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MetaTrader 5 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MetaTrader 5 app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MetaTrader 5? Can you share your negative thoughts about metatrader 5?

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MetaTrader 5 for Negative User Reviews

Don’t use this appMT5 does not verify there brokers at all, there are plenty of scammers who will hide behind MT5 just to look legit but for those without experience will not do research on the brokers themselves and fall into there trap. I’ve personally lost all of my life’s savings because of this mistake and there is no way of contacting MT5 customer support to chase up on the issue to force brokers to withdraw your money..Version: 5.0.2829

SCAM ALERT!!!Fraudsters are able to manipulate this application to make you believe that you are trading real money on their behalf but this is nothing more than a demo account made to look real with imaginary funds. They use this method to entice you into creating your own account which they get you to send money to them to help setup your own “real” trading account. But it’s all a lie. Everything you see is being controlled by whomever runs the trading server. Your so-called gains are completely imaginary. The money you have sent them, however, is not. As far as I’m concerned, this ability to control what appears to be real to the end-user opens the door wide for potential criminal behaviour. Shame on you Apple for allowing such a flawed application into your ecosystem. I trusted this app because I had assumed you had done your due diligence when checking the app for potential flaws. Because I put my trust you, Apple, I have lost a large portion my life savings. Due to your negligence I believe you are complicit in this criminal behaviour. I implore you to do the right thing and remove this app from the App Store entirely so others don’t have to experience the pain I am feeling right now..Version: 5.0.2759

BEWARE OF FRAUDThis app lists fraudulent companies who claim to be brokers. If you choose them and invest your money through them, they will defraud you. There is a security hole in this app where those fraudsters will give you a fake login that only works on the mobile version of MetaTrader 5 and not on the desktop version. They take control of the app and show you charts and account balances that are fake. Therefore, until this app begins to properly vet those who say they are brokers, I think Apple should shut them down because people are losing their life savings on this app. Also, they should know the servers that are connecting to them and be able to provide the locations so that any scam or fraud perpetrated through this app can be traced. USE THIS APP AT YOUR OWN RISK..Version: 5.0.3107

FailureThe app just keeps hanging.Version: 5.0.2658

Stop loss or take profit does not appear and 10sec to update chartStop loss and take profit does not appear in the history if trades closed manually. Please make it like MT4 which SL/TP level appeared when trades closed manually under the trade history. Also it takes good 10 seconds for MT5 to update charts from opening the app first unlike MT4 it immediately update the chart as soon as I open the app.Version: 5.0.2266

HiHi.Version: 5.0.2519

Removed and came back worseIf you actually trade you need this application, It left the App Store and now came back with a terrible update, They made it basically incompatible with any Plus version iPhones the chart fits in a basic iPhone screen and had massive black spots around chart, Extremely disappointing, I tried contacting the developer and still have 0 responses. You’d think a primary trading platform like MetaTrader would respond more efficiently as to they are the prime resource of brokers It’s actually very disappointing.Version: 5.0.3580

SCAM!!! SCAM!!!! SCAM!!!!Please do not proceed with this app they have fake brokers and make it looks good and let you win and win as long as you keep the investment coming you will have no access to the profits i have lost 5k in a few days and once's they knew I wasn’t going to invest anymore they wanted me to do the market and they are in control of the market when i was giving in they stole everything . Its was a great scan they make it easy for you to win 1000 in 5 min and when i was trying to pull my profit our to pay my self they have complete control over this account and wasnt letting the funds proceed.Version: 5.0.3400

Could definitely be betterIt works fine, it just feels as clunky as the desktop version of this app. But I really want this feature: ability to see the dollar value I’m risking. Small things like this make worlds of difference..Version: 5.0.2941

They let scam broker on the platformI used HeliusCapital as my broker for trading, and thought MetaTrader is a legit platform. However, now the broker disappeared and took all my money. And MetaTrader doesn’t have any support channel..Version: 5.0.3193

Several bugs - symbols / time periodsWhile the app is good it has few bugs that are quite irritating for a regular trader dependent on mobile. The symbols on quite list continue to disappear. I keep adding them and they disappear after some time In the chart, each time I switch to a different symbol, The chart by default shows 1 hour while the heading shows H4. Need to manually change it to H4 again.Version: 5.0.2346

