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Metrolyrics!Best app ever!! Now I can sing along to my whole music library!.Version: 1.1

Beautiful Fantastic Fantastic FantasticDoes the job excellently and accurately!.Version: 1.1

The awesome gameIt's really helpful when your stumped because you don't know the song..Version: 1.1

Can UCan you lisen to anything?.Version: 1.1

AmazingI'm an expert on lyrics this app gets it right every time! Like the sync to music you can do and they have practically every song! LOVE LOVE LOVE.Version: 1.1

Mazda CoupalBrilliant, superb interface, does what it's supposed to do - end of!.Version: 1.1

Very goodVery good.Version: 1.1

GoodBest lyrics app I have found so far..Version: 1.1

MicheleExcellent app! Impressed with the selection. Actual lyrics page could be presented in a better looking format. For me this app is at the top of my list..Version: 1.1

Great appBrilliant app u can search lyrics from songs on your iPod which is amazing plus songs from wherever however sometimes it says no lyrics found but other than that brilliant and it's freeeeeeee!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1

Great AppUseful features. Not completely up to date..Version: 1.1

Awesome!!Brilliant app. Love it!!.Version: 1.1

Excellent!If you have a song on your iDevice this app grants you the ability to play the song and view the lyrics! (If available) Very useful!.Version: 1.1

FantasticAs a singer this is an excellent app. Saves me trawling the net for lyrics. Now have them at my fingertips and can sing along to track.Version: 1.1

I.M.OVery good and has quite an extensive amount of songs. wouldnt hurt if there were more frequent updates though.Version: 1.0

Finally!Found what I'm looking for! It has everything and my most favorite feature is when you have a ding playing and tilt your device horizontally the lyrics will show and be highlighted to the exact line of the song! It's amazing! Only let down are when it crashes after changing the song and reopening the app again. Keep the database growing!.Version: 1.1

ExcellentI LOVE THIS APP, so easy to get the lyrics, can't find the occasional lyrics, but still brilliant.Version: 1.1

Almost perfectEnsuring that you know the band and the song (w/ correct spelling) you will receive the lyrics you are after. Have been using this regularly for months without any fault. Song recognition software is not very strong. Great App.Version: 1.1

Metro lyricsI love the fact that it's free and it doesnt take as long to find the lyrics to songs.Version: 1.1

Good appBest part is, you can close ads!.Version: 1.1

WoooIt does a lot more than I though it would, song ID is really useful, well organised, I love it :).Version: 1.1

Great app!I used to a different lyric search but I had to prompt it with every new song. This app automatically finds if available and most of my songs are there. Love the interface, very user friendly Would be nice if you could report the wrong lyrics are linked to certain songs..Version: 1.1

Not bad, could be betterIt's a decent app, but I'm starting to notice that the majority of the lyrics for the songs are wrong..Version: 1.1

1 of the my Fave Apps😃I LOVE this app but I does crash a bit... Not when your readin' the lyrics or any-thing. The only other issue is that u need Internet to use the app (I have an iPod 4 not an iPhone so I can't have Internet wherever I go).Version: 1.1

GoodAlright, but I don't know how how to access song meanings..Version: 1.1

DrReally good. I never write reviews but enjoy this app.Version: 1.1

GoodWell i am overwhelmed that I have found this app cause I am always searching for lyrics to JLS songs ( I am hugeeeeee fan of them) but can't find them so I've been saved Hallelujah!!!!! Yippee!!!.Version: 1.1

Awesome!One word. Awesome!.Version: 1.1

Awesome AppAwesome app :) its so cool :) cheers :).Version: 1.0

AlrightThis app is really good the only complaint I have is I find some of the lyrics aren't exactly as they should be, and there have been a few songs where they don't even have the lyrics to the song!.Version: 1.1

MetrolyricsVery good if you want to find out lyrics or song name by using song ID tracker, only problem is it crashes quite often so you'll have to be a bit patient with it..Version: 1.1

Very helpfulThis app has a very wide selection of songs which is very helpful when a song pops up on the radio and you want to sing along. It sometimes cancels out, but this app is well worth it..Version: 1.1

AwesomeLove it! Such an easy, awesome app. Great for music lovers..Version: 1.1

AmazingIt's reliable and free I admit some songs they don't have but out of my 6000 it's only not found 10 songs so how can I complain.Version: 1.1

Great app!Very handy. Very useful..Version: 1.1

NiceeeeIt's a good, simple app. Practically laid out and clever way it syncs your existing music... But l also like how easy it is to find any lyrics you need without a Internet connection! Brill :).Version: 1.1

Love it... ButGreat app I love it so much eadier than going onto safari and doing it...awesome!! but every now and then it crashes and it won't let me into it at all please fix that other than that love this app.Version: 1.0

Quite usefulThis app finds song lyrics quickly and the auto-import from the music you are playing is a great feature. A suggestion for improvement: add someway to add the lyrics to the iPod player in music. I know how to do it manually but that requires a computer, it would increase The apps overall quality by a lot. Would recommend for a friend. Thanks.Version: 1.1

