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New UpdateI don’t mind the adds as most of the time I play with my wifi off, however the new update reset all my progress. Kind of mad about that but what can you do.Version: 1.3.0(142)

It would be great if. . .If you could delete a cross. I accidentally put a cross in one of the boxes when I meant to put a cross, but couldn’t correct it. Other wise I’m liking the game. Thankyou.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

AWESOME!I absolutely LOVE this game! It really makes you think and is a great thing to do when you are bored! I don’t really have any complaints except it’s too fun! Thank you SO much for this awesome game.... had it for about a week and loving it so far 😁.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Great fun but…Great game but would be nice if it just automatically went to the next level instead of back to the main menu …. Dislike the ads after every level but overall loads of fun😁.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Bug lost my progressGood game overall. A bit too easy so far and since the last update all my progress was lost..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Enjoyable. But multiple trick questions/incorrect answers.I downloaded this app a few days ago and for the most part - I enjoy it! But there are several questions with conflicting information, leading to the answers to be incorrect when you enter the information you are literally given in front of you..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Good but…..I really like the game but at the moment I am facing having to restart everything every time I open the game and I think there are too many ads in the game after every puzzle or after every reset is a bit much would be 5 stars otherwise.Version: 1.3.0(142)

My progress was deletedI downloaded the game a few days ago and I was enjoying it, it was a fun game to play when I was bored, but I opened the app and all my progress was gone. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not my I’m kinda annoyed that all my levels are gone :/.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Progress lost.My partner and I both enjoy this game. As some had said, you don’t get clues to fully solve the puzzle but that is also part of the fun. Unfortunately in the last few days we have lost our progress and had to start from the first level again. More frustratingly the ‘next’ level is not working correctly in hard mode. I went from level 17 to 6, then 11, then 4, then 11, then 12, 12, 11, 7, 14..Version: 1.3.0(142)

3.5 stars really, but rounded up.Good, challenging game, but found on my phone screen the boxes were quite small. Made quite a few mistakes in puzzles because my finger was too big to get the right box first and not the one next to it. Ideally could do with a zoom function.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Needs more levelsFinished all of the hard levels, i hope there is an update soon.Version: 1.2.6(139)

UpdateLoved this game and then ran an update on my iPhone, the game lost all of my progress and made me start again from the tutorial. I accepted that but then went to play on it the following morning I again had to start again from the tutorial. How frustrating as this is a brilliant game!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

The update wiped all previously completedI like this type of puzzles and used to do them in books. This implementation is very good and I enjoyed playing. I had finished the easy level as was halfway through both medium and hard. BUT, the update may have added 50 levels, but to start again with the tutorial and everything back to the start?? Hence dropped one star from rating..Version: 1.3.0(142)

It’s fun, but iffy interfaceThe whole three strikes you’re out isn’t hard to do by accident. As long as you don’t mess that up too much it’s classic logic puzzle solving. It’s also less fun when you accidentally tap on the square and it reveals the correct association. I’d rather have three tries to lock in final answers, with no retries after..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

ExcellentI used to do these all the time in books we used to get often and so glad I found this app to keep my brain alive. Keep up the good work. Colin.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Love the game but…It has 2 big flaws. The 1st could be fatal. Twice now when the app updates, it starts me over at #1. Horrible design. With no way to skip over the puzzles I’ve already done. And worse, you can’t even skip the tutorials. The other flaw is the horrible switch to go from X to ✔️. It should toggle from X to ✔️ and back to blank like every other logic puzzle. Especially with no undo button. 99.9% of the “mistakes” I’ve made in this game are from the switch button not switching over when tapped - or not switching over fast enough..Version: 1.2.6(139)

HmIve only had the game for 1 day and it reset my progress (possibly after the update yesterday?). i lost about 20 levels. just happy it wasnt more..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Good, but FrustratingI’ve always liked the logic puzzle which is why I decided to download it. However, every time I open it it forces me to go through the tutorials again… and at the same slow teaching pace. Also, progress in the levels is forgotten. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be using it for long..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Good game, don’t close the app!Enjoy the game itself, however if the app closes it resets everything so you end up back at the first level and have to sit through the tutorial again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great game!I love love love the game. However I just got to level 83 on medium and it is all messed up. One clue says Popsy has a green wig but when you put a check in it it says it’s a mistake and changes it to the x. Another clue says Giggles has a white wig but there isn’t a white wig on the board. The game is definitely one I will continue to play as I love the thinking process of it. It could definitely use someone to proof read a little more to avoid issues like this and minor spelling mistakes..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

