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Don’t like this updateBefore the latest update I could enter the amount, insert card and then the client could enter a tip on their own on my iPad. Now the tip option is on my card reader and I have to ask if they want to tip me! Awkward... and I have missed out on tips because of it. Also, since I need to hand them the card reader the automatically pull the card out and it cancels the transaction. I wish it would go back to the old format and the client doesn’t need to handle the card reader at all..Version: 3.5.1

Layout and SignaturesOverall the app gets the job done ringing up orders on our mobile food truck. What would be better is if a grid layout was an option versus a list to scroll down. (Be more like Square). Also even with settings set to n signature required for under $50, the signature screen still comes up. Annoying!.Version: 4.2.6

Could be betterThe interface is simple and so is maintaining the item catalog. Also easy to transfer funds to the bank. The sales reports are terrible, however, and the battery on the Bluetooth card reader only lasts a few minutes before it turns itself off or needs to be plugged in. Also none of my sales activity shows any more -only a few random old sales. Have to go to reports to see what I sold today and there is very little detail. Pretty messed up -come on PayPal. App support is atrocious as well..Version: 3.2.3

Jack of all trades, master of noneOverall the system is good and works well, biggest issue I have at the moment is after recent updates the card reader does NOT go to sleep in between transactions, which I know why they did this was to fix another Bluetooth re-conductivity issues they had but this has a new issue now by doing it this way. Since it doesn't sleep it stays on discharging the battery way to quickly, leaving you without a way to get paid during transactions.....please fix this, this used to work before all the latest Bluetooth "enhancements" towards the end of last year 2017. Also requires a good internet connection, does a lot of flaky stuff without it!! Until this card reader is fixed it will remain a 3 star but normally it's a solid 4 pushing 5. Regards, Just a guy trying to make a living.Version: 3.0.6

Can I not just use this to edit my PayPal accountStill can't edit my account just trying to make a purchase and I am getting a series of stupid questions and forms to set up like I am some international business. Can you not just skip what is not applicable to your needs and come back later if you want to expand. Not user friendly useful and times out too quickly. PayPal.. another great idea getting ruined by greed and red tape!.Version: 2.8.4

Arizona LivingThis app was critical to the success of my business EARLY ON but sadly it's now the biggest issue for us day to day. The constant pairing issues and now 'saved' transaction glitches mean that customers (and I) think they have paid but we have missed out on just under $4,000 in payments actually working. Customers leave with the stock and the payment doesn't complete. Sadly I am switching to another provider..Version: 3.0.82

App Doesn’t OpenEvery time I try to open the app on my iPad, it redirects me to the website & asks me to upgrade to a business account (which it already is a business account), then when I click on the ‘Ally Here’ button/link ... it comes up with an error & URL cannot be found! How am I even supposed to get started? I need this to accept card payments at markets & fairs..Version: 3.6.6

Log on/off issuesSince recent update, if app left for more than 15 minutes unused, unable to reconnect to card reader and have to close down the app, restart and log back in. This is very inconvenient and upsetting our customers.Version: 3.0.1

Pay pal faultMy PayPal is faulty it won’t work it shuts down I’ve been using it for five years but all of a sudden it won’t accept payments I have to shut it right down restarted up to accept payments then it works it works for a couple of payments and then when it doesn’t work for awhile it shuts down but it looks like it’s okay but it’s not so I wonder if someone can have a look at it for me please.Version: 3.9.1

Keeps logging staff out.This app used to be so much smoother to use but now keeps logging our staff out during the working day..Version: 3.6.3

Is this a Scam?This App is supposedly from Paypal, but I've got my doubts, and wonder how Apple could have approved it even if it is genuine. It asks for your Paypal details, then, once they've been entered it tells you something like "Service isn't widely available yet" and refuses to do anything (much - It'll refer you to a Paypal website if you've forgotten your Paypal Login details) else. I would suggest that you avoid this App: it's just not worth the risk..Version: 1.3.3

To Many FlawsBeen using this app for 3 years now and they managed to get it working decently for a few a months then an update trashed that. If you manage to get the app working ok then my advice is NEVER UPDATE because PayPal have a habit of screwing it up. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it..Version: 3.6.6

