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PayPal Business App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

PayPal Business app received 94 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PayPal Business? Can you share your negative thoughts about paypal business?

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PayPal Business for Negative User Reviews

Couldn’t access my fundsTried using PayPal as a business so customers could pay using credit card. They held my first payment for 21 days. Thousands tied up I couldn’t access. I tried another app and had money in my bank account within 24 hours of customer making payment. Also fees were cheaper elsewhere..Version: 2.6.1

Call backI agreed to a call back. I got a call and then everything went dead and I got cut-off So frustrating as I need to speak to an agent.Version: 2.5.0

PayPal business appThere is something wrong with this app. Every time I log out ,the app freezes. It is extremely annoying and needs to be fixed..Version: 2.4.0

Lacking essential featuresNo push notifications when money arrives, Unlike the consumer app! No ability to print off packing slips unlike the consumer app! This is meant to be a business app why are the features that businesses need available in the consumer app only? This means as a business it is necessary to install two apps in order to cover all the features I need. If PayPal was my business heads would roll for this, utterly nonsensical omission. Ridiculous..Version: 1.9.4

Disappointed Unable to use Trading nameBe aware, you will be unable to use your trading name despite entering the field “Trading Name”!!!! So what’s the point of this field: I logged a call and no one knows! (Support call of 1 hour, spoke to various people who asked various other people... so it’s not like I wasn’t trying...)..Version: 1.19.0

Worse customer service ever.I’m a relatively new to this business thing. I was influenced to used PayPal for invoices and sending and receiving payments. However my experience with PayPal has been a real pain. When my customers send their payments, PayPal insists on holding my payments until my customers confirm receipt...even with tracking, it takes a week or sometimes more for them to release my money. However, they take out their fees immediately. I don’t understand why they insist on holding my money so long. Not happy with your service. I can’t do business if you keep holding my money. Customer service only reads the same message over and over. No help. Review update. Finally found an agent to help me. I have hope now dealing with PayPal. We will see what happens now..Version: 1.18.1

Horrible Horrible HorribleI would say that if you are a crafter or selling individual items this may work for you. If you don’t really care if you get paid that is. However, if you are a business with employees or want your money do not use this to take payments. They really do not want to release your money. They have put our payment on hold 3 times for 2 separate jobs. They have billed us for 3 separate transactions by making us break a payment in half. They offer absolutely no assistance to correct the issues and really do not care. They gave me a hold release date and when I went to transfer funds out of their system into my company bank account they froze it back on hold again. This is going into month 2. Do Not Use this Company!!!.Version: 3.1.0

Going backwardsGood functionality on the app is being taken away - the simple analytics that used to be available (daily and periodic sales tracking) have vanished in most recent updates. Why? Why take away user functionality? Would have given it a 4 star review three weeks ago but instead of being able to look at periodic performance the app is now pushing working capital loans. Less about the end user and more about PayPal driving extra revenue is not progress.Version: 1.25.0

Money making scamPayPal has no problem at all taking your money . Putting your account on hold for 21 days and giving you the run around to get it back by asking for more info about your business . They look for any and every reason to place your account on hold so they can invest your hard earned money and make money off of it. Then tell you multiple times that they are reviewing the information that you provided for up to 72hrs . And after 72hrs you call only to get the same run around and another 72hr wait and then they don’t hold up their end of the deal. Terrible customer service . Takes for ever to get a call back from them . If your business model does not match what they think it should look like then you’ll have nothing but trouble !.Version: 1.21.0

Has become glitchyMy sales analytics have disappeared?! Also, when I mark an item as shipped it doesn’t remove from the “ready to ship” list.. makes it impossible to see outstanding orders now.Version: 1.9.13

Seriously do not use PayPal.Once your account meets problem, they had never solve the problem and kept let you wait over over over again.... and keeping cause problem that will cost your lots of money ! Get ride of the PayPal to connect any account or credit card. They also had super poorly customer service and rudely attitude. And waste you lots of time..Version: 1.9.4

Worst Buisness App Ever!!!I set up PayPal as an option for clients to pay our invoices through our accounting software (Xero, which is excellent). The first payment we received from a client was just under £17k and PayPal took £488 in fees! Absolute rip off, there are dozens of apps that transfer money for free, I’m amazed any company to remain competitive would do ok this, avoid them a all excuse they gave me about a refund was the fee is automated so it’s basically lost in the PayPal computerised Universe, impossible to give back, absolute joke and daylight robbery....removed from our accounting software and closed..Version: 3.1.0

Now you can add tracking numbers…Coool thank you for telling me for the 50th time that I can add tracking numbers in the release notes. Maybe use the release notes to, you know, actually provide release notes?.Version: 1.28.0

