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Facetune for iPad App User Positive Comments 2022

Facetune for iPad app received 148 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about facetune for ipad?

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Facetune for iPad for Positive User Reviews

Helpful with my photosWhile not yet expert. I’m really enjoying this clever, innovative app..Version: 2.8.6

Nice!Does a good job...intuitively..Version: 2.7.3

I Really Appreciate some of this app's featuresAs I experiment with the multitude of photo-editing apps available, most of them providing virtually the same features, I find myself going back to Facetune more and more. In particular, the Smoothing and Details features are excellent, primarily because of their ease of use and the ability to apply these edits to specific areas of a photo by virtue of the easy-to-use Wipe component. Once I discovered Wipe I was hooked. The Details feature is like no other I've experienced, providing a vibrant, high-def texture to areas you want to stand out. My only complaint is that there are far too few Textures and Frames. If Facetune adds more of these it may become one of the only photo editing apps I'll need..Version: 2.5.2

Incredible!!Worth every single penny you pay, I'd even go as far as to say I'd pay so much more for this app! And I never pay for any apps! :-P but seriously, incredible features with incredible results! :-D.Version: 2.1

Just love itBest photoshop app, love it!.Version: 2.1.2

Super!Très efficace, juste ce qu'il faut pour faire vite et bien!.Version: 2.5.4

AmazingThis app works really well and does just what I want! Love! Everything about it is great, but I wish I could have more demo photos..Version: 2.1.3

Love it!Excellent app for photo editing!!.Version: 2.5.4

FantasticIt's great on iPhone... even better on iPad. This app is photo editing for the rest of us, done right..Version: 2.5

Excellent!Gives the effect of a £500 edit software sooo much cheaper and is a lot easier to use. Great results making anyone, even unattractive people, look like super models, in 5 minutes, LOVE IT! A must have if you want a popular pp ;) download now, so worth the money! Seriously, get it, now!.Version: 2.1

Great resultsFacetune is easy to use and gives great results, I look 20 years younger!.Version: 2.7.3

Easiest app everPlease don’t change a thing. Love it.Version: 2.8.3

Photoshop for the newbieLove love love this app. Hope they extend Facetune for desktops too!.Version: 2.7.1

Dorian Gray lives onFantastic app. It's made an old man (and woman) very happy. Our friends cannot believe how young we are looking. Shhh, it will be our little secret ! Everything about this app is great. Much less hassle than Photoshop..Version: 2.1.3

😍😍😍It was a little hard to edit when I first started (1-2 weeks ago) but but know I'm like and expert I love this app it is my favourite editing app I'm definitely sharing this app with my friends they love it to in the next update I think they should add something like to make your lips look more plump and have something to fill in your eyebrows but I do absolute positively love this app😄.Version: 2.1.3

Works Wonders!This really is the best editing app out there! It's well worth the money and looks great! With just the touch of a finger, you can edit photos instantly and this definitely doesn't make your photos look fake either..Version: 2.1.1

Fantastic!This has to be my favourite photo editing app - if not my favourite app I've bought! I use it all the time: it does the work of several other editing apps but all in one programme, and in my opinion, often foes it better. I wouldn't want to be without it!.Version: 2.1.3

AddictiveI went through my albums trying to find pix to touch up! So much fun! Wish I had this years ago, would have touched up all photos before posting to Facebook. Recommend for whitening teeth, and getting rid of forehead lines..Version: 2.1

Feels like I'm photoshoppingIt's so good make my ugly friend to a must have face.Version: 2.5

I ADORE IT!! <333Omg best app, saved mah life <3 It's so good.. to edit some mistakes in your pictures, the price is worth it 😍😇.Version: 2.5.2

ImpressiveWorks as advertised. Very slick app..Version: 2.5.2

Way coolBest I have used and its a app you can do just a little, or make your friends in to freaks. Or make your self look 20 years younger lol.Version: 2.5.2

StunningThis is an amazing app! It allows me to take RAW images straight from my DSLR and produce print and web ready portraits for a client while sat in a cafe having a cuppa. The rotation option on the patch tool is genius and helps produce stunning results. No more lugging a laptop and Wacom around I can do it all on my iPad! I love it..Version: 2.0

