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Football Manager 2023 Mobile App User Positive Comments 2023

Football Manager 2023 Mobile app received 34 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about football manager 2023 mobile?

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Football Manager 2023 Mobile for Positive User Reviews

Really realisticFootball manger game is realistic in terms of playing competitive that’s why I enjoy it so much it’s very fun being a manger truly feeling like you in charge of the team.Version: 14.1.0

Great as usualIt’s the only game I play on my phone so for £9 I get my money worth (I wouldn’t pay £60 a year for the touch version). Yes it’s almost the same as last year but the team talk feature is nice. I would like to be able to take players on trial for a week to let the staff put them through their paces but that might happen in the future. Anyway it runs great and I’ve not found any bugs yet. Well worth the money..Version: 14.0.2

ReviewAnother year getting FM23 on the phone and another year of new and interesting features. Love the new Champions and Europa League licences. The only thing I could suggest to improve on after about 4 seasons of playing, I noticed anytime a goal decision went to VAR the goal was never given… not sure if this is a bug or not. Either way great game!.Version: 14.1.0

Very good butThis game is very good 10/10 for me but the VAR decisions ruin it because whenever the decision goes to VAR it gets disallowed but in the touch version when the goal goas to VAR theres a 50/50 chance that the goal gets allowed. Please fix it.Version: 14.1.0

Great gameBeautiful game once again, only thing is though is that I’m constantly taking players off from being loan listed then they’re automatically put back on even though I’ve set none of them to be loan listed and not got my assistant manager to loan list them..Version: 14.1.0

GoodI love the new features and its really fun so far but i feel like a lot of the players are overpriced and have unrealistic transfer values and its hard to buy players because of this..Version: 14.0.2

Good… but…I love the realistic match engine but transfers can be so unrealistic it’s frustrates hugely - especially if your starting lower leagues and building up as I like to do. Like what club makes constant offers for the same player in a season when we’re both in the premier league, maybe limit to 3 max. I literally built a good team but my club rep was still 3 star and every other premier league club wanted my emerging players I had grown. Then no one wants to renew contracts. It frustrates after spending so much time searching for players and building them up then I lose my best players under bosman as the won’t renew or I’m forced to transfer. Minor but I do I get outrages asking prices then see the deal done for far cheaper with another club. Some bugs like ghost goals appearing occasionally and crashing. I only play on iPad these days… still love the game! It’s so addictive, unrivalled in its field…!.Version: 14.0.2

Great as alwaysQuestion; players in England in final year of contract do not become available to offer a contract too, is this an error? It says that players should be applicable in Jan (6 months out). Other than that, all good..Version: 14.0.2

Great update to my favourite football management seriesThis has been great as always and FM2023 mobile now has team talks which I’ve been asking for every year and it makes a difference to the football manager experience. Great job everyone at Sports Interactive..Version: 14.0.2

Love but….I love FM always have always will. It feels this game has been rushed and not finished example.. team talks brilliant feature get to do them pre match and half time… but why can’t you do them at full time? Just feels not completed or they ran out of time before release. There are other great features added this year. Always great value for a mobile game. Although price of DLCs seem steep..Version: 14.0.2

Perfect gameOnce again FM does not disappoint. Fantastic game, perfect user interface and I am addicted once again this year. Bought the game for PC and mobile. Can’t recommend enough to anyone who loves football, Loves simulators and isn’t afraid of a challenge!.Version: 14.1.0

Almost perfectI love FMMobile, I’ve been playing for 6 years now and I’m an actual addict. Just needs little touches when it comes to transfers..Version: 14.0.2

Great game but few bugsLove this game series i buy it every year but i’m getting a weird bug when i play on the Original Match Engine. every match displays the time as “-pens-“ and the scoreboard stays at 0-0 the entire game. please fix!.Version: 14.0.4

App crash after 2026 seasonNo idea why this could happen, please fix this issue asap. This is my favourite game..Version: 14.0.2

Lost my moneyLove the game, have been playing for years. Purchased “Key Player” in the store however and have received nothing for the £1.99. Can you advise please.Version: 14.0.4

I hope support chinese languageI hope support chinese language.Version: 14.1.0

Solid addition but match day graphics!!Great game with some really, really nice upgrades from FM22. The only apparent downgrade (which is a fairly large part of the game) is the match day graphics which look incredibly basic to say the least. I’ve played around with the match settings but still looks awful. It just looks messy and dare I say it, rushed. What’s going on with the uppercase/lower case all over the screen. The info bar across the top with the badges, league, stadium info needs to be across the top and larger (FM22 style was perfect) I really do hope SI will be patching this in the very near future as it’s letting down a very good instalment to a very good game..Version: 14.0.2