The downfall of PayPal.I don’t recognize this company anymore, before the split with eBay I could get PayPal on the telephone now I can’t even get them to respond on the Internet they don’t answer telephones anymore. Their first excuse for not having phone service was to blame it all on Covet 19, now they just tell you to go to there website well I’m on their app and engage with a person I think, and that person never answers my first question or any questions. I have money tied up with this mess PayPal has become, an embarrassment I can’t find the money that’s been sent to my company account which means I can’t transfer it into my business account and I don’t have an answer for the company that sends me money monthly because I can’t get anything answered from PayPal. I will call that company in Chicago and let them know to skip PayPal and send me a check PayPal has left me with no other choice 4 1/2 weeks is a long time to wait for your hard-earned money I ran dozens and dozens and thousands of dollars through PayPal and eBay a year ago but. That was then this is now, goodbye PayPal forever. Jimmy Papa Fort Worth, Texas.Version: 3.3.0

Can’t withdraw hard earned funds!Good concept but potential to send a small Business broke! I have funds sitting there that I cannot access but fees have already been taken out by PayPal! Have spoken to PayPal and issue still not resolved. Should have gone with a tile!!!.Version: 1.10.1

GarbageAbsolutely brutal. If you don’t want your business to be financially successful then use PayPal. Nothing but problems, can’t get any actual help on customer service and they’ve locked so much of my money. Thanks for nothing.Version: 3.1.0

Alright...Good app but gets annoying. Although the same problem happens on the website. Every time I fill in shipping tracking number i have to restart PayPal from the beginning.Version: 2.0.0

HorribleThey shut down my account and I had $200 still in my account and they said I needed to wait 180 days to get my money to my bank and I don’t even know if that’s true, complete hassle horrible experience.Version: 1.23.0

Withdraw to bank account does not workGood app, but this feature has never worked for me. You enter the amount to withdraw, and then the page continually loads - you never get to select the account to withdraw it to..Version: 1.6.2

Can’t use a PIN on the mobile appFace ID works, my password works, but after trying several times to use my PIN, my mobile app “account was locked” — yet I can still sign in using the other methods. It would be nice to be able to use my PIN in case I forgot my long password or Face ID was unavailable (bandage over my eye, etc., etc.). I went to the desktop PayPal site, signed in with no problem and ‘updated’ my mobile PIN. I received confirmation that my mobile PIN was updated. Still ... trying to use my PIN on the mobile app was ‘locked’ out. Still ... no PIN access (“locked”) on the mobile app. I would give another star or two, but I can’t bill you for the time I’ve wasted on this, thus 2 reluctant stars. PS - when logging out of the mobile app (when I do get in) the Face ID *immediately* logs me back in ... so, when logging out I have to direct my phone away from my face to actually let me log out for good. I then hit ‘Cancel’ when the screen says the Face login was unsuccessful. This has been an issue from Day 01 with the PayPal Business app..Version: 1.24.1

Service nulBonjour ça fait 10 jours que notre compte est gelée or n’a fait deux courriels un appel téléphonique er personne ne nous répond....sans commentaire !!!!.Version: 1.31.0

Use Cash appIf you love waisting time and being upset over something that could easily be avoided. Use PayPal. The customer service wait time is at least 30min to an hour. If your a typical case they send your case to a specialists (mind you there’s only one of them and they are rude). Because the app is complicated and goes off of laws that have long been overturned, the app tends to be extremely irritating. When you get lucky it will only take you 5 min to send money but that’s a 1/15 chance. Most the time they delete your information without your consent and force you to leave your money in the system, until they release it. I have had enough with this system and will be moving to Cash app..Version: 1.9.3

Dates missing on activity sectionEach transaction used to have a date attached to it so you know when money was sent! Now all the dates have been taken away from every transaction, so now unless I login through my PC I have no idea when they were sent. PayPal responded saying that dates are in the activity section but they are not - that was my original point....Version: 1.17

Cancer⭐️.Version: 2021.03.261

Worst appThis is by far the worst app for money ever. You can’t reach customer service... money isn’t taken directly often billing issues. PayPal sucks big time !!.Version: 3.3.0

Bank details vanished“fix a bug” but then make the app useless. can’t even transfer money on the app now as it’s telling me I need to add a bank account. yeah well it’s on there and always has been and i didn’t change anything but some idiot decided to mess around with it. useless. why do these people keep messing around with these things? every app tinker tinker tinker. STOP!!!!!! All you people do is keep updating updating and all it does is eventually make hardwear redundant. in this fragile world where we need to use our resources carefully, you’re basically making perfectly good equipment redundant and i aim this message at APPLE and MICROSOFT. MAKE EQUIPMENT SUSTAINABLE FFS. if it ain’t broke.....Version: 1.9.13

Unfair chargeback policiesService oriented businesses risk to lose revenue due to PayPal's unfair chargeback policies. A customer can pay and receive a service, then file a dispute and claim they never received it and will almost always get their money returned to them because PayPal provides you with little means to prove that you provide them with a service. Any funds will be automatically deducted from your account and you will be forced to pay a $20 fee for the chargeback. They will always side with the buyer even if they are committing fraud. This will leave your account negative. So essentially you are losing the service you provided and having to pay back any funds that you were owed. And NO, PayPal will not take into account the fact that fraud is being committed as they are more buyer oriented and less focused on providing protection for your business. Customer service reps are less than helpful. All chargeback decisions are made from a separate department with no direct access for communications. They essentially hide from you by not allowing you to communicate directly with them, make whatever ruling they want on the chargeback, and then limit their customer service reps on how much they can do or communicate to you. I'll be using Square from now on!.Version: 1.5.0

