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Scarily addictiveGreat app for keeping you motivated. I became a paid up user once most of the free features disappeared and don’t regret it. Some of the training measures are a bit opaque though..Version: 174.0.0

Excellent social aspects, but some EASY improvements missingThe UI and social element are fantastic, especially the premium features for those that are looking for deeper analysis. BUT, Strava are missing a couple of key features which (for me at least) force me to use RunKeeper as my primary app: 1) Shoes (or bike kit): you CANNOT add miles to them, so if you’ve got a set of shoes that have done 200 miles already, you have to remember they’ve already done 200 miles on top of what Strava says. Users have requested this for years on their forum, but to no avail. 2) Training guides are very generic: With premium, I’d expect to get a ‘tailored’ Training plan with a targeted race time, number of days a week you can train, which day(s) you want to do your long run(s), and a race date so the plan can be more/less intense depending on timescale. This is what Runkeeper already offer with their premium. That said, the feed, following, clubs and ‘kudos’ aspects are FAR better than the Runkeeper solution, and overall I feel Strava is superior. It’s just a shame it’s not quite a complete package just yet..Version: 55.0.0

Best app everIt helps me track my rides and shows me all sorts of things like how I do on certain stages of my exercise.Version: 31.0.0

NotificationsBoth phone and Watch app are good and especially the watch app has improved significantly with the removal of the big orange round button. Great to be finally able to instantly choose what kind of workout to record. But being a heavy user of the watch app, I am seriously annoyed by the notifications. Every time I open the watch app, I get a notification for a pending upload, most of the time that ride or run has already been uploaded, so what’s the point? Oh and sometimes you don’t get one notification but several, I have a occasions where I’ve gotten 15 notifications at once!?! Now recently I have the case that every time I pull down to refresh in the phone app, I get a badge for a, you guessed right, a notification. So I open the Notification Center in the top right and I see... nothing has changed. Please fix this, Strava team! Otherwise a great app and community!.Version: 39.0.0

Superb app on iOS.Yes, I’m a subscriber. I use Strava everyday, whether I’m cycling to work, cycling a century, or just stretching. Integration with Lezyne GPS & Wahoo HRM is great. Their maps and routes development is coming along nicely nowadays. The end of year stats is great too..Version: 238.0.0

Super motivating for running/bikingStrava has changed the game for me completely in running. It’s been so helpful in training for short races, improving my times, encouraging friends with kudos, and keeping some competitive spirit. Functionality could use some improvements - e.g., ability to add videos instead of just still photos, ability to see heart rate data from Fitbit with the free app version, etc. I also find it frustrating that the privacy settings are not consistent with the monthly race challenges- in the past I was able to save runs as “followers only” and still have them count towards monthly distance challenges, but now runs have to be marked as “everyone” privacy in order to count for races/challenges, which I find frustrating- I should be allowed to maintain high standards of privacy for my own safety while also competing in challenges..Version: 72.0.1

My faveI've tried other running apps. Strava is my favourite..Version: 19.0.0

Heart Rate On Watch & PhoneI love using Strava while running and biking but I have found, like many other users, that the heart rate tracking feature is not all its cut out to be. The functionality and user experience isn’t right. If I open the phone app to start recording a workout the watch app should also turn on and mirror what is on my phone and vise versa. Currently if you have to start a workout separately on both devices to get them to both give you information while you are on a ride or run. The heart rate will only track on the watch. But then I will have two duplicate workouts. This seems like is should be table stakes by now as other apps like Nike running already do this correctly. It’s become very frustrating that I cannot see my workout on my watch and phone real time without having to record it twice. Please work on fixing this..Version: 177.0.0

YezzzirOn deck.Version: 19.0.0

Great for tracking all your exercise & seeing local popular routesI love Strava, it keeps all my runs in one place, gives me my weekly mileage and I use it as social media! I can connect with people I see at parkrun and my running club, helps me remember their names! I’ve also learnt a lot of new running routes by seeing where my clubmates are running! Loses a star as I wish you could search in Strava. I have years of running races logged, but if I want to see what I did or remember the route I can’t just search for the name of my recorded run, I have to remember when it was & scroll back through my calendar. Not a game changer but irritating. I love stats, so being able to record laps at track nights & see improvement is invaluable as a trading tool. I think I miss a lot of functions by not having a desktop & only using it on my phone or iPad though..Version: 167.0.0

Why I love StravaStrava is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I love the way it has challenged me to view the world and my training differently. Since using strava I have gone through many different phases with my running and fitness, but I have always loved how strava has given me the capacity to reflect on what I have achieved as well as helping me to map out my challenges and goals for the future..Version: 238.0.0

Gets me Going!Use every day. Love it!.Version: 20.0.0

This is great!Strava is a great running / cycling / swimming app. It has accurate speed and distance tracking for cycling and running, and is overall excellent. I love Strava..Version: 44.0.0

Briliant but some easily fixed issuesSo I have been on Strava for a few years. Its brilliant download it! There are however some issues. 2 main ones. 1) Segment policing 2) Monthly subscription price 1) Segments are great but someone local to me has joined strava and is riding on the run profile, he also has 2 accounts so has taken all the KOMs. It takes 30mins to clear his times to attempt a KOM and then you lose it one day latter. I have tried contacting him to fix this. All his PBs are coincidentally 1s above work record pace. Strava needs to automatically reject stuff thats too fast and ask for additional evidence. Also if someone is flagged lots of times for the wrong activity type, then all their activities should be altered to just "Activity". Thus taking all their KOMs and stopping future cheating unless they provide evidence. They could be given warnings when they have been flagged 5 times and after their first warning if they fix it they won't lose all future activities when flagged say 10 times just the old ones. 2) The second is subscription. I really want to give back to strava but £50 a year is a lot in one go. I would pay monthly but its twice the price. When you consider lots of strava users are students you would expect them to make spreading the cost better value. It should have been pay for 10 months each year and get two free or something like that. Also why not now put adds on free strava..Version: 150.0.1

