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Expedia Group Partner Central App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Expedia Group Partner Central app received 66 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Expedia Group Partner Central? Can you share your negative thoughts about expedia group partner central?

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Expedia Group Partner Central for Negative User Reviews

Rate AdjustmentI can’t turn on or off my special discounted rates. I’m only able turn on/off my standard rate.Version: 1.21.45

CalendarYour calendar is an absolute mess. Impossible to synchronize with other callers. There’s a fake option to handle opening or closing room in bulks, but one still has to close rooms one at a time. Just terrible..Version: 1.20.6

So far behind the competition - not good enoughExpedia need to modernise as it’s structure is totally wrong. Takes forever to upload a new property, need a human to check everything Constant verification by email to gain access or view telephone numbers Telephone numbers are wrong (should be verified) Interface is property view only so cannot view important things across properties - messages, reservations etc. Such a pain to constantly switch between properties. Booking.com, AirBnb, Tripadvisor are far better..Version: 1.9.28

Update killed usefulnessI use this app for staying on top of real time feedback. Since the latest update this is no longer an option. The app is completely unusable and no functional. Very disappointed with the new update..Version: 1.9.0

Review from EmployeeThese reviews have to be paid I work at Expedia and all day I get calls from partners saying how awful our website is and how hard it is to use. The ones who even know about the app say its even worse. I have to agree the website is constantly bugging, they are always updating it causing it to crash. Absolute garbage would expect better from a company like this..Version: 1.11.4

Too clunkyThe fact I have to reset it every few days with a new verification code is tiresome. Then the message function stopped. Booking.coms is seamless and so easy..Version: 1.8.4

Not user friendly - no back buttonI got a notification that I had a Real Time Feedback. I clicked it and the app opened. No where is it possible to check real time feedback on the app. Another annoying thing is that when I click a topic there is no back button so then I’m stuck on the page. Weird..Version: 1.8.19

Lacking required capability to be usefulTo be a great app, the user must be able to do what they need without resorting to jumping through hoops. Sadly, to block a room as sold out, this app currently fails. Only through using browser can the user do what truly needs to be done: To keep from being overbooked..Version: 1.3

Connection problems...log in problems...poorly executed log in interfaceThe app has issues at log in. It’s been more apparent in recent updates. Even with Touch ID, or manual password it won’t let you log in at times and sometimes it tells you either to enter captcha but aren’t able to click on it, or it says connection problem and won’t let you access the app. Poorly designed for something that should make it easy for property management. It’s less of a hassle to log in on the website compared to this. Frustrating!.Version: 1.19.29

Could be betterHas limited features but it’s ok..Version: 1.19.39

TerribleAwful. Logs you out for no reason. Always unable to refresh. Awful app. Please fix.Version: 1.11.20

Frustrating, app won’t openI work for an Inn so I use this app every single day and have never had any issues with it before, but the past few days I haven’t been able to open the app at all. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it multiple times but it doesn’t seem to help. I need it to get fixed..Version: 1.20.28

Pulse is betterLook at pulse from booking.Version: 1.11.27

App is not convenient for usingApp is not as good as airbnb.Version: 1.11.21

Terrible appThe most appalling app for hotel partners to use... want something that works... replicate what Booking.com dose then you will be nearly there.Version: 1.20.2

Problem openingI’ve had this app for a while all working well Since a recent update I am now unable and I access the app Have deleted and reinstalled but still not working Any help?.Version: 1.20.28

App doesn’t openApp was great but now just gets stuck on “authorizing user” when I try to go in. Have tried everything...even deleting and reinstalling app multiple times. Nothing works. I googled it and I’m not the only person who has had this issue..Version: 1.11.7

New update not the bestFor some reason if I receive a notification that a guest has sent a message then I go into partner centrals message center you cannot see the message that has been sent, I have to log in on my laptop to see it..Version: 1.20.50

Synching with other booking sitesThe app should be able to have an option to sync calendars of other booking sites. This will Make it more efficient in terms of calendar management and also to avoid over booking..Version: 1.11.20