Update of deviceJust updated the device which goes with this app. Unfortunately the guys at paypal do not seem to have addressed the long term issue with the device not going into sleep mode while this app is open. The only way this can be done is to close the app otherwise the device battery drains at an alarming rate. I use mine for working at fairs where I have no electricity so that's no use. I can't log out of the app then back in every time I have a customer- it's too time consuming. I can't trust the device to do a whole day of trading hence the app is not satisfactory. Other issues I have include having to reconnect the device every time I want to use it and difficulty using it if lots of people are using wifi - it times out making people (and me) nervous. Loading a day's sales history takes too long so you can't just glance to check. My device is over a year old so out of its guarantee period. Charges on PayPal transactions are considerably higher than other, similar devices. If the device worked as well as it did before the sleep mode issues, I would give the app 4 stars because it is pretty user friendly with a clear layout..Version: 3.0.80

Appalling! Please fix!Oh PayPal Here, you used to be wonderful. You used to work so well. I used to be so happy with you... And then you did some really crappy updates, and now you are just frustrating and awful and really really sad:( I used to be able to use you at markets, turn you on, log in once and just use you simply and easily all day. Now every time I try to use you there seems to be some sort of problem...there's the constant pairing the card reader every time you turn it on...the surprise need to log in, in the middle of a transaction etc. And today, in the middle of a busy market, you decided you needed to do an update right in the middle of a customer trying to pay..10 minutes of total embarrassment waiting and trying to explain to customers how technology that used to be so wonderful is now so unreliable. Honestly it's gotten to the stage when there is a problem or delay or frustration every time I try to use you now.. I used to really like you, but unfortunately I just can't keep doing this for much longer. If you don't fix it soon I shall have to break up with you, I'm sorry..Version: 3.0.4

Can’t connect card readerStruggle to connect card reader to sync with iPad tried everything , it’s very temperamental . It even registers on my Bluetooth connected device menu but won’t connect using PayPal here and I use it for business ..Version: 3.0.7

New update card readerWhich app developer plonk thinks In a middle of a transaction a update should be a priority to the card reader whilst the customer is trying to make a payment.Version: 3.6.7

Big problems with new update.Big problems with new update. The charge button shifts and you can’t see what the price is. Can’t go into edit item everything is spread out the scroll is locked in place so you can’t move up or down to edit item description price or quantity. When you go to check out the number pad shifts to the left and you have to re-enter your numbers. Big problems need fixed won’t be using this app until they are..Version: 4.2.4

Chip reader won’t sleep after updateSince the last update the chip reader will not sleep when you push the power button. I have emailed customer service about this three times and have not received a resolution. Since you can not get the reader to sleep and it is constantly on, it dies within an hour or two causing a loss of numerous sales. Might be worth it to go with a slightly higher fee with square than not be able to make a sale. PLEASE FIX ASAP..Version: 3.0.3

I am not a business.While I use PayPal often to lend and collect debts from friends, I am not a business. Every time I attempt to log in to the app it tells me they want to upgrade me to a business account for free, but I am not a business. I am asked to give the business name, phone number and address (which don't exists because surprise surprise, I am not a business). When I click cancel on this screen it goes back to the log in page. When I try to log in it tries to upgrade me. I. Am not. A business. While I use the service PayPal provides and it is great, the app is currently garbage because I can't sign in on it and it is worthless to me. This is an issue that needs fixing. I clicked personal account when I signed up because I do not WANT a business account because I AM NOT A BUSINESS. Stop assuming I want an upgrade and forcing me to get it..Version: 3.6.3

CrashesFlat out doesn’t work, crashes on login. iPhone version works fine on iPad but this doesn’t..Version: 3.9.1

Not working nowUsed to work but for some unknown reason not anymore!.Version: 3.9.1

Ray WhiteheadA really nice App easy to navigate, but why only in Portrait mode, it’s so much easier to view in Landscape mode?.Version: 3.3.0

Bad bad badI need to upgrade my credit card expiry date but have spent a week trying to log on with stupid robot pictures. Won’t be able to use you any more. Most Unsatisfactory and now you won’t accept my nickname.Version: 3.3.0

Please fixe the firmwareMy card reader paywave and chip payments methods are not working anymore after updated the latest firmware from this app now I can only get pay by typing the card number which feel like going back to Stone Age way of doing online payment. It's totally ridiculous and I have to pay for this craps on every transaction..Version: 2.6.7