Waste of timePayPal is a waste of time and money. This app doesn’t do anything the website can’t. Infact is does much less. PayPal itself is horrible company. EMTs from now on a guess..Version: 1.21.0

InvoiceI recently sent two Ebay invoices out requesting money but the items dont show as a sale .Also I have three items with answer question on but I am never shown they are in the system and when I click on it it says its expired . Why do these questions happen ..Version: 1.24.1

Used to work great, now not so goodKeeps freezing with message “Sorry we are unable to show details”. Plus I keep getting asked to verify my phone number . It’s really annoying..Version: 3.0.0

WarningDo not use PayPal as they have withheld $8500 for over a month and requested information which was provided numerous times. Everyday it’s the same thing and they won’t release funds. Do not use PayPal it’s not a business it’s a circus!.Version: 2.4.0

Horrible service, no helpI sell digital prints and my payments are all on hold even after I’ve followed up with customers who received the prints the day they ordered. Been waiting 14 days already.Version: 3.1.0

Not very useful,I tried viewing my transaction activity, but it doesnt work. You’re better off on the website and that isnt mobile friendly not responsive at all 🤷🏾‍♂️..Version: 2.4.0

Can’t withdraw my moneyA customer has paid me through this for the first time and I have been unable to withdraw it. I linked a bank card which shows up in cards but it will not allow me to choose my card in the transfer money part. It has been holding my funds for over 2 weeks now.Version: 1.18.1

21 days to wait for money - I don’t think so.I don’t wait 21 days for my money for anyone. Although my business accepts Pay-Pal we offer incentives for customers to use other types of payments . There are several card services and direct and BACS payments so I’m afraid Pay-Pal is moving further into the dark ages . I mean , who waits three weeks to get their money. Even cheques only take 7 days . Marks for Pay-Pal- must do better..Version: 1.23.0

Let me save you a lot of time and even more moneyI’ve been using PayPal just this year. I’ve processed probably over 100k with PayPal. First PayPal is customer oriented completely. They will NEVER side with sellers even if the buyer is lying and you show proof. This has happened multiple times. You get 30 transactions a day with their debit card that can be loaded with an unlimited amount, but you can spend 3k if it a day. Any business owner knows how good that is. I even had my own PayPal rep. As of today I dropped this completely from my business and will pass along this fantastic experience I never had with this terrible company. I also think it’s cute they invent Venmo to appeal to millennials. We hate it. I’ll sit and watch this tumble to the ground..Version: 1.9.1

Customer ServicePayPal keeps acting weird l need help figuring out a problem managing users I’ve been contacting in message center, and out of now where l start getting this message “Our apologies, but messages are currently unavailable. Please close this window and select another contact option.” I don’t know why I’m getting this I’ve been just trying to get help like normal. Also l called their business phone number but I’m never connected with a realtor person instead a robot. I really don’t like robots especially with customer service calls ugh. I really just need to get it to contact with support to resolve this situation so l can have my Virtual Assistants fulfill orders, the problem is they’re not located in the U.S, but PayPal keeps identifying their region as U.S. but now it’s really hard to get in contact to resolve this issue. I don’t know l thought PayPal would be good for the business, but if this problem can’t be resolved, because PayPal wants to block me when I’m just asking questions l might just have to go use Square or something else. Or just wire tap to pay my suppliers....Version: 3.1.0

Terrible Customer ServiceI’ve had a personal and now a business account and since I’m receiving payments PayPal decides to limit my account due to POTENTIAL FRAUD?? I’ve had to jump through hoops get fed by a CSR and a Manager who’s supposedly a seller, that they understand my frustration but we’re going to pass it on to the next person and basically not assist at all. How does PayPal expect a small business to thrive and survive when they won’t even give access to the money that their customers gave them? There’s nothing worse than to look incompetent to a customer PayPal is making me and my business look that way I’m very unhappy with the way I’ve been treated this past several days with lie after lie. Please adjust your algorithm so other small businesses like myself will never have to go through this situation I’ve never once had a bad check I have never once had a bad review about me!.Version: 1.9.11

PayPal BusinessThis app update will not load on my iPhone!.Version: 1.18.1

PayPal Mobile Apps are Very PoorSince upgrading the PayPal Mobile Apps. PayPal Here fails to load, can’t change or upgrade a PIN. PayPal Business loses attached bank accounts and can’t change or update PIN. Speaking to customer service is a stonewall and technical service takes two weeks to respond and fails to reply or fix issues. Such a disappointing experience..Version: 1.10.0

