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Pocket City 2 App User Positive Comments 2024

Pocket City 2 app received 104 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about pocket city 2?

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Pocket City 2 for Positive User Reviews

Great GameExactly what I want from this type of game! Would love to see it on MacOS like it’s predecessor.Version: 1.008

Regional Landmark Bug. Other then that, a good time killer.There is a bug that breaks the regional gameplay. That is when unlocking regional landmarks in different biomes. They do not all unlock on the Hardest Difficulty, this is after checking every map on the region. The one I ran into was not being able to unlock the medieval castle landmark in the forest biome. I checked all 3 forest biome maps that was in the region (which had every biome), nothing. I checked the rest of the maps to see if it would reset or reload the landmarks, nothing. Why have locked building’s that don’t unlock because of a bug. I assume the developers intended all landmarks to be built in every city when the player opens all biomes and definitely when opening all maps on the region. This game was fun to play and the rest of the bugs and crashes could be solved by resetting the game, but this one wasn’t able to be fixed. That's why you only get 4 Stars from me..Version: 1.002

The best mobile game! Supports portrait and landscape + 60 FPS!Take everything you loved about the first one and double your love for this one! Great work devs. One thing I don’t see enough praise for is the fact that this can be played in both portrait and landscape. 10/10. I loved it so much I bought it both on my iPhone and on my Samsung Tablet. Well done, seriously..Version: 1.015

A perfect city building gameA lovely game. The ability to explore and the mini games based around that aspect alone make this game worth it. A beautiful city building system that doesn't ignore the citizens and gives you things to do while your city generates income. I am not a god, I am a member of my own community. As soon as I found out that you can not only shop for food, you can also ADOPT ANIMALS to bring to your home and have follow you around, I was sold on this game. Definitely worth the money. That said, there is work to be done. The audio quality is poor. It was bad enough that I've turned it off entirely. The voice audio of citizens yippee-ing gets old very fast. I would love the option to turn off the citizens voices but keep the ambience and music..Version: 1.023

Just amazing!!Works offline, City building, Leveling, Quests, go into your city as Mayor, free roam your city! mini games, have a house, pet, decorate your house, get resources by mining, wood chopping, fishing, smashing boxes with hammer, snag I mean borrow a car, vehicles have radio stations. Do mini side stuff like shooing away raccoons, finding criminals, building relation ships to get gifts. Watch disasters from a new point of view it's epic! Minor sadness, can't ride any of the rides or rides in the amusement park dude that was pricy & I can't interact at all there .. The house is one room no matter which size house u buy.. Houses don't look very different no matter where u stick em. Do wish for more variety of building stuffs but otherwise this is a 5$ 5 star game & hope to see new content maybe in the future..Version: 1.002

Wonderful relaxing city builder free of unnecessary in app purchases and microtransactionsI was a fan of the original, and this follow up is pretty much everything I was hoping for. The ability to walk around and drive in the city and shop inside the stores makes the game feel immersive in ways the original couldn’t. Can’t say enough positive things about Pocket City 2, it is a really solid city builder that isn’t too complex and is a delight to play..Version: 1.008

Love but freezesLove the game but it keeps freezing! I could play it for hours but I get frustrated when it freezes and I have to reload the game.Version: 1.015

Didn’t realize I bought it the day it came out 😂Great game! Takes a lot of mechanics from many other city sim games and simplifies them tremendously. There are many things I would love to see in the long run especially pertaining to the stats, like maybe make the demands a tab or a stat so you can see it more in depth. Love the seasons and the ability to explore your city as mayor..Version: 1.0

Best city builder on iOS everI was a huge fan of the first Pocket City and when I saw Pocket City 2 came out, it was an immediate no-hesitation purchase for me. If you’ve played the first, it’s the same core gameplay but expanded upon, big time. It’s 3D, the city can be directly interacted with by your player character, the research tree is shockingly complex but cohesive, there’s lots of events, minigames and whatnot, there’s even some “life sim” sprinkled in with the ability to buy and furnish a house, build relationships with characters in exchange for unlockables, etc. You can explore the entire city personally, engage in random encounters, enter any building, you can buy from a kid’s lemonade stand to gain temporary perks. Overall the game just feels very well put together and thought-out..Version: 1.0

Great game - however crashes when city is over levek 100Best city building game on iOS however it crashes when a city is over level 100.Version: 1.0

Amazing city builder!Well worth the £5 - hoping for more updates in the future 🤞.Version: 1.016

Zooming out causes temporary freezingGreat game but when my city got really large, zooming out of the map to full city view would cause the screen to freeze for sometimes over a minute. Not too big a deal, it just gets annoying having to restart the game so often because I don’t want to wait so long for the screen to load..Version: 1.009

