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Amazon Freevee: Movies/Live TV Negative Reviews

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Amazon Freevee: Movies/Live TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Amazon Freevee: Movies/Live TV app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amazon Freevee: Movies/Live TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon freevee: movies/live tv?

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Amazon Freevee: Movies/Live TV for Negative User Reviews

Internet problem with connectionApp downloads fine when you want to watch content, it says Internet is not connected. I’ve done everything you’ve said to fix the problem, but it still says cannot connect to Internet, what you’re trying to say is that the content is not uploaded yet, or you need to re-fix the whole app and please stop hiding in corners. Please fix it Abel Macgregor.Version: 1.11

Cute, but noI thought it would be really nice to have a streeming service that’s free. But it has so many ads, like every 5 minutes, that it’s basically pointless to even have a streaming service which, by the way, has only old shows. Might as well watch normal tv! Or go back to the days before streaming was a thing..Version: 1.5.0

Good but lack of available subtitles is disappointingGood shows and movies but the lack of subtitles brings the review score down. I am deaf I &need these for viewing but halfway through watching Person of Interest series and the subtitles I need aren’t available. Disappointed :(.Version: 1.5.0

UI is cumbersome, excessive amount of adsThe user interface is cumbersome, and there's an excessive amount of advertising compared to other platforms. It feels like the ads outnumber the actual content you're trying to watch, prompting many to uninstall the app. Additionally, the app lacks support for voice dictation in search, and it doesn't allow you to minimize it on your phone while continuing to play content..Version: 1.17.1

Lack of picture-in-picture makes app subparThis could be an amazing app. It has some great content. But the lack of picture-in-picture capability renders it mostly useless. In 2023, the best streaming apps have picture-in-picture capability. They recognize people have things to do in the background and need the ability to continue to check email, work in documents, etc. while continuing to stream content in a mini window usually at the bottom of their device. The addition of picture-in-picture capability would draw more users to this app..Version: 1.13

App Needs to be Fixed!Watching series it flips to next episode @ end of every episode and you have to constantly backtrack to watch the correct episode previously🙄. Few other glitches like Little icon of next up -stays on the screen on the bottom right hand corner I never goes off the screen. It’s been like this for a long time please fix it??? other than that you have pretty decent movies selection👍🏼.Version: 1.13

Region ProblemsI have been using this app to watch Neighbours from the very beginning it started now I cannot get onto it because says my region is not supported by the app nothing has changed I’m still in same region I didn’t do anything different except try to watch it! Said to delete app start again which I have done several times and says same thing! Been using my iPad and phone to watch it from the start anyone had similar problem and know how to fix it?.Version: 1.17.1

Not workingKeeps saying oops something wrong after I try to sign in PLEASE FIX IT.Version: 1.14

Needs workNeeds a bit of work, the movies are mostly good but WAY to many commercials and the list never changes … new selection of movies once a month would be cool…. I have spread word of this app to many of my friends and they have downloaded it … just needs a bit of work 👍🏼.Version: 1.13

No way to delete "continue watching" shows!I couldn't find a way to delete "Continue watching" so. I deleted the app and then reinstalled it. Guess what? The same show showed up in the "Continue watching" area. Come on developers, give us a way to clean up our screens. The show I started watching is a TV show with many episodes so advancing to the end hoping the show would go away only brought up the next show!!!!!.Version: 1.14

App needs workFrom the comments I’ve read it seems to be the same reoccurring problem with this app. Once you leave or you are interrupted from watching a show the episode just decides to never play again. I left the app to answer a message and when I went back to continue watch Jury Duty the episode won’t play. I hope they can fix this problem soon..Version: 1.9

Picture in Picture view not supported!I love Freevee but I wish it gave me the ability to also watch my show on a smaller window without the app closing I checked to see if the app needed updating but it didn't it's just the app not supporting the feature really want to able to watch my shows and also do other things simultaneously it would be nice!!.Version: 1.17.1

Too many adsAt very frequent stages. Don’t mind adverts at regular intervals but watching ads then two minutes of a film then two more ads is a joke. Will take all night to watch this film..Version: 1.14

