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Keep CalmWhat y’all fail to realize is it’s not Jpay who is holding y’all messages and pictures hostage it’s the prison system. You write your letters on Jpay and they send them to the prison and the prison has to process it, make sure ain’t nothing out the way in the messages, check the pictures for any type of hand signs and then they send to inmate but you also have to look at how many letters and pictures they receive from all over the world ain’t no way they can get to everyone with in a certain time frame that’s just ludicrous. If you don’t like it don’t use it, go back to writing the old fashion way. Thanks Jpay for creating a platform for us to write my loved ones with out the hassle of having to go to the store buy stamps and envelopes and making sure I don’t forget the mailbox lol..Version: 1903

Life LineI love what this app is about. Does it have some imperfections? Yes but what app doesn’t. There is not one app that is flawless. My experience has been amazing. My fiancé’s son and I have continued to build an amazing relationship through this app. This app is our life line to each other. I love that I can send him funds through this app because it’s simple and easy. I appreciate when I need to send a quick message I can and I don’t have to worry about life being so busy that I don’t get to send a hand written letter as often as I want. When I hear “my son” express how much he can make it through each day through our communication it warms my heart. I know as tile continues to go on this app will improve. Until it does I thank you for doing something to keep us families connected. Be bless.Version: 2005.5

Using this appAt times this app works great and the. At times it doesn’t. There’s times when Joay including 2 days ago I sent a message and my loved one responded but I haven’t received the message back and I wasn’t notified or anything I don’t understand why do they keep a communication with the state facility especially when a lot of people put a lot of money on the books some messages get send out too last some don’t make sense my communication of my fiancé is something I keep including when he writes his daughter and his daughter waits for days when it says up to 48 hours which is 2 days it’s been 4 for me and I still haven’t received the messages. Come on some of us pay money with y’all to keep things updated like what’s going on this week are y’all working or y’all out due to corona virus the other day I waited 5 hours to see if I would talk to someone it’s ridiculous and right now I been on hold almost a hour really.Version: 2001

GratefulThis system allows us to stay in contact with our incarcerated loved ones in almost real time. Even a glimpse of their lives in there which you can take positively or negatively depending on who you are. Personally I am thankful I get to talk to my loved one regularly They are human too and deserve love. It makes their time easier to cope and reduces abuse and violence within the system. Thank you jpay!.Version: 2105.1

Expensive but worth it.I love this app it enables me to speak to my boyfriend in Ohio as I am currently in England and can’t visit so we have video visits when I can’t go over. I have just noticed a payment option which I think now allows me to send him money for his books which has been our only obstacle over the years so fingers crossed it works. Yes it’s expensive but it’s an amazing thing to keep love ones communicating..Version: 1807

Works super well !I don’t know why people have such bad experiences with this App … it works perfectly fine . I keep contact daily with my innate . I send pictures and video gram easily . I receive and send messages without a problem . Definitely a must have to stay in touch ..Version: 2106.10

AwesomeI have had no problems buying stamps or sending and receiving video grams. I don’t know what everyone else is talking about, but I’ve been using JPay for a year now, with not 1 problem..Version: 2105

AmazingLove this app!!.Version: 1810

Download and report bugs and be patientThis is a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones who are locked up! This is the best way to stay in touch!! If you find a bug then just report it and be patient because they will fix it! Don’t just give up on your loved ones and not download it or not continue to message them! This is the worst feeling ever to hear from your loved ones “it’s too much trouble, I’m sorry but I am not wasting my time!” Wow that’s a gut wrencher!!! Just be patient and when there is a problem report it to the app!!!! AND THEY WILL FIX IT!!!! And I gave this 4 stars because it’s a great app but it does have a lot do problems but they do always get fix!! Download this app it is worth it please and your loved ones will feel so important whether they tell you that’s how it makes them feel or not , trust me!!!!!! Go ahead and do it!!!!!!.Version: 2105

