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Calm app received 83 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Calm? Can you share your negative thoughts about calm?

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THEYLL SCAM YOU DONT EVER SIGN UP HERESo I have a story for you guys, also have all the photo proof of how this app scammed me $86... and then ANOTHER $146.... against my consent.. twice. The first time I contacted Apple care and got refunded the money that they took out of my account after I already cancelled my subscription. Then after that I delete the app... ONLY YO GO TO MY BANK FOR A CHARGE OF $146.... WHEN DID I EVER AGREE TO THAT?! ABSOLUTE WORST customer service EVER with this app, honestly it could be an ok app but I could rate the customer service 0 stars I would. I would like to know why they keep charging my card when I haven’t subscribed to ANY of their options. Do NOT give them your card information stay FAR AWAY from this app.Version: 4.7

Money costI’m giving this a 1 star only for the simple fact that if someone is going through a hard time. We shouldn’t make them pay to help them feel better. Sometimes it’s money causing the pain and heart ache sometimes it’s not but not all ppl that need help can’t afford to pay.Version: 4.25

PricyWay to much cost for app.Version: 4.25

CalmI wanted to listen to a song, and it said that Harry styles had a Calm song on here but it was not a song he was not singing a song. It said, fall asleep with the dreamy voice of Harry styles SONG. it was a lie. There are no songs on Calm..Version: 6.36.1

Free Trial ScamThey know that people forget about subscriptions. They charge you a full year’s fee at the end of 7 days trial. Stay away from this app..Version: 4.18

Exploiting Mental HealthOkay I get that to run an app their needs to be some costs. So having limited access was okay because I could at least get my short breathing exercises when I have an anxiety attack. However, now Breathe has changed this completely by requiring you pay for a very expensive yearly membership! I was super choked tonight when I couldn’t listen to the meditations that help me sleep at night. For a lot of us with mental health issues, who are already on tight budgets, more the. 80 dollars a year is not affordable. Pretty disgusting that instead of looking at your user base you take the time line your own pockets instead. So for all of us with mental health issues who depend on your app, thanks for nothing..Version: 4.8

I like it but……….Ok so to start off I like it but I can barely even use anything. I was trying to do the 7 day sleep meditation but I can only do the first day and I had to repeat the first day over and over and over. All because I didn’t have the premium and the premium is $70 a year. I didn’t want to get it because that would waste my money but everything is locked for premium. So here is what I am thinking that you should do I think you should make it 50/50. Like 50% of the stuff that is locked for the premium and make it not premium so it can be fair to those who don’t have the premium and to those who have it. Now let’s talk about the price we should make it reasonable enough to get and instead of $70 let’s make it 35 dollars so it can be fair and people would be happy if they had the premium or not because they get a reasonable price and they get to use many of the meditations if they have it and if they don’t. Sorry if this was confusing but I want it to be fair because the price and the amount of meditations that you can use without the premium wasn’t fair so I wanted to make it reasonable and fair. So now I want to hear what you have to say because there are many other people that might agree with me but I am wondering if you do too.Version: 5.31.1

It used to be a great appI loved this app. I used it everyday for years. It helped me with my PTSD, my depression and anxiety. It helped me to fall asleep when my memories were wreaking havoc and it helped me stay grounded during moments of flashbacks. But I am so disappointed to find out the new limitations. You used to be able to access so much more for free but all apps these days are asking you to pay ridiculous prices. As someone who is a full time university student, part time aged care worker working shift work to make ends meet, living out of home and with an assistance dog and therapy, these prices are unaffordable. I use to recommend this app but I will not anymore. If you’re going to promote wellbeing, happiness and better mental health by using this app - don’t make it so expensive You are now stating to people ‘if you want to live a better life and reduce anxiety then you better have money to pay for it.’ You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves..Version: 4.11.3

DissatisfiedI like this app but there’s like one thing you can do without paying....Version: 4.27

Pay for everythingYou have to pay quite literally, for everything. There are no free features and while I’m sure it’s amazing for those who can cough up some cash, for those who cannot you’d do better looking elsewhere..Version: 6.25

ExpensiveI was just starting to like this but 76$ a year? That’s a little crazy. I’d rather do a monthly subscription than pay a whole year upfront. Also, the fact that there is no available content on the free version is horrendous. It looks like the makers are having a difficult time with people unsubscribing before the 7 days is up so I don’t trust them enough to try the 7 days for free. If you want more people to use the app you need more content that is accessible without the trial. If I could give this zero stars, I would..Version: 4.18

Free trialI was never honoured the free trial and was charged immediately. Don’t get fooled by it..Version: 6.25

Got charged before the trail even ended 😡Man, I am so angry. I just got robbed. I got charged before the trail even ended.Version: 4.18

Pls readDear calm, I have had your app since my middle school years. I’ve got to say, your app was AMAZING with 15 sleep stories and 2 and 1/2 meditations, this wasn’t a problem for me because I also use headspace. Yes, they're your competition but I wasn't choosing sides. Anyways, over time you guys added feature that you really focused on for 2 weeks at a time and just gave up on it. Next, you decreased the amount of sleep stories which was ha a huge problem for me because I was NOT getting enough sleep to keep my grades up. It got so bad that I stole my mother's phone just to sleep (she Had the Premium subscription). So I was like, ”ok, I'll just use headspace ONLY for sleep and calm for meditation. Then, you took away the 7 days of calm AKA: YOUR MAIN TRIAL AND ONLY TRIAL MEDITATION LEFT after you premiumfied the 7 days of something (forgot). I mean like BRU, I have other options. I started using headspace which is a great alternative if you don't have much money. I recommend bringing back some stuff from premium and reduce the price. To counteract this, put one 15 second ad at the beginning. Of every session of meditation for people without premium. Therefore, there is more than one reason to get it and it's CHEAPER. That's a win-win situation. I hope you come to the right decision. Whatever it is, I probably wouldn't stop using the app. Thank you for your time..Version: 4.28

