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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Five Nights at Freddy's 3? Can you share your negative thoughts about five nights at freddy's 3?

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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 for Negative User Reviews

UhhIt's ok but it's too easy.Version: 1.3

EhhhUmm I think the jumpscares need to be more scary I opened the app started playing it and I wanted to see a jumpscare and its just light with eyes I was just like wow.... I hate this game already in fnaf 5 (if u make one) make the jumpscares more scarier like I'm only scared of fnaf 1 and fnaf 2!!!! My Granny isn't even scared of it!!!!!!! And that's a big thing she's nearly scared of everything and also NOT EVEN BALLOON BOY IS SCARY AND THATS A THING I REALLY HATE BB AND I THROW MY PHONE AT THE WALL IF HE JUMPSCARES ME SO THIS IS A RIP OF I ONLY LIKE THE CHARACTERS SO YEAH TYSM FOR READING.Version: 1.3

Still Good.... Just Not My FavoriteI don’t really have much to say about this one. Honestly this is my least favorite out of the entire series, just because of the fact how the camera could say that Springtrap is cam 7 when in reality he’s in cam 2. Scott please if you would dare to read this....not to be needy, but could you possibly update the game so that the camera will always tell you where Springtrap REALLY is because when I check the cameras on night six. It would say that He’s in cam 7 when he’s really in cam 2 or outside the office. I’ve learned that this is a FAKE Springtrap.I don’t really like the idea of a fake Springtrap just because that mechanic could easily screw anyone over. Again a good game just not my favorite..Version: 1.3

It isn't working!I played Five Nights At Freddy's 2 on my friends iPad and I thought it was a very clever and fun game! I downloaded the 3rd one, and excitedly opened it up. I pressed 'New Game' and waited impatiently. Then it went completely black and returned to the home screen. This happened about 30 times before I gave up and came and wrote this review to ask if there is any way I can get it to work because I really want to play this game, it seems really good and worthwhile! Xx.Version: 1.3

OkOutdoors with Geoff is a good show Geoff, is a very in depth character and I hope to see him in a sequel..Version: 1.3

Great butI love the game it is really fun but night 4 is not possible I close the vents where he is at does not work I use the audio to draw him to a room does not work.Version: 2.0

Jump Scares Aren't ReallyThis game is good, but I'm not impressed. All the games in this series had unexpected jump scares. After playing the 3rd one a couple of times you get used to the jump scares because they're expected. There also isn't much of the old characters in it, just a new one called Springtrap. I have passed the whole game and haven't seen Freddy in the room once. The 4th one that has recently come out is phenomenal! It changes the whole concept up showing you more of the backstory behind the series! I think the 4th one and the 2nd one do the best with the jump scares. But, if you are planning on only getting the scariest one in the series, I suggest you get the 4th one. It is unbelievably amazing..Version: 1.3

Game breaksGame often breaks and spring trap is on multiple cameras at once.Version: 2.0

You don’t do that...FNaF is so awesome until we get to the 3rd game... one thing is being a hard game one thing is a dirty game... this game WILL literally do ANYTHING for you to lose!!! When you are passing this game and you are at the 4th or 5th night the game doesn’t turn hard but dirty and I can tell... one proof is that one time I was at 5th night at 5AM and there was no Freddy AT ALL and Springtrap was really close to me BUT I could call the audio device so he can at least go to the 1st camera so I tried to do that and guess who came in to mess up the night... FREDDY so he came up at my face without seen him walking by some magical reason and I lost because of him... another proof is that bb came up and I was quick enough to react, BUT... here it come some dirt from this game, magical things came up again and by some reason the map toggle button was just NOT working... obviously I said “here we go again” and lost... AGAIN... and the fact that I haven’t pass this game’s 5th night since the game came out because of these type of reasons is really disappointing and waste of my time and money to buy this game... I know I know... this game is old now and probably Scott is not even paying attention to this game right now BUT, can you please do something to fix that Scott? If you really took your time to read this thanks a lot and hope this helps you improve..Version: 1.3

My Final ReviewTo most people, Five Nights at Freddys 3 is the worst game in the series, but to me it’s actually one of the better ones. First off, the story is good and chilling. I love how William Afton is Springtrap and he is after to kill you. I also like the 2 different endings and how you can play normally and get the bad ending, or go the hard way and get the good ending. Now allot of people say that Five Nights at Freddys 3 is bad because of the jumpscares, and they aren’t wrong, the jumpscares just don’t do it for me. They also say that the 1 animatronic thing mechanic is bad, which is also true. While many people underestimate the phantoms, i actually really like there design. The burnt look and there broken look, you kinda feel bad for them in away. Overall Five Nights at Freddys 3 may not be the best but it sure is a good game..Version: 2.0

