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Eclipse Yourself App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Eclipse Yourself app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Eclipse Yourself? Can you share your negative thoughts about eclipse yourself?

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Eclipse Yourself for Negative User Reviews

Zero rating for a scammy app!It is NOT FREE and a 7day trial DOES NOT COUNT as free! a SCAM that I will be reporting to Apple! avoid unless you ant someone sucking money from your account. I have paid for the other apps that are purchased with a one time payment but this is just a bit of scammy statistics. You already have all this info with your iWatch for free. Let me know when it’s $5 to own and not $2 p/w to rent..Version: 1.8

I like the idea but the reality just doesn’t do much.In the time I’ve used the app it has been an ok mirror of how I feel - and that’s both the power and flaw of it. If I’m already aware that (eg) I’m feeling sluggish, it isn’t that useful for an app to tell me that I’m right! It is interesting but not especially actionable. The most useful reading is recovery - if that’s out of balance it reinforces that I should take a nap and perhaps ease off a bit where I can. Fine. Readiness is more frustrating- when that’s out of balance, there’s not a lot I can do and not a lot that is useful about that knowledge. Sometimes it tells me I’m out of balance but I feel great - how is that helpful? Other times I’m in balance but feel below par - is the contradiction useful? I really like the idea of tracking various variables, but I struggle with it being useful to me. So I’ve stopped..Version: 1.8

Needs depthI expected more from this developer… it’s useful but lacks depth. I am still looking for better apps for the apple watch regarding fitness and recovery..Version: 1.9

It serves no purposeI signed up for the year. After 2-3 weeks, I see nothing of value; I have entire days missing which apparently are the days I swapped watches. I love Heart Watch and Auto Sleep and all the data is there. Just not Ecilpse. Skip it..Version: 1.9

Eclipse is junk, no substance, at best a profit for the auto sleep folksI tried it out, but found it to provided no additional Value. In fact auto sleep now performs less reliably. I will test auto sleep without eclipse. So far not good. I am looking for a new company that doesn’t try to swindle me..Version: 1.9

Questions:I’m trying this app out right now and I’ve been sick during the entire trial period. It says I’ve been doing ”extreme training” and therefore my recovery/readiness is poor. I filled out the wellness survey each day and marked that I was sick, but it doesn’t change. What does it mean when it says you are doing “extreme training” but YOU AREN'T HARDLY MOVING due to illness???? Is there an accuracy problem? Or is it saying something about my HRV? There’s just no explanation, so all this data is not helpful for me… I’m also worried that it’s always going to tell me that I have poor recovery/readiness and discourage me from being active….Version: 1.8

Waste of time and moneyThe little this app offers is silly. But worse than that, most of the time it doesn’t work. It claims the Watch has not reported data that the watch has clearly reported to all other apps. So you search through FAQs. Reboot your watch. Reset settings. And it works for a few days then it doesn’t. So you stop bothering. Response to developers response: That's ok. I've seen that when when it is working it offers very little that isn't already better covered by standard apple watch apps..Version: 1.7

UnderwhelmingUnlike AutoSleep and HeartWatch, this app is quite underwhelming. Interestingly, this is also the Dev’s venture into a subscription based revenue model vs. one time purchase. It’s difficult for Dev’s across the board to see the bigger picture when looking at the prospect of ongoing subscription based revenue, especially if investors are involved. However, marketing studies show (and I am a marketing exec) the consumer’s growing distaste for subscription based models and their felt need for alternatives. Dev’s that understand this and offer alternatives will attract the increasing number of users looking minimize their outflow to subscription based services and products. Unfortunately, most devs have gotten away from releasing new versions of an app that require a new purchase, often discounted for users upgrading from a previous version, allows the devs to generate revenue from new and existing, while creating brand loyalty by rewarding existing users with an upgrade discount. Admittedly, that would be a shift in mindset for mobile app users, but it’s not unprecedented and users will adapt when faced with subscription based alternatives..Version: 1.8

App CrashesToo expensive for what one receives—especially if you can’t open it because it continually crashes..Version: 1.3

Just updated the app. Will give it another go!Honestly, I still don’t get the additional benefits this app has over the last 2 that I bought. Both HeartWatch&AutoSleep are full of info that can easily give us the full picture already. This app might work better as a one time purchase rather than subscription based. It would be nice if they also introduce special rates for AutoSleep& HeartWatch users. Gonna give it 30 more days try and report back..Version: 1.9

If I followed this app’s advice…All it ever tells me is to “take it easy..”.Version: 1.4

App keeps crashingHave not had a chance to even use this as the app just crashes when I open it..Version: 1.3

Great idea but interface needs workI am a big fan of this developer and a longtime user of his AutoSleep. It's clear there has been a niche with the Apple Watch in giving people an idea of their readiness and recovery status. This app makes a really good attempt at doing that but the interface is really an issue. It's just way too complicated and busy, for example, I'm not really sure of the utility of giving people both a recovery and a readiness statistic. It reminds me of his AutoSleep app where there are two different readiness scores, and no real idea of how to process that. there are just way too many graphs and charts and circles to efficiently process what's going on. I would definitely use the app if the interface was more economical and usable but unfortunately it isn't. Therefore, I'll keep it in my library seeing if there's an improvement, but until then I will be using a competitor app for the time being..Version: 1.7

App won’t openI’ve had this app less than 24 hours and it won’t open anymore. I’ve tried reconfiguring it switching everything on and off, but still won’t open- No support is available and for an app that is asking for a subscription this is terrible!!.Version: 1.3

App keeps crashing.Iphone 11 Pro, Ios 16.2.Version: 1.3

Getting expensiveI would be included to repurchase a new app but a monthly subscription is ludicrous!.Version: 1.9

Overhyped, overpriced, underwhelmingWhile this navel gazing app is perfect for the overly self absorbed, the practical value is limited, the novelty and entertainment value expires as quickly as the free trial, and the depth of the analysis is shallower than a puddle on a hot August afternoon. There is a lack of clarity to questions (does experiencing a major illness include long term/lifelong chronic conditions, or are they asking only about exigent conditions?) Other types of questions might better be answered with a little guidance from the app, which in most cases has access to a lot of data about you in Apple Health. Why not put all that information to work, along with the general fund of medical knowledge, to suggest appropriate answers to questions such as the amount of sleep you need. And why not make those answers more readily available for editing and fine tuning? In the end this is app which charges us a monthly fee to share with us a bit of information of which every human is already intrinsically, viscerally aware. How do I feel, and is this a good day or a crappy one. No doubt this is an essential for a certain class of “special” people, but utilty for the rest of us will require a lot more work to produce an app which is not only visually attractive, but practical and substantive..Version: 1.7

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