Social and performance analysis togetherI started with the free version of the app for the social and competitive aspect. However, the stats and performance analysis provided by the premium version got me hooked!.Version: 20.0.0

Almost greatThere a number of great things that the app does, but there are a number of areas it lacks compared to the website. I’ve used the Apple Watch app, it worked most of the time, was a bit slow and clunky and lacked the swimming integration. However I traded it in for use with Garmin, which is great. The phone app is good, however lacks a few functions that are on the website (ie flagging). My main issues is that it is so difficult to find past trainings, please put a function in to select dates or filter by type as I hate having to scroll through every activity to go back in time. It is still a great app, segments are genius and challenging friends makes it fun, please fix the past activity searching..Version: 62.0.0

A bit expensive and the UX/UI can be confusingNo doubt that Strava is the expert at providing the best data analytics when it comes to running, cycling or swimming. I love the segment feature, comparing myself against others friends (or foes!) and challenging myself everyday. The UX can sometimes be hard to navigate and understand. I navigate the app through muscle and visual memory rather than relying on the UI and names within the buttons. After using this app for years, my mate the other day showed me how to look at my overall “effort” over the past year. I had never seen that feature and it still takes me a while to navigate back to the page. Overall the app is mind blowing, their services are great and I haven’t seen any other app that can be used to compare my own performances vs. the others. UX and UI need to be worked on a bit more thoroughly though..Version: 199.0.0

Good App but can be inconsistentI really love the Strava app, it’s a great tool to track my running. I have been using it almost every other day for two months now. The disappointing part is this has happened twice now when I clicked record and checked everything ok before I run, at the end of my run when I looked at it. It is still stuck at zero and said no motion detected! I am contemplating using other apps which might be more reliable..Version: 153.0.0

Love this App and being on StravaI’ve tried 2 other running / fitness Apps and Strava is the one that has connected me with like minded people. I have an old Garmin fitness watch so I use the Garmin App to sync my exercise and it then syncs with Strava. I find the Strava interface easier to see the information I’m interested in quicker than other Apps. So for example I shall check my Parkrun results and achievement on Strava first!! I don’t subscribe to all the Strava Summit add-ons as I find the graphs a bit to small to be useful on an iPhone and I’m just interested in my speed, pace and the following others . Runkeeper tells me whether I’ve just run my 8th fastest 5K or 1st etc and I like this feature which you don’t get easily from Strava - you sort of have to work it out for yourself. I find that aspect quick fun and motivating because I love to compete against myself. So Strava - can to do this do this for me??? 🙏🙏🙏 The leaderboards within the clubs on Strava are useless for me. There are runners who clearly are nearly professionals who love to be at the top of all leaderboards so they join every club. I joined the slow runners club and I still can’t get anywhere near the top. Oh well if you need to beat everyone including OAPs like me then there’s nothing I can do to improve sportsmanship.Version: 102.0.0

Best Running AppI’ve been using Strava since 2014 now and it is definitely the best running app. After much research when I started I realised this was the one. Clear, modern, gives you all the info you need and easy to use. Has the occasional blip with recordings but all the apps do so don’t let that stop you downloading this. Obviously you can use it with other activities as well. My one change or idea I’d like to see is the news feed. I think it would be good if you can filter what you actually see. I don’t really want to see my friends walks or cycles for example. Running is all I want to see. Obviously other people may want to see cycling only or walking or anything else. Would just be a way to not have clogged up news feeds should you wish..Version: 142.0.0

Great tracking toolI love using this app for orienteering and remote mountain walks. However, the app is overly focussed on running and cycling. I really wish walking would count towards the vertical km challenges, for instance. A lot of the walks I do are not suitable running tracks - they’re steep and rocky. I’d really like to count them towards a vertical challenge because they are just that, a challenge, even without running it. Also, it’d be good to have orienteering as a sport category seeings as so many orienteers use Strava to track their route and it’s linked to the orienteering platform, Livelox..Version: 77.0.0

Awesome appThis app is awesome! It keeps everyone on their toes to beat their own personal record and links up riders who were riding with you. What a fantastic set up. I think they should make a map which shows every ride you have logged. That way you could zoom in and see if you have been a similar direction to another ride. Then make a link so you can see which ride it was. I had a break from Strava and have just been getting back onto it. So fun to socialise and connect your rides. Great memories and lots of your fitness or social riding..Version: 22.0.0

Strava.Love this app. use most days never had much of an issue with it. slow uploading at times but very rarely. use on iphone only. if i would like anything it would probably be a louder voice. maybe a means to add weather conditions and wind direction. and possibly a way to not only see segments but routes on a map. and maybe a means to follow these routes directly from Strava. Prob more but i'll remember them after posting as if anyone ever reads them. further from above done many moons ago. as i still don’t really have a pc or tablet. and rely on good old iphone. how about access to flyby directly from the app. without having to log on via the internet to find out which person didn’t say hi!!!!.Version: 50.0.0

Segment leader boards need workThis is a nice app, I like the 1/2 or 1k announcements and the auto pause is really snappy. This app is marketed on the segments as the unique feature so it's really irritating that the leaders in any segment are usually clearly undeserving - should be easy for Strava to implement a filter and remove any attempts that are faster than world record times to start off with..Version: 22.0.0

Allow editing before uploadPlease go back to letting us edit the activity before it is uploaded. Quite annoying that it just gets saved and shared with everyone then you have to go back into after this and edit it eg change it from a ride to a run give it a title and or make it only visible to yourself if it’s something of no interest to others like a 1km dog walk!.Version: 76.0.0

Strava is a brilliant concept!You track your rides and see them on a leaderboard for every leg of the journey. super cool idea. it’s also quite motivating seeing what your friends have been doing and to try and keep up. developers: great job overall. my gripe is with the apple watch app. it now requires too many taps and swipes to start and complete a ride. it should simply be: tap to start, swipe across and hit finish. that’s it. No selecting ride type. No swipe to find and press the save button. No notification to say open the iphone app. Simplify it please! watch apps are meant to be extremely minimal. Thank you..Version: 31.0.0

