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Zoom - One Platform to Connect App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Zoom - One Platform to Connect app received 84 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Zoom - One Platform to Connect? Can you share your negative thoughts about zoom - one platform to connect?

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Zoom - One Platform to Connect for Negative User Reviews

HorribleI have a lot of music class on zoom, and it’s horrible! You have to mute yourself when playing! And the teacher can’t even hear you! Because if we don’t mute our sleds the sound system goes horrible. I was hoping that it was Better than that! ZOOM!!!!!! There should be a zoom that is specifically made for musicians!.Version: 5.7.6

School = BadIf we gove enough bad ratings we can take it down from appstore.Version: 4.6.11

FBad they can find your Ip and open the webcam anytime they want and on pc they can open files not a good app.Version: 4.6.10

Still not great..It’s hard for me to believe that after a year of everything being online, the leading video meeting platform still has some glaring issues on iPhone. The biggest issue I have is the fact that you can’t hear someone’s shared screen audio unless you are looking at their screen. If you swipe to look at 3 faces at a time (another limitation that doesn’t make sense to me - there should be an option to see more people in smaller boxes), the sound of the share cuts out. If you swipe into safe driving mode, the sound cuts out. Pull down your notification center or control center, look at your home screen, lock the phone, everything causes the sound to cut out until you return to look at the screen share. What baffles me is that none of these problems occur if only sound is being shared with not screen share, you can hear it anywhere just like someone’s voice This seems like an unnecessary limitation (or an awful glitch if its unintentional) and I hope it gets fixed eventually..Version: 5.6.1

40 minutes limimIt was such a disappointment to get a 40 minutes limit on one on one calls. It would be at least fair to lower the cost for this option, most people don’t need group calls.Version: 5.10.4

Laggy. Glitchy. But nearly always worksI think Zoom is pretty good, except that I just used zoom, and I was at the place with the best internet in our house, then, the zoom literally kicked me out and I couldn’t get back in the meeting. Really annoying. Pls fix that bug. That unfortunate event has led me to only rating it 3 stars. Yeah. That’s all..Version: 5.8.0

It’s good but…For online schooling my daughter would Zoom. sometimes, random times of the day, during her classes she would be downstairs. i would ask her why and she would tell me that it’s not allowing her in the meeting. she said she contacted her teachers and they said she can skip but she needs to make up the work. i would sit with her at the table from 1 pm when she got out of school to 8pm once we were done doing work. she would complain on how she needed to be in school and i of course agreed with her. even on our vacation to florida we tried it at the hotel and it still wasn’t working. i would send her over to my fathers house during the school day to see if her zoom would work there. nope. tried multiple ways of getting her on the meetings and it wouldn’t work. this isn’t seeming like our problem. more like zooms problem. zoom works for my husband and i but not my daughter. luckily my other daughter is already in college so we don’t have to worry about that. but still, zoom will be a no-go for me. rather be using facetime..Version: 5.8.4

This is a waste of timeThere making me do school :’( i ion want to.Version: 4.6.9

Originally brilliant but the December update is terribleI have been using Zoom since March very successfully. It has worked smoothly and had great features for continuing life through video conference. However, since the December update, my friends and I have found Zoom awful to use. The camera does not sync with the sound so you hear a person speaking first and then you see them speak! There is a delay with pressing buttons too or swiping to see more screens. When muting yourself, you have to wait 10-15 seconds for it to work, by which point you’ve tried to mute yourself again, which causes you to mute and then immediately unmute. Same with raising hand feature. It’s just so glitchy. It works better with a small group but if you have a larger number of screen participants, it slows significantly. P.s. It would be nice to have a feature where you can choose how many screens you want to view! Hoping for an update soon to smooth out these issues..Version: 5.4.7

Horrible at fortniteDog water zero pr zero earnings literally free boxed like a fish dollar tree headset.Version: 5.4.10

HorribleIt should be banned please..Version: 5.1.0

SucksI physically can’t turn on my microphone you app sucks.Version: 4.6.9

Completely unintuitiveThis app deserves to win the Design Hall Of Shame award. For a simple workflow of setting up a meeting and adding invitees it’s completely nonsensical. “New meeting” is the obvious button but that just starts one now. “Schedule” does that mean show a list of meetings scheduled or schedule a new one. Seems like yes it’s a new one. Meeting Id - what’s that about? Why wouldn’t one not want to have audio and video. No place here to invite anyone. Click “save”. Is that it then? No. You are presented with a screen with the information you’ve just entered. If you exit this screen your meeting is not set up. Hopefully you notice the “add” button. Add what? You’ve already added a meeting. Well anyone click Add however crazy that sounds. After all this no one has been invited. Is it a meeting to talk to oneself? To invite anyone you have to select your meeting from the “meetings” list. Find “add invitees” and the click “cancel” unless you want the meeting to start right away. If you had wanted that why would you have scheduled it?.Version: 5.5.4

