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Sling Plane 3D App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Sling Plane 3D app received 181 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about sling plane 3d?

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Too similar to existing gamesToo similar to existing games on the market. This game could be made so much better with simple additions such as wind and differing speeds depending on how much fuel you use and when etc. but it makes no effort to incorporate any such features, opting instead for a fixed flight length depending on your stats, eliminating any real sense of player control other than the final landing..Version: 1.17

Don’t waste your time. Unskippable ads0.1/10.Version: 1.17

To many adsTo many ads.Version: 1.15

This app is a Cash grab.You can pay to have them remove ads ($6 in my case) but they find every way to include them and there is no way I've found to skip them, though even if you could they find every way they can to put them into the game. The game play itself is simple and could be fun if it wasn’t so plainly and annoyingly obvious that they are trying to milk this for all it’s worth so that what would normally be an enjoyably simple gameplay into a grueling experience of constant interruptions and sitting through advertisements. And this is all on a “ad free” experience of the game so you can forget playing this free if you got 5 mins to spare since 50-75% of it will be spent sitting though commercials..Version: 1.21

Too many ads, don’t waste your timeThere are so many adverts, it makes this game virtually unplayable. Such a pity as is seems good but I can’t really tell. Putting up with 2 to 3 ads between go’s that only last a few seconds is unbearable..Version: 1.17

TerribleAwful graphics, awful gameplay, littered with ads, and no goal in-game to actually make it fun. This is just another ‘collect coins and upgrade stuff’ game designed to prey on people’s sense of achievement and numb minds..Version: 1.23

Ads even after paying to remove adsTitle says it all, payed to remove ads, still got ads, whilst not as often, still get them every 5 or so runs! If you have payed to remove ads, the expectation is that the ads are removed....Version: 1.18

Maxed out but yet....So I maxed everything out and I still don’t seem to know if the map ends. I am confused as to how anyone can go farther because I can only go so far with my plane and my stats on max. Also when I could watch the ad for a new plane, videos were not available and I missed the chance to get all the planes. Now I’m on a very high level and can’t use all the planes because I can’t even buy them... this game is odd.Version: 1.21

Life changingBefore sling plane 3D I was lost. I had no purpose in life and everything felt meaningless. I found myself alone in an alley eating stolen animal crackers, covered in feces from a homeless man. Then I thought to myself, what am I doing? I am never going to be anything if I do this lifestyle. Then I downloaded sling plane 3D and everything changed. I stopped stealing shopping carts from elderly women, I got a job, and I could finally look at myself and think “I am worth something.” This game made me who I am today and I would recommend this journey to anyone who needs the help Love and peace, Neb Duarts.Version: 1.21

The more you play, the more frequent the AdsYou pick up the game, you get an ad every 3-4 slings, sounds like a fair rate for a free game. Keep playing for a few minutes. Now it’s every other sling shot you have an ad. Play a few more times and now it’s an ad every time. Tolerated that for a minute then it was 2 ads every time I’d sling shot a plane. That’s insane and makes the game unplayable. Ads vs ad-free is one thing, ad-free vs broken by ads is another..Version: 1.18

More ads than actual game play75% ads and 25% game play. You have to watch 2 ads in between each round. I deleted it..Version: 1.15

Ads: The Game!This low-effort mobile “game” is a complete and total waste of time. Two stars for gameplay as it had potential to be decently fun, but they just rehashed a really well known gameplay loop so not a big compliment. However you don’t get to play the game. Offering ads to further reward you is a great idea and I thought I could deal with it. But after the third or fourth time I got three or four ads in a row, I started to doubt..Version: 1.21

Adverts ruin the gameAdvert banner on screen at all times. Game is free so I don’t have an issue. Every 10 seconds “would you like to watch a video for bonus X”. Annoying, but again it’s free and so I can live with it. Clicking on “no thanks” and then having to watch a video anyway - not acceptable. Potential for a good game that could be sold for 59-79p with no adverts. Could even live with a constant banner and 59p. However, it’s all about how much advertising cash can the game generate. Not worth the effort..Version: 1.18

For every 10 seconds you play the game you have 2 mins of adsI thought the idea of the game was cool but it is not worth downloading . You have to watch a video before you go, after you go, while your watching videos more videos pop up. Seriously for every 10 seconds you play the game you have 2 minutes of videos you are forced to watch. Not worth downloading at all. All this game is, is advertisements for other games..Version: 1.13

Needs upgradeThe game is addictive. But when you reach max you can’t fly any further. It really needs to improve. The run way on the advertising is not like mine and the train track with the tunnel I haven’t seen as yet . Could do with different levels or worlds to fly through. And constantly upgrades to fly further. But it is a really good game if I could fly more . It’s impossible for me to beet my score now ..Version: 1.23

Too many AdsIt’s a shame, it’s a really fun and promising concept but it’s completely over taken by ads to the degree it’s basically unplayable. I would say maybe 80% of gameplay is just watching ads. Deleting it today, after only a few days of playing it. One of the worst offenders in the over-advertisement problem that a lot of mobile games have resulted to. Also once you reach a certain point the upgrades stop making you actually go further, my theory is they didn’t design anything more and the game makes you go down if you get too close to the end. Which is really cheap and lazy by the way..Version: 1.15

