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MyNBA 2K Companion App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

MyNBA 2K Companion App app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MyNBA 2K Companion App? Can you share your negative thoughts about mynba 2k companion app?

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MyNBA 2K Companion App for Negative User Reviews

TrashI was just trying to get my face into 2k so I downloaded this app and thought it will be good but I was waiting for 10 minutes on the loading screen so I never want to open than app ever again..Version: 1.4

Same old...This app has been same old thing. You'd like to think with how expensive 2K is that they would have a better companion app but no 🤦‍♂️.Version: 1.1

LiesThe apps face scan didn’t improve at all and I mean it’s laughably the exact same. So disappointing. I think the problem is you guys stopped making the face scan to where it scans th whole side of your face. This new scan only scans your face at like 45 degrees for some reason and the scan is incredibly inaccurate and face is alway flat on your my player. 2k23 face scan was way better..Version: 1.4

The Face Scan featureI guess the new model of the scan is more accurate when trying to scan your face but it always put you into the next part where it’s trying start it’s progress of scanning and the stuff just doesn’t work. This bug immediately need to get solve because I’m not trying build me a dream guy with mine MyPlayer like the rest of them users on here.Version: 1.1

FacescanEvery year the face scans get worse. It is almost impossible to do face scans. I have been dealing with this since launch and after several Updates, it still won’t work..Version: 1.3

Bring back 23Please bring back the 23 version a lot of people are still playing it!!!!!!!..Version: 1.2

Doesn’t workKeeps saying “Running Quality Check” and stays that way without completing the scan.Version: 1.1

Running Quality CheckTried to do a face scan and kept getting “running quality check” loading forever..Version: 1.1

Face Scan TrashWhy is this even a feature, the face scan doesn’t work and it leaves random black lines all over your characters face.Version: 1.4

Face scan not workingAfter I finish doing my scan it just says “running quality check” and does nothing. I’ve literally watched it for an hour and never load.Version: 1.1

Terrible ResultsThe process and result of this feature is actually hilarious. Took multiple tries to work, and then got every possible feature about me wrong, including my skin color 🤣.Version: 1.4

Useless appThe face scan is the biggest waste of time. When you do it wrong it uploads perfectly fine, but when you do it correctly if fails the quality check EVERY SINGLE TIME. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a well lit room or outside on a nice day. It doesn’t work. This is a billion dollar company and they can’t even give us a working app. What a complete joke..Version: 1.4

Terrible face scanThe face scan doesn’t work, you guys really put no effort in do you. It crashes every time you try to do it and if you finish the scan it ends up horrible, the only thing it would be decent for is locker codes if you’re not knew your console.Version: 1.2

DumbWhenever I try to sign in i tells me to connect then try again when I literally have full bars at my house all the TIME I wouldn’t have wasted my damm time if I knew this was a crappy app!!!.Version: 1.4

HorribleThe app constantly crashes. I don’t have the time to do a face scan. The only time the app worked was when I first installed i was able to do face scan but my console said there was an issue and I needed to do it again no biggie I thought. I was wrong after that this app constantly crashed whenever I tried to face scan even though I was speed running the face scan it would crash consistently I deleted and am about to reinstall hopefully that fixes it.Version: 1.1

Why changeI don’t understand how the app fell off this bad last couple years they made the face scan so easy now with this one it doesn’t work.Version: 1.2

Worst app of all timeYou genuinely cannot even go into the app due to the human verification process. You cannot complete it it is ridiculous. 2K should be ashamed for how awful this app is.Version: 1.1

Probably the worse face scan app everDoesn’t even count down anymore, wants your face to basically be touching your phone at times just to make your nose look super huge….Version: 1.2

Sign inEvery year I download this app to do the face scan and every year I have trouble trying to login! It always says failed!!.Version: 1.4

Face scanIdk how you guys managed to screw up the face scan even more, but you did 🤦🏾‍♂️ Please make an update that fixes this issue because it’s terrible and ruins the experience.Version: 1.2

