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Bingo For Cash - Real Money App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Bingo For Cash - Real Money app received 131 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bingo For Cash - Real Money? Can you share your negative thoughts about bingo for cash - real money?

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Bingo For Cash - Real Money for Negative User Reviews

SCAM! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!They ask for email,phone number,credit card number and full name.Version: 9.0

Bingo For CashDon’t win as much as advertised and don’t get options to play games to win cash for free by watching adverts enough. It would be better if they also offered winning cash with 20 gems as that is more reasonable than 600..Version: 14.0

You will spend moneyThis game charges usd $10 to register for this game it comes out instantly after registering. Than to cash out they require all your personal details name address. I just didn’t feel comfortable giving all that. It is gambling masked behind a harmless game so use with caution wasnt for me but I can see why people play it.Version: 16.0

ScamSaw ads for this game and my brother later got it. It did not pay out at all. I would be careful because there is a chance that it could even take money out! Don’t install, at all costs.Version: 8.1

READ THIS!I’ve been short changed yet again. Just when I thought they got things together, they do it to me yet again. In order to get to the Expert challenge, you need to complete (3) tasks in the Bonus round. In Momopoly, after finishing the game, I’m not showed the amount that I have won because it goes right into In the Expert challenge. I make my selection after it’s scrambled around and my bonus reward is the revealed. I see the amount of $30+ flash and is deposited into my account. I then go to collect my winnings from the competitions I played in which advanced me to the Bonus round. Nothing was being deposited instead, money was being withdrawn!!! I contact them and the response I get is that it’s impossible for me to win the amount I am claiming. If the developers checked the data, they’ll see the progress that was made to total the amount that should’ve been payed…… very shady!!!!.Version: 10.0

ConThe advert says ‘if you ever have to deposit money into a game delete it’ then the first thing this game asks you when you open it is to deposit funds. Deleted and reported.Version: 15.1

CrashI have a withdraw of 40$ and the app crash anytime…. It’ an fake app.Version: 13.0

RiggedThis game is fun to play when you have time to kill, but it’s rigged. First bonus cash isn’t yours, even though your enticed to purchase certain amounts to earn bonus cash. When you go to withdraw funds, you are not able to withdrawal any of the bonus cash in your account and if you withdrawal the rest of the remaining balance, all bonus cash is forfeited. Next, I’ve literally seen my score change after one game, which pushed me from number 1 to number 4, so I received none of the pot. This wasn’t someone coming along and out scoring me, my score changed. In fact person that came in 2nd, behind me, remained in second, while I was bumped to number 4. So the game is fun, but it’s rigged in favor of the developer, so don’t get too crazy, because in the end, you’ll most likely lose everything..Version: 13.0

Fun GameSo I have been having a lot of fun playing this game. I love that I get to win a couple dollars here and there playing games. I do however have a problem with the cashing out on the app which is why I have 3 stars. When you go to cash out you can see how much bonus money you have. I had 7 cents in bonus money and $0 that I was able to withdraw. I then collected my winnings that I had sitting in my account. All of this was money I won out right. I went to cash out and all of a sudden it was showing $4.70 in bonus cash that took when I cashed out on top of the fee they charge when you withdraw. That’s the only part I don’t like. It seems very deceiving. Other then that it’s a great game..Version: 18.3

ScamYou cannot withdraw your winnings, this is a scam. Don’t install the app, if you just installed it , DELETE it..Version: 19.3

WithdrawI'm trying to withdraw but keeps saying my information is incorrect when everything is correct.Version: 11.0

Very good game play & set yet could be fairer oddsI would give this game a five star but u have to be really fast at this game because random computer numbers could go both ways , good or bad roll . So being quick is key . The con of this game is I find to loose a lot even with fast pulls . But when I win I WIN ! I haven’t had a winning streak of more than 2 but u also have to bet over your bonus cash to get paid more & even if win a lot the odds just don’t seem to be in my favor . I wish this game was just more fair as then I’d be paying out more . I put 10$ in got 20 played some more and lost it all even with being fast . Solitaire just seems to be key unless they change the winning odds better I just don’t see my self sticking with this game even tho I love the momopoly & pub and mini games . I just wish it had better bingo calls . I hope they do soon or I’ll go more broke .. please suppor if u read this ..the game play is great. But more players will come if payout was more fair ..Version: 18.0

Rip of LiarsThis game is a lie I joins my PayPal account into it because it was telling me I won and can deposit the money in but instead it took my money out of my account not happy will be talking to PayPal and letting them know don’t try it it is all a lie.Version: 16.0

Not badIt isn’t bad at all sceptical at first but yeah have a go..Version: 15.1

WITHDRAW PROBLEMYes. You win real money. However, when you go to withdraw, let’s say you have $50, when you go to withdraw. It doesn’t let you withdraw the WHOLE thing. You win $50 but you only get what $8 out of it. Which is VERY frustrating! The bonus cash takes a lot! Which I don’t understand at all?.Version: 16.1

Ad is a lieLiterally says about how you don’t have to deposit money on the ad when you literally do.Version: 15.1

Could not withdraw my moneyCould not get my money biggest scam never.Version: 15.1

ScamLet’s you win until you put money on then never gives you the numbers. Don’t waste your time or money.Version: 8.1

This is a scamI wouldnt spend the time or money into this game I have been waiting over 1 week and still haven’t seen the money I have won so I give this game a 1 star as it doesn’t give you money.Version: 14.0

RubbishWithdrew money and still haven’t received it 2 weeks later!!.Version: 16.1