Great with 1 aggravationThis is a great game and would be better without Anna and her constant swaying and irritating voice. Really puts a childish spin on something that could really be immersive without going overboard on the cartoonish side. The town hall is a key entry point and I do not need something that repetitively annoys. I already am starting to avoid using it due to the subliminal annoyance. It would be ok if this was a bit more static. Yay this, yay that. Total bimbo feeling. I would have easily given this a 5 most assuredly if it wasn’t yay, yay, yay constantly. And the annoying swaying…..Version: 1.002

Absolute amazing game with so much potential to come❤️I’ve been playing this game for over a week now.It’s simple with no complications of building the city, interesting, you can create a beautiful city located in the mountains (looks so magical when it’s winter season), or you can build a beach city with cool palms.You can literally build anything you want!!❤️❤️❤️Also, civilians have their own personalities, some of them fighting and having arguments on the street, another ones having a romantic moment on a balcony and enjoying the view of the city (I’ve never seen anything like that before).Moreover, you can add events into city and watch it from the perspective of the civilian or from above.Man it’s just so cool!That game helps me to relax and being creative with no problems❤️❤️❤️ The creator of this game is an absolute legend ❤️ Can’t explain how much I appreciate your hard work and can’t wait to see the new cool additions and improvements ❤️ In the future this game surely will be a winner 🏆.Version: 1.023

LOVE this gameMy boyfriend made me download this game so of course I was hesitant at first. After downloading it I played for 3 hours straight and can confidently say I love this game. You have full creativity when it comes to making your city. The gameplay is magnificent and you even get to walk around your own city! 10/10, worth every penny.Version: 1.041

Brilliant✅No Data Collected! ✅No in-game micro-transactions! ✅Great value, one-off pay and play! ✅Brilliant city building game and significant development from original game! (That was very good already) ✅It’s incredibly immersive with the new walking about and interactions at street level. You can drive about in “borrowed” vehicles! We need more “straight up” games like this in the App Store. Very very pleased! Well worth the wait..Version: 1.0

Good gameGood game.Version: 1.023

Love itThis is probably one of the very few games I’ve been happy to pay for. The developers/creators have done a great job at giving us our moneys worth. I’d love to see more terrain options and building look options. A European city theme for example would be a nice addition. There is plenty to do in this game, more than just a city builder..Version: 1.031

The app is incredibleThis app is incredible.... I've never seen anything like it on a phone. I used to play Sim City back in the day, and it feels more complex and better designed than an entire game in that franchise. You can build, you can roam, you can drive through the city you built, you can fly... plus there are dozens of mini games and Easter eggs. Just awesome, addictive and hours and hours of fun..Version: 1.0

So happy there’s a second!The first game was my absolute favorite. I was so excited to find this game, didn’t even know it came out! Been playing it since yesterday I love it even more. There’s a lot to do, you can own a house too and visit stores you build. Super cool concept can’t wait to keep playing and maybe see more improvements in design. Road building is a bit frustrating but I have faith in the team to put out efficient updates. Thanks for creating part 2 and one question, when will this be out on steam ?.Version: 1.008

Good gameI have played the original four ever win this game came out. I didn’t understand it at first but now I like it, but there are some changes that can be done to make it even better for example, give the mayor avatar the option. so choose body index and also add in a car dealership so the mayor can choose what car he wants. And also let.Version: 1.031

Easily one of the best iOS games ever madeYou get to manage/build your own city all while having a Sims feel to it. This game feels too good to be true… the fact that it’s sooo good and also has great replay value. No in-app purchases.. it’s like everything I ever dreamed of when it comes to a game for my phone. I’m so sick of cash grab games and this game right here is definitely not one, you can tell the makers really put their hearts into it. This game deserves an award, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN!! Best $5 I ever spent..Version: 1.0

The series I’ve been waiting for!As a continuation of the series this game is going to be great yet again! Already having so much fun with 0 ads. This game is obviously still in the works, so there are some bugs like when you leave buildings sometimes you get stuck, and the camera is a little annoying to rotate sometimes. However, the gameplay, system, and little bonus items you get in free roam are so much fun. 1st person driving is something I didn’t expect either! I’d recommend investing in this game and watch it just get even better over time :).Version: 1.002

A great improvement over the first one!This is a solid upgrade to the first game, Pocket City. Charming, cute, and full of surprises and no in-app purchases. This is worth the price. Highly recommended for fans of Sim City or Cities: Skylines. The street level detail is very fun and cute, and it’s really cool to deploy something like a farmer’s market or block party, see people dancing around and then actually join them yourself. The little warehouse, park, or hotel you just placed can be visited and explored! The explore mode controls are a little awkward with the camera, and I think it’s because the dev gives you so much freedom to walk around and see your literal city up close. I feel like the developer is really building up to an epic game, and I want to encourage them to keep exploring these concepts and keep adding depth. Add more personalities and voices to the relationships, flesh out the explore mode even more, tighten up the explore controls and this series can continue to grow!.Version: 1.0