Misleading in app purchaseI usually give apps the benefit of the doubt and prefer to spend a buck or two to get rid of ads if I feel like I’ll play the game for more than an hour or two. In recent days, these apps have been gaming the system. Pay $5.99 to remove ads, then when you try to upgrade your stuff, it unexpectedly turns from charging you coins to making you watch an ad. This is beyond scummy. I just gave you far beyond what you would have earned off of me in ad revenue in return for the promise of no ads, but you decided to be greedy, so I’m refunding the iap just as soon as Apple processes my receipt. I’ve already deleted the app. Too bad, it looked like a good time waster..Version: 1.17

MehKinda good, way too many ads. If I press “no thanks” to not watch an ad, I then don't expect to be greeted with an ad. Not enough content and gets boring quickly. Good idea, fun at first, has potential to be better than it is..Version: 1.21

Decent game but way too many adsIts a decent game to kill Time but write there are wayyyyyy too many ads breaking up the game play.Version: 1.17

Mostly adds with a few moments of gameplay90% of this is advert videos. I appreciate games need ad revenue, but 30 second for every click is ridiculous.Version: 1.13

False advertisingI paid the $$$ for no adds however I’m still bombarded with adds after each run and doing upgrades on planes or even landing on the red/golden spots for higher multiplier this company is. A sham pity because i actually enjoy lazy games like this.Version: 1.17

Waste of timeOne game/round lasts three seconds. Then have to watch 30 seconds of ads before moving on to the next round. I understand that free games come with ads but this is too much. Played three rounds then deleted the app..Version: 1.21

Way too many addsLike other said the ads kill this game. Just can’t do it..Version: 1.16

LimitedI’ve downloaded this game & maxed out all available upgrades within just 48 hours, there is now nothing left to do apart from repeat the same flights time after time, hoping you might fly just 1 more metre further than last time. Was fun initially but now really really boring. Save yourself the trouble, don't download as you will disappointed..Version: 1.17

Lot of adsLot of ads.Version: 1.21

Too many ads not enough contentFar too many ads and once you can clear the first 3 areas there’s no need to continue upgrades don’t add a difference that is even noticeable and the map just loops..Version: 1.16

It was funI maxed everything out in one day. I also noticed the sling upgrade didn't really do anything. Everything that mattered was the engine upgrade. I don't know if it was a big or not but I could hit landing pads and gain all my fuel back. With this I was able to make it to 100,00M before I got bored and crashed on purpose. A fuel gauge would be helpful as well. As a suggestion maybe fixing that and add fuel canisters as well as boosters. I had fun playing it but now I can't progress any further and don't see why I should keep playing it. The cap was 200. So I enjoyed it for the time I put into it..Version: 1.16

Gotta make the reviews evenSomeone put a 5 star review a So imma put a 1 Star.Version: 1.13

Adds are a jokeSo many adds. It starts off okay as you do get rewardeds for watching them but it gets to a point where every 30sec sling gets you 2-3adds.Version: 1.17

Slight waste of timeThe game itself is pretty good, even though everyone is complaining about ads, I just turn my WiFi off. After some research, if you use your engine with the smallest amount of sling, you get almost the same results than full sling. Though, if you don’t use the engine, it’s still pretty disappointing. If there is a use, up probably isn’t going to help..Version: 1.21

Too many adsCould be a good game but the amount of ads is ridiculous, totally unusable after a while you end up watching more ads than playing the game..Version: 1.16

Ends far too soonA good game but you reach max upgrades far too quickly and then there is nothing to do and no further you can fly. Really needs some changes to either make it possible to perform tricks to extend flight time or make some new scenes so when you max out of one you can move to the world. Otherwise it’s just a bit pointless after 2-3 days.Version: 1.22

Used to be fun and no ads should mean NO ads...It was fun before this most recent “fix”. The upgrades never seemed to work at helping distance outside of marginal increases (my engine and sling are both at lvl 180 I think). We used to be able to do a “fly by” (Top Gun) on the landing pads and it would act to refuel the plane. My highest distance before the update was over 50k. Now I’m struggling to get past 7500. That’s with upgrading my engine and sling 5x each flight alternatively. I’m not sure what they “fixed”, but it’s less. Also, if you pay for no doesn’t mean no ads. The multiplier still requires you to watch ads. I have other slingshot games that cost less that legitimately removed all the ads. They come up with new worlds every few months too. If I could get a refund, I would and probably remove the game from my phone..Version: 1.16

TerribleI was enjoying the game and decided to pay for no ads. Paid 6.00 which I thought was to much. Considering most games like this I’ve played asks for 3, but I paid anyways thinking it would be worth it. Turns out I still have to watch ads. Ads ads ads everything’s ads. If you want to upgrade anything you can only do it a couple of times till you have to watch an ad to upgrade it. I really regret my purchase and I’m writing this so no one makes the mistake I did..Version: 1.17

I paid and ads are everywhere!Not a sure how to ask for a refund but I will. It’s vile how you say pay for no ads and they’re all over the game. Greed. Shame..Version: 1.21