GlitchesI love the game very much but i kinda hate it when it glitches, so one time in night4 i see springtrap on cam 12/13 crawling, i stare at him for a second then he suddenly jumpscares me in the office, this is so weird and impossible considering hes still very far away from the office and im still looking at him in the cam then he suddenly kills me please fix this scott :(.Version: 1.1

MistakesHi I love fnaf 1 2 and 3 but after the last couple of update my game has seem to not work properly. This is what is going on I keep clicking on night 6 which I have unlocked but then It goes on load game ,I try multiple times but it always loads first night . Can u fix this for me thx.Version: 1.2

Help please anyone ? I can’t work out how to contact ap developerJust downloaded it to my phone for my daughter to use on hers , thinking it could be shared for free. But when she opens it it only gives the option to buy it again . Am I doing something wrong ? If I have , can I get a refund and buy it from her device ? As I def don’t want this app to use for myself xx.Version: 1.3

Five Nights At Freddys 3Very unsatisfied.. Bullshet sorry.. Downloaded paid app an don't even go for goodness sake. I got the hippy hippy shake.Version: 1.2

Love the game but a few issuesI love playing this game, it’s really fun but there is an issue, I don’t know if I just don’t understand the game very well or I’m just dumb. But on night 2 when I’m playing and after I have played a little bit I’m looking at spring-trap on the camera, and the camera glitches and then spring-trap is gone and then, he appears in the window right in front of me (also he is like at the farthest camera whenever this happens). And then the ventilation goes cRaZy and I go to fix it and right before I can pull up the reboot menu I get jump scared. This has happened every time I play and maybe I’m just really bad at the game but I find it annoying it happens every time and I can’t beat the game. I’m starting to feel like this game was a bit of a waste of money. Also spring-trap’s jumpscare is not scary enough compared to the ones in the first and second fnaf games..Version: 2.0

Game is good but...Fnaf is awesome I been apart of the fan base for a long time now. I have already beat this game once and I have come back to it recently to beat it again to get my second star. I pass all nights expect I’m stuck on 4th night.... but here’s the thing so it’s 5am and I’m keeping Springtrap at cam 9 for the whole night and then I have to reset cameras and I hear Springtrap in the vents and the reboot finished and I was quick enough to find him on cam 11 and it was sealed so he goes back to cam 9. Then guess what I have to reset audio so I hear him in the vents again so I check cam 11 well what do you know he is not there so I check all the vents still not there? Then what do you know he comes to my office and jump scares me... which I’m confused by how he made it across the whole entire building to jumpscare me. To be honest that really sounded dirty to me and unfair but overall the game is good but it sometimes just does some “unexpected” stuff..Version: 2.0

Me separated friendHey some times my brother has a play date or sleep over and I tall him his friend play FNAF 3.Version: 1.3

Horror game? Yeah nahHey Scott I've like FNAF since the beginning, I've liked the backstory, Easter eggs and parts of the story you can only find out about on minigames, or random times, but there is one... Big problem, it's a horror game right? The sounds and jumpscares don't really scare me, on the 4th game can the jumpscares be scary? Like really really scary, since it's the last game, I just wanna get scared, but other then that, the games are pretty good.Version: 1.3

NoIt’s just no cmon Scott you just gonna Leave it behind like nothing ever happened.Version: 2.0.1

YikesIt’s impossible to get the good ending. I can’t even get the mangle mini game the size of the buttons is too small for me to activate the mini game. Fix it click team.Version: 2.0

This is practically really scary for underage playersSo, I really do love this game an all, great job on it btw, but I’m really concerned that this game has a really big amount of underage players. What I mean by this is one of my younger brothers saw on my computer that I had it, and he still had leftover money from his give card, so he went and bought the game. I am the only one old enough in our house to have this specific game, and when I saw a jump scare sound coming from my brothers room, I found him frozen in fear. So people should really be concerned about this. I do feel like some kids that are “brave” enough and “aren’t scared of anything” Buy this game on App Store, but their parents get worried that they might be to obsessed and they will start to think that they are a robot, and that’s really scary when your asleep and your children make a heck lot of noise to scare you. So please make sure no one underage has this ( if you even can) and stop this at once! Thanks, Blake.Version: 2.0

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