Not business friendly.This is the worst meeting platform for businesses with 1,000+ employees at mass scale. The integration is poor. Zoom developer team has failed to think of user experience for business users. Business users are too busy to type in passcodes three different times, between call-in versus app voip, and mobile to computer. We’re all too busy and running around and can’t be in front of our computer all day to log into a call or wait to be admitted. We need to be on time for meetings and jumping from one call to another and the time it takes to go through the zoom security protocols between phone or computer is time lost for all the meetings we’re trying to attend at the corporate level. This app has failed to meet our business demands. This company needs to learn from the Webex platform that has seamlessly integrated into our business environment. This review also goes on our company intrasite which will help guide senior leadership in rethinking the value of this investment. Which, (fingers crossed) they will realize was a BIG mistake and we will be returning to a more business focused platform..Version: 5.8.0

Traumatizing.If I could, I would give it a 0 star review. You’d think that before you join a meeting it would give a preview of how you look and whether or not your camera and microphone are on right? NO. I just joined a meeting after getting out of the shower and almost flashed my class because I didn’t know my camera was on before joining. Thanks. It’s been 4 days into the new year and my year is already ruined..Version: 5.4.7

Horrible Audio... HorribleI’m blown away at how many people say they think the audio is good. Technically, the audio is crap. If you look it up it is one-third the quality of a normal mp3. That is literally the same quality as a payphone. On top of that, they add effects to remove the background noise. This actually makes your voice sound worse, not better. By removing any noise, it also removes parts of your voice that make it sound clear. In fact, the only real time you want to remove background noise is when there’s lots of noise happening in the background. Like at a baseball game, or a crowded street. But if you’re having a conference in those environments, you shouldn’t be in a conference. Instead, Zoom places all the attention on that possible situation, killing the clarity for the situations where most people use Zoom: In a quiet office. Zoom. Please, please, please improve the audio quality. You advertise HD Voice, but the quality is abhorrent and unlistenable. You are doing your customers a disservice. Otherwise, it’s a great app..Version: 4.1.7

ProblemsI had an invite to a zoom today, I had to delete and reinstall the app as it wouldn't play audio when I connected to it several times. After deleting and reinstalling the audio worked I could hear everybody else but my video wasn't working on my side, (there were a handful of us who all had the same problem and our video was turned on on our side, i was still visible in the bottom corner on my own screen) the video was set to be sent out and all the settings were correct to have my video on. After my zoom meeting I set up a meeting for my family, the audio and video both worked this time (hurrah) but it kept freezing,kicking me out trying to reconnect and then said I wasn't connected to any internet which I was, it also kicked me out several times to the sign in screen, where my password would go there were lots of black dots instead of just the usual amount for my password ... very unhappy overall with my experience from zoom especially to say I have never encountered any problems previous. Please please make this better as this has caused a stress headache today 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 5.0.2

BadThe app is so bad I would rather be homeless.Version: 4.6.10

Doesn’t work????Awful app and lags way to much sorry 😐.Version: 4.6.9

Good app but it steals your infoIts a pretty good app to use for school and with friends, but it steals your information whether or not you have an account. Check other reviews for more info..Version: 5.6.7

Pretty useful but need to be more controlled by usersFor “everyday” practical purpose, it is fine. But there are few things that I would like to see. One is more “set up” feature like allow me to remove “pin” whatever it is. Also allow me to alert the host the problems quickly without have to look through the list of “participants” just today, I discover the glitch which somehow didn’t switch the view to activate participant screen on time it always delayed until someone else decided to participate the meeting. Maybe it is due to Apple, Inc just upgrade my ipad that cause some glitch. I don’t know for sure. It just happen today, in the past it went fine. Also look like there is mid-level curve-learning. And for some reason, I couldn’t consult the instruction manual to help me to figure how the Zoom app work. Update information: there is something wrong with the app in dealing with “spotlight”. It used to be work great till last week where the appear of spotlight always “late” when the participant finished his or her saying for the zoom meeting. It seems to me it only affect iPad users. Need to be fix this. Right now, I’m stuck with gallery view mode to see the current spotlight to listen.Version: 5.4.3

Not greatDoesn’t function very well on an iPhone. Bit disappointed expected to be able to see everyone in a zoom meeting that my family member hosted, but could only see myself & each person in meeting, separately, on screen, not all together on the screen, like messenger or what’s app video calls. I thought this was the point of Zoom to create a better meeting experience? Could only see person who was talking at the time they talked, screen also chose who I could see just flicked through people?? Then if I mentioned their name they popped up. Also don’t find it very user friendly, not easy to navigate & no clear instructions on how to improve experience of using it?? Please improve for iPhone..Version: 4.6.12