NOT REAL GAMEDo NOT play for cash. You will NOT get any winnings..Version: 16.0

FailYou know the advert that made me download… If your app does this… delete it If your app doesn’t do this… delete it. This app matched every one of the red flags the advert warns against. Enjoy if you like!.Version: 16.0

ScamSuck you into downloading with the ads claiming free no deposit need no ad watching blah blah blah download it and instantly the 1st thing you needs to do was and a credit card you ads a fraudulent and being reported to the ACCC here in Australia.Version: 16.0

Can’t register to withdrawNo matter what email I put in it says invalid so I can’t withdraw any winnings, and the “contact us” button won’t work. They took my deposit just fine though 😒.Version: 15.1

Another scam gameCan’t withdraw unless you have paid real cash in. Il stick to mistplay at least that pays out!!! -5 rating and not worth downloading!!.Version: 15.2

SCAMMERSThe game only works when they think u want to deposit money , other then that it just keeps shutting down every time I want to withdraw.Version: 13.0

Absolute trashImagine advertising a game claiming there are no deposits involved in playing the game when there clearly ARE deposits and purchases involved..Version: 16.0

SCAAAMMMMMM!!!!!Yea so it’s super easy to win $$ which was already suspicious then it takes for u to win 30x’s so u can get approved for the funds to cash out then after that it says watch 10 ads for funds then after that it says 5-7 days for funds to be sent to CashApp then after u wait the week it tells u that your queue position is 3000 and refreshes every minute… so basically your supposedly in line behind 2999 people waiting for the funds to release 60mins divided by w/e position u are in The queue so it’s another X amount of days and don’t think u can do the math on the time cause the queue slows to basically complete halt once you’re in the 200’s no refreshing every minute…. It’s 1,000,000 % a fraud and should be reported for false advertisement… if this game didn’t lie about the cash aspect and prompted token prizes and power ups it be cool but to have people think it’s can possibly pay out jackpots and gifts is not the case….. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!! Try “BINGO FOR CASH” it’s a real money game and pays out fast and easier than Blitz sponsored games.Version: 18.5

PolicyThank you for responding but I did reach out to your VIP support email address. They won’t listen. They don’t care that I’ve only had one active account for months or that I’ve had issues in the past with my previous account. They only see that I’ve created multiple accounts, one of which was deleted because there were issues, and one that was never used. I wasted months of play and earned $900. They stopped responding to me and refused to listen. They know they can research activity, they know there’s evidence of no cheating, and they know you have options in your game to create new accounts and even “switch” accounts. How are you supposed to play if you have issues and had to delete one? Automatically you’re considered a cheater? Does it say to contact support before you create a new one? How many of you are willing to earn $900 and allow a company to take it from you?.Version: 18.4

LiarsI’m the video they claim you deposit money with any games, delete it. Well the first time you open the game they ask for money. Ok plus they black out your screen and type in white so you can’t see what your review is.😡😡😂.Version: 15.1

Scam! Beware!I just checked my banking account today and found out that in addition to my $5 deposit required to play this Bingo game my account read a total of 33 cents being charged as a transaction fee from a location in Hong Kong. So I deleted my account immediately. The chances of really winning any significant money are rare anyway, even though every now and then the game gives you a dollar or a few dollars and occasionally log-in gems in “Bonus Cash” which of course you are not allowed to withdraw and just use for more Bingo tournaments. Drop this scam like a bad habit, I lost over $20 that I deposited hoping to win something relatively worthwhile. I would give 0 stars if I could. And after every tournament the game pelts you with advertisements to complete the requirements to possibly earn money or take advantage of a “special” deal with depositing more money for bonus cash and gems. Steer clear and don’t give them a chance to charge you hidden fees..Version: 13.0

App is TRICKYI was prompted to leave a review in the app with the 5 star already prefilled. When I changed it manually to 1 star it brought me to customer support instead of the App Store review section. I amassed about $10 in winnings. They have annoying pop ups to play more expensive games. They have an “opponent “ pop up that is at thumb level of the game that I usually play that is less expensive (10 diamonds) instead of $7. I would never pay $7 for one round because I am new and I know those levels are for more seasoned players! Imagine my surprise after playing my usual game I see my cash balance drastically reduced!!! WHY because they intentionally try to trick you out of your cash balance by having the $7 button in the way of cheaper games! I immediately reached out to support with screenshots, which they replied since I played the game and got points there’s nothing they can do! I got measly points because I came in last place and won NO MONEY! I paid $7 for a game I would never willingly play because I am not at that level yet! Stay away from this game if you want to avoid sneaky tricks and zero help from support!!! 😤.Version: 19.2

Don’t waste your timeYou might win, however the loss is bigger as you are playing against computer programming not people as advertised. Fake scamming people such is evil in this world..Version: 15.1

Ads liedYour ads say to delete games that “run ads” or “make you pay to play” Well I’m deleting your app because you make me pay to play the cash games. “You make 10 cents per hour” you make none without paying. You lied in your ads.Version: 15.2

Update spoiling gameEver since last update the adverts won’t load or the games freezes up and can’t get the coins to play games with because of this.Version: 15.2

LIES!Saw the add of a blonde girl saying delete all the games you have to pay to win cash back and said play this game instead… STILL HAVE TO PAY YOU SILLY GIRL!! STOP LYING AND FAKE ADVERTISING!! 😡🤬😡.Version: 15.1

Rip offThis game is a rip off I just played a game for four bucks first place is supposed to be nine bucks pay out I got first place I got paid out one dollar not even my money back what a rip off this game is designed to take your money.Version: 15.1