Très bonContinuez.Version: 2.7.2

CoolReally easy to use, works well and for even better results I applied an enhancement with the ipad photo editor after using this app..Version: 2.1.1

Great ProgramFacetune must be one of the most versatile photo editing programs available on the market. The ease of use and the capabilities of the program, make it such a pleasure to work with..Version: 2.5.2

Excellent app but crashes when importing from DropboxIt's a great app and I use it for all my picture editing but recently I tried to import some pics from Dropbox and after spending time enhancing my pics, it crashes and I have to start again. Only reason why it doesn't have 5 stars, but otherwise worth the £2.99 I paid..Version: 2.1.3

Great little app!If you fancy an easy to understand, user friendly photo editing app, one that makes your (already beautiful😘) face look on point, then this one's for you! I would've liked a handful more features for the price, but in all honesty I'm not sure I'd have the time (nor desire) to sit around editing all my pics. If you want that stellar profile pic, in the manner of a couple of minutes, then this is the app for you! 😁.Version: 2.5.4

BrandonBETTER THAN PHOTOSHOP!!!!.Version: 2.5.2

Excellent appI have tried quite a few of these apps and this is definitely the best one so far. It is very easy to use and the results are great. I would recommend it..Version: 2.5.2

Juuust right!The beauty of this app is that even the first pic you play with comes out really well, and then you can really see how practice (and a lighter touch) will make perfect! You don't change the nature of the true person- unless you really want to- you just tweak the best bits. Love it!.Version: 2.0

SmoothingFun to see the years taken off by smoothing technique..Version: 2.7.3

Many features were removedThey remove many futures from the app and the price is still high I believe it’s still one of the best but if I’m paying for a product the same price that I paid last year I shouldn’t get less with the updates is should improve not the opposite.Version: 2.7.3

More than not i can’t get a picture to work on.It says hold long for vio and tap for a photo. Empty page is all i see and 3 little signs. Do i need to get rid of my other icon with the face from the ones i down loaded long time ago?.Version: 2.7.2

Face TuneLove This App made myself look 10 years younger worth getting..Version: 2.8.6

Best availableI'm an art model, I use this for all sorts of little tweaks on professional photographs. This is far more than a selfie touch up app. With some expansion it could replace photoshop for many artists..Version: 2.5.4

Awesome and simpleAbsolutely the easiest way to improve pictures..Version: 2.7.1

The Best of it's KindQuite simply - if you are looking for a selfie/face photo retoucher/enhancer then this is about as good as it gets. Certainly worth the money and absolutely brilliant at what it does..Version: 2.5.2

FantasticWOW! What an amazing app, and such good value. It takes seconds to correct the images and saves all that fiddling about with Photoshop - tho' that does have its uses but costs soooooo much more. Now we know how all the models and celebrities look so perfect in magazines! Well done, and thank you, to the inventor of this app. Does so much and for a very good price too. I love it..Version: 2.1.1

Photoshop on the go!Love it!.Version: 2.5.2

Great app!!! Love it!!!I love it. Easy to use and effective..Version: 2.1.3

TylerUsed it a couple of times for editing for shoots for little touch ups and it’s amazing.Version: 2.7.3

Love the resultsLove the results i get using the editor, my salon posts pictures of our clients hairstyles and it just enhances there natural beauty without looking fake.Version: 2.5.4

So goodI love this app I use it all the time and flyers for motions anything I need to do this app makes it so easy.Version: 2.7.3

Best portrait editorLoved this app since day one. the only thing I would change is maybe making the to es more translucent. other that that this is my goto app for beauty shots. love it!!.Version: 2.7.3

Miracle Age Defying AppAn amazing App that does exactly what it says. My photo now makes me look slim with white teeth & bright blue eyes. At last I have a profile picture for dating sites! (I just have to make sure if I meet someone its in the dark!).Version: 2.5

More demo pictures!Love this. should be more demo pictures, I don't use it enough, usually when bored.Version: 2.1.3