Unhappy customer 😠😤🤬If I could leave 0 * I would!! I downloaded this app to try it out, didn’t even end up using it during the 3 free day trial I was given. Tried deleting it and canceling so I wouldn’t be charged the $70 and it would t allow me to. I have tried canceling with no progress, I’ve also tried to get ahold of the app developer and Apple as well to cancel the charge beforehand and no luck. Now I got charged from my bank and also a $30 charge because their wasn’t enough to cover from the account I have set up for t Apple account. I am now trying to figure out how to cancel and delete the app I i won’t be charged next year, because it says my trial is good til November 12, 2020 and I didn’t want it this time much less next year so now I’m trapped. This is the last thing I thought I could do, maybe the calm app will see this review and answer me back! I am not happy!!! And now I have been charged $70 for an app I do NOT want or need and not to mention the $30 over draft fee from my bank. 😡😡😤🤬 I do NOT want this app and DO NOT want to be charged again in a year. The only thing it seems to allow me to do is change the trial to a lesser anoint or an extra amount for next years after the November 12th trial is over but would not and still will not let me cancel or edit anything. PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS MESS!! —signed an UNHAPPY customer 😡.Version: 4.16.1

Price is super expensiveThis is not affordable for students. Students have more stress and pressure in young age but yet these powerful tools are not accessible for those who need them the most. Those who only have money can achieve such a good wellbeing and lifestyle. The world is not fare, wealth distribution is unjust but yet the system supports and allows this to happen ! I have seen people hurt them self simply they can’t access what they really need. Solution is make a student discount for every one in the world not just in the US. This is a soft discrimination of people who needs mental help.Version: 5.30.1

No more free content anymore. Not even one thingIt was great until you took away everything single free content even if it was slim pickings. Now you can’t listen to anything unless you purchase the overpriced membership. I wouldn’t mind paying something but not that much. This is a mental health app right? But so many of these apps seem so greedy and take advantage of mental health. “You want something to help ease you mind in today’s crazy society? Well just pay an arm and a leg and your soul, that’s all and we’ve got you” Profiting off mental health. Nice..Version: 4.14

It’s ok but...I downloaded this app because I have trouble sleeping (it takes a about a hour to get to sleep for me) I read the reviews and they all seemed positive when I opened up the app there were subscriptions and payment things so I just presses the cross and I scrolled down and found a book (the truth of tennis I think it was it was about tennis) and I did not think that was going to help me get to sleep so I scrolled down and saw beauty and the beast so I pressed and then came up a payment I pressed the cross yet again and I had started to notice all of the books had locks on them except 2 (the tennis one and) a kids book called shishi and the tree of slumbers (I like these kinds of books) I pressed it and listened to the first 2minutes it seemed like a cute story so I settled down in my bed and about 10 minutes after I was drifting away falling asleep but it had finished so I woke up I replayed it and could not fall asleep so I think that this app needs to have longer books and more free books I think the app is good but it’s good if you want to pay I have not payed so I’ll probably delete this app and get a difference app I’ll see if they update it and add new free books that’s all I have to say about the app.Version: 4.12

Poor customer serviceI cancelled after free trial but still got charged can’t get a refund from Apple warning stay away from this app.Version: 4.27

Money hungryIf you don’t pay their fee this will not help you in any way, shape, or form. They are a business and not a charity I guess, but I really expected more. All you get from the free version is a build up to the spiritual answers you were looking for, but nothing else. It is completely setup to get you to pay their fee, I expected this to be made by those who care for consciousness, but I guess not. If you don’t have any money, save your time. do not download this all.Version: 5.33

Latest layout just has so many design and access flawsThis was such a wonderful app, At some point, a year ago? they redesigned the layout and made it stressful to use. It was so simple before, you wanted a sleep story? You could scroll through every one simply and fluidly. now they are all separated, train stories from nature from featured or whatsoever and you have to spend your time searching through multiple tabs, that shudder as you scroll, not fluid anymore, the last thing you want to do when you’re looking to get to sleep. And though on each there’s a See All tab, you only see all of that category - making it really difficult to just access all sleep stories. And these sleep categories are all buried among daytime use tabs, meditations, daily get up and go stuff, mental fitness. Who thought this was a good idea?? The layout design is too specified and difficult to just go and find what you want. Also, while I’m glad there is more kid content being added for parents it would be nice if they added other stories at the same pace, and also backed off some of the more cheesy approaches to new stories that seems to have begin to pervade. Bummer when a great thing is “improved” and made far less nice..Version: 5.37.1

They keep asking for feedbackThey keep asking for feed back and pushing notifications. Very aggressive for a calm app. $$$$$.Version: 4.22

CalmHate it don’t get it ok! Waste of my time! Don’t listen to any other comments! It is so bad you will die! Not recommended for all ages! Don’t get it!.Version: 4.24.2

What a jokeThe download of the app is free, but nothing in the app does..Version: 4.25

Used to be greatI used to use calm from time to time to help myself fall asleep from when I worked different shifts and it was fantastic for doing this. I haven’t used it for a few months and now having come back to it I now see all the free music for falling asleep to has disappeared and now everything is subscription only so all the health professionals which recommended this app may now not know this and are still recommending this to people who could be on very limited income and may not have a spare £50 for a yearly subscription or £14 for a monthly one this could then be adding more pressure onto people who are already suffering with sleep or relaxation issues. Has Calm just got greedy with the rise in mental health issues due to the pandemic or just doesn’t care about all its users no more? I do understand apps need to make money and pay expenses etc but surely when you had certain songs, stories etc on for free before why not just leave them as free and subscribers get new content to help them this way also gives customers opportunities who just may need it for 1 or 2 nights every few months who don’t require monthly or yearly subscriptions for that little help now and again. Come on Calm make this right and gain more customers old and new.Version: 5.28