Indoor Times Out of Sync with GarminWhy do my indoor activities eg Spin, weight training, treadmill etc show the wrong start time for these activities. They’re out by 3 hours. The walk run bike and open swim are ok..Version: 230.0.0

Mostly great!I’ve been using Strava for a good few years now and I’ve been pretty impressed with it. My only gripe is recording walking. I’ve trained for and taken part in quite a few long distance walks and I would like to monitor my gear ie my walking trainers in the same way that you can when you log a run. I wear different shoes for walking and running but I think it’s equally important to know how much mileage I’ve put on my walking trainers. I could log my walks as runs but that’s a little misleading when I run as well. I would also like to see the “trending faster” function when I log a walk as I like to know if I’m improving my walking pace over the same route without having to scroll back through my activities to find my old times. The only other thing I would like to see perhaps is a count down option, so you press start and have a few seconds countdown to lock your phone and stash in your pocket before you set off. Aside from minor gripes it’s a great app!.Version: 39.0.0

Non-responsive customer service.The app works well for tacking your workouts, but I accidentally signed up for the premium service. I had put the phone in my pocket while loading a ride. When I looked at it was asking for my fingerprint. Thought it was locked and I would just go ahead and open it. But instead I guess I pocket requested the premium service and my fingerprint was accepting the charge. The bill rang on my phone immediately and then I realized my error. I notified Strava within 5 minutes and twice more the next two days. I finally got a response saying they have consolidated my 3 tickets into one. All they have said is they are working hard to get to my request as soon as possible. It has now been over a week and nothing new. It is getting to late to cancel the CC payment. Can Apple help?.Version: 52.0.0

Data all wrongSo my strava app has worked fine up until recently. I have always used the app on the Apple Watch. Now it is telling me that I am doing 21sec/km and 45sec/km which I’m pretty sure would be some awesome world record stuff but totally unrealistic. These are just 2 examples but all off the splits are wrong. I am currently training for a Marathon so this is really annoying. I have tried checking for updates but nothing has worked. So now I am using other apps which are working fine with my Apple Watch. Really disappointed Strava..Version: 113.0.0

Great for tracking healthThis app is free and so easy to track so many things. You just enter your details and creat a profile all you have to do is put in your email. Then you can begin tracking your exercise. You can track runs, walks , bike rides, work outs and more it’s really great for those who want to build their fitness and see their progress. 👍.Version: 236.0.0

Has promise and love the features but at a costMade the full time change to Strava from MapMyRun in March this year. Absolutely loved all the features and I was always intrigued by the full subscription features. However lots of the features were removed for free users in April/May which I felt may have been the company exploiting the boom of users due to COVID. The app is very good but the hype surrounding it has died down and now I’m seeing lots of holes. The recent updates have only been surface-deep and very pointless to the interface. Why have the weekly mileage markers been removed from the profile and moved to training? It is now really convoluted to compare week training patterns. I also got very disappointed that Beacon as a feature wasn’t available to non-subscription users. It would be a good act of faith from the organisers to at least make that available for safety sake. Really nice little app but it’s starting to show complacency on the market due to its dominance. Bit disappointing in the last few weeks..Version: 163.0.0

Finally supports Apple Workout app!I love the feature of syncing with the Apple Watch workout app. About time. One thing that seriously needs attention: when you open Strava via notification of kudos received on an activity, that notification needs to be marked as “read” immediately if successfully loaded and “seen”, rather than having to go into the same notification a second time within the app to mark it as read! I can’t believe no one else had mentioned this so far, or that it hasn’t been fixed yet!?!? One more thing: please allow calories to be changed to kilojoules! Otherwise, awesome app to share fitness activities with friends and promote encouragement with kudos 😊.Version: 147.0.1

Love thisI love Strava and have used it for years. Definitely my most favourite app for sports. Just one little thing I think you need to change, with cycling can you have an option to select what type of bike you use. There are some decent hills by mine, and all women at the top average at the same speed, one hill I was qom at 1.42, behind me females were averaging close to the same time. A female has done it in 35 seconds, so possibly using a bike with a motor to get up the hill, so I’d like to be able to select your bike and if you’re using a motorised one / commuter one, then have different leader charts for those, this will not effect the leader boards of people using a bike without a motor etc. Thanks.Version: 50.0.0

Can you make it easy to add historical dataI really enjoy this app, I was previously using the Mi Fit app for my Amazfit Bip watch but historical tracking doesn’t always show. It would be nice to add previous runs so that I have a full record of all my activity over the years to safely archive everything which means a lot to me. I know you can add manual activities but the current way to do that is difficult as there’s no year selection just one month scroller..Version: 144.0.0

Only a fraction of what it could do...As a I’ve been using Zwift and training indoors for the past year. Have made healthy eating decisions as well but overall has helped me lose 25 lbs and pushed me through the terrible part of the cold season where I can’t ride. This app is amazing. stand-alone the app is fine. If all you want to do is record your ride it does that. I own an Apple Watch 4th gen and as stupid as this is you can’t record on your watch in order to get heartbeat and have your iPhone mounted on your bike to use simultaneously giving you access to your mph, trail position, length or ride etc. The only thing they offer are workarounds. Until there is full integration between apple watch and the iPhone the app is only really half complete because they don’t compliment one another. Really is unfortunate because if they worked as one unit for a single recording it would be a fantastic app. Now it’s just cumbersome and annoying..Version: 128.0.0

FeedbackI love Strava. It would be great if the app had a feature where your mates can find where you are in your ride in real time so you can meet up on the trails or on the road. If you got an alert during your ride saying a fellow rider is nearby that would be great. Searching for specific segments is also difficult unless you know the exact name. A “Google” type search feature when searching for segments would be helpful. Lastly, when looking for segments in real life, if Strava could plan the quickest route to the start of that segment, that would be a great feature also. Cheers.Version: 192.0.0