Glitches and freezesSimply hate the new upgrade with lots of freeze moments. Has to restart all the time after each transaction. Customers is complaining about the processing time. And, we have been having lots of issue about tips too. My customers never tip but at the end of the transaction and the tip were added automatically and my customers are furious because they thought that we added the tip without their authority. And in some case customers added tips but at the end of the processing screen it shows that no tips were added and customers has to pay tips in cash. The tip column is on the same page and a lot customers said that they don't see it there. Overall, we love the previous version much better than this one. This is driving everyone crazy especially for those who used the older version.Version: 3.6.5

Very poor compared to SquareHave had PP for years and years for eBay and forum transactions. Started to use recently for vending business as an alternative to Square bc of a rate increase. Customer service is VERY poor. Transaction processing time is 3-4 times longer than Square. If you are a vendor with occasional transactions, it would be no big deal. But as a vendor who often has a line of customers waiting it has doubled my service time per customer. The hardware constantly disconnects from app and you have to turn it back on and wait for it to connect only to find out that the app has signed out and requires time for another log on. Calling customer service is a joke. The voice menu won’t give a choice with my issues. Choose another category just to get in to talk to someone, you can’t get past the voice system. After hold times, and calling back multiple times to an invested time of 40 minutes, you get a CS person who can’t help you, and transfers you elsewhere where you hold again. When you finally get a real person, they put you on hold because they don’t know how to help you and then you find yourself disconnected. At least 3 or 4 times in your journey to this person, you have given your complete customer information, so you think maybe a conscientious CS rep will call you back. Yeah, right. Call back thank you..Version: 3.7.7

Very DisappointingWe purchased the tap and go device from office works and downloaded the app. Within the first few days of use we had to return it as it kept on failing. In fact we exchanged 2 devices as the devices continued to fail. When returning the second device (after 3 days) We were told in the store that other people also had issues, which did not instil us with a lot of confidence. The app kept on stalling and freezing on transactions and ultimately we had to abort using it all together as we did not have someone on site who could reinstall it.(And yes we had also deleted and reinstalled the app several times previously.) Customer service was below par, I was kept waiting on the phone for 15 minutes then after talking to an advisor for several minutes was moved to another department where I had to wait for another 15 minutes for someone to pick up the phone. Two days running I was kept on the phone 30 minutes and 45 minutes as we had issues. I was really excited about this app and the device prior to purchasing the device however in the real world with a number of customers to serve in a pop up Santa photography situation this is not the app to use. This is a great concept however there is a lot of R&D required to get this stable. If it continues like this into the new year we won't be using it at our next Santa Photography shoot next December..Version: 2.6.2

Logging out staffNeeds to stop logging out my staff! I get phone calls “hey, were logged out again! What’s the PayPal password” which is obviously a security risk.. so customers can not use card until I drop everything and return to the shop! Ridiculous for a company as big as PayPal. Moving back to worldpay until this is fixed..Version: 3.3.0

Don’t bother!Thinking of using a paypal card reader in your business? Don’t bother! I have a paypal business account which I had to jump through hoops to obtain. I started using my card reader for sales at my business premises only to find that paypal would then not let me transfer funds to my verified bank account. Trying to contact their customer services was like pulling teeth, messages went unanswered and phoning them up just resulted in my talking to “talky toaster” before I was finally cut off. My funds were eventually released only for my card reader to start declining all customers cards including my own! The only way we could get it to work was by manually keying in customers details which of course costs 1% more in transaction fees! We then tried to transfer the funds to our bank only to find that they were “on hold” and we couldn’t touch them for 21 days! Trying to contact paypal was an absolute waste of time! In desperation we obtained a card reader from another provider and had absolutely no problems with it..Version: 3.8.2

Recent update no goodAfter the recent update I constantly have to close and open the app to force it to connect to my reader, it attempts a transaction, declines, then asks me to log in. Much slower. I had none of these problems with the previous update. PayPal please help us out here, it’s slowing down client check out times and making us look unprofessional when it doesn’t work..Version: 3.0.4

Crashes all the timeI can’t do two transactions in a row without killing the app and re starting it and re linking it to my card reader. I have a Brand new iPad I bought just for transactions and I feel so amateur taking transactions with problems every single time. Reader never links to iPad automatically like it’s supposed to. Been using it for 8 months and I’ve never had a transaction work perfectly..Version: 3.4.0

Becoming a love hate relationshipPayPal equipment was included in the business I bought so I started using it, loved that a debit card came along soon after started using the app, and that fees didn’t seem too big of an issue. BUT, the transaction steps are way to cumbersome when they do NOT have to be! Please PayPal, realize cash transactions should not be more steps than card transactions!! And always having connectivity issues with the card reader is embarrassing! Have tried multiple ways to help this and still an issue...looks like I will have to try something else soon..Version: 4.3.1