Ad heavyExtreme amount of ads.Version: 1.17

Fixes I suggest and improvementsSo an issue I notice was the landing pad, you can bounce off the top of the pad and hit your engines again, this is not a game based on fuel, you literally never run out it should be gauged with fuel instead of power, cause you can keep hitting the landing pad and keep going, should be fixed if anything, so that way you don't bounce off or maybe set it to once it hits anything you can't use your engines anymore, and if they did that then I suggest a altitude gauge, to see how far you are from the ground but other then that a good game to waste time on the toilet.Version: 1.17

Ruined it with recent updateI enjoyed this game because it was fun to play while passing the time. I upgraded all the way to 200 and couldn’t get any farther, but I found out that if you hit the edge of one of the pads just right you can get another boost. It effectively made the game very strategic and fun as you had to hit it just right and you would fly endlessly. Well I guess they fixed the “bug” so now it’s just stagnant. Going to uninstall as there is no fun anymore with the updates..Version: 1.17

Sling planeDon’t download, full of ads.Version: 1.15

1*Good for 5 minutes 😢.Version: 1.18

2nd SlingOnly the 2nd sling, already there have been more ads than game. At this rate I will delete this game..Version: 1.21

Do you like ads?Cos this is the app for you if you do..Version: 1.18

Ads....For daaaaaays..Version: 1.15

ScamThis game is a complete scam, I paid $9.99 for NO ADS and yet I still get ads. What a joke - this company is a rip off. Don’t waste your time....Version: 1.16

Wayyy too many adsThis is virtually unplayable with the number of ads. 3-4 ads in a row for every move you make - pointless.Version: 1.14

Ad’s have ruined itAnother prime example of greed ruining a simple yet enjoyable game. Adverts popping up, so the devs make money and then they have the nerve to try & make you pay for the ad free version. Deleted after 30 mins as unplayable with all the commercials.Version: 1.18

TerribleMore time watching ads than playing the game. And the game itself is just the same boring thing over and over. Nothing at all like what is promised. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.18

Unwanted updateAn update ruined the game for all. Boost is so compromised and I can’t add it by running over those fans. Poor decision.Version: 1.17

Stupid gameThe game is ok but there are so many adds aswell as the fact that u can’t get the levelled planes without watching a ads because the levels keep going up wich makes so that every time u get close to the level to get a certain plane it goes up. This games ads are inappropriate aswell there are ads for adult content and there is foul language in some of these ads.Version: 1.21

UpdateUpdate ruined the game. Boost is now useless, can only get to about 9000 before it’s impossible to go any further. Bring back boost!.Version: 1.17

Mind numbingly boring.The game just doesn’t go anywhere. I thought there would be levels and maps you progress to but, nothing. You just level up your plane, very slowly, and just go further until you can’t level up anymore. It’s boring, pointless, you can’t finish it in an hour, and for god sake don’t pay for premium because you still get adverts even after paying £5.99!! Rip off..Version: 1.18

Way To Many AdsGot bombarded right off the top. Not worth it one bit, don’t download this “game.”.Version: 1.21

To many addsFree mode has to many adds, this does not motivate me to purchase the app, it motivates me to delete it..Version: 1.16

Do not purchase “no ads”Game is pretty fun, as with most like this the throw ads at you every chance they get. Purchased the no ads option (only supposed to disable ads between levels, not the ones for extra items) and it did not disable them. Requesting a refund..Version: 1.21

Too many ads!!!Too many ads.Version: 1.14

AdsAbsolutely riddled with advertisement. After almost every flight (3-5 seconds of gameplay during early game) you are hit with adverts. To unlock any new planes you must watch an advert. There are even adverts plastered on the screen as you fly.... There is an option to pay to remove ads, but $9.99 is ludicrously expensive for such a basic (and not a good) game..Version: 1.18

Good theme, far too many addsThis is the worst app I have used for displaying constant adds, 75% adds 24% game 1% crap, very frustrating, don’t waste your time downloading, if you do you will end up deleting it because off excessive adds.Version: 1.15

Too many adsThe game seems kind of fun. They want 6 bucks to remove ads. Game doesn’t seem worth $6. It started off letting me go 2-3 rounds with no ads but as you play more (maybe 30 minutes) it starts playing ads after every round, then again before the next round. Some times there even argued ad in there too. So this is just another game if you’re not willing to pay for, you will spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game..Version: 1.17

People saying way too many adsJust turn wifi off and play.Version: 1.16

I would love to play this butWhy can’t I pay to remove the adverts? If you can it’s not easy to find. I’ve deleted as the ads are so intrusive. Shame 😔.Version: 1.16

Ad Wh0r3 The GameFirst few rounds were ok. You get spammed with the request to review a couple of times, but no biggie, but then the ads start ... right about the time the requests for reviews stop. Say “No Thanks” to watch an ad to multiply your score? Watch one anyway. Decide to watch the ad to multiply your score? Watch two! Unlock a skin? Watch an ad or you lose it. You spend far more time watching the ads than playing the game. Also worth noting, other than having planes in it, the video they show you on social media has nothing to do with the actual game..Version: 1.13

ScammersI paid $8 to remove ads Because I liked the game and I’m still getting ads Don’t pay to remove ads it doesn’t work Completely ruined the whole experience for me.Version: 1.17

