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The New York Times App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

The New York Times app received 176 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The New York Times? Can you share your negative thoughts about the new york times?

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The New York Times for Negative User Reviews

Revision terribleThe new app now shows me 3-4 adds and a single story after mid day. It freezes all the time, forcing me to close it and restart. This is new since the last update. I pay a subscription to read articles, not have my use captive to advertisers. This is getting frustrating enough for me to consider dropping the subscription and switching to the Post or the Guardian. Fix this mess now!!!.Version: 8.4.0

Won’t let you unsubscribeTry to unsubscribe and you will be hounded for days..Version: 9.18.0

More display optionsNeeds dark mode. An app should have more options than the site viewed in-browser.Version: 6.6.7

Latest makeover is painfully slowUsed to be a great app. That is, until they decided to revamp it a couple of weeks ago. Now it is painfully slow to load stories. Takes over a minute to draw the entire list of stories on iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro. Shame. You’ve killed the golden goose. No point in having a subscription once you destroy the user experience….Version: 9.54.0

Drains battery excessivelyNot commenting on the content, but the performance of this app is a deal breaker for me. It drains battery life really quickly and I can’t understand why for an app that basically download text and images. Uninstalling..Version: 9.20.1

Lousy since updatesApp most of time just no longer works! It freezes. It spins that it’s downloading a story I’ve clicked on but never actually downloads. Since the many recent updates this app doesn’t work. I’ll have to cancel my subscription because I’m not able to read the news stories!.Version: 9.53.0

Where does the morning briefing go after I close the app?The app makes it very difficult to find the things I’m looking for. Specifically, if I was reading through the morning briefing and then close out of the app to return to it later, I can no longer find the briefing. It used to appear at the top of the “For You” section, but that is not the case anymore. At least, it does not appear there after I’ve already opened it. The constantly changing interface of the app makes it confusing, and I wish there was some sort of tutorial released with new versions to show you where things have been moved to. Also, the “Saved for Later” and “Recently Viewed” sections do not show up in an intuitive spot — I would expect them to be under “For You,” not “Sections.” After the latest update, I had the hardest time finding these things. Please make the app more intuitive or just stop changing things around so we can at least keep track of where everything is..Version: 9.35.0

Disappointing ExperienceI am grossly disappointed with NYT. I held a very high opinion of NYT, believing that buying a subscription would be easy and that, if I ever needed to contact CS, it would be a pleasant, professional experience. It has not been either. My subscription apparently hasn't been honoured and when I tried to reach out to someone about it, CS was non-existent—I never got an e-mail back about my inquiry despite waiting several days for a reply... but I got an e-mail asking about my recent experience with CS and how NYT can improve. Isn't that friggin' hilarious. I am just generally and genuinely shocked by how I've been treated by a news establishment of NYT's standards. I guess it was naive of me to expect a lot more. I will always be a fan of their journalism, the quality of which I think cannot be denied. But this whole experience has left me feeling so, so very frustrated and—above all—disappointed. I feel like I haven't been seen or heard at all by them. I just wanted so badly to enjoy their journalism and support an establishment I respect. But I feel left out in the cold..Version: 9.61.0

NYT is a daily miracle...butThis app destroys the magic with intrusive ads and click bait that gives it the appearance of a UK tabloid. Please lose the ads - or run one pre-read. And tell Harry’s I have a beard ;).Version: 9.26.0

Ads have priorityWhile scrolling through articles the text jumps every so many paragraphs because ads get loaded or disappear. This has been a long standing problem. I'm a paid subscriber..Version: 9.4.0

Great Content, Terrible Ad TrackingUPDATE: I tried the app again, thinking maybe i was being too harsh. Nope, the advertisements are actually worse now. meaning, there are more ads now then there were when i wrote the below review. I actually showed this to a friend who was amazed this is a paid subscription. The same animated ad is inserted between every 3 paragraphs. Honestly, I would pay MORE if the ads would just go away altogether as they completely take-away from the reading experience. Just charge me more so I can read the news in peace please. Original Review: As mentioned by many others, the content is the best in the world. Unfortunately it is served alongside insidious ad tracking that follows one from the web and into the app. Expect to see the same ad inserted between every 3rd paragraph, over and over and over. I hope you liked that book you searched for online because you will see ads for it all day using this app. Creepy, and unnecessary for a newspaper, especially one that writes article against "super cookies and advertising platforms". This is a paid subscription, not a free product. I expect no ads, or at the very least, less of them. I'm keeping my subscription to the best newspaper in the world, but i'm deleting this app and will read online, where I can block the ads and receive a much better reading experience, which of course is the point..Version: 9.15.0

Latest update a big disappointmentWhy would anyone remove the option to navigate between sections through swiping left or right? Why, entirely remove it and not replace with anything? What used to take one swipe now needs long winded navigating through the menu panel. Used to be a five star app, now it’s merely annoying.Version: 9.5.0

4th Gen iPad no longer supportedVery disappointed that the NYT App is no longer supported on 4th Gen iPads. There is nothing wrong with my iPad and it ran the old NYT App and runs the current Washington post App perfectly well. By removing support for the old NYT App and disenfranchising 4th Gen iPad users the NYT are complicit in creating unnecessary obsolescence of perfectly good technology, costing their users money to upgrade or cancel subscriptions. The NYTs journalism is excellent, as was the old App. I strongly disagree with the NYTs decision to support a disposable technology society and will be forced cancel my subscription as a result as I cannot afford a new iPad..Version: 9.15.0

NYTimes are you even using this app?!?I love NYTimes’ content. I start and end my day with it. I’m proud to pay to support independent, critical coverage in journalism. However, you really need to try out your app in real life. I build mobile apps for a living and would get fired if I prioritized ads in my product over usability. It’s not that this app doesn’t work, but the inmates (ads) are running the asylum here. It’s impossible to scroll and peruse content while the screen updates, shifts, and goes blank to comically load content. You don’t even cache the ads between reading an article and going back to the front page view because they load all over again. I seriously laughed when I read some other reviews and they called it pinballing, and that they got seasick while using this app. So true! I get it, making an app is hard, especially with competing demands for the business and new features. And that your team are humans, work hard and care. But really, this has gone too far. You need to take a step back, start listening to your users and take real steps to make the app work for its primary usecase - reading the frickin’ news! And add dark mode already, it’s called a stylesheet!.Version: 9.50.0

App sucking battery lifeFrom a purely app review perspective. This app runs my iPhone IOS 12.0.1 extremely hot. Zapping 40% of my battery life in an hours worth of reading. Why so much processor churn when just reading text? Likely the advertisements, which is ironic, when also paying for the subscription....Version: 8.4.0

I don’t get itNot sure I understand why they changed the layout. I can still get top headlines. However, I have to tap on Sections button at bottom if I want to open any other section like Most Popular, Business or Tech. If I want to then go to another section, I have to repeat the whole process again. Very frustrating. On my iPad, when you press the Sections button, you also get a blank screen. To have it list the sections, you have to press Top Stories button then the Sections button again. The iPhone version does not have this issue. There is also no option to reorder the sections the way you want it. I think NYT should fire whoever IT company they hired..Version: 9.11.0

Gamestop investors are propelled by mix of greed and boredomTop journalism. All the information is public and no effort has been put in to take a deeper look at what’s going on..Version: 9.42.0

SlowAs stated by another user, this app has been really slow since the update on my iphone 3g. It constantly freezes and takes much longer to load articles. An update would be nice as it is a useful app.Version: 0

Flawed app with bold design ideasThe team behind the app clearly innovates, take risks, and incorporate la feedback in the design. Unfortunately, it’s let down by being slow on almost all fronts. The initial load is slow, layout is slow and jumps around as new data arrives, and image loading in articles is often slow too (from the perspective of a reader in Europe). I was expecting performance would improve over time but I use the app daily and it seems to be getting a little worse. Not unusable, but disappointing..Version: 9.54.0

The iPhone version is maddeningAs one scrolls down through the list of articles, huge, repetitive ads that often dwarf the times article content locks annoyingly appear. Click on an article, and when you return to the list you are in a completely different place as the banal ads have refreshed and are of different dimensions. You then need to re-scroll through the list of articles and ads to find where you left off. Maddening. The iPad app is not as afflicted as it resembles the physical newspaper front page and returns to it after you’ve read an article. It’s the iPhone version that is almost unusable. Find a way to return to exactly the spot you departed from when reading an article. This should be app development 101. And for heavens sake, if you insist upon littering my expensive paid subscription with silly ad content, make them less obtrusive. There is no way I’m going to click on any of them anyway..Version: 9.47.0

Great Newspaper - average AppI read the NYT through the App most days. I really appreciate the NYT’s depth and intelligence. The App itself is OK. It works. I am not a fan of how it lays out the articles. I prefer the online view. It has, however, developed a habit of jamming part way down the page. I usually get about two thirds of the way through and it will stop reacting. If I switch the app off and then back on again, it jams at the same point again. It happened again this morning. Very irritating! I would like to mention the search facility. It is not only difficult to find but also not particularly reliable, uptodate or effective. I have found it easier, quicker and better to use Google search than the App version..Version: 9.47.0