UselessWon’t let me sing in with my PSN account in order to begin my face scan. I have had to reset my Psn password 3 times and still… even after multiple times putting the right password, it still won’t let me log in..Version: 1.2

Worst experienceI’ve been trying to hear even for a month by far the worst head scan app they done. The music is mad annoying.Version: 1.2

Fix your appNew year, same old from 2k. The facescan still doesn’t work properly, this time it says running quality check then it always fails. Tried about 15 times before it uploaded successfully and when it did it was completely off..Version: 1.4

REALLY DISAPPOINTING TO ALL THE PLAYERS!The NBA 2K face scan app epitomizes disappointment in the gaming world, embodying neglect and a stark lack of investment. Once touted as a revolutionary feature, it has since become a symbol of frustration for players worldwide. With each update, hopes for improvement are dashed as the app continues to falter, plagued by glitches, inaccurate scans, and a general lack of maintenance. It's a glaring example of a money-grabbing tactic by developers who prioritize profits over user experience, yet fail to allocate resources to enhance the very product they profit from. The result is a subpar app that leaves users feeling cheated and disenchanted with the franchise's priorities..Version: 1.4

App is suspectI have not been able to login or reset my password…I’ve deleted the app and used several emails bc it keeps saying login failed…seems I will be unable to create a player🙄.Version: 1.4

App is still trashEverything they said they fixed is still the same , and face scan is still bad.Version: 1.1

Log in issuesIt will not let me log into my Xbox account..Version: 1.2

Kind of a wasteThe face scan function is very cool and I appreciate it but that’s kind of all the app is after that. I would like for there to be a way for me to actually see my BUILD and attribute progression in the app..Version: 1.2

Login failCan’t believe I tried to log in and a error always pops up says I can’t log in very disappointed can’t even enjoy something I spent 100$ on.Version: 1.2

Dont bother, app is buggyIt wont even let me face scan.Version: 1.4

IF I COULD GIVE 0 ⭐️ I WOULD!They’ve clearly put less and less work into these 2k companion apps. In previous 2k’s we’ve actually been made to scan our entire face .. from straight on view to a side view so they can capture depth. Apparently this year they didn’t see a reason to put DEPTH to your face on face scans so every single time you do it you can guarantee your face will be flat. Pointless..Version: 1.4

It doesn’t work!It won’t let be login into my Nintendo account.Version: 1.4

BullThese puzzles are complete BS. Can’t even sign in because apparently I’m not human because I can’t solve this bs..Version: 1.1

Face ScanAfter like 10 years of this, the face scan is still hot dog water. Will upload 1 out of 10 times & you'll end up looking like an altered default character with some inbred gargoyle mixed in. Everyone's got the same swollen mutated forehead. Why is this app even available still, total joke 😂.Version: 1.2

Super slow face scanThe face scan has been loading for the past 30 minutes.Version: 1.1

Not Worth ItTo this date I still can't sign in with my Nintendo account to scan my sons face and have him think his an NBA player, I gave up on this app… I'll try it on my ps5 to see if it works.Version: 1.4

Face Scan is Broken“Running Quality Check” never ends and when you do manage to get a scan to go through it butchers your face. It’s 2023 we have technology that can scan faces so easily. Complete waste of time.Version: 1.1

Thing is trashThis app is so f ahh don’t even work tried it 8 times still saying the same thing how is it keep getting worse every single year fix the problem bro.Version: 1.4

Where’s the in game player stats and stuff?!You’d think an app you have to sign into with your game profile would have a way to check your progress in game as well as stats but it’s basically just a face scanner with a VC counter. If your not looking to scan your face into the game, I don’t think you should waste your time with this app..Version: 1.2

Facial ScanI’ll say this I’ve been trying to scan my face for the last 30 minutes. And I say that to say this-Last year I never had this problem,this brings life to the game on a personal level and from reading other reviews looks like the app creator for this year might have dropped the ball. It’s effected me because I loved that feature for years and now there’s an issue. I’m not here to buss anyone’s bubble or make jobs hard all I’m asking is please fix the bugs. I enjoy playing but this is one of my favorite features-please consider it. Thank you 😁.Version: 1.4

