is my phone, but it does do that for any other game I play. Right now I am trying unsuccessfully to finish the challenge for the week and am super frustrated, so it is getting a one star. I would give it a zero if I could!.Version: 2.00.00

Love everything but the adsI know app developers make their money from ads, but the ads are: *after every game, which is a lot *absolute garbage (even the ads for other apps aren’t accurate to what the app is actually like *there is no option to pay to permanently get rid of ads..Version: 2.01.01

Horrible adsCan you stop making games where you can only play once then watch an ad . It’s horrible . You spend more time watching stupid ads then you do playing the game . I had to delete the game was not worth the time.Version: 2.01.00

FrustratingI like the game however it constantly freezes and regularly cuts out completely. Frustrating..Version: 2.03.00

Great game but so buggyAwesome awesome game love the daily challenges and the journey level things but recently it’s gotten VERY slow. when you win or lose the level and the advertisement shows up it gets stuck and i have to close and open the app a few times and it freezes a lot and i have to reopen it too. i really like this game it helps with my hyperactivity but its becoming unplayable.Version: 1.8.3

Fun game. About the journey..I really like this game and and am addicted to the journey part, but more than once the journey has reset it self. I will be only level 32 and all of a sudden back to level 1 with 2 days remaining on journey. Very annoying and all that playing was a waste..Version: 2.02.03

Ads are way to longThis game freezes so many times when playing it and can overheat your phone, the ads on the other hand are so long and annoying and so frequent that by the time they are finished, you are turned off playing the game. I have deleted the app as it’s not worth wasting my time playing ads..Version: 1.8.3

What happened??This game was acting Wierd. Right in the middle of a game, the screen would flip to a black screen that looked like my video camera was trying to play. But there’s no video or anything. I tried rebooting and force closing, but it didn’t help. So I deleted it and reinstalled it and now it’s totally different! I realize I have to start all over, but why do I have to wait 7 hours to play the journey games??? Those are the life blood of this whole game! I like the daily game and the journey game. I rarely play the regular game. Don’t make me wait 7 hours!! And how often is that going to happen? Do I have to wait 7 hours between levels?? I’m NOT happy at all! 😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.8.7

Game freezesInteresting game but frustrating. It freezes on me, forcing me to wait 20-30 seconds to stop the freezing. Not enjoyable..Version: 2.00.00

Spend all day looking at ads you can’t closeI enjoy this game. The pieces are clearly not random but I was able to get to about 1500 points by anticipating and creating multiple options at open spots. That’s said, I am deleting. I like this enough to pay for adfree, but there is no option…. After every game win or lose (you can win the challenges) you are forced to view an ad and try to close it, which is intentionally difficult… opening the download in the App Store. Like everything else nowadays, all the creators care about is trying to outsmart everyone for a few extra bucks.Version: 2.00.00

OMG so many AdsI love the game but the Ads are making me crazy. There’s Ads after every game and they’re so loud and annoying! Also the Ads are still audible when my phone is clicked to silent, so I also have to turn the volume right down as well, I have missed calls due to this. I’d rather pay to have Ad free games, (not a subscription but a once off payment.) I understand you need advertising, but after every game....seriously? Please guys, do something about this. A few of my friends have already deleted the App, I’m probably next..Version: 1.4.3

TRIED SO HARD TO LOVE IT BUT…I’m 55+, and instead of helping to keep my brain sharp, (as advertised), it’s SOOO mind NUMBING being forced to watch the same ads repeatedly, both in the banner (sometimes big enough to partially cover the playing board) AND after each game. It’s frustrating hunting down those X’s, it takes me to the app store, then a second ad after Xing out, it’s bouncing me all around.. It also freezes constantly in mid game which causes the tiles to be placed where I didn’t intend. I gotta let it go..it’s just too frustrating! They took really fun game and did everything they could to ruin it. Gotta get that almighty dollar though! Eh, kids?.Version: 1.9.3