Not happy with it yet.The chip reader turning off after each transaction makes my retail store look amateurish. That and the crashes that happen a few times a week even though we have good internet. I used to have a bank merchant service with the integrated swipe, tiny screen, and printer for a previous business, but was seduced by this setup. So far not very happy but am updating, which I hear will solve the card reader turning off. I will keep it plugged in all the time to solve the new problem of it draining the battery fast..Version: 3.3.0

No helpI can’t print receipts, have tried to get help but no answers, will change over POS soon,.Version: 3.8.0

Not even worth one starDon’t even bother with...just find another way to pay online. Goodbye PayPal.Version: 3.2.3

Why assume that I'm going to use a different reader?Why assume that I'm going to use a different reader each time I use the app? Just connect me up to the reader I use every time. This delay everytime I use the app is completely unnecessary..Version: 3.0.6

Log in issuesSince the update if the app is not used within 15mins we have to shut down app and restart for every transaction. This is very time consuming and annoying for staff especially in peak times. I hope the next update comes out very soon to fix this issue. Other then that we love the app and the simplicity about it..Version: 3.0.1

Faster log in please!I’ve been using PayPal here since launch and I use this app everyday to process payments, I do like the layout and usability. I’m using a 2018 iPad Pro and the log in process slows the experience down and it’s embarrassingly slow when a client is waiting to pay! Please fix or add a change pin option and add more importantly support for Face ID...Version: 3.6.6

Bugs:When opening the app, it lets you set up a complex sale and then it logs you out and asks for your pin, losing all your sales data! Then it freezes the tap and go machine, trying to process a one cent sale and gets stuck in a one cent loop, and because that amount is too low, yet you can't type anything but one key before it tries to process that amount. You have to shut down the reader and the app (takes ages) and log in again. The reader does not charge properly. I have to plug it in about 6 times and restart it 3-4 times before it will charge. This is the third reader I've had due to charging issues. And even if you shut it right down to save battery, if the app updates automatically it starts up the reader which then goes into standby and goes flat without you knowing. You can't use the reader under 30% charge, so you need to process the sale by keying in the card number which of course costs you more in fees..Version: 2.8.2

RubbishRecently done an update I can now not use my card reader will not pick up customers chips on cards. Spoke to PayPal coming up with every excuse under the sun not good enough.. been told they do not know when a new update will be issued...machine always fails this has now fully put me off..Version: 3.8.0

It makes you lose money instead!Been trying to make it work with 3 different accounts in 2 days & no luck! Waste of money & don't even consider buying it until they can get it to work. It keeps asking to upgrade PayPal account meanwhile your account is already upgraded when you login.....Version: 2.6.10

Please fixTablet version on iOS 12.1.4 iPad gen 6 keeps sending me to signup page on chrome. Only works when deleted and redownloaded. Please help fast or I’m going with square..Version: 3.6.2

TerribleDisgrace to PayPal...Waste of time,patience and money.Version: 3.2.3

New update extremely glitchyNew update glitchy and causing payment confusion as it reacts like it goes through and then closes down and no funds come through. Also very frustrated as since the last update every time I go to reuse the device after it hibernates between sales I have to keep selecting which PayPal card reader (I only have one!) and then it has to re-sync which is frustrating and time wasting for me and my customers:.Version: 3.0.3

UselessWhat are PayPal thinking of, why change a perfectly good app, which suits many people like me who like to shop online. I'm not a business and will never be a business. Give the ordinary person an app to suit them..Version: 3.6.6

The grapevineNew update is rubbish keep having to close the app to connect back to card reader please fix asap.Version: 3.0.1

Terrible customer service from PaypalFor the last month every transaction I tried to make using card reader has been declined however when I use another card reader for another merchant same card is accepted . Contacted Paypal and a S a response they sent me link to Q &A where my issue is not covered. Tried again, same answer! Infuriating !.Version: 3.9.1

RubbishRequires you to enter your PayPal password in front of customers. Device fails after 1 year and PayPal refuse to replace..Version: 3.3.0

Telling me to register as a businessI can’t use this app as it won’t let me sign in unless I register as a business and I’m not a business.Version: 3.6.8

