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BrainWave: 35 Binaural Series™ Positive Reviews

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BrainWave: 35 Binaural Series™ App User Positive Comments 2023

BrainWave: 35 Binaural Series™ app received 188 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about brainwave: 35 binaural series™?

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BrainWave: 35 Binaural Series™ for Positive User Reviews

Great qualityI've tried several binaural apps out there and this is one of my favorites. Great interface, good selection of doses and very easy to use.Version: 4.0

Does exactly what I need it toPerfect app, hasn't missed a beat in years. I use it very simply but it works every time I need it. If it's getting to sleep or concentrating through a slow afternoon, this helps a lot..Version: 7.4

Brainwave 30I bought this app nearly 3months ago, and I'm very happy to say it has been and still is great at helping me to both get off to sleep and stay asleep. Though the instructions say you should use headphones to get the full effect, I have found that they are not really necessary unless you are trying to get some rest in a noisy place. Usefully, this app doesnt use much battery, even when left to run for 8hrs on the DeepSleep programme. The only gripe I have is that I wish there were a couple more time slots. In addition to the 4 & 8 hours, I'd like both a 3hr and a 6hr slot. But, if I cant have both, then make it a 6hr slot, please..Version: 5.2

Natural Solution for InsomniaI've suffered from insomnia most of my life. It would take at least a couple of hours for me to go to sleep, and then I would wake several times in the night. I didn't want to take sleep medication, and decided to try binaural beats. The first night I used deep sleep for two hours and it gave me a headache. The next night, I adjusted it and used it for only 10 minutes, And that seemed to really help. I now use it for 20 minutes, and that seems to be enough to get me to sleep. I've also used a headache relief and that has helped, even though it didn't totally knock out my headache. After reading the other reviews, I am looking forward to trying The other settings on this app. Overall, I would highly recommend it..Version: 7.4

Best App For The StudentI am a pharmacy student active in many unrelated extracurriculars. When I am at dance practice and need something to play that will keep everyone out and help my focus as I study off-stage, the rain works as white noise. Furthermore, I have been using it as a Pomodoro timer during my long study sessions - 30 minutes on Focus and Alert, ending with an alarm to signal to start my 10-minute "break" in which I answer emails or do some online shopping. I also use it as my napping buddy in the library, where I cannot use my phone or intrinsic iPad alarm for fear it will go off through the speaker and not my headphones. I never have to worry about that with Brain Wave - not to mention the fact that I can fall asleep in whatever relaxing environment I want, like the beach or a forest. THANK YOU, CREATORS OF THIS APP!.Version: 7.4

A staple for bedtime and headachesI swear by this app when I need to focus, sleep, or ease a headache. I love that background sound is fully customizable to the waves you want to use. Highly recommended..Version: 7.4

Sleepy timeIt even battles bouts of insomnia! Great sleep aid..Version: 7.4

The BestI have been using different apps over the years to help me fall asleep, stay asleep, go back to sleep... To relax, to rest.... There are options for everyone. I highly recommend this app. It is amazing.Version: 7.4

MissBrilliant, does what it says on the tin, highly recommended. It has helped me pass exams and to study effectively. Sleep and energy boost functions also brilliant, need to try meditation one. Great app and worth purchasing - not many are..Version: 7.4

Take time to find your inner peaceWas recommended this great app by a friend as I was suffering from stress. Now I am able to turn to this little app for some comfort and clarity anytime and any place..Version: 7.4

Great for sleep!I've been using this app for a better nights rest for about a year or so now, don't really remember when I bought it. Since then I've been falling asleep quicker, and have been having deeper, more fulfilling night's rest. I love this app. I've also tried a few of their de-stress settings and they do seem to help. Usually put one on while I'm reading a book, or just doodling away. I plan on trying it during a meditation period as well. I highly recommend giving it a shot..Version: 7.4

Literally changed my lifeI’m a writer, and I use this to help me concentrate on projects. The science sounds a bit hokey to me, but somehow it works! It’s helped me more than triple my daily word count..Version: 9.1

Changed my lifeThank you for such a variety of binaural beats. Being able to pick and choose for the situation has made a huge difference to my life..Version: 7.3

Best app everI find this works too well.. Amazing for sound therapy and changing people's moods without them being aware why or how.. ;-).Version: 5.2

Sommeil amélioréDepuis que je l’utilise je dors beaucoup mirux. Merci.Version: 9.0

Great appI use this constantly (when I remember, wonder if they do a memory enhancing app) to help me get in the right state for either work or rest. Best example was the 'espresso boost' programme that turned me from near catatonic tiredness into a highly alert state ready for a key meeting in under 10 minutes. If you use the sleep modes with noise canceling headphones, it becomes a great app for long flights!.Version: 4.0

Wonderful, the bestI have used many different binaural and also meditation apps for over 6 years. This is far and away the most helpful, integrated of them all. The app and play stores are full of meditation and mindfulness and binaural now. Really a mind boggling explosion. I have sifted thru many of the new ones and keep coming back here for myself and also friends and clients. The different states available are so helpful: morning coffee, for getting up; stress relief, headache relief, for free floating anxiety; deep sleep for sleep; and my absolute favorite "euphoria" for settling in and then going forward with calm and integrated and happy compassion..Version: 7.4

Good app, really helpsI recently got back into this app to help study(er cram) for finals. I just say the memory retention, power nap and concentrate has really helped as a procrastinator. I love how it can be customized and there are all the different settings as listed above, and more. The bad news: I downloaded this app a couple years ago... And it still hasn't changed the UI, which is well deserving of an update especially on the iPad pro/6 plus. Given the extra space, there are some really nice layouts that could be done. New UI would = 5 stars for me..Version: 7.4

Best everThis is an outstanding app. Well worth it.Version: 7.4

Helping Me Sleep and Relax BetterI love this app. I can sleep well with the gentle noises to calm me. My favourite is the thunderstorm..Version: 7.7

One of the best...This is an excellent meditation app. I've purchased this app and a couple of the AmbiSci ones. The later have a much better selection of background tracks which would be my only criticism of Brainwave (how about some Brown Noise at least??) but Brainwave excels in it's progression programs (AmbiSci has mostly static binaureal settings) and it's intuitive and clean interface and timing mechanism (though at times the UI seems a bit sluggish). Criticisms aside I still give it 5 stars and wouldn't due without either app. Well worth the money..Version: 4.0

Brain Wave.I love it! It customizable, and you can have it running with other apps and music! I use it for meditation, naps and getting focused for a race or workout..Version: 7.4

Something has changed cannot run in backgroundI love this app. I used to use it while using other audio apps and it would play in the background. Ever since the most recent update, it doesn't keep playing when another app opens. I am so bummed. Not sure if the iOS update ruined this or if it was an app update that messed it up. It's still a great app,but it use to be much better. ———————- Update, there is a setting that can be changed to make it work. Thanks to the developer for replying to my review. RTi g changed to 5 stars!.Version: 8.1.3

It works!I read about binaural beats several years back. After purchasing an Apple Watch I stumbled upon this program perusing apps. For $4.99 I decided to give it a try to see if it might help with poor sleep prospects that were negatively affecting my health. First one I tried was “Power Nap”. A 30 minute program that you can set for however long you want. I went for 60 minutes. I was perhaps 5 minutes in thinking nothing is happening. I awoke an hour later incredulous and refreshed. I can’t speak to the many other programs yet as I’ve not yet tried them. But my wife also purchased the app because of my experience. Same results. It’s been worth it just for this one program..Version: 9.3