Limited my account!! Zero Stars, 0/5This company could not be any worse. They claimed on there slogan that they would be “ON YOUR SIDE”!!! So they limit my account and won’t return my emails or messages. I’m not even sure why!! I work for a company that pays me via PayPal. One day I worked more hours so as a result I was going to get a decent sized payment (more then normal) then when I went to cash out they lock me out. If I don’t get my money ASAP and I mean ASAP I’m going to my congressman then to small claims court since they falsely advertised on the slogan that they would be “ON YOUR SIDE”!!! They are not on my side. The payments are from PayPal’s own verified and registered user. There is no way shape or form that the account should be limited by getting payment from this company..Version: 1.29.0

Mr BobbFrom the order I made in September last year in regards of the scooter I bought and the difficulties I’ve had and lack of help and to be told One day out of a 180 days of my order it’s to late for Pay Pal to do anything about this matter and to this day my £539 Scooter stays still in the box because I can not get any response from the Company on which I used Pay Pal to Pay. And the Fact That at the Time of When I was told of being One day over. When I received the Scooter I didn’t come to me on the same day I ordered it. It was a good few day after..Version: 2021.06.18

Useless!Keeps crashing, won’t take me past the login. My phone is not jail broken and yet it won’t let me get pass the login screen. It just closes down on its own. I was so looking forward to this app for my business..Version: 1.8.2

Just one problem..I use this app a lot and it’s generally very useful, but I still have to log into the website when I want to convert currency, are there any plans to sort this out in app? Maybe I’m just missing it? Seems crazy to be missing an important feature like this...Version: 2021.06.18

Can’t printGreat app but I just can’t figure out how to print right from my iPhone. How do I do that?.Version: 1.21.0

HorribleAs a business owner we decided to give PayPal business a try. We own a plumbing business in North Carolina mainly providing service work. With the lower card fees that pay pal offers when taking debit or credit we were excited at first. However after taking several payments there was a limitation placed on our account we could not even take debit or credit card payments. During this period, as a business owner this is essential to our business to be able to process cards. We provided our license from North Carolina and other documents and after 72 hours the limitations were removed. We think at this time we’re good to go now. Wrong after taking one payment for a plumbing job then we’re told that they are going to place a hold on that payment for 21 days. Unfortunately as a small business we rely on capital to keep the business going as plumbing materials are not cheap. We called customer service several times to get help with the issues and are consistently transferred to a call center in India where there English is less than proficient and were barely able to understand the issues we were having. We will no longer use the services provided by pay pal.Version: 3.3.0

Holding my moneySince December everything was going smoothly with PayPal then yesterday I received an email that I would only get $1000. Of my money in a month and the rest would be held up to 21 days or until delivery confirmation is made. This makes it very difficult for me and I now have to make decisions on changing my policies for my shop. My customers are already used to paying and having me hold their order so they can add to it the next week. Now it puts pressure on me to change how I run my business and interact with my customers. What they did to me is out of the blue. They said I sell high risk items?! I’ve never had anyone ask to make a return. I’ll be looking at other options that is a certainty..Version: 3.4.0

Not impressedThe system is difficult also charged £1 for adding a new card or when it fails another £1 it’s charged I find it annoying not being able to add cards to it the app without being charged.. I won’t recommend PayPal it’s untrustworthy with years of experience with PayPal.Version: 3.1.0

Answer up PayPalWhy is your charge back policy so anti business. The sellers need some recourse when faced with a fraudulent customer. I also have issue with you withholding some of the funds after a sale for 20 days. I have products dropped shipped and my profit margin is pretty small. When you withhold my money you put me in danger of overdrafts because you have held all my profit plus some. Pretty crappy way to do business. When I asked to have the amount available to release increased and earlier, I was denied. This was my second transaction with PayPal. I will be cautious about using your app in the future if at all. I also take issue with the inability of being able to talk to someone. I have to submit a form request and the denial reply comes from an unmonitored email way to dodge the tough stuff PayPal..Version: 1.6.2

Suspended my account with $5,000 usd in funds with no prior warning or reason.I’ll keep this review short. As the title states, PayPal has just suspended my account, with over $5,000usd worth of funds, completely at random. I have been a merchant and a seller with PayPal for countless years now, helping support multiple businesses I run. However, despite this, with no prior warning or reason given, my account has been permanently suspended..Version: 2022.01.21

Far too buggyGreat way to do business and to get payment with the PayPal buttons, but it gets confused with the normal PayPal app, sometimes fails to recognize me with the face recognition and then refuses my password, so I have to go back to square one. Hot tip: sort your app out, and then it’s worth 5 stars..Version: 2021.10.12

RIP of companyAs they advertise that they protect seller, but been 3 years with them they have never protected me against any fraud. If someone make any unauthorised transaction on your account firstly PayPal will refund that payment to buyer and on top of that PayPal charges seller £14 chargeback fee. So where is the seller protection here ? Did seller authorise an unauthorised payment ? PayPal take money from people and we provide our product as a seller. So PayPal should be responsible that only authorised payments are reaching in sellers account instead of penalising seller with £14 charge back fee. On the top of you do refund to customer PayPal would never refund you fixed fee of 0.20 pence. Such a shame PayPal. You should stop ripping off sellers and start protecting them. Hopefully eBay will be bringing new payment system by 2021 and I will be the first one to kick out PayPal..Version: 1.13

