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Doodle Jump App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Doodle Jump app received 55 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Doodle Jump? Can you share your negative thoughts about doodle jump?

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Doodle Jump for Negative User Reviews

Hate itWorst game Ever 0 out of 10.Version: 3.22.1

I want to play this game butDepending on how your sitting or laying when you play this game it may or may not be responsive to your turning motion to play correctly. When I’m bored, I want to play this game but it works rarely and that bums me out..Version: 3.20.2

Fun with annoying quirksAnnoying quirk 1: when the mission wants me to break whatever number of platforms on a level that doesn't have breakable platforms Annoying quirk 2: missions wants be to bounce on so many trampolines, suddenly the amount of times trampolines appear is cut by at least half.Version: 3.19.1

Really worth the 49p?!I got some money for my pocket money that week (£10) and I decided I would like to buy a new game. so I brought this game when I first opened the app It immediately demanded my age with no explanation for what it was going to be used. Poor quality not worth 49p of my £10.Version: 3.22.1

The game doesn’t save my missions progressThe missions actually make the game fun. However, the “shoot and miss monsters 50x” is very challenging and confusing. I make decent progress then it starts over?? It’s so frustrating. Is it because I keep dying in the game? I don’t appreciate the game not properly saving my progress for missions.Version: 3.22.1

Arrogance or IgnoranceI admit, I hated this game and wrote a really bad review for it but it grew on me. However I would like to see improved gameplay than these new 'themes'. It'll take more than just that to impress me. The arrogance of the makers are shown by the description of the game, they think a measley new 'theme' will please simple minded idiots by calling it a new 'game' for free. I'd rate it more if there's newer gameplay and a valentine theme would be nice too. Here's some suggestions: How about combo jumps like in icy tower. You can use two fingers to twist the jump or something. Also how about different platform themes when approaching a certain level or maybe achievements. Or if your feeling lazy how about dressing up your doodler by unlocking or buying outfits with our points. Anyways just give us something NEW rather than these ridiculous themes..Version: 0

Issue with global scoresIt's a good, addictive game. However, I was curious as to how the players on the top of the global score list manage to get over 5 million points! Well, doing a search on the net I discovered those with jailbroken iPhones and iPods can adjust their scores via the app programming before it's sent to the high score server! This isn't fair. The people at Doodle Jump must figure out a way for these people not to change their scores and once this is fixed, they need to wipe the list to make it more fair for those who don't have jailbroken iPhones and who like to earn their high scores legitimately. Please fix!!.Version: 0

Half pointsThis game is fun but there needs to be half points so the player doesn’t have to start alllllll over again from the beginning :( I want to practice the difficult parts but every time I get to them I fall. Fun concept though! And addicting. Maybe because the player really wants to climb higher :/.Version: 3.21.2

Jump doodleHow do you refund the game.Version: 3.22.1

Pretty goodIt's pretty good been playing it for a few days now it's just u can't play with someone unless u are online and there isn't any levels in it so I rate it 3.Version: 3.18.4

Too many adsThis is a great game and all but the amount of ads is just unsuitable, at least lower the amount of ads to be one after every three games, not one after every single game, thank you..Version: 3.20.2

Why did you add ads????1 star for now. I paid for this app and I don't understand the need for ads? When you click remove ads nothing happens?.Version: 3.21.3

IPhone X update pleaseGood game but really needs updating for iPhone X then I will give 5 stars.Version: 3.19.1

Ads on paid appPaid app with ads on start up.Version: 3.23.5

PurchasesI recently downloading doodle jump again and I wanted to play it with a different character I had before but it’s not allowing me to play with the characters I had before how can I restore purchases and characters I had before ?? disaPPOINTED.Version: 3.20.2

Achievements are brokenAchievement for playing each theme is broken, as I’ve played each one quite a bit more than 5 I’d say. Also they don’t unlock when they are aligned with a current mission. Please fix.Version: 3.18.4

This game has been abandonedI paid for this game and it still has no iPhone X support ☹️.Version: 3.19.1