Objects keep disappearing no way to contact supportLove the simplicity of the app but objects keep disappearing and no solution or dev contact available, tired of doing analysis over and over again. Also a close all trades button could be useful on app especially for scalpers or fundamental traders.Version: 5.0.3216

Very very poorWhen they get you started it seams good as the money goes up quick for the first few weeks, then the start putting the pressure in to give them more and they stop trading until you do, then it’s more money again, if you wasn’t to leave they ignore you for weeks and set up a very dad account so you lose money and you have to try and work out how to withdraw such yourself, and don’t believe them when you say you can withdraw the money at any time you can’t ??.Version: 5.0.2658

Scam softwareI was scammed by this software. The whole chart could be controlled by somebody..Version: 5.0.2565

Scam from dating sitePlease google search Matatrader scam online. Scammer will offer to teach you forex trading to scam money..Version: 5.0.3298

Cant see the priceI use iphone8 but i cant see the price. Please fix it :(.Version: 5.0.3580

Monitor ea trades onlyThis is a great app that provides notifications when my expert advisor software is working. I do not like to trade directly with this app as there is not enough information provided to do manual trading. However, since I wrote software to do my trades, this app is a great tool to help me monitor the progress. The ideal trading time for me is during the night . I get regular updates but do not get woken up. I can check the trades throughout the night or just wait until the morning to see what happened. Good app for monitoring software……not good for manual trading..Version: 5.0.3351

New version faultyI just got this new version less than 24hrs ago and it’s trash on my iPhone 12. It’s not showing my indicators on the secondary chart only if I turn my cell sideways then they show up. Using my tools on the main chart it’s acting up as if I want to move the entire screen, and then when I finally get a chance to fix my tools the app closes, when I open back up it doesn’t keeps the memory of what I just did😡. Can’t see all of the numbers anymore of where price is at (if it’s a 8 digit number now I can only see 5-6 digits even if I turn my cell sideways…. Before this new version I never had these issues and I love mt5 so please fix this asap!!!.Version: 5.0.3580

SCAM !!! STAY AWAYIt starts off good and you see quick increase of your initial funds up to the point when you request a withdrawal, then you get locked out from your account losing complete control and in a few hours your positions will get moved to fabricate a loss, your account will get closed and you will be told you have lost everything and then they will ask for more money, it’s a complete scam stay away!.Version: 5.0.3107

Please stop working with Rui Win Capital LtdThey are scammers, they have suspended my account and took $57,000 usd.Version: 5.0.3107

Been scammedPlease help!! I started trading using this app and with the broker “RichnessEmpire”. After a month when I asked for a withdrawal, they stopped replying and today I am not able to contact them ( blocked me from everywhere). If this happened with someone else too, kindly suggest what to do..Version: 5.0.2829

Be very carefulThere are a lot of thieves that use this platform who take your money and do not refund when you want to liquidate your position. The company will not respond when you contact them. I would not recommend anyone using this software until the company starts offering protection to its users and eradicate the scammers.Version: 5.0.2505

Got scammedI usually dont write reviews at all but i got scammed for $5000. From not this app but the people(brokers) using it. I highly suggest to verify your users of you want this to be a reasonable app..Version: 5.0.2941

Brilliant but...Had this app for a while & has been working amazingly whilst using a demo account to get to grips with things. Although app completely glitched out this morning upon loading & prompted me to make a new demo account but now it keeps saying my mobile number is “Invalid”. Tried 5 alternative phone numbers & various other brokers & every number is invalid. Hopefully this will get fixed ASAP!.Version: 5.0.2658

Useless on iPadNo multichart on iPad?!?! Why did you remove that function? Now is exactly the same functionality as the phone app..iPad users should benefit from that bigger screen with more advanced options and functions..why do you make it more basic ?!?!!???? Absolutely useless to use ipad…I can’t believe its 2022 and such incompetence from the “developers “.Version: 5.0.3221

MT5 is an open ended platform that is Fake Brokers can program.MT5 is an excellent platform however anyone can program into MT5 and this is where you get scammers those fake brokers. MT5 doesn’t give you security with legitimate brokers. You must find a licensed and regulated broker who uses MT5 at there brokerage office and setup an account with that broker. Always ask for there broker license and who is their regulation office per the government. MT5 doesn’t NOT have customer service or a phone number to call if they do you got a scammer acting like customer service for the fake broker..Version: 5.0.3341

Lacking Choice in TimeframesLacks a decent range of timeframes to choose from in the hourly range..Version: 5.0.1371