Hmmn not as good as I had hopedA confusing app with no good introduction or clear guide on how to use the app. It’s hard to navigate. The feeling options are limited and there is no anger or frustration option which is how the app leaves me feeling . The background noise gets irritating. I am disappointed and consider at this point I have wasted my money..Version: 6.30

BrutalThe worst, essentially the exact polar opposite of meditation or mindfulness. I’m sure the owners of this app are calm driving around in their Lamborghinis, sipping on fine whiskey, paid for by the infinite stream of anxious people. Ridiculous..Version: 4.22

EhOnly download for our king harry edward styles and i got to listen to dream with me for abt a week and then i found out u have to subscribe to it to listen to harry soooooo.Version: 5.0

Overpriced, amazing but cannot affordAmazing app but ridiculously expensive and offers no lesser option than full access- either pay 400$ to have it for life or 15$ a month - there is very little free content and no option to unlock certain things (I.e. I would totally pay like 5$ a month to just have the app partially unlocked, but there is no option. Or like $2.50 to unlock one specific meditation) it's so all or nothing and if you don't have the money to invest in this, then you can't really use it for more than a week unfortunately:( HUGE bummer because this is the best app on my phone but it's simply not accessible, I don't have any extra hundred dollar bills lying around..Version: 3.8.1

No free music anymoreI couldn’t find any free contents on the app anymore .. used to have it earlier .. I don’t want to subscribe and make such a large payment .. especially since I am not sure how often I will use it ...Version: 4.27

Can I get my money back?My phone was malfunctioning and i haven’t been able to stop my trial before the purchase went through. I didn’t get any email confirmation or notifications to give me a chance to opt out which makes it miserable for me to keep track. You are badly bruising my bank account and I do not feel calm about that!.Version: 4.8.1

Could of been a great sleep aid app if reasonably pricedSo what appears to be free is only available with a membership and then to access the programs you want you also have to purchase the premium app at a premium price. Value of program is about $4.99 a month not the $19.99 they are trying to charge customers..Version: 5.2

Tamara Levitt’s voice is the opposite of calmCalm is a great app, and a lot of the stories and narrators are amazing and so relaxing. Tamara is head of mindfulness, so she writes but also narrates a lot. This is where I have problems. Her voice is not nice to listen to at all: vocal fry, teeth whistle, unnatural and condescending tone to boot. It’s the type of voice I want to get away from and unfortunately she narrates a lot of the sleep segments. I’m sure what she is writing is helpful and calming.... but that voice is so grating. So if you want to try this app, be prepared to hear her voice a lot. See if you can stand her voice before you pay. It’s a shame, but unless there are more options, I won’t be reviewing subscription because of this. This review sounds quite harsh and plenty of people like her voice I’m sure, but a mediation app must be pleasant to listen to or at least offer more options. Actually, if you like the sound of a crackling fire you will like her voice. +3 stars for content -2 for crackling fire lady..Version: 4.26

Too many flawsOK. So it’s a decent app, but not for getting to sleep. Sure, if you are already tired and want to revert back to being a child and have someone read you a lovely bedtime story then this is good. Also some decent meditations and music. BUT it really misses the point of relaxation 1. Most authors’ voices are far too lively. Just not calming at all. Harry Style and Mary Berry were good. But rarely if you can’t sleep will these help. 2. The meditation people too need a soothing voice. They don’t. Not very relaxing. 3. When you are awake middle of the night and can’t find your reading glasses, trying desperately to find the right content, have a toggle to make the graphics bigger please and why when scrolling to find a soundscape you flick through to find the right one and you lose the place in the scroll of options. It keeps taking you back up to the top. All of these annoyances make me irritable and more awake. So it’s not helped hardly at all. If you want to market yourself as ‘the’ app then I suggest you get the fundamentals right and learn how to relax instead of irritate people middle of the night..Version: 5.32

Gave me anxiety lolToo much going on, and then asks for payment instantly. deleted.Version: 4.8.1

Amazing-but terrible price...I have been using this app for over a year, using the same relaxing melody to help me fall asleep When needed. Then all of a sudden I got a new phone, and when trying to use this app again it’s asking for a $72 payment and my melody is now locked?? Very disappointing as I truly loved this app but at $72 a year that is just not feasible....Version: 4.22

Too expensiveI love this app, I would gladly pay for it but not at the ridiculous prices they’re asking for. Even if they offered a monthly rate I’d be more willing to buy it. Nearly $80 up front is too steep of a price to pay..Version: 4.25

Not great for the chronically illI downloaded this app when Apple recommended it. I have tried several guided meditation apps and am always open to the possibility of finding another one to add to my options for meditating alone. I could not open the app the first time without agreeing to be charged a subscription at the end of a one-week free trial. The app then asked me a few questions to try to determine what to recommend — how familiar I am with meditation, how often I meditate, and what I’d like to focus on in guided meditation. It then recommended I try a one-week course on stress. I figured I would give it a try, but I did not make it 60 seconds into the very first lesson before the person leading the meditation falsely claimed that a variety of physical chronic illnesses are *caused by* stress, the same utter garbage that some people claimed to me way back when I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. I immediately stopped the course but decided to try something else before giving up on the app. I tried a few of the daily meditations, but like another recent reviewer, I found the style of the person who always leads them doesn’t really mesh with my style. Then I had an anxiety attack and only later realized that I had forgotten this app was on my phone when doing things to calm myself. At that point I finally deleted it..Version: 5.7