The best AppEasy to navigate. Great value. Binaural beats are effective- my anxiety level has dropped, nightmares are seldom now, they used to be twice a week. Great for headache relief, relaxation, focus, sleep. A good feature is it explains what waves are used and one can adjust time one wants to listen to. I bought the full bundle but basic bundle is excellent too. 5 stars based on my experience..Version: 8.1.4

Feeling goodI can say honestly that I’m feeling a difference from this app. Really enjoying the Multiple choices..Version: 7.7

Great app! End session alarm should play only once thoJust the alarm at the end of the session is quite annoying. I wish it would play once or that I would be able to stop it using my headset. I feel so refresh after some of them sessions I don’t actually feel like unlocking my phone and getting my eyes blast with light just to turn it of. Thanks and I hope you can implement this feedback.Version: 9.3

AwesomeDidn't feel any change when using the iPhone headphones; bought a pair of skullcandy's with awesome bass and really notice the effects of the programmes now. The concentration really helps with reading texts books as I find myself being able to focus a lot better..Version: 5.1

Great for tuning out distractions while workingI tend to work from cafes quite a lot and I wanted something to help me tune out the hubbub around me; this app is perfect for that. It works equally well on both my iPhone and iPad, and allows me to focus even when I'm surrounded by noise. I've also started putting it on in the background on nights when my young son can't sleep, and it really seems to do the trick - he'll often drift off within ten minutes of me doing so..Version: 7.4

"Literally life-changing!"This app is amazing, totally worth every cent. The brain waves hack into your mind to achieve deep states of meditation otherwise only avhievable through years of practice, now you can achieve them within minutes. Totally amazing..Version: 7.4

Brilliant!The best available. Such value..Version: 7.8

Great appWorks for me..Version: 7.4

AmazingThe memory one really seems to be helping!.Version: 7.4

ExcellentSuperb app. I use the deep sleep and wake up programme to aid my sleep as I haven't slept well for years. It is the only thing that ensures I get the necessary deep sleep to function reasonably. I also occasionally use the focus and critical analysis programmes. They really work. Thank you!.Version: 7.4

Still the bestUsed this for many years. Love it!.Version: 9.0

Brilliant appI purchased all your apps. I’d like to see the addition of back pain sciatica relief and IBS relief etc..Version: 7.7

Love it!I was very skeptical at first, but after trying it, I'm finding it helps me so much. The Reduce Anxiety one is my little bit of 'me time'. The lucid dreaming was an experience :-) I'm getting such good night sleeps now & I have very extreme stresses in my life at the moment. Well done & thank you!!.Version: 6.1

Use it daily!I use this app daily to sleep! Have also used it to focus at work. Have also used it to lower anxiety. Top purchase!.Version: 7.4

Best frequency app ever!!I never write reviews for apps, but in that case, the developers of this app deserve it. The app its amazing. Really works. I have some experience with meditation audios and frequencies and this app really make a change in mood, concentration and energy in the body. The best feature for my special case, its that I can play the app and simultaneously I can play another sound in other app. I have a reading app for my pdfs and I can listen the memory boost program and the app reading, its the best!! Very productive!! Don't change anything in the apps, are perfects. Thanks!!.Version: 7.4

Very very effective brain "chill-out" toolGives your brain a regular wind-down. The physical body responds by going into a relaxed state, you emerge from it refreshed,energized.very happy with the results, highly recommended..Version: 7.3

I dream now!From being an infrequent dreamer, I can now regularly dream using the lucid dreaming or deep sleep cycles.Version: 7.8

J'adoreJe l'utilise pour avoir une bonne nuit de sommeil ou quand je fais de l'insomnie. I love also the power nap. Énergize me good.Version: 7.8

Love itThis app helps provide white noise and a calm atmosphere when I'm working nights and need to sleep during the day. I love it!.Version: 7.4

Good app but merge all into oneI bought the bundle, so I have all 5 brainwave apps and they’re great but it’s really impractical to have 5 apps that are almost exactly the same in the way the work and even in their logos. The only difference being the sounds that each contains. Can you please just merge them all into one single app? You can add all the brainwaves to the main app and then we can just delete the other four from our home. I understand you can’t retire the other four apps from the store, but at least have the main app have all the sounds! (of course, it’s obviously expected that it should cost more than the others, and that’s fine) Edit: Great solution offered to this issue by the developer. Updated the score to 5 stars..Version: 8.1.2

So effectiveGreat tool for the mind. It has multiple settings along with a number of background sounds to compliment. Love.Version: 7.4

This app works!I'm truly blown away by the efficacy of this app. I've only been using it for about a week and I have NEVER had such deep, restful sleep. In fact, I doze off so quickly and I have a hard time waking up! But once I do...I feel very rested and clear headed. I really like to play Concentration and Alert & Focused programs while I'm working. I think they really help you be productive. I was reluctant to purchase this app, but I'm so glad I did. My 18 year old son and 84 year old mom have also become big fans and are enjoying the many benefits every day. There's so much more to discover and experiment truly is worth every penny and more. Give it a try!.Version: 7.4

Best Purchase You Will Ever Make.I am an entrepreneur, former athlete and owner of multiple businesses. This has changed my life and been used every single day for 5 years since it was introduced by my former mindset coach. I will never go a day without using these apps while I’m able to. I highly recommend and have done so to thousands of people..Version: 9.2

This app should be among the essential appsSimple to use. Great companion for every type of rest. It's my fatigue fighter and stress reliever, made me a believer!!!!.Version: 7.4

Skin02You seriously can't tell the difference between these? Seriously!? O_o I guess to the untrained ear and people that haven't researched or created their own binaural beats before the sounds could seem that way. The whole effect of the binaural beats takes place within your brain. The hz frequencies required to trigger the different brain states are too low to be picked up by human ears. Binaural beats get around this problem by playing to differant frequancies into each ear and your brain picks out the difference between the two. For example if the frequancy in one ear was 155 hz and and the other 160 hz that is a 5 hz binaural beat. Although you may not hear much going on, the beats are doing their job..Version: 0

Great AppI've been using this app foe about a year now and find it very useful. My wife and I listen to it each night to aid sleep or for a relaxing massage. I have also purchased the study version..Version: 7.4

Impressed!Back in the '90s I had used quite a few tapes and CDs that employed this same kind of technology, with very limited, underwhelming results. These programs, in clear contrast, are obviously expertly designed and crafted, VERY easy to understand and use, and - for me, anyway - unexpectedly effective. A willingness to 'entrain' to the chosen program is essential, but - when I can just let go into the flow of the program - it kind of greases my mental wheels and helps me allow myself to be gently carried along with/into it. I consider these programs a genuinely effective help for issues and challenges I've been dealing with all my life, and am grateful to have discovered them..Version: 7.4

Very good.I use it at work, it makes me more efficient. ;).Version: 7.3

Just really GoodBeen using it for years. Easy, simple and flexible for a wide range of moods and situations..Version: 8.1.3

Great for staying focusedADHD is a problem that I address daily, resisting distractions and focusing on the task at the top of my prioritized, daily to-do list. It’s not always easy, especially when tired. What I now know for sure is that BrainWave makes it easier. It also gives me hope, not in the same way that prayer does, but alongside it. The obstacles including Cochlear implants and pain management are less of a burden. I found out about the concept from a very dear 85 year old friend friend, who is remarkably regaining his mental and physical strength, much like he was 10 years ago. I have found out about other treatment programs, but this one is immediate, easy, and enjoyable. Love all the different programs. Although I’ve been working out for years, this is the first time I’ve been able to “exercise” my mental and intellectual capacity. Wow..Version: 7.6