Bad experience cancelling subscriptionDon't expect to cancel your subscription without a lot of pain..Version: 9.20.0

Battery Hog!Even with background refresh inhibited. Disappointing.Version: 9.8.0

Good app but has issuesI really want to love the NYT app. The layout is solid, performance wise it’s great. But there are two flaws. One is being unable to swipe left and right to switch between sections. The second is the sheer amount of ads in each story. Each article is broken up by repetitive ads, usually advertising a New York Times subscription, every four paragraphs or so. It disrupts the flow of reading stories, and honestly, is pointless. I am a digital subscriber, telling me the truth matters and that I should subscribe to the NYT is redundant; I already do, you’re preaching to the choir. By paying for this service I’d expect zero ads.....Version: 9.8.0

No Night ModeI can’t find night mode? Or anyway to view an article in Safari instead in night mode? Deleted the app and went back to mobile Safari - hurts my eyes less..Version: 9.16.0

Saved for later articles problemI like the design and the speed of the app, but whenever I save articles for later I read a couple and get an ‘oops something went wrong’ message then when I exit the article the ‘saved for later’ section is blank. This doesn’t resolve until I force quit the app. This is really frustrating has not been addressed in the previous two updates..Version: 7.4.0

For You is not for meI’m not seeing how the latest update is an improvement. The For You section has a list of articles that are absolutely the antithesis of what I would read first, and I don’t see a way to give feedback to the algorithm or to add items I really do want there. (I changed my settings, but that’s not addressing the problem.) And maybe it’s petty, but I loved being able to jump to Spelling Bee right away - I intentionally do that puzzle *before* I depress myself with the day’s news and now I have to scroll through the full news feed to get there, and the feed keeps loading and loading, so just when I think I’m at the bottom and I click on the Bee, more stories have loaded and I find myself accidentally clicking on a random story. I’m a loyal subscriber and will stick around, but would appreciate some additional fixes..Version: 9.24.1

More ads than textHow many ads can you jam onto a page? Sooooo many, apparently. The same ad, over and over and over. Guys, if I don’t engage the first time, I’m not engaging the 25th time, either. Banner ads aren’t much more than blocks of color the eye skips over—take it from me, I’m in advertising, they don’t work—but MAN those blocks get annoying when they’re stacked right after each paragraph of text. Today I read the Times through my browser just so I could use Reader View. You want to push everyone in that direction? So no one ever sees any ads at all? Maybe just try fewer ads so resorting to Reader View doesn’t become a trend. Another thing—the blocks of links to other stories, BEFORE the end of the story I’m reading. So many times I think, wow, weird end to this article, then I realize it’s not the end, there’s another paragraph or two after links to 50 other articles. Super annoying. You don’t want people to finish the current article? You think my attention is that short? You know how bad you have to get for me to interrupt my morning, come to the App Store, and write this review? Seriously bad. I expect more of The NY Times..Version: 8.2.0

App ok, content not so muchThe app is ok. Seems to work all right. It does push some spam via push notifications but you can turn that off. If the content was better in the paper, I’d give it a few more stars.Version: 9.39.0

Add dark modeFor the love of God! ADD SUPPORT FOR DARKMODE! this app is unusable after the sun goes down!.Version: 9.38.0

Too many ads and no swipingAds mean articles are slow to load or react poorly to scrolling. This behaviour is only exhibited in NYT, not any of my other news apps. Recent update also seems to have removed swiping to move to the next piece which makes the whole thing clunky to use..Version: 9.2.0

Update March 2021Not sure what happened with this update. I am no longer able to organize my sections in order of preference. I do not want to see “Most Popular” etc first. Please fix!.Version: 9.46.1

Offline doesn’t workEver since the new universal version. Makes me wish I could just access full RSS feeds and use an app that downloads content for offline use..Version: 8.0.0

Saved for laterPlease attend to the saved for later feature. Selected articles no longer save for later. It had been one of my favourite features. All my saved articles are gone..Version: 9.22.0

Getting worseProgressively over the last year this app has become slower and slower. With the latest update, only half the news stories appear. Sometimes exiting the program and restarting it works. Othertimes not. None of my other apps have this problem, so I suspect it is the app, not my ipad. Update. Still very buggy. Also, I really hate it when I am reading an article and suddenly the whole page shifts and advertising is shoved in front of me. As much as I love the NYT, this app really needs improving..Version: 9.49.0

Please Fix the SoftwareI love that I can have this app on my Ipad. I love having access to the interesting articles and also some of the games. Being able to read articles in a large font is wonderful because my eyes get fatigued when I try to read the actual hard copy of the newspaper. I have loved the Spelling Bee game. It was a little hard for me at first because the font was so small and I could not change it, but I could still get through. However, with the latest update, the font is now so huge the larger words run in to each other, making it difficult to read them. Not only that, trying to scroll through the word list from Yesterday is sometimes impossible. When it does work, the font is so large that some of the large words are cut off. Why even have a list if a person cannot view each and every word on it? Also, the Help section no longer works. One must scroll in order to read all of it but the scrolling does not work. So there is not much help here. Please fix this. It was not broken before the update so for now, I am giving the app only one star..Version: 9.50.0

Slow. Complex. Hard to Use.This app is slow to load pages and slow to scroll through pages. Advertisements always load first, and their fancy animations sometimes seem to bog my device down, preventing the rest of the page from loading. My device is a little older, but not so old that it is out of date. It is plenty speedy when using other apps. If the device is a problem, the app should compensate by loading simpler pages and a simpler interface. The app is complex. It is hard to find some articles and sections. It used to be easier to navigate, but an update made it less user-friendly. My theory is that the engineers who work on this app have gotten out of control, and are adding all the fancy bells and whistles they can, unconstrained by anyone who advocates for ease of use and speed. This used to be a great app, but it has been gradually going downhill for a while now, for the reasons noted above. The content is great, and I subscribe to the NYT to read their newspaper, but the decline of the app is pushing me more and more to read in a browser on a computer, rather than via the app. Update: today, all I see is a spinning activity widget. The app does not load at all..Version: 9.49.0

After subscribing the app refuses to accept this!After subscribing the app refuses to recognise me as subscribed and offers me now way to relog in. Grrrr I’ve paid but can’t get a sub working. Not good..Version: 8.5.0

Absolutely maddening: avoidI like the writing in the NYT so I subscribed. Yet when I try to read articles in the app it keeps asking me to subscribe without ever giving me the option to sign in. At one point both my wife and I had subs and neither of us could read anything!.Version: 9.39.0

Worst app on my phoneThis app is too expensive for the amount of glitches one constantly has to navigate- Scrolling is always stuck-the bottom half is always missing -except for the ads and the games section at the bottom. Also I watch a lot of movies and series -so I like to read the reviews-however NYT reviews don’t turn up in the search unless they are recent releases and if you search for a review via Google-you only get a minimal amount of “free” reads before it locks you out and says that you have to subscribe to the NYT to read a review any further-but I DO subscribe-and there’s no option to enter my info-so access to entertainment reviews that aren’t current-doesn’t exist-I’ve contacted support about this but no answer has been offered- Soooo ya the most user-unfriendly subscription that is on my phone P.S. I don’t understand why access to the recipes is an additional charge for subscribers when you can just Google the NYT recipe and it pop rights up Thanks for the chance to rant.Version: 9.50.0

App crashing - says updated 1 day agoRepeated attempts, phone reset etc still crashes.Version: 9.48.0

Good content. Poor UI designGreat content. Used to be a great app It’s essentially a browser for the Times, but the designers have unlearned what web browser developers have learned over the past decade. The app constantly moves things around as you scroll, meaning you have to just sit and wait for it to update dynamically, while stories move up, down, left, right. It’s unusable during this update process, which could be several seconds, depending on your network connection. Now they have moved the back button to the bottom. Do they really think they know more about UI design than Google, Apple, etc? My fingers are always in the more central part of the screen. Reaching up is natural - reaching down is not, especially since your hand covers the bottom area. You must back up your whole hand to use the back button, which is very awkward. It’s clear the app developers are not experienced enough to out-engineer the likes of Google and Apple. What’s worse is they lack the wisdom to recognize that fact and it’s up to us users to gently rein them in. Please change the update behavior so that it mostly happens behind the scenes with minimal screen updates. Also, move the back arrow to the top. Also, re-enable pinch to zoom for pictures. In short, make the app more like Chrome or Safari. Thank you for your attention.Version: 9.54.0

Does not work properlyDoes not scroll properly (content not visible), slow to load, freezes..Version: 9.48.1

Poor synchronizationIn 2 weeks of having this app installed, I have not once managed to read anything using it. Each time it starts it spends ages updating content (minutes), I get impatient and close it, and next time it runs it starts from the beginning again. The website beats this hands down, even when not being designed for mobile..Version: 3.2.2

Subscription model brokenThe journalism is first rate but if you are silly enough to subscribe outside of the app, the app doesn’t let you link to that account. Add all the other comments in here about subscriptions and I would be very wary of this app. Pity though because there are articles here worth reading..Version: 9.27.0