🫡🫡I’m thoroughly impressed with this game. Thought I was just getting a city management game but you can actually roam the city with your character. Respect for the amount of effort the devs put into this 💯 Only negative thing I have to say is that it keep crashing although I have the quality on the lowest settings possible. I made sure my iOS and app are up to date. Also wanna mention the lobster food item is named “Roasted Chicken” lol.Version: 1.009

Unbelievable valueOn an App Store that seemingly prioritizes “free” apps with hundreds of dollars of micro transactions, it’s rare to find a good game that charges a fair price and delivers more value than it receives. Pocket City 2 does, though, in spades. I fell in love with the first pocket city for how it replicated the feeling of the first sim city. Simple building mechanics and strategy paired with a really crisp graphical style made for a great game. Pocket city 2 does all that and more, offering more buildings, new challenges, and a really cool first person mode that allows you to explore the city you’ve built on foot (or by car, plane, horse, etc) Go get this game. You’ll pay once and never regret it..Version: 1.031

Great GameNo in app purchase and really fun game, if you love v1 you will must love this v2.Version: 1.023

Pocket City two is way better than the old oneFirst of all they had Pocket City one which was meh it wasn’t that great but then they come out with this masterpiece. This was so good and it is so addictive when I played it you have to play it..Version: 1.042

Next LevelI wasn’t keeping up with the development of Pocket City 2 but I was a long time fan and advocate of Pocket City. I’m absolutely floored with what they brought with PC 2. Pocket City was the perfect mobile City builder. One time payment I happily paid for because that game brought me hours of enjoyment. That being said, I was not prepared with what has been delivered with the second iteration. I’m a few hours in and this new game keeps delivering. This is a massive achievement in development and new features keep surprising me for such a small mobile friendly game. Thank you team for this experience and I’m looking forward to my continued enjoyment of it..Version: 1.0

Incredible but needs some fixesFirst of all, I’m impressed with the amount of content. The first game was super fun, but got a little repetitive after awhile. This sequel is GREAT and definitely worth the five dollars. However, since the game is extremely new, it has some fixes that needs to be addressed. The helicopter at the fire station has a bug where it’ll continually put out a fire that doesn’t exist on the original building to set fire. When the original building breaks, the helicopter will try to put out a nonexistent fire. Another bug I experienced is whenever time is sped up, helicopters fly extra slow. Not sure if any of this is accidental or intentional (my guess is accidental) but it makes putting out fires a hassle. One last comment is when purchasing more land, it’s pretty expensive and increases in increments of $10,000 I believe? In the first pocket city it went up by $5,000. Now that’s all based off of memory, so I apologize if I’m incorrect. Otherwise, this game is very solid and I highly recommend it. Love to see it!.Version: 1.0

Good stuffHas bugs, but still excellent..Version: 1.023

Sim City in my pocketThis is seriously slick stuff. Can’t believe free roam is in here as well! Awesome!.Version: 1.002

If you liked Pocket city 1 . PC2 is better in every way 100xIt baffles me how they can make pocket city better . It is better in every way , stats menus , management , graphics , complexity and the new first person view is a nice addition . I really can’t praise this game enough . There are some bugs and little kinks need squashing but the Devloper supported and still support pocket city 1 so this will be no different for sure . Some suggestion: - make seeing water and electricity in heat map filter because now there is no way to see electricity and water without clicking on one of these building - there is no way showing how much my energy output now vs how much I’m using . Please make it visible - same as previous point but for water - same as previous point but for sewage - we need more info to know how much I need to keep for my city and what to sell in the shipping dock - we need to know how much remaining of what I borrowed from the bank vs how much I already payed.Version: 1.002

All features I need for a city building mobile game, and no features I don’t need!This game has all the features I need for a mobile city building game! Freedom to choose landscape and portrait mode; exporting my cities easily; free roaming in the city; you name it! Most importantly, it doesn’t have the “features” I don’t need! No annoying ads, no need to sign up with an account. Just hop in and play. Perfection!.Version: 1.031

Very good gameWould love to see other planet colonization, more to the Mayor customization and different building types from different countries like Japanese styled or medieval styled buildings.Version: 1.035

MapOn expert mode you can only do 3 Cities?.Version: 1.031

Great sequel, amazing city builder.This is the best mobile city builder game I’ve ever played. A great game to just chill for a little bit, and relax, and I don’t have to watch a single ad to unlock anything, or speed things up. I love that I have quests, so many different buildings and categories, the events and mini game. Most of all, I love how I can free roam the city. That feature is so different from all the other city builders I’ve played. This is a game made for people who just want to play a game. My only criticism is when building little things like traffic lights, bus stops, rail stations or even specific buildings like banks, hotels, and police/fire stations, I could see where all the other ones like it that I have already built so I can better plan my city. Great game, great developer, well worth the price..Version: 1.023