Pretty useless 👎🏽I was using the iPhone app version because the iPad version doesn’t have the portrait mode, and I need the portrait mode for my stand and business. Now both the iPhone and the iPad versions cannot connect to Bluetooth on the iPad. Meanwhile, I have two different Paypal contactless readers. The first (most expensive one), they ruined by updates, I cannot use it like I used to because the charge procedure is forced to be done on the tiny reader instead of on the iPad like it was before. Whoever is in charge of Paypal Mobile Transactions is ruining the experience and driving users to Square. I know, I’m one. What a way to sabotage a business! I’m just gonna suspend this for good. It’s been so long unfixed, I don’t think Paypal has any plan to ever fix the problem. Goodbye!.Version: 3.6.7

Update has made it unusableI have updated the app on my iPad and it has made my account unusable on this device. I do not need or want a business account, I do not run a business. I simply want to use and edit my regular PayPal account, but this version does not allow for this. Very frustrating..Version: 3.6.5

Not a businessI can’t access the app as already noted by a previous review I have to sign into a business account before i can get into my account as I’m retired and haven’t a business I have to use the website to access. Today I couldn’t pay on eBay as pay pal wouldn’t let me its ridiculous I contacted eBay and there’s no problem their end and I’ve been paying with the same card for years shame on you PayPal..Version: 3.9.1

Not worth gettingI’ve been asked to apply numerous times, have to keep logging in then getting very unclear instructions about why I need to keep logging in. Something is missing in the application, but not clear what. I received an email to say the “account has been returned to regular standing” whatever that means. It’s not easy to get help from PayPal either. I’m on the verge of returning the card reader.. the interface with with iPad & iPhone is dodgy too. Waste of time so far..Version: 3.0.4

Small fix required, otherwise great appWould like to see the need to constantly pair the card reader with the iPad resolved, very frustrating and embarrassing when trying to complete a sale with customers who are in a hurry..Version: 3.7.7

What businessPlease give back the old app I don't have a business of any kind I just want for personnel use, or give the option to not to put a business in or I may have delete the lot..Version: 3.6.6

Could use some UI/UX updatesI use this app regularly for a small business. It works fine for the most part but it does time out occasionally in the middle of card transactions. It isn’t a huge issue but it is not the most convenient when there’s a line of customers to be checked out. I like how it prompts to save customer information for some of the auto billing but I personally haven’t found a way to go back and look for those customers. Over all I think this is an okay app..Version: 4.2.5

How to Take PaymentPlug in card reader. Wait a minute or two for app to detect reader. Don’t even try to record a cash transaction without the reader as this will crash app. Swipe card and say a Hail Mary. If you’re lucky payment will go through. If not, the app will crash then you’ll have to reassure your customer that his card wasn’t charged. Restart app while making small talk with the customer looking at his watch. Try fiddling around with the reader until it’s detected by the app. Swipe card again. Keep repeating until transaction goes through. I’ve used Square and Pay Anywhere — PayPal Here is by far the most buggy. Maybe I got a defective reader but I’ve gone through 3 and had the same problem with each..Version: 3.2.3

New version for iPadThe new version is totally useless. The menu is limited and there is no way I can access my account or edit it. The older version which is still available for the iPhone is a dream. Why doesn’t it work in the iPad?.Version: 2.8.4

It’s not for me .I find it slow l have a i pad it used to work fine now I have to keep putting my Pay Pal pass word in it’s not good.Version: 4.2.9

New version cancels some paymentsEverything was ok until the new update .now cancels most payments..Version: 3.8.1

Fairly goodI love everything about this except the fact our card reader only work about 50% of the time. My wife sets up at festivals with her cupcake business and if we have to manually enter the card lines get backed up rather quickly. Not to mention people seeing their card get “denied”. We’ve all been there, other than that it’s good. Just wish reader worked 100% of the time.Version: 3.7.7

I am not a businessWent to download pay pay onto my iPad. Wants to upgrade me to a business. I'm 78 not 28. What do I want a business account for at my age. Guess what it won't let me have a day to day account. Come on pay pal get to grips with your run of the mill day to day normal customers..Version: 3.7.5

New update has major glitchWe had to install the updated version recently -after using this app for a Year several times a day without too many problems, we were surprised that now the price buttons move when you tap on them to a different part of the screen and then you have to tap them again to enter a single digit number, repeating each digit, for the entire price of the item-this is very time consuming when you are ring up dozens of items. I’m super disappointed because it takes so long to check my customers out..Version: 4.2.5

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