Buy it.Seriously, I didn't believe the hype but being a keen photographer I gambled a few quid. I'm so glad I did. This brings a huge slab of Photoshop functionality to our iPads! More and more photographers are using iPads as an editing platform and here's one BIG reason why. Class!!!.Version: 2.0

Top AppI love this app well worth the money I paid and a must for people with skin problems like myself and numerous other useful applications for your pics. 5Star app.Version: 2.6.3

AwesomeBrilliant app been having a lot of fun tweaking pictures seeing how far I can take it with still looking realistic then goin all out and making it very fake anime style. Such a good app for really cheap. Learning as I go.Version: 2.5

Amazing!One of the applications that i am ready to pay for!.Version: 2.5.2

Loving this appCan't say enough good things about this app easy to use and makes a big difference to my photos.Version: 2.5.2

VonnieBest app ever. It does everything..Version: 2.5.4

AmazingI loooooove this soooo much you should totes buy it you won’t wast your money.Version: 2.7.6

Great app! but...This app is truly amazing, the only downfall is that when you load a picture from your camera roll, the quality of the picture downgrades, and if you try to fix it you'll ruin the picture. Please fix in next update!!!.Version: 2.5.4

ExcellentNow my photos look like a professional has taken them.Version: 2.1.2

Fantastic.Functional and easy to use. Ticks all of the boxes. A fantastic app well worth the money. Great value..Version: 2.5.4

Amazing Technology & Amazing AppI was making a surprise for my fiancé and prepared an album book of our photos in the past 5 years. I've used facetune to edit and improve about 60 photos. It was so easy to do and the result was absolutely incredible!!! It's as if I sent the photos to a professional photoshopper! (Which would have cost me well over a few dollars!) Now I'm just editing other photos of my friends and family and they are so excited when I send them their beautiful photos. It's just so much fun working on photos with this app that I find myself using it so much. The combination of this state of the art technology and the beautiful and intuitive user interface make this app be the best of its kind..Version: 2.0

Hours of fun timewastingHours of fun time wasting.....AND Lots of practical uses as well.Version: 2.1.3

Good for Art!I just started using this for drawings on paper. I used Camera on my iPad and had to get rid of the messy grey background... I need better lighting. The whitening tool works surprisingly well around the line art. It took a bit longer to use than full Photoshop on a computer, but it worked. I'm happy. The lines were a bit lighter, as a result. So I put it in Procreate, set the layer to Multiply and duplicated it a few times. Worked like a charm!.Version: 2.5.4

AwesomeVery good.Version: 2.5.4

Just buy it.Seriously welllll worth the money. I was skeptical at first but wow...the only thing I don't like about this app is that it makes you realise how ugly you really are. Lol but seriously this app is amazing. Best editing app for faces by far..Version: 2.1.1

Mr.This is such an amazing app. It is so easy to use and the effects just looks so real. It is 100% user-friendly!.Version: 2.0

One of the Years 10 Best iPad Apps! Truly Awesome!Now you too can become a wizard at corrective photography. So simple and easy to use. Very informative, easy to understand picture and word directions. Sculpt body lines, arms, faces, legs. Great for swimsuit shots or any shot. It's not just for faces, no way! Smooth away lines, wrinkles, pores, blemishes. Enhance facial features. Make lips a little pinker or go hot red! Add eyeshadow, improve make-up. Don't like it, simply erase. You get fine tuned features for those tiny spots. So many, many photo effects to choose from. Thus App is "IT" and more. DO NOT listen to the naysayers in the reviews. If they how to use the app correctly they'd be getting the features they say it doesn't have. This is by far one of my favorite apps of the year. I'm going to tell everyone about it..Version: 2.1.1

PerfectI use this app quite a lot. For everything! To smooth out my skin, filter photos, put details into the eyes. Iv even used it for photos that have nothing to do with the face. Well worth the money . A+++ 👌👌👌.Version: 2.1.3

GreatLove this app...does great for my pics :).Version: 2.1.3

Brilliant App...Absolutely brilliant App, worth double the asking price. So simple to use, and yet produces stunning results. Should be anybody's Ipad, who has a passing interest in Photo's. Well done Guy's. Just when you thought the Best Art App, couldn't get any better. This update arrived. And made it even more outstanding and value for Money...Fantastic..Well, what you waiting for, go buy it..now...!!!.Version: 2.5