Horrible gameThis game is ridiculous, scam.Version: 16.1

BadFake game 😡.Version: 10.0

Honest reviewThese adverts are very misleading. you are able to win money just by playing the game but it’s very small amounts and isn’t as easy as the adverts say. whenever I play cards where there is a chance to win money, my card is somehow the worst. however, it might be easier to win if you deposit money. overall this is a fun game just don’t expect to win big bits..Version: 16.0

Not a Bad Money winning GameI gave this game 3 stars because after 2 mth a of playing I’ve accumulated $130 dollars BUT!! And a A BIG BUT, is that the literally reduce more than HALF of your total balance and call it “bonus money”-so all those “bonus Games” you play and whatever else qualifies as “bonus” IS NOT CASH YOU CAN ACTUALLY TAKE OUT-which is frustrating because I deposited $20 and literally have won game upon game but my total winnings can NOT BE withdrawn because they take half out and call it “bonus cash”-and the WORST PART IS THAT IF YOU NEED TO TAKE OUT YOUR WINNINGS-you COMPLETELY FORFIET THE REMAINING “BONUS MONEY”-so I have $120-but $65 is “bonus”—-so if I want the remainder-I lose that $65 COMPLETELY———I think THAT IS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE-maybe a smaller percentage-considering people are pouring hundreds of dollars of their own money into these $1-$4-$7-$15 games-yet you barely win an EQUAL SHARE??? I love this game and I’m a sucker who will play it but it does frustrate me so much that I haven’t withdrawn anything yet because I’m scared to lose a LARGE SUM I could use towards more game…(there’s the catch-RIGHT?) lol.Version: 10.0

Not legitimate and extremely frustratingI am so done with this game. First off, there is zero skill involved. Yes, you can learn strategies to get full boards, but there is no skill to win a particular game. I’ve won with scores of 60,000 and finished 4th with scores above 200,000. You have no way to see mid game where you stand and it clearly favors certain players. Not to mention in the bingo challenge I was in, which gave you a bingo number for every $$ game you played. THEY WERE GIVING ME THE SAME NUMBER MULTIPLE TIMES! I only need ONE B8 thank you! It’s just totally rigged. Don’t waste your time. Plus you can only pull out the exact amount you have profited and none of the bonus cash…and every game you play is first deducted from your profit margin. All in all, it was more stressful and frustrating than fun. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!.Version: 19.0

ScamI downloaded this app and when I had enough in my account to withdraw, it asks for me to verify my email using the link, no link ever comes through so you can never withdrawer the funds in the supposed account. No response from emailing them, now am going through PayPal for a refund of the original amount paid ($5) due to it not giving what it’s offering!! If it’s too good to be true then it’s not real!!!! I don’t care about the $5 but on principle, imagine how much money they can make by taking that from everyone and never paying out!!!.Version: 15.1

May be a scam.I started with my account and played it a few times. I didn’t top up much and I was winning some small games… and then one day, after trying to open the app due to a push notification and guess what. It couldn’t find my account, so I lost the money I had in that account. I tried emailing and did a password reset but their system never sent me the link to reset my password or reply to me email. So I set up another account, and created another password and played a few games. Now I open the app and it gets stuck on 98% and won’t go past that. I never had the chance to try to cash out some of my winnings so I can’t vouch for that. I don’t have the patience for this kind of hassle so I’m going to delete the app. Hopefully other people will be able to get the app to work for them. But I’m done..Version: 18.0

Not sure if it’s a glitch?I only downloaded the game a couple days ago and day 1 was fun, I’m not really interested in the money aspect so have only been playing the diamond game but ever since yesterday once I’ve finished a round it tells me that at least 1 of the other players are either now playing or waiting on other player but it never finishes their game and if you close out before all players are finished you don’t get any prizes so I’m just losing diamonds to play but not receiving any for coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd because it’s saying that we have to wait for the last player but I left the game open on the result page for 2 hours and it was still saying the same and it’s happening every sing game I play not just occasionally.Version: 18.4

ShockingDon’t download this app, when you win you can’t withdraw your cash! Absolute rubbish.Version: 15.1

Instant take but 4-6 week refund !Takes your money instantly but it will take 4-6 WEEKS for me to claim my winnings. Deposited £5 and after a few days of mind numbing gameplay that is clearly rigged I managed to get my balance back up to my initial deposit but was told ingame that there would be a £1.50 “processing fee”. Waited again till I had an extra £1.50 and tried to claim my money back but apparently they like to hold onto your cash in the hope you forget about it. What a con..Version: 8.1

Just another gambling appHey all. This app is just a other gambling app where you are up against other opponents to see who will have a better score at (BINGO) for this. Payouts (withdraw) are NOT instant and usually take several days to process. Each withdraw is subject to $1.50 withdraw fee. You must make a deposit before you can play for actual money..Version: 15.1

Don’t pay to playWithdrawal takes 4-6 weeks I doubt I will get my winnings.Version: 10.0

Please delete this appThis is so annoying and obviously fake..Version: 15.2

ScamLook, this app is so he same as any other that promises real money. The App is programmed to win just as any other gambling type of platform . If you play a 1$ entry fee game, your chances of winning are better than if you play a higher stake entry fee game. You will lose! I deposited 5$ and got up to 13$ by playing small stake games and soon as I played a 4$ stake entry fee I lost and every game thereafter. It scams you into making a small deposit after winning the first few games. You lose it all in the end. Trust me I’m familiar with all genres of gambling style games. This is no different. Save your time and money and pass this app. don’t say I didn’t warn you..Version: 17.0