SocietyWhat is wrong with people? Why do we keep supporting LimaSky, the company who tried to screw over other devs by trademarking "doodle" (SERIOUSLY!) when their only successful game is this!? Doodle Jump is not as great as it's hyped up to be, it's just a jumping game! "possibly the best iPhone game ever" stocks is a better iPhone game! It's fun at first, and quite addictive I'll admit. Then you realise "I just paid 59p for an app that has been done over and over by other companies for free and the updates only consist of graphical changes" :( dunno how they won 'innovation award'. When we finally get multiplayer, it needs wifi?! The game that they released a new paid for one to keep this under 25mb so it can be downloaded without wifi, needs wifi to play multiplayer! :( Finally, the thing that grinds my gears the most, is that they are one of the first companies to promote "Be Crap Developers", this is where an app will only get updated if it receives 5 star ratings. This keeps the app popular regardless of quality and if an app is not an instant hit, it fails. This is very bad practice and is resulting in more and more potentially great apps flopping because they have small errors, that people rate them down on (hence reducing updates). So do all devs and gamers alike and buy yourself a different game, it's 59p well saved (:.Version: 2.1

Displays an ad at startupThe latest update displays an ad for the new version at startup which you have to wait to bypass. The ad takes you to the App Store unless you exactly hit a small X in the top right corner. I won’t be buying the new version because I refuse to reward this sort of bad behaviour by the developer..Version: 3.23.3

Greedy and annoyingIf I remember correctly I purchased this game long ago and have enjoyed it, why every time there is a big Doodle 2 ads pops up and even FULL screen? You really don’t care about user experience at all?.Version: 3.23.5

My opinion about doodle jumpAlthough it is kind of a fun game I get a really bad bug all the time where I use my hard earned coins to buy a 2nd life thing and if I am in the middle of the game and I turn of my phone, when I reopen the game it doesn’t have a record of me buying the 2nd life and also sets me back my 1,000 coins.Version: 3.20.2

Remove the Doodle Jump 2 AdWe all know what I’m talking about, the annoying ad that shows up every time you open the app advertising a game we all know about (despite paying for no ads). Also the news bar at the bottom of the screen? Why is it there except to advertise Doodle Jump 2? This is obviously still advertising despite paying to have all ads removed..Version: 3.23.5

Too simple, not that great.Well I'm not sure why people like this game soooo much, really, it's not that amazing. Simple graphics, simple gameplay, way too much advertising and hype about this game which doesnt offer much more than making a character jump up platforms. Fun for a bit, gets boring fast. Only people who can't handle complexity in a game will really enjoy this. Buy it if you really want, but there's a lot of better jumping games out there, for free. The only reason this has continued to do well is that it overshadows all similar games, and releases updates which frankly add almost nothing more to make the game better. If this were released later, after other games of it's type were released, it would be forgotten and few people would play it..Version: 0

DELETING DOODLEJUMP!That's the last straw! Now you have to sign in to Game Centre to play, create a Nickname, and your birthdate is displayed? You've gotta be kidding. I'm outta here..Version: 1.29

You have to tilt your phone to move. Why?!?!It’s just annoying and makes no sense. You could have easily made a slider to move. At least add an option to turn it off. And also my phone is no Wii motion plus. The tilting is super inaccurate, and can also be super annoying when I’m trying to relax in bed and play this. Great game, but this one mechanic drops two stars..Version: 3.22.1

After last updateGame is like slow motion.Version: 3.20

Annoying ads, HD doesn’t work on iPhone XsUsed to love this game but the HD version I paid for says it can’t download for my iPhone XS, and the ads are just annoying.Version: 3.22.1

For **** sake...I've had the app for a while and yes, I enjoy it. Buut, all the hype put into reviews is just sad people. It's a little time waster, not an actual full-on game. The stupid ten year olds who like this app PLEASE DON'T RATE 5 STAR AND SPAM SMILIES, it's not cool or funny, it's annoying. Why do you think there are 5 (yes i said FIVE) stars? Because that way it's not a thumbs up/down situation. That, is what all you abusers of 5 star rating don't understand. If it is a PERFECT game with NO room for improvement, go ahead and rate 5 star. However, if it's a good game that could be better, go 3 or 4. If you don't particularly live the game but like the graphics/sound quality, etc, go ahead and give it 2 stars. If it's a piece of **** you want you'r ****ing money ****ing back for, give a one. Do not EVER SPAM SMILIES it's just plain stupid. And my god, are the developers up themeselves, or up themeselves? 'Wow we can totally overhype a nice little 3 or so star game by saying some guy lost his girlfriend because he played it so much, oh and let's get all our brainpower together and come up with new backgrounds OH MY GOD new backgrounds!' Seriously. SAD. It's called value for money, i'm loosing it from this game. Oh and apparently the space update is incompatible with my 2nd gen, 8gig, 3.0 fw iPod Touch. Just because of this stupid incompatability issue, i give Doodle Jump a 2/5, if it were to be fixed, 3/5..Version: 0