Terrible TERRIBLE TERRIBLEPayPal which is usually a reputable company has been holding hundreds of dollars in hard earned money I worked for from my small business I conduct on the side. I just got started a few months ago and had very successful campaigns on my website. But unfortunately the money I’m making is being held bc PayPal wanted to make sure my customers received their order???????!!!!!! I CHOSE PayPal to accept transactions on my behalf and now I’ve been chasing my money for about 5 days now and I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone. DO NOT ENABLE PAYPAL ON YOUR WEBSITE AND OR BUSINESS VENTURES!!! They are out here stealing from small business owners !!! I do not have this issue with Square, I get my money the very next day. Needless to say, PayPal has been SHUTDOWN ON MY WEBSITE AND I WILL NEVER USE NOR ADVISE TO USE THEM EVER AGAIN!.Version: 3.2.0

Changing cards is hard and no dates of transactionsThough in theory you can change your cards and accounts, in practice you cannot. I’ve tried on three occasions to remove an old card and it won’t let me. It also doesn’t allow me to elect the new card or account as the preferred payment option. As a result, since changing banks my accounts that rely on direct debit all my accounts are unpaid and I am having to call them to make credit card payments over the phone. Paypal should make changing banks easier since you should only have to change the card attached to the one account. Transactions are not displayed with dates also so every transaction has to be cross referenced with the paying account to get dates which is poor for bookkeeping purposes..Version: 1.14

Account limitCurrently had a large transaction go through, to purchase a few items for my customer, and this allows card payments.. Cash is in the account and they took 2.9%, but am unable to transfer the monies for the items on the proforma.. After asking for the cash to be returned to my customer so I can have it BACS paid from them and then purchase my items. Was told that it’s with there internal auditors already and to hold on. So am seriously considering sending an invoice for trade lost, holding payments. And any chance of not phoning the Asian pacific, who only understand written scripts.. Why take the monies and hold it if I cannot be used business to business.. F&£kwits!.Version: 2021.11.12

Love but need looking atFor the past few weeks when I load all I can see is my total and no other information keeps freezing and having issues and have to new load. Fees are also high on smaller transactions.Version: 2.4.0

Constantly logs out constantly asks to reset passwordLogs out constantly Requests user to reset password like every second week EVERY SINGLE TIME A PAYMENT IS MADE: the app requests the password to be changed then proceeds to mandatory security check for phone number, email and credit card number. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Beyond frustrating. Spend more time re-authenticating then accepting or making payments. Leaves customers waiting with every sale. Simply can’t use it in our business anymore, plus with everyone else having trouble with it no body trusts PayPal anymore. Now use merchant payments with our bank. Over the last 4 months with them we have had zero problems - not a single issue accepting or receiving payments. Compared to PayPal over the four months before that we had almost 70 issues with payments not going through in a timely manner simply due to the constant requests for re-verification. Twice I had to provide my passport and license for ID checks with a time of about 7 weeks between the two instances. A useless system. Several years ago PayPal was the way to go. Sadly this is no longer the case. Good bye PayPal goodbye headaches..Version: 1.23.0

The only reason I gave 1 star is because there wasn’t any negative numbersSetup an account over two weeks ago at the request of a client in order to be paid expeditiously...set up the account invoiced the client and was paid’s the thing 1. Paypal immediately took out $60 for a “processing fee” and placed a hold on the remaining amount giving varying excuses, the payer reported the payment as fraud, we placed a hold to make sure the product was received ok, it’s a security feature to protect you, yadda yadda yadda...then I was apologized to and told the hold would be released...when I went to withdraw the money I got a message that it would be on hold for 72hrs for review...waited 72hrs went to withdraw money and got the same message 72hrs for review them it happened again...almost 2 weeks later I’m still without my money less the fee Paypal took out....Version: 1.18.1

PayPal the highest fees as a % of money transferred everPayPal has become this insipid Payment Servicer that only charges fees and few know or complain. They are getting away with robbery. I am sorry the service may provide a degree of on line security, I really do not know. The day the penetrate PayPal which will be no more difficult then invading Visa the flaw will show and PayPal the middleman will be exposed for what it is. Very little. Visa lends money. PayPal Charges you for putting your visa charge through them. Since PayPal has very little money on hand per account it is so far Immune from the hackers. There will come a day when the Credit Card company's will wake up and realize the cost to self insure versus the cost that PayPal Charges is cheaper and this myth of PayPal will remove another middleman who carves dollars off small transactions. They must regulate Paypal as a lender not just a Servicer as the charges are Bank fees ,just because they lend nothing is no alibi for them to skate by and carve dollars off peoples transactions and hides in the back ground. If I was younger I would develope a system that put PayPal out of business as the provide no service but remove the head aches from Banks that are or have been too slow to catch on...Version: 1.13