It's okay...So the only reason I use/got zoom is because my phone doesn't connect to group FaceTimes and it's an apple iPhone (idk why and I can't help it) it's really annoying how it times out after 45mins and I'm not willing to pay extra for a longer session, so me and my friend have to constantly start new meetings and don't get me wrong it was super helpful during the pandemic (COVID 19) but it's laggy sometimes and can be frustrating to... especially as me and my friends play for 1-3hours on call so that's about 3/4 calls (I didn't work that out i took an estimate) the contact request part is very frustrating even tho I don't use it ?! I would delete it if I wasn't using it to call my friends So overall in my opinion is not worth it.Version: 5.9.3

Keeps crashing!Each time I use zoom it always crashes every 3-5 minutes and keeps trying to re-connect. Even then once it has connected it lags really bad. This happens on both my iPad, iphone and laptop. This is highly frustrating as I am trying to teach online dance classes during COVID-19 and keep getting kicked out by the application. No matter what I do nothing is working. Out of the 30 odd people I help teach each week and the 20 odd people I talk to each day for work I am the only one that has this problem!.Version: 4.6.12

Zoom isn’t really great with iPadsWhile the basic Zoom subscription DOES work on an iPad, it obviously wasn’t designed for them, and is clunky and awkward to use whilst online and on camera. The interactive meeting settings such as the Chat box are situated at the top of the iPad screen, whereas they are at the bottom of PC screens. Most iPads do not have the capacity to operate with a mouse. That means that a user has to reach up across the screen to click on setting options mid-meeting. Others in the meeting see this huge hand reaching for them. 3D is great in a cinema, not so in a business meeting. If you only have the basic subscription, you can’t contact the Zoom tech team for assistance, and have to rely on their online help topics, which are pretty unhelpful for iPad users. I haven bothered looking into whether a iPhone is any better, because quite frankly, who wants to have a zoom meeting on a tiny screen. Zoom has been fantastic during the COVID-19 lockdowns, but I whish they would hurry up and make it a better experience for Apple users..Version: 5.1.1

StudentThis is app is mentally confusing, and it shouldn’t be on the App Store..Version: 4.6.9

Works as intended, but can’t turn down volumeZoom on the iPad is great, more portable than a laptop. But there isn’t any way to turn down the volume. The default volume feels like full blast. Neither using control centre or the volume down button works to turn down the volume. And I am unaware of any in-app volume control, especially while in a meeting. I have seen other people with this problem but found no solution so far, not sure if this happens for everyone however. App works great outside of that though..Version: 5.7.4

Functional but many half baked featuresAll in all it does the job but so many things feel half done. After creating an account and adding users you would expect you can then interact with those users. Logging into the zoom app and choosing contacts doesn’t show a single user as a contact. If you want to see your users as contacts you need to manually enter each of them and each user has to do the same for themselves. Create a scheduled meeting and there is no ability to select a bunch of users from your account as invitees. You need to copy a link go out to an email package and email them a link. This also means that they don’t see a scheduled meeting pop up under their own zoom login unless they created it, they need to rely on an external email invite. Sure you can send an invite to a user during a meeting but it’s a bit late after the meeting has started. I would have thought these were basics. As I said the system works but the workflows really need some attention so there isn’t so much wasted time jumping in and out of the system which should only be necessary when interacting with non zoom users.Version: 4.6.7

Can’t use multiple apps at onceIt’s an amazing app and I cannot fault it. However there is a problem as you cannot access other apps whilst you’re in the zoom app and maintain a call. I’m a student using this to hold meetings with teachers on my IPad Pro however when we are asked to type in a document or access information on our online classroom I cannot. As soon as I leave the app it boots me from the meeting. The use of multiple screens at once would be amazing such as you can have two apps open at the same time to work whilst still on call..Version: 4.6.9

Albert inseins big ppI saw a big po.Version: 4.6.10

Raise hand/ unmuteSo the only problem I have is the way the raise hand then go to unmute works on iOS devices. Can this somehow be made simplified for users. Raising the hand has been moved to reactions, but could there also be an option to select a reaction to be on the main video viewing screen and have it easy to reach, then we can go straight to unmute, instead of going through - more, then raise hand, then exit and unmute..Version: 5.4.10

Steals dataCan view and sell your private data to facebook and other servers. (AND DOES- LOOK IT UP). can take any information from any open tabs while you’re using it. I don’t feel safe..Version: 4.6.9