Awesome!I've had this app for several months and have now had plenty of opportunities to test it. I find that I use this almost daily mainly for concentration and alertness. Of course, it's important to use this with headphones, and for maximum effectiveness I recommend the in-ear variety. My line of work relies heavily on mathematical and computational problem solving and this app allows me to block put background noise and also helps me to concentrate for long periods - focused & alert / critical thinking settings on blast! I also use this app when I'm studying - memory boost setting to the rescue! Overall, Brain Wave definitely makes me more productive and is one of the most useful apps I own. Another gem is the deep sleep setting which works fantastically well on me, particularly with the ocean waves ambience. Yes, you have to wear headphones in bed so I don't use this too frequently - but when I use this I never wake up in the middle of the night and without it I can't achieve the same quality of deep sleep naturally..Version: 4.0

Really worksThere are various brainwave modes, but the ones I normally use are Espresso Shot and Concentration. This app awakes me and let me concentrate as soon as i listen to it..Version: 7.3

Excellent.Another year on I continue to use this app several times a week to help me relax, concentrate and sleep. I regularly personally recommend it to friends, family and acquaintances..Version: 7.4

These beats really work!I’m a university prof - I’ve been using these beats for over 5 yrs from pulling all-nighters and keeping my head clear with great ideas, to deep refreshing sleep, to deep moments of relaxation in a brief time span. I use the power nap several times a week...and I share all the beats with my family and everyone benefits. The interface is not the most up2date or aesthetically pleasing but the beats really work. Thank you Banzailabs. You folks rock! Dr Geoff..Version: 9.0

The best good-feeling app out there.I’ve been using the pro version for a while now. I was not a fan in the beginning but some way how, the binaural sounds works..Version: 7.8

Able to snooze quickly and sleep long and hard nowI can never nap during the day...but using the waves sounds (which are more natural sounding than most wave recordings) I was able to set the timer for 5-10 minutes and when waves stopped, I woke up. Similarly, it used to take me 20-60 minutes to fall asleep, and now I sleep soundly for 8-10 hours and if I do waken in the middle of the night and need to get up, I can get back to sleep again. MY SLEEP IS DEEPER and it feels so healthy to get a good night's rest..Version: 7.4

The only real option.There are a thousand binaural & meditation apps on the App Store now. Not only were Banzai Labs amongst the very first, but they remain the very best. It has exactly the amount of functionality that it needs, but it does not draw attention to itself or offer any form of distraction. Most importantly, this one actually does the job it says it will, unlike the rest. There is a reason nearly every review is singing its utmost praise for this app and its creators. Hop on the bandwagon - you'll really be better off for it!.Version: 7.4

Cool!I tried the dreamy sleep one last night and I actually had a really vivid funny dream. It's unusual for someone like me to remember my dreams. This app works and I will experiment with the other settings. Fun app!.Version: 5.2

Helps with sleep, meditation, concentration and more.I have used this app for years. I absolutely can’t live without it. I use different frequencies for various situations and goals but often use meditation, alpha, theta, and the settings for creativity and concentration. It works! Overtime you develop a sensitivity to feeling your own brain states and by using this app you can become aware of that sooner as well as use the app to put yourself into the state you desire. Worth every penny..Version: 8.1.3

Amazing!!!My mum recommended this to me and I love it! I always use it before bed and also when I'm studying. I love the way it can help you study, as well as boost your energy, and put you into deep relaxation. I always do well in tests if I listen to the memory boost one while I'm studying!!! Thankyou for such an amazing app!!! Could you please consider making one that will help you fall asleep? I would be sooooo happy if you could!!.Version: 6.1

Saved me and my family! Better than Solfeggio soundsMy wife and I haven’t gotten a decent sleep in weeks because of long holiday travels, bouts of cold and flu symptoms and an EXTREMELY fussy toddler. It’s has been insane and driving us to the edge. I got this app yesterday and thought “what the heck, might as well give it a try?” Man did it pay for itself! My daughter slept all through the night (she’s been up and down screaming every few hours every night) and my wife slept a solid 8 hours. They had it on Deep Sleep mode, and I put it on Lucid dreams. I got the best nights sleep in almost 4 weeks! We were already using Solfeggio sounds apps but it wasn’t really doing anything for us. This worked instantly. I can’t recommend this app/bundle enough! As I speak my daughter is still sleeping for her nap and hasn’t moved a muscle; she’s usually flopping around all over the place for the past few weeks..Version: 7.8

Soothing and Steering the Savage BrainI love this app and it really is effective for me. I am not a super auditory person who needs to have music on all the time. Sounds can annoy me. However, I have used this many times to fall asleep/wake up from naps or at night, to reduce anxiety or stress as well as anger, to get my procrastinating brain to want to get tedious stuff done, even to want to get up and work out. I have students who have test anxiety who ask to borrow my phone to use the "magic sounds." It might not work for you but I have used it for 16 months and so far, it works great for me. It's been very helpful in a year where I have had a lot of stress from outside forces..Version: 7.4

Best app on my phoneComes in handy always a nice option do recommend.Version: 6.1

Greatest toolI have used this for several years now. And in time of any type of need I was looking for, brain waves always works for me. Need to sleep, got it. Need to focus, got it. Need your migraine gone that as well. And, so much more. It is the most amazing tool. Thank you so much for your creation. You make a difference in my life..Version: 7.7

Yeah I can feel it too.I am new in meditation so I wanted something to help me meditate and I found this app and since then I am using it in meditation and relaxation. Now I use it almost every day. I really like it..Version: 7.4

Helpful for doing life!I purchased this ap to help me sleep and wake up easier but have since used it when feeling grumpy or angry or anxious, or needing concentration and focus. I've found myself feeling absolute joy and peace while driving down the road and then remembering that I'd turned this on. There are many examples of this including waking up, ready to get up 2 min before my alarm consistently. I've recommended it to many people and believe everyone should use it for help and also teaching (biofeedback) to learn to become more aware of our "brain behavior" so we can help ourselves..Version: 7.4

After 2 years it still worksUPDATE: This app is a must for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. Like others have mentioned this is not a cure all, but coupled with a lifestyle and positive intentions it will reinforce your sleep, work, energy, etc. It is also EXTREMELY beneficial for anyone with ADD. I have had this app for 2 years and I can definitely say that the deep sleep module will put me fast to sleep. I also use the focus/concentration mod while working and can easily get into a zone and get all of my tasks done. This app is a must have for any life or bio hackers!.Version: 7.7

JournalistI have used several of the binaural beats for meditation, concentration, euphoria, etc. and found each to be more than helpful. Between the Tesla technology in my Philip Stein watch and sleep bracelet, I am truly amazed at my increased focus, calmness and ability to not only sleep more deeply but also to achieve without effort my goal of no longer being a night owl and working through the night into the wee hours of the morning. I highly recommend the consistent use of binaural beats..Version: 7.4

Don't hesitateWorks very well. This app allows much better control over how long the entrainment lasts and better, less flowery, descriptions of what state they aim to enduce. The ambient sounds you can turn off, I do as they don't serve any purpose. If you have used binaurals before and are unsure if this app is any good, don't be, it is. If you never used binaurals before this is a good place to start. I'm amazed this type of app isn't the most downloaded on the net, its miraculous. One tip though. Don't expect binaurals to work instantly. It takes about 10 mins to get yourself tuned in. Go for it..Version: 4.0