Good game but not enough contentThis is a very fun and addictive game, but I played for a few hours over 3 days and I’ve got to max engine, sling and money and have reached the max flight time/length, there is a lot of potential with this game, different maps and city’s some more challenges, also disappointing to learn that buying new planes and slings does not change the flight at all which is a shame each one should have individual stats and how they fly and distances reached with each one but as stated it is a good game but please make some improvements..Version: 1.21

Fun but stuck, PS ads are always a problemBeen enjoying the game, maybe developers can help but I leveled my plane to 70 engine and 64 sling, my top distance is 18k but suddenly I can’t fly past 6k anymore. Idk if it’s a bug it seems like I can’t get anymore distance out of upgrades, defeats the whole point of the game if it’s that easy to max out. If it’s not fixed I’ll be moving on.Version: 1.13

Wasted TimeHad this game on my phone for no more than an hour. Spent more time having to watch Ads then playing the game. Your greed has ruined the playing experience..Version: 1.23

Paid for adds to be removed. Didn’t work.I paid for the adds to be taken off, 9.99aud. Took the money. Adds are still everywhere. And the amount of adds make it so hard to enjoy the game. Poor effort!.Version: 1.21

Literally unplayableI really like the game and the idea of the game. However, the mfkin ADS! You click no thanks on the ads and you still get them. I get it, as a developer, you need ads to make money but come on man! This is absolutely ridiculous! Played for about 10 mins and was absolutely spammed with ads. Pretty ridiculous and sad, because the game was pretty fun. Tip: just force quit the app and get your coins while skipping the ads. Lol a little scummy but skip those I skip Pablo horrible ads..Version: 1.14

Way too many ads!Cut the constant ads down a bit.Version: 1.15

Too much adsToo much ads.Version: 1.15

Broken game!Look, I like this game. It’s fun to play but... there is a ton of broken stuff. 1. The multipliers, when you land, they mean nothing. Land on an 80x and watch a vid, or land on a 29x, they both give you the same points. Tried this multiple times. The only multiplier that works is the 1-5x at the end of each turn. 2. Distance means nothing. Seriously, it means absolutely nothing. 3. The constant barrage of ads alone makes this unplayable unless you turn off data. Even with the data on, number 1 & 2 still apply. I’m keeping the game for only one reason, I want to play it once everything is fixed. I would even pay for it once it’s fixed so I don’t have to see ads..Version: 1.13

Too many ads, too little distanceIt doesn’t take very long to max out your level, but even then I can’t get past 10k meters. It looks like previous versions of the game have fun runways, and The ability to “lift“ the aircraft farther by flying over the floating fans, but neither of which are there anymore. On top of that, The amount of ads are insane. As a beginner, I spent more time looking at ads than I did flying. Now that I’ve gotten maxed out levels, it’s about even. Paying for no ads is not worth it if it can’t make you fly farther either. Gameplay needs to be fixed, or made more exciting and there needs to be fewer ads for a higher rating.Version: 1.21

AdsSo much ads, it’s barely playable.Version: 1.17

AdsSoo many ads. Deleted after 10 minutes of play and 30 ads..Version: 1.17

ADS ADS ADSNothing but an ad fest. Just rubbish all round..Version: 1.16

AddTo many adds.Version: 1.16

SpamThis is just a spam game for other games 🤬.Version: 1.17

Too many addsThis game would be fun if it didn’t shove adds down your throat. I would actually continue playing it if I could get rid of the adds for a reasonable price. $10 for no adds = me not playing any longer..Version: 1.17

Not happyI paid almost $10 for “no ads” but still have to put up with ads..... NOT HAPPY.Version: 1.16

Too many addsFive seconds of gameplay for a thirty second add. Game might be ok with less adds..Version: 1.17

No ads should mean NO ads!$8.50 for no ads, and there are still ads. Paying to remove ads only removes the on screen bottom banner. However, ads for multipliers, “free” upgrades, and unlocking skins still require you to watch ads..Version: 1.18

What a crocHow the fk do you lose coin and not improve your total no matter how many times you try. The other question is why can you not reach the next level once you maxed out engine, plane, sling ?.Version: 1.17

Unable to enjoyFar too many adds unplayable.Version: 1.17

Unplayable adsCan’t even play the game without an ad every minute.Version: 1.21

Ok gameWould be nice if you level up past 200 and get different maps..Version: 1.18

Glitchy gameNot worth it.Version: 1.17

90% ad. 10 % playAd after ad..Version: 1.17

Just trying to advertise to youA really basic game with about five minutes of game play. Every single step of the game is trying to get you to view advertising. This is not a game as much as an advertisement app. Waste of time. Whatever you do don’t pay for it..Version: 1.21

AddsThat have false advertisement about no adds you buy the no adds and you still see adds with the multiplayers and the platform you land on and I ask for my money back and still have not received it SCAM APP.Version: 1.22

Rien que de la publicitéA chaque minute, il y a une pause publicitaire...c’est trop..Version: 1.16

Vessel for adsFun brain dead game, except it’s 60% adds 40% gameplay. An absolute joke.!.Version: 1.16

NoIf could give 0 stars would have. Too many ads, can be 3 ads for every sling, waste of time, take out most of the ads and would be more playable. Unless you like ads don’t waste your time with this game..Version: 1.15