IAP IssueA user can subscribe to two Basic subscriptions at the same time - the only difference is that one has a free trial and the other doesn’t. The promo offers the free trial while inside the app it offers subscriptions without a free trial Maybe you should hide the subscription option inside the app if the user has signed up to a subscription already?.Version: 7.10.0

A Real Pain on the iPhoneThe Times’s content is just fine, and if you want the news of the day, it’s certainly a contender for your business. From a tech standard, its many interactive features are a big plus, too. But it is inserting ever more active ads— video and the like— and it’s causing loading problems on the iPhone. (Mine’s a Xs Max). So when you first load the app and come out of an article, it will jump all over the place, causing you to lose your place in the queue, and sometimes within an article as well. In addition, the ads are extremely distracting— you have to move the article around to get them out of view. I’m sure some advertisers think this is a great way to get business, and to them, I can only say: you guys are out of your minds! If the app didn’t provide a better experience on the iPad, I’d really consider going back to paper only or try competing news apps..Version: 9.46.1

Great journalism, mediocre appLook, it’s The NY Times so the articles are generally thoughtful, abundant, and well written. The app, on the other hand, is just a spinning wheel half the time I open it. It needs to be redesigned with the size of the payload in mind. The today tab has become bloated with too much content which takes ages to fully load. The app seems like it tries to lazy load sections to account for this but given all the rich content (photos, videos, ads) and the short lifespan of that content it still takes a long to render the whole tab and the order in which things load seems arbitrary. On top of that, the containers can’t predict the height of the content which hasn’t yet loaded meaning the page height jumps around as content shows up. The information architecture either needs to be redesigned and broken into more more discrete sections to reduce the page size or the app needs to change the way it fetches content (e.g. using fixed height containers, making separate calls for semantic and media content to speed up perceived load time). This would probably have the second order effect of improving ad performance since the ads frequently fail to render by the time I’ve give up on the app loading..Version: 9.55.0

CrapUp until a few months ago, I would have given the app a rating of four or five stars. It feels like the Times rebuilt it and now it’s glitchy and really unpleasant to use. The home page freezes on a white screen about 10% of the time. When it actually loads content, it does so haltingly so that the page’s content jumps around while you’re trying to scan it. Then it starts the process again when it refreshes after five minutes or so. Article pages seem stable. So if you can get to them, you may not find this so frustrating. But if you like to scan the home page periodically — I mean, it’s the home page of a content site, your entry point to everything inside — you’re out of luck..Version: 9.49.0

Times appThe Times asks us to allow cookies which show what we like but they also share to others ie advertisers whom then bombard the viewer with advertising that they feel is appropriate for the viewer . Why pay to see something an most of it is taken up by the advertisers, NOT GOOD Enough..Version: 9.12.0

Ads for paid subscriptions????I quite understand the need to support NYT journalism with advertising on the paper version (which itself involves costs) and on the unpaid version of the news app/website. However, to bloat every single article viewed through a digital subscription with multiple advertisements is a true disservice to loyal subscribers. It is all the more disturbing because under previous versions the platform was ad-free and more complete (i.e. archive access?). Thus NYT digital subscribers now pay exactly the same amount each month for a service that has considerably worsened over time. The majority of other news apps do not include advertising in the “premium”/ paid subscription versions of their applications. I have been a NYT reader for many years, and I am happy to contribute monetarily to the important journalistic work this paper does. However, there must be a better way, that is less offensive to the paper’s subscribers! Please return to the previous ad-free approach for digital subscriptions..Version: 6.5.2

The app needs dark modeI only have time to read in the early morning or late at night. To stare at a white background when my room is dimly lit is really uncomfortable. I will change my rating when dark mode is implemented. Every other app has it including The Guardian..Version: 9.71.0

Latest updates reducing usageYou can no longer scroll across through articles onto the next one, but instead have to return to the main screen after reading each article to get into the nest. This reduces consumption and makes the app much slower to use. A big disappointment..Version: 9.1.0

DisappointedUsed to love this app but various “upgrades” over the years have degraded the app. The most recent was to relocate the “back” button to the lower left from the upper left. This is a horrible location for use on an iPad in landscape mode and isn’t much better on an iPhone in portrait mode. Given that 90% of the population is right handed and that, as far as I know, most people have thumbs directed upward when holding a phone or tablet, moving this critical button to the lower left makes for a very awkward and non ergonomic movement. I am clueless as to how this was supposed to “enhance” my experience with the app. I’ve despised it from day one and continue to do so. I also echo other’s criticism of the constant “adjusting/movement” of text, stories and pictures as new ad content loads while you scroll down, thus moving a story or picture you were focused on out of your field of view. This is very annoying when you’re about to click on a story to read the full article..Version: 9.53.0

Needs dark modeGreat app although it sometimes freezes when updating the news. Great journalism. Badly needs a dark/night mode. Cmon guys can’t be too hard..Version: 9.29.0

Love the news, hate the app, bring back news not the ABC websiteWhy can’t I read the news on the ABC website? Why do I have to stuff around with this poorly organised and incomplete app?.Version: 9.27.0

Unreadable front pageMy app now takes longer to load because of, I think, the constantly changing pictures at the top of the front page. When I scroll down on my iPad, the COVID deaths article stretches to infinity so I am unable to mov on. When I try to open the COVID article, only the top part loads. Thoroughly frustrating...Version: 9.24.1

Awful subscription modelIn order to cancel your subscription you have to call up and speak to multiple people telling you not to cancel. Especially awful for international customers who need to call up in the middle of the night. Was considering taking a break for a few months but now I will definitely never be resubscribing after having to jump through all these ridiculous hoops. Buyer beware..Version: 9.23.1

Lousy — just use the browser versionThey keep redesigning this app and every time it gets worse. It completely disregards my preferences in the “For You” section, giving me articles from sections I have zero interest in, and never posting articles from the few ones I specifically check. The “Manage Your Interest” section throws back errors when you try to change them. There is no section exclusively for visual art & design like on the browser version; the app’s Art & Design category is larded with articles on TV, books, movies etc — topics that already have their own exclusive sections. Numerous little frustrations in the navigation like that have driven me to finally delete the app and just use a browser. On the plus side the app works smoothly and the interactive features aren’t buggy. I haven’t noticed a huge problem with the ads like others here are complaining about. No problems with the functionality — my problem is simply getting to the content I want..Version: 9.20.1

Too much video advertising distracts from articlesI have subscribed for a month and will not be renewing. Every article has a barrage of video advertising which only detracts from the reading experience. I have nothing against advertising and understand that newspapers need to make money but this is ridiculous. As a comparison I also subscribed to the Age newspaper and love it because it is an true digital newspaper whilst the NYT feels like a collection of articles smattered with video intrusions..Version: 9.5.0

Frustrations and disappointments since the re-writeReview of Version 9.54 running on a 512Gb iPad Pro in landscape mode while offline. It is frustrating to use the NY Times app while offline. In the past, I was able to read most of the articles without an internet connection, but recently most articles require a “Live” connection and now show a blank page and an error when accessed. I would download the articles at work before leaving for home and read them on the train, which lacks WiFi. What is even more frustrating is that you cannot tell whether the article is available on the iPad until you tap on it. The new version has also broken other things. My larger-font settings are ignored in the main section so I have to wear my glasses to read the tiny font descriptions written in light grey, but the article body honours my font choice so I have to take my glasses off. Navigating the app is inconsistent; sometimes the arrow to go back is at the bottom of the page and sometimes it’s at the top. You can sometimes swipe to go back and other times, you can’t. In the past, I was able to sort the sections in the order I liked to read them, but now I can’t. When entering a section there is a “Something went wrong” error dialog. How is this message helpful to the reader? In landscape mode, the photos of the Most Popular section take up the entire screen; why? Unlike the paper version, where the length of an article is visible at a glance, it’s impossible to tell whether an article is a thousand words long or full spread, double-page feature. It’s a shame that such high quality journalism has to read via such a poorly designed app which is clearly a work in progress and has many shortcomings that need to be addressed before it rates more than one star..Version: 9.55.0

New app is seriously BAD, no real newspaper experienceA subscriber of electronic paper since 2010, we went through several app-updates. The most recent one is the worst. What makes it real bad: I cannot swipe from one article to the next as I prefer to to go through the a whole section in that day’s newspaper edition. I’m forced to go back to the section’s main page. Also, the app is compartmentalised in ways that will always update to the most recent edition. I activated the ‘don’t update function’ and yet it updates. The tech department is really lagging behind in quality to the excellent journalism delivered..Version: 9.6.0

Great content, buggy appI love the NYT. I can’t say the same about the app. I could just about live with the profusion of ads, if difficulties in loading and slow speeds in auctioning off the rights to my eyeballs didn’t cause the app to freeze or the text to bounce around as new adverts are added or fail to load while I’m reading stories. Two years ago the app was much more reliable. Things have gone downhill with the app, which no longer works anywhere near as well as it used to (I’m writing in Jan 2020).Version: 9.14.0