ClunkyApp isn't as bad if you have only one property, but I own two, therefore the app is insanely clunky, annoying, and time consuming..Version: 1.8.7

Hotel ownerI can’t even open the app on my iPhone anymore . It’s useless, no notifications no nothing.Version: 1.20.20

Confusing not updating with site minderPricing and availability way out on some sites ?.Version: 1.21.48

Worst appYou have to log in every time to open not user friendly app even after several complaints our issue is not solved. There is no way to mark pre paid guest as no show. Even if marked a post pay reservation no show they are allowed to write review without staying at hotel ridiculous system. Update it and let it log in using our face id.Version: 1.21.35

NaThis App is pathetic. Absolutely useless!!.Version: 1.19.39

Doesn’t work with iPhone 6 Plus with 12 and upMy app been crashing and can’t open it in iPhone 6 Plus. I have the latest version of iOS. After this update, it doesn’t work. Hard to contact the developer too..Version: 1.20.28

Terribly unresponsive and limitedTerribly unresponsive and limited.Version: 1.11.4

Slow and crapSlow, complicated and crap.Version: 1.21.20

Too much securityChanging the password every 6 months is a nightmare. Plus too little info from guests, no country, phone number without international code, no address....Version: 1.19.25

JakeConstantly asks for proof of user.Version: 1.20.2

Broken updateApp not launching since yesterday's update..Version: 1.8.7

Not straight forwardNot straight forward. Need to switch to different properties to review booking and calendar.Version: 1.19.48

PatheticWill opt you in for price match when you never did opt in. Worst partner in bookings ever.Version: 1.21.5

Window opens in small squareI’ve just installed this app and when I log in, the window is only half the screen size. I think it’s using an iframe or something, so it’s like a browser window inside the app. The resizing of the square doesn’t work, and if you try zoom, the content within the square increases in size - not the square itself..Version: 1.22.11

Worst app everTotally fed up having to keep logging in. You get a booking, you attempt to log in, it then sends asks you to enter username and password - then oh hang on we are sending you a verification code to another number as we are joint owners, the other person than has to send me the code if she’s available- WISE UP STEP INTO 2019 if other apps can open with face recognition/ thumbprint why can’t you ?...your app is the worst app I’ve ever used and HATE when we get a message through your app as this is painful, the reason I give you a 1 star is because I can’t give you you a ZERO 👎.Version: 1.19.47

Expedia is expiredThe reason I don’t like the reservation because I don’t when they send email to guest to choose a checking is good or bad. I want them to remove.Version: 1.19.28

Keeps making me enter passwordThat's the whole reason I use a thumbprint, so I don't have to keep looking up passwords. Never can use the thing on the go cause all my passwords are on my computer, so it kinda defeats the purpose. Unfortunate..Version: 1.7.0

Strange booking site for ownersAs a homestay owner posting with Expedia, I’m not happy with the service. I try to best to steady market demands and set appropriate pricing policy, but when they sell to guests, I get 50% of the price I set. May be they push some unfamiliar discounts to my my set price. This is not a transparent or predictable business model for me. All other booking sites don’t do that. They make it easy for homeowner to control sales and discounts they want to offer. This makes the whole thing a loss business model for me..Version: 1.22.5

Ok but could be easierApp is ok but keep having to log in every time you open it makes it a nuisance. Never had this issue..Version: 1.6.11

Very poorNot user friendly and difficult to navigate. Both the Airbnb and booking.com papas are far better. I only use this app when it’s the last option....Version: 1.9.22

Try to get the phone number for a guest: good luck!It’s so frustrating to get a phone number to call guests!!! Argh!!! The application asks you to log in several times and it gets into a n endless loop. Terrible! Worst application ever!! Especially if you are in a rush to contact the guests! Fix it please!!!.Version: 1.9.23

Bad updateNew update is very bad. The rate option is very bad. I have to set it daily..Version: 1.9.9

Obvious fake booking not easy to cancelWe got a booking for someone from Any street in Any City in a foreign country. Try to request cancellation is not possible when using the app. Or it is hidden so well to make it difficult. Guess we will soon say good bye to Expedia. Get more bookings from other sides anyway. And when you try to leave a review you spend 20 min to find a nickname not been taken already..Version: 1.21.10

