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Kingdom Rush Origins TD App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Kingdom Rush Origins TD app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Kingdom Rush Origins TD? Can you share your negative thoughts about kingdom rush origins td?

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Kingdom Rush Origins TD for Negative User Reviews

Good tower defense, not enough contentPerhaps one star is unfair since I have actually enjoyed the game, but it loses a lot of points by being just long enough for me to feel like I’m getting into it and then it ends with most of the game locked behind micro transactions larger than the game itself. I would rather spend $30 up front for a complete game than feel like this. There are only 5 heroes you can get through the story, one of which you get just as you’re wrapping it up. There are tons of other interesting looking ones that cost $5 or more to unlock and for what? There’s very little game to play through? I got this less than a week ago and I have already gotten max stars on most levels. The game feels done and I feel ripped off because it felt like it was building up to a great game..Version: 2.5

MisleadingTechnically it works on iPad, but it’s just a scaled up version of the phone game. Also makes use of IAP to purchase gems, where in the “In app purchases” it only states that you need to buy heroes..Version: 2.4

Save disappeared for no reasonI love this game But out of nowhere my save disappeared, it did it once or twice with my hero but this time no matter what I do I can’t get it back. It’s a bit frustrating.Version: 5.5.07

Won’t sync with iPad.No IAP or progress sync with iPad. These are two different apps. Buyers Beware!.Version: 2.1.3

Fun TDOrigins is fun and challenging, but I expect more campaigns to be play I don’t recommend to buy $7.99 heroes, they are just trash.Version: 2.5

DisappointedOverpower ennemi,,same game different graphics, i was happy to buy it but i wish there was a refund.Version: 2.5

Great game but...The Kingdom Rush series is in my opinion one of the best set of tower defence apps in the store; however what puts this game down is charging for the extra heroes when we have already paid to download the main game. The heroes are one of the best parts to Origins and it is shame to them behind quite large paywalls. Please, ether charge more upfront or give us a an option to buy them all with a one off charge. I known the company needs to make money but £4 for a single hero seems too much..Version: 1.4

Fun but same as the last versionFun to play and addicting. But follows the same platform and structure as the last versions..Version: 1.0

Super annoyingOverall, this is a really fun game. The animation and audio is really nice. But if I start a level and get off for more than half an hour, it doesn’t save any of my progress on that level! Also if I close the game and start it back up my progress isn’t saved either, so when I go shopping or somewhere for more than half an hour my progress on that level is gone! Also if I’m instinctively closing my apps and accidentally close this game, my progress on the level is also gone. Please fix this bug. If this bug is fixed, I will definitely rate 5 stars..Version: 2.5

Music and soundPaid for it. My favourite game but not sound or music. Either game or menu. I checked all configuration in the game and the phone.Version: 2.5.2

Decent game could be betterThe targeting priorities need optimization, several times I have lost because the ranged units focused on ground instead of air. The prices for heroes are way to expensive and no ability to buy in packs or with diamonds. Still no ability to sell before match for full price of towers which is super lame. Still boring one way upgrade tree. Lack of auto adjust skills for hero and iron maps. The game is still fun, but needs much improvement..Version: 2.1.3

Doesn’t work on iPhone X / iOS 11.4.1Screen goes black every 5 seconds. Reappears momentarily when you touch the screen..Version: 2.5

Ok time to be honest.Hey Ironhide. I love the Kingdom Rush series. They are fun and creative. However the price of the is a little high for such a short game. The heroes are to expensive and the dlc takes forever to come out. What I mean is that we don't have anything to entertain us while we wait. So Ironhide listen to us for once instead of looking away and coming up with some excuse like you always do..Version: 1.1

Good game Terrible purchasing systemFun game lots of good times but the restore purchase button doesn’t work so if you purchase something then delete the app the purchases are gone even if the game is connected to the game centre don’t buy anything unless you are going to never delete this game.Version: 2.4

TerribleEasily the worst game in the series. Don’t waste your money..Version: 2.4

Just a different art styleThe same as the free version with very minor changes to gameplay and changes to visuals.Version: 2.8

Move the Pause ButtonThe pause button is in a location that is easily accidentally tapped when playing on a phone and then mid game you end up restarting or quitting. Seriously play you’re own games and make these simple fixes..Version: 3.3

No sound at allNo sound in game why?.Version: 2.5

Brilliant game ruined by greedAs per the title, this game is fantastic, as are the other two Kingdom Rush games in this series but as with the two games that came before this one, it too is marred by ridiculous IAP's in the form of different champions. You have one champion by default and can unlock another two for free by playing the game, however there are another like 6 champions that are purely available with a cash purchase, some costing as much as £3.99. Sorry but you don't charge £1.99 for a game and then have IAP's for as much as £3.99 when you're getting very little in return. Other than the disgraceful IAP money spinners, the game is good, however it does at times just feel like a re-skinned version of Frontiers with the added Hero ability power. If you're new to Kingdom Rush and don't mind ludicrous IAP's (you don't need these to progress etc, more of a novelty) then download this game and see what it's all about..Version: 1.1