This app is apart of my lifestyle now!I love this app! I use deep sleep. I have tried them all! I have a sleep known cause or cure. Meds help symptoms....the brainwaves actually this will sound weird but it is like my brain is getting a massage, I feel better. Wear the headphones big difference. I love the fact that I set the time. I use deep sleep. In the morning I use morning coffee, them focused and Alert, positive.....etc. I have not dabbled in the other apps want to master sleep first. They are really great about answering questions they helped me. AMAZING!.Version: 8.1.2

Fantastic toolBeen using it for years for many different purposes: keep me focused, reduce anxiety, keep me awake, help me sleep. Etc. Highly recommend it..Version: 9.0

Helpful, Well-Designed, But Needs One Thing More....I have been using this app for a couple of years now often on. It really does work! I have used the “Deep Sleep” program and the “Headache Relief” program the most frequently. They really do work! After using the sleep program, I hd the deepest sleep that night as well as more vivid dreams than usual. The headache relief program is helpful for the occasional migraine that I sometimes get. The layout of the app is very natural, and the buttons are in all the right places. It’s very simple to use and has a very clean interface. The color scheme is appropriate, too. Well done! The only complaint I have about the app is the limited selection of background music and background sound effects. While the selections are good, they have a somewhat amateurish quality to them. I feel that they could be greatly improved and expanded. Another thing that would be nice would be the addition of more binaural beats — if possible — for different things or for things of a very specific, direct nature. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!.Version: 7.7

Deep SleepI had terrible sleep and could not get any deep sleep. I used the deep sleep program set to 2 hours and I actually got 2 and a half hours deep sleep according to my sleep tracker, where I was getting little to none before. Highly recommended!.Version: 9.0

BrainwavesHas helped in many ways that I need..Version: 7.4

Prisoner of Your Unconscious ForcesThis app does exactly what's it supposed to do. Use it daily and it will begin to unwind the tightly strung Self. It will calm anxiety, help your sleep, meditation, focus and concentration. HOWEVER, this is not a pill, a quick fix, a switch you turn off. Nothing except medication works that way. Then you become dependent on the medication and fail to do your own work. That's what it takes. This app, used regularly, will allow you to work through and not around the psychic forces that have kept you prisoner. Well done guys!! Well thought out !!.Version: 7.4

Amazing app! With one minor adjustmentThe app itself is extremely well done, user friendly, and overall a great experience! The only thing I hope they add is to be able to skip to certain parts of a song, for example I have music mix’s that are an hour long and if I want to listen to the last 20 minutes of the mix I can’t. The songs alway start from the beginning, which is usually fine but in most cases I use mixes so I don’t have to download 50 songs just one mix with all of them. I hope they notice this and take it into consideration because sometimes I won’t use the app just for the fact that I want to listen to other parts of the mix. Otherwise the app is amazing and no other complaints!.Version: 7.7

Works as advertisedOverall good, almost same level as Holosync but; unbelievably more economical. More effective than Innapeace (brainwave research Inst) and substantially more economical. Incredibly flexible; add your own music sound - don't have to listen to bells or rain (like some). Good design, app takes full advantage of IOS functionality with easy to set options. Full range of dichotically listened to binaural beats from meditation to sleep inducement. One of the better ones.Version: 7.4

Impressed skeptic.Sometimes I don't mind spending a little money to see if something works. I have OSA and use a CPAP, honestly the only benefit I get from is it that I don't snore with it. My sleep pattern is still just as jacked up as it always has been. I'm super restless at night, I wake up several times a night. It's a pattern that I'm pretty much used to. The other day I ran across a video on YT about Binaural Beats. I thought it was kind of interesting so I did a bit of research. One thing I am obsessed with is tracking my vitals. I use the Apple Watch to track all sorts of metrics while I sleep. Now here's what I have seen so far. My first night I used this app I used ear buds because they fit better with my CPAP, 4:20 minutes is all the sleep I got. Which is pretty typical for me. Here's the kicker. I was restless twice, once at the beginning as I fell asleep and once right before I woke up. My heart rate dipped 21% which it has never done while sleeping. 12% was my Max before this. Now am I saying that this is a cure-all? No, did this Binaural beat have some effect on my brainwaves last night? It's looking that way, So far I am impressed. I will continue to use this, track my results and rate a 5 if all goes well. Regardless, best $5 I have spent in a while..Version: 7.7

Game changerThis app totally deserve to get a review I bought the bundle 12$ CAD Totally worth it Struggle with sleep? Deep sleep track is almost an anti-insomnia Choose your brainwaves Choose your music Ajust the volume of each Enjoy its effect // I’m sleeping with airpods in my ear, I got « soft » ear so it doesn’t hurt and when I wake up they are dead obviously. Just make sure you can sleep with headphones on before buying the app // I bought Idoser too... don’t recommand it yet This app is everything you need for brainwaves and I recommend you to buy the bundle, it’s very worth it.Version: 9.0

So far so good!As a deep mediator, I believe we are all waves and using this app carries me through the day. Aside from creating your own custom playlist, I believe these apps are quite well done in doing what the names claim.Version: 7.7

Amazing at Relaxation Assisting and Anxiety ReducingI'm one of those people who just cannot "turn off". I go nights without sleeping and spend days stressed and overwhelmed due to lack of sleep or something external that may not be allowing me to just relax. This app does a phenomenal job at bringing me down in a good way. Even if I don't fall asleep as intended I get genuine solid rest and feel so much more relaxed after listening. I don't always remember to use it when I'm in a state of overwhelm, but when I do, it does wonders for me!.Version: 7.4

Worth itLove this app. Use it all the time!.Version: 7.3

Try itDear App Store people. I am not sure whether the 5 star reviews are real on this app but I assure you I am. To prove it LOL at united losing 4-0. Anyway I'm not sure how this app works but I use it every night and it puts me to sleep every time. I use dreamy sleep/wake up and I have some weird dreams but I don't really remember them. I use it for 20 mins but I literally never stay awake for the whole thing I drop off. Haven't used much else I keep forgetting to use it during the day. Anyhoo. Try it. Use headphones. I'm about to sleep. Good night and good luck.Version: 6.1

Works great.I've been using brainwave audio technology for over 10 years and this app is by far the best in terms of convenience and ease of use. My only issue is the audio quality. I like he ambience soundscapes they've chosen but they are very low quality. The bitrate seems as low as 128kbps on some. The app is only 95MB installed so there is plenty of space to bump this quality up for your listeners!! 🤗.Version: 7.4

Great app.Great app. I’m a shift worker so have varied sleeping times, this app combined with a Bluetooth headband/earphones is fantastic..Version: 8.1.3

Arghhhh fix itLove this, but suddenly won’t load.... fix it.Version: 8.1.3

Excellent! All day different uses!I use it to focus with my own music and various types of meditation for relaxation and sleep. Really comprehensive selection..Version: 7.6

Outstanding!I had often used cd for Brainwave Suite in past and wanted an electronic type with similar content. When I decided to try this app I was a bit skeptical but now am thrilled with its versatility and effectiveness! This really helps my sleep, stress reduction, energized after naps . Also approved the background sound options and descriptions of brain wave patterns purposes. I have recommended to several friends who also are excited with this app use. Cannot beat the value for minimal cost!.Version: 9.1

Survive university with this must-have appI was so sceptical of this app when I first saw it but decided to give it a go anyway. My scepticism was wrong. This works amazingly well. I am currently learning Ancient Greek and found my memory retention improved dramatically when using this app. My test scores for my other subjects have also improved. This is a must have app for any student..Version: 6.1