I can’t play it!Having trouble opening up the app on iPhone XR. Bought this game for my brother to play, but for some reason when it prompts me to enter my age, I cannot continue from there 😔.Version: 3.22.1

AdsI paid to play an app just so i can still get ads?! I would’ve never paid if i were gonna get ads..Version: 3.22.1

Update?!?!Minecraft opens up when trying to connect to Facebook..Version: 3.16

Why am I getting ads for using the paid version game....Version: 3.22.1

Too many adsThere are a ridiculous and annoying number of ads in this great game. Is there an ad free version I can pay for? It spoils the game..Version: 3.22.1

No options menu?I’m fine with the ads, I’m also fine with paying to turn them off. The thing I’m NOT fine with is not having an option to turn off the sounds or change calibration like we had in the first Doodle Jump game. I frequently use my AirPods to listen to music while playing... and I cannot do this with all these sound effects on the game with no option to turn them off. That’s a glaring gap that needs to be fixed..Version: 3.23.2

Well youve heard about it, but you should know about it too.This game is still considered for a while one of the most decent app store games around. Its a simple concept, which you should know. You simply bounce from platform to platform, going up and up, and you tilt the Ipod/Iphone to move him around. Theres power ups and enemies + death traps, which dont really excite you that much. That said lets move on again to the pros and cons. Pros. - Its a hit or miss for people. Some will find this game addictive and a great app, whilst others will buy it due to the popularity, play it, not really like it, but play it occasionally or just ditch it all together. I fall under that category. - Cheap - A lot of updates (Yet theyre nearly useless, and usually missing power ups. That is just different types of backgrounds to play in, look at the screenshots DUH. I personally think theyre doing that to try get the Number 1 top gaming app back again :L) Cons. - Simple gameplay. - For a lot of people out there, you will one day get a massive high score, but never come close to beating it, only resulting in frustration and anger and no fun. Reviews alone cant really help your decision. To sum all this up, this app will be a hit or miss. Nothing more. And the funny thing is, the only way youl find out is if you buy it. And even if you dont like it, its too bad since they already got your money. :L LOL..Version: 0

Bad sensitivityI’m playing on and iPad and I have to literally flip over my screen to change the direction of my jumps. When I try to change the sensitivity the character automatically jumps right or left as fast as possible across the screen as fast as possible. Please show me how to fix this because I can’t even play the game.☹️.Version: 3.21.2

Missions GlitchI love this game, but I’ve been having issues with missions. I’m pretty sure I complete them, but the game resets my progress and doesn’t count points toward them properly. I often get stuck on missions because it doesn’t properly track my progress. Without missions, the game isn’t as fun. I need more motivation than just beating my high score. If there are missions instead of levels, then they should at least work. I’ve reached out to support but haven’t received a response. I hope someone will address this..Version: 3.22.1

Doodle jumpThis game is quite addictive, fun for a few weeks or months and then ( as there’s noooo update) gets a bit boring. I recommend to try it out though.😊👍🏼.Version: 3.22.1

Disappointed in updates!I have been a HUGE fan of this game and have played it a lot from version 1.3.2 onwards, however I am sorry to give it a bad review because I am disappointed with the latest update and have since stopped playing the game for the first time in months! The movable platforms seem to be an unnecessary novelty that take away from the pace of the game, as does having the instructions at the start of the game. The beauty of Doodle Jump is its pace, and I think this is what makes the app so easy to pick up and play. The forcefield also seems to be a fairly useless novelty - please Lima Sky, embrace the simplicity of this game, and don't feel tempted to constantly add new features into the gameplay...I really feel you run the risk of ruining a truly addictive game. I would love to see more options (esp. to turn off moving platforms/instructions/exploding platforms??) Also, would LOVE to see some stats! This is a 5 star game if I can revert back to a previous version!.Version: 0