MessagesThe app has stopped letting me read and respond to guest messages. This is a crucial part of the app for me. Can you please fix it.Version: 1.21.21

Room for improvement but great appApp is not very intuitive but does work fast and notifications are instant. No glitches so far either which is great. I do find it frustrating that the app doesn't let me see past bookings and only lets me see future bookings. I would be inclined to give 4 or 5 stars if these issues were sorted out.Version: 1.19.44

IOS 11 update requiredThe app needs a major update... Especially to make it iOS 11 friendly. The bottom option bar has stopped showing up and the login process takes forever. Most of the times it has started forgetting credentials and the only way to fix that is by exciting and reopening the app.Version: 1.8.19

Never WorksThis app is consistently having issues, I expect it to not work every time I open the app. Causing a lot of unnecessary stress!.Version: 1.20.30

So unusableSee title.Version: 1.19.48

Not updating inventoryI had a booking come through for dates that wasn’t available So I looked and found 4 other dates that the app didn’t block off after 3times trying to block off dates on the app I had to use the desktop to block the date So double check your dates to make sure they are blocked.Version: 1.10.12

Clunky and not bestThe app is useful when out and about but can only do some things on it. Easy to shut wrong rooms out and not easy to switch between room availability and rates and restrictions..Version: 1.19.39

AppNo one has got back to me to help with the app.Version: 1.19.44

Doesn’t work all timeVery hit and miss ! No consistency Not so easy to operate and understand where things are on the app , need to look at booking.com.Version: 1.19.38

Easy access.Easy access to Partner Central, but sometimes has problems to change between properties. When changing to another property keeps showing the last one..Version: 1.11.27

Stuck at log in page!It stucked at "Authorizing user" the login page AGAIN!. And have no back buttons. Please fix it asap..Version: 1.9.0

Could be betterVery clunky and not an intuitive app..Version: 1.19.39

Don't work for appleCan't login the Touch ID don't work pl fix it it works fine on other phones then apple.Version: 1.9.0

NotificationsIt would be great if they would add sound notifications on the App. Please please please.Version: 1.11.4

Really needs workGood app but suffering from some neglect: -terrible load time -irregular load -late of viable Rates feature. You can only scroll Day by day and can GO TO specific date which is problematic for many days out -Conformations n system very inconvenient. At least should remind of last confirmation number used -lack of scroll to bottom on Availabiliti s..Version: 1.8.11

Disappointing functionalitySupport messages not captured within the app. No notifications for guest support messages..Version: 1.9.28

App not working at allJust downloaded this app. Log in but not loading home page.. it’s just keep kicking me out on log in page. There must be some bug that need to be fixed. It last updated every week and I still face this issue!!!.Version: 1.11.27

Bad updateThe update removed the menu at the bottom of the screen and now I cannot check my feedback, or anything else except when I get a new booking. I am stuck on the activity page and that diminishes the reason I downloaded the app in the first place. Zero stars from me..Version: 1.8.19

Horrendous serviceThis is the worst company ever!.Version: 1.19.35

Garbage appUseless app. No sense of programming. I dont know why apple allow such a worst app on there marketplace..Version: 1.9.5

Buggy appLots of bugs. Even though I have touch ID enabled, it asks to enter the password and confirm that I'm not a robot (????) every few days. Please make it simple.Version: 1.6.13

Bad version of the browser versionThis is just a cheap imitation of the browser based Partner Central..Version: 1.11.21

Not easy to useThere is no way to manage your bookings with this. It does not allow you to see all your reservation at a glance. You can only see what’s happening today. It does not show any upcoming reservations. If it is not happening today you have to scroll through the calendar and hopefully remember arrivals dates and click on it. All calendars gives you multiple views-weekly, monthly, yearly. I guess Expedia wasn’t going for ease of use. You gotta work hard to manage your reservations..Version: 1.11.18

Does not workEvery few days it work and then stop working it’s kept on searching something then you have to delete and get again from App Store again same process..Version: 1.10.9

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