Face tuneI love this app it's amazing I recommend it to everyone.Version: 2.1.1

One of my workhorse apps.Since all of your recent updates this app has become a mainstay in my workflow. These tools are great for any kind of photo not just faces. I know many mobile artists who use this for detailing. Tone correction is the best in the market. I don't sacrifice texture to get proper color. This is your very best app. Simple, powerful and has so many uses. I would have paid $40 for this one..Version: 2.7

Best I've used to dateThis has to be the best photo editing app I've used on the ipad. It has everything you need to make a good photo great! It's easy to use but the videos that show you how to use it are always there if you get stuck. Really really pleased with this but, bargain..Version: 2.1

Face TuneBrilliant 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Now I know how people get such good profile pics. I ❤️ this App..Version: 2.5.4

AWESOME!!!!!Best money you will ever spend. Love it! Definitely worth the money.Version: 2.1.3

Yay I am the first one to reviewI absolutely love this app, it takes away any flaw you want taken away in your photo without it making it to obvious. Top 5 apps I have ever had!!.Version: 2.0

AnniePretty good. I'm very new at this sort of thing, but it made a very ordinary photo of me , look very good. I usually take a bad photo..Version: 2.6.2

This is a great editorImpressed with: the tutorials, the simplicity, the layout, the saving options and the results! Amazing! There is a brilliant button that toggles your edited and unedited photo. You save each type of changes separately so it's easy to undo or discard changes you don't like. It takes only a few goes to get acquainted with this editor. I'm having success with photos in low light and photos of poor exposure. Combined with another, broader editor, you can achieve incredible results that many would struggle with for ages in Photoshop. Keep up the great work, developers..Version: 2.5.2

Excellent programVery easy to use and well worth the money..Version: 2.5.4

Amazing toolsTransformation of before and after was absolutely cute..Version: 2.1.1

Brilliant appThis is so simple to use, I have managed to turn mediocre photos into real works of art with this app! Thoroughly recommended!.Version: 2.0

FaceTuneWhat a fun app! If you just need a few changes for a profile pic, this is cool!.Version: 2.1.2

FaceTuneImpressed, Very Pleased with this App. Excellent! Use often, more than expected. Much Quicker and easier to use than PShop. Teeth whitening is genius. Just used to renovate an ancient, cracked, sepia photo: Patched, smoothed, increased detail and restored to B&W original appearance using filters. Added a neat frame, final touch. RESULT: AMAZING! Took about 5 minutes! Unbelievably brilliant app, Perfect. Thank You!.Version: 2.7.2

Face tuneLove it.Version: 2.0

Must have appThis is a must have app for retouching all those grandchildren portraits, removes food, scratches, pimples, everything. Simple, simple to use yet great results. First time I've ever given 5 stars!.Version: 2.0

Hands down this is the best editing app!!!I am not ashamed to admit I am exceptionally vain when it comes to being in pictures, come on, we all are! This app allows me to tweak my pics as much or little as needed in order to get the perfect shot! Not sure how much it costs today (I read another review saying it was expensive?) but it was certainly worth the $1.99 I paid for it!! I find that free editing apps are basically garbage, as they offer no more functionality the my regular iPhone edit feature. They just give you a few more filtering options, but this one blows all others out of the water! The only feature I don't use is the resize tool - I guess I don't have the skill or finesse to use it since when I've tried, it just makes the object look like something in a funhouse mirror. No big loss for me though. Everything else is amazing, thanks to the developers for making such a great program!.Version: 2.5.2

Love thisSince losing iPhoto - this is the main photo editing app I use - and it is brilliant. It does mostly everything I want..Version: 2.5.2

BargainThe ease of use of this app is remarkable. Watch the short lessons on usage and you will be flying in no time. Fantastic value. I use this and auto stitch (panorama app) all the time now. You can't go wrong spending such a small sum. Recommended !.Version: 2.5.4