Stop advertising for Doodle Jump 2!Every time I open the app, lurking in the bottom waiting for an errant tap just to launch the app stops. STOP IT!.Version: 3.23.5

Was good until the new challenges showed upI once enjoyed this game. It was fun and mindless with a bit of challenge. You can’t ever win, but you can always try to beat your personal best. Then the newer challenges came out. Avoid 10 monsters in a game was difficult and took quite a while to attain, but I finally did it. However, the blast 10 monsters without missing is all but impossible. Why? Because it’s blast 10 monster IN A ROW without missing. Miss one monster and that game is done. It doesn’t reset again. And even if it did, having one miss wipe out all progress is crazy. When a challenge isn’t attainable for anyone but those with nothing better to do that play Doodle Jump all day and the challenges can’t be changed, the game has lost its fun..Version: 3.22.1

Nice game but please add choice of selecting difficultyI like the game. It’s being my favorite mini game on my iPad. However I want to point out the boringness and lack of progress of this game. That is, every time you fall, you start from scratch again. You need to go another 3 minutes of boring easy difficulty level to get to where you fell last time. So the player can’t get proper practice or increase the difficulty of the game. This render the game very boring, and waste of time. It’s like you need to do a lot integer addition before you can practice multiply which is what you actually wanted. I would give 5 Star if they add the functionality of selecting difficulty..Version: 3.19

Slow motionI used to enjoy this game as a quick time waster on my phone when I was waiting for friends or appointments. In the last month however the game starts fine but after a few jumps it changes to slow motion which is just completely unchallenging & unenjoyable. I have the latest update on a new iPhone- doesn’t matter. The game simply doesn’t work properly. What a shame- it used to be fun..Version: 3.21.1

What happened to my purchases?????I purchased the flutternutter outfit for my character and was using it for the longest time. I went to the store to check what else I could use and now I must repurchase the flutternutter with eggs again. Why? I had already purchased it using my eggs. Now I don’t have enough eggs to get it again. This is ridiculous..Version: 3.23.3

It's good.....Version: 3.18.2

New version rubbishIt’s simple don’t like the new version it’s rubbish definitely prefer the old version way way better than the new.Version: 3.23.4

Rip offI payed for this app when it first came out only to re download it now. There adds all over it and asks if I want to remove them?!? Not very fair but okay.Version: 3.21.3

The creators messed up the gameToo many adds and even when I paid to have them removed it took my money twice and still gave me ads every two seconds.Version: 3.22.1

Pointless and repetitiveI should have known from the number of times the author calls this "addicting" that it's anything but. It's dull and repetitive, though cute and suitable for children..Version: 1.27

STOP PUTTING ADS IN PAID MODE!!!!!The game is great, but the developers think I also need ads for their other apps every time I launch. If you want ads even though you’ve paid for the app, then this one’s for you!.Version: 3.23.5

Social mediaI’ve had the third challenge be share a high score for over a year. Just reset the challenges. Get rid of it. Get it out of my face. That kind of lack of goodwill wants me to share the game on social media just to let everyone know how slimy the devs are..Version: 3.18.1

Fix thisWhen I am given missions I need to receive the option to finish it. Such as: to resurrect, I need to get the option to do it. To be abducted: there is nothing to abduct me. There is a lot more. Fix this.Version: 3.21.3

Why suddenly demand my age?I’ve had this game for ages, and while it’s simple, it’s also fun and addictive. I’ve come back to it again and again over the years. All the more reason then for my surprise when it recently demanded to know my age before allowing me to continue and without an explanation for why that information was being requested or how it would be used. I’d welcome a response from the developers explaining this. Marked down in the review because of this..Version: 3.21.1

Glitch?For some reason, after I downloaded and played it, the doodle was moving on its own across the screen. I can’t control it whatsoever. Please return my money to me, or fix it. Thank you very much :/.Version: 3.21.3

Keeps crashing!!!Will crash after every game please fix.Version: 3.20.2

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