Good but disappointingIt's a great game, let me start with that, it's got new story and a whole new hero system, with more heroes than before(also only 3 short quest lines aside from the main ones). The issues are with the actual feel of the game, there's very little fun while playing it, the original was huge fun and the towers were all very nice and each felt like they were doing huge damage, with this game it feels like all of your towers don't change much when you upgrade them, you need to feel excited and this game just doesn't do it, i also think that on higher difficulties you have no options in your build, you have to do the same thing over and over again, no variety and no fun....Version: 2.0

The COD of Turret DefenceIf it ain't broke don't fix it is the theme here which is kinda ok as it is improved and different enough to the previous games but doesn't really add too much else so if you're bored of the formula this prob won't keep you entertained for too long. I'm not saying its a bad game in fact it's a great TD and lot of love went into the levels and details therein but a lot of it feels simply reskinned. I think it needed a more detailed upgrade system and maybe more turret types that can be swapped out for the four standard ones that are essentially the same each game. The heroes are fun but as others have said before the IAP for new heroes are stupidly expensive (£1.99 up to £5 for the best ones) and I feel is not nice considering the cost of the game is above average for most apps anyway. If they were cheaper I would prob invest. I know they are unnecessary to play the game but they do make it easier and so constitutes pay to win and just feels wrong imo..Version: 1.2

Fails in basic waysHas a lot of potential bit some epic fails: 1) You have 4 defenders with air attack ability and they focus on the lesser threat as a simple enemy flies through the middle of the defenses… really? 2) You purchase (with items earned in app) weapons and the enemies adapt to how much you purchased. Clearly they are trying to monetize the need for more. 3) You use a weapon and enemies exit the map as if you didn’t use it - but you lose the weapon… 4) No ability to increase game speed.Version: 3.3

Wont give me my heroesI bought every hero on all 3 games, and when I try and restore my purchases, it gives me none of them back, pretty disappointed because I love this game and enjoyed using all the heroes, considering how much it cost to get them all.Version: 2.5

Tapping doesn’t always workI have an iPhone 10 and tapping the screen to add reinforcements, an arrow volley, or lightning usually requires that I tap the screen furiously 6 to 8 times before it actually works. The game is essentially unresponsive in regard to the controls. Pretty disappointed really. All the other kingdom rush games have worked perfectly on my device, and are great games. This one is basically unplayable for me on my device :/.Version: 2.5

JunkCan’t download on iphone 12 pro.Version: 2.8

Audio?I am on iOS15 and the game audio isn’t working. Is there any fix?.Version: 5.5.07

Can’t playThe start battle button is basically behind the pause button please fix this.Version: 2.7

Fun but wackCan’t restore any purchases or heroes smh..Version: 2.5

P2WP2W garbage.Version: 2.5

Not as good as Frontiers or the originalGameplay is just as strong and new levels are neatly done. However, the new characters are annoying and compared with the previous two brilliant games Frontiers and Kingdom Rush, the enemies and settings aren't as identifiable and the new heroes aren't as fun. It very much feels like a step sideways / backwards. Also, not a fan of the everlasting episodes in any of these games - the best part of the game is the achievement of finishing a tough level. Worth 69p but won't race to get the next one..Version: 1.2

Moves too slowThis game loves way too slow for a tower defense game. Levels drag on for extended periods of time as you’re just sitting and waiting for enemies to plod through. There’s no option to speed up the game play either, so you’re stuck. It makes the game boring. With so many tower defense options available on the App Store, you can definitely find better..Version: 5.8.08

Great Game, but has a critical bugThe game is lots of fun and adequately difficult. I would rate it 5 stars, except for a glitch that stops me from progressing any further in the game. The game crashes on stage 11 every time I’m at the very end of wave 15, seconds from winning the level. I’ve retried the stage 3 times now, and the game crashes every time at the exact same place, when the dark lord is about to jump down. Please fix this game-ending glitch!.Version: 2.5

Here’s the thingIt’s the best tower defense game I’ve ever played, BUT, actually charging people money to gain the extra characters is embarrassing for the company to do. Just make it so you have to beat the game or earn tons of points to earn them. It’s so stupid doing it that nazi way that game companies do to earn more money. Enough people will buy this game, trust me, but that’s a bad route to go. Charging people to use a character. Stop acting like EA..Version: 2.1.3

BlockedI still in a level with a boss, i have a hero than he can kill one shoot with is special attack and when i use hit it kill the boss and the game still running... pls help.Version: 2.5

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