Glitchy afRoutinely fails to load basic homepage and crashes whenever there’s embedded video. I keep up with updates, so it’s not that I’m running a buggy old version. Has ever been thus. Compared to other subscriber media apps that I use, this is poor..Version: 9.54.0

So long to load is unusableThe title says it all. I thought it was my fairly old iPhone 5S; I’ve upgraded to a much more recent version of iPhone and there has been no change. So long has this been an issue I don’t expect anything to be done about it soon - a waste of my subscription..Version: 8.4.0

Only works sporadically, can’t zoom, not intuitiveI use a VPN (a mainstream, widely available one) and many apps/sites don’t load properly. NYT’s app is odd because it works occasionally, but not usually—I don’t know if this is because of the VPN or if the app is just bad (but it seems to have a bunch of positive reviews so maybe it’s just me?). When I click on a push notification, it opens the app but only goes to the last article that was open, even if it was several weeks ago. Not useful. Then, if I search for the story, it only sometimes loads. I usually end up just using the website or relying on the morning briefing newsletter (so why am I paying for a subscription??). Another annoying aspect of the app is that you can’t zoom in on photos—I find myself doing this a lot on the website because there are interesting things to see and the phone screen is so small; it’s always a frustrating surprise when I try to zoom on the app and nothing happens. Aside from those specific issues, I also find it a little confusing/unintuitive how to find specific stories. Maybe I should be able to answer some questions about what interests me, and then it curates my home page based on my self-reported likes and my past views/reads. I could then use the “sections” page as a backup. Obviously NYT is the gold standard of journalism, but I’m surprised and irritated every time I remember how bad their app is. The app does look nice—I guess that’s worth +1 star..Version: 9.30.1

Latest Update Ruined AppThey have huge ads that fill the entire screen. It’s annoying to see over and over again an ad for someone called Ezra Klein and his podcast. I liked the previous version and used it a lot. Most previous updates were minor improvements. The latest update though completely redesigned the interface. It is an absolute mess. Looks like something designed for the attention span of a 2 year old. Looks like streaming conscious to me. I actually stopped using it and have gone to the Washington Post instead. If they do not fix this, they will see a decline in subscriptions. The Post solved this problem by having a “classic” version of the app that looks just like a print newspaper, in addition to an app specifically designed for the iPad. They need to either fix this or come up with a version that has the look and feel of a actual newspaper..Version: 9.70.0

The latest update has borked this appThe home screen on this app now shows me four NYT house ads (why? I've already subscribed!), two down-page stories and the crossword. There's literally no news on the front page of the NYT! Once you've fixed this, have you thought about NOT changing the app for a while? If one of the most important things that the NYT does is to curate the news for its readers (because no one has the time to judge what matters from all the world's news everyday), and accessibility is aided by familiarity (to make it easy to find stuff), then change for change's sake is actually detrimental to your mission. Focus on fixing bugs, reviewing the wisdom of showing ads (particularly house ads) to subscribers, and then build a set of baroque arguments with which to bamboozle change-obsessed execs into letting you leave the app alone..Version: 8.0.0

Extremely biased towards IsraelDisgusting. The latest propaganda ad they ran criticising public figures who stood up for Palestinian rights was truly gross. Do you even have actual journalists working for you? Or are they all hired to just make Israel look good while they commit war crimes? It just made you look like a cheap magazine that no one wants to read..Version: 9.50.0

App Keeps Getting WorseI really wish those responsible for this app would focus on delivering basic functionality for those of us who wish to read the news, rather than devoting so much energy to videos, virtual reality, and the like. I pay hundreds of dollars a year for my print subscription to the Times, and generally only resort to the app on days when it isn’t delivered due to a “production delay.” On those days, it drives me nuts that after recent updates, the last line of text before each ad is always partially obscured by the ad. It’s as if the Times has no respect whatsoever for its own reporters and the content they produce, let alone the readers who support them. Also, I have several iOS devices, including an older iPod Touch that runs iOS 9.3.5. It's very aggravating that this app basically doesn't work at all on that device, since the description claims it's compatible with 9.0 and above. The New York Times remains the indispensable source for Americans who hope to be informed about what is going on in the United States and the world. It is a terrible shame that this app doesn't do a better job of bringing the paper of record into the digital realm..Version: 6.5.2

Awful user experienceContent is great but the app is unusable. Ads blare music constantly to the point you can’t get through an article. There’s no setting to mute the ads. Don’t know which focus group in hell thought this was a good idea. Expected better from the New York Times..Version: 7.10.0

Do NOT SubscribeI live in South Australia, and subscribed to this service to access an article for a university paper. The process of unsubscribing is so complicated - instead of giving users the option to tick “unsubscribe” it is expected you call a service centre? It’s 2019. I just want to tick a box and know I will no longer be paying for a service I don’t need or make use of. Stop making it purposely difficult to suspend payments. Disgusting..Version: 8.6.0

Getting laggyI have been a subscriber for about 4 years, running on an ipad Pro that is about the same age. As of about 3 months ago the app is getting very laggy and and arrange pictures and headlines. Usually I force-quit and relaunch it to get a faster once or twice a day. Could be another example of apps that ignore hardware that is not brand new. My ipad is not steam powered but this app no longer runs properly on it..Version: 9.49.0

Too many adsFor someone who is a paying subscriber, the amount of ads that are displayed whilst scrolling down each article is intrusive and cheapens the NY Times brand. Moreover, it is frustrating that as a paying customer I am still bombarded with so many ads!.Version: 6.6.4

When will the maddening homepage bug be fixed?The NYTimes’s first-class journalism, and reputation as digital innovators, is hugely damaged by the ongoing homepage bug. As I write, I have three animated ads (all the same) for Accenture, a house ad (‘The Truth is Worth It’ - I don’t need to be told. It’s why I subscribe!) and two pieces of editorial content: a guide to sustainable eating and 5 things to take on my next long-haul flight. That’s it. That’s all. I have emailed the NYT complaints team twice now. The first time, towards the end of February, I was told it would be sorted out soon. Six weeks later and nothing. I work for a major news website and the NY Times is the envy of those in my trade. But there is no question my employer would allow a front page bug that is so significant it effectively removes the news, to persist on half as long as this has. I dare you to sell the paper to the paying public, day after day, with the front page torn off..Version: 8.4.0

Best news. Get dark mode.Inexplicable why an app dark mode or system dark mode is not available..Version: 9.52.2

App updateI am a longtime UK online subscriber but access denied this morning until I updated my Times app. Apparently the iOS version I’m using not compatible with their new version, however, and asking me to download an older version of the Times app which I have. Moving onto another paper while theTimes sorts itself out..Version: 9.63.0

Keeps crashing since last updatePlease have a look into this issue..Version: 8.2.0

Recent version not an improvementBring back article and section swiping please! It takes more work on large iPhone screens to tap tap thane to simply swipe. Not good..Version: 9.0.0

Section choice removedThe latest version of the app does not allow the user to change the sequence of the sections. Why? Using the app has become tedious so I use it less. Please reinstate this feature..Version: 9.21.0

Slow and settings don't work.The app is well presented, but even with the settings changed to display two days of news, it only ever shows one. Scrolling is slow and some of the sections don't update. The website is better by far..Version: 0

Clickbait and adsSome of the headlines are becoming click bait and if I’m paying a lot for this I don’t know why there are ads....Version: 9.47.0

Naive/unproductive UX design decisionsThe recent update took away the shortcut buttons at the top of the Today page. What replaced the shortcut buttons? Hundreds of empty useless white pixels of course! For me these were the most used features of the app as they took me directly to the columns I read every morning. Now I have to either do a full search (results not great) or pan/scroll all around the For You or Sections tabs to find these items amidst the sea of everything else, two things that used to be a touch away every morning. I would have expected the shortcuts feature to be expanded since its great, the decision to remove it (confirmed in a chat with NYTimes support) is astonishing. BTW the app has always had lots of loading issues, frequently starts jittering content wildly on the screen as I scroll (sometimes keeps jittering after scrolling requiring a kill/restart), paints the iPad screen as if it’s a small iPhone sometimes then fixes itself if I rotate to Portrait mode and back, these glitches are a nuisance prompting me to always kill/restart before reading the morning news, not the end of the world but a bad look, and definitely no better in the most recent version. I’ve generally overlooked the rabid glitchiness of the app because it had been great generally for reading news.. not so much anymore and heading in the wrong direction. I have an almost new iPad running iOS 14.4..Version: 9.52.2

Try cancelling!I’ve tried twice in the last week to cancel. No replies except that a bot promises a specialist will respond. Nothing further happens..Version: 9.29.0

Remove ads sound for paid userApp is great. Content is great. In fact I’m a paid user HOWEVER I’m really bothered by the ads sounds playing without the option to turn the sounds off.... dispointing.Version: 7.9.0

Generally ok for big storiesVery difficult to find visual art reviews on this app (and I guess all the other features type stories). Often I will only be able to find them if someone send me a link. Ok for headline news.Version: 6.6.7