Maybe don’t use a different game for your addBad game..Version: 1.14

Too many adsInsane amount of ads. More time watching ads than playing.Version: 1.21

Too. Many. Ads.There is WAY to many ads in this game. It is more ads than actual gameplay. It is not worth to buy no ads, I would recommend you just delete this game. I would play ANYTHING else, cause at least in the other games it is more gameplay and an ad every like 3-5 minutes. If it was like that I would play this more often. But there is way too many ads. Ew.Version: 1.21

Pub abusiveInjouable! Une pub a chaque action! Sinon possibilité de retirer les pub pour 8,5$, une honte!.Version: 1.21

Good ideas, poor executionThis game seems fun until you realize it’s all about getting ad revenue for the app designers. What’s that you paid $6 to stop the ads? Guess again. You cannot upgrade using all your money in one go without watching an ad. Well unless you want to close the game and reopen it. So basically they have scammed anyone who paid this out of their money. Also, I’m getting tired of false advertising of game ads. In the game ad it showed someone flying through a tunnel and avoiding cars. Actually flying. In this game all you do is launch your plane, fly in a straight line and then at the end you try to land on a platform. The later in the game you go the longer you have to hold the plane in place. The map is a repeat of the same and you can get to the repeated section after level 110. It’s like they are punishing people who stick around. Here do the same stuff just longer. The.Version: 1.21

ReviewToo many adds.Version: 1.21

YWay too many ads.Version: 1.13

More adds than game timeFree to play = For every round your greeted with a 20-30 second advertisement don’t waste time on this game.Version: 1.17

2 many ads!!This should have never been called a game. Please tell me that after reading review after review with a 1 star rating that the game is given a 4.2 star rating. Things that make you go hmmmm!.Version: 1.21

Good but...You can play without adverts simply by turning off your Wi-Fi but once you finish (which took only 3-4 hours) there is nothing to do.Version: 1.21

Ads made it infuriating and unplayableToo many ads. Even if you skip ads to not get double rewards you are still forced to watch ads..Version: 1.21

I can’t go up and there’s to many adsToo many ad and the games broke do not install.Version: 1.18

Hey everyoneHey everyone if you don’t want to be interrupted by ads just turn your phone on airplane mode.Version: 1.17

Ads, ads and more adsDon’t bother wasting your time downloading! You can’t do anything without an ad playing, sometimes they’ll get 3/4 ads in, in between flights. I understand that game studios need to make money, but this is just ridiculous..Version: 1.15

Too many adsThe concept of the game is fun. I enjoy launching and guiding the plane to different platforms. However, in order to get bonus coins to upgrade your aircraft you have to watch an ad, which is about 30 seconds. Then just between tries, you watch an ad. This one is about 10 seconds because you do get an option to speed through the ad. So for about every 5-10 seconds of game play, you watch about 40 seconds of ads. Sadly, I won’t be keeping this app just because the ad to game play ratio is too high..Version: 1.13

Turn off wifiTurn off wifi and data to avoid ads... obvious one for these ad heavy games Got all the way to level 100 on engines, sling and money, none of the skins unlocked... got bored.Version: 1.17

Add lvls and boostersGame is really fun, if you like it and are tired of the adds it’s worth paying to get rid of them. They do pop up still if you land on certain pads, add the multiplier at the end of your flight or if you click on the free upgrades. The only issue is that you max upgrades out at 200 and there are no other lvls. That loop you see in the photos is not in the game. If the creator would add some lvls and more upgrades this would be a 5 star rating for me..Version: 1.18

NOTHING BUT ADSTerrible. Nothing but ads/commercials. Don’t waste ur time..Version: 1.17

Too many adverts, unplayableWow; those adverts, so many of them it’s really annoying. I know the developers have to make money somehow but with so many adverts they are taking the ‘P’. Will avoid anything from this developer in future..Version: 1.23

Add’sHi, I’d like to know how come I still have add’s when I purchased it ??? It should be “FREE” of them if I bought it, NO ??? That’s why 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️. I love the game. But remove the add’s if I bought it !! Thanks !.Version: 1.18

ScamAlthough this is a free game to download there is an excessive amount of ads. I am happy to pay to have no ads but £6 to remove them is a bit much and even though I have paid to get rid of ads, they still play after almost every game. FIX THIS GAME OR REMOVE IT FROM THE STORE BECAUSE TAKING MONEY TO STILL PLAY ADS IS NOT ON..Version: 1.17

Too many adsThis is a fun game but unfortunately I watch more ads than actually be able to play the game and some ads launch even if you choose not to take the bonuses automatically I watch five hours before I can get to the next level Wish I could get a get a better review but I’m on a time of actually played it doesn’t allow me too.Version: 1.13

Ad’s ad’s ad’sTwo 30 second ads after each 10 second game play..Version: 1.18

There’s no progressionI’ve figured out how to continue bossing my plane through the landing ramps repeatedly and you just keep flying forever. The levels on the planes that you’re supposed to be able to unlock keep changing to higher numbers as I upgrade my plane and maps shown in the images don’t seem to exist. Looks as if the developers of this app launched prematurely. You’re welcome for the ad revenue, I’ll be deleting now.Version: 1.14