Could be great, but…The video interface is a little clunky. The real problems are that certain things NEVER get removed from “continue watching“ and that you have about two seconds at the end of a movie or series to exit out of it or Freevee will autoplay some garbage show that it’s trying to push. That leads to the “continue” queue being clogged with shows you’ve completed and dog$h!+ like Judge Judy that started playing while you weren’t paying close enough attention..Version: 1.11

More information needed!I downloaded this app for Neighbours - brilliant 😊 Found natural disaster movies that I haven’t seen… Thought I’d give them a go… There’s a reason I haven’t seen the 2 that I’ve tried so far - neither of them were in English! But nothing in the description tells you this, so you find out when you start watching, and have sat through the opening credits 😕.Version: 1.14

SlowSearch facility is rubbish. You type in a programme that is clearly on there but it can’t find it. Also app keeps buffering.Version: 1.14

Could do betterIt’s a great free app however it doesn’t appear to keep track of what your watching, no continue watching. You have to remember what ep you are for when you return, doesn’t even show previously watched episodes, they could do a lot better, free or not!!.Version: 1.5.1

One EpisodeThe app was working great at first watching S1E1 of Jury Duty, but then I got an error that I couldn’t use screen mirroring to watch it on my TV. Fair enough. So I turn off the screen mirror, but now the episode won’t load at all. I only get a spinning circle and after several minutes of waiting, I’ll get a pop up that there is no internet connection. I tested with Episode 2 and it loaded and began playing right away. I’ve done all troubleshooting and still can’t finish watching the first episode..Version: 1.9

Loses the video stream after advertsWatching Columbo - adverts play then the show never comes back on. Have to go back and select the show again. On the iPhone the volume level sets itself so can be too loud..Version: 1.9.1

Buffers…ALOT!We have other streaming services and I’ve just downloaded this one. But it buffers every couple of minutes, which my other apps don’t do. Good job this is free!.Version: 1.5.0

Ads are a problemSo Ik that if you have a free movie app there was bound to be ads but not 17 I had to wait 17 adverts only for it to not load making me shut down the app and reopen it only to watch 15 more ads maybe lower the amount of ads in one show.Version: 1.6.0

Decent content but way too many adsI frequently watch Tubi for movies and occasionally use Pluto, and neither “free with ads” apps have nearly as many commercials as Freevee. It’s has to be about the same or worse than watching a movie on a broadcast channel. As a whole Prime adding ads even though we already paid for ad free content and then this sub-app having way too many ads seems par for their course..Version: 1.17.1

Keeps skipping a show.Fire stick issue EVery time a show finishes the autoplay come on screen. It loads and then load’s another episode skipping the episode it should play. Please sort this..Version: 1.10

It needs a lot of workThis app is currently not that good. As others have said, ads are done in an annoying way, videos load slowly, and the app is slow in general. This app definitely needs a lot of work before being comparable to other streaming apps. I also found a fun problem today. I was watching a show that has a short 30 second intro and the app gave me the option to skip it. I clicked on the skip button and the video had to load again which took 3 minutes. Cool feature..Version: 1.10

Great free tv but…Great watching up to date shows like Judy Justice and cops, but a bit of s as nightmare on an Apple tv I have set match frame rate on so i don’t get that annoying jiggering effect on some movies, but freevee’s menu does not like this, it goes to black every time i move through the episode selections, after every move the screen goes black and then returns to the menu… If i turn off match frame rate then the menu works fine. Please fix this….Version: 1.7.0

Annoying adsI don’t like the ads and they are plenty.Version: 1.14

Will not work since recent Apple OS updatesI used to enjoy Freevee; however, since installing the most recent iOS updates on both my iPhone and iPad, Freevee WILL NOT WORK on either device. I've un/reinstalled the app on both devices several times, I've powercycled both devices, and I downloaded Freevee's most recent update on both. Each time I try to restart Freevee on either device, I receive an error that says "Oops! Something went wrong". All other apps have worked perfectly on both devices since their updates, with the exception of Freevee. I don't know what else to do to make it work properly, but an app shouldn't be so much trouble just because of an iOS update..Version: 1.14.1