ErrorI am writing to you concerning software issues I am having with your programme. I am based here in the UK and I could not seem to find a UK based contact, which has resulted in me having to contact you on the MT5 Pakistan email handle. I have been using MT5 for over a year now and as of a few days ago, the software stopped working and constantly freezes up when I press the meta editor button and I am no longer able to use it. I have tried everything from deleting the software and re-downloading it, I’ve done a factory reset and I even tried switching users to check it wasn’t an issue with my iCloud account (I am using a MacBook). Unfortunately, when speaking to apple, they have now told me that the issue has not got anything to do with my laptop, however, I have been told to get in contact with the app administrators (being yourselves). I am not sure what to with this issue and I hope that you can provide..Version: 5.0.3341

Some dealers scams and taxesCareful. There seems to be many dealers on MT5 that require you to pay capital gains taxes to withdrawal your money. Some even blatant enough to take your tax payment money and still not let you withdraw your balance. They just keep pocketing all the money you transfer into the MT5 account balance. Stay away from Indusgold Markets Limited. Indusgold Markets Limited is the dealer that stole my money and requires me to pay capital gains taxes to withdrawal my money. Keep in mind. If you are in the USA all capital gains taxes are to be paid by you personally to our government treasury department and IRS. Do not fall for this scam by this particular dealer..Version: 5.0.3107

Objects Disappearing from chartsEveryday all my analysis lines and objects on my charts keep disappearing. After spending a good couple of hours each day analysing and manually drawing lines for trends etc. it’s is incredibly frustrating for them to disappear without warning every day. I have looked to see if there is a way I can save all objects I draw on the charts hit am yet to find a way. Otherwise, app is very easy to use and a good experience..Version: 5.0.1781

ScamThe MetaTrader5 would have been a great app if it had a better monitoring system in place to screen for reputable and scam investment companies. Fake companies are not held accountable for defrauding people and neither is MT5 for allowing fake companies to use their forum for trading activities. Anyone and any company can create a trading accounting using this plate form. Investors be aware. Do your research through and ask for supporting documents and licenses from the companies and stock broker..Version: 5.0.3400

It’s Scammers with cmmcforexReally I deposited 6 thousand dollars now I can’t get back I can’t control my account and then there’s no any costumer service..cmmciforex just took my money.Version: 5.0.3580

Could not edit trades madeI could not edit the stop loss and take profit prices. I could not cancell trades that i made. I can only make 1 trade at a time and could not make more unless the 1st trade is finished..Version: 5.0.869

Unable to make any adjustmentsModifications to operations positions on my iPhone can be made quite well but I am not still sure if I can adjust trade sizes for open positions there. And I can’t make any modifications on open positions on my iPad. So, I really hope the feature will be included or the issue will be fixed quite soon..Version: 5.0.2565

BEWAREBe careful using this platform. I downloaded this app and a man off a dating site was teaching me how to trade/ instructing me what to do with my own money I had transferred in. When push came to shove I lost 5000 NZD and was unable to withdraw any of the funds I had supposedly made as they kept asking for a “tax” to withdraw then a “gas fee” of 1200 USD each time..Version: 5.0.3193

I would love to give this 5 stars but....I have been using MetaTrader 4 for a while and was excited to see the new interface one MT5. I started using it and found out that I could not connect with my broker or most brokers for that matter; which I thought was kind of strange considering that MT4 has that ability. So overall, MT5 has a great idea, I love how you can quick trade right on the charts, so for that reason I just use this as a demo account, but I really wish I could use it with my actual broker with my real money. When that happens, I will gladly edit my review because MetaTrader is a great app!.Version: 5.0.2565

Security and other features on mobileThere is no method to secure login of application. Pl enrol touch id for opening application for iOS. There is no trailing stop loss feature on mobile..Version: 5.0.2658

Please enable trade export optionUPDATE (2/8/22) - guys what happened to Crypto? It just disappeared from the list of trading options? Also app is very glitchy. Lot size entries don’t display. Latest update needs another update! Original review: The app overall is very easy to use and it's pretty much everything I need to make trades - however I would like the ability to export out my daily trade activity, with options for selecting date ranges (day, week, month) ... Export to CSV..Version: 5.0.3148