Weak gameThe fact that it requires an ad to power up after 5 consecutive power ups is a joke. You want 5 bucks to get rid of the ads and after you pay there are still ad walls. There is literally no challenge to the game. Level up to 200 and that’s it. The advertisement shows different launch pads yet you only get the basic pad. If you like mindless twit games, this is the game for you..Version: 1.17

Good but….I enjoy this game however the ads are just too much, so I paid the £5.99 for ad free, can’t see any difference. What did I pay for then? An add every 5th step of upgrading power, sling or rewards. An ad every time you land. An add then straight after to multiply your reward, which you need to do. An ad to upgrade your runway each time. And this is after I paid the £5.99. Massively spoils a good game. Also just seen that you can max out on power, sling and reward. So not happy that I wasted my money..Version: 1.23

Too many adsIv just been playing for 10 minutes. Actually. I was playing for around 2 minutes. 3x30 second ads between goes. Each go lasted around 10 seconds. Bye bye game..Version: 1.15

5 seconds of game play then 1 minute of ads.I have seen games with a lot of annoying ads but this one takes the taco. You literally have a minute of ads for every 5 seconds of game play. That’s not very fair so I deleted after playing only twice. If you want people to view your ads and maximize ad revenue, I suggest giving them a little bit more gameplay before slamming them with ads. Just my opinion!.Version: 1.17

Too many adsJust way too many ads. Less of a game and more of a ad serving app..Version: 1.17

It’s just advertsThe advert after each round is longer than the time spent playing, and then asks if you want to watch another advert after. When upgrading the buttons change into advert buttons which if you accidentally press instant advert. If you love adverts and hate games this is the advert app for you. The game isn’t even worth playing through the ads, play “learn to fly” it’s a better (also has penguins) and more interesting version of this game in the time before games were stuffed with ads..Version: 1.17

ReviewWay to many adds ! Doesn’t want me to play the game anymore.Version: 1.17

Games ok but....Games ok but too many ads sorry but every time I crash bam ad after ad etc could u please minimise the ads and i might re reveiw this.Version: 1.18

DO NOT sacrifice your time or your privacy!An experimental trial was undertaken, as 1 hour of game play was monitored and recorded. Results showed an average of 1 minute 32 seconds of ADS per 30 seconds of GAMEPLAY. 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF TIME IS SPENT WATCHING ADS FOR OTHER GAMES THAN ACTUALLY PLAYING THE PARTICULAR GAME ITSELF! Additionally, the extent of “data tracking” used for this primitive style game and/or platform is unnecessary and uncalled for. Under the listed “data tracking details” it is clearly informed that IDENTIFICATION ADDRESS of any device used to play the game will be record, as well as any actions taken while using this application. Additionally, 3rd parties (other apps, platforms, databases) will be granted access to this info. The details will go on the say how “personal identification” will not be obtain... (FALSE). Yeah, only the identification number for the personal device which that person owns/pays the bills for. This is a direct link (and access) to a persons name, personal info, location, and much more. It’s sad; and all want to do was fly a plane..Version: 1.17

Too many adsIn order to get any money in this game, you must land on the landing pads that multiply your earnings. When you land on these, there’s a chance at getting 2-5x the rewards for watching an ad. You would think that if you spent 6 dollars on this game for the no ads, then there would no longer be any of these ads that you have to watch. Well with this game, that is not the case. Do not spend money on this game and just turn off your WiFi/Mobile data to bypass the ridiculous amount of ads this game requires to get anywhere with..Version: 1.17

Paid for no addsStill adds very annoying and devious to charge for no adds and have them remain.Version: 1.17

Too Many AdsVery Fun but too many ads so please fix this.Version: 1.19

Nah I’m goodI downloaded the game today, and deleted it today. I spent more time watching ads than I did actually playing the game. Ads that are brief is one thing, but this game force feeds you the same ad thirty two times in a row and almost all the ads I encountered were about 30 to 60 seconds, then you x the ad out and the same ad pops up after. What I did get to play was ok, but definitely not worth the ads. I understand that you guys need to generate money through ads but Uhmm no lol you’re doing it wrong. Bye..Version: 1.14

Zac wToo many adds simple..Version: 1.17

Add crazyAdd crazy.Version: 1.18

Don’t waste your money trying to remove adsThis is a good way to kill time, some mindless entertainment, but, the amount of ads is ridiculous. Even after paying to remove the ads there are still plenty of them with no way to remove them completely. Also, every add is 30 sec long, you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Also, the game has no sound on my phone. Spend your $5 elsewhere.Version: 1.21

Not good at allWayyyy too many adds and you can’t control the plane very well DONT BUY !!!.Version: 1.21

Refund please, videos & adsI paid the $5.99 to have all of the ads taken off, but every time you use the slingshot you better yourself by watching another ad. Then random ads spawn whenever they feel like it. I feel like if you are making an ad-less version of the game it should not include you benefiting from getting more ads. Game is decent, 1 star due to the countless videos for ads they want you to watch. Every ad is the same, all for other late game that is going to have a ton of ads as well. Please refund so I don’t have to dispute the charges with Apple. Remove ads from the ad removal version..Version: 1.17