Worst streaming app ever usedNothing plays on this app, nothing. No matter which show or movie I tap on, FreeVee gives an error message saying “playback error, restart app.” i’ve restarted the app, I restarted my device, yet nothing works. My iOS is updated, and my app version of Freevee is updated, yet nothing on the app will play. Ridiculous. Too bad. This kind of unreliability is going to hurt a lot of shows that people might want to watch. I’m uninstalling this clunker of an app immediately..Version: 1.9.1

Not workingSay region in supported.Version: 1.17.1

Waste of timeTried watching a few things and never get past adverts. Sometimes there is 11 long adverts before anything starts. Only thing that actually played was so old it was black and white. A good demo of how to not do a video app. Deleted..Version: 1.6.0

Doesn’t let me in the appI’ll sign in, then it’ll say “ Oops! ” “something went wrong” meaning this app a complete scam.Version: 1.17.1

IPhone issueFor the past month I haven’t been able to watch the last two seasons of the show I downloaded the app for, screen saying no internet yet being fine to view other shows downloaded around the same time and later and getting notifications telling me to watch the seasons I can’t access. Rather annoying. Was really happy with app before now and yes I did download the last update ( with bug fixes for iPhone) no joy ..Version: 1.11

InfuriatingI use freevee through Prime Video to watch shows that are unavailable anywhere else. It frequently freezes if I have to pause it, and when I press play again it starts the entire episode over. When you miss something and have to use the 10 sec back feature, if it was near a previous ad you have to watch ALL the ads again. It’s an insane amount of ads. Like minutes of them each time. Probably 10 minutes of each episode is just ads. It also cuts the end of the shows off prematurely, which is just ridiculous. Not to mention how glitchy the subtitles feature is. Almost every time you use the back feature it turns them off and you have to turn them back on again. Idk how it’s gotten a 4.7 rating. There must be people being paid to leave good reviews cus this platform is HORRIBLE..Version: 1.17.1

Would give 0 stars if I couldSat and watched adds and started the app over and over and it will not let me watch anything, after add 2 the screen just goes black, waste of time and storage, deleting now not wasting any more energy tried giving benefit of doubt but don’t even want to bother anymore just a stupid app don’t waste ya time people.Version: 1.7.0

Unable to load showI recently got this app to watch jury duty and didn’t experience any problems at first. I decided to leave in the middle of an episode, and return later to finish watching. When selecting the episode I previously left, the screen never fully loaded, and then said there was no internet connection. I selected the second episode of the season, and it loaded perfectly fine. So, I continued to watch the second episode, but left in the middle like I previously did with the first episode. I instantly new I made a mistake, and now the second episode won’t fully load. I deleted the app and redownloaded it to see if that helped. I also restarted my phone to see if that was the problem. Neither worked, and I still cannot watch the first or second episode of jury duty, as it is unable to load..Version: 1.9

Needs ability to Favorite Channels!Overall, this app is getting better and better. But there is a Huuuuge omission in the fact that one cannot favorite channels! There are lots of channels, really a lot, and if your favorite channel is near the bottom of the list, every single time you open the app, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to find your channel. Come on!! Just let us favorite the channels we like, and have them appear at the top of the list… easy peasy!! Please add this!!! Thanks 🙏.Version: 1.13

Freevee is garbageI have reinstalled the app several times, it constantly gives message that pw is incorrect so you go through the password reset and then the verification process doesn’t work, after you use all the temp login time it just keeps kicking you and you will never be able to use it again GARBAGE. All the other reviews read like a self promo blog don’t believe it after the trial period it just stops working.Version: 1.13

BrokenThe video won’t continue after watching the ads. Shame because there’s some good content on here and I’m happy to sit through some ads. Not sure it’s reasonable to expect you to close and reopen the app and watch another set of ads in order to continue. I’ll stick with Netflix thanks..Version: 1.6.0