Excellent fitness trackerWhen at the age of about 55 I started a more serious fitness regimen I looked at the available apps and chose map my walk. I used it for about 3 years, and over the course of time it just became too needy, and required to much of my time to maintain it. I had sort of become aware of Strava, but I thought it was more for bicycling and really serious athletes. Anyway I decided to give it a go and have never looked back. It gives me all the data I need, and has been 100% reliable. I like the way it finds and keeps track of routes I regularly complete, and finds ways to give me badges for accomplishments on days I don’t expect it. It’s helped me log over 100 miles a month for the last 4 months. I have considered upgrading to the paid version but I really don’t like subscriptions. I would consider paying a onetime upgrade for a few more features..Version: 77.0.0

Best app everBest cycling app out there.Version: 20.0.0

Great AppThank you for replacing the “Suffer Score” with “Relative Effort” it’s very welcome improvement. If only you’d communicated with your customers a little better we all would have been saved much frustration. Love the becan feature, gives me good security when I ride at night. A number of reviewers have claimed the activity can’t be edited before it’s uploaded. Personally I don’t have that issue. Like most problems it’s best to raise it with the right people before whinging to everyone..Version: 77.0.0

Battery issuesI love Strava but on 5 runs recently my battery has lost all charge after 6km, sometimes when using ear pods to play music, other times without. This is always first thing in the morning. The watch is always 100% went I leave the house. It has only happened on very cold mornings, this may just be a coincidence. Any ideas Strava? Apple say there’s nothing wrong with my watch......Version: 113.0.0

Great but some simple things to improveLove it’s compatibility with so many other apps However disappointed that simple little things like making the Apple Watch order of activities show your most used activities at the top…….instead of scrolling……without glasses… find the one 3rd from last every time..Version: 236.0.0

Love it but bummed outI love strava & will continue to use the app but am disappointed with recent updates. I really enjoyed the leaderboard & monthly comparisons, which can now only be accessed through subscription. I would consider becoming a subscriber because I am a huge fan, but the cost has been a deterrent. I can understand their decision to try & make the app more profitable. However, I think they should have given longtime users the option of buying those features at a lower cost. I am simply someone who loves running. But I am not training for anything & given the surgeries I’ve had it is unlikely I ever will. Some of the other subscribed features may not suitable for me because of that. I want to support the app but I just don’t think the price is that accessible to everyone. I understand $60/year isn’t much, but when you’re a newly unemployed college student it’s difficult justifying that extra expense. I still really enjoy the app, I just hope these changes don’t alter how much I use it. I think if i never experienced those features I might feel differently. I am sad to see them go. Wish there was more of a middle ground for less competitive individuals..Version: 152.0.0

Keeps me motivated👌Strava is a great app. Unbelievably good considering it’s been free to use for so long. With little to no glitches I hope it stays around for a very very long time. Some of its uses/features- - It’s a great training log, automatically adding my rides wirelessly via my bike computer. -The creating new routes feature is brilliant and very easy to use. -You discover new roads you never knew existed from looking at friends activity. -I love Strava segments(mini races/time trials)they push me to improve. Its can become a little addictive. It’s brilliant racing against your or other people’s previous times. -Keeps me in touch with friends (great banter) -Sets/measures goals -advertising free -General ease of use- I use a wahoo bike computer and it automatically syncs any changes I make on the Strava app onto my bike cpu when I am in my home WiFi zone. Before I got a wahoo I used my mobile phone to log rides. But there are loads of good Strava features that open up to you if you have a computer. Cheers Strava, keep up the good work.Version: 161.0.0

Life changing appBest app for cyclists ever. I was 20kgs heavier than what I am now. 2.5years on, I’ve met new friends, completed multiple cycling races (local, regional, state), sub 10 hours 3 peaks challenge at Falls Creek, won a club champ and a time trial race, multiple Gran Fondos, travelled to Taiwan and competed in the Taiwan KOM challenge. Strava is not just a data collection tool, or a social media tool, or the KOM segment race engine, or the new routes you see people ride everyday and you want to give it a go yourself - but it is the collective sum of all those parts that makes you more active, more engaged with your new found friends and your desire to just “ride on and enjoy life”..Version: 23.0.0

I neeeed helpI need this app for school and it’s been working great but all of a sudden it keeps glitching me out of the app doesn’t do it for any of my other apps so it must be strava ive tried re starting my phone deleting and re installing the app and a few other things and nothings working it doesn’t need to be updated I’ve checked I’ve gone on to setting to make sure everything is how it should be and it is but it just won’t let me stay on the app for more then one second.Version: 149.0.0

CommuterNice to have. I used to pay sub and was happy to. If it had only been increased 20 or 40% would have happily carried on, but increased heaps so stopped and hasn’t really make any difference to me..Version: 175.0.0

Much better on the Apple Watch 4, but needs improvement...I had this on my old Apple Watch 2 and like others have experienced it was shockingly slow, to the point I physically couldn’t use it. I now have the Series 4 and the app runs like a dream. I have no issues with using it and the accuracy of the data except for one thing, which stopped me giving it 5 stars. EVERY other run app I have tried including the in built Apple workout app allows you to pause the workout but pressing both physical buttons at the same time. Strava makes you swipe to the right then hit pause then repeat the process to unpause. This is terribly inefficient and means I sometimes press and don’t quite hit the tiny pause button and this then impacts my workout times. This is a MUST and I’m surprised it’s never been added as a feature..Version: 85.0.0

Updated version is record after locking the phoneDevice: iPhone X Version: iOS 12.1.3 Strava version: 84.0.1 Steps to reproduce: 1. Open Strava app 2. Tap record button 3. Tap start button 4. Lock the phone Expected result - Strava should start recording after tapping the start button Actual result - App does not record the moving data(km). User has to discard the current recording then restart the activity to enable the recording..Version: 84.0.1

Indispensable!I’m just back training and running after over 5 years of back injuries. I cannot believe how useful the analysis is in this app. Now, I plan and review every run through this app and really find it invaluable for pacing my fitness. I know when to push and when to lay off for appropriate recovery... in the past I always just ran until I broke, then spent months or years out of action.Version: 123.0.0