Don’t Don’t Dont use PayPal!!!!Don’t use them , customer service is not there, they do not reply, they are corrupt and help out Chinese scammers I couldn’t use negative stars they steal money and make it difficult to contact , in fact no one has contacted me at all and this has been going on since 8th February 2020 , it’s now 13th May 2020 still no reply after many emails and calls.Version: 1.31.0

Wont stop crashingFor the past couples weeks it just wont stop crashing when trying to send money to someone. I tried deleting/reinstall it...doesnt fix anything. I’m on Iphone 8..Version: 2.4.0

Not for Merchants.PayPal is an okay service for peer to peer transactions. This is not a service you want to use if you are a business owner, small or large. There is a reason businesses are suspending their partnership with PayPal, because it’s absolutely terrible for merchants. PayPal makes it difficult for NEW accounts to process transactions, with their constant limitations. Your account must be in excellent standing and have a good history. You might as well just purchase an account from the deep web because for a new business this is very difficult. PayPal provides no tools for merchants to filter out risky payments, there is no chargeback protection, and anyone can terminate your account by spamming chargebacks. Yes this is right, some kid in their moms basement can literally take down a multi million dollar company’s ability to process payments with PayPal. PayPal refuses to understand and cooperate with the merchant, they will never tell you what a problem is with your account. If your account gets limited they will hold your money for 180 days, and not rerun it, they will claim it’s for “damages”. One of their employees confessed to me that PayPal only cares about the bottom dollar. PayPal has become a rare payment method on websites, perhaps my review will help explain why, if you’re a business owner, stay away..Version: 3.6.0

Could do better.For a long time everyone has wanted basic changes to PayPal online functions....and still do. Still very difficult to sort problems and less human help is so annoying. The loss of eBay contact is huge. Working capital loans ruined. Such a shame..Version: 2.3.0

Didn’t work for meCouldn’t set my account, my address is still not checked. I’ve been waiting for a response for more than two weeks. I really needed to pay someone and I couldn’t.Version: 2021.03.261

Not as good as it used to be..For many years I been using the PayPal business app on my iPhones. It always performed very satisfactory. However, recently there are several problems developing that have a high nuisance factor: 1.) Push notifications will suddenly stop being generated. The only work-around is to delete the app and re-install it, then confirming to enable push notifications again. This procedure I have had to do about 10 times in the last 4 months, as each time after about 2 weeks or 20 notifications (not sure which it is), they stop being pushed. No info on any forums and PayPal support don’t know a solution either. 2.) Lately, when launching the app, dashboard summaries don’t seem able to be displayed/loaded. You have to click on the section to get it to load. This has been developing in the last 2 months or so. This I haven’t reported yet, but does affect the rating I now give the app..Version: 2.4.0

Your better off on the websiteThis app is missing the key feature of app centre, yes you can find them inside this app but it’s only a browser within the app it’s self. I would have expected this to have been more incorporated. Often when I attempt to send money or do bank transfers I experience errors etc. The app it’s self is very buggy and as a business owner I hate the app. That being said I like PayPal and I love the features on their website, they just have to bring their app up to date with all these features and fix the bugs within it..Version: 3.6.0

Typical big bizI received a payment from a CPA that I subcontract with. He had the funds and the money was cleared from his bank and PayPal sent me an email requesting additional information because of a statement that was made in the description of payment. I provided the date of birth as they asked, and have not heard back from them. I have replied to the email over 10 times and called personally three times only for the agent to tell me somebody will get back with me within 24 hours. That 24 hours never came. I’m very disgusted with PayPal. Their fees are very high in the first place, but for them to take my money and hold it even after 14 days now is very disheartening. I have provided him all the information I requested and now I’m ignored. This is why I don’t like doing business with big companies. I will be canceling my service..Version: 3.5.0

RefundI am very disappointed that I have legal contracts for property rentals. Paypal does not honour these contracts. I have recently had a client renege on a legal contract for a rental property, they asked for their money back with PayPal and PayPal ruled in their favour. The clients cancelled last minute, had signed a legal contract and then I was left without any recourse. It is very difficult to put forward ones case to PayPal, it seems that they via on the side of the customer, not the PayPal account holder. I am an honourable person and feel very let down with PayPal. I have sought legal advise to make sure that my contracts are secure or me ,yet just for the clients. I will never ask clients to pay by PayPal again. It is a shame because, in essence, it is a safe way for clients to deal with overseas owners. BEWARE, PAYPAL DO NOT HONOUR LEGAL CONTRACTS.Version: 1.32.0

The worst they close my account and they hold my 900 for 180 day never ever I will get PayPalThe way they have the rules doesn’t make any sense ...don’t have more then $100 they just close your account and freeze your money for 180 day..Version: 3.1.0