Helpful & EffectiveVery useful app. I use it most days & always receive a beneficial result. Really like the variety of programs - has Great app. Highly recommend it..Version: 7.3

Great for Pre-MeditationGreat for clearing the mind before meditation. Also good to focus the mind when running or cycling.Version: 7.4

Effective & Soothing.I use this app on a daily basis, beginning either with the Meditation or Espresso programs, going in to use the Motivation Boost & Concentration audios. Noticed significant improvement two wks after daily use!.Version: 7.3

GreatWorks for me great app really relaxing.Version: 5.1

Very helpfulThis is a really fantastic and helpful way to overcome insomnia, meditate and assist with vibrant dreams. The binaural process was recommended by a friend and it's a welcome tool for focus and concentration.Version: 6.1

Advice, please, and thank you for saving my brain.Which title would you recommend, if any, that could help heal short term memory loss from a bad concussion? This app saved me when I found it a few months after my brain seemed to have forgotten how to fall into deep sleep. I was at my wit’s end until I came across this and listened to Gamma Power Nap. 😭😭😭 This put me into deep sleep for the first time 2 months after my accident. Thank you so much for saving me. 🙏 Now I’m wondering which title you would recommend to help heal my brain hippocampus and short term memory which is the residual healing I’m still working on. If not, maybe there is one to be added? I know many people having these same issues. And thank you again and again!.Version: 9.4.1

Pretty amazing...!I've been having a lot of problems with sleep, stress and anxiety lately so I thought I'd give this a go and hope for the best... Honestly very impressed! I've only tried the 'Deep Sleep' mode at the moment but I can't even remember the last time I've actually been able to sleep this well! Although I didn't set the program for too long.. I slept for a good 5 hours and feel incredibly awake and relaxed this morning! When you compare this to 'an hour if you're lucky' and the 'death just warmed up' feeling... The effects are just great! Will be trying the other modes through the day to see if the stress levels drop too. Great app!.Version: 4.0

Great App!I love that I can customize tracks to work in-app and even without. I was thrilled when I found I could have a binaural running as I watched Netflix. Love it!.Version: 7.4

Consistently helpfulI got this app out of curiosity. It is worth the money. Have had it nearly a year so feel it's time to comment on how useful it is. I have used the Morning Coffee/Focussed and Alert/Concentration programmes at different times at work and have found it does help me to be more productive. Especially good for the afternoon energy slump! Stress Reduction and Relaxation programmes have also helped me at work when I start fretting about meeting my quotas. For me the most valuable function is Positive Mood boost. Great for those days when I wake up grumpy or low for no reason. It has also worked miracles with PMT getting rid of hormonal mood swings really quickly. The Headache relief is pretty effective if I catch a migraine quickly enough, giving total relief. If I get a really entrenched stomper of a headache before I think to use this it is less successful but I still get some relief. It takes some getting used to the beats but once you do they feel quite pleasant. Headphones are a must though - don't expect it to work without them!.Version: 6.1

A valuable toolI've now been using this app regularly for over a month and I've found that it has added a new dimension to my meditations..Version: 7.4

Great app.Helps me sleep at night..Version: 7.4

Remote viewing must haveThis program is perfect for remote viewing the individual levels of ambience and theta levels work extremely well..Version: 7.4

Great for anxiety, pick-me-up, sleeplessnessI am thoroughly impressed with this app. It's most effectively helped with anxiety during stressful times. It has helped me sleep better or fall asleep faster. And is a great way to focus during meditation. I have recommended it to many of my friends. I've used all the menu options and even the headache one works. I find dreamy sleep is more effective at getting me to fall asleep than deep sleep. I also like to use it for quick power naps when I wake up really early and need a quick recharge midday. 10-15 minutes and I'm ready to tackle the rest of the day. The creativity and focus selections really help me crank when I need to get work done or I need to dive into a meaty project. Get it! You'll thank me later..Version: 7.4

Surprisingly effectiveI was more than a little skeptical but downloaded the app to give it a try. I have a history of having a hard time relaxing enough to fall asleep. This has changed with this app on Power Nap setting. I can relax and be asleep within 10 minutes, whether going robbed for the night or just taking a quick nap in the afternoon. It is less easy to measure but I also feel the Focus, Mood enhancement, and Creativity settings impact me positively..Version: 7.4

It works really well but it's not your guru or ambienI went to a weekend meditation seminar and resolved to meditate more often. I also wanted to sleep better. I purchased Brain Wave, Mind Tuner, Perfect Sleep, Tranquil Mind, Brain Beats, MyCalmBeat, Perfect Sleep, Deep Sleep, and My Meditation. I tried them all and, to some extent, they all work. However, Brain Wave, Tranquil Mind and Perfect Sleep are, by far, the best for me. Banzai Labs has done a good job. You can select any of a variety of binaural applications from Morning Coffee straight through 20 routines to Deep Sleep. I tried Power Nap for 20 minutes and dozed off. However, instead of being a little groggy or spaced when I awoke, I was alert and oriented. You can also select a background ambient noise and the sound level. Unlike all of the other programs, you can select how long you want it to run. I now meditate every morning and Brain Wave and Mind Tuner have been reliable and helpful. Perfect Sleep has been very effective. I have been getting up twice or three times a night and sometimes it difficult to fall back to sleep. Now I listen to Deep Sleep for 15 minutes, take it off when it's done and immediately fall asleep and stay asleep for at least 3-4 hours. If I awaken, I easily go back to sleep. Although I like Deep Sleep, the hypnosis simply is not as effective for me as the binaural beats of Perfect Sleep..Version: 7.6

Worth it's weight in GoldDownload today! I am not a great sleeper and hence never a morning person - in fact it is safe to say that I never do mornings, ever... Typically, I am up 5-6 times every night and often have nights where I don't sleep at all, counting the minutes or just being aware of time passing, knowing I am not really asleep. When I do "wake up" in the morning, I am exhausted and feel like I have been hit by a truck - it is very very rare that I feel refreshed and ready to go. "Waking up" necessitates a shower however despite this, I am extremely sluggish and slow for the first couple of hours. Last night was night one of Brain Wave. Although I did wake up a couple of times, I didn't get up. I woke up properly this morning just before the alarm and felt refreshed and alarmingly alert! I was awake in the shower (a new experience!) and have remained in a high state of alertness since then. It's a new world! Thank you Brain Wave!!.Version: 5.1

The new updateI’ve used this app for three years and found it helpful. I used it with another app so that the ambient noise was less predictable but after the latest update it will not work with another app which ruins the app for me. Now I’ll have to find a new sleep app. UPDATE: thank you for telling me how to regain that function. I use this app every night to help me sleep. I appreciate your swift response. I have changed my rating of the app back to 5 stars and look forward to using it tonight. Thanks..Version: 8.1.1

TransformationalThis app bundle has completely changed my life. I used it to start a meditation practice during a 30 day work challenge. While everyone was choosing exercise and/or dieting, I chose to sit and meditate for 30 days. It was completely transformational! And, 30 days turned into 60 days turned into 90 days turned into 365 days. I stopped my daily practice due to life issues and, during the coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home, social distancing I decided to start back up with my daily meditation practice using this app bundle. It has made all the difference in my being able to regulate the stress and anxiety during these uncertain times. One day at a time towards a life long journey with mediation... it all started with this app. Thank you so much..Version: 8.1.4