JPay and my IPadIam total good with JPay it has always worked for me and when needed work it has always been communicated to me the finish product, now this is the first time I have experienced this type of problem when I try and login to my JPay acct. through my icon it’s spends brings up the login in page and vanish , I haven’t been able to work it for several months , I thought it was because I didn’t have any stamps on my acct, which the day I tried to add some it said ERROR AND WOULDNT LET ME PUT ANY ON. I thought it just need to be adjusted by your developers , so I went in through the search and brought the service up and added some stamps, I received a email message saying it had been fixed and I could now use the acct logo , I also changed the password as instructed, and I thought all wa# well , only to be experience the same problem the only fix is it stays on a lil longer than vanish , please help me I am frustrated beyond knowing nothing to do . Thank you in advance, as I know you will take care of what ever the problem is..Version: 2105

YES!Makes things so much easier!.Version: 1.0.2

Love this appOk, it's not perfect, but the fact is this app allows me to talk to my friend far more often and easier than if I was using regular snail mail. Plus I can send her photographs so she can feel more connected with the outside world. The tablets are such a good idea and I'm very grateful that this is something that exists. My ONE complaint would be that even after Ive read my emails the notification will stay for ages which bugs me because it makes my screen look messy, but I'd put up with 1000 messy looking notifications if it means my friend and I can have access to this system :).Version: 4.7

No goodI’ve been using this app for years since my brother has been incarcerated and for the past couple of months I for some odd reason has not been able to use this app. It doesn’t allow me to log in anymore. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again umpteen times and still nothing. It just keeps saying error etc. I’ve called customer service and was told I’ll receive a call back. Never received a call nor email and nothing was ever resolved. However I can log on online, but the app is completely different from the online site and I really just want access to my app because there’s video grams that were sent to me that I can’t view, due to not being able to log in. I’ve tried everything and received no help. I am very highly upset about this..Version: 2002

Aussie userI haven’t had ANY issues receiving or sending mail, photos or videos, I do agree that price should be able to be displayed in several currencies but it is what it is. Will the jpay app disappear when securus takes over? I can’t get an account with them because I’m an Aussie so this would be really upsetting..Version: 2106.7

Australian user here!The easiest way to communicate with a loved one incarcerated in America, it states on the website that emails will not be sent Afterhours and on weekends but I’ve never had a problem with it. My card works to purchase stamps, media and what not! Sometimes it’s frustrating when emails don’t get sent within 10-15 minutes but it’s better than waiting 6 weeks for mail to come through AusPost. :) so quit whinging..Version: 2005.4

Login issuesI want to give this app more stars because when it comes down to it, it’s great. i get messages for through preview and all before going to the inmate so it may take awhile and that’s not where my headache comes. my headache comes from this is an amazing way to keep in contact. it’s cheap and fast. BUT i seem to run into issues a lot with not being able to login for a day or so. this time is different, i’ll admit my heart stops a little when i see myself logged off, but usually i’ll just go to the website and read/send my email. i’m not sure what’s going on right now but it’s been days without me being able to login, the website itself seems to be down. yet i keep getting notifications for having unread emails. so what’s going on? is this problem going to be fixed? this could easily be a 4/5 star review but i feel there shouldn’t be constant issues of crashing..Version: 1910

Glitchy but better than snail mailPeople are grumpy because it’s glitchy. Yes. It is fairly glitchy. Which can be frustrating. But it is totally functional. I thank my lucky stars that I get to talk to my friend multiple times a week rather than once every 2-3 weeks, and that I can go back and read what I wrote so we can keep on track with our conversations. I like and appreciate this app a lot. I hope for continued improvements, of course. But I’m happy that this technology is available at all..Version: 1909

So excited for this appWell done, Jpay! The new app has email! Thank god! There are a couple of features not available (yet) but I am still super impressed with how easy this app is to use and the convenience of it!.Version: 2.0.1

I love it!The app send me late notifications to told me that i've received a message (already have opened them) but except that little bug, it goes well! I can send pictures and mails. No problem with stamps or connection. I like it. Thank you!.Version: 2005.5

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