PayPalIt says your winnings are paid into PayPal on the advert on the television. So how come you have to provide a bank account. No chance you don’t know where your data goes. So according to the tele the USA use PayPal and the UK cannot. Sorry I am taking game off something is not right. I suspect you don’t win big money either smells like a con. Should not allow the advert on UK Television..Version: 15.1

Stop showing this ad!Stop showing this everyone knows it’s a Scam they could just look at the review.Version: 9.0

It’s a scheme to strip you if your moneyAlthough you see these people saying that they can draw all of this money out of your account you can only get a portion. with all of the games taking real money, you can’t win anything until you get at least 200 gems to play a game that can actually win you money. second once you do when your money you have to have at least $5 to withdraw and if you’re withdrawing under $10 then they gouge you for $1.50 so is it even worth it? no. on top of this mess, your “bonus cash” which si anything that you don’t win but accumulate over time, you can’t withdraw. so i have $15 in my account but i can only withdraw $2.30. simply makes no sense whatsoever. And the worst part is whenever you’re entering a game that takes money to play to win more money, it uses your cash that you can withdraw before using the money you can’t withdraw. this app is a scheme to keep you playing until you pull your hair all out like me. I’m not happy with the game’s logic and most of the time it doesn’t give you any numbers on your card and you’re forced to lose the money you worked tirelessly to build up. it’s a scam and no one should play this game if they know what’s good for them.Version: 19.1

No GoodDefinitely a waste of time. Not interested in a game that expects me to deposit actual money . Uninstalled.Version: 16.1

No withdrawSays they have sent an email to me to confirm it for withdraw but no email was sent.Version: 8.1

Not what they say on the adsOK so now I’m reading this game you can never read a game as soon as they ask you to wait so I gave it to star just for the fact that I don’t know if I’m having issues now with the game or the games just simply like that I am trying to play the games that are free to get/game Cash I simply asking me to add money for a free game that I don’t have to answer cash this is happening to every game that are free to win cash the other games that need to be paid like one dollar and etc. are working perfectly fine and another thing I went to withdraw well I went to see if I can withdraw instantly like the ads say instantly Cashel so I had to try I started this game national ago I have $14 and I believe $.13 in the thing that I don’t like it’s only could withdraw $3.10 I am sorry but I’m a have to sayDisappointment so far until further notice if the issue with me playing the free game for Cash doesn’t work I am going to delete this app.Version: 18.0

RedeemEasy to porches money to play the game but can’t redeem money out..Version: 13.0

Rip offIt says it doesn’t ask for money in the ad promo HA first this game takes $15 from my account when I connected my PayPal then when I went to withdraw it wouldn’t let me because my details were wrong. I know my own details this is one big scam don’t download!!!!.Version: 16.1

ThiefThey stole 5$ from my PayPal account.Version: 15.0

The cash out impossibleThe cash out first Time is ok . The second Time is not ok, impossible to id m’y profile, fake cash out?.Version: 15.0

It’s a fix !Surprisingly when you go well, do dues everyone else !! Won some games 1st place with as low as 30K, came last on others with 325K..Version: 11.0

Scammers ( read fully )You have to actually spend more then you make. If and when you try to cash out they warn you if you do then you forfeit any money you made or wan calling it bonus cash. So you don’t really win anything at all. And they give you the option with a let say the bonus round after the game pay a extra dollar and you can win up to $30 it said, well I never saw where or how that would ever happen on the screen the most I ever saw it get was .70 that’s way far from $30. And funny how my score would change after a round was over and waiting for other players to finish playing I would be 1st or second and they were still playing but I got the entire card bingo but my score would change when I went back to see what happened and it would drop changing to 30,000 or 60,000 and I ended up last some how , then it would say I get x5 bonus points but seems they don’t know how to count. So that was fishy too. Go ahead and play and then go read the rules they have for cashing out , plus you have to pay them and still watch commercials too ? They make money every time we watch them so they are mailing money off us losing and commercials and then trying to cash out , wow what a scam!!!.Version: 18.5

Awesome at 1st now slightly disappointedI really enjoyed playing the game. Learning how to utilize the two skill daubs really opens up the opportunity to do well. It really becomes more of us to use wisely to win, diamonds, cash, and bonus games. However, I also noticed the better you get the better the AI gets ensuring you don’t get the “random” numbers you need to clear the board. I’ve been playing everyday, sometimes for hours at a time and Ive noticed the numbers drawn or given to us are not what’s we need more often than what was drawn when I was on the lower levels. I’ve invested probably close to $100 enjoying learning and using skills. And now any money game I get involved in I lose quickly. Please explain..Version: 18.5

Fun game but huge rip off!!!The game it’s self is very fun and they have bonus games which are fun as well and fun to work towards. However, the game does constantly crash and glitches out. I recently wrote the game due to a horrible glitch. My recent experience was- That at the end of my game, the clock kept ticking throughout the glitch/ freeze with only 3 numbers left to go. The clock went from 29 seconds down to 8 seconds with my free refills ready to be used while the game was frozen on my end. Once it unfroze, the free refills were no longer available which didn’t allow me much time to finish getting the rest of the numbers needed. According to the scores for who won, I would’ve won $69 in that game and would have been able to go along to the bonus game likely winning around $30 more dollars. When I wrote the game, they responded days later by saying they couldn’t see any issues from that game. Which means they either didn’t look into it fully or they are lying. Customer service over small issues is normally very helpful but I’m very displeased with the customer service when it comes to major issues. I have kindly asked for them to relook at the game, and I will update my review and let you all know the outcome..Version: 12.0