Awful face scan!Made me look deformed!!!!.Version: 1.1

Log inHave been trying for the past hour to log in and continues to tell me the app is un able to connect to my 2k account.Version: 1.4

Nba 2k24 face scanI was trying to do the face scan, but it wouldn’t work. I tried at least 15 times please fix it immediately because your game is already bad like really bad so if you could please fix the face scan please and thank you have a good day😉.Version: 1.4

Face scan does NOT WORKBeen trying to upload my face scan for over an hour. Says error every time makes absolutely no sense. Fix the face scan already!!.Version: 1.2

Waste of Time 2k is DeceitfulDon’t waste your time your builds never do what you pay for and this app is useless the console game is riddled with Microtransactions and you still do t get what you pay for plus the TOS they will implement at the end of the month looks to rob you of your BC and characters you don’t own them according to 2K save your money and frustration levels.Version: 1.4

TerribleThis app by far is the worst app I ever encountered. The face scan is absolutely worthless. A billion dollar company and yall can’t get this right in 2024. Please shut this down and start from scratch..Version: 1.4

Won’t allow me to sign into Xbox accountI don’t know why but it won’t allow me to sign into my Xbox account to use the face scan. It’s frustrating at this point because everyone who uses this wants to scan their face to use in the game SMH please fix this.Version: 1.2

The worst scan techThis is probably the worst scan technology I have ever seen and the most useless app. Literally no useful, functioning features besides the face scan and THAT doesn’t even work right. No matter what lighting you use. This is 2K’s signature style. No UI/UX design that focuses on us the players. Straight money grab like their games. As soon as another sports game developer makes an NBA game, I’m gone..Version: 1.4

Horrible FacescanThis has to be the worst year for face scans… I literally did my face scan 10+ times and they all came out horrible. Had my face looking all flat and smushed… smh how did 2k19 have a better face scan than 2k24 with new technology?!.Version: 1.1

If i could give zero stars i wouldThe face scan technology was better 2k20-2k23. I don’t know what they were thinking here but they did really bad. 0/5 stars.Version: 1.4

Terrible time wasterSo it took an hour to get 1 scan in. The app is more concerned with playing that stupid music than making a good app that connects. It kust gets stuck on checking quality and just stays there. Bad enough it doesn’t load into the game right away this is just terrible time waster..Version: 1.1

Remove this from the game at this pointYou guys dont have enough money or resources to integrate an AI technology for facial recognition?? there is 3d app on my phone that can do better 3d sculpting of my head. a true disgrace to ever advertise face scan.Version: 1.4

Face scan doesn’t work as advertisedI’ve never had issues scanning my face in previous 2K games. I can never get passed ‘Running Quality Check’..Version: 1.1

DO Not Download THIS GAMEIt got me so mad I tried to scan my face multiple times and it kept on saying failed and also when I tried typing my email it kept on saying wrong email.Version: 1.4

Face scan not uploadingApps great just got to fix the face scan part then I’ll 5star it but other then that like the other guy said if I’m building my dream character need3m to look like me not 100,000 other ppl.Version: 1.1

ScamIt will not work on my PlayStation.Version: 1.4

Face ScanPlease fix the face scan last years was better so I know it can be done jus put it back if necessary but this years scan is horrible not accurate at all.Version: 1.1

2k just does not care enough about user experienceI never write reviews but I’m taking the time out of my day to do it for this. 2k puts a laughable effort in this app. The face scan was better in the 2k20 app. It’s somehow gotten worse 4 years later. And there’s still no way to see your face scan on the app, you have to load up 2k to see how terrible it came out. Not to mention it takes 10 minutes for it to actually find your face and scan it, all for there to be a huge black mark on your face scan always. Face scan has been around since 2k15 and not only have there been no improvements in 9 years, it’s gotten progressively worse..Version: 1.2

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