Why????I used to use zoom in 2020 when it was really good and easy to use but now it is harder. If people have the time to figure out how to know your password to get in a meeting then I recommend it to waste a long time to figure it out. If anyone can pls tell me how to know the password for a meeting because I tryed joining my friend on zoom but I wasted 2 hours just to figure out the password to get in, and since I didint know it my friend made the meeting and she told me her password but it didn’t let me. I personally think zoom was much better before. I think Zoom should be like in 2020 again but with the chance to do the chat between friends thingy. I found it really hard to use. I tried signing in but it’s said I’m too young so I tried doing it again and then it won’t let me 😡😡😡 and I found it really annoying and I tried keeping calm but instead of playing Roblox with my friend I spend 2 blooming hours to try and find my password. I hope you found this usefull.Version: 5.13.3

Audio is badWhen connected to a meeting they could not hear me from their end on their laptops- the device I was using at the time was iPhone 8. It’s definitely not my device at fault because I tried immediately calling through my other calling apps such as Viber, Facebook messenger and what’s app and my voice was coming out clear as day on their end. I’ve also gone through all my phone settings/microphone settings/Zoom settings etc and there’s no issue there. Second time I tried zoom with a friend to see if it works to another phone and they could hear me but it was barely audible even with their volume maxed out. Please fix this issue ASAP because many of us are in for at least 6 months of working from home and zoom meetings with this coronavirus situation and it’s going to be very painful if I can’t get this to work. Thank you..Version: 4.6.9

I would not say to others that zoom is greatI mean I can join other meetings but I can not make up another meeting. It is absolute nonsense and zoom is definitely not fir me. I know many people and it will not be my choice on spreading to other people I am not going to say zoom is great you should use it, no it is not for me. Maybe the owner or whoever should take a look at google meet, it’s perfect and they actually do things. Also when I want to sign up it will say that it is not eligible at this time. Listen to me people it is true and I am not with zoom. When I want to do or set up a meeting the system is absolutely horrific this app needs some changes pronto so whoever edits it or does the fixing read my review PLEASE!!!!! Your lucky that I rated two stars I could have gone for one or a half I’m actually being extremely nice 😡😤😠😒🤨🙄.Version: 5.4.2

Takes private informationWhen I created a account it went fine but when I read the private policy I was horrified. Zoom thinks they have the right to take your passwords and emails then send them to Facebook. These poor teachers barely know what their doing. Their giving their whole accounts to this horrible and cruel app. Don’t use this, trust me for the sake of your private information. I had to give this app a 1 star because that is the lowest I can give them but I think they deserve more of a -1000 star rate. Make sure to give this thing a one star so we can shut it down. If you have this app, it delete it at once.DON’T USE THIS..Version: 4.6.9

Tried it for work, useless. Prefer Skype, WhatsApp, anything!I created a Zoom account. All worked great though not the most user friendly experience. Next time I go to login I get told my session has ended and to sign in again. So I sign in again and same message. It’s impossible to contact them if you cannot log in to your account. You cannot even direct message on Twitter. I accept they may be extremely busy at present, but this is not a great showcase for the product if you get zero technical support even if I’m currently just a free user. All it shows is there are plenty of opportunities for other providers to enter the market and I won’t be recommending to my employer that they should bother investing any resources in Zoom, not least because I understand even the paid for service is little better if issues arise. There are lots of complaints out there..Version: 4.6.7

Zero stars - Adding contacts is painful - Lack of security and woeful audio qualityWhy is there a 2step process to connect with friends in Zoom? Step 1 Invite them to setup an account in Zoom Step 2 Invite them to connect in Zoom This is a counterintuitive and painful process. I much prefer FaceTime. The only reason I am using this Zoom app is to play along with other family members already using it. When we eventually did connect (well, apart from those who couldn’t get through and gave up in frustration), the sound quality was just terrible. Add to that the inadequate security and the fact that you’re selling our data to Facebook, I honestly don’t know why anyone is using Zoom. I don’t trust it. (My employer won’t allow us to use Zoom for business for these reasons) I hate this app. If there was a zero star rating that’s what I would give it. I have asked my family to move to FaceTime so that we don’t have to ever use Zoom again. PS/ I have now deleted my Zoom account and uninstalled the app. Never again..Version: 4.6.10

Shares your informationAfter reading an article about Zoom I found out they share your information with Facebook. I don’t know anyone who wants their information shares with Facebook.Version: 4.6.10

Why no SMS?!?!?Current annoyance: regular phone calls will let me connect with AirPods on the fly, but zoom calls won’t??? That’s just sloppy. Previous review is still relevant: I hate that I can’t disable notifications for certain times of the day. I use Zoom for work, not socializing, and I hate having to remember to log in and log out every day or else risk non-urgent client calls late at night or on the weekends. I also hate that Zoom requires so much bandwidth for voice calls, and has such a long lag during conversations. I can use competitors’ VOIP apps without lag from the same physical location/bandwidth, but zoom call quality is AWFUL. If you have excellent very high speed internet, it does the job, but for those of us in rural areas or relying on cellular data, we aren’t a priority for Zoom Inc. And what’s up with the lack of text messaging/SMS? We pay for zoom phone service and there’s no texting beyond the internal extensions? IT’S 2020: WHY ISN'T THIS A THING? There’s also a super annoying bug with Grasshopper: I use Zoom for one job and I use Grasshopper for another. After making a Zoom call, if I receive a Grasshopper call while still logged into the zoom app, it shows up as a Zoom call, and then disconnects as soon as I pick up. Then I’ve missed a call for my second job because my first job’s phone service is buggy. I AM DISAPPOINTED, ZOOM..Version: 5.8.0