Gets FrustratingThis game is super fun and simple. I play it when I just need something casual. I like that there are now more levels in the events since those are the only games I really play. However, the games are not fair. If the pieces were random, you’d occasionally get a single block or a double block throughout the game. You only get those early on when you hardly need them and are stuck with the hardest shapes as the game progresses. I am currently stuck on level 81 of the current event. I’ve played it at least 60-70 times (maybe more!) and I’m now thoroughly convinced the level is nearly unbeatable. You either have to get super lucky or be clairvoyant and know what blocks you’re going to get next. What’s the point of a game that’s set up to make you fail???? This app should be 4 stars (1 star deduction for ads and not being able to remove them), but I’m giving it 2 because it’s purposefully impossible the play..Version: 2.01.01

Fun, but…The game has a very annoying tendency to give you pieces you can’t use, so you lose, not because of skills, but because the piece selection is flawed. Of course, some of the strategy involves planning ahead for the odd piece that may not fit, but sometimes the pieces are so random you can’t do anything with them no matter how skilled you are. I made it to an upper level that I tried too many times to count and finally gave up. I was simply never enough pieces to succeed. I tried to buy out if the advertisements, but there is no place in app to do that apparently. The app endlessly crashes during the advertisements. I’ve had to download and delete repeatedly. As others have noted, once you go so far, you never get the shapes you need, no matter how good you are at strategizing. Seems like it’s just a set up to get you to watch advertisements..Version: 1.9.4

Same as every other block gameI think this falsely advertises the game. The pictures show that you can choose from several pieces to try and complete the block, but unless I’m missing something, that isn’t the case. These block games seem to always be rigged in some way so that it offers pieces that aren’t going to fit...maybe I am just not good at these types of games,...or not a left-brain thinker..who knows. I just find that they all seem to be the same. I thought this one was going to be different, sadly it wasn’t...so deleted. Don’t need yet another ‘same’ game..Version: 1.3.0

Great potential ruined by adsThis could actually be a fun and engaging game - I would be more than happy to purchase to remove ads but unfortunately that is not an option. Banner ads cause lag which causes the game to lag and place blocks randomly which is super frustrating. Another example of an app dev just releasing something for ad revenue with no care for the actual product. Disappointing..Version: 1.8.7

Waste of timeDon’t waste your time on this game. They lure you in with some interesting games involving triangles and diamonds, but you never see them. You play for days moving up the levels with a boring square and then one of their continuous ads pops up and freezes on the screen and you can’t get back into the game. I was forced to give it one star, but I wanted to give it Zero stars.Version: 2.03.00

Far out the Ads!!!I love this game, good brain workout BUT the ads are all to do with husbands cheating on their wives and kicking the wife and kids out of the home with the mistress on his arm. If it’s not those ads it’s ads about killing, not the sort of ads you would expect from an app that is used to wind down. Improvements on the app need doing, would be nice to see what block is coming up next as no one I know has managed to score over 2500, gets boring when you can’t break the ceiling. I feel this app is just designed to lure you into other apps. I would rather pay for it and never see another app again to be honest. It’s just ewww.Version: 1.9.4

Too many bugs associated with adsConstant ads after every game, and then ad won’t play or stays open.Version: 2.02.03

Freezes & crashes constantly now!I really liked this game when I first installed but now it's so bad with freezing and now crashing that renders it useless to play. With all the recent reviews why aren't you fixing these issues? I'll tell you why because it's because the more advertising you overload it with the worse it gets. If making money on so much advertising is what you're all about and no care about the stability of the game then this is not for me! I'm done and deleting now! The one star is only because I used to enjoy the game!.Version: 1.8.6

Love…BUUUUUTThis game is great to play and is one of my favorites, but there are major downfalls……. 1) WAY TOO MANY ADS! There is no need for an ad after every single time you play! Some of the ads are difficult to tap out of, and I’m so sick of repetitive ads! The developers of the gam obviously don’t care what players say because I have seen this complaint repetitively and nothing has changed. 2) some levels in the challenges CAN NOT BE BEATEN!!! I’m all for a good challenge, but when you play the same level for 3 days straight on a challenge that lasts only a week…..the fun gets sucked right out of playing!!! This is another common complaint that I’ve seen in reviews that the developers don’t seem to care about!! To the game creators: Start paying attention to what these reviews are saying or you are going to quickly lose players!!!!!!.Version: 1.8.7

