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DSLR Camera App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

DSLR Camera app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DSLR Camera? Can you share your negative thoughts about dslr camera?

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DSLR Camera for Negative User Reviews

I want to like it,It’s a cool app and concept, but I’ve never been able to get the app to work correctly. Update after update after update, it still freezes and crashes. Reinstall after reinstall, issue after issue. Plz devs, fix it.Version: 9.1

Love but keeps crashingLove this app. Perfect. Only downside is sometimes it crashes on me using features.Version: 6.8

It’s OKMaybe I have too much on my phone for this to run smoothly. It takes about 30 seconds to open to a usable state. It takes about as long to change/toggle settings. It’s easy enough to use. I have no issues with the image quality or filters. I’m not sure how they qualify this as a DSLR without aperture control. Also, “burst mode” is more like “really delayed HDR”. When on, the camera takes 2 pictures about 5 seconds apart....Version: 6.1.1

Won’t installThe app wouldn’t install. There were many attempts but it refused to be downloaded..Version: 5.5.1

This sucksDon’t like this app.Version: 7.7

Won’t installUsing iPhone 8+, won’t install. Refund please!.Version: 5.5.1

Impossible to download!!!Impossible to download whatever by network or LTE. Please fix or refund. Thanks.Version: 5.5.2

Don’t like the update editorIt degrades the photo while editing , the interface is too chunky , the way it blurs when you move the slides , and it’s too course in adjusting for detail while editing ..Version: 5.0.1

Waste of money, no star at allBought yesterday and today app keep crashing. I wish there is option for removed app for refund..Version: 7.3.1

ProblemsUsed this app to take some photos today for about 30 minutes. I guess I was supposed to save them all, individually, by hand before I shot the next pic, because they are GONE. (I especially mourn the loss of the best selfie I have ever taken.) I want to delete the app but I’m too afraid that I will discover some way to get my pictures back if I keep poking around..Version: 8.0

This is kind of infuriatingEvery time I try to download this app, I get a notification saying I’ve already been charged for this app and will not be charged again, but I can’t seem to get the app to download, I’ve downloaded other apps so I don’t know what’s wrong.Version: 5.5.1

Keeps crashing!Not so good at the moment, it just keeps crashing. Wont stay open long enough to take a picture. Perhaps it needs an update for IOS 13.3 iPhone 11 Pro.Version: 7.3

How is this possible? Price 0.49 got charged 3.49How is this possible i am just gobsmacked here Lol.Version: 5.6

LimitedBe nice to have persistent settings. Be nice if RAW mode also recorded a JPG. Moving manual focus to what appears to be infinity (mountain) is not infinity. Be nice have a zoom focus assist feature as a 4.7” screen is sometimes not big enough. Used for 5min and both pics are way out of focus using manual but they looked in focus on screen and my eyesight is fine. Optional filters I feel is a gimmick & the craft of post process apps. Still not found a true manual camera..Version: 5.6

BadDon't waste your money. This app is definitely not as advertised. Is an insult to the Apple camera..Version: 5.5.2

Thumbs way downThanks Apple for recommending this totally useless lag ridden camera app. It's like trying to stream HD on a 56k modem..Version: 3.4

Useless appTakes crappy photos. You won't be able to use those photos anywhere. I regret paying for this..Version: 7.7

DSLR Camera is a messDownloaded app, it opened but said I needed to provided location access. I tried several times to do what the suggested but nothing worked. Finally, it said my hard drive didn’t have enough space. this is an iPad and doesn’t have a hard drive but the available storage is pretty high. I am deleting the app and just taking the loss of the cost to download. Save your money and go to another app. I was ripped off.Version: 5.6

I paid: and I want a choiceThough you turn off geolocation after the app is on your phone, upon installation the app forces you to approve logging location data in order to move forward and actually use the app. I’m paying for the app, and I would like the ability to steward my data in whatever way I see fit. You get 1 star because I don’t have an option to give 0. Until you provide me with proof or a means to delete and bypass that prompt and still successfully use the app for which I paid, it stays at 1 star..Version: 7.4