CONDo not play, I managed to win several hundred dollars from hours and hours of game play. When trying to withdraw they declined the request and deleted all the money in my account!! They do not pay out but happy to take your money….Version: 12.0

AwfulIt instantly took my money. It takes WEEKS for you actually to get at £5!! Crap game..Version: 8.2

Can’t depositI’ve tried to deposit multiple times with apple pay and it does not work, everytime it gives me error. Otherwise very good game. Would play more if they fix the problem with apple pay..Version: 16.1

FRAUDULENT MONEY LAUNDERING SCAMMERSI admit at first I was sceptical and thought I’d deposit and see if I can earn more than I spent (I did). But BIG MISTAKE. I go to the withdrawals screen , read through the terms of how they can send me my winnings, it states that they can send winnings to my deposit method or bank account or other ways decided by them INSTEAD of PayPal. I specifically mention said terms to the support team and they deny them entirely, claiming only pay pal can withdraw. Then how may I ask did my withdrawal go through the system, or rather WHERE did my winnings go when I do NOT even have a PayPal account?! That right there was enough for me to report Bingo For Cash to my bank and claim ALL my money back from this game. DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY MONEY! AS A FREE PLAYER THOUGH ITS FUN AND HARMLESS ENOUGH..Version: 8.2

Your add saysYour add says “if your game make you Pay, Delete it”. Therefore I have deleted your game. You told me to delete your game! Go figure!.Version: 15.2

No cash win in hereThis is a scam bingo game app you never gonna win any money they using robots system players!.Version: 15.1

MehMuch like other reviewers, it will in fact pay you if you’re lucky enough to win several games right after you deposit money, but it spends 90% of your cash to 10% of bonus cash so that any money you have available to withdraw is used up long before their bonus cash and it pays out more bonus cash than it does available cash to withdraw. Much better off buying lottery tickets if you’re looking to win money and many better games to play for free to kill your time. I stopped depositing money once they made the last update as you have no real way to win no matter how good you are as they have the house leveraged to a point they are going to make more than most of the other systems out there. Again, they will send you money if you manage to accumulate it, but good luck….Version: 14.0

ScamDo not download this game as when I tried to deposit my winnings to my PayPal account instead of paying in to my account they took money from my account on 2 different attempts. Which I did not authorise. So please do not download. If you do not want your hard earned money going to wast. God knows they might be trying to hack your PayPal account to get to your personal details as well as your banking details, so please be aware and be very sure who you r putting your trust in too and don’t get drawn in to there scam..Version: 15.1

Bonus cashImagine you are strapped for cash and you need the money, you have a silly little amount of money but lots of bonus cash, you can’t take that out which is so stupid, people like me who can’t work need money and you ain’t getting it on here.Version: 8.2

Bingo for cashMore than half the time the game does not start when the icon is clicked. Have to re download from apps once or twice every couple of days..Version: 19.2

It’s funIt’s a fun game, but I don’t trust it. If you try to withdraw your cash, it asks you to click on a link in an email they send you. We’re always told to never click links in an email. Then they ask you for your drivers license info to verify your identity. Why should they need that? No one else ever asks for that. I think they want to steal your identity and sell it. If you’re not willing to send them all your personal info, you will never be withdrawing any cash, so don’t bother putting real $ into a game. I wish I could find proof on the internet that this is a genuine game and not a scam. The app lists a the developer, but if you buy game currency, you see your bank statement says “Womens Clothing Store” AND another company that is spelled in Chinese characters that you can’t even read to know what it says. Very suspicious..Version: 15.2

Bingo for cashI had no problems cashing out the first 3 times and now it won’t let me cash out says I have wrong info and I don’t.Version: 11.0

Worst game ever playedIt practically mocks you by getting you so close to getting a reward then it throws it back in your face and spawns a load of bots in and you earn nothing while the bots have scores that aren’t even possible to match.Version: 16.1

Intelligence insult.In the Advertisement for the game the guy literally says “if you have to pay money to play a game DELETE IT” As soon as you launch the game it asks you to add your PayPal and requests a deposit of funds in order to play the game. Took guy in Ads advice and DELETED IT..Version: 16.1

ScamHave to deposit money to join the games that allow you to win real cash. Don’t have your main advertising as something that’s not accessible without paying..Version: 16.0

Fake gameFor everyone reading the reviews for this game do not believe them they are written by one of there own this is a fake game just like all the bingo games are fake the game is a joke don’t play it.Version: 15.1

ScamYou can’t try withdrawal there is nothing. I’ve done that last Monday but there is nothing in my papal..Version: 16.0

Scam!!! Avoid!Like very other game made from unity games this is a real scam. No cash out ams endless ads to waste your time.Version: 8.1

I felt like I was trapped even when I was winningI played $1 games and won 1st prizes like 5 times but didn’t receive any prize money. But I kept loosing my play money. I tried with $10 and lost it even when I was winning. It’s a trap please don’t waste your money in this app..Version: 16.1

Waste of timePayPal won’t work without a credit card with them. DELETED.Version: 15.1

J.O.O.C. (Just out of curiosity)It’s fun, but I’m testing its legitimacy. And the fact that it claim that my Gmail address when I tried to register as “not valid” only makes me suspicious that I may have downloaded another scam that target those who desperately need the money by giving false hope of earning it..Version: 15.1