MasterpieceWhat a game.Version: 1.016

Buggy but promisingVery early access-y and buggy, lots of crashes. it auto saves though, and the gameplay mechanics are great. Looking forward to where this goes..Version: 1.042

Even better than the first Pocket City!The first Pocket City was one of my favourite games. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, Pocket City 2 is even better than the first game!.Version: 1.0

Worthy to be a sequel.. you can feel the love the devs poured into this gameI played the first game years ago, and it was amazing. Very fun, no in-app purchases being shoved down my throat, and honestly you could tell it was made by a dev team that actually loved their game and wanted to give players a worthy product. This sequel does not disappoint, and does a great job at expanding upon the first game. You can now roam around your city, walk into stores, meet people, “borrow vehicles” (almost like GTA) and take them on a joy ride. SO FUN! But, not only that, they actually expanded on so much more. The research tab is amazing, the UI is incredible for a game this new, and everything about the game just screams bigger and better. What a sequel, what a dev team, and what a game. 5 out of 5 stars, and I heavily recommend this game to anybody who ever enjoyed any city builder game before..Version: 1.0

Hands down the best city builder game on the mobile market.When these guys made Pocket City, it was fun and relaxing. This game takes it to 11/10 in content and things to do! A true sequel! This game is worth every penny! Relationship building, free roam, ability to go into the buildings you built, start up events and attend them, play mini games, explore, and BUILT YOUR CITY!!!!.Version: 1.023

Best game everI was so excited for PocketCity 2, as I used the original PocketCity a crazy amount and needed something new. It’s one of the only games without any ads or in-app purchases, and no long wait times. PocketCity 2 has complexity than the original game, and loads of different features and buildings, whilst still maintaining the same goal of being creative and making a city successful, based on numerous metrics. ONLY ISSUE: game crashes loads and very regularly - especially after events or competitions, or “rebuild all” using the Repair Kit. Luckily, it always saves my progress (unlike PocketCity 1). I have the game on all the lowest memory and battery saving settings, and even deleted other apps off my phone to try and help. I would be grateful if you could help further to prevent regular crashes. Update: I appreciate regular bug fixes. Pease fix this new bug: when visiting someone without a location through Relations menu (like Shawnathan in particular, or Eddie), the entire menu around them disappears (including options like Give Gift and Leave), meaning I have to close the game down entirely..Version: 1.041

Nice upgradeThumbs up all around. A nice expansion on the first game, it's got some fun mini-games, more interaction with the city and its inhabitants. I find it great for a quick 10-minute poke around, or a longer session. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in the genre, especailly for the reasonable upfront cost and no micro-transactions, which makes me 95% more likely to even download an app in the first place..Version: 1.042

Cute and fun…mostlyThis game is really engaging at first and generally enjoyable, but I wish there were more creative, less capitalistic options as far as how you run your city. I also think a lot of the quests are really gross and weird, like stealing people’s cars and impounding them? What is that about? Also basically every time there’s a conflict, the general population looks awful and the business owners are right, which is iffy and felt gross. I stopped playing eventually because it just felt repetitive and I didn’t really feel like the developers were good people..Version: 1.027

Good game but can be buggyGreat game but a bit glitchy, for example, the furniture, if accidentally left infront of the door, gets stuck there..Version: 1.042

Great game, would be better with better UILove it, as far as city building sims this game is crazy fun and innovative. I love the new free roam aspect, and a coop town sounds too much fun. Some things I think need to be in the game: Shipping details, It should tell me somewhere how many units I am shipping, and how many units I am producing. And it should be in a screen I can pull up past transactions. I cant tell if I am making more consumer goods than I am shipping so that would be uber helpful. Road building needs to be revamped, when you first press the initial spot, you are unable to move it or edit that spot without exiting out and going through the menus again. I think I should stay in the road building menu until I exit, instead of it being automatic after placing roads. That or make it so I can branch a road off in three+ directions, instead of being forced to build two roads that connect for an intersection. Overall a great game, and a great sequel to Pocket city..Version: 1.0

HiCan u fix the where u build stuff or buy stuff cause it keep on frozen or something.Version: 1.016

Amazing value for moneyOne of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. A bargain for the price..Version: 1.023

Great City BuilderThis game is awesome. Just the fact that you can walk around in your own city that you’ve created is wild. It’s a cross between SimCity and GTA. It feels like there’s also of events to do and lots of area to work on your city. This game has provided me with so much joy that it has caused me to write a review, I never write reviews so this game is so special to me. I had Pocket City one and it was great also but this one the devs knocked it out of the park. I thoroughly enjoyed it and still enjoy it to this day. Thank you devs..Version: 1.042