UpsettingI feel like I’ve wasted my money on an app that isn’t at peak functionality. I wanted a good DSLR app that allows me to take photos of the night sky, and the app describes itself to have the parameters necessary for me to do this on my phone, but it doesn’t. It always takes choppy pictures that just look like a light. The app also crashes a lot, and I have an iPhone 8 with a ton of storage, so it shouldn’t be crashing. Overall, I am upset with this app, and I feel as though my money has been wasted for me to take pictures only with peak light sourcing. The app is ONLY USEFUL if you have a good light source for your photos. Any other photo type looks poor, such as trying to take photos of the stars. Don’t spend your money when there are better apps for free :(.Version: 7.3.1

CrashesI just purchased this app and wished I hadn’t. It has crashed multiple times in the five minutes I’ve been using it. I may not be using it correctly, or the AR assistant function is just useless. Does not lay flat on the screen. It’s at weird angles. The few pictures I was able to take with it before I got fed up with it crashing were ok. The add to Siri Shortcut constantly on and won’t go away. It is extremely distracting. I wished I hadn’t wasted the 0.99¢. Two star because it actually did recognize my cat. That’s the only reason. I’d like my 0.99¢ back..Version: 7.1.1

Am I missing this?I'm unable to locate any option to change screen format to suit different screen sizes!.Version: 6.8

Crash crash crashCrashes all day long..Version: 7.3

Almost totally unresponsive interfaceI just got this app and am updated on iOS 13, but am super disappointed that I can’t use the app because the screen becomes totally unresponsive except to shift the preview scene as I move the phone and its camera. I can’t press any “buttons” on the screen, except after a long, long delay I can get the filters. I can’t snap a photo at all. It just doesn’t respond. Nor do any of the other settings respond to my touch. I’ve tried many times. I don’t have other apps running..Version: 7.3

Poor quality features and low autofocus performance.I will give 2 stars for the intended effort. However, it’s features means to be for free. Low quality images, poor filtering processing, many filters that are useless and no real AI that support you in any sense. Also, AUTOFOCUS is one of the worst. Please spend a little bit more: I recommend better Hillide, Procam 6, ProCamera and Hydra. Do not buy it until it’s quality is improve and auto focus is proficient....Version: 6.0.2

Less than idealSelecting RAW images results in a blurry mess of a photo, and for some reason selecting duo camera just results in it auto switching to the telephoto lens. Also did not see a night mode as advertised..Version: 6.0.2

Don’t buyI wish I didn’t buy this I hate it and now I can’t refund please don’t waste your money like I did.Version: 8.5.2

Doesn’t add value to an 12proGreat idea and like the manual feature of the app. Feels like using a DSLR but not as intuitive. As for image quality it doesn’t add value to the already impressive iPhone 12pro camera. If I had to chose on the move I’d use the built in camera app rather than this app. If you’re stretched to buy a DSLR then great alternative..Version: 8.2

Does not work on iPhone 12 ProPurchased the app. But as soon as I click the photo in auto and manual mode, the app crashes/ goes back in to the background. Dual camera shots work. Disappointed!.Version: 8.3.4

Meh!No way to remove control panel providing more screen viewing, immediately jumps into editor after each picture with no option to turn off, frequent crashes, slightest tap/ swipe of screen switches to selfie very annoying if trying to zoom photo..Version: 5.5.5

CrashingVery unreliable keeps crashing I’m using IOS 13.1.2 on IPhone 11. I have uninstalled this app and reinstalled it but still keeps crashing. Please Fix I do like using this app when it’s not crashing..Version: 7.1.1

Not Much in appUsing this app I’m keen on taking pictures and then checking what the camera settings reading , also the date, software and location. None of this shows up, so I’m not sure which app it was I’ve used for this picture, checking pictures later. I have apps to check all this. Would be a nice app with these especially the date and location. I’m still hoping your next update will have as I have already stated earlier, I would like to see, camera info and location..Version: 5.5.5

Meh nothing specialI wish there was some video tutorials showing how one can get the best out of this app. I cannot see how to use the AR assistant mode, and not convinced shutter speed works as well as I anticipated it would be..Version: 5.8

TerribleKeeps crashing on iPhone X. Full of typos in the text. Lacks any kind feature. Asking for a refund..Version: 6.6