Best I've seenGreat software, powerful and easy to use. It has all the right tools for doing the job beautifully. Well written. Fantastic. Just what I needed..Version: 2.5.2

AmazingThis is an amazing app. I have corrected so many things on my photos. Even scanned in old pictures and used face tune to smooth out the creases!! Amazing app..Version: 2.1.1

I LOVE THIS APP: is it XMP compatible?I LOVE FACETUNE & use it all the time but recently, if you edit a photo & then import that photo to your computer, or if you try to view the photo in another iOS app i.e. Facebook, the photo displays the original, unedited version. Apple uses Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), a standard created by Adobe, for nondestructive photo editing. XMP allows you to undo edits and to revert back to an original photo without the loss of quality. Displaying the edited photo requires OS X v10.9 or later and software that can read XMP. Your photo-management application will display the original photo if it can't read XMP!! application. I have an IPad Air & use WindowsXP On my Desktop.Version: 2.1.2

One great app!!This is one awesome app. Having so much fun playing with this one. It's especially awesome for touching up baby photos. Totally in love with the amazing filters too! I can see myself using this one all the time. Just love it..Version: 2.1.1

This app is GREAT !!!!It’s sooo highly recommend its so great! You can create different pictures! And best of all when ur done ur picture is amazing!.Version: 2.8.2

Best photo app for iPad and iPhoneI found this yesterday and with all my photo apps this is the best yet! Even better than PS Express..... Perfect for filtering and zooming in to alter photos at pixel level..... Love it.Version: 2.1.1

Fun!So far this app has been able to do all it promised. It is fun, easy to use and effective..Version: 2.1.3

Lynrd123Good app..better when I can figure it all out. You will love it!.Version: 2.7.3

Good app.Very useful app..Version: 2.5.2

Love this app!Don’t like the new version seems not as good. I will stick with this one..Version: 2.7.3

TerrficThis app is really easy to use and gives professional results with just an iPad and a finger. Five stars when step-wise undo is available within each tool, rather than (or as well as) Erase..Version: 2.5.4

I love FacetuneThis app is my favorite ever.Version: 2.7.3

Love itBest photo app out there!.Version: 2.7.2

Simple and the bestIf I were to have only one editing app, this would be I!.Version: 2.7.2

PhotosFantastic app makes your photos look great.Version: 2.7.2

Been a FAV for years!! However....I would love for the creators of this app to keep ALL of the same features and filters! I have to say though, it has been QUITE SOME TIME since there has been any major upgrades to the app. I pay a good amount of money for the paid FULL version each year and I would like to definitely see much , MUCH more being added on a regular basis. More filters, settings, preferences, and tools to edit with that no one else has. I'm not speaking of goofy-looking "stickers" or bubble-letter text, etc. Bring us something innovative.... something that will bring itself levels past any other photo editing app on the market..Version: 2.7.3

Awesome appGreat app very simple to use with great results on all photos!.Version: 2.5.4

HhhJnhyhn.Version: 2.7.3

Excellent app!!Made me look decades younger. The only problem I had was saving the edited selfie as the way to do this was not obvious at first..Version: 2.5.2

Must have appYou have to get this app you will love it..Version: 2.1.1

A Social media must haveI’ve been using this for a couple years now. I gotta admit, I’m a guy and this app is the best thing ever.Version: 2.7

IndespensibleI take a lot of photos. I am not a "photographer." This app saves the day in so many ways. My friend complained that in my last photo she looked "greasy" (aka-shiny). After engaging the app - Voila, she loved it! I have a condition that gives me dry,nary skins. I'm 65, but my hands look like I'm 85. And with my new, super-duper-crisp-clear camera, my hand look like I'm 90. It is what it is. But I take photos of my parrot sitting on my hand. After "smoothing" my hand just a bit, people look at the photo and say "Beautiful parrot"and are not distracted by the mummified hand. Other little touch ups can do so much to perfect a photo. I can hardly wait to try all of its features!.Version: 2.5.2

Truly an essential appLove it! Great tools for a great picture!.Version: 2.5.2

Great, easy to use..I've only played with it for a few minutes but am impressed by how simple & effective this is. Love the tutorials too..Version: 2.1.3