StealThey stole 5$ from my PayPal account.Version: 8.1

App is fakeThe app is a big disappointment. I’ve already deposited twice and also made some withdrawals but I’m still waiting 6 days and I got nothing however they said they would deliver in 3 days. Don’t waste your time.Version: 15.1

SCAM REPORT TO POLICEScammers don’t even bother cause these people will go HELL HELL HELL IN THE NAME OF JESUS Stealing money is a BIGGEST SIN THE WORLD SHAME ON YOU SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SCAM SCAM SCAM.Version: 15.1

Don’t do itI downloaded this app a little over a month ago. Was playing well so deposited a bit and managed to get a my pot up. When I requested to withdraw my balance found out you have to wait 4-6 weeks for your winnings. (Also as soon as I requested to withdraw I haven’t been able to win like I was) The money came through in just over 2 weeks but not to the PayPal account I paid through. I managed to get my money but woke up this morning to find they have tried to take a direct debit through the account I made the deposit from for the value they paid me!! Not an happy girl. Also all the transactions are in different names. Stay away from this app.Version: 16.1

SCAMSo tell me how I’m putting my information in, and they are telling me on the game that I’m getting 15$ USD. I try putting my bank information in and they try taking out 15$ usd from my account! Don’t play y’all you won’t be getting money you will be giving money!.Version: 16.1

They will get you!!I was totally enjoying this app until the pop ups got me!! I had accumulated $68, I know that’s no big deal to some but, I was happy with it and was going to continue to use that money to try and get to all 20 levels, I was only half way through the levels when out of nowhere a $60 game pops up and off you go!!! You can’t cancel it, it doesn’t ask you to confirm if you want to play. They’ve just got YOU!!! So it took me down to $16 dollars, what a bummer!! If you notice the pop ups that paper is the ones that you have just enough money for. I mean I have $16 bucks left and haven’t seen another $60 game pop up, only the $7, $4 ones because that’s all I have left. They know what they’re doing with this!!! ;) So with that being said, I’m just playing out the rest of my little balance and off to find a new game!! Be aware, stay alert, they will get you!!.Version: 17.1

Stole my moneyThis game is very bad don’t waste money and time on it. I won’t $24 and it did not go in to my account and when you do win you can only withdraw less then half. I contacted the company for my $24 and still have NO REPLY AFTER DAYS they will just steal your money like they did for me. I wasn’t going to write a bad review if the contacted me back and resolved it but they have not witch means they steal your money and run away with it l..Version: 16.0

Doesn’t workYou can’t take out any money you win from videos and other free ways..Version: 19.3

AdsYou can watch an ad that allows you to play a game which you may win real money but the add never work so you have to shut down the game and reload.Version: 12.0

Beware of these games and don’t trust this oneDo not trust this game and don’t trust the game there’s one video that I saw once that said do not top up three times that give me a hint about why everyone saying it’s fake because it’s literary a scam and whatever you say it won’t stop me because I know what you’re trying to make everyone do the poor that’s why everyone they’re trying to make you poor so they can get the money instead so whatever you do when you see this do not top up just like they said so if you see this do not say anything unless you do it won’t stop me just like I said before so yeah for everyone is saying this it’s totally a scam 100% scam I’m gonna repeat it 100% scam sell report this person and never trust him again or just ignore me and this might happen just like I said and I got proof all the ads are The same in different ways but there’s one that says do not top up three times and I’m sorry for this long review but you better not make this one one more time the one that created this or are going to have a terrible time :bumpyhill that’s my among us character‘s name it used to be and if don’t trust me denim this might happen to you but I never play this so whatever you do do not listen to the one that created this is totally a scam game 100% scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 17.1

MONEYI have to say, I love this game. I’m one who doesn’t expect to actually get paid out on games because you should know by now you never will. I play for fun and never deposit money into them. This one I was playing for a month. Had some questions and reached out to support. They answered me real quick!! However, yesterday I was playing and tried to play for money winnings. I get a pop up that says my state/county doesn’t allow money games. No big deal. My problem is that I contacted the developers about getting a refund for the money I deposited. Now they are ghosting me 🤣🤣. The game is great. Just don’t expect to actually withdraw and money as in all games. GEEZ people you should know this by now. Just play the game, watch the ads and move on up to the next level and enjoy the game..Version: 18.4

No cash out - scamDon’t bother. No way to cash out. Customer service non-responsive. This app should be removed from the App Store..Version: 16.1

CrashingPlayed for a $4 game in panda bless and app stuck on loading on submit. I should’ve won the round and win $9. This is robbery!.Version: 9.0

DumbDon’t get why you have to wait to get ur money out.Version: 9.0

Utter conDo not be fooled by the ads people this game is a total con. You play against 5 and 6 other people and you are playing for even money eind? Absolute nonsense as for the ads they should be illegal because i doubt very much anyone has won the amount they show on ads as it is impossible thanks bye now.Version: 9.0

Can’t withdraw cashCan’t withdraw cash that I had won. Stated I had given incorrect information, yet all my information was correct. Sent a message to support. No response from them. Luckily I hadn’t deposited any money..Version: 16.1

ScamYou are not gaming or gambling, rather being ripped off blind. I screenshot all winning results and 4 mins later the results have been altered pushing me out of money winning positions. Same players, same game id. This is cyber crime at its finest. Don’t be fooled..Version: 16.1