👍Love the app. Would like to report the people that have set running CR’s that have clearly done a bike activity but don’t know how to change it to a run even with people giving instructions in the comments..Version: 33.0.0

Pretty good - a few suggestions to go 5 StarsI have just started using Strava after getting increasingly frustrated with the Nike Run Club app on the Apple Watch which runs slow and not very responsive. So far, I'm liking the simplicity of the Watch App and how responsive it is in comparison to the Nike one. I also like how you get far more detail about each run and the Segments are fun so you can see how you compare to other runners! So, what would I like to see improved? 1st, be able to choose what information is displayed and where on the Apple Watch during a run. 2nd, improve the volume of the audio feedback on the watch and allow for different intervals and not be fixed to km splits. A female voice option would also be nice..Version: 51.0.0

Needs an easier way to stop time on Apple WatchBrilliant app. Love it. But can we finally get some sort of easier way to stop the timer? Can it at least be an option to have something like being able to hit the button on the Apple Watch to stop the timer immediately? There is so much messing around with the watch to get it to stop recording time, and so my recorded time is never actually accurate as a result. It’s always a few seconds off. When I cross the finish line I don’t stop right on the finish line. So stopping based on movement isn’t accurate either. Seriously, if there was the ability to tap a button to stop the time, it would be perfect..Version: 129.0.0

Great appWorks well, smooth. Has helped me stick with my new venture if running. 30 runs in now and have got to the stage where it’s actually enjoyable. Having the app tell you how far you’ve gone as your running is really useful and being able to look through and compare your runs keeps you engaged with your personal running journey. The reason I am writing this review is I have an extra appreciation for the app this morning. I did my longest run so far, 8 miles, but hadn’t charged my phone overnight, to my phone died just at the end before I save the data. Thankfully the app had managed to keep it when I put it on charge and could still save my run. Will be continuing to use this app and would recommend to any runners new or old to check out.Version: 39.0.0

The best but could be improvedI’m a premium subscriber to Strava, MapMyRun and Runkeeper and while Strava is my number 1 of the 3 the lack of real training plans makes the others still worthwhile. This app has zero training plan facility and the version on the website is so basic and generic it’s almost useless. On the subject of website vs app both feel like they’re developed by two separate teams neither has full functionality and you’ll need to go on both if you want to use your account to it’s full potential. The breadth and depth of statistics and the ease at navigating your way through these keeps Strava as my main go to activity tracker I just hope the developers keep on improving upon things and get it as perfect as possible..Version: 47.0.0

Nice App but....I have kilometres set up on my phone but when I start the app on my Apple Watch it is in miles and miles per hour? A frustrating bug. If I start a journey on my phone it doesn’t start displaying on my watch. So phone / watch integration not without its issues. A shame because rest of app works well.Version: 33.0.0

Great tool, needs a few more features.Converted over from Nike Run app to Strava a few months ago and I’m loving it! I use my Apple Watch 3 and pay for the pro version. I find that the app and watch work very well together. Overall very pleased. I do however wish there were more options for (a) goal setting and (b) workouts: (A) I do wish I could set more than just a weekly and yearly mileage goals, being able to reach a pace goal or a run distance goal would be great for motivation. (B) one of the features I miss about my Garmin was being able to set a goal distance or time or split pace for the run i.e. 6.5 mi or 60min or 9min/mi instead of having to constantly look at my watch to see when I have reached that point. I also wish there was a feature to set up workouts for the week I.e tempo run on Tue at various paces. This feature especially has me turning back to my Garmin when I train for big races..Version: 24.0.0

Great Analysis of RunsI like how it takes my data from my Garmin and gives me a heart rate analysis..Version: 173.0.0

Great app but could be improved.Suggestion 1. Saving an activity used to be a 3-tap process. Finish > Commute (checkbox) > Save activity. Now when I open the app from the blue clock indicator, the workout is being recorded in the background so it has now become a 6-tap process, which is very irritating to have to do twice a day. Record > Finish > Type of ride (dropdown) > Commute (checkbox) > Close dropdown menu > Save activity. It would be good to open the app to see the workout being recorded and in once tap ‘Finish and save commute’. Suggestion 2. It’s fantastic that I can start a workout by saying, “Hey Siri, start cycling” but it would be even better if I could say “Hey Siri, [pause/finish] cycling”. Ideally, I could set ‘commute’ as the default type of ride as this is what I use twice per day and the activity saves itself automatically without having to reach for my phone. Other users may choose another type of workout..Version: 250.0.1

Finally better with Apple WatchFinally the Apple Watch experience is better now with audio cues instead of the annoying “notifications” feature. I love how you also added the functions for indoor runs and walks. The app is still a little buggy on Apple Watch with slow load times and having to press the stop button 3 times before it registers. But overall it’s an improvement. I go back and forth from this and Nike run club. To be completely honest it was only the Nike run club has recently been crashing and not saving any runs that I’ve come back to Strava..Version: 31.0.0

Great app, but new subscription disappointingI have been using Strava for a few years and have grown to like the app for tracking my activities and sharing them with others. I’m disappointed however at the new all or nothing subscription. I’m willing to pay for what I use and did consider going premium before but I train recreationally with no particular goals and so the premium features were of no interest to me. Even the perks almost all don’t apply to where I live. Why not have a basic subscription with the features that were free and have been taken away? Even though the subscription is “only the price of three energy bars a month” I don’t think I have ever bought three of those bars in my life because they are too expensive for my needs. I will probably continue to use Strava while watching functions slowly disappear since it still is the best I have found, but would like to contribute to the app in a non professional athlete kind of way while not being stuck with a bare-bones tracker..Version: 150.0.2