The game is great. The ads are notLoved the game but am deleting it from my device. The game is good but the lack of option to bypass the ads (and it is a game worth paying for) ruins it for me. I am willing to pay for some escapism and avoidance of ads, but not option. Let me know if / when a paid ad free option is available Otherwise ..so long.Version: 1.8.9

Great game but ad makes bad lagI love this game. I could play it for hours. BUT the Lucky Slots ad makes the game freeze soo badly. Your lucky to get 2 moves in before it freezes for about 60 seconds. I have high speed internet and no other ad effects any games..Version: 2.03.00

Offer a premium versionI love this game but hate the ads..Version: 1.9.0

Great Game- PLEASE Offer Paid VersionI love this game and the different challenges. I love that it isn’t timed so you can strategize before placing the tile options. What I can’t stand is that there an ad after EVERY SINGLE GAME!! Once you’ve achieved the lower levels in the “Journey” the games in the upper levels can easily be over in just a few moves (not completed, but the game is over because you have to space for the remaining tiles). So you play less than a minute, then there’s an ad. Play 30 seconds, there’s another ad. Want to try again? Oh boy, there’s another ad, often the same one you’ve seen a dozen times in the past half hour. Now for the really frustrating part: every third or fourth ad crashes the game, requiring me to reload it. Within a week, I loaded the game more than 100 times. I finally deleted it and I wish there was a version I could buy to replace it. Free games are worth what they cost- absolutely nothing. As a bonus, you get a load of aggravation for no additional charge..Version: 1.8.3

AvisTrop de publicités.Version: 1.8.7

It would be five star but…The ads kill all enjoyment of this game. Finish a level. Ad. Lose a level. Ad. I don’t mind the occasional ad, but putting them in after each puzzle is excessive and annoying, especially when the ad is designed to drive up App Store hits. The not very random block delivery within the level is an obvious design to push you to ads. Admittedly, some of this non-randomness can be guessed and adapted to. I’d pay for an ad free, completely random app but the obvious monetization model they have chosen indicates that is not likely to be in the works. If you can hack incessant ads, this will be a fun game..Version: 1.9.4

Screen your adsI am going to give up on this one now. It’s a good short distraction game but you will very quickly get fed up of trying to negotiate the post-game [email protected] adverts (that I personally have no interest in buying into). Not so bad when you can quickly X them off screen it too many times you have to crash out, or delete and reinstall. I accept to a degree that is the price to pay at times for a decent game, however the game is not so great that I haven’t just made the choice to can it … all due to the adverts has to be reiterated.Version: 2.02.02

Great Puzzle until it freezesI love this game but I’ve now found that when I play it the tiles keep freezing and I can’t move them. If I manage to get them moving they end up in places I didn’t want them. The constant ad’s are enough to turn you off without having other problems. App needs a serious fix Now the App has been updated I hoped the freezing would stop, it hasn’t but the ads have become even more constant and annoying.Version: 2.01.00

Decent game but not what was advertisedAd showed a puzzle of a gridded shape cut into odd shaped pieces and the player would have to recreate the shape by putting the prices together. Actual game is nothing like this..Version: 2.01.01

WoodukoThe game is great.....but after one round, it's about 7 commercials for other games that you can't turn off!!!!! Why?? How can I play game-commercial free?? Thank you.Version: 2.03.00

AdsHorrible just bombard you with ads. Give u trash pieces so u loose..Version: 2.00.00

Fun and addictive but many inappropriate adsPlayed quite a bit and it’s plenty of fun apart from the ads after every single game. Unfortunately the ads a few weeks ago quickly descended into being extremely inappropriate for a game marked as safe for ages 4 and up. Had to uninstall to avoid my kids seeing the inappropriate ads and reached out to the game developer with no luck. Still looking for something to fill the void..Version: 1.7.2

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