Not what it used to beI have had this app right from its very first stages, the early years. To be honest the original app had less choice but more useful content. The original app had lots of breathing exercise aids, natures music, and basic technique help and advice. And most importantly everything was free!!! I understand everyone wants to make money at some point but now it seems like pretty much everything requires the premium subscription, and the premium things available on the app you can find similar on the internet for free (audio books, music etc). This app has become more about bountiful gimmicky soundbites and less about quality stepping stones to better relaxation. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend the app anymore. It is such a shame because the beginnings of the app showed so much potential but unfortunately the people behind it have cashed in. I only gave it 2 star because it is still aesthetically pleasing and I’m still nostalgic of the first versions... ultimately, Very disappointing 😞.Version: 5.10.2

Horrible, anxiety inducingHorribly overpriced, downloaded this horrible app for a week then suddenly your hit with an $80 bill after literally a few days, how is that fair ? Now it’s like pulling teeth trying to get a refund, if I even get one. Of course they will fight you the whole way to take your money. Stay FAR away from this app, it will give your more stress than when you started off. I wish I could give negative stars..Version: 4.23

Caveat emptorAs a mental health professional I decided to explore Calm. Initial impressions are good : there is lots of Choice and the interface looks good. However on closer inspection a lot of the features blur the boundaries between ‘choice’ and ‘gimmick’. Does it matter how many different photos of waterfalls there are? And underneath the various meditations the technique is essentially the same. So I really question those who think this is good value. A lot what is on offer is available for free from your local library. The lovely - looking interface carries a catch - white font on light blue is hard to read; thus it was I accidentally tapped on a free trial. I thought I would be able to pull out but the ‘subscription’ section did not explain when my free trial expired and, helpfully, apple gave all my card details so before I could cancel £36 was taken from my account. Apple refused my immediate request for a refund. If Calm want to charge so much that is not illegal, but not giving subscribers a chance to confirm a choice, not advising or warning when the trial is coming to an end , and grabbing money for a whole year at a time with no recourse ( the latter, admittedly, being Apples fault) seems mercenary. So has it helped me feel calm? What do you think...?.Version: 4.6.3

Reduce your insane pricesMost people who are stressed out and not sleeping are like this because money is an issue. Your app is nice and the Sleep stories are cool, but even at the cheapest cost option it’s RIDICULOUSLY priced. $72 a year billed in a lump sum? $400 for a lifetime? With the amount of people who would buy the app if it was more reasonably priced you could still afford anything you might need. Greedy. If Mr. Fry costs that much consider hiring someone more cost effective..Version: 3.7.2

Absolutely MisleadingSure, this app is free to download, but almost none of the content is unlocked. Scrolling through is just looking at a gallery of tiny padlocks. The content on the app seems good, but I wish I could see it without spending over $80 CAD minimum. Really really disappointed..Version: 5.31.1

Not worth the money- full of Incomplete storiesMany of the available stories have multiple parts which aren’t available. For example, only persuasion “part 1” is available. I’ve subscribed for a full year- my expectations are that when something is labelled ‘part [number]’ then the rest of the parts will be there. Absolutely ridiculous; I’m definitely cancelling.Version: 6.21

PLEASE add a repeat button for sleep stories!I downloaded this app because I struggle to sleep. I cannot get my mind to stop racing without something to “distract” it and having the many wonderful sleep stories with soothing narrators is a GODSEND that I immediately got a Premium subscription when my free trial ended. I pretty much exclusively use this app for the sleep stories because that is what is most effective for me. However, I find myself jolting awake when the sleep stories end and that is not ideal after 30-40 minutes. To combat this I started using the playlists exclusively but those are still only a few hours long, none anywhere nears 8 hours. PLEASE add a repeat button to the sleep stories so they can play on loop, or even allow the ability for us to create our own playlists out of our favorite stories! I would love that so much. Because Calm is no longer serving my needs in helping me stay asleep I have found myself using it less and less and have opted for the app “Slumber: calm stories & sleep” because they DO have a repeat button on their stories, as well as a whole category of long stories that last for 3+ hours. The subscription is also considerably cheaper. If this isn’t a feature added to Calm soon I will sadly have to cancel my subscription..Version: 6.39

Doesn’t work as well as it should for the moneyI paid $70 for this thing, and the sleep feature does not work correctly for me at all! I set it for three hours usually, because I like the noise to continue until I know for sure that I have fallen asleep. It never fails that once it stops, it jars me out of sleep, assuming I have fallen asleep quickly enough. Unfortunately that’s exactly what keeps happening to me. I use this app on my iPad, and usually after the first song, if I am listening to sleep music, it completely stops playing, and then I get a message telling me that my timer ran out. Even though the timer underneath clearly shows that I have close to three hours still left on it. This literally happens almost every night so I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even try to fall asleep until at least two songs have played. I like the app otherwise, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that I have to do that after having spent so much money on this thing!! I like the sleep stories as well, but I wish there was some way to set them on repeat because I don’t always fall asleep quickly enough and I wouldn’t mind having them play multiple times..Version: 5.31.1

Automatically billed for one year!I tried this app once and wasn’t really into it. I missed cancelling the automatic renewal and it billed me for one year! This is so extreme for a first subscription. Incredibly disappointed in this app. Looking for a refund because I won’t be using it..Version: 4.23