Massive let downAt first I was pleased with the app but after 6 months I’ve had enough. First major issue is their extremely high fees, if you’re a really small business be prepared to lost quite a bit on the smaller payments especially. Secondly recently their app has started to have bugs. Such as freezing especially when trying to transfer funds which brings me to point 3. We have all heard about PayPal holding payments but recently it’s just unacceptable! After over 6 months they’ve decided to hold 4 payments in 3 days, the last two payments they said it would take up to 24 hours to review and it’s been about 40 hours now. I called the customer assistance line and the lady was as confused as I am, sounded like she didn’t know she worked for PayPal and her system kept on crushing ????? I’ve decided to switch to Stripe who offer much lower fees and don’t hold payments for no reason like PayPal. You have lost me PayPal well done..Version: 1.6.1

Automatic paymentAutomatic payment was taken from my account without authorization!! BEWARE!! It was In GPB!!!! I’m Canadian. I am out $426. I wasn’t not notified and pass the 180 days. They will not refund my money!! What does time have anything to do with stealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of reputable Company are you???.Version: 2.6.1

Stay awayHorrible service. Money stuck for 3 months. Going round in circles. Cannot upload the documents they ask for, speak to the customer service ( after wasting a lot of time) - they send you a link. Again, you get an email asking the same flipping document. You make a complaint - they come back with same solution- ask you to upload, they confirm they received it and to wait for back office staff to review. Two days later, ask for exactly the same document again. Am considering complaining to ombudsman..Version: 3.5.0

Notification setting now goneThis is very strange but features just disappear every time a new release comes out. Sales insight were gone. It long ago and now for about a week push notifications gone. I go to Settings and Notification settings are not there! I also wanted to change my email Notification settings on the PayPal website but that option in the Setrings is not available ether! 🙈😪🤯.Version: 1.25.0

Export PDF invoiceIs there a way to save a PDF invoice from the app the same way I can on the website?.Version: 1.9.4

TERRIBLEApp isnt working now for 3-4 months , says please try later..Version: 1.4.2

Poor AppCrashes two seconds after loading every time and nothing I do fixes this. Useless!!.Version: 1.8.0

Works fine but high commissionI suppose that’s what you get when you are the biggest in the market.....Version: 2.0.0

Labour timerBeen asking for years add in a timer to charge labour, per minute perfect at an hourly labour rate, then send the bill onto customers...why not?.Version: 1.21.0

Missing featuresThere is no option to change the user account data in the app. I had to open the desktop version in order to do it. I also consider that the fees are far bigger than the service we get..Version: 3.3.0

Terrible App stole my money do not trust!!!!!!.This app stole my money worth US$3500 and now since I try to draw it before the kids do anymore they have banned me from using the app I cannot remove my credit card and the money there will stay there for 180 days because they stole it and I tried to stop them do not use this app if you want to keep your money tell everyone about this and share this around because PayPal will still all your money and they will act like they never done it just because they’re a national and industrial company do not trust PayPal and I will not stop by writing bad reviews about them until I get my money back and I’m able to remove my card the App is terrible ..Version: 3.2.0

Stupid 21 days payment ruleI used PAYPAL business for one day only and I’m still waiting for over $1000 from that day,,, by now I’m pass overdue to pay my suppliers invoices .. I’ve removed it from my online food ordering store and now I use stripe which is simpler cheaper and immediate, i will never enable PAYPAL business never again!.Version: 1.28.0

Got ripped offDue to having no tracking, sold my item $160 to a customer, customer started a dispute claiming she hasn’t received her item everyday, until she received she stopped replying to close dispute, while my account was on hold, Paypal did nothing to contact the buyer and in the end i got ripped of, she got her items plus my money, Thank you paypal i will never sale again on Paypal and thanks Paypal for wasting my time on the phone call & emails. Becarefull paypal is safe for buyers but not sellers were not protected. If i could give no star i would!?!?.Version: 1.12.0

Will never use this app again unless someone decided to answer the phone.I’ve used this app for the first time cause it was recommended by a friend with a similar business. I was so excited to use this app and I’ve used PayPal before and it’s super reliable. So I had three clients send me money and each one was posted pending. Then it stated I needed a card on file. Well I have a card on file for the money to go to but I still went through this process. Then it stated they would send me a few cents in two different transactions within the next 2-5 business days. So now I’m waiting even longer to get my money and I don’t send out products until I receive the money. Then I keep calling no answers so I attempt to write to someone over a message system they have and it wasn’t helpful at all. I am supposed to wait 21 days for my money to get into my account or until the client confirms they have their order well of course it doesn’t give them the option to confirm their orders so my money is just chilling with PayPal while I’m needing to pay bills and get more merchandise in I can’t do so with my money being held almost a month. I’ll stick to my Apple Pay and Venmo. Thanks for nothing pay pal..Version: 1.17

Keyboard not openingThis app used to work, but now I cannot make any transactions as the keyboard will not open when using the app. Therefore, the app is practically useless. I cannot even write a message to ask for help as again, the keyboard won’t open..Version: 3.1.0

Why get rid of the dates??Used to be a useful app to keep track of how many transactions occurred each day, until the last update where for some reason they decided to get rid of displaying the dates of any of the transactions! Why??.Version: 1.9.11