PkelAwesome app.Version: 1.1

Song loverBrilliant I'm enjoying this apps... Keep up the good work.Version: 1.1

Great appLove this app, great when playing songs on the iPod and lyrics are there instantly..Version: 1.1

Angie DeanoReally good app. Finds most lyrics for songs and straight forward to use!.Version: 1.1

SuperThis app has so many great uses. Recommend it to anyone who likes music and music info.Version: 1.0

Very surprisingIt is so amazing my little sister just thinks it's the bomb!! It's pretty amazing how whatever is on your music it's on that too. The only thing is like it isn't a problem or anything it's just you can't look anything up it has got to be on your music. But you know it's really not a problem I think it's great !! ;).Version: 1.1

IlikeLove this app.Version: 1.1

Highly recommended!!!This app has so many features that I love but did'nt expect; you can check the lyrics to songs in your own library while those same songs are playing, and there's song meaning, and all these other great features! This app would be worth getting even if it cost money!.Version: 1.1

AppGreat app! Love how you have the meanings behind the song for some of them. The listen device doesnt work so well in noisy circumstances but all round it is a fantastic app :).Version: 1.1

Metro lyricsGreat app, with some artists it's hard to make out certain lyrics, this helps.Version: 1.1

Almost as good as pizzaGood, not as good as pizza. Or chocolate or cheesecakes..Version: 1.1

UyimerulesThis app is good but I gave it 4 stars cos if u do not have the song, it would not play.Version: 1.1

Awesome appAwesome app.Version: 1.1

Problems.It's a really good app for songs but whenever I open the app, it ALWAYS automatically exits the app and leads me to the home screen. So now, I literally can go into the app..Version: 1.0

Great!!!I just downloaded this app, and for those who like to sing karaoke, or just sing for the enjoyment of it, definitely get this wonderful app. I found it to be one of the most helpful lyrical apps on the app store currently. I absolutely do NOT regret downloading Metro lyrics..Version: 1.1

Best appLove this app soooooo much it is the best.Version: 1.1

AmazingUr app is amazing I use it all the time to find my favorite songs it works really good I like the set up and well I like everything about it thank you for inventing this app u all did a fantastic time by making this thanks you again-kayboo.Version: 1.1

THE BEST!Thank you!.Version: 1.1

Good sourceI like metro lyrics, helps with learning new songs.Version: 1.1

SteveI'm in a band and having the lyrics at my fingertips is awesome Way to go metro lyrics.Version: 1.1

AMAZINGIt's amazing easy and really fast to use , I'm amazed by all the features on here that are so useful , I can't believe it's free grab it will its free :).Version: 1.1

This is a brilliant app!I'm too busy jamming to music as well as singing to the lyrics to write this review.Version: 1.1

This is so goodThis app is brilliant and now I don't have to go onto safari to search up lyrics and because I own all of my favourite songs I don't even need to search for them! Woo yayay 👏.Version: 1.1

GreatAbsolutely great app,I don't see how anybody could dislike it.Version: 1.1

Music lyricsNothing to complain so far so good.Version: 1.1

Great appGood.Version: 1.0

I love this site!!I loved the site so much that I just had to search for an app. When I found it, I realized it hasn't been updated in well over a year. Hopefully you guys will update this again because I love being able to search for my favorite song lyrics. Please update it, it would mean a lot..Version: 1.1

Awesome!!I personally liked it myself because if like you want to learn a song you can just go on the app and learn it for maybe 5 days to memerize for me.Version: 1.1

Wow!Great app, very useful but wish you could access lyrics without Internet connection :).Version: 1.1

FabThis app is 100% great and really easy to use.. It has changed just humming to the song to karaoke- which is great to challenge my friends to guess the next line or guess the song great fun... Love it.Version: 1.1

AwesomeBest lyrics I have ever seen.Version: 1.1

Primo broExcellent.Version: 1.0

I can sing after the song that playing.I like it. It would be excellent if can tell the song just from hearing..Version: 1.1

Really really greatGood.Version: 1.1

That one songI was really happy with it for about two months. Until I looked up the lyrics of the song Girl Party and it didn't come up I was. Disappointed I have a suggestion though. You can make sure you have every song ever made on the app, so I would be happy and other people would be happy too😀.Version: 1.1

Sweet as!!!I go on metro lyrics all the time on the Internet, now it's just become so much easier now with this stream line app. Thanx guys top notch app!.Version: 1.0

Best Lyric App out there.Please make it a bit better:-) Lets be able to copy and paste into a translator ... Love Latin folk and would love to know means in another language...just a thought...Version: 1.1

Good, butGood app for well known songs, try and update it with newer songs! Also more less known songs..Version: 1.1

Nice appIt is very useful..Version: 1.1

Best Music App I've Ever UsedWow! I mean wow! I've never has so much fun! It's so handy and fast! I LOVE THIS APPPPPP!.Version: 1.1

Great, But...It is a great app! It is so useful when I don't know the lyrics to a song and its driving me CRAZY!!! It does mess up the lyrics to some songs. It messed up the order of "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift. I also wish that this app worked when I don't have Internet connection..Version: 1.1

Can't fault itDoes what it's suppose to do, for me it's ran smoothly from day one.Version: 1.1