Awesome!Love this game! Been dreaming of a city building game with interactivity like this! I hope this game will be updated in the future with new buildings and features. I would love to support it anyway I can..Version: 1.016

One of the best GamesOther then the random, every once in a while crash on my iPad, I think this game is brilliant!! The detail in building the city is so awesome! It’s very, very hard to get bored of it!! Now we can play in third person and roam around and find hidden stuff!! This would make a perfect PC or console game! All you need is more details to every action and better graphics and boom! A game where you can be creative with your surroundings and level up your character and abilities while you’re having fun! I can’t wait to try multiplayer mode!.Version: 1.012

Fantastic game. SimCity X GTA (without violence)This is a great city sim in which interaction with the city in first person is fun and rewards with items and exp. The music is chill. The only thing needed right now is an in-game manual. Some of the rules are sudsed out only after trial and error (like how far from roads things can be to get power and water) and how taxes affect each district type..Version: 1.002

The perfect city building game!I have only been playing for about 4 hours but so far this game has been nothing short of amazing! The graphics are nice and it’s awesome to be able to build your own character. Being able to walk in your own city really takes it to the next level and makes the city building that much more immersive. I love all the extra activities that you can do and the mass variety of buildings that I have available! And all the UI is amazing at making the game feel so simple to understand. Just an amazing game overall!.Version: 1.0

So much better than Pocket City but one thingFirst I have to say I loved pocket city the first one it was great I thought it was worth the money and this is just an elevated version of that one of the best city builder games in the App Store. I only have a few issues with it and I say this with Grace just because I understand loading all of this might take a lot and after a few bug fixes it’ll be up and running in a few months. But in the last game when you interacted with the citizens or interrupted a crime you could clearly see where the crime is but it is difficult to find it in this version if that makes sense. Also after playing this game for about 45 minutes I’ve had to restart it at least a few times so I do think it’s worth the money if it gets updated a few more times overall great job..Version: 1.0

It’s pocket city 2 on steroids…If you loved pocket city you will love pocket city 2 All the same features and yet seems like a new game. I love the fact you now can interact with people and buildings and walk around your city, gives you a new view of the city you are planning. Been playing for awhile has NOT crashed or any real issues other than the odd car causes a traffic backlog due to a crazy uturn. I think this game unlike the original feels like you have to work to earn your Goverment money. So far great game loving the extras worth the money and for sure is worth five stars..Version: 1.0

Incredible!! Great game!!Such a fun game!! Such an accessible and fun sim city style game. Engaging game hook with quests always giving me new things to go and do. Pick and up play for a few minutes or hours any time. Portrait or landscape mode.. portrait is super important for me and not enough games support it. The dev is super active and supportive. Within a few days of me reporting a bug they patched it and released the update! Thanks so much!! Time to keep playing 😎🌇.Version: 1.009

Good game but…Would give it a 5 but for the following Crashes Lack of easy sharing of cities between devices (e.g. FB, iCloud support) Personally I don’t like the drive / walk challenges …. Apart from that though, it’s excellent and commendable for the 100% lack of in game purchases 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.Version: 1.027

Love it!Hours of fun !.Version: 1.031

Coop city building at its finest!I’ve played for hours with my kids in coop mode, and it’s super fun. I wish more devs thought outside the box and added features like this! While it still has a few bugs to work out, the diversity of activities and excellent visual styling make this a top contender for my favourite iOS game this year!.Version: 1.0

Best game on App StoreFor me this is the best game on the App Store I loved the first and couldn’t wait for the sequel and this has lived up to my hopes and expectations. Still a few bugs here and there but I’m sure they will get ironed out. Wish there was more developers creating games like this without crappy micro transactions and adverts.Version: 1.027

Really good game! Wish maps were larger!Played pocket city previously and came across pocket city 2, really good game play! Love the new additions from the first game. Really wish that the sandbox maps was larger to accommodate more buildings and zones, I have so much fun making little cities but find the biggest map is still to small, this is the only complaint I have about the game..Version: 1.042

Don’t miss out on this classicThis game is in depth and wildly addictive. I have played games for over 30 years and I have never liked a single mobile game I have played. In a world of microtransactions and paywalls this game is truly a breath of fresh air. Everything is unlocked via gameplay in an ode to the golden era of gaming. I have played hours already and have just scratched the surface of all the content available. I give many thanks to the developer for this gem of a game and I have already got my money’s worth and would have paid more now that I know how good it truly is. If you like sim builders, don’t hesitate in buying this game and supporting a developer that clearly understand what made games so great in the past..Version: 1.008