Gallery too laggy to use on an old iPadIt’s a very useful app in this age of COVID. However, with the last update that let you view 16 people at once in gallery view on iPad, my old iPad gets super laggy. My iPad mini is over 6 years old, so it is slowing down. But I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ve tried to find settings I can change to change it back to view less (like the options on computers to limit the number of videos shown at once), but I can’t find any such setting. I like the concept, it just isn’t practical for older iPads. The app: videos, including my own, and controls lag so much. Even audio is choppy. And when I go to swipe to other pages, it takes a few seconds, and all the videos black out a couple times before it switches. It makes gallery view useless on my iPad. I would much rather use my computer, but I don’t have a camera or microphone there. So if I want to participate, I have to be here, and only on speaker view. And I don’t feel as much a part of the meeting as when I can see more than one at a time.Version: 5.4.7

IdkI gave this one star so I don’t have to have online school.Version: 4.6.9

Phone number and password are entered on different screens😐I wasn’t able to sign in from the link I received via email. I downloaded this App and then requested the phone number and password from the host. After you enter the phone number, the next screen that will generate is where the password is required. I felt Leary about hitting the next button from the phone number screen, because so many Apps out there, kick you out or send you to an error screen with one little misstep. If Zoom where to add that the password will be entered on the next page, then I would give a four star rating. For me Five stars would be a perfect easy use of the App. Very few Apps out there are five stars. Users seem to give five stars without really thinking about what a review is about. It’s about the next person who is doing something that is important to them. The same goes for one star reviews. Very few Apps out there are one star. One little aspect that someone doesn’t like while using an App, shouldn’t automatically be one star..Version: 4.6.9

Selling data not coolSelling personal data to Facebook and installing spyware that can access camera and microphone not cool! Thank you Apple for patching this virusware!.Version: 4.6.9

Zoom reviewThe meeting itself went smoothly, but then i read the horrendous privacy policy. Zoom feels that it has the right to collect users names, physical addresses, ip & Mac addresses, fb profiles.... whether the users have an account or not. Seriously!!! Tell me, why is that necessary to meet online using this app??? All and any gains from this app are utterly undermined by this policy. UNINSTALL!.Version: 4.6.9

Webinar has no waiting roomWhy doesn’t webinar have the waiting room feature? I can’t understand why Zoom would disable waiting room for the most sensitive business need. As a start-up, or any small business with funding rounds, you will need webinars for investors (where you can release sensitive information). If there is no security on the webinar link being forwarded, and somebody gets access (that shouldn’t) you can have participants jumping onto the webinar that you cannot control. So on Zoom you find yourself having to constantly monitor who is in the webinar and kick people out if the wrong people join. When instead Zoom could just simply enable waiting room for webinar. This just tells me that Zoom is not really thinking about its users. In addition to this the layout of the interface is very unnecessary complex..Version: 5.6.3

This is crapWhen ever I join a meeting it does nothing just use Skype FaceTime google hangouts those are all way better.Version: 4.6.9

BruuuuuuhhhhhWhy do you steal poor people data 🥺🥺🥺.Version: 5.1.0

Fast but not Ux optimisedI like Zoom but it needs to resolve some critical issues. It must be 100 % clear when I'm muted or when my video is on. I've had multiple calls now where the mute was not set properly for me or others. There is either a bug or Ux issue. Please change it so the my mute status is visible on every screen. The "tap to speak" screen is the most problematic here. Further, video should always be off by default. It is an invasion of privacy to have it auto on. Per privacy standards, I should always have to actively allow video per call! I've had numerous customers unaware that the video is on and they are being watched!.Version: 4.1.19

No online schoolCome on boys get this below 1 star so we don’t have to do it.Version: 4.6.12

Zoom keeps shutting down/ won’t connect properly.Today, Zoom keeps shutting down/ won’t connect properly. I seem to often have difficulty each time I need to use it. Today it wouldn’t start at all on my MacBook Air & I had to force it shut several times to be able to restart or shutdown my computer. I couldn’t even open the meeting in my browser. So I resorted to using my little iPad Mini but couldn’t access the chat room so had to get files via email or sms or WhatsApp. Very stressful when you need it all day!.Version: 5.8.4