Crash fixed but now ID required (Aug 2022)My game had been crashing every and sometimes not even loading. So I deleted the app and reinstalled and it is now fixed. BUT I am deducting a star because a new legal requirement is made for us to take a photo of our ID or passport and consenting to usage of personal data including biometric data from facial features, expressions and sound recordings. There is an option in the agreement that says we can withdraw consent but I can’t tell if that means I can no longer play the cash games. The game is fun and a good brain exercise. I have won real cash. Bonus Games are fun but I generally avoid Bonus Games as Bonus is not actual cash. The pop-ups are very annoying. I have accidentally clicked on a pop-up once in a while forcing me to spend money I did not want to spend. I don’t know if I will continue for much longer because I do not want to provide a photo of my ID..Version: 18.3

Too many pop upsToo many pop ups to force you to spend.Version: 19.1

SCAM - DO NOT DOWNLOADThey claim that they pay out millions every week. Utter nonsense! Free to play and you win, as soon as you deposit to play for real money, you never win. DO NOT PLAY, YOU WILL NOT WIN MONEY.Version: 9.0

ScamI have about 7.55 i can withdraw, but oh how shocking, you cant cash out at all, such a waste of time! What a scam this one is, it mimics another bingo cash app that ACTUALLY pays out, will be uninstalling 🤬.Version: 16.0

SketchyI was just in 2nd place on a game and waiting for 1 more player to join. If that player beat my score it would have put me 3Rd which I’d still win money. I just went back to check and it’s still waiting a 5th player but I’m now bumped down to 4th. How did this happen when all scores were already submitted and I was in 2nd. The least I should have went is 3rd. Update….. a 5th player finally played and all the sudden I’m in 5th place. Again, it was a 5 player game. 4 scores were already submitted and I was placed 2nd. The worst that should have happened was when the 5th player played, if they beat me I would have went to 3Rd place….. no way I should be at 5th now when scores were already submitted. Waiting on someone to get back with me. Wish I knew it was a scam before I spent soooooo much money..Version: 18.5

Real moneyI have playing different games and I haven’t won no real money stop scamming people and I have a PayPal account.Version: 19.4

Scam no paymentsI thought initially this game is fantastic until I tried to withdraw. Filled all data on the withdrawal form and it came up with a message - withdraw failed, Your information is incorrect please check it again, for help contact VIP service. I did but no reply. I also emailed customer care but to no avail either. I have also received an email with a link leading to an error page. Definitely a SCAM. DO NOT DEPOSIT!!!!!.Version: 15.1

Extremely hard!!!You can’t win as advertised. Don’t put money into this game you will lose it. Not worth it!.Version: 15.1

Waste of moneyDo not download this app, you have to pay to play games and even than they take more money out of your account than specified but don’t put it into your app. I emailed them march 2 didn’t hear a reply, expecting they were busy but still no one has gotten back to me. Highly don’t recommend this game..Version: 16.0

Beware total Scam!This game is a total scam! I had an issue with a pop up (new to the game. I didn’t know that there would be random evasive pop ups, especially when you’re trying to make a game choice) coming up at the same time as I was tapping the screen to play a game that only cost 10 diamonds. The pop up was for 4.00 entry fee. There was no confirmation asked if you sure you want to pay 4.00 to play this game. There’s no way to back out of the game that popped up. I wrote the customer svc department and they totally disregarded what I wrote. They state there was no abnormalities. I explained several times of what happened. I sent a video of the pop up and how it shows up over top of other game choices. They maintain no abnormalities. Sure, there’s none with the game that was played. It’s the pop up that shows up and no way out from it! Any other game app that I play asks usually more than once to confirm that you want to pay to play. Total scam, the developers should have done better than to scam people out of money. After a week of trying to get this resolved without resolution, I decided to leave this review to warn others!.Version: 17.0

PoppyluFeeling totally ripped off is not fun. This game seems very rigged against ever accumulating enough to actually withdraw anything. When I finally accumulated over $10 in my withdraw-able funds (the amount needed to withdraw without fees) it suddenly disappeared & turned into 43 cents. I tried to write more than once, because I thought some hacker had gone in there & stole my money or something. I never did get an honest, reasonable answer. Rather, I was told that I only had $4 and lost it on a bet? What? Prior to that my bets had come out of the total I had, not the withdraw acct. Between not getting the bonus money and them taking bets from only your winnings once you accumulate something, it’s basically impossible to ever win enough to bother. You can earn more depositing receipts to Ibotta or Fetch. It just doesn’t seem like letting someone win $10 after months of play would break their bank! They take your winnings coming and going..Version: 9.3

SCAMERS!!!!WHY would these people give FREE cash ??? Get a JOB people , you’re sure to win money , they’re just a bunch of crooks and so many other games just the same as this one !.Version: 16.0

Does not give your money to youWon’t let me withdraw..Version: 8.2

A game that attracts spending moneyThis is fun to a point but if I spend money I normally lose every game till my money is gone again. I have started playing with gems only..Version: 16.1

FishyFun when it works but hesitant to actually spend any money because app freezes up and/or kicks you out. Often even if you have a high score you end up with a “0” I did email the developers and they gave me credit in gems but the issue isn’t fixed. Very addictive when app works correctly Seems like no matter which games I pick I play the same people. I don’t really believe as I randomly pick all the games available these exact people do too. I think you are just playing a program and not actual people as they claim. Fun game but you aren’t going to win much cash if that is what you are expecting. All levels not even available. As now I’ve “won” close to a $100 and trying to cash out after multiple attempts to rectify with the “VIP” service have to say it’s a scam to access your personal information..Version: 18.4