Lost direction and broken featuresStrava is definitely a go to app for riders and runners and for that is suffering from the competitive advantage. They have certainly turned their focus to the social game and forgotten to improve and add features. Fundamentally the segment system is broken by which a rider out for a “Sunday” ride could KOM all of the segments in the area. If that happens more than once there is no hope for runners. It could be argued that you can manually hunt for the “report” area on the Strava website but this is impossible in the app. Also if a “runner” can complete a 32km “run” in 1 hour and the system cannot automatically detect an issue then what is the point. The best parts of Strava is the ability to see what friends are doing and to keep a record of what you have achieved. Many apps out there do the same but just don’t have the same following. It would be nice to think the expensive price of the premium features gave more information but you can get access to these via cheaper services that can use the Strava API..Version: 19.0.0

Sharing ActivitiesApp is brilliant, great to see everyone and their training. I think it would be awesome to have a setting where you can share certain activities you may not want everyone to see (Special Workouts) to only 1 or 2 people (Coaches etc.).Version: 68.0.0

An Athletes Best FriendI love the way I’ve been able to connect with similar people around the world that have the same sporting and life values as me. I’ve made some great friends thanks to strava!!.Version: 190.0.0

A wonderful app and communityI am reviewing this app from a Runner’s perspective... I have been running for over a year now and using Strava for maybe 9 months or so. It has been a fabulous tool, allowing me to monitor my pacing, time myself and plan/track routes. I used Runkeeper briefly but I much prefer Strava. I also like that you can track usage of your gear and it syncs nicely with my Garmin. I love that you can share your progress with your friends, making it a supportive community too, it has really motivated me, especially with some friendly competition. With regards to the actual app itself the only things that could be improved (in my opinion)is allowing for some of the online site features to be accessible within app, such as: - entering manual workout data. - creating segments. - having an accessible personal bests/best efforts page/menu (It’s not very easy to look this up in app and would be handy). - improved segment search, or a ‘local segments’ facility. I find that some local segments do not appear (but I know they are there), this could also help with route planning if you don’t know an area well. These are the main reasons I’m not rating it 5stars, but otherwise I think it’s pretty spot on - just a few things that would make it slightly better (in my opinion). Thanks Team Strava 🏆.Version: 50.0.0

This app is simply amazingThis app has 100% enhanced my workout experience. First of all, I don’t record the run using the app... I ABSOLUTELY recommend using your Apple Watch (or whatever gps tracking watch) when completing a workout and downloading an app called, “HealthFit.” That app will automatically upload your workout to Strava. It’s incredibly reliable. Trust me, I ran over 1,400 miles last year and every single workout was incredibly accurate and correct. Next, the amount of depth and detail gone into every workout analysis is, like I said, simply amazing. The app is incredible and reliable and I have been more dedicated to running than ever, ever since I started using this app and getting to analyze my runs and, literally, see my progression over time. It’s incredible in every way and I am a paid subscriber and am going to use this for years to come..Version: 186.0.0

The go-to competitive activity tracker; finally improving UII’ve used the app for years and has been a pivotal part of my running and cycling experience. At its core, it’s pretty good at logging your activities and recording your performance on prepare segments. I have been disappointed with some of the a features that could have been added over the last several years. Some of the community growing and actual evolution into a social network feels lacking and contributes to feel like a club of the same very specific people. That said, they’ve been doing a nice job in the last 6 months with brightening up the app, improving some of the core features and experience. There haven’t been the same core changed to the platform that I really would have liked to see but I have hope that we’re making more progress and.Version: 172.0.0

Strava use to be about the peopleUp until the 21st May 2020 Strava was great, so many helpful insights, analysis and comparisons from last month to this month to keep you motivated and improving! Including personalized PR’s on segments to help you beat your best! But now the ap developers have become money hungry and greedy and make you pay for these options! RIP Strava, you were a great ap!.Version: 150.0.2

Motivating, detailed stats and worth every pennyAlthough there are many complaints about the new pay wall, Strava is a fully featured app and social network which offers far more than any other app in this category. I use Strava most days and the insights it gives are so helpful. This is more of an athlete social network than a simple activity and fitness tracker. The number of clubs, and challenges is incredible. Most features are now paid for, but the skeleton app remains free. However, for the price of a cheap coffee per month I don’t see what the fuss is about. How else can this small team of developers continue their work without selling out to bigger rivals? Great work Strava!.Version: 150.0.2

On the pedalsLove checking Strava after my ride. You always find me a little incentive boost rd on a segment or two. Love seeing how my buddies are doing and checking out their rides and pics. “If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen” they say and certainly that’s how it feels on the odd occasion that there is a technical hitch with the computer. Only negative is seeing the e bikes on the leaderboards - definitely need to give them their own leaderboards. Or give them a bold colour to indicate EBIKE It’s bad enough when they zoom past on a big climb but adds insult to injury when they have more elevation on the leaderboard thanks to their electric motor. Overall though, I do love Strava, Keep up the good work! Thanks Jenny Hart.Version: 167.0.0

BluetoothThe app is great but would really like to see the full Bluetooth function available again..Version: 233.0.1

Good, hoping it gets betterI’ve used strava for a decade now. The app is decent but there are some things that you have to use the web to do. Why? Shouldn’t be that hard to have the whole website functionality. I’ve always used a third party site to fully analyze my strava data. I wish main strava did a better job comparing large chunks of data. Like I want to quickly see my 2012, 2015 and 2020 cycling data: Ten seconds with the third party. If that’s even possible with strava, it’s certainly not quick and easy. Want to see heart rate trend over time? Forget about that with main strava. The data is there ... let me mine it! I don’t particularly care about competition but I do like to see my data over time. I have strava premium to just support the team and see where it goes, don’t really currently care about the premium features..Version: 150.0.1

Lots of great featuresPros: 👍Community (can follow friends/family who use the app) 👍Interactive map with multiple views (standard, satellite or hybrid) 👍Ability to add photos to activity 👍Shareable on Facebook & Instagram 👍Photos & map of route taken can be saved with activity statistics shown 👍No annoying ads 👍Can sign up via Facebook account 👍You’re notified when a Facebook friend joins Strava 👍24 sports to choose from to record data for 👍Can choose to make activity sessions public to everyone, private or visible to people following you 👍Can manually add details of an activity if you don’t want to use the tracking feature Cons: 👎Photos (portrait)with activity statistics are too tall for instagram (either logo or statistics get cut off)👎Local forest doesn’t show up on map image containing statistics (only when using the interactive map function).Version: 95.0.1