MetrolyricsGreat app love it.......Version: 1.1

Pop up adds frustratingI can deal with banner ads in the app but having to go through a full ad screen when I just want to get to lyrics us ridiculous. Love the integration with actual music on iPhone though!!!.Version: 1.0

Good appVery well though. Now we can sing songs. It is like having a karaoke in your cell. Awesome!.Version: 1.1

MetroLyricsLove this app so far!! I love to sing and enjoy the fact that this gives you the words so you know you're singing the right lyrics. It also lets you sync the song right on your phone/iPod. You can set up a playlist too of your favorite songs. Love it!!.Version: 1.1

Amazing!Don't ever write reviews for apps but this one deserves it! Best lyric app out there👌👌.Version: 1.1

Not too badNeed to be able to copy and paste lyrics, but pretty good database and functionality..Version: 1.1

Old manA favourite app. Poetry music is good for my soul. This app converts the iPhone into soul-app..Version: 1.1

Its great but...Its great there is alot of songs the right lyrics u could play a song watch videos and even find lyrics to a song ure listening too! But it crashes alot! It crashes while i try to sing. But if it crashes it lets u send a complain so i think they are very innicent..Version: 1.1

YupDid good.Version: 1.1

Cool appDon't know what people are searching this app for but it's not failed me yet! Love it cheers devs!.Version: 1.1

Good appCrashes on the part which is supposed to recognise songs, and can't find the meanings, but the lyrics are spit on, and for most songs i own there are lyrics! Very cool idea.Version: 1.1

Ak0544Great to use.Version: 1.1

Brill appIts a brill app but i cant seem to find the lyric meaning which is one of the reasons that i got it. But apart from that i rate 10/10 stars!!.Version: 1.1

SearchThis is the easiest way to search music without the internet and is convenient to. I use this site and a-z lyrics all the time I personally think that this is one of the better ones and it's quick.Version: 1.1

❤_❤I love Metrolyrics 😍❤!.Version: 1.1

MeaningHow do you use the meaning of lyrics setting? I can't figure it out. Besides that good app.Version: 1.1

Not bad for lyrics!It's not a bad app at all! Has some trouble finding songs if they're not played by the actual band, and has MAJOR trouble recognizing the differences between bands with similar names (i.e. Wicked from broadway vs Wicked who is apparently a band). There are very few glitches that can easily be overcome- like the last few lyrics on a page are at the very bottom where you have to go beyond the scrolling area just a bit. Pretty fast and accurate though!.Version: 1.1

Great app!This app is great, should definitely download.Version: 1.1

Great lyric recall appl.Only some recalled lyrics have some minor mistakes.Version: 1.1

Good AppVery good app. Some songs are not yet there though.Version: 1.1

??How can i search for song meaning.....Need help with this plzz reply thankxxx.Version: 1.1

Best ever..Love love dis app..its easy to use n quick as well in grabbing lyrics..m happy at last..thnx.Version: 1.1

Pretty sweetWell I quite enjoy this app. It will sync with yer library and pop out lyrics. Simple and easy... And free!!.Version: 1.1

Just amazingI love it so much and if ur reading this wondering should I get this well u should most amazing app I've came across in a long time love it had no problems just great !!.Version: 1.1

Sing alongThis app will stop my kids laughing at me for singing the wrong words ! Brilliant !!!!!.Version: 1.1

BrilliantI love this app! I can challenge my husband to see who can get the lyrics to a song first (haven't told him about this though!) and I always win! Not really! It's a great app though!.Version: 1.1

MissVery useful when on the way.Version: 1.1

Great for english songsAwesome app to learn the lyrics of those hard-to-understand songs. A little weak for non-english songs, though..Version: 1.1

I like itIt's definitely way better than all of the other similar apps.Version: 1.1

Love itI love listening to my music and now I can also know the lyrics, it's helped me learn songs! :) thanks for making this app.Version: 1.1

AwesomeThis is like having my own karaoke machine just for me..Version: 1.1

CoolCool app.Version: 1.0

Simply works!Everything you need in a lyrics app. Sync it... Love it!!!.Version: 1.1

Metro LyricsAbsolutely awesome app!! Easy and quick to use keep up the good work!.Version: 1.1

👍Metro lyrics👍Great for music lovers like me and i like singing along so get da app and Sing away.Version: 1.1

Honestly, gives me exactly what I need.I love this app because when I use it for looking up lyrics for guitar it gives me exactly what I need. You can also play a song on your device and you can sync it so the lyrics will be up for you to sing along with. Over all, great app! Y(^_^)Y.Version: 1.1

Very user friendlySimple and easy to use and love the sync feature. Perfect for when trying to learn a new song..Version: 1.1

Fantastic app!This app is easy to use, helpful and overall fun to use by yourself or with friends! I have been looking for a particular song for 4-5 months now but still can't find it If this app had something u could type some of the lyrics into, it could find songs with those lyrics and let u listen to them, it would just make the app a whole lot better! Thanks MetroLryics! 😚😁.Version: 1.1

For special timesAwesome app. Wish I had found it a lot sooner.Version: 1.1

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