Almost there 3.5⭐️I use this application for professional work. It offers many great features. I love the suggested filter feature, and the dual filter where your able to set a different filter for subject and background. My problems are the filters don’t have names so as your going threw all the different ones it’s hard to go back to the one that you liked. There are so many and no names or number to set them apart. Another issue is the sliders for some reason when I let my finger off the screen the slide reverts back to a different value. It’s very hard, tedious and virtually impossible to get the right setting on the slider. Another issue is the brightness control just a couple stops washes out your subject completely. I think you guys need to reevaluate how brightness works on the app it looks like it just fades out the subject it doesn’t even make sense. Other thank that it’s great and everyone should check it out and purchase the application because I’m sure they will fix these issues in the future..Version: 9.1

Images are out of focusThis may be a focus or resolution issue. I really like the idea of manual control and being able to adjust the camera settings but this app is no replacement for the generic Apple camera app. When you compare identical photos taken on each app when pinching the images to zoom in I can clearly see that the images taken with this app are clearly inferior to the generic Apple camera app using iPhone X. Until this is sorted I will continue to use the Apple camera app because the images are just better quality hands down..Version: 7.0

Not worth the 99 centsThis app is garbage. Geolocation IS REQUIRED to use this app. Cancel/close buttons (x) on many screens and menus don’t work. Some buttons overlap. For example the OK button for the settings menu is hidden by the SIRI button. So the only way to exit the settings is to close the app because the close button doesn’t react. Just viewing the locked B&W filters crashed the app after two minutes of use. This app is useless. Doesn’t scan correctly in AR. I’d like a refund..Version: 8.6.1

App keeps crashing...Last update has ruined the app. Was fab before the update..Version: 7.1

Crashes upon trying to take any photoSuper frustrating. I used to love this app but now I can’t even use it. It crashes as soon as I attempt to take the photo. Deleted, reinstalled, rebooted iPhone, still doesn’t work. Now looking for a new app.Version: 7.3

JunkCrashes every time. Garbage app. Please give me my $0.99 back just for the principal of it..Version: 3.1.1

Scam?I just purchased this app for filming purposes, but turns out there is no way to change into video mode. I even tried to access video mode from the main screen of my phone and it crashes every time. How is this kind of quality is ranked #2 on the AppStore?.Version: 9.1.1

Watermark ruins it.Many fine features, including the split-screen option and very good bokah on the portrait mode, however the insistence of the watermark/logo when transferring photos is quite frankly insulting. It’s the first and last thing I mention when asked about this app. Show your customers some respect and remove this, please..Version: 8.2

Fix your text editorStupid keyboard stays up covering most of the screen so you can’t customize the font at all. Ongoing.Version: 8.3.5

Not the best..The shutter speed does not affect the actual camera, it just in/de-creases the brightness. Not recommended for professional photographers..Version: 8.2.1

Keeps crashingIt crashes when I adjust certain settings...Version: 7.1.1

Can not turn on againAfter downloading it, it can not be turned on again.Version: 7.2.1

Aspect RatioNo 16:9 aspect ratio as far as I can see, not much use to me without it! Will this be a future development?.Version: 8.3.2

Crashes! Not very well done app, not worth moneyUPDATE: no support at all. Crashes and then crashes and then of coarse it crashes!!!! I’m using this app with iPhone 11 Pro Max with all updated software. I’ll give 1 stars for wishful thinking but the app has no support option. Does not respond to screen touch and randomly works. You can’t focus on camera one while using PIP function so you might show up clear using the front screen but the picture or video on camera two will be out of focus. Total useless! Very disappointed! Unless support contracts me and explain why it don’t work I want a refund. I really wish I could’ve tried before purchasing and I wish support options were integrated in the app like most other apps..Version: 7.3

Not a big improvementI don’t know. It doesn’t feel like a big improvement over the default camera app. If I want to take extraordinary shots, I might be better off with other camera apps that offer more than just ISO, shutter speed, and focus control. The filters are nice, but that’s not my cup of tea. If I’m after those filter effects, I’d go with Snapseed which is free. With this, I feel like I wanna get a refund. If it’s possible, that’s great. If not, oh well..Version: 5.8

Not working on iPhone 11 ProTried to use it... only opens for a second or so and then closes. Un-installed and re-installed... no change. My iPhone is up to date, mega memory available, etc... This app does not work.Version: 7.3.1

AmirAfter the last update it keeps crashing please fix it.Version: 7.1.1

Alright AppThe app has lots of depth and you can really mess with things, but after a while your phone can’t process what’s going and crashes the app or just gets stuck on a option you picked. Another issue I have is that UI design is very messy and everything you feel squished..Version: 8.0

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