Ads, ads, adsToo much ads for paid subscription..Version: 7.7.0

New format is annoyingThe recent update means you can no longer swipe through your favourite, saved sections. Instead you have to keep clicking back and forward through screens, which is a crappy user experience. Really odd change..Version: 9.2.0

TotalitarianWhile the journalism may be good – it could be disputed. It leaves little to be desired of approach on reader engagement: submit comment, wait for approval, if one’s managed to read and submit within a 24 hour window, or, less? There’s no dialogue. There’s no conversation – not within the context of the newspaper! While a lesser paper, if I could afford it, I’d go back to subscribing The Times & The Sunday Times, a UK based outfit. Here, the readers aren’t scrutinized for their every vowel, consonant and syntax by schleps & schmucks. Instead, considering it’s readership – apparently of a higher pedigree – relieve them schleps & schmucks of such grammar school duties for more important responsibilities in the office. As far as I can tell, at The Times & The Sunday Times, talking about an article, in the comments section, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year until, I don’t know? It’s expensive BUT they embrace conversations NOT control!.Version: 9.61.0

Ads? Still?So I finally get a subscription and I’m still seeing ads? Are you kidding me?.Version: 7.6.0

Great content, great app but ...Suffers freezing issues - even the current page becomes unresponsive and won’t scroll when there is a slow/ no internet connection. Surely this is fixable? Seems like it could be something to do with how ads (and pictures) load on demand as you scroll down the page. This problem often makes it annoying to use during my commute..Version: 8.2.0

No dark modeI have dozens of reading apps, this is the only one that doesn’t have it..Version: 9.48.1

Good content. Just not the best appNeeds dark mode . It’s blindingly bright in dark rooms and uncomfortable to read. Would also be much better if you could adjust the font size without having to resort to changing the phone wide settings. Such a pain. The content is good though..Version: 9.36.0

Where is dark mode???Very hard to read in dark environments.Version: 9.49.0

TerribleThe previous app was far, far better than the new one. Slow and inefficient to use (regardless of any claimed improvement in download speed). Simply mindless. For example, if you want to read an op-Ed that isn’t included in “Top Stories”, you have to click on “Sections”, which never works on the first try; go back to “Top Stories”, then click “Sections” again. This finally gives a choice of sections; for whatever reason, this back and forth process happens every time I try to use “Sections”. When you finally get to “Sections”, you click “Opinions “, which takes you to a list of opinions. But, often all you get is the opinion headline, with no indication of the author. (Yesterday, I don’t think any of the headlines had an associated author, today some do.) Ridiculous. I never want to be bothered with a Maureen Dowd opinion, but I never want to miss a Gail Collins opinion (unless she’s writing with Bret Stephens). Why make readers hunt like this for the info that they want? Didn’t have to do this with the prior app. Stupid, stupid, stupid. NYT might as well have hired someone to sabotage the app experience; sure as hell didn’t get someone to improve the experience. Disgusting!.Version: 9.10.0

Great Paper, So-so AppOverall this application offers a passable experience. Advertising continues to be invasive to the reading experience and sometimes even obstructing the content. I’m also disappointed that the application does not support Dark Mode in 2021..Version: 9.50.0

This is the worst newspaper app availableIt hangs, doesn’t update easily, is the slowest news app available...and is a disgrace...and their “support” is non-existent.Version: 9.11.0

Needs “open in app” buttonWhen using mobile browser there should be a “open in NYT app” button like Twitter has. For example if I find an interesting NYT headline on Reddit I can’t read it even though I have a subscription! I have to close Reddit, open NYT app, then manually search to find the article..Version: 9.67.0

July 2019 update is awfulWhy would you remove the swipe gesture between the articles and sections. What once was done with a swipe now it takes multiple taps. It’s like going back to 2005!.Version: 9.0.0

Couldn’t login so had to cancel subscriptionI’ve been a subscriber to the NYT for years. But over the past few weeks when I try to use the app it keeps trying to force me to join up and provides no option for me to login with my existing ID. Since I can no longer access content - I’ve had no choice but to cancel my subscription. So long NYT..Version: 9.33.0

Great articles, unpredictable/unstable appNYT is one of the world leaders for news articles. Very insightful and informative. The app seems to hang and/or crash all too often unfortunately. I've tried the reset option several times to avail..Version: 0

Lost subscriptionI subscribed some 2 years ago through iTines. Since installing the app on a new iPad in March 2019 the app no longer recognises my subscription (valid to November 2019) on either my iPad OR iPhone. Response from the help email was to ‘subscribe again’ Pay again for something I’ve already paid for?? Thanks for the invitation but no..Version: 8.8.0

Risible productThe divide between the news pages and the editorial pages was breached some years ago and the paper now churns our group think rubbish. Its UK coverage is particularly dismal, since the teenage scribblers it employs view the departure from a fifty-year old trade bloc as the end of existence for the UK, arguably the world’s longest-lived democracy..Version: 9.66.0

Spoiled by too many adsGreat journalism on a decently designed app. but far too many adverts, particularly for inhouse promotions, spoil the user experience. if you have paid a subscription then you shouldn’t have to endure ads. also, with the latest update, news items jump around as they continually update whilst reading the front page which means you lose where you were reading and is frustrating..Version: 8.1.0

Has potential but the NYTimes web site is betterFinally, with version 1.3 this runs on my Japan based iphone 3G. It is still a fair bit slower than the NYT web page, and that is over wifi. And I wonder why the developers haven't utilized any of the iphone's funkier features in this App. Tilt to scroll and/or auto-scroll would be nice. And the navigation buttons are WAY too huge, eating up valuable screen real estate even before the ads pop up. On more than one occasion when I turned the phone to go to panorama view, the page view jumped back to the top of the (long) article I was reading. Scrolling back down to the point in the article I was up to was made more difficult by the lack of a scroll bar to grab. Also it would be nice to be able to 'flick' an article to adjust the scroll speed in the same way one can when searching through iphone contacts. One final piece of constructive criticism (aka gripe!) when I clicked on a link in an article, it opened the NYT's regular homepage within the app (not Safari). I though, 'oh good I can log into my NYTimes account now'. On clicking to enter my details, I was horrified to find that no keyboard appeared. Thanks for the app, thanks for listening, I realize it's early days but it would be great to see some of these above mentioned issues addressed in future releases..Version: 0

Great content, oddly underdesigned appThe content is extensive, wide-ranging, and generally excellent. The app is frustratingly, puzzlingly, minimally and poorly designed, making it a chore to access that content. The choices being made confuse me: for example, recently the navigation was moved to the bottom of the screen — except where it wasn’t. But probably the worst thing is that most of the sections are hidden away in a long and non-alphabetized list at the bottom of the “Sections” page. It’s a grab bag, an afterthought, that represents most of the content. To get to Books, for example, is a chore. And why can’t we users customize the navigation, or at least the home page, to some extent? This is perhaps one of the rare apps that is worse than its equivalent website, at least in terms of the navigation. Please consider a rethink..Version: 9.58.0

Has become unusableWith average wifi speed and humble iPad, this app has become unusable. NYT needs to re-think page loading and ad bandwidth use. Would hate to cancel my subscription because of this barrier, but I’m close..Version: 9.44.3

Doesn’t work offline.They removed the ability to auto download content for offline viewing. I spend a lot of time in planes and need to be able to read the paper offline and I’m not about to manually select each article ahead of time. Cancelling subscription till the app is usable again..Version: 9.55.0

Bug preventing me from using my subscriptionI generally like the NYT app and use it to read my news daily, but I got a new phone and now can’t restore my subscription. Every time I try the app crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I have updated my iOS. I have shut down and restarted my phone. Nothing works, and I can’t read the articles I have paid to be able to read. I have reached out to the developer through email and through the “report a bug” feature in the app and gotten absolutely no response. Very frustrating, and I’m about to discontinue my subscription if they don’t get it fixed. [Finally got a response. Apparently my new phone was trying to log me in under a different email address than the one I had subscribed under. Still doesn’t explain why the app crashed every time instead of telling me there was no subscription associated with that email address.].Version: 9.30.1

Can’t find my place with “back” buttonI find it REALLY irritating that after I read an article and press the arrow to go back I don’t land on the title of the article I was reading but rather somewhere random further up or down the page and I have to scroll around to get back to my place. Then the page starts updating again and the ads start reloading and I’m really lost. Why can’t I just pick up where I left off?.Version: 9.45.0

Clunky and bloatedI have been reading the New York Times since Junior High, I would pick it up at a newsstand on the way to school. I have been a digital only subscriber for the past several years. I really dislike the app, for its purpose, to read the news, it is too bloated and unresponsive. Nearly 770mb to just read the news? It freezes when trying to load ads; which brings up the issue of ads, how did we get to the point of accepting these types of ads on top of a subscription. I rather have the option of having a text only app which is lightweight and unhindered by their ad strategy. Finally, it does seem that they are behind the curve, they seem a bit stuck in the neoliberal world of the 90s. And don’t do nearly enough to to address the real root causes of certain specific issues. However judging from the comment sections of many articles, perhaps that is to be expected. A lot of talk, but few willing to walk the walk..Version: 9.14.0