If you like builder games like I doThen Pocket City 2 is for you. I first started playing Sim City “I’m an old fart gamer” on Super Nintendo back in 1991 when I was 9. I have been on the search for a solid builder game over the last few years for a handheld and they all have been a major let down. Then I came across the original Pocket City and loved it. When the announcement was made for Pocket City 2, I was very excited and will say this game hands down takes the cake. Pocket City 2 has exceeded my expectations and then some. Cheers Bobby!.Version: 1.012

Top gameFantastic game just 1 thing if possible can you make a 5x5 road template.Version: 1.031

FREE ROAM THATS GOOD?!Quite happy with the game so far, very surprised to enjoy hand gliding around my city like Link going into my store. They’ve really added some of the old Maxis SimCity 4 charm. It’s not a traffic manager but it’s very nifty in other ways that makes it perfect to play about with on the iPad. Looking forward to see what else they add in the future..Version: 1.0

Re: Driving DynamicsFirstly, this game is amazing! I don’t want to sound like I have issues with it. It’s the closest you’ll get to a proper SimCity but improves on it and some. What is so exciting about this game is its potential. The fact you can drive around and interact with your city is fantastic and renders any other simcity clone half-baked. I would like to see the driving dynamics improved though, they are a little too ‘arcade like’ at the moment. It would also be great to have hills and be able to change the terrain in that respect. Those are just two things at the top of my wish list anyway. Well done for making this game premium, something that is lacking way too much in the world of mobile gaming. Keep up the good work. Buy this game, it’s amazing..Version: 1.027

Great fun and hugely addictive. No ads. No tracking. No micro transactions.Been playing for hours and hours. Never crashed. And I played the original too which got regular updates. All included in the initial price..Version: 1.008

Literally the bestI am addicted. This game is the best mobile game I’ve played in my life. I’m so picky but this game smacks..Version: 1.023

Excellent city builderThis is the city builder you want on iOS. Full game with no in-app purchases. Deep levels of design and customizations. Toms of fun stuff like mayor free roam and parties and events. Designing industrial areas and managing pollution etc. all the good stuff from sim city. Great graphics and controls - this game is fantastic. Highest recommendation for a city builder.Version: 1.002

Great Game!Great game and addictive, but there are some bugs, hope you can improve it! Bugs I met: - The time freezes at 1 am, I have to delete the backstage and get back to the game in order to became normal - Sometimes the graphic doesn’t show in the right way when I open a chest or a crate - Auto-sell doesn’t work Some suggestions on banking system: I wish I can pay small amount of debt several times instead of paying 100,000 at once. I find it hard to earn 100,000 dollars when thousands dollars of interest deducted everyday.Version: 1.0

Freaking amazing!!!!!I know you play as the mayor of the town but I think a really neat update would to be allowed to take part in other jobs I.e the police/FD/paramedics event he snow plows during the winter would be awesome to use, but that’s just a thought the main thing I think should be updated are the driving mechanics(only because I destroy all of my street lights when turning lol) but honestly even without that the game is a must hve beat game I have EVER purchased I keep finding new things that draw me into playing longer!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!.Version: 1.031

A must-have city builderIf you like city builders, getting this game is a no brainer. The original Pocket City was really good, but definitely felt built for mobile. Instead of messing it up like most followups do, Pocket City 2 keeps everything that made the original fun, and makes it better. Better graphics, better buildings, better balance, quality of life improvements, and even more nuance and depth. It adds the super cool feature that you can get down into your city and walk, drive, or fly around it like a citizen! They even added a day and night cycle and seasons. It all looks beautiful and works like a dream. This game would pull its weight on any platform, and having it on mobile, with no ads, micro transactions, or pay to win, is a treat. Don’t hesitate if the concept looks fun. Pocket city 2 delivers..Version: 1.040

Great city builder but has room for improvementI'm enjoying this game a lot, my wife who doesn't game much hasnt been able to put it down. I've really like the ability to co-op build a city. 1)However, we've noticed that trying to do this on any other regional city (that isn't the main center one) causes the joiner to be stuck in a blue screen. 2) The person who joins in the co-op is unable to participate in events, sell using the dock(or train station), can't join free-roam, and worst off, can't participate in mini games. Being able to do minigames competitive or cooperatively would really benefit the co-op mode. 3) placing roads is really finicky. Occasionally when drawing a line, a loop is accidentally made and frequently it gets so chaotic by trying to undo that I have to just cancel and go through the menus to try again. You also can't change where the first placed road tile is, this means that if you misclick the initial placement you have to cancel and go through the menus again. Menu navigation itself is easy enough, however, it is tedious and cumbersome to have to repeat the same action multiple times to get a desired result. I don't want to only complain about the game, it's genuinely fun and I love that it's a stepping stone for non-gamers into this genre. The free roam also helps with that..Version: 1.023