Be aware! Paypal is a bully.As a small business owner I'll not recommend using PayPal they will hold your funds without any valid reason and beyond the time they say your funds will become available . I understand they need some confirmations etc in some transaction but their customer service is the worst I've seen ever in my life. They have stolen my money before it reached me now I have an unhappy customer, and financially struggling business just because of paypal. Not recommended at all specially if you just started your business..Version: 2021.11.12

WithdrawalsJust a word to those looking to use this as your CC processor. If you do a high volume then you may be ok. I do between $5k and $10k a year. Usually withdrawals to your account take 1 business day. I am having one held right and the reason I’m given is that, I don’t make enough enough withdrawals so it has been flagged as suspicious by the system and must be reviewed. Not that they are going to do that while I’m on the phone mind you but rather in 5 days. Imagine that, you have a customer that’s been with you for years without even the first problem and you are going to hold their withdrawal and tell them their activity is suspicious. Nice. Suspicious of what? Trying to make a living?? At any rate, this was my experience and it may not be yours..Version: 1.5.5

App simple, service is extortionBig deal. Simple app. 5% fee is extortionate compounded by 21 day hold on funds. Much better options out there..Version: 1.24.1

Can’t transfer money to bankFor whatever reason it will no longer let me transfer funds to my bank. I’ve tried updating the app (love the new dark mode) I’ve uninstalled and re-installed. No dice. I always get the same error message of “Sorry about that. We’re having trouble completing your request” If I log in to the website it works fine. But it’s annoying cause every time I log in to the site on my phone, I have to prove to a ROBOT I’m not a robot. They do the whole curvy letters thing , or “which of the pictures has a street light in it?” Nothing more infuriating that having to prove my humanity to a robot. Especially when you don’t pass the test cause one tile barely has a tiny sliver of a streetlight in it. You sweat and stress whether it should be checked or not only to find out you were wrong and have to try again with busses. Anyway, it’s a big time waster. Almost as much as taking the time to write this review. I just want my money more quickly. We’re all impatient these days and can’t be bothered with inconvenience. I digress..Version: 3.4.0

Utterly uselessThe only reason I use the PayPal apps is to do a weekly transfer of balance in 5 currencies to main company bank account because PayPal deliberately has no API to do this (their strategy is to make withdrawals as difficult as possible for customers). So the consumer PayPal app now has a bug where it doesn’t reset the withdrawal amount screen every time which means you have to force quit the app for each currency withdrawal. I see this PayPal Business app is available and decide to try it. After all you’d think that perhaps this is tuned for the needs of businesses more than consumers. No. It is actually even more broken than the consumer app for doing the task I need to do. First withdrawal to currency X works OK but then tapping on the balance value ($$$) tells me that there is $0.00 available. Crazy. And on top of all that, it doesn’t even support push notifications! I’m really struggling to understand why they bothered with this..Version: 1.13

PayPal app vs PayPal the companyI would give a 5 star rating for the app itself not the company! The app was designed for efficiency and is very seamless to use for creating and sending invoices, making transfers, viewing sales trends, etc. However as a new small business, PayPal has truly disappointed me with the fees and funds availability! It’s completely frustrating to call and not reach a representative. Or to message receive a response hours later via the chat. It’s also mind blowing to have my invoices paid and have to wait up to 21 days to have access to the funds. How does that even make sense? The entire point of using PayPal is for efficiency and immediate access to funds. I should accept checks for my business at that rate and it’s likely that those funds would in fact be available sooner than using PayPal. Not to mention, I wouldn’t be charged anything but perhaps a monthly service fee then from my bank..Version: 3.5.0

DisappointedJust started using this app for my business disappointed already unable to add my card information to transfer my funds. Reading the other reviews is making me worried to continue on.Version: 3.1.0

Where have Sales insights disappeared to?Sales insights, where have they gone? They are advertised as being something we can do with the app, but having got the app less than a month ago, the insight bit is now missing. Apart from being able to create an invoice it is much the same as the non business app you have. Please look into this. I have mentioned it 3 times now, hence doing this via the review process now. If it doesn’t come back as part of this app, I may as well delete it as there no benefit to the app..Version: 1.9.13

App is great but it’s Paypal...and Paypal doesn’t honor their own invoicing sibling. So money I invoice clients for work performed 1) gets flagged as needing to ship despite the invoice clearly showing it’s not a physical good sold, 2) gets flagged as some kind of foreign drug transaction, probably because Paypal hires third world deadbeats who see drugs as their only option in life, or 3) some kind of arms deal, because it wouldn’t make sense to invoice a client for hours worked with an invoicing app, right? Idiots. Just idiots. Nothing short of total idiots. Conceived by idiots. Programmed by idiots. Managed by idiots. Just complete idiots. And GIGO. The whole Paypal infrastructure is gigo. They should be banned from Apple products for being so horribly stupid, which is a direct violation of Apple’s Rule #1: No Stupid Idiots. What? It’s in the operations manual. Would I lie? Well, maybe as much as Paypal lies. That’s fair right?.Version: 1.14

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