“Subscribe to read the article”I love the New York Times , when I grow up my goal will be to get in the newspaper company. I downloaded the app today hoping it would bring me motivation and would give me a nice motto . I felt really good about this because it’s basically all I ever read . I decided to get in the app for a while and save some articles for later , some minutes passed and I had to subscribe to read the articles. I got so mad because I love the New York Times. I know I can still read the articles in safari but what’s the fun in that. Why do we need to pay to read articles anyway. It’s like having to pay a lot to get a newspaper. I understand a app is different but I have seen billions of other newspaper apps in which you don’t have to pay. The subscription is also too expensive , why have a subscription anyway. I hope someone reads this and makes a change in the app because seriously I’m crying in the inside. When I got the subscription thing I felt as if someone stabbed me in the back. It just feels like an excruciating thing , I really hope I can get this to be read so this trepidation stops..Version: 9.24.1

Changes to the Sections Page wiped out all personalizationsThis is an unwelcome change to the iPad app. The ability to sequence the Sections page according to my preferences is suddenly gone and the page is overwhelmed by the Most Popular entries at the top. Please reconsider this unfriendly restructuring..Version: 9.45.0

Bugs bugs bugsThe app constantly has issues loading stories. The current problem is that it only loads the ads and sponsored posts. But I’m sure that, soon enough, the app will find other more inventive ways to not work..Version: 8.2.0

Jan09Need the move editorial positions closer to the center. Need to be able to allow readers to give thumbs up and down like Apple news.Version: 6.6.7

Millennial going for printI have been a New York Times subscriber for digital and weekend print edition for almost 12 years now. I have always liked their news coverage,opinions, articles about everyday stuff that I could believe could be so interesting, Mini crossword, and almost everything they publish. But in the past few years the online version has become addictive and the way they seem to do it is by taping in the outrageous feeling and then suggests more articles like it. It’s very draining to feeling that way day in and day out. I can’t believe I come back to get more of it. I feel some articles have become to click-baity. That should not be the way to customer engagement and keeping them there longer.I don’t like that my attention is being used this way by a product that I pay for. Weekend with the print edition is so much better no way going down a rabbit hole and can stay away from the comments. I feel I’m in more control of the time I spent reading print. But I guess print won’t last beyond a few more years. Sigh!.Version: 7.8.1

Would be greatIf you didn’t have to pay..Version: 7.6.0

Great paper, atrocious app.Worked fine approximately three times. Then crashed every time whilst trying to load the front page. Eventually crashed totally with a black screen. Appears to be coded by blind monkeys cold Turkeying from meth without access to obscure equipment like an iPhone to test it prior to release. Also had to reboot iOS after uninstalling this junk as it appeared to corrupt system data causing the AppStore to also crash with identical black screen whilst trying to leave a review. Fun times..Version: 9.49.0

Please add a dark mode alreadyI’m seriously considering cancelling my sub because the bright white all over the app. It’s too difficult on the eyes for long articles..Version: 9.55.0

Great journalism, slow app experienceAs I scroll an article the screen regularly freezes when an advert loads and there are so many ad slots that this is really damaging my reading experience. The ad content is not a problem because it’s all about NYT content however as a paying customer I really think there should be fewer ad slots. It should go without saying that ads should not cause freezing at all..Version: 8.5.0

You can't read it for free, not even 1articleI've no idea how anyone's supposed to decide whether or not they want to pay to read it, because they don't let me read even one article. How are people supposed to judge if it's something they want to read? Goodbye..Version: 9.70.0

Ads are still thereApps works great but the ads are very intrusive even for paid users.Version: 6.6.3

Slow & CumbersomeI have a few news apps on my iPad Air and the NYT app is, by far, the slowest to load. It regularly freezes forcing me to restart the app. They need to rebuild the app from the ground up with a focus on speed. What should take only a few seconds can take minutes..Version: 9.47.0

NYT can do better than thisI’m on a fast WiFi connection and an iPhone X with the latest OS. When I open the NYT app it takes 3-5 seconds to open. Then after another 3-5 seconds the top story reloads to a different story. I end up having to wait up to ten seconds to even begin reading, and after a jarring experience. I really love NYT and want to support it, but the iOS app is sub-par, especially when compared to the Washington Post app. I read both daily, but find myself always reading the WP first because the app experience and news layout is so much better. The NYT should be able to do at least as well, but the app is chronically a laggard. I’m boggled that an organization as large, esteemed and technically savvy as the NYT cant get this right and actually lead all the others. I actually worry about what it implies for the organization’s success, because I want it to succeed. If I ever have to reduce my subscriptions to only one major news organization, at this point it would be the WP. It would have been the NYT two years ago..Version: 8.4.0

Crossword puzzle glitchSome days the crossword puzzle appears, some days it doesn’t at all, some days it appears but late in the day, and today it appeared late and I worked on it, and now it’s gone. What’s the deal? It’s frustrating and annoying, in particular because it’s one of the main reasons I subscribe to NYT..Version: 9.23.0

Very difficult to cancel international subscriptionsVery difficult to cancel subscriptions, which lets down the whole ‘brand’ of nytimes. Purposefully difficult, thus manipulative. If it was easier I would give them another go on the future. But it isn’t, so I’ll try other news sources now..Version: 9.31.2

Great journalism, terrible appThe New York Times app is the textbook example of why people install ad blockers. I subscribe to the NYT because I want to support its journalism. My reward is to have to read articles interrupted every 3 or 4 paragraphs by irritating, and often irrelevant, adverts that ruin the flow of the piece I’m trying to read. Imagine you were reading the physical paper, and every 15 seconds someone interrupted to try to sell you a pretzel. Would you enjoy the reading process? That’s what life with the NYT app is like..Version: 6.6.0

Removal of landscape on iPhone is terribleRecently the ability to read articles in landscape orientation was removed. This is a significant downgrade. I won't be reading many articles using the phone app anymore. Real shame..Version: 9.13.0

Needs better usabilityFor me, the most annoying usability issue has to do with having recently moved the “back” button from the top left of the screen to the bottom left. An iPad is held like a book, you hold it in your left hand, click on a title with your right index or middle finger, and after some reading you press your left thumb on the “back” button to return to the main page. That’s how browsers work, as well as many well designed apps. Not the Times! They expect your left thumb to be at the bottom of the page. Other usability problems involve a non smooth page layout, where the page jumps up and down as marketing ads expand and collapse. This was much worse in my older, slower iPad, but even in my new 4th gen iPad the issue happens quite often, particularly when facing a weak internet reception..Version: 9.52.2

Latest version keeps crashingCrashes all the time. Used to work well. I have an iPhone 6 plus. Any chance of fixing this soon please.Version: 5.1.2

July 2019 - what happened to swiping?Very slow to navigate between sections now that swiping has been removed..Version: 9.1.0

InsultingShowing ads *after* taking money from people is really low. If you insist on double dipping at least add a dark mode..Version: 9.33.1

Wanted to love this app. Hated it.This app loaded my phone with so much adware and tracking software that my phone would frequently crash and lag. I was confused about why my phone had gotten so much slower and less stable and then I realized theses problems only surfaced after I had downloaded the NYT app. I deleted the app and bookmarked NYT’s mobile site to my home screen instead and now the problems are gone. NYT is pulling some really shady dat collection and advertising tricks with this app, and the UI is terrible to boot. This app also has a bug that makes it very easy to accidentally click on ads. This is annoying because it minimizes the article I’m reading and redirects me to the webpage of whatever company’s ad I just accidentally clicked on. I really hope this is just a bug, and that the developer will fix it, but I can’t help but think that this “bug” positively influences the developer’s revenue for ad’s that are paid for on a pay per click basis, and that at best this means they have no incentive to lose money by fixing it, and at worst they are aware of it and using it to fraudulently extract extra revenue from their advertisers. Overall, I’m very disappointed with the experience this app provides. The quality of NYT’s content is well worth the $1/week subscription cost, but it isn’t worth all of the problems this app causes and the personal data/privacy concerns that come with this app are worrying to say the least..Version: 9.21.0

Your President???Throughout history, the “Newspaper” has played a major role in the future of the country it serves. What happened to the “New York Times”? You have a problem President who has managed to do what the British, Japanese and the Germans couldn’t do in 3 theatres of war. He’s responsible for thousands of Americans dying because of his inept leadership and nobody seems concerned. “Wake Up America”!!!.Version: 9.23.0

App for serving ads not the news - even with a subscriptionYou now have more ads than articles on this app. And flash ads that occupy the full screen over an article that you are currently reading. And this is when you have paid for a full access subscription! A completely unacceptable user and subscriber experience..Version: 8.0.0

Latest update killed commenting...and recommendations on article comments. I read the NYT on the iPad because, you know, that is where the app resides. In the recent past I could easily comment or recommend comments. Over the past week or so, I consistently see “unable... please try again later.” I mention it here in a review because nowhere in the app is it possible for a subscriber to end feedback or get help with an issue. Do better..Version: 9.20.1