UI became unintuitive in the last month. Stressful counter.For an expensive and recommended app the UI and search and categories lack of consistency is unexpected. In the quest of "engagement " the opposite is true with the smack in the middle weekly counter that adds a new level of "embracing the discomfort of being not capable of an arbitrary number of sessions " . That's understandable in gaming pressure tactics, not in a mindfulness application. Where Jay and the rest of the gurus and specialists invited profess the opposite. In the beginning years there was a counter that showed how many sessions were done ( based on the same performance expectation environment similar to job and family expectations of excellence) A more useable UI , better categories and a toggle to hide "performance ( or lack thereof) mode" are dearly needed . The bigger the company grew, the more disconnected becomes. As it's proven time and time again. Ex. no more written feedback for a session allowed, just the binary, Tik-Tok or X app Thumbs up or Thumbs down. Soon even that will disappear, based on the tracking of what we use and have an algorithm decide what's good for me, even if I don't know. Youtubistanization..Version: 6.35

Insomniac .. tamed12mths ago I could not sleep ... with Calm I can meditate .. time my breathing ... listen to some great sleep stories ... with my favsJerome , Cillian Eva and receive some daily calms from Tamara .. I now sleep better and have better quality sleep .. and if I wake up and think I can’t go back to sleep ... they even have a ‘back to sleep story’ .. which helps me back to sleep ..read by the amazing Jerome Flynn I discovered it’s white noise section which I use with my 8 month old granddaughter .. if she fails to fall asleep naturally on her afternoon nap .. she ends up sleeping for 2 hrs after using Calm . .. love the white-noise waves one . I’m also now using Calm as part of a weight support program.. to loose additional weight by getting a good night sleep .. I’ve recommended it to my son ... who reported back it was the best app ... also ..I realised that by doing the check ins ... it gets things off your chest to enable the next step to full relaxation...finally my cocker spaniel dog listens to it too.. she loves a story and is a very chilled dog ..Version: 5.14.1

I don’t believe all these 5 star reviews are genuineI can’t comment on the apps actual value when you pay, but here is my experience with the free version. I rarely ever review anything unless I am really happy or annoyed. Another sucker you in for a subscription error. Save your cash, download some nature sounds or use free guided meditation podcast. My problem with this app is its billing approach ethics and upfront pricing transparency Ok here’s the true deal with loading this app and what you are not told until you’ve wasted heaps of time. Firstly it’s not “truly” free and by the time you have worked this out you are probably in “lifetime email SPAM circle” you can’t get out from. Caveat Emptor - more junk email 1 - You get suckered in to giving them your emai and you get almost nothing of worth for it. Now you’ll be spammed forever 2 - You are then invited to a free 7 day where you give them billing details and that’s it - 7 days free and then you are smacked so make sure you are on top of it. 3 - Here’s what got up my nose. I get an email from them. I reply to the email telling them I am between jobs, can’t afford the app and would like to be removed from their mailing list. What to I get an automated response - go to Q&A section. Now I can expect “Calm” SPAM forever..Version: 4.5

Probably won’t renewFor the first month I loved this app. I paid for the premium subscription and started meditating to help me sleep. I meditate every night and have had it for around two months now and I have listened to all the sleeping meditations multiple times. There have been no new sleep meditations. There are lots of sleep stories but I bought this as a meditation app and I am disappointed at the lack of new meditation content. If more sleep meditations were added, especially those like Rhythm of the Train, I would be more inclined to renew but I am planning to explore other options. Another feature I would like to see is being able to program what I will listen to on a night. For example, play this meditation then play this sleep story. I currently have to set this up after the meditation which sounds like a 1st world problem but I then have to look at my phone and this wakes me up and undoes a lot of the relaxation I’ve been doing. It definitely works, if you just want sleep stories then this is great and new content is added all the time. If you want a meditation app you may run out of the content depending on your focus..Version: 4.14.1

STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!I downloaded the app and realized they wanted a stupid $72 subscription so I deleted it right away. Soon after I got an email from them asking me enter the password for my email address. I tried to deleted it and it wouldn’t let me. I turn the cell off and on without success. Meantime the warning about entering the password kept on popping up. I had to delete my email address from my phone ! STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!.Version: 4.21.1

Your not taking my moneyLooking at free trial, let around app had to give email, create password. Then told I’d joined and paying yearly subscription. I did not agree to join did not want to join. No where to contact to cancel or opt out. Emailed 5 times to stop this process. Had wrong email Address on app under “support” never went through. A sham A mess. Don’t go nest this app. A con to take your money without your permission. I stipulated that Calm was Is not to take money from my bank account. They do not have my convent to do that. I spent 2 hrs on this mess this morning only to end up having anxiety attach & needing to go to Doctor. My Mental Health has taken a battening trying to get rid of Calm who have made it nest impossible. I wrote I CANCEL OPY OUT & STOP. Haven’t heard s thing. Shocking app. Don’t go near. Vicki Now again I can’t seem to send. What a joke and a disgrace..Version: 4.10

Can’t change languagesI can’t change languages. There is no option to do so on the app on my phone. So I logged in through Safari. Guess what? The button to save the language change is at the bottom of the change language page and takes up just the amount of space that the default menu bar that Safari overlays on the page, so there is NO WAY to press the button. They’ve changed the CSS on the page to disallow zoom in or zoom out, so I can’t just zoom out to show this portion of the page and then click ok. I also can’t change the settings in Safari to “view as on desktop” to resolve this, since this stupid inflexible CSS is also set for the desktop version. So basically there is no way for me to change the language short of getting my laptop out in bed and logging in. I’m in bed, I signed up to this on my phone to use on my phone and get to sleep from the app on my phone. Why on Earth isn’t there a simple straight forward way for me to change the langue directly from my phone?!?? I’ve selected change language of app through my phone’s settings and the language doesn’t change. Wo betide the person who has the language of their phone set to anything different than they want the language of Calm to be in. If you have an iPhone 11 at least, there is NO WAY to change the language through the app or on your phone at all. How ludicrously inflexible, and not the least bit calming. Please fix ASAP..Version: 5.32