Great app! I find myself using it constantly.I've had this app for a couple of years and I've found that I go to it way more than I ever imagined I would. It is great when you need to focus on work, terrific for winding down and falling asleep; pretty much good for whatever I end up needing. I like how much control I have over the audio levels and all the choices of sounds, and different focuses you can choose from. Terrific app that I highly recommend to always have on hand!.Version: 7.4

Helps me to sleep & relaxI learned of this app from listening to a fitness podcast. I use it specifically to help get to sleep. I struggle with anxiety & depression so a good nights sleep sometimes doesn't always happen for me. However I have noticed when I use the deep sleep setting I usually can get a restful sleep & not feel groggy in the morning. I need to be more consistent with it but I can truly say this app works. I was skeptical at first but I approached it with an open mind & wanted to give this app a chance to add something positive to my life. Thank you developers for making this..Version: 7.4

BrilliantLove it, it really helps me to sleep well. I use this instead of sleeping tablets, and the other settings are good too, but I mostly just use deep sleep.Version: 6.1

Great appThanks to developers for creating a great app. I use it everyday to either lift my spirits, relieve my stress and when I need to focus..Version: 7.8

Maybe Placebo, Definitely Don’t CareI’m not sure I buy the science behind this app. I’ve read one peer reviewed study from the early 2000s that did note improvements in anxiety after subjects used brainwaves for 30 minutes a day. There were no adverse effects, so I thought I had nothing to lose. This seems to work for me. Works well for anger issues, increasing positive attitude, and helping induce relaxation before bedtime. Placebo effect is powerful, and that could definitely be at play here. But that’s fine with me since the app is relatively cheap and I’ve got nothing to lose. Just please note that I DO have anxiety and I work continuously with mental health professionals to care for myself. I also exercise, eat well, and practice all self care that’s recommended. This is NOT a cure all. This definitely would NOT work on its own, not for me. But, as a part of a whole, it is helpful..Version: 9.0

Just started using this...So far so good...the deep sleep really works. I was having trouble going to sleep at night. Using the deep sleep program really helped me to drift off and have good restful sleep. There is a great range of background music provided. I also really like the problem solving program. It actually works. It really helped me to focus on my writing when I was getting stuck and procrastinating. I also really like how there are so many programs to choose from including meditation, relaxation and motivation boosters. I'm looking forward to trying them out.Version: 7.3

I use this almost every dayI'm a business analyst; at work, when I have to spend time focused on a task I will put on the headphones and run on of the tones for the duration of the task: 30 mins, 1 hour - 2 even. I run the problem solving, critical thinking, concentration, or whatever tone best suits the task. within minutes I'm zoned in and stay that way until the timer stops the clock. I love this app. when I don't feel like listening to music, and/or want to just relax, reduce my anxiety, shut out the surrounding noise or the noise in my head, I'll run one of the tones. it even helps you relax into sleep. I highly recommend you give it a try..Version: 6.1

Great appI fall asleep straight away on deep sleep and power naps and the morning settings help me become alert. Also the pre exercise energy seems to work..Version: 6.1

Very useful and powerfulTo begin with the brainwaves audio can be a little annoying but after just a couple of uses they are incredibly relaxing. You can tell a lot of work has gone into creating this app, and the developers have thought of programmes for every scenario from Ealing up in the morning to being focussed and alert. This app was bought on a personal recommendation and I would highly recommend.Version: 5.1

Amazing AppI use this app everyday for sleep. The Deep Sleep/Wake Up halls me get a batter nights sleep and gently wakes me in the AM. My brain is so programmed into it now that the minute the app switches to bringing me back into a wakeful state, I wake up. Very rarely do I need the alarm to go off. The Espresso Shot, Headsche Relief, Power Nap, Reduce Anxiety and Calm Relief are other favorites. I haven't tried all the different settings yet as I got this because I have trouble sleeping and it has done wonders, but I do need to go through each one just to have fun with it. I highly recommend this App!.Version: 7.4

Not sureI've just recently purchased this app and I don't really understand how this app works. By looking at the reviews I thought about buying this app however I have no idea how to use it. I've listened to some of these tracks for about 10 minutes but don't feel no difference. If someone could tell me how to use this app that would be great. I would give this app 5* if they would tell you how to use this app. But on the whole this app seems legit and seems to be working for other people by looking at the other reviews..Version: 6.1

Excellent app!Every single track I've used has helped. I recommend this app to my friends all the time. Buy it with confidence..Version: 7.4

Very useful for MeditationGreat for focused meditation..Version: 7.4

Amazing!Great app, helps reduce my anxiety and insomnia on a regular basis. I use it every night..Version: 7.4

Excellent appIt’s a lifesaver app. Very helpful and easy to use. I use it for meditation, concentration and deep sleep, just to mention a few. Thank you for creating this! Highly recommend!.Version: 9.4.1

Amazing and powerfulThis app is amazing and so effective. Great for adults and children..Version: 7.4

Mind bendingWell, I was a little worried by a couple of the bad reviews, but I read up on this thing and it sounded pretty good, so I bought it! I think it's amazing, I've been feeling depressed all day, I played this and now I feel totally happy!! It could all be lies but it certainly seems to be working. Great app, however the timers don't seem to work, I set it for 10min and 20 mins later I had to manually switch it off! It would get five stars if the timer worked, oh and if u do update it, it'd be great if u could put the astral projection binaural on here :).Version: 0

Subtle, Surprisingly Effective & Delightfully SoothingI've been using this app regularly for more than a month now. I'm pleasantly surprised at the changes I've begun to notice. Specifically, I'm more focused during the day, my concentration is better, I'm calmer and feel generally happier. My memory is noticeably improved, too. I've gotten into the habit of listen to "Morning Coffee" every morning before I get up, and "Dreamy Sleep" as soon as I go to bed every night. During the day I listen to "Power Nap" or "Lucid Dreaming" often, as well as other programs as appropriate. I really love this app and highly recommend it if you're at all interested. I use it with with LG Bluetooth earbuds..Version: 7.4

CrashesIt just crashes at startup - fixed by uninstalling and then reinstalling..Version: 8.1.3

Very Helpful AppI use it to relieve anxiety or for headache relief. Works every time. It saved me while travelling and having to endure long lines at the airport. I popped in my ear buds and was quickly relaxed. Great app!.Version: 7.3

Use it daily can't live without itI recently came back to iPhone just so I could have this app. It really works and I can't say enough amazing things about it. My favourite settings are the power nap and morning meditation..Version: 7.4

AmazedI'm surprised that this actually works. Helps me concentrate and the dreamy sleep setting gave me a dream. Awesome!.Version: 5.2

Deep sleepBought the app seems great .. What is the best way to Utilise the deep sleep mode is it before you go to sleep at night and then turn off and go to bed or actually whilst your trying to fail asleep.Version: 9.4.1

AwesomeTruly amazing app. Worth every penny! Been using it for almost a year. A must have..Version: 7.4

Great!I experienced higher concentration and focus when working, and deeper relaxation for down time.Version: 7.3

A meditation app that actually worksI've tried many meditation apps that make empty promises, but this app makes me feel better when I listen to it daily (positive mood boost)..Version: 7.4

Very effectiveHave been using this app about two weeks, mainly to reduce anxiety but have also used it for other stuff too. So far it has worked. First time I've used anything like this before so can't compare it but I'm very happy with the results..Version: 7.3

Goodbye, Ambien!I got this idea from a book I'm reading about thyroid problems. I've had a lot of stress over the last two years and truly cannot sleep without taking an Ambien. Even with that, I would be up in a few hours and sometimes not able to go back to sleep. After using the app for three days, I slept through the night for the first time and I don't remember when. I didn't take an Ambien to fall asleep. In fact, I haven't taken one in six days now. I sleep through the night without waking up and I feel genuinely rested and refreshed. This app was a true gift. Thank you!.Version: 7.4