Stopped working on my iPhoneMy mornings used to include the regular read of the NYT on my iPhone. Not any more. Now I must open my computer which is not as convenient - hence it’s not now a regular part of my morning routine. Please fix it ( the WP, Guardian and Globe and Mail work fine).Version: 9.48.0

Used the app for years, less happy its current formI have used the app for more than a decade. I haven’t always liked the layout, but I work around it to get to my favorites. The recent version has “Today’s news” and “Section” at the bottom that helps navigate. There is a huge amount of material available everyday, so navigating is crucial. Recently the news summary has disappeared from the top of the screen. I am sorry to see it go. My greatest complaint is that the current app is extremely dependent on a high quality WiFi connection. Previously I could download the day’s news, get on a plane or train, and go to airplane mode but still read the paper. No more! While I read the app is constantly updating. The text jiggles as it adds a photo or alters text. There are times it gets caught in a loop and the jiggle produces a blur of movement. So I have to close the app and start again. Some years ago the developers had allowed an old version to continue but eventually force the switch to the new app. I wish I could go back to that previous version as it was stable even when there were issues with the internet..Version: 9.54.0

Notifications don’t workNot only do the notifications work as they wish, but also the support team is unable to help with issues. They just tell me to uninstall and install again - guess what. It still doesn’t work! I subscribe specifically for the morning briefings and now have been UNABLE to get them for almost two months..Version: 9.63.0

Paid Subscriptions and AdsNo question about the journalism .. but paid subscriptions still include ads. So it’s a little silly paying for it when you get a few free articles a month anyway.Version: 9.71.0

Needs dark modeApp is good except there is no dark mode for reading at night. Please add dark mode..Version: 9.46.0

Crashes since last upgradeGreat news service but since the last upgrade days ago, the app doesn’t work on my iPhone anymore, hence the One Star review..Version: 9.48.0

Difficult to unsubscribeThey made it very difficult to unsubscribe. You have to chat with them or email them to unsubscribe and even you contact them, they still will try to make you stay even you say no..Version: 8.4.0

Horrible redesignI’d really like to hear how the UI team justifies some of their decisions..Version: 9.52.2

Good, but a little slowGood content, as you'd expect, but can be distractingly jerky when scrolling and slow to respond to taps (on my iPod Touch). Also, the fixed advert placement is a waste of reading space. I'll be sticking to the mobile version in Safari for now..Version: 0

Good but want moreGood but still feels like I am getting the light version. Wants would include personalization, easier access to interactive features and 'updated since you read' for the stories I have read but there are many more possible improvements. Would I pay for a premium version is a question NYT should ask itself, btw the answer is yes..Version: 0

UnusableI literally had to get rid of this and start using the mobile site on my phone and iPad. The app doesn’t scroll properly and I find myself reading a headline and the app randomly refreshes and scrolls back to the top. How do you ship something this poor? Woeful!.Version: 9.36.0

Missing important featureIf you’re younger than 40, you can skip this review. I check the New York Times news feed on the app, or on my computer web browser at least once a day. It goes without saying that the New York Times reporters and staff do a great job reporting the news (well, great job most of the time). But a huge missing feature is the ability to view today’s paper in the format of the printed edition, similar to other American city newspapers Apps. I don’t always want the latest news, sometimes I just want to read today’s paper, and I want to view it in the format of the printed edition. Yes, the app does have a section titled today’s paper, and you can scroll through all the articles, and that format is perfectly fine for people that wish to view it in that format, but for goodness sake, on the weekend I really just like sipping my coffee and looking at the paper, in the old fashion format, even if it is on my iPad screen. Yes, I tried actual weekend home delivery, but where I live home delivery was pretty horrible so we stopped that. p.s. Good luck trying to find a location in the app that allows you to actually provide them feedback like this..Version: 9.63.0

This App Desperately Needs a Night Mode Display OptionI love the NYT, so this mediocre rating is simply due to the usability/customizability of the app. There is no night mode, which just feels a little behind the times in terms of the various display options that have now become standard in most phone & tablet apps. I also personally wish there was slightly more customizability in terms of being able to block or hide certain categories of articles from appearing. For example, although we can choose what subjects we are interested in, which will then show up in the “For You” section, I would also love the option of telling the app what NOT to show me when scrolling through the main feed. For me specifically, I don’t like reading Opinion pieces and will never open them, so it’d be great for me in terms of usability if I could just have the app “hide” those when I’m scrolling through (or hide the entire Opinion section). Other people may never read the Entertainment section, or the sports section, etc., so perhaps they’d like to be able to scroll through the main “Today” section without seeing those. It would just be a nice, extra option that could continue to help shape the content to what each reader enjoys the most..Version: 9.30.1

Please put the back arrow back at the topWhy oh why did you decide to move the arrow that navigates from an article back to the main page? It was very easy to use at the top of the page, and many other apps use the same design. Why, then, did NYT decide it needed to put it at the bottom of the page? Please put it back where it was or give users the option of where they want it displayed!.Version: 9.51.0

Almost unusableAgree with other recent reviewers that app has become so glitchy and slow to load that it’s too frustrating use. Maybe it’s because of all the ads. I’m using an iPad 6th generation and iPad Pro 1st generation, which may not be the latest and greatest but they run all other apps just fine, including other digital newspapers. My internet and WiFi are fine, so that’s not the problem. Have been patiently waiting for this to be fixed because I assume the developers must be aware of it. But it’s just been getting worse over the past few months, to the point where I’m regretfully considering canceling my subscription. Gave it 2 stars because the design and user interface is pretty good, but that’s not much help when the performance makes it almost unusable..Version: 9.49.0

App has become buggy latelyAs a long-time subscriber I’m a frequent user of the New York Times app. But it’s become frustratingly buggy lately. The home page freezes when scrolling. Some articles cannot be clicked on, as if they’re just static images. Article galleries designed to be scrolled horizontally do not scroll. One wonders whether anyone at the Times is actually using the app? Surely they’d notice..Version: 9.49.0

ReviewI would start with a background . I specialise in customer need & solution architecture. Therefore, I’m writing this review with both of the hats on. First, you need to work on how you display your advertisement. It’s distracting. Not to mention, yours is paid app. Why would an user needs to deal with distracting advertisement for paid platform. Navigation still not up to the mark. We expect lot more from NYT. Body font of the article should be slightly bigger. Nested content - i.e smart living - sometimes doesn’t seem to blend nicely with the app..Version: 6.6.7

Can’t comment on articles any moreLike other reviewers I can no longer comment on articles. As an International subscriber I am very disappointed with this failure. Please fix it..Version: 9.21.0

Navigation psychosisNYT recently updated its navigation. This design update has ripped away a huge amount of joy from my reading NYT reading experience on the iPad—I now spend more time guessing where my back navigation is going to be than reading. Now, before folks peg me as an anti-design evolution user, I will say that it’s great that NYT is trying to evolve the design to make the reading experience better. This incremental (…er…I’m HOPING this is just incremental) design update has created an inconsistency in the app experience though that makes using it extremely cumbersome. Article pages now have a back button at the bottom, while section landing pages (e.g. Business, New York, etc.) still have the back button at the top of the page. Some IA may have convinced designers that this will help users to understand where they are in the app architecture, but it really doesn’t matter. Readers just want to go back. I really don’t care where you put the back button at this point. My only request is that you put it in the same, consistent location everywhere. I’m spending more time navigating the site now than reading the articles..Version: 9.54.0

No dark mode; primitive search capabilitiesThe lack of dark mode is an anachronism. As someone who checks the news late at night and early in the morning, the lack of dark mode means that I simply go to other sources of news. I’ve even uninstalled NYTimes on the iPad that I use in bed. Seriously, get a dark mode. This feature has been part of iOS for over a year now, and it’s absence in the NYTimes app is a bit embarrassing. This app requires iOS 13 already, so there’s no excuse for not supporting dark mode. Also, the search feature in the app is borderline unusable. The web search allows you to specify the sort order, filter criteria, etc. The in app search feature offers none of this. It’s crazy that when I’m searching for news (with an emphasis on “new”) and the search results are an incomprehensible listing of old articles. So the “I saw an article a few days ago about x, let me find that article again” is practically impossible to do in the app..Version: 9.41.0

Great reporting, far too many adsFantastic, in-depth reporting, weighed down by an absurd number of ads (especially considering I’m a subscriber). Getting an ad – trashy, piped-in ads from Google, too – every few paragraphs is over the top, no matter how good the work is..Version: 9.10.0

FURIOUS!My friend allowed me to share her subscription. News, cooking, puzzles, everything. For the past two days I’ve logged in for the Spelling Bee which I am especially good at. Now whenever I log in, I get an error message saying that they don’t recognise either my email address or password. Odd, or what?.Version: 9.23.1