Wish the app had a kudos to all option for those I followI love the app and use it everyday as a premium member for all my sporting activities walking, cycling, kayaking etc but get really frustrated with the time it takes to scroll down through all the people I follow and give kudos for their activities. I think the fact they get off the sofa and record their effort deserves the little thumbs up of kudos and encouragement to do more. I find it frustrating to have to scroll down and individually give kudos rather than have the option of “give kudos to all” other that that I love the app and love all the other fantastic features. Thanks Strava.Version: 248.0.0

Great app - suggested featureI love Strava. Had a few issues but support more than helpful! It would be great if you could click on a friend’s profile by tapping their name in the feed. Instead, you have to go in and search for them every time. You should be able to tap the ride to see their ride, but their name to see their profile. Or somehow at least see a list of the people you are following so you can quickly go to their profile, rather than having to search all of Strava..Version: 38.0.0

The only app you’ll ever need for tracking exercise!Strava is the perfect platform both for tracking exercise and training, but also connecting with other people in a way that just isn’t really possible with other social platforms. I love that my Garmin interfaces with it and that Strava can turn all of that data into such helpful and understandable information. Definitely found this has helped me become smarter with my training, and that I’m able to take part in challenges month in month our means that even with actual events not being possible at the moment, I’m still able to push myself and feel a sense of achievement with my exercise. I also found it a far more meaningful way of connecting with people than platforms like facebook. To have a purpose of using it takes away the nonsense aspect and I’ve actually found old school friends and colleagues I wouldn’t averagely have spoken to become closer for it. Great app that’s nailed everything its set out to do, would highly recommend to anyone from couch to 5ker to seasoned athlete and anyone in between. Keep up the good work Strava..Version: 188.0.0

No complaints!The latest update doesn’t really affect me, but in general strava is simply an excellent app for tracking your activities. The basic (not premium) version is perfectly adequate, for my needs at least, and I’m very grateful to the app designers for making such a fantastic app. Segments and the ability to follow your friends is one of the key features in my opinion that put it above other fitness tracking apps..Version: 36.0.0

Can be improvedBelow are the basic features that are missing in order to make Strava THE tool to track your athletics performance: 1) Be able to create splits with the Apple Watch app during the workout. There is now a Strava workout analyzer within the iOS app/website but if you can’t separate mark splits during your workout, it’s useless. -> please allow users to make splits when they run with the standalone Apple Watch App. 2) Fix the issue when the first mile of the run shows a wrong pace because the GPS of the Apple Watch started to pick up signal later. In this case, I would prefer to see only the part of the run when the GPS of the Watch was having signal -> therefore, adjust distance and not just time. 3) make the feed easier to navigate. I want to see the workouts|races having more priority than other types of run therefore be higher in the feed..Version: 44.0.0

Stopped WorkingI really like this app, it lets me record my runs and helps me with my training. However, I went to update the app a few days ago and it has stopped working. The update requires IOS 13 or later which I don’t have as my phone is a Iphone 6. I don’t think there is a way I can use this app now..Version: 181.0.2

Almost PerfectI like strava a lot. One thing that I would love to be added to the functionality is the ability to be able to delete the GPS map/route picture when uploading activity. The GPS map/route picture is great for running and cycling. However I use a Garmin watch to track all activity which includes gym/weights strength sessions. These are automatically pulled from Garmin connect by Strava and annoyingly the GPS map is attached to the activity by default. It adds nothing to the activity recording as it just shows how I moved around the gym using different weights/machines and it looks messy. If the user were able to choose if this was uploaded by being able to delete it, activity recordings would look much more streamlined. Often I want the only picture accompanying the activity to be the exercises/reps/weights I used/did. Strava will get 5 stars once the user is able to decide if they want the gps activity map/picture uploaded or not. Please add this functionality..Version: 60.0.0

Good but can be much betterA great app, but when linked with other devices is somewhat disappointing - ie I sometimes run on a treadmill with a Polar watch that monitors my activity. The watch may not be accurate in the distance covered for obvious reasons. I can go onto the Polar web site and over ride the distance run to make it accurate - but not on the Strava web site - you simply can’t amend your activity stats in that sense which is where it really lets itself down. So come on Strava let us amend our activities. You can always exclude amended activity stats from comparisons and / or place an icon on the activity to show it’s been amended so others can see - thus maintaining the integrity of the data..Version: 36.0.0

Splits for following no longer offeredJust updated and the feature of the times for splits of those you are following has now disappeared. I will start looking at the competitive alternatives now as this was a great feature. Probably has been moved to premium version. Very disappointing..Version: 48.0.0

Sad to see you go! But glad your back ❤️Alas too many rides not recorded via the Apple Watch. I gave you a chance but sadly today, on what I felt was a smashing ride home after my night shift you decided to do it again (or rather not) log my journey. Deleted!! & goodbye :( After 2 years I thought I'd give it ago again. I set off the Strava app & the Work Out Apple app, only to find once I'd got home after a belting ride---- Strava app stops as only one app can run at a time. So once again back to the drawing board and not sharing rides with friends. So I’ve had a word with myself, I’ve decided to have just Strava record my rides. I’ve updated both iPhone @ Apple Watch and low and behold after allowing a few settings to share data. Strava puts its info into “Workout” so all is good in the world. 👍.Version: 47.0.0

Km/Mile MarkersBrilliant app - Absolutely love it Would be really nice to see km markers on the map after you’ve finished a run so that you can visualise your splits against the map. Other than that, it’s awesome!.Version: 146.0.0

