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Ummmm...... BUG?When I am trying to clean the dads car the hose will not move at all...Is this just me???Year 10.Version: 1.2.27

MehIt’s good and fun but you are only a boy once and a girl da every other time.Version: 1.2.19

Love it but buggyI really like this game but I’ve managed to only play two different people. The second one dies at 30 and just restarts the same life. I’ve died at 30 three times hoping for a new person. Then just repeat the dumpster baby dying with the aliens life. The first one I was able to at least get to 60..Version: 1.2.33

I.-I just cant do the 13th level can somene tell me i fight back and get orange what do i do next?.Version: 1.2.19

So funnyIn prison when he dropped he dropped the soap was tooooo funny🤣🤣never knew that was going to happen.Version: 1.2.17

I like it butI like this game, but I’m not sure if maybe it’s just not done? I can make it to 26 on the girl character in both alternative routes then it just completely makes you start over as a baby with no context but has the speed through things. I don’t want to play the same thing 3 times so... might just uninstall I guess? I’m not sure what else to do with it now 🤷‍♀️.Version: 1.2.18

Please Fix The Outcomes 😥You only live until 60 no matter what choice you make. Also why does he always end up in jail and there is no way to marry or date. You can’t even go past 20 when playing as the girl. Overall I do love the game and animations but please fix the outcomes :).Version: 1.2.17

Listen to me it’s not bout the review but the game is goodHi so one time I was scrolling throw TikTok and it told me If the game crashes it means you might get hacked or it’s just the game.Version: 1.2.33

BonkersGames actually pretty good especially for a game that looks like just for ads. There’s a actual game, and the cut scenes are... entertaining to say the least Random things will happen and it’s kinda bonkers but I mean I’m invested.Version: 1.2.33

Not badI mean it is good game sitting on your chair and play it but I wish you could finish the girl and add more people 😃.Version: 1.2.18

Fix gameI keep getting stuck at level 26 of the girl and then it restarts but goes back to level 46 or 47 of the boy.Version: 1.2.28

Nice game butttButtt it has way too much ads in it I had to delete it.Version: 1.2.18

It’s fun and funny gameI love it and it’s funny and sad too I give it five stars I enjoyed it keep making more games like this ❤️.Version: 1.2.17

Great but too depressing for boy versionIt’s really fun but I wish our choices had more of an affect. Also, I wish the boy version was less depressing.maybe instead of the boss firing you for no reason maybe instead she could be the relationship the character is looking for?.Version: 1.2.21

I rate this a 4 because…I found out that I go in circles at age 15 after a whole circle it takes me back to year 15.Version: 1.2.33

My opinionSure your animations are not great and the choices are well not that great but at least you're trying to succeed with your goals and the people who have played this game’s goals what matters more is the blessings, not the flaws you put into it, (to me the game was interesting although the sexy clothes that are a choice for the women to go to college are concerning I still liked it and although the women's age somewhat ends short to me it just means a cliffhanger towards what she is gonna do next lol..Version: 1.2.20

I want some answers. 🥺I like the game but I always end up in jail because there is no way for me to make money so I can buy my girlfriend a nice ring. I also like the version where I get to be a girl but no matter what option you pick it ends at 20 years old. I need some answers to way this thing happen like this?.Version: 1.2.10

GreatThe game is great and all but I have a small issue I can’t get past the girl even though I have chosen multiple different options I always end up as a firefighter or a st you know, well the thing is if I choose one I work as one but I only get to 26 years old then I have to restart all over again pls help.Version: 1.2.18

I love this game but please fix bug fixes.Sooo, I love this game a lot! But it makes me restart my life THE SAME LIFE over and over Agian. I’ve tried doing DIFFERNT outcomes it doesn’t work. I’ve tried restarting the app doesn’t work. So pretty much I’m in the same exact life over and over agian. Like a loop and it always ends at 32. It’s kind of annoying ! please fix this. 😀.Version: 1.3

AmazingFunniest game on the app store It can be improved on animations and minor stuff, but it still feels amazing to play, it's so funny, it reminds me of Prison School I won't spoil but there are really amazing scenes, it feels like watching a super fun anime but playing as the main protagonist.Version: 1.2.9

Funny but linearIt has the “mass effect” effect. Makes you think there are multiple outcomes but there aren’t. Otherwise, funny story for a funny game. Would definitely pay for a game like this if the decisions you made actually effected the outcome..Version: 1.2.28

It’s an okay gameI like the game but on the girl’s level, it just restarted randomly also I wish you guys explored more of the blonde haired girl and the black haired girl’s romance , I would love some wlw in this game. One more thing to add, it sometimes freezes and I have to close out the game..Version: 1.2.33

Not terribleNot a bad game to sit down and play for an hour. I mean it looks rough but some of the dialogue is actually hilarious. Fun game..Version: 1.2.16

A lot better than anticipatedFull of depth, humour, moral dilemmas, surprises, and awesomeness!.Version: 1.2.13

HelpI like the game but can’t even get past the baby girl obstacle point can’t find hints or nothing the other stupid baby is on steroids I feel like , and is cheating on that game , other than that and not being able to pass the part at all it’s a good game fix that part plz or make it simple cuz there’s no in and out on that part I need explanation if someone does . Please.Version: 1.2.11

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