Such and amazing game!I have been glued to this game for about 2 days now. I love that the game is not pay to play and you can actually advance at your own pace. You have to be critical about your thinking and be mindful of the layout of your city. I haven’t played the first game but I don’t have to considering how good this game is by itself..Version: 1.031

Amazingly done:)Don’t usually write reviews tbh but the sequel to the first pocket city is just downright amazing, would have happily payed a bit more than £5 for it:) the first one was good but this one is even better, from the free roam to the 3D graphics and my favourite: spawning disasters lol💀 n all the other astounding stuff too that’s been implemented that wasn’t in the first one, it’s one of the best city building games on mobile😌✨.Version: 1.0

Good gameVery good but the game crashes every like 5 min please fix.Version: 1.012

Simple, But Great!I've played this game for countless of hours and I'm finding new thinga in this game. The fact that you can explore your city in first person and ride the public transport you've planned is just an amazing detail. Aside from that, this game is extremely easy to master as well and is just enjoyable. Highly recommend for people who want to play something that is casual and fun!.Version: 1.042

Fantastic, Immersive Upgrade From the OriginalThis game is a vast upgrade from the original, with more to do, portrait and landscape modes, quality of life upgrades, and an immersive first person view. You can walk around the world you create, with the ability to interact with civilians, find treasure, and build relationships. The controls are seamless, and both portrait mode and landscape mode work well. Whatever is more convenient to use. I highly suggest getting this game, and exploring the new world you can make..Version: 1.0

Just buy it already!Very fun and surprisingly deep. I continue to play and keep finding new things. Totally worth more than the price of the game. Plus no micro transactions, which makes the experience more enjoyable. I would like more building styles and nature options. Love it..Version: 1.031

The truth about pocket city 2Let me get this straight, pocket city one was pretty good but pocket city 2 is freaking incredible. This game has a level of dept as good as major building game like cities skylines. The free roam mode add an à la Sims expérience which is pure genius. Buying this game for 6.99 CAD is a no brainer..Version: 1.002

This game is amazing.I wish in collaborator mode you can see the other person driving around and also drive around the map together. The refresh on another device is off at various times. The collaborator would build something and it will never show up on the others screen. Also power outages on houses that show powered on the host. Small glitches but it is still worth it. And enjoyable..Version: 1.042

Absolutely BrilliantThis is not just one of the best city builders ever made, but one of the best mobile games ever made and maybe even one of the best games ever. I cannot believe this is on a mobile device. This game has so much depth and detail and it rivals even the biggest city builders out there. I haven’t seen coding wizardry like this since Chris Sawyer with rollercoaster tycoon. Bravo to the developers and looking forward to updates. You can build a detailed city, explore it in free roam, drive cars, enter almost every building, shop at stores, buy a house… it goes on. Worth every penny of its price..Version: 1.002

A brilliant sequelWell made with some fantastic improvements from the first game. £5 very well spent!.Version: 1.002

Great One Time Purchase GameI grew up playing all versions of Sim City, Civilization, and more recently Cities Skylines. (Among a few others). To adapt this to a phone is difficult let alone to compete with these big names. I have to say, I love this game. The fact that I’m not bombarded with In-app purchases is the best thing going for it. The ease of play, constant progression, and background features (building relationships, research, policies, etc.) have turned me into an addict. I have already told a vast majority of my friends about the app. Well done!.Version: 1.031

Amazing gameLoved the first Pocket City and this one picks up where the first left off. It’s Pocket City on steroids with free roam first player added in. It’s addictive and can play straight for hours but also is great when you have just a few minutes to play a game. Developers have done really well and couldn’t recommend enough..Version: 1.002

Love it but a lil bugsThe home design builder is buggy for me. When i try to moves an objects another objects moves with it like if they were connected or something. and after the objects whos connected randomly disappear which i find so annoying bc i lost what i just buy. but else i rlly love it.Version: 1.041

Best mobile city gameI think this game is really good but there can be updates. this game is really good and i feel like adding a few details will make it really good and put it on the market. i feel like adding actual highways will make it really good. also adding an extra upgrade for lvl 2 upgrades would really improve the game and longevity of it. i feel like adding different styles of buildings like modern farm land etc would make nice designs to the game. i feel like also adding what you want to be houses and what you want to be apartments and sky rises would be good. i also feel like making and naming certain parts and classifying whether they’re industrial commercial or residential zones would be nice with different options like choosing the districts taxes etc. i feel like adding offices for the 3rd industrial lvl would be nice and cause less pollution. but the game is really good in general!!.Version: 1.042