What happened???I was on level 22, and the game glitches on an ad. The page froze. I closed the game, and went back on only to be brought all the way back to tutorial. Does this game not save your progress!?! I read through the reviews and don’t see anyone else complaining about this issue, so what happened!?! I was really enjoying this game, but if I have to keep starting over, and repeating puzzles then that’s no fun! I gave it 4 stars for fun, but something is wrong. You can’t even log in to anything to save progress. I don’t get it!.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Great gameReally makes you think, and it’s satisfying to make deductions. But I highly suggest you take a closer look at Easy level 45. Either you need to be a little more clear or need to add another clue. I’ve looked this one over several times, and then several times again with multiple people. Absolutely nothing points towards Ms. Wolf or Mr. Redborn being in either rooms 323 or 578. I haven’t been stuck on either level after or before. This one just makes absolutely no sense. Perhaps you could explain?.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Enjoyable however...Since the app updated recently the game resets every time I open it. I lost all of my progress and have to start all over again every time I open the app..Version: 1.3.0(142)

AwesomeLove puzzle games like this, it’s something different from the usual aswell. Only issue i have is the advert after every time you complete a puzzle or restart. I would more than happily pay a small sum of money to stop ads and just play on. Other than that it’s a brilliant game and definitely one i would recommend to anyone who loves puzzles.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Fun Game, but the app deletes your progress!I had such a fun time completing logic puzzles within this game. The grammar usage is a little usual and causes you to get things wrong, but I still enjoyed the game nonetheless. I got really frustrated when the app deleted all my progress twice. The first time the app deleted all my progress and started me back on level one, I thought it was a glitch in the app and restarted the process of completing the puzzles. When it happened for the second time, I deleted the app altogether and was very frustrated. Also, the ads are super annoying. It’s ads after every game and you can’t avoid them..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great game!Great game! Really enjoyed it, wish the puzzles carried on rather than having to go back to the home page though. Also I’ve completed it now, please add more levels or make a number 2!!!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Good game but lost my progressFirst off, it’s one of the better logic games out there. Yes, there are a lot of ads, and yes, some of the clues are hard to read. But my real problem is the fact that I was 80+ levels deep in the game in just a couple days, which shows you how good I find it, and all my progress was erased. I had looked at the reviews before downloading and most of them just complained about the ads but overall it seemed like a good game so when this happened I was understandably upset Download for a good game but your progress might be lost.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Good level of difficultyI have been solving these type of puzzles since I was about 7 years old in the 80’s and I was afraid that the puzzles would be too easy. I started on the most difficult level and the challenge is good. I have solved much more difficult puzzles in the past, may you could add an extra hard level. The people complaining about the ads after every game might want to try harder levels that take longer to solve..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

A lot of fun but occasionally frustratingI downloaded this app and jumped right into the hard levels, which were a lot of fun. Once I finished those, I moved on and did the easy and normal levels which is where I started noticing problems. A few of the puzzles had clues that didn’t quite check out, for example clue 6 of normal level 56 combined with the previous clues, states that Tina should be either the project manager or HR, but the puzzle grid itself marks it as a mistake if you choose anything other than designer. There were also a few puzzles with clues that were a bit unclear: one clue mentioned a basilisk to refer to a cockatrice in the grid (cockatrices and basilisks are sometimes treated as synonymous but it’s not necessarily clear); another puzzle had a clue that stated “you need some vampire saliva”, “some” was not one of the listed quantities in the puzzle and it took some trial and error to figure out it referred to the smallest quantity. There have also been a few puzzles, particularly in the normal levels, that I have been able to solve to a point where I end up with a 50/50 choice that is not made clear by any of the clues, perhaps these could be attributed to my own lack of skill, however. Overall, the game is a lot of fun and a good way to engage your brain even if it does cause some degree of frustration at times..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Some have mistakes but overall goodI love this game, it’s very well done however there are some mistakes in a few of the levels. For example, a puzzle talked about a basilisk in the clues yet there was no basilisk on the board. In another instance, a clue directly said something like “Stacey wears the green shoes” yet when I put a tick in Stacey/green shoes, it flagged up a mistake and put a cross in it. Some kind of feedback button for mistakes or issues with the puzzle would be good (linked to that particular puzzle) so that mistakes can be rectified if necessary. Annoying as those mistakes are, they are, thankfully, rare..Version: 1.3.0(142)

A fun little time sync, until it logged me outThe app randomly logged me out or got rid of my data or something. I was on level 25 on easy, 20 something on medium (23 I think?) and somewhere in the 15-20 range on hard, but I just opened it and it made me do the tutorial again and now I’m back on level 1 on everything :( is there a way to fix this? I don’t want to start over.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Enjoyed the game but….Like others my progress was not saved - I was on level 26 of the middle difficulty and now I will have to restart :( also I can’t play the difficult level because it’s too small for me to see on my screen due to poor eyesight. I can’t grow the screen either - not sure if that’s the app or my phone but I would like to try a more challenging level..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Brings back memoriesI love these sort of games. Used to buy magazines full of them. Completely forgot about them until I started playing this game. Brilliant.Version: 1.0.7(73)

Great but…I was really enjoying this game, and had reached max levels for normal and hard modes. When I went on the app later, all my progress had gone. Now whenever I go on the app, the game is reset, and I have to do the demo, and am back at level one..Version: 1.2.6(139)

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