PotentialI like this app and it helps with my anxiety but sadly recently it fell into the hole that is auto replenish subscriptions. The app may be free but you can’t do shoit without the subscription(80$) and when you start the free week trial if you don’t cancel within 24 hours before it is complete it automatically makes you pay the 80$ which is a scam and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal(I might be wrong I’m not sure)the fact that you get about 5 meditations in total if you don’t pay is just rude and the subscription doesn’t go away if you delete the app. So staff at calm please make it free again. I do recommend getting this app if your willing to pay the 80$ annually but if you aren’t and are there for the free trial and delete the app 24 hours before your week expires otherwise you’ll be charged and you won’t get an email or anything it just takes money from your bank account. I for one am willing to pay that much to help with my anxiety. It is also helpful if you struggle getting to sleep. Sorry this review was so long Sincerely, mindless.Version: 4.8.1

Where did the breathe feature go?Haven’t used this app in a few years but I opened it recently after a hard day and was expecting it to still open to the breathe circle like it used to, but now it doesn’t even seem to be a feature at all? Super disappointed. It helped me get myself through some really hard times and it seemed like such a simple feature to keep in the free version. It was a circle with points marked along it and a circle that would move along the perimeter, and you would breathe in until point 1, hold til point 2, breathe out til it got to the top again. It also had sounds that would build and shift with each stage so you wouldn’t need to look at the screen. It was great and I think it should be restored as a core feature of the free version..Version: 6.35.1

App crashes and wigs out strangelyWho doesn’t want to be calm? This app has beautiful aesthetics and quality content, but when it shuts down in the middle of a meditation or sleep story all calm goes out the window. It also has the ability to play multiple content at once so if the screen gets touched accidentally you can have several things playing at once but no interface to turn each one off so you have to shut the whole app down and start over which takes time and patience. The sleep stories are my favourite thing about this app. I listen to them in the day too because I need something beautiful to listen to but they can randomly stop and crash the app too. Something about the music section too doesn’t play seemlessly and can get stuck and either shut down or just pause itself. I really hope these bugs can be transformed so I can truely enjoy the use and benefits of this app because there are many..Version: 4.11.3

Too priceyThis app is too pricey. Anyone can find all these on youtube or other sites. I will not be spending my money on it.Version: 4.22

Not great but not the worst.A weeks free trial and then auto subscription? Even by sidestepping the subscription I still feel that 95% of the app is hidden within the subscribed and premium versions, I thought I would give it a go since it’s advertising algorithm was smashing my socials and i was looking for anyway to help myself relax and control my anxiety while looking increasing my average and broken 4-5 hrs sleep per night. Quit disappointed as after a good 15minutes of diving in and rummaging around I was only able to listen to 1 story. The whole experience just stressed me out even more and though I understand the need for prescriptive services, I think too much is locked away and not enough is available to even make me want to subscribe. 3 / 5. Won’t be back..Version: 5.31.1

BewareI cancelled at day six of the trial. They charged my card for the full year subscription on day 7. They will not issue a refund. Stay away..Version: 4.5

The usual trial trickIs Calm any good? Maybe. But how to find out? The amount of free content to test it out is absolutely TINY and actually finding out what’s available is made as difficult as possible. You’ll just see padlock symbols everywhere. Because they’re trying to push you into the 7-day “free trial”. But yes, it’s one of those “trials” where, if you neglect to do anything (and from the website, you’ll need to react in 6 days not 7), it will automatically roll over into a free subscription. It’s just amazing how many companies seem to think this sort of tactic is ethically justifiable. I’m not remotely against trial periods, but a far better approach is to prompt you at the end of the trial that you need to pay to continue, NOT rely on your inertia or forgetfulness. As things stand, though, this is just another company trying to push me towards buying a product without letting me get a good look at what’s on offer. And that’s just a turn-off..Version: 5.14.1

Add more stories to the kidsWhy aren’t you adding stories to the kids section? I’m a single mother and my kids have a terrible case of insomnia. I always see you adding stories to the adults but why not the kids this makes bedtime a struggle to the point where I can’t sleep until they sleep just I can’t even like I see you uploading three times a week to the adult but never the kids they only get the single story once a month maybe not even maybe once every three months I’m just so sick of it. Please make my life easier. Just add more like it’s not that hard maybe if it is it’s certainly not hotter than the adult so I don’t know why you can’t do it, but you certainly should just please take my comment into consideration. It’s even a chance that you’ll see this, but I just want you to know. that kids are depending on you. i’m not hating on the app. I think it’s a great app. My kids used to fall asleep to it until we ran into this problem. That’s why I wrote you two stars. I was going to write you one but you generally are good and if you see this comment, you should have the heart to change your ways..Version: 6.34

Battery drainDrains a lot of battery with background activity that can't be turned off.Version: 3.8.2

Has potentialGreat app, could be a lot better if 99% of the app wasn’t locked behind a paywall. I spent about 10 minutes browsing and found about 4 free ones. I don’t object to having a subscription service, but if an app is for mental health, at least let us have SOME as we might not be able to afford the upgraded version. i believe it has potential, and I like the scenes feature a lot, but the paywall destroyed the experience. 2/5 stars.Version: 5.21

Thiefs!Such crap! Charged the subscription without a warning that my trial was ending and when I tried to reach their support it was impossible! Do not do the trial unless you’re sure you want to pay the 70$ because they’ll charge you without warning!.Version: 4.5