Not informed of “upcoming” upgrade requirementI am a paid, licensed Zoom user and get on Zoom daily. It has been very helpful in staying connected through Zoom meetings. This morning, however, when I tried to join a meeting, my attendees couldn’t hear me. After several attempts to solve the problem, I got a message from the coordinator who helps us with problems. He explained that all groups were having problems, and he had found out about the upgrade. I searched on Zoom on my laptop and happened to find the upgrade link in Support. My laptop should now work, although all of our attendees have left the meeting. Hopefully tomorrow I can test the upgrade. Now I have been trying to find the same download link on my iPhone Zoom app, but there is no Support button that I can find anywhere. When I was in Support on my laptop, I read that this upgrade needs to be complete by May 30. I hope that I can find the upgrade for phones so that I can help my attendees to complete this upgrade, which I think they may also need to do..Version: 4.6.12

MNice app.Version: 5.6.7

Improvements are needed!Some improvements are needed for example: 1. The Clear history. Their should be a way to clear only certain parts of the history and not the complete field. For example, I take a class that the ID# changes for the winter, spring and summer. I just want to get rid of the old #’s only for that one class. I tried to do that and it cleared out everything. Which meant I had to re-enter all those numbers that I needed to keep. WHAT A PAIN!!! You should have a selection of what you want to keep or not keep without having to clear out the complete history field. You should also add a section where you can put in notes. For example yoga 930 the note would be Jennifer. If this feature is all ready in the app where is it?! How do I get access to that feature? I can’t seem to find it. And this is something else that should be added. When you come out with your next upgrade can you please consider adding these features in? Thanks. P. Tennyson.Version: 5.9.3

Limited application for free accountsThe app has great video and sound options, the screen sharing function has limited options with no way of adding additional resources outside of the set functions so if you wish to use any microsoft apps you are out of luck you had better try the teams app it being microsoft it is probably compatible. If you try getting support with a free account, you might as well whistle dixie because none exists. I understand that these companies need to make money, but to offer support only to paid accounts is just profiteering when people like myself only occasionally use zoom and that for charitable purposes. My next port of call is try teams..Version: 5.2.0

DisappointingI appreciate that some of this may be down to the operating system but firstly, I am gutted that ipad zoom only lets me see 9 people at a time. What?! The zoom we had all come to know and love with so many faces isn’t like that. And its so annoying to have to scroll across to see the rest of the participants. Secondly, again this is probably a hardware related issue but if I am casting my ipad to an external screen, the sound doesn’t work. There wasn’t an option to change it as it made you choose the one selected. This is again kinda gutting so now I can only see 9 people at a time AND i have to do it on my 12.9 inch screen rather than the 24 inch. I was hoping for more and hope these things can be resolved so its the great experience it is on PC..Version: 5.2.3

BruhThis app steals your data without declaring it in the privacy policy. please schools, find a better option.Version: 4.6.9

HiYes we have used Zoom and it’s been awesome for our meetings and keeping in touch with Whanau,need more advice on how many people can use zoom in one meeting, sometimes there’s a lot of echoing and our zooms have to stop, is there a way of managing this, what is the best zoom package to use, I need to organise a zoom for at least 100 people is this possible and what would be the best process to use Flo.Version: 5.0.2

Zoom is hardly accessible for VoiceOver usersI'm Tiffy I'm totally blind and hearing-impaired and zoom is hardly accessible for VoiceOver users for those who are totally blind and hearing-impaired like myself! If you want to purchase a subscription so that zoom doesn't cut out every 43 minutes it makes it so confusing plus it's not even accessible even if you want to and you can't even do it via the app you've got to go to the website which is hardly accessible anyway! The other thing that needs to happen is we should be allowed to use zoom on mobile 4G or 5G even with the video setting because some of us now are having owners corporation meetings and when I was trying it last year as it was my first time I missed so much of the meeting as it kept cutting out and they wouldn't repeat what was going on even though it wasn't my fault! We also need a Feedback section so we can send issues to the developer because all we've got is report a problem but it only wants you to report what happened that day you can't report what is going on with the app in general and you can't ask them to fix it they only let you report what has happened on that day and what time but that's not going to help with general feedback is it scum.Version: 5.8.6

Zoom is spyingThis sucks.Version: 4.6.10

Stealing private informationThis app allows the admins and the moderating team of Zoom to steal your private information such as your passwords and emails, and selling them into another browser, FaceBook. This is horrifying, and this shouldn’t be on the app store. During the global pandemic, millions of people are using Zoom. Yet, to find out they’re doing this. Use Google Meets instead, they’re trusted and secured..Version: 5.4.7