Best app everSo impressed with this app ... Get it its so good to anyone that's reading this ..... Also can you add green screens or something like that please.Version: 2.1.1

Best portrait photo editor out thereI have bought this for my iPad and the iPhone. Wish I had it for the iPod and the iMac, I love it so much! The only feature I use from other editing tools that I don't have on this is desaturated to take the color out of things, esp surrounding backgrounds to make faces, people really pop... However, this app, esp the one foe iPad that allows the intensity gradient of the particular things I use like soften, etc, just works perfectly, and sharpen works so much better then the detail of other editing tools. And I've tried to apply make up with other programs, and this works easier, except I wish there was a way to "shade" the color, like women actually apply make up. But again, I'm not even sure that's been invented, so for around $4, this app is really pretty much the best you can buy. You just need to keep your mouth shut to friends about why you look so good in pics, esp with the reshape feature!!!!.Version: 2.1.1

AwEsOmE!!!This is the best app ever!!¡¡.Version: 2.1.2

AmazingThis app is so good I almost feel bad about using it because of how good it makes me look and it feels like cheating! It's quite expensive but if it was a tiny bit cheaper it would be an essential for everyone.Version: 2.0

Good but not good enoughMissing other features like white balance, brightness, color adjustment. I would need to do two steps: first edit in facetune then edit with snapseed.Version: 2.1

OutstandingWhat a truly fantastic app. It gives you the option to edit and touch up photo's to a professional standard. WELL worth the money and a massive bargain. Buy it now!!.Version: 2.1

Fantastic easy to useThis app (I have tried about ten ) is the best, its easy to use, self explanatory and not complicated at all. I just needed to take about ten years off my selfies, and it has done a pretty good job. I no longer avoid the camera because I knowI can make my own adjustments! I had photoshop years ago and it was great, but far to complex for my needs now, this is a simple app and does nearly as good a job for a very small fee. Well done, this is perfect for me..Version: 2.6.3

ExcellentThis app is nothing short of excellent. You get so much for your money. It's really easy to make your photographs look amazing, even for a novice. An invaluable tool to have at your fingertips! I really am amazed..Version: 2.1.1

WowC'est vraiment l'outil idéal pour les retouches.Version: 2.5.2

'Amazing'!Wow! This app is great! It is a great app to have. Why are you reading this when you could be GETTING the app?.Version: 2.5

Love it!!Best photoshop app ever!.Version: 2.5.2

AwesomeThis app is absolutely fantastic! I've downloaded many editing apps before, and none of them is as good as this one! It's design is simple (which helps a lot) and the effects are so realistic and improve my pictures. Happy costumer.Version: 2.1.3

Great appThis is so easy to use and allows simple subtle changes to enhance your pics. Very simple but very effective. Very happy with purchase..Version: 2.5.4

Great!Love this app! No need for photoshop!! :D.Version: 2.5.2

Excellent, does the job.Worth spending time learning what this little app can do, it is vast and pro. One for the perfectionist photographer. Fab tools, attention to detail and user friendly. Tutorials are clear and helpful. Well needed, well designed, welcomed. Small thought, deals well with images but limits size of image it deals effectively, I would welcome expanding the image size..Version: 2.5.4

BrilliantJust love it. I can't fault this app. Only thing is could suggest is to add text to picture. This app does everything else!! 😀😀😀😀 Thanks you!.Version: 2.5.2

CoolNice.Version: 2.1.2

Good App!Works very well. I use this one a lot. :-).Version: 2.5.2

Retouch your photos on your iPad!Most of us refuse to agree with what we see when we look at a portrait of ourselves. Blemishes, yellow teeth, unruly hair strands, rough skin, pimples and bloodshot red eyes. Facetune is a powerful photo editing tool that allows you to tweak the look, smoothen up your skin, eliminate all the shortcomings and finally dress up the shot with a combination of filters and frames. It's an instinctive app with a user-friendly interface. The UI is designed well, from the menus to the toolbox. It supports screen rotation. The tutorial is very intuitive and helps you become an expert in no time. You can undo the changes and compare the edited photo with the original for every step of the process. Once you start using Facetune, you won't share your photos without touching them up first!.Version: 2.5.2