Very limited features available without premium subscriptionUsed to love this app as it helped me through exam stress and anxiety. Perfect for revision and for an insomniac like me…but I’ve recently got a new phone and upon installing the app onto this phone I was shocked to see the music I had previously had access to and even downloaded on my phone now requires premium access :(( After making my way around the newly updated app I was disappointed to discover that literally all the app’s features now require premium subscription and quite frankly it’s ridiculous. Everything from the nature melodies- that I used to fall asleep to everyday- to the soundscapes, to even the sleep stories are all locked. Unless you pay, which isn’t really top priority on my university student budget, there is nothing you can use or do on the app, rendering it practically useless. It’s just sad considering I’ve been using this app since early 2017 now all because I have a new phone I’ve lost access to all the music that was previously downloaded on my old phone..Version: 4.18

Great for sleep and relaxation - meditations need some work!It genuinely surprises me how highly rated the meditations are on this app. They are delivered by one person - so if you are not keen on that particular voice or style, then there’s nothing else! The style they are delivered in is a short spoken essay on a particular topic, followed by some relaxation or nature sounds. Anyone who regularly meditates knows that the mind goes everywhere and anywhere and needs to be gently brought back throughout - the meditations here do not do this. I’d recommend they get some different practitioners so there’s more choice of voice and style. The current one on offer isn’t meditation in my view. However - the sleep stories (with a huge range of narrators) are amazing and the timed meditation background music with no guidance is really useful. To make this app better, and also ‘speak to’ it’s international audience, having meditation narrators with different accents is essential. I’m sure Tamara Levitt is a lovely person but I’m disappointed that every single meditation is delivered by her (and her style isn’t my preference)..Version: 4.9

AwfulThis app has been driving me insane I spent $70 by mistake. I can understand why this would sound like my fault because I have clumsy fingers some may say. But I have been trying to get a hold of this company and of my Apple account and I’ve gotten no aid and no help with trying to renew my annual subscription get a refund. If you think this calm app will help you with things like anxiety it will not. All it is, is music and meditation guides to help you, which it does not help. This app is toxic and should be taken out, I am very unimpressed with the disorganization of this app and the payments that it requires because it is not a free app it costs money for something that is completely useless, and you can fine for free on Google or any other free app it is not as trashy as this one..Version: 4.7

Gouging money from those who need help.. sickeningAll apps like calm seem to charge insanely high fees for their services.. $400 for this app.. come on! Why do they do it? Well it’s simple, they know some people that actually have issues and need a stress relief will at times pay anything to try and get it. It’s a pretty sick business practice considering a lot of these people are stressed due to money issues. Do not support developers like this.. otherwise we will not see a stop this..Version: 4.8

Pay to use bsJust another app that’s hyped up pay to do everything. Any app that has this much advertisement is always full of scams. Don’t waste your time..Version: 4.18

App is in accessible for blind user, buttons unlabeledHello, I really like the content on your app and it has really helped me to develop my practice. However because of the issues described in the title I probably will no longer subscribe to calm next year. I am blind, and use the screen reader voiceover. I can play the videos for the content well enough with play pause, fastforward but the biggest barrier I am facing is that the mountains which you tap on in the for you tab to bring up the settings are unlabeled. I was trying to turn off the babbling Brook sound, accessible apps need to have text labels to accompany any clickable items. I would love to resubscribe once you have resolved these issues, buttons for the mood check-in feature are also unlabeled or nonexistent. The box breathing technique does not speak anything aloud or refresh on its own. A better way to accomplish that might be to use a metronome with 44 times signature. I am happy to speak to a developer more about my feedback and suggestions for how to resolve these issues, but I think that especially since healthcare providers are starting to recommend your service to their users, many of them who use Medicaid and Medicare and are disabled the app absolutely should be more accessible. Thank you for your timely consideration and namaste. I look forward to working with you in making the meditation community more inclusive..Version: 5.16

Improved over timeI want to say I tried this app back in 2015 or 2016. I took a break from it for a while after I found Insight Timer because I much preferred the content on that app (comes from thousands of creators and is free). I REALLY do not enjoy Tamara’s voice and refuse to listen to it which eliminates about 30% of the content on this app (previously her voice accounted for 90% so this is an improvement). This is what originally led me to explore other apps. They’re really beginning to expand on variety now and I don’t have to listen to that god-awful Mid-Atlantic-like accent while I’m trying to meditate or go to sleep. I love the sleep stories and my boyfriend has also grown to look forward to picking one out. One thing I noticed recently that I would like to call out to the developers was that I had turned on Jay Shetty’s sleep meditation and noticed I was able to still listen to my background music of choice from the home page. This was really really cool and something I hope I’m able to do to customize the background sounds for my other meditations. If it’s a new feature or something please continue to offer it! I like being able to choose from more than just “music” or with “rain” in the background sometimes. Thanks!.Version: 6.9

Deceptive subscription deletionI am trying to unsubscribe from this app and I keep getting sent to Apple and then back to Calm. There is no option for subscription cancellation in any of the pages that I keep getting sent to. One should be allowed to cancel a subscription in ones personal app profile in Apple subscriptions found in Settings but there is no option anywhere for this app (note: all other apps have the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option). I then tried the Apple App option to unsubscribe and again no ‘Cancel Subscription ’ option for this app ( again...all other apps had the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option). I then went through the Apple ‘ how to subscribe option and it sent me back to the same pages. Soooo frustrating! I then went through the Calm website. The same NO CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION option! ARGGGG! It is very deceptive and although I really like the app and was initially just checking out my cancellation options, the fact that there is no option to unsubscribe makes me want to completely delete this app and never use it again! Now I am super annoyed! Badly done and is counterproductive to the image of calmness you create with this app. Very disappointed and extremely frustrated that I have no way of unsubscribing! Make the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION option available in the settings function!.Version: 5.17.2