Brilliant as AlwaysAs always downloaded on day of release and hunting through for hidden gems and getting the best out of the transfer budget. Nice updates and love that you can have team talks and let the players know your feelings during half time. Player updates seem appropriate and already found a couple of cheap future superstars Only negative is every time a player gets injured during a match that said match starts again from kick off which can be frustrating as sometimes the game plays out exactly the same but sometimes it changes the game so you end up getting beat. I’m hoping this is just teething issues.Version: 14.0.2

Small issuesFirst I must say I love playing this game have done since the old champ man days, I have a couple issue with the new mobile version 1. The amount of time your taking a corner and the other team has one sometimes two players on the half way line with none of your players around they break from corner and score, 2. Your through on goal get took out it goes to var and outside the box free kick yet the player who took you down walks away no card nothing. Last thing and this has been around for years you play a team like Man Utd or Liverpool basically a top team and they are starting the game with players on 80% and less fitness players playing out of position and their still turning u over and u have a full 100% team probably even on a great winning streak or even above the said team your playing. Come on get some adjustments and the new champions league format is shocking a league of 20+ teams randomly playing each other for 10 games etc that’s not even the format why change things from reality..Version: 14.1.0

Love the game but…I can’t understand why we can’t pick our own age - why is everybody set 1/1/1970 as their birthday. That just kills the realism for me because who starts their coaching career as a 52 year old, makes no sense. I also feel like we should be able to have 3d models instead of the 2d circles we have seen for so long as players..Version: 14.1.0

Football manger 2023I’ve had this game for years and I love it nothing is ever rong with it and it is always a joy to play. I highly recommend buying as it isn’t to expensive and you get to be a real life manger for your club.Version: 14.0.2

Football managerI love the way cup draws have been added in this year it’s a great touch I think it needs to be revamped a bit now change it up a little bit more as it’s been the same really for the last few years..Version: 14.0.2

Great game always small improvements with anything.Once again another great game, good to see sega still on the market after all these years. Played Football manager every year! One inclusion I think will bring the game to a whole new level would be being able to have a conversation with a player to see where his head is at when a bigger team approaches him. This will enable people to have a better understanding into whether or not to sell this player on..Version: 14.0.4

A game of loveFM is amazing I’ve been playing it for a year and somehow it keeps getting better and better I love the quick sims which helps seasons go fast. The realistic prices make it so you actually need to work to win the game that’s why I live FM.Version: 14.0.4

AmazingSimply it’s a fantastic game.Version: 14.1.0

Great as usual but needs some new leagues in the mobile versionGreat as usual but needs the J League in this version and the lower leagues in Scotland ie Highland League & Lowland League added but otherwise great fun..Version: 14.1.0

Best Version Yet but One Flaw…Love this game but they need to fix the ability to scout Western Europe with Scouting Assignments… it’s annoying they only have Southern, Central, and Eastern without letting us get a chance to do quick assignments in Portugal/France/Spain. Other than that this version is downright addicting.Version: 14.0.2

Another great yearGreat game as always. Please fix the position title for each player in their player card. For example it says Gabriel Jesus is a midfielder and Declan Rice is a defender..Version: 14.1.0

AddictedBest FBM ever 💯.Version: 14.0.2

Great game! But….I’ve noticed a few bugs when playing the game on the original match engine, including the clock, and some issues on pitch mode. If you could fix those, this would be a 5 star review, however due to the bugs, I’m gonna have to remove a star..Version: 14.0.4

Love this gameOnly one problem with the new fm after playing the game for a while the resolution of the game starts to disappear and you can’t see writing of the players stats or to offer contracts etc. is this something that can be fixed please.Version: 14.0.2

Best version yet!The best football management game available - well worth a look if you’re a true soccer fan :).Version: 14.0.2

DecentDecent game however I am unable to sort my shortlisted players by ability or potential? Even when looking for players I can’t toggle the option to have it sorted by age? Something that’s always been in the game’s previously until this one?.Version: 14.0.4

The best soccer / football manager game ever!My favorite game since a kid! Meaningful, super interesting and exciting, inspiring and intriguing at 250%!.Version: 14.1.0

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