Great!Photoshop level effects with your finger. Very impressed..Version: 2.5.2

Very good appsMa favorite apps, i love it.Version: 2.5.2

Powerful!Amazing results with a small but powerful toolset!.Version: 2.5.2

My reviewOne thing for sure. Totally a fun game! I have a lot of fun playing this game. Although there is a few problems that I should point out. It has a limited amount of things you can use and most of the time I want more choices to choose from. But you don’t need wifi! Plus, there are no adds, and there are absolutely NO pop up adds! 😁😁🙂 Even if they don’t have a wide selection of options, it’s a very fun game, and I recommend it!.Version: 2.7.2

Best airbrush in town!I think it's a tad unfair to rate an app 1 star as below just because you didn't read the txt or choose "for iPhone and iPad" on the App Store. With the arrival of the iPad Pro, everything has changed and as an artist, I do not want the same user experience on on both my phone and my iPad! Responsive design doesn't always mean same app... Aside from that little rant 😜this is a fantastic app - where you have control and are not forced to overuse filters resulting in processed, unrealistic plastic people. I also use it as a quick and easy photo editor for more than just portraits - the defocus offerings quick 'depth of field' without have to cut and blur and the patch and smooth giving instant removal or disguise for the odd lip in your perfect pic. A must for all who need easy, yet high performing image editing....Version: 2.5.4

Quality bit of softwareI'm a professional photographer and use this for all face touch ups. Well worth the price and easier to use than some apps I've spent A LOT more on..Version: 2.5

OH EM GEE😱This is by far THE BEST photo editing app of ALL time! I do A LOT of photo editing mainly as just a hobby & I normally have to use a few different apps to get the desired effect that I want but since getting this app I really only need just this app to do everything I need to create the perfect picture! I LOVE IT❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️.Version: 2.5

BrilliantAwesome app,works a treat. Love it.👍🏻😍.Version: 2.5.4

Best of all photo shop appsBest of all photo shop apps.Version: 2.1

This app is amazingDon't normally do reviews but this app is out of this world. Forget photoshop for doing touch ups and photo brushing, this is so much easier. Just love it and probably best app I have bought for touching up and more. Love it..Version: 2.1.1

So intuitive !I've been busy softening Backgrounds and smoothing out faces for hours and hours....highly recommend.Version: 2.7.2

Facetune for meFacetune is easy to use, realistic results, on iPhone & iPad. Even for an old lady like me..Version: 2.8.6

Best lab app I've usedThis is the best photo lab app I've used and I've used a few. You need to practice a bit to perfect the technique but once you have its awesome. Highly recommended..Version: 2.5.2

InspiringI love this app. The more I use it the more I learn and like it. Recommend.Version: 2.6.6

Facetune for iPadThree words to describe this app, BRILLIANT FANTASTIC MAGICAL, I recommend it to any one who enjoys portraiture and glamour photography..Version: 2.7.3

Best photo editorI use it every day b4 posting my pics on Instagram & Facebook, I love it.Version: 2.5.2

Pretty cool indeed!I like the intuitive control and flow of the app. It allows creative aspects and elements with fairly easy controls. Very impressed and worth the money!.Version: 2.5.2

Superb!This app is amazing, it is so easy to use and the results are always realistic! There are so many things you can do with it, from teeth whitening (which I also use for whitening the sclera in eyes), smoothing, blurring, toning (fun to use to change your hair/eye colour!), and loads of filters as well as other stuff! I have used it on photos without people in them as well, and I really liked the edited picture. So much quicker to edit and touch up my photos on my iPad and then upload them to Facebook or wherever, than transferring them to my PC first, then use image editing software and then upload!.Version: 2.1.3

Amazing but..Amazing app to use and incredibly intuitive. I'm not sure if it's healthy to be able to alter yourself so easily though..Version: 2.5.2

Its real greatA lot of fun.Version: 2.5.2

😕 Facetune for iPad Negative Reviews
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