Instabuy because the original was so goodWhy was this an Instabuy? Because the original game was so good and fun to play. It is what SimCity was and so far from what SimCity has become. One price, one purchase, the full game! I’m so glad there are developers like this who know that people will pay for quality games. Not all of us are from the gimme gimme gimme for free free free camp. Thank you devs for a great game. Can’t wait to dive into this one!.Version: 1.042

Brilliant…but has glitchesThis game is brilliant and offers so much more than version 1. If the glitches, such as crashing when trying to compete with other cities, were fixed I’d give it top rating..Version: 1.042

Need improvement but decent enough gameDecent game. But four issues 1.be better if there was a bar graph or something to show much much electric and water is in use. 2. The tasks from residents are too repetitive 3. Everytime you do something like build a road etc, you have press the speed up button again to speed the game u. Be nice to just have to press it once 4. New zone or bigger map.Version: 1.027

Great!But I would like to play it in french please. It’s easier for me to understand all in my native langage. Otherwise I really appreciate. Thanks..Version: 1.009

QualityHonestly, it’s a very well made game..Version: 1.0

Really fun game so farSpend once and enjoy, the game has so much in depth content from what I can see so really looking forward to it.Version: 1.002

Amazing!This is just an astonishing game. I can’t believe what they’ve managed to squeeze into this. It knocks Sim City out of the park. £5 for this is simply an absolute bargain. The whole game included with no horrible in-app purchases that con you into spending money. If only more people made games as good as this. Brilliant..Version: 1.009

Incredible gameThis game is probably the best city builder out there. I never played the first one, but it was probably pretty good too! I have some suggestions that would make the game even better. My first one is to be able to rename the citizens and workers. It would make the game so much more creative. Another one is to be able to paint your buildings. That would be fun. There would be a paint item that you would have to get to be able to do that. That is all I could think of. But if your considering about getting this, you definitely should!.Version: 1.002

A Very Fun and Quite Detailed GameGame surprisingly has a lot of content and ability for your character to free roam around and a lot of side quests/objectives you can do for a mobile game. More of a scaled down version of Cities Skyline one could say. Some parts are pretty cheesy and takes a little to get used to the grid style game. For the price of this game and the volume of content, it’s worth the purchase..Version: 1.042

Whoever made this game is a mastermindThe fact that theres a game like this on mobile is shocking, its like cities skylines with the added twist of actually living in the city you create, you can enter every building, borrow cars off the street, visit all the attractions you add to your town its insane! Theres also a pretty good quest system that rewards you properly for your time..Version: 1.031

Must BuyThis is an incredible game, if you like city management games. If you like pocket city 1 then this is a must have!.Version: 1.002

One of the best games on the app storeWish there were more games developed like this. Its not a cash grab and not trying to milk the player with in app purchases. Will easily pay for a mac version if it ever comes out..Version: 1.031

Too easy and gives too much of the game away on lower difficultiesSo your first play through is very easy. Nothing really matters and you can earn near infinite money and experience. Spam disasters over and over, you can stack dozens of volcanos, and you’ll gain levels, research, and money fast. Then pay the measly repair bill and rinse repeat. Now this wouldn’t be such a problem that the easy difficulty is so darn easy except for the fact that you can basically experience the entire game on your first play through. Sure there are different terrains to try, and more buildings to unlock on hard and expert. But you’ve basically seen it all. All and all, totally worth the price of admission. I played through twice and enjoyed it. I wish more had been higher behind the higher difficulties or even subsequent play throughs. Nothing really to bring me back. But maybe that’s not what the developers were going for. A relaxing experience where you can plunk in and zone out. (Pun intended).Version: 1.008

Best mobile game I’ve playedYou can build a city from the bottom up, or play a sandbox city. You can prosper, or you can destroy it all in Free Roam mode. It’s quite literally Minecraft, except you build the greatest city of all time..Version: 1.009

Fun But Lacks ChallengeThis is certainly one of the best city builders on iOS. The first few hours are great fun - good graphics, smooth gameplay, easy to use UI - but then you realize there isn’t much challenge to the game. It’s absurdly easy to make money, the location of your zones doesn’t have much effect (residential zones don’t have a penalty for being near industry), bad traffic doesn’t have consequences, etc. Increasing the difficulty only increases the time between unlocks, not the difficulty in city management. The free roam and mini games are great features, but don’t make up for the game’s lack of challenge as a city builder. Pickup on sale for a few hours of fun, but don’t expect anything close to a SimCity 4 level of city simulation..Version: 1.002

Comfort gameThis is amazing and is my comfort game to play when i'm burnt out~ but would be even better if it lets us synchronize between phone and ipad using game centre..Version: 1.0

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Pocket City Positive Reviews

Build your own city as mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Re...

Pocket City Positive Reviews, comments
Pocket City Positive Reviews

Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation s...