Developers! Please fix the mood check in!!!This is almost a 5* app, I absolutely love the Sleep Stories, the meditations are good. But the main reason I bought the app was to record my mood and do the gratitude check ins. The gratitude check in works brilliantly where I can manually press the + button and add what I’m grateful for each day. BUT - the mood check in never works!!! It’s so frustrating. Please can the app developers make the mood check in function exactly the same as the gratitude check in, so that I can manually add my mood check in each day too? It pops up in notifications to remind me to do the mood check in, but 60% of the the time the notification link doesn’t work. And just goes to the app home screen and not the mood check in so I end up missing loads of days where I can add the mood check in at all. I’m paying a lot of money for this app, and this is something that needs to be improved asap in my opinion.Version: 5.35

Too expensiveLower your prices.Version: 4.18

Anxiety inducing - overpricedI am trying to get support and help where I can to reduce my anxiety when I'm trying to sleep at night as I get these unbearable heart palpitations that leave me with insomnia. I decided to try this app out of desperation. Unfortunately, everything that would've been of any use to me personally is locked off completely. My entire "for you" page is premium only options, reminding me that I can't afford such 'luxuries' as a good night's sleep. This is thieving from very vulnerable people who need all the help they can get. Frankly, I find this incredibly disturbing and the matter has stressed me out which, naturally, won't help me get any sleep at all. If you have any empathy for people who require your services, you'll reduce prices and give more options and accessibility to people who cannot afford to subscribe to you. If others such as my self want some advice, try looking for some meditations on youtube or spotify. Don't waste your money or time on these greedy people, they do not care about your health..Version: 5.12.1

FRAUD! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!!The offer a 7 day FREE Trial and then auto bill your credit card thereafter. A friend was gracious enough to purchase me a 1 year gift certificate to the program; however, when I signed up, the app would not accept my gift certificate info and stated I would be billed on my credit card after the free trial was up. I have attempted for HOURS to go into the app to cancel the premium subscription and to also delete my account. The app just takes you in circles and gives you no avenue to cancel. When I try to delete my account, I get an error stating I have to cancel my subscription first, which the app will not allow me to do. I have also tried deleting my credit card info from my phone in settings and removing the app subscription that way and it does not work either. I ultimately had to cancel my credit card and have it reissued to prevent the auto charge subscription from taking place and now am without my credit card for several days. I did not want to wait for the charge to go through and then have to wait 90 days for me to get the charge deleted/reversed. This practice with the developers to make it impossible to cancel is shady.. they also do not provide any contact customer service email or phone number to contact to cancel or address billing concerns..Version: 6.3

Great App however…I totally love this app however in the last couple of months there have been many many children’s stories added, which of course is great, however they are all mixed up in the selection space with the adult stories and it becomes time consuming, at night, when you are tired and looking for a sleep story to have to wade through them all. I really wish there was a separate section, a division between the child and adult stories which would make it much more efficient and easier to navigate..Version: 6.6

Interface too complex to useThis used to be my favourite app, but each time it updates the interface gets harder and more challenging to use. It is not user friendly any more and it constantly changes. All of the key features used to be super easy to go to, but now just to get to ‘sleep stories’ for instance me you have to click multiple buttons that aren’t that descriptive to begin with. What happened to simple easy to use interfaces??? Why does everything have to get infinitely more challenging to use. Let alone how difficult this new interface would be for someone with a disability. Shocking. Really unfortunate that this app has gone this way. Unfriendly to the everyday user. App was much better a year ago..Version: 5.27

Very good but with a slight problemI LOVE this app, it helps me to relax and meditate and I love all the cool features! It's just that recently when I have been trying to meditate he won't let me. I would choose what meditation I want to do then it would exit the app!! I've tried many times it just won't work. Very good app please fix this slight problem though..Version: 3.7

More stress than it’s worthI was recommended this as a person with complex health issues and mobility problems Wheelchair dependent. Due to health deteriorating I had a breakdown unable to cope with yet another part of my body beginning to cause problems. I was told this was free and discovered it was not free so basically deleted it from my phone. Bearing in mind the whole of the summer my state of mental health was in crisis. I just coming out of crisis took on board advice and recommended FREE or as I said what I thought was free self help apps. On the morning a week after I received a bill for a years subscription which I duly cancelled and was told I could use the app until September 2020. So you cannot cancel at anytime certainly not get a refund as I never even used the app. Literally had a quick look and was unimpressed at what it offered for the money and deleted it from my phone. When billed I followed instructions to cancel (a flash message saying I had cancelled app but had use of it til next year was all I got ) . So no proof for PayPal to dispute my case. Well done for your blatant lack of compassion and taking advantage of people who actually may not have all their mental capacity at time of taking an app like this on. Would not recommend this and now I am out of pocket for nothing !!.Version: 4.12.1

More Personal Tracking Than You'd ExpectAccording to Calm's privacy policy, they will not only log and track your usage (which is normal), but they'll also collect public information on you from the internet and match that up. THEN they sell that data off. Good luck treating your anxiety while anonymous companies exploit and profit off your mental health.Version: 6.36.2

Misleading appThis app should be classified as : “in app purchases”. Most of the content is locked and you are required to pay to unlock it. When I say most of the content it means that only three sleep stories are available and only one series of a 7-day meditation plan -super basic and short- is available for free. So misleading and disappointing..Version: 4.25

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