Pros and ConsGreat to have an alternative streaming TV, just disappointed the app doesn’t work with Google Chromecast! Make Chromecast work and it’d get four stars from me! Fixe the infuriating bugs that cause it to stop working at the end of adverts and I’d give it five stars!.Version: 1.7.0

Could be Better…It’s not possible to go fast forward/reverse (Scrubbing) when streaming movies etc and yet when watching the same Freevee movies on the Prime Video App this feature is available. Come on developers, pull your socks up and address this issue. Otherwise it’s a half decent App.Version: 1.9.1

PoorNothing new is ever added - free but boring.Version: 1.13

Mid at bestThe ads are probably the most annoying i’ve ever dealt with on any app. 4-6 ads every 5-7 minutes is a little ridiculous. if the movie and tv show selection was top tier, then i could probably move past it, but it’s not really anything to rave about. movie selection is not great, tv show selections are definitely better but still mid. at least they have sailor moon. not my favorite app to say the least..Version: 1.17.1

Connection to Apple TV appThe app says that it connects to the Apple TV app which it does but whenever I finish watching the current episode of neighbours the to app shows an old episode of neighbours in up next instead of the next episode so I have to use the Freevee app instead.Version: 1.17.1

Too quick a turnoverI’ve been using this app on a fire tv watching old school sci fi, in particular Babylon 5, but with this new app they’ve been removed. Very disappointed to be a fair bit in and with no warning the series is taken away. It could be a great app as found other tv / movies but I’d rather not start if turnover that quick..Version: 1.5.2

Pointless useless appWhy have this app when you can access everything on Prime Video? Also nothing EVER loads after being forced to watch 9 adverts though it gets to the second or third ad then the app just freezes. Reinstalled no different. Waste of time..Version: 1.7.0

Broken player on iOSThe actual Freevee service is great. Works fantastically on my Apple TV. But the adverts have completely broken the iOS app to the point where I cannot watch anything anymore on it. What good is a streaming app if it doesn’t stream?.Version: 1.5.2

Needs fixedI watched one episode just fine, started episode 2 and it never loads, just get the spinning circle ( I’ve tried with internet and just my data plan ) when it does load it will get to an ad and keep playing the ads over and over and then freeze. Would love to continue to watch the rest of the season but it seems impossible at this point after an hour of trying to get it to load..Version: 1.9

It’s okay, but one problem I see so farThis app offers a lot of movies and tv shows. It is as good as any other entertainment app for that reason. What I do not like is that you cannot delete a tv series off the continue watching list. I watched every episode and it will not come off the continue watching list..Version: 1.12

Series are suddenly chargeableWe began watching series 1 of Longmire on Freevee and really enjoyed it. Got to episode 2 of series 3 and suddenly all series had to be paid for! This isn’t the way to get people to use the app, won’t be spending £80+ to watch the rest of the other series. Very disappointed and annoyed as this isn’t the first time this has happened..Version: 1.13

Free yes but app very poor user interfaceYeah, this app is free and that’s about all you can say for the content there is no way to sort and filter as an example under the live content Deb got new streams, mixed with all sorts of other dated old TV programs and re-runs at least if the menu system would allow you to separate live content according to category would be great. Suggested they look at other services and apps, like Pluto would be a good example of a functional user interface..Version: 1.10

Not playing after adsLoads of good contents! Really like it, problem is.. after seeing some ads, it will stop playing. Tried to closed it multiple times and relaunched it again, but still frozen. Please fix the app!.Version: 1.7.0

App needs some serious use dateGreat to have an alternative to pay TV that’s completely free, albeit with advertising, which I don’t mind, however, the app isn’t great, the audio syncing goes off, the resume play after ads doesn’t always work, so you have to close the app and reopen it only to watch the ads again hoping that your movie will resume after. Some good movies but, the app is broken and buggy and needs a serious fix..Version: 1.5.2

CommercialsI was watching a movie and the commercials are every seven minutes like clockwork. Someone could be speaking in mid scene and they cut right to commercials. commercials ran around around three minutes, so it really stretches out movie substantially. Streaming channel needs a lot of work. I would never pay for it..Version: 1.14.1

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