Cheat gameThis game is just a cheat it stole my money I won.Version: 9.0

More ripoffsThey also charge a withdrawal fee of at least $1.50USD any time you withdraw, plus you lose your “bonus cash” if you take it before a certain amount!.Version: 15.0

Was my favoriteThis was my favorite I played it the most and had been progressing through the levels, I was up to naughty dog the frisbee fetching level. Then two days ago I was signed out, I tried to sign back on and denied. Tried to reset my password by a link, no email came. I then reached out to support and let them know I couldn’t sign in. They responded Hey there, we are sorry that since you initiated a dispute, we have blocked your account and refunded you. This process is irreversible. I asked does that mean I gotta start all over?? No response I waited and tried again then I got this Hey there, since you initialed dispute for our game, you can't play our game anymore. I don’t understand? What dispute? I haven’t seen a refund anywhere either so I don’t know why I’m being treated poorly. This was my favorite dang it and I don’t understand. How does a app developer just do this??.Version: 18.5

Won’t let me withdrawDon’t bother it does not let you withdraw your winnings.Version: 11.0

ScamDo not download. It’s a waste of money for every money game you will play against Mmh (profile of a cartoon man with white hair) or Haven (white dress looks like wings behind) and they always win. You will never have a chance of placing with money games due to the bots. My friend and I played different games at the same time and both those users were there which is impossible. Do not download. Save your money..Version: 16.1

FakeYou knew that the error is not the fault of the users, if you had to accept to switch to another account, it should be legal, you are not worthy to do this and blocked the player, all options are allowed in one game where you give your options, this makes you a bad person, it's a scam, you push people to create more accounts and you block them after a transaction, there are a lot of people who talking about that, I wanted to check but I had my fix, a lot of gena will go to other games for this null scam, you had to give the person warnings before doing it, you act without warning people, c it's very wrong to do this, it's shameful of you, you must have been very ashamed to do this, because the option is there in your game, I suffered harassment on my phone, it's psychological harassment, you should never do it, accusing me of breaking the rules, but what is that.Version: 15.0

Scam gameIt’s a scam. Don’t deposit money or provide your credit card details. Just play for free in case you want to have some fun..Version: 15.1

Fun game, but withdrawal, not so good!I have been playing this game for awhile. And really love it. I have been so tempted to deposit money, but decided to wait and play free games until I had earned enough to make a withdrawal to just be sure they paid. So accumulated enough finally for a small withdrawal. Got an email saying the money would be paid within 24 hours. Two weeks later, still no payout. Writing to support got me no where, not even an acknowledgment. They say to notify them if you don’t get the money within 24 hours. I did. I will probably keep playing, but won’t deposit any money. Makes me sad. Oh well, I’m not sure anything is what you hope for anymore! Update— I was able to get a withdrawal to my PayPal, though it was in a different amount than it shows on the ap. I don’t know why there is a difference, but I did get one..Version: 18.5

Withdraw is brokenTo withdraw you need an email and ever time you try to add one is bings a message say “please enter a valid email “ or something like that but anyways there is a button for Custer support that does nothin and searching them up brings up nothing because of how new they are.Version: 8.1

Scam just a massive scamAlright so as you see the game title it’s for “real cash” that’s just cap right. The playable ad says she couldn’t afford her rent YOU NEED TO DEPOSIT CASH TO PLAY AND THERE IS A CHANCE YOU WONT GET IT BACK!!! I wish this rating had zero stars that’s what I would give this game. Don’t download this game!! This is the next pyramid scheme. Who knows? This may be taking money out of your account. So as I said it’s just a MASSIVE now I’m talking huge SCAM TRASH AS GAME!!!!.Version: 9.0

Too bad….Would give you more stars but we were basically banned from this app because my husband and I each had an account to play bingo and they called us cheaters. So only one per household can have this app . Sad..Version: 15.1

Gambling warningCool game, but don’t be fooled by the “phone game” exterior. You are GAMBLING. It’s not a game that you can play and win without depositing money and if you do, you are gambling that money. I’ve had some good wins but I’ve certainly won and lost just as much. As long as you are aware that you are paying to play a game with the chance of winning a little back just like playing keno or poker/slot machines or betting on races. You pay for the enjoyment of playing with the bonus of possibly winning. It’s not a play to win it’s PAY to play. VERY EASY TO JUST SUCKED IN AND PUT IN MORE MONEY, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT YOUVE PUT MORE IN THAN YOU REALISE. DO NOT PAY TO PLAY TO WIN YOUR LOSS’S BACK! You are gambling 100% and the game doesn’t make that as clear as it should. It baits you to deposit more and more all the time. NOT A GAME FOR KIDS. Or people without experience with gambling and losing money by gambling it!.Version: 15.1

Scam appLook it’s fun, but if you want to win money for real, you better go to a casino. What happens is the following: you purchase $25 and receive $3 in bonus cash. So now you have $28. Well, of course you would think that if you played down all of the original $28 and you won a total of $33. You would expect to get $33, right? Wrong! When you go to withdraw, it’ll tell you that you got some bonus cash from some mini games. So if you got $0.75 every 3rd game and you were playing $1 games, that’s $7 more in bonus cash that you didn’t ask for. You would only be able to draw down $25 and there is no way to opt out of the bonus cash games. If you are going to play, don’t spend real money… just use their bonus cash because you won’t get your money back anyways. Also, even if you did win a little, it’ll take up to 90 business days to get the withdrawal. That’s the equivalent of nearly 3-5 months depending on their business days. Keyword: business days… They sure can take your money quick but can’t return the favor. Do yourself a favor and don’t download this..Version: 7.0

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