This is legit!My acupuncturist told me about it. It actually does change your brain waves! I use deep sleep every night! Fall asleep in 10 minutes or less. Use headphones sometimes or my phone is on my bedside table. The headache relief works! The hanger over relief worked for my husband and I. We were driving in the car and I played it through CarPlay. He is always making fun of my natural ways. But this, he couldn’t stop talking about! Also the espresso shot works. Deep relaxation works! Lucid dreams work, whoa-no thanks! This app is my buddy❤️. I literally would have a much more challenging and painful life without it. Thanks to all who created it and keep it working well! Appreciation forever! - Christi.Version: 8.1.3

Out of this worldThis app is just magic! It works 100% and above all you can choose what type of sleep u wnna get! Just too good.Version: 6.1

Best sleep appThis is by far the most used app on my phone. Every night I plug in my sleepphones and fall asleep to either "deep sleep" or the "lucid dreaming" setting. There's a wake setting that you can set so it will slowly bring you out of the zone. I have about 10 binaural apps but this is the one I use nightly. Awesome 5 star app. 👍💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤.Version: 7.4

Great for blocking out distractionsI use the app at work. It's works very well to block out background noise so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. I'm not sure how well the brain entrainment works but I do think I get a benefit beyond the soothing nature sounds..Version: 7.3

GREAT APP . Not a quick fixBig warning: This app won't cure your neuralgia, nor will make your psychosis or psychosomatic illnesses go away. Binaural beats are Not drugs. Want a quicker way? Take a pill. Don't want to use pills? Then take a walk. Too lazy ? Then just take very slow and deep breaths, and stay away from your cellphone. Seriously, I read a bunch of people complaining about this app sucking just cause it didn't get rid of their migraines the first time they tried it. How unfair is that? This app has some beats that do their intended work quite well. Like the sleep/wake up beats. I'm trying the lucid dreaming from one of their sister apps and I can tell you so far I haven't been able to have any lucid dreaming HOWEVER, I start dreaming even BEFIRE completely falling asleep. For example, just yesterday I was falling asleep when my roommate entered my room to look for some shoes and I remember quite clearly seeing her standing next to my bed asking me about the shoes and at the SAME time, I was seeing a dream overlapping my reality. Like two things happening at the same time in the same space. I don't know if this was the result of listening to the beats but I'm really looking forward to something similar happening cause there is nothing cooler than to be talking half asleep to somebody and at the same time seeing how and old carriage goes across that person like a ghost..Version: 7.4

Highly Recommend!!I’ve been successfully using Brainwave Binaural Beat apps for many years. I use them for power naps , meditation, and background music for yoga. People in my classes love them and find them very effective Recently I had a question regarding a specific application so I emailed support. To my astonishment I immediately received a response from Phil Scales , the owner. He gave me a detailed explanation and solution to my question. I’m a very satisfied customer for life Thank you Phil km.Version: 9.4.1

Great App - Try It!Definitely a great app. It helped and still does with concentration and motivation. Also the timer works for a Pomodoro technique to keep my focus on the subject for a desired time... Thanks Banzai Labs - please keep raining the app and the waves..Version: 7.3

BrilliantNot only does binaural beat works, this app is so brilliantly set-up. I have downloaded several before and professional ones for computers in the past few years but this one beats them all. All the right controls are given to the user and all the hard research work is done by the developer. Very well done. I am going to download the big one now, Part I. No need to search any further. Thank you..Version: 0

Very HelpfulGreat value for the bundle.Version: 9.0

FantasticI've used most of the options and all are fantastic..Version: 7.4

Fabulous for Productivity!I use this app daily when I need to focus on tasks or be creative. It works!! I also use several of the other options as needed. Very highly recommend this app..Version: 7.4

BrainwaveGreat sleep since I started using it. Morning Coffee also helps me wake up in the morning..Version: 7.1

Fantastic program!I use this app often to help me with sleep, travel (jet lag). It's an Amazing tool!.Version: 7.4

By far the best availableI suffer from chronic pain and from that depression/anxiety/panic/low moods & complete lack of focus most days! I have purchased and downloaded many binaural beats programs as part of my therapy and coping strategies HOWEVER of them all, this is the one with the most user control available. I even use it (without binaural) to put my kids to sleep or to calm them before bed! I absolutely love it and highly recommend it, I use it multiple times a day, EVERYDAY! Great job guys, keep up the great work!.Version: 7.3

Wow! It works!!!I'll admit. I was sceptical. I've tried many, many of these apps before, all of them ending up being gimmicks. I figured I'd give a paid app a go, and lo and behold, it actually works! The afternoon slump affects me quite badly, but with this app, specifically the espresso shot, I was able to snap out of it within minutes! It's helped me fall asleep quicker, as well! The continuous buzzing of the binaural tones does take a while to get used to, but PLEASE stick with it! After a while, you literally just don't hear it anymore! Incredible app, well worth the money!.Version: 5.2

Great appI've been using this for a few years now and it aids me to go to sleep. I particularly use the deep sleep setting and it works well for me. I use it every night so it has become part of my routine. I also use the alarm function and it works well although I have to eat it up every time. It would be good if it's settings were retained. It is not a deal breaker. This app is great so thank you for creating it. Five stars ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️.Version: 7.4

Amazing!I only got this for a few days and I love it. Thank you for making such an amazing app. I can feel the integrity and intention of the creators in the thoughtful way they market it. No gimmicks, no subscriptions and buy this buy intrusive banner ads. Just neuroacoustic entrainment track doing what they are supposed to do. I was feeling icky and sick and I played the rest and recover track and I swear it’s like I got a full days rest in 20 mins. THANK YOU!.Version: 9.4.1

Get It!Really nice interface and lots of choice in thisfall. I haven't tested the beats out properly yet but the morning coffee helped me wake up this morning after a rubbish nights sleep. I will update my review when I have tried the rest of them. Really great app and anyone for looking for a brain wave app should definetly give this this one a go. Many thanks for a brilliant free app! 5*.Version: 4.0

Night routineLove this app. Use it every night for close to a year..Version: 8.1.3

Excellent appBeen using it for years - great for study, great for sleep - may be a placebo effect, but who cares!.Version: 7.4

Love it!Thank you for creating this wonderful app, I absolutely love it and use it every day, can’t be more grateful! :).Version: 9.0

GreatIn a world of free crappy apps this one works. So pay or don’t but this crap actually works so you do you and I do me and this will still work.Version: 7.7

Trippy!This thing blows my mind! The first time I used it I was like "No way!" As I kept using it I discovered that it is literally the only way I am able to fall asleep nights when my mind is so full of thoughts and my anxiety is running rampant! I hate the way sleep aids make me feel like I've been run over by a freight train. I recently switched from using "Deep Sleep" to "Dreamy Sleep" and had the craziest dreams! I normally can't remember my dreams and I was actually able to recall quite a bit of them. Unfortunately last night, I dreamt that I faked the death of my dog last year and I felt like it lasted the whole night so I think I'll be switching back to "Deep Sleep" :( Awesome product though. My *only* complaint is that I wish there were more ambiance options or the ability to use it with Pandora. You can use your own music but I don't have much personal music on my phone so I am limited to using the app's ambiance tracks and they get old after a while. Highly recommend!.Version: 7.4