Irritating animated ads, constantly freezesIt was bad enough when one only had the annoying distraction of flashing ads to deal with, but now one also has to put up with articles taking forever to load, with the app freezing completely as they take their sweet time. One has to wonder just how much effort the company’s developers put into testing under other than optimal network conditions and on the very latest hardware, as even on an iPhone 7 this app is essentially unusable. The best way to read the NYT is to forsake the app and just go directly to their website through a browser; that way you get the benefit of both far superior responsiveness as well as the ability to completely block all distracting, flashy advertising..Version: 6.7.1

Great writing, invasive adsAwful app. How am I supposed to read the copy when there’s a maddening advert flashing in my face? Still image ads were bad enough for a service I am paying for, but these manic moving ones have no place in digital ‘print’. How can I concentrate on the copy when there’s a maddening moving image right next to it? I will be unsubscribing. Also, notable that none of the screenshots on the App Store show a single advert.Version: 6.6.1

Ads+Poor Design = Unusable AppIf I could rate this a ‘zero’, I would. Sadly, the user experience really is THAT bad. I’ve been using the Times app for several years, and while the journalism is as always very good, the usability of the app has degraded over time (both the iPad and iPhone versions). The website version is better, possibly because everything loads so much faster, and navigation with the larger screen real estate is better, but it’s still ad-heavy. I know it’s tempting to push timelines on app development, and it can be challenging working with the 3rd party developers I’m sure have been used here. BUT, proper user testing is a MUST because if it’s not done right you’ll damage your Equity. Not just the Equity of the app, but the NYTimes equity - because apps are now the face of many organization! And for every low-rated review there are at least 10 or more upset users! Most don’t bother to write a review, and potentially a decent fraction will leave as subscribers. I want the Times to succeed - we desperately need good journalism in these times. Please read and heed the (low-rated) reviews on this site; don’t just look at the numbers!.Version: 9.54.0

Content excellent, delivery inconsistentThe app is reasonably robust, but the loading times are just terrible, particularly clicking through from a notification. Whenever I see a NYT notification on my phone, I can either click on it to get to a loading screen for the next 5 mins, or I can just await The Guardian to deliver the news properly. It spoils an otherwise great product..Version: 7.5.1

Dark Mode?Please let me know if I’m just unable to find it in settings for some reason. Or add it and I will change my review. Thanks!.Version: 9.41.0

Great app ruined by too many inline adsI use this app every day, have been a longtime print and online reader, and find the app experience continuously degraded by ads. It usually fetches content quickly (on a good connection) though loading the app can be slow (scrolling is blocked, likely waiting on ad networks). Offline reading of designated sections is great. Any time the phone is negotiating a weak signal (eg when connectivity goes in and out on the subway), things freeze up. Most important and the reason for my low rating is that there’s an ad every few paragraphs! It makes for a terrible reading experience. Hopefully they’ll take the cue of other news orgs and offer an ad-free subscription for a higher price, I’d happily pay up. Also, full screen ads that unexpectedly take over while you’re reading are beyond obnoxious. News orgs are in a tough spot these days, but to the NYT - please don’t alienate subscribers with an ads-first mobile UX..Version: 9.4.0

Not as intuitive as it once wasThe NYT is full of great and varied content, so this review is not about the content, just the app. They’ve made a few updates to the UI in the past few months, each making the app less intuitive. I used to view my history or saved articles a lot when I didn’t have time to finish reading a good story. This used to be easily accessible in a side menu. Now it’s way more hidden, and I have to click a bunch of times to get to it. I can never remember where it is. Also, the back button is now on the bottom of the screen for most articles, except when you view certain articles like through wire cutter. Everytime I want to click back at the top of the screen (where the back button is located on nearly every UI), it’s not there. Sometimes there is a back button at the top of the screen when you click on a link through the article. I clicked on this to bring me back to the article, but instead it took me to the front page. And then I couldn’t find the article that I was just reading. Frustrating! These are just examples and sound like small, nit-picky things, but when you are constantly trying to figure out where to click, it adds time and makes the app annoying to use. I wish the UI developers prioritized common sense changes rather than just making the app “prettier.”.Version: 9.55.0

So annoyingI love The NY Times. Their app, however, is frustrating. It takes a long time to load all content. As you are skimming headlines and about to click on an article into which you want to dive deeper, an ad or image somewhere further up or down the page will load, and the article you were about to read disappears up or down the screen, with no indication as to what direction. You then have to scroll to find it again, during which time something else may load and throw you off the trail again. Or, you find the article and as your finger homes in on it, the screen reshuffles and you instead click on a different article, perhaps about the secret lives of dustbins or Wirecutter's favorite spoonrests for under $100, and you then have to wait for that article to load before backing out to the main page to resume your hunt for content actually of interest to you, and nab it before it flees. This happens multiple times every time I open the app. For the amount of money I spend on my unlimited subscription, it is inexcusable..Version: 9.55.0

Too slow and bloatedIn recent times the app has become incredibly frustrating to use on my iPad and phone—takes literally minutes to load pages. For breaking news easier to look elsewhere..Version: 9.50.0

Not user friendlyTerrible user design. Asked me for my interests but then does not organize “For You” by those interests. Why ask if you’re doing to make it so difficult for me to read the articles I want?.Version: 9.51.0

Why still no dark modeIt is not acceptable that NYT app still doesn’t offer dark mode. Only one of few remaining media apps that doesn’t offer this when it has millions paying subscribers. Please make it available ASAP..Version: 9.59.0

App works poorly on subway or whenever internet connection is lackingI love The NY Times, and I want to love this app, but I’ve noticed that whenever I’m on the subway, the app frequently hangs and freezes while I’m scrolling through an article. This bug has been going on for a long time, and seems to be related to the need to load images or adds while scrolling down. It seems to freeze or hang while it attempts to download the ad or image, which—when you’re on a subway with an unstable internet connection—means frequently the app appears to freeze for several seconds. There has to be a better way for developers to architect how the app is designed. I know I can’t be the only New Yorker suffering from this frustrating problem. The app didn’t used to do this, and other news apps don’t seem to have this problem. But for the past year or so, it really has impacted my ability to read The NY Times during my commute. Help!!!!.Version: 9.6.0

Good journalism but...Great stories and content but... the app’s ads cause freezes or glitches. Also when I tried to cancel my subscription, which they claim you can cancel at anytime... I was not able to without having to email support, which took days to get back to me only to tell me they couldn’t cancel my account..Version: 9.7.0

Please stop “improving”Why you find the need to keep moving things around is terribly irritating. This update now has the controls at the bottom of the page. And, I haven’t even gotten to the Sections feature to see how that has been scrambled. If you were interested in truly improving the app and user experience, wouldn’t you create a Preferences section where the user could set the reading or browsing experience to a style that suits oneself and never have to put up with these “improvements”? One more thing…the little gift icon has an info balloon that informs us that now we can gift 10 articles a month for free. Being that the 10 articles a month rule already existed and was accomplished by using the send icon that was formerly at the top of the page, the addition of the gift icon seems like a gratuitous and confusing addition. As does the COVID icon. Wouldn’t that be in Sections?.Version: 9.63.0

Bring back swipe between sectionsFFS, what possible reason could you have had for removing the most useful interaction in yr whole app?!?.Version: 9.3.0

Find in articleStill waiting for return of your “Find” in article feature. Not sure why you removed it. Is it not possible to add a feature allowing your readers to search within an article? Imagine reading an article that references numerous names of key individuals, typically clarified early in an article by providing their full names and their context to the story. Maybe I’m not like most people in that I don’t memorize all that info up front. As the story reads on somewhere paragraphs below one of the earlier named persons is referenced by last name only. And I think, “who is this person? Oh crap no search or find feature in the app.” Now I have to scroll back up the article, losing my reading place, scanning for the name to recall who the person is so I can better understand the context. What a disappointment? How can we live in a digital news world and have news apps that do not provide to their readers one of the very first features we all found useful in the early days of the web, “search”. Come now? No excuse I think. Make our lives easier. Is there no “design thinking” inherent in your designs? Of no search maybe offer hypertext links to key names, words that pop up with the important context. That’d be awesome! Of course, I suspect that’s more complicated to implement than simple in-article search..Version: 9.31.2

Tremendous loss of functionalityThe iPhone app has recently undergone a tremendous loss of functionality through their elimination of sidebars and pop-ups to allow you to go to the section that you want. You now have to endless scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll to the bottom for you to hit the section you want to read. It’s almost equivalent to being in a mall in the perfume department and wanting to get to another department and not only not knowing where to go but having to walk forever and a day to get there. I am not sure why the design department did this, but it is a bad move! If I didn’t love to NYTimes so much I would unsubscribe because now the app is almost useless unless you want the top 3 stories. Maybe most people only want the top 3 stories. But if that is so it’s a sad sign of our culture and the demise of democracy. Bring back the navigation that makes it so we do not have to scroll! Show that you believe that people actually READ articles other than the top 3! Believe in people again NYTimes!.Version: 9.54.0

It’s a downgradePlease stop tinkering with the app. I’ve been a paid subscriber for years and every version seems worse. By eliminating the swiping you make it very annoying to continuously read through the sections. For better ideas see WSJ... :-(.Version: 9.0.0

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