Thrilled....and then so disappointedWhen I got back into using Strava a few months back, I loved its accuracy, tracking, segments, sociability and more. I used it for more and more rides, commutes and tooling about on weekends. Since the ‘update’ I installed on 27 July, however, it’s gone down the toilet. Tracking particularly has become REALLY poor. I’m not getting any data whatsoever for entire rides sometimes. This morning, another example. It looked ‘empty’, though after I hit the ‘finish’ button and was coding the exercise, I could see the route I took on my bike. Hope after all! After upload, however, nope. Nothing. Nada. It disappeared completely. Not that I would mind so much, but .... I do. Your ‘helpline’ have tried, but each time I ask them to look at the data, or my feed....well, they don’t. Haven’t. Disappointed. PLEASE fix!!!! I really want to LOVE Strava again :).Version: 59.0.0

Keeps me motivatedIt’s disappointing that we now need to subscribe for features that were free before, but when you put it into perspective, it’s not that costly. For the price of a couple of coffees a month, I’m not sure what everyone is complaining about. Developers need to get paid and you can’t get expect everything for free people. It’s a great app, small price to pay for your health..Version: 153.0.0

Need to sort itself out!On top of the issues below from others... the other major one faced... One day you delete the app, redownload, refresh the connection to Apple health. Double, triple, quadruple tracking in Apple health fixes itself... Next day, double, triple, quadruple records are back in Apple health... fun times 😠 After switching to Strava when picking up riding everything appeared great, but has since gone down hill..Version: 85.0.0

Fantastic encouragementI find this app to be absolutely excellent. It's accurate and encourages personal performance. It's fascinating and hidden humour is appreciated. I love measuring where I've been, my personal improvements and seeing my friend's accomplishments and data also. Countries apart and yet we can inspire each other to better health and better mind. Thanks for your work developing such a useful app, I use it almost daily, it's quickly become a favourite. Strava has enhanced my life and experience. I was happy to buy the membership to give support back to an organisation that supports us and healthful activities. Bravo! 👏.Version: 185.0.0

Nearly 5 starsThis is a great app, I love nearly everything about it. I would have given it 5 stars but I really wish that the widget showed not only how long I’ve been running but also my pace and distance..Version: 65.0.0

No Sensors?Been using Map My Ride for a long time now and am a paid subscriber. MMR works well and connects to my speed, heart rate, and cadence meter so easily. But the app is a lil - ugly. It also is geared more towards runners. So I thought I’d try out Strava and see why all the fuss is about - I signed up for the 30 day summit trial and everything looks - well - amazing. Keeps track of the miles I put on my bike and a myriad other brilliant things. Guess what though? No Bluetooth sensor connection - none. You need other supported devices to do that THEN upload that data to your Strava account. Guys, guys, nope. I’m going to cancel my 30 day free subscription. I’ll keep my dumbed down free account for now but won’t actually use the app for recording rides. If the Bluetooth sensor availability is changed I will definitely be forking out the $2 a month for the analysis pack. Until then - forget about it..Version: 123.0.0

IPadCould a version be optimised for iPad please would be awesome seeing this app on a bigger screen..Version: 214.0.0

Not built for the iPadMuch better to use Safari on the iPad. Used it for 2 minutes and then removed it..Version: 77.0.0

Works well for me but room for bug fixing.I’m not sure / can’t prove how accurate this app is but is seems consistent and this helps me to run (jog!) further. I really like the lock screen widget which shows my distance for the week - it’s so motivational. Is there any way of extending the capability here so to avoid opening the app to start/stop/save a workout? One big improvement for me would be a voiceover call for distance, like an announcement each mile/kilometre. After a long (for me) run last night I pressed ‘save activity’ and a message popped up about network coverage. When back in the app the activity was lost and I was not able to recover it. Please fix this ‘no internet connection’ bug. It’s really painful to see your efforts disappear like that and having no way of recording them. My lock screen counter will sit at zero now for the rest of the week..Version: 106.0.0

Not good for other sportsMost features are setup for running swimming or cycling. Any other sport and features are not available especially for the premium version. I signed up and could not see any value for paddle boarding :(.Version: 21.0.0

Great appGreat app but it would be great if it was more like trail forks where trail builders can control where the segments are so illegal tracks are not shown and people cannot make shortcuts etc.Version: 28.0.0

Simple and excellentI’ve been using Strava for my cycling, running and walking for many years. It is very easy to use on it’s own and also with a third party hardware device such as a GPS computer. As a free app it provides basic information that is fun to compare with your friends and the Summit package really turns it into a serious training device without making things too complicated. The Social Media functions make it a lot of fun too..Version: 80.0.0

Strava - My experience so farI have been using Strava for about 4 years now and subscribed to Strava Summit about a year ago. I record every activity I do (mostly mtb) on it which uploads easily from my Garmin. It’s great that people can see what you’ve been up to and can give you encouragement. I also love seeing the statistics and seeing the kilometres build up over time. It processes my heart rate data and gives me fitness and freshness which is a great guide as to how hard I am training. The segment feature is awesome, it’s so exciting to upload an activity and see if you beat your PR or one of your friends. I love Strava. I highly recommend it to anyone who does any form of exercise, it may even inspire you to do more!.Version: 233.0.1

Great training tool!Fun! Great training tool when you have to ride solo!.Version: 20.0.0

Great! Bring dark mode back thoHave been using Strava since forever, paid sub for last few. Great community, great features, tracking for training over time is great, GAP time also, website is super valuable for planning routes and seeing vertical meters and training also. Just want dark mode back, pleaaaaaaase! It been so long, the website also please, it’s just blazing bright and white. No good when I’m usually on it at night seeing what other people are up to and planning future adventures :).Version: 169.0.0

Needs moreI’m happy with the approach strava has taken to reward its paying users with a better service and features as opposed to adverts popping up on the feeds. I’ve always been happy to pay for the premium when considering how much I use the app. The features are already getting better, I appreciate the fitness and freshness on the app, as well as weekly intensities and access to the training log. Maybe interstate the power curve next and allow this analysis for individual rides even? I’d like to see a future planning mechanism built in the App for rides coming up, like a training planner. This could link to other 3rd parties like Peaks or TR, but this also allow the user to manually put in plans so not rely on 3rd parties.Version: 157.0.0

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