End up watching adsYou end up spending your time watching ads. I cannot believe someone would actually be paying to play this.Version: 1.22

AddAdd and add and add... So anoying!.Version: 1.16

AdsAds Ads Ads Ads Play ga Ads Ads Play ga Ads REALLY! this business model ruins games.Version: 1.23

Plagued with adsThe game is enjoyable for about 5 minutes before becoming increasingly repetitive by the constant ads that appear. Pretty much the only way of progressing in the game is by watching adverts, very boring!.Version: 1.17

AdsNobody gonna like this game with that much ads.Version: 1.15

Just a wasted opportunityAfter downloading this game thinking it be fun all i found was a mindblowingly boring game. there are so many things that could’ve been implemented to make this game more fun such as the helicarriers acc boosting you, mini games for more coins, an acc levelling up system that makes u faster and much more. this game is just something that could’ve been good but turned out terrible and boring..Version: 1.21

Waste of timeYou can play about 10 seconds of game to every 2 minutes of ads. Colossal waste of time. Absolutely not recommended.Version: 1.17

Ads everywhereEverything you do has an ad after it. Potentially a good game but destroyed by the amount of ads.Version: 1.21

AdsBored baby sitting and thought I’d play this to pass some time, I loaded up got an ad, use the sing once got an ad, got the free skin with an ad than used the sling again and got ad so it’s an ad after every slingshot so uninstalled it, I get it you make money off ads but mobile games like this are just unplayable, instead of spreading out the ads where I’d play more, you just lost me with three ads and I’m sure I’m not the only one.Version: 1.21

‘No ads’Purchased no ad’s and I still get ad’s; don’t do the additional purchase!.Version: 1.15

PatheticPay $8 for no adds and the first thing they do is shove more adds down your throat. What a despicable company. Don’t waist your money on the no add version..Version: 1.17

Hell! Unbelievable addsIf the developers could add adds in the middle of adds then in the middle of that add and another add for good measure 🥵I’m sure they could. Played it for 4 minutes and 3 minutes and 10 seconds was adds. Terrible experience..Version: 1.19

Waste of timeEverything maxes out at lvl 200 and after that you are unable to improve on distance. Pointless, repetitive and boring game! And ads. SOOOOO many ads it’s ridiculous..Version: 1.21

Worst appWorst app maximum coul reach is 10k fraud.Version: 1.18

ADS Every Second!The ads on this game are abysmal and occur after every single thing you do. Push a button 30 second ad, each flight 30 second ad! This could be a great game but the ads make me not even want to help the developers. Instead I just uninstalled the game because the blatant attention for you to spend $5.99 to drop the ads is just not even worth it! Stop using ads to force us to buy your game! It’s a fun game and if I enjoy playing I don’t mind supporting the devs but with these amounts of ads I’m not interested in the game at all!!.Version: 1.21

Sling PlaneDon’t waste your time. You will spend most of your time dealing with ad’s and the screen freezing. App need lots of work..Version: 1.16

TOO MANY ADDSWay to many!.Version: 1.17

Strangely addictive IAP are misleadingStrangely addictive game, but be warned the IAP to remove ads doesn’t actually remove all ads. You still have ads for upgrades, on platforms, and for bonuses..Version: 1.23

The update stinksWhy did you change it so the power ups max out? I update the app and now I can’t upgrade anymore. That is just stupid. What’s the point of the game if you can’t improve your plane??? I’ll check back from time to time, but the game isn’t worth playing anymore. Also, why did you get rid of the booster when you go off the end of a carrier? That was the skill shot that made it fun... Whomever is in charge of your gameplay changes needs a good talking too..Version: 1.16

Too many AddsToo many adds..Version: 1.17

Way too many ads95% watching ads. Do yourself a favour and delete the so called game..Version: 1.18

Typical ad gameWatch add to get more coins! Now watch another ad to continue! How fun... waste of time..Version: 1.21

Non stop ads.In sling plane 3D, there is something that vaguely resembles a game, but only sometimes, Inbetween all of the ads. I have spent more time on this watching ads than playing the game. Unplayable..Version: 1.23

More ads than gameWay too many ads. After every flight of less than 10 seconds you have to sit through 30 seconds of ads. No, no, no!.Version: 1.18

Too many adsAd central.Version: 1.17

As-based money grabberUpdate. This is the definition of a bad “game”. No content, no interesting mechanics, no reason to play. I got to level 50 in all three categories in about 15/20 minutes and mostly got bombarded with the usual ads for the usual games on repeat. No worries, just crash the game and restart - which is basically what happens when you don’t get an ad anyway: just rinse and repeat... There’s nothing else to say. Fling your airplane, watch an ad, repeat. How about adding some guns, some point booster target balloons, enemies, obstacles, literally anything?.Version: 1.17

Oh... my... god... the ads.It's a typical slingshot game but with an airplane. It could be fun but it's either $4.99 for no ads (so they claim, been fooled before) or you will probably sit through 2 to 3 ads (usually the same ad) back to back each turn. It's not like you really get anything out of the ads either unlike the match 3 blocks games or idle games, it's just forced ads. I get it, developers need money too, but this is clearly a game designed to just make revenue without providing much as an experience goes. Meh. Deleting this game. 2 stars just because you got me to download it..Version: 1.17