Worth it!It works really well for my concentration and my sleep. I enjoy the variety of programs..Version: 9.4.1

Use it all the timeLove the app - highly recommended!.Version: 7.4

My most recommended app!Download this app! For real. Just do it. I’ve been using Brainwaves for at least four years now and love it. I recommend it to everyone who has issues sleeping. Great for travel and time zone changes/adjustments. I’ve used the headache relief setting and it actually worked! I’ve used the creativity boost and found it successful as well as the confidence boost and memory setting when studying important info. Can’t recommend enough!.Version: 8.1.3

Practically PerfectI use this all the time. It is great to get to sleep when suffering with insomnia, pain relief for fibromyalgia or migraine, force a nap when you know you will need it but can’t stop thinking, jet lag wake or sleep, tinnitus, energy meditation (ahhmaaazzzing!!!), or just quiet your ADD when you need to focus. SO MANY USES!! I love the ambient noise that comes with the app- especially ocean waves. Love that you can use itunes, but usually don’t find it necessary. I also love the slick looking super-intuitive dashboard. The only improvement it is needs better control on fade in/fade out during programs and at the end of programs. I have the fade toggles set, and only use the app’s ambient sounds, but they are not always working properly. The abrupt stop and start is especially jarring when you are attempting deep sleep- similar to vertigo feeling as you are just falling asleep and you jump suddenly, but without the physical jump- lol. Also integrated glossary within descriptions would be awesome, eg, why gamma for this particular program or beta for that one? What does it DO? Talk nerdy to me..Version: 7.8

ExcellentI love this app & all the others by them,it really works and is simple to use , I have already recommended it to family/friends.Version: 6.1

Great AppI love this app. It really helps me to fall asleep at night. I've tried many different relaxation apps and this is by far the best..Version: 6.1

It worksI love this app. It is really effective and made a difference in my Daily routines.Version: 9.3

Best of its kindI would love more ability to create my own programs (ie: deep sleep for 6 hours, then energise for 30 mins) but apart from that this app is amazing. I can really tell the difference in my sleep patterns and it's great to help me focus on work..Version: 6.1

Amazingly effective!I always wake up tired, snooze my alarm until it will snooze no more and still can't get out of bed. I tried this app on a recommendation from a medical professional (disclosure: she's also my mum) and its FANTASTIC! When my alarm first goes off I put on the Morning Coffee program and go back to sleep. Well, I try, but it wakes me up within about 5 mins and with energy! I've also been using it at work to add focus, concentration, energy boost or one of the other great program's that matches what I need. They've all be fantastic so far. I love the deep sleep one too although my headphones fall off at night so I don't always manage to sleep through. This is by far my favourite app of all time..Version: 5.2

Problem?Love the apps but suddenly can’t scroll through the different beat themes. Weird!.Version: 7.7

This app is the greatest. Get it!I use this app pretty much daily. The tones do what they say they do, relax you, or give you inspiration, reflection or whatever. The makers are very clever people, and very generous. I have bought several of their other binaural apps and they rock as well. Thanks!.Version: 6.1

Better than I was hoping!I rarely write reviews, but I am impressed with the ease of use, as well as the effectiveness of this app! Even my adolescent children ask to borrow my phone to use it!.Version: 7.4

It works!This app really does work. Generally, I wouldn't want to pay so much for an app which might have turned out to be pseudo science but I'm glad I did..Version: 6.1

Neet appI just bought the I-phone last week and this is one of the 1st app's I installed. I love using it when i'm jogging, it. Really clears my mind and keeps my energy levels high as I RIP through the streets of Toronto!.Version: 0

Amazing App, life changingThis is the best of the bunch when it comes to the brainwave, binaural beat apps. It has helped us though insomnia and helps manage headache/migraines. We have recommended this for the 5+ years we have used it. Thank you for such a gift!.Version: 7.7

Had a good sleep last night.For the first time in years I woke up feeling awake and alert. Only downfall is there is a slight pause between the end and start of the audio loops but you get used to it, well worth the money..Version: 0

Good for healingUsing this app for healing after major surgery. I can almost feel the vibration like a physical sensation. Would love to see more uses developed: headaches, pain, etc.Version: 6.1

Great app!This has been my go to for meditation for years. I've been recommending it to friends and family to help with anxiety and depression. It's a great way to tune out the world for a moment of stillness and inner peace. Highly recommended. 👍🏻.Version: 7.4

Brilliant!Having tried all the free apps similar, I decided to have a try of this one. It had no reviews so took a bit of risk. So glad I did! I have trouble sleeping and some health issues so wanted an app that would help me get refreshing sleep. I use this on the short 10 minute track for Deep Sleep and am asleep before it finishes! It's also brilliant for headaches or when you want to relax! I recommend it!! One of the best apps I've bought and a bargain too!.Version: 0

BrilliantI find the app very useful..Version: 7.4

Update and apologies!I apologize for the frusteration and review, I did try email support first and didnt get reply howevor I did find the settings to fix this and it was a easy fix and is working perfectly and mixes with audio, I do appreciate the hard work and feel terrible for my thoughtless response,(after wich developer still replied to with help) thankyou so much! This honestly is the best brainwave app out there and trust me when I say ive tried them all. I trust this one and after my communication w/ developer its clear they are sincere and care about these apps and thats important with something your using to effect your brain, so I not only love this app and how great it works, I can feel safe using it, thankyou! -michelle.Version: 8.1.3

Helps me get to sleep!!"Deep Sleep" works well for me. The other programs: I'm not sure I notice anything changing in my mood, etc. I like that there is no annoying voice. Two things that would improve this app are: when using music from "my music", it would help to have individual volume control for the music versus the brainwave tracks, like there is for the built-in tracks. Also, the "close" buttons" (x) aren't sensitive enough-- often, I have to use different fingers or hold it longer to get a screen to close. I only have this problem in this app..Version: 7.4

New Ipad ios and bugsIt’s a great program but, with the new ios, it does not load. I use it almost everyday and, since the last upgrade, it stopped working. Please fix the problem..Version: 8.1.3

Couldn't Be Without ItThis app is amazing. I find it so good to calm me down and help me sleep. I especially use Deep Relaxation, Reduce Anxiety, Headache Relief and the sleep setting. Lovely background noises too..Version: 7.4

Great app. Gimmicky interfaceI like the app. I was surprised by how well the binaural effect works — using the “headache relief” program right now, and I can feel the ache in my noggin just slowly fade away. I use the Problem Solving one often, and it seems to help. I’ve been meaning to try meditation (I’ve dabbled in the past), and when I do I’ll check out the corresponding binaural programs. I’m not a huge fan of the gimmicky “Star Trek”-looking interface. It results in controls that are smaller than they need to be, which may look nice but make the app more difficult to actually use.Version: 8.1.3

An absolute must!I don’t know how, but somehow between life and/or changing phones I forgot I had this app. Recently I remembered that binary beats are great to help focus. As someone who WFH with a toddler, I can tell you this is an absolute must for my work day. I start my day with “Espresso Shot” (I’ve actually managed to ditch my morning 3-4 cups of coffee!!) put on a focus or mood post if I’m feeling distracted, confidence boost before any large meetings, and headache relief or stress reduction if I’m feeling tense. I love the versatility and that you can listen to in-app ambient sounds and a custom song playlist (made in app) where you control the volume of the music and the beats separately… you can also listen to the beats through “other audio app” so the possibilities are endless. The beats obviously vary by selection, and at first I found most are “noticeable” but after a few seconds my mind let’s them blur into the background and I’m getting ish done..Version: 9.3

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