It is a great app overall but it is glitching badly..It is an amazing app that I use with my friends and family. But there is two problems I am going to discuss and/or need fixing. First off, when the other person is sharing their screen, the screen they are sharing is very glitchy and choppy. That could use some fixing. Secondly, I tried to share my screen but it wouldn’t allow me to so I kind of gave up and went on talking. When I ended the call and went on with my business, this notification that said “Live broadcast to zoom has stopped due to: Attempted to start an invalid broadcast session” every where I clicked. If I went on my browser it popped up. If I put in my password to my device it popped up. If I went on anything on the same device that notification popped up on my screen. I’ve tried to delete the app but even though it was deleted it still came up. No matter what I try it still comes up. Searching up for help doesn’t work either. This is a big problem for me because it’s getting really annoying..Version: 5.4.6

I’m confusedI try and sign in and it says that I’m no eligible to join.Version: 5.7.3

Take my money, cut me offMy zoom account was recently renewed. Since then when I was able to set up a meeting it was only to set it up immediately, no a later scheduled time. Then I would be invited to zoom meetings but never received invites though others in meeting saw my invite. Now it appears I can only join a meeting not initiate one. I highly recommend FaceTime and even Messenger live chats,.Version: 5.10.4

TrashNo❤️.Version: 5.1.0

Reasonably GoodI like this app. It allows me to have group calls with my friends and there are some cool special features like virtual backgrounds and picture sharing. However, this app could be improved a lot. First of all it is quite glitchy. I understand that that has a lot to do with our personal connection but I don’t just mean on the actual call. It is quite a glitchy app. This app also annoys me a little because you only get 40 minutes for a meeting. That means it’s limited and a whole new meeting has to be set up if you want more time. But I do like all the cool features you can use on the call and how it’s another way to talk to friends, it’s just a bit difficult to use..Version: 4.6.12

From a student standpointOkay, so I had to get zoom because the device I was using died. But overall it’s fine, but for the mobile devices when our teacher shares the screen, we can draw on it and not on the computers! Also it’s glitchy, and the fact is that I have to use it for a while now. I’ve been seeing ppl but one star cuz they want this app to be deleted, but I think it’s good for non school purposes like contacting your friends who have a different phone than u ( ex. Apple and Samsung) can FaceTime. But pls take away the draw button on the mobile version Update: so I had a meeting and when the teacher unmuted us I was muted and a few others and on her screen we weren’t muted! But try harder but still good app Edit: so a recommendation is that the host (if they have chat on) can decide of which ppl can use the chat. (I’m just using random names here) like Tobias can use the chat while Patty can’t use it. (Again no disrespect to anyone reading this named patty or Tobias) cuz this one kid kept spamming me and I wished that he wouldn’t be able to use the chat...Version: 5.1.1

Lately its been dropping outFor the past two years i have never had a meeting drop out. Recently i have had my classes drop out randomly! Its very annoying as people have had to figure whats going on and causing a bad experience. I’ve trouble shot its not my internet connection. Nothings changed, and its been even more annoying because i upgraded to the paid version to get longer classes and now it drops out.Version: 5.8.3

Concerns❤️Who asked 🧚‍♂️✨.Version: 5.2.1

MOUCHARDZoom, mouchard pour Facebook COURT-CIRCUIT Le service de communication par vidéo envoyait des informations à Facebook sans en avertir ses utilisateurs Zoom est aussi disponible sur mobile. — © Getty Images/iStockphoto Anouch Seydtaghia Publié dimanche 29 mars 2020 à 14:54 Modifié dimanche 29 mars 2020 à 14:56 C’est le hit du moment: l’utilisation du service de vidéoconférence Zoom explose depuis l’entrée en vigueur des mesures de confinement dans de nombreux pays et l’intensification du télétravail. Simple à utiliser, offrant une bonne qualité d’image, Zoom propose aussi un service gratuit pour des appels vidéo jusqu’à quarante minutes. Mais cette gratuité est toute relative. Comme vient de le révéler le site spécialisé Motherboard, Zoom envoyait des informations à Facebook, même si ses utilisateurs ne possèdent pas de compte auprès du réseau social. Les données envoyées à Facebook étaient le fuseau horaire dans lequel se trouve l’utilisateur de Zoom, le nom de son opérateur de téléphonie mobile, des détails sur son smartphone ainsi qu’un identifiant de publicité unique généré, permettant aux annonceurs de cibler les publicités envoyées… En soi, cet envoi de données n’est pas une exception puisque de multiples applications sont basées sur des interfaces de programmation de Facebook, afin d’intégrer plusieurs fonctionnalités à leur service. Le problème (principal), c’est qu’à aucun moment Zoom n’en informait ses clients. Heureusement que, juste après l’article de Motherboard, l’envoi de ces données a été stoppé..Version: 4.6.9

ReportVery complicated not worth using compared to most or all of its competitors.Version: 5.6.7

BadThe wifi is really not good and I don’t recommande it even though I use it every day.👎🏻.Version: 5.7.6