Great app but real time clock is missingI love this app and strongly recommend but few missing features made me give only three stars. One of them is the missing real-time clock: I have to close the app to check what time is it. At times this becomes real annoying. Another one is the missing overview of all your indicators with set parameters. You have to open each indicator to see your settings of parameters. The overall overview on one screen would be appreciated..Version: 5.0.2941

Much Better Than 4For the mobile platform MetaTrader is still sorely lacking with indicators. And, I still do not understand why there is no mechanism for installing specific indicators on the mobile platform. We get a very basic set of indicators, most of which were created 50 years ago, and, were not created for FX. It's pretty and I use when a broker and/or prop firm requires it, but I only use it for executing trades. I use a different platform for charting..Version: 5.0.3298

Missing moneyUsed app for trading with Just2trade, tried to transfer money from my trade account to my bank account and the transfer has lost, can’t get $500+ back, just2trade not taking any responsibilities. After a full month of correspondence with just2trade realised that nothing you can do about it. Well managed fraud system..Version: 5.0.3148

Wait.. no multiple charts feature?Still one of the better apps and some improvements seen here but I’ve had to drop it and go back to MT4 because unbelievably they have removed the ability to view multiple charts. I don’t get it! I’m not confident they’re understanding how their users use the app well enough. Please bring back this feature. It’s a basic fundamental that set the ipad version apart from the iphone which isn’t as good because you can only view one chart at a time..Version: 5.0.2658

Somethings got removed.I love the new layout of the app, being able to drag take profit and stop loss instead of manually putting it in. However, the biggest downfall for this version is not being able to move price (last data candle) to the middle of the screen giving enough space to the right to move analysis over. If that can be added in a new version then this would be the perfect version..Version: 5.0.2941

CautionThey change your pip spread while you have a trade lock in. I have deleted my account.Version: 5.0.2157

Worse updatesBad update version keep loading and nothing happening.Version: 5.0.2565

SCAMMER APPPlease don’t fall for this scam, I was scammed out of $4000. Someone you may meet in a chat platform turns you on to this investing app, sounds great, they pretend to teach you and the investment return looks great. After each trade, the account is deactivated. You need to add more funds to trade again, you keep adding to the account. When you try to cash out, they claim your account is abnormal and says you need to deposit $3000 usd to activate your account then all the funds will be refunded. Why would anyone have to add more money so their principle investment can be refunded. Total scam!.Version: 5.0.3004

Commissions missing on open trades???Doesn’t show commissions like MT4 on open trades, really annoying when trying to figure out profit margin when having to manually work out what commission is on bunch of trades as a daytrader. Why was it removed?? Desktop app the same. MT4 still seems superior..Version: 5.0.1781

AccountI can’t delete my own account useless.Version: 5.0.2941

Fake broker scammersHi everyone please read it carefully and slowly because it’s very important for you to save your money and life, at first i meet with a girl on social media and her name is Janice she is from Singapore as she told me and she started force me to invest money on MetaTrader5 and she told me to join the broker name”” HeHuan”” which is totally fake and scammers please don’t join this broker. The only problem is you have to have a broker, you should be able to trade without a broken because you can not trust a broker as a lot of the brokers are run by scammers and you cannot get your money out. MT5 does not verify there brokers at all, there are plenty of scammers who will hide behind MT5 just to look legit but for those without experience will not do research on the brokers themselves and fall into there trap. I've personally lost all of my life's savings because of this mistake and there is no way of contacting MT5 customer support to chase up on the issue to force brokers to withdraw your money. Please please it’s my request to new customers that first search the broker in Google after that start using the app. I don’t want anyone else lose there money as I did, please make sure first then start trading.Version: 5.0.3400

ScammersScammers.Version: 5.0.3400

Vertical freezeThere is a big problem after turning my Iphone 2020se into vertical view. It is not responding but stays frozen then turns off after a couple of minutes and then the phone restarts itself. This problem is staying with me since last year. Any suggestions? Otherwise the app works fine but I would like to ask the developers to review this issue. Regards, Matt.Version: 5.0.2941

Works well only the color themes bother meI've been using metatrader since it was version 3 and I really like the dark default theme it's easy on the eyes and it's very contrasty. With this version even though they have colors you can't really change the entire layout like in the desktop version or the iPhone version. I felt it's important to address this issue because trading at night on the iPad is a disaster. Update I wish the company could add feature like sorting out your live trades into categories. Short term, long term etc... Update. It would be nice to have percent change and amount of margin you’re holding. In $ value as you did with the desktop app.Version: 5.0.2346

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