Spend more time watching ads than playing the gameI understand the need for ad revenue, but you have gone too far. I’m on the verge of deleting this game because there are way too many ads..Version: 1.17

Not as advertisedIt’s a good game but I paid £5.99 to get rid of the adverts, didn’t realise that you max out so quickly, so you have the choice of just playing the same over and over again or just quitting. Unless there is some hidden next level that I’m not seeing. Stick to the free game you will finish it soon enough even with the adverts..Version: 1.23

Ads overbearingCould be a fun app if it was a couple of $$, but $10 for no ads is too expensive for a simple game If you don’t pay, you get a forced 30 second ad after each gameplay - it’s too much, I’d don’t mind opting to watch an ad for extra rewards, but this game has more ads than actual gameplay.Version: 1.17

Ad HeavyThe sand foundation your building your company on is going to wash out from underneath you. Pop bottles while you can, it’s all over soon. Cheers.Version: 1.17

StupidTried it a couple times but it was the same.Version: 1.15

Too Many Ads!I think the game is super fun! However, there are just way too many ads in the game! Every round tok have to watch at least one ad, and if you wanna do more then 5 upgrades, or upgrade on multiple different categories you have to watch an ad! It’s so stupid. There isn’t even a feature to pay to remove ads.Version: 1.14

Way to many adsThis game would be great if it didn’t have ads every 10secs for 30secs, no option to even pay to get rid of the ads..Version: 1.15

Invasive adsI understand that this is a free app, so there are ads. But this is insane. The game would be worth something if they didn’t ruin it like this. The game doesn’t play sound, but the ads do. The ads don’t mute even when you press the jute button. Every action launches an ad. The option to get items by watching ads gets stuck in a loop, so you can’t redeem the item even after you watch it..Version: 1.21

Ads are infuriatingWhen you want ads to multiply your credits they dont work, just keeps saying “ ads not ready” its a pain, enjoy the game but have to stop playing because of that, get it sorted.Version: 1.23

Boring nowGood game to start, but at a maximum for all levels and can’t progress any further, can’t fly any further and still loads of planes to unlock but can’t get to the level needed to be able to unlock them, game needs an update, will delete soon as it’s starting to get boring..Version: 1.23

Missed opportunityOnce again a great concept for a game, ruined by excessive ads. Playing offline is best as it removes ads, plus the online function is incredibly laggy while playing.Version: 1.21

He’s crackedMy nemesis is better than me it’s racist.Version: 1.21

Waiting...........Never seen so many ads in all my life.Version: 1.15

Way too many adsShould have read the reviews first.... was very interested in playing this game but the fact that there is (2) 30 second ads every 10 seconds of the game quickly had me uninstalling this. Good concept but was looking for a game not to watch ads, will look for something similar..Version: 1.15

Sling planeToo many apps advertised in this app and this makes it too time consuming and interrupting. This why the low rating..Version: 1.16

A little aggravated with itI gave this game a 3 out of 5 stars because I was playing the game and there weren’t too many ads, but enough to make it frustrating. The game also crashed and now whenever I click on the app to rejoin it, it freezes my screen on the loading... thing. When I say it freezes my screen, I mean I can’t even exit the app. It’s a fun game but these are just things to maybe try to focus on..Version: 1.18

ShamelessThe game has the potential to be fun, but it is just an ad platform. 5 seconds of game play for 25 seconds of ads. I even tried not selecting any “hop ups” or bonuses so I could actually play the game. That worked for about 30 seconds then they started inserting ads in between the rounds whether or not I asked for an upgrade. Deleted. Facebook flooded garbage. If they actually showed the game along with the onslaught of ads, no one would waste their time..Version: 1.18

Keeps crashingIt’s keeps crashing whenever I play on my wifi and turn off my wifi on my phone and it still crashes like come on FFS I deleted the game, It’s the worst game I have ever played in my entire life..Version: 1.18

Adverts drive you nutsCould have been such a nice game if it were not for all the adverts. Literally spend more time watching adverts, than what you do playing the actual game..Version: 1.14

Could be a lot of fun but has too many problemsThis game could be a great time wasting game but it has way to many issues. First, the ads are insane, a lot of the landing platforms require you to watch an ad if you land there, then if you want a to increase the money from that run it’s another ad, then they make you watch another ad to continue and then you may get to watch another ad if you want to unlock a new skin. Oh and then when you go to upgrade your plane you can only upgrade 5 levels before you are required to watch an ad. But I was willing to put up with that and then the next problem came after 2 days I had gotten to level 200 on everything and that is the maximum level. Once you get to level 200 there is nothing left to do because there is no way to get the plane to go any further..Version: 1.17

Seems incompleteI have been playing this game for about a week. I paid for the ad free version and while it reduced the amount of ads, I still had to watch ads in order to multiply scores. Also, once you get to level 200, that’s as far as you can go and can’t get over 10,000m with any plane. Why aren’t there any ways to fly farther or upgrade past 200? If I could get my money back I would..Version: 1.21

Why should I report an issue with Sling Plane 3D?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Sling Plane 3D to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Sling Plane 3D customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Sling Plane 3D.

Is Sling Plane 3D not working?

Sling Plane 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Sling Plane 3D.

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