They tried.Any app that sells my information without at least letting me know sounds like it should be illegal 🤔 #ZoomGate2021.Version: 5.4.10

No warning for screen recording soundMy grandson’s birthday was today and we wanted to record the virtual party. We used the Apple screen recording function with the microphone on and did not get any warnings that Zoom was not letting the device record any audio. After the party had ended, we found out that there was no sound! There should have been a warning to let us know the audio was not being recorded as previously this was possible on Zoom..Version: 5.7.0

Wishing Zoom to shift their focus a littleCertainly I would have given Zoom a 4 or 5 star rating a year ago, but I would like Zoom to continue developing and refining the core web meeting product at a pace and not rest on their laurels whilst they’re off chasing new revenue streams in an effort to maintain the share price growth from the pandemic. I appreciate that they have grown faster than they could have possibly imagined, but focusing on increasing the quality of the meeting experience, leading their competitors and ironing out the niggly issues, should still be a high priority, as it’s incredibly easy for many to switch to more robust and higher quality alternatives if the grass looks greener on the other side..Version: 5.6.4

PrintWhy can’t I print the explanation of updates.Version: 5.11.0

I don’t want online classesI don’t like online classes.Version: 4.6.10

Zoom on iPad TodayYesterday I spent almost 45 minutes working with a knowledgeable tech mentor who was helping me navigate Zoom on my hp laptop. We finally reached a point where I could get onto the app and up to the point of "Join a Meeting." However, in trying to connect with my meeting today, after 3 failed attempts to get into my meeting on the laptop, a member of the group called me on my iPhone. He used his speaker so I could at least hear, if not see, the other meeting attendees. I then got my iPad, and was finally able to join the meeting - after having lost a full 45 minutes of the meeting! Not only did I miss a great deal of valuable conversation and information, I was lagging behind and trying to catch up the rest of the time! This is untenable! It is frustrating and maddening to be unable to connect with the others through Zoom! It is my understanding that another avenue of connection is being sought. I can only hope that it will be more effective, because due to Covid restrictions, we are at the mercy of technology, and must meet virtually. I plan to try to speak to a Zoom representative today who can hopefully assist me to be prepared for next week's meeting - using my laptop. Who knows what will come of that, or even if I can make a personal connection? We shall see - Allegra Yancey.Version: 5.9.1

Zoom very disappointingI joined Zoom for the express purpose of attending Virtual Church services during Easter. Friday went well, but this morning when I went to join the meeting I was asked to provide email and password. After a couple of attempts where one wasn’t being accepted I reset the password. However I still couldn’t join the meeting despite entering the same Meeting ID and Password as Friday and now it’s locked my account due to multiple tries it caused me to make, i will be closing the account and telling friends and family about this experience. Church probably means little to Zoom’s administrators but it’s important to me at this time, and i am deeply hurt and disappointed..Version: 4.6.10

Negative stars would be amazing at this rateDon’t bother downloading this app. Just because they send automated meetings, doesn’t mean they could do it again. I contacted them and asked what is going on. And they said “You’re having problems with Zoom.” What a waste of time that was. Not how I want a contraction to look like. Instead of trying to fix the issue and actually reading what the problem was, they immediately blamed it ALL on Google and threw it right back at me. When contacting them the second time, I explained to them, again, what the problem was. Hey, it’s THEIR web site issue, not a Google issue. Very inelegant and decentralised, they try to make the best out of it. I contacted them a third time (which actually was a 3rd email) and they pay for Google’s fault. Not cool. Absolutely decent. Some service you have. Zoom is notoriously cheap and treats its employees. No wonder they treat viewers the same way. They don’t want to fix the problem anyway. And to have a nice day. Their answer to me “same to you!!”. Wow, guys. So don’t even bother downloading this app just because they have attorneys. Lets hope your paying attention Zoom..Version: 5.7.1

Zoom is stealing your information!The app contains pleanty articles stating that the online application that thousand of students around the world are using for classes ever scince the quarantine created due to the corona virus ( covid19 ), Zoom, thinks that it has the right to obtain ALL of the user’s information and share it with Facebook and other companies, it steals it’s location info, the information on the user’s gmail and others! At all costs, give a low rating on the application to have our information safely stored to us and only us.Version: 4.6.12

40 minute limitBrining in a 40 minute limit for one on one calls is nothing but a cash grab. Zoom was good, now it’s GREEDY.Version: 5.10.4

Force to quit after 40 minutes?Free users plz don’t use this app..Version: 4.6.8

Characterized as Malware by security engineers worldwideThere are too many issues with zoom to recommend it. They’ve shown a complete lack of understanding and lie to users by selling end to end encryption as if they’re competent enough to deploy it let alone understand what the hell that means..Version: 4.6.9

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