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Disney Emoji Blitz Game App User Positive Comments 2022

Disney Emoji Blitz Game app received 174 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about disney emoji blitz game?

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Disney Emoji Blitz Game for Positive User Reviews

SO CUTESo I love this game! It is addictive and a fun twist on match three games. Most games like this are impossible to play after you get to a certain level. But you progress through levels by completing goals! There are literally no ads ever unless you want to spin the wheel twice. I also like that there are always challenges going on and new emojis to collect! I especially like that they are all Disney! And the actually are in your phone! To send to people! That is great! I have couple suggestions: I do not like that you can get duplicates of emojis. Sure if you get a duplicate it levels it up but you can do that by getting high scores. Next please make the diamond boxes less gems. 200 is outrageous. What about 50 gems? I am against in-app purchases and in my 5 months of playing this game I have never gotten a diamond box. Last complaint is please make the challenges easier. I have only won Jafar and that was cause I had Jasmine unlocked. Please make the challenges easier or extend the time. One last thing I like about this game is you can play it forever. There are always new emojis being added or a new challenge or a new high score to beat. Last thing the Disneymojis are ADORABLE!!!!!!! 😍🤩 I just made Disneymojis up! Over all a I love this game! And thank you for taking the time to read my review! Have a great day!🤩🌈.Version: 34.2.2

Very addictedLove the game, there’s always thinks to keep you challenged and boredom is never an issue. Challenges refresh with countdowns to keep you updated but sometimes the challenges are over rather quick that it doesn’t give you time to complete them without playing for the whole day which unless it’s a weekend isn’t always practical. The game is suitable for all ages and now they have the group rewards for emoji collections makes getting a duplicate worth it whereas before it was just frustrating. When you run out of lives there is a free spin of the wheel available over a time frame and additional spins are available by watching ads. The only problem is tht sometimes despite watching the adds the prize spin of the wheel doesn’t appear although this doesn’t happen all the time and numerous adds are available so it in scheme of things it’s not a huge deal. I love the fact that you unlock emojis for your keyboard and love the addition of enchanted skies to give you a better chance of collecting items instead of collection of items becoming monotonous. It is difficult to collect gems and therefore buying them seems the only option in order to collect the amount needed to buy boxes as it can take over a month to collect the amount needed and that is if of course you dont spend them on enchanted skies. On the whole I can’t recommend the game enough and one of the best if not THE BEST free fall games available.Version: 41.1.0

Can’t playI really love this game. It is my constant game that I play all the time. I have spent a lot of money and have so many emojis and on level 125 atm. 10 minutes before Star Wars event ended I haven’t been able to log in. So deleted and reinstalled, now after spending 5 minutes having to do some missions before I was finally able to log in through Facebook. When it puts me back into Disney I have 2 options. To carry on playing this brand new game or the one that I have progressed loads. It will not let me select my progressed one. Please sort it or let me know what’s happening plz. I feel lost. Also about diamond boxes. I think it’s not fair to put silver and gold emoji boxes in the diamond, it should be for special emojis and rare emojis only. As I do spend real money 200 gems on a diamond box to get (200gems cost £5.) So say £5 for a diamond box I don’t mind paying if I get a rare or special emoji. But when you get a common one. It takes the biscuit. Also when are you going to introduce marvel. I really do love this game..Version: 35.0.1

Amazing game!!!This is an amazing game with loads of cute characters to collect, that you can use on messages! I also love how there is always so many different events to play so you can earn lots of different rewards! My only complaint is that it is quite annoying when your lives run out, and you have to wait 10 minutes for them to refill, it would be good if you upped the amount of maximum lives to 10, that way you could play for longer. I would also love it if there was Marvel characters in the game because they would be really cool to collect and play as! An amazing game I would definitely recommend for any fan of Disney because there are so many nice things from different films in the game which you spot when playing!.Version: 40.0.1

Great game plus fun way to have extra emojis!If you love Pixar and Disney then you definitely have to try this. Cheers!.Version: 37.0.0

Disney BlitzGreat game for both kids and adults..Version: 40.0.1

Love Disney? You’ll love this game!This mildly (okay a lot) addictive gave gets you in from the start. Using a vast array of Disney characters there are multiple points of interest to keep you playing - weekly leaderboards, daily challenges, events and new emojis to keep collecting. The gage play is fast and frenzied with cool graphics and each emoji has a special power that. An help in certain missions. Do yourself favour abs have a game!.Version: 30.0.0

Emoji BlitzExcellent game to play,but need more bonus to keep playing it,I enjoy playing this game.Version: 32.1.0

Great GameWhat a great game to play during Quarantine!.Version: 41.0.0

GoodThis is a good game. So far nothing too bad, except that the rate of you getting gems is way too slow. I’ve been playing for a few days now and without spending any (not including the tutorial), I only racked up 55. Also, can someone tell me where I can find the emojis on my keyboard? Like, not in the game, but actually on my keyboard. The reason I got into this game is because I saw an ad where someone was texting and using emojis he/she got from playing emoji blitz. Please tell me where they are!.Version: 31.3.0

AddictiveThe kids and I love the game, but it’s getting common on a blitz to have gaps on board where emojis should be, also the ‘get lives’ tab doesn’t always allow you to get your free lives of late. Also this past week in the last 4secs of game we can’t play it freezes....convenient when you could grab a key in todays challenge and your items that go towards your keyboard. Still play but hope these get fixed soon..Version: 22.3.0

EmojiBlitzIt’s great! I love the emoji’s. I just wish I had more lives so I can play for longer before having to wait while my lives recharge..Version: 37.1.0

Pretty fun, events are kinda repetitiveTitle.Version: 41.0.2

Love the game BUT....I absolutely love emoji blitz, it’s a great game. But I would like to recommend two things: 1. Every time you pay money for a silver & gold box to get a new emoji can you put it so every time we do this we will get a new emoji every time. Or create a box where we can pick which emoji we want to unlock. Would help with missions. My reason for that is yes you will get all the emojis quicker but you’s always have new emojis coming out and then it would be easier cos a lot of the missions you get, are for different emojis and you don’t have all the emojis for the missions which means you have to pay money for a silver and gold box and then you don’t even get the emoji or any emoji. It decides to level them up. If you do the option so you can either put a box where you can choose which emoji you get which I’m sure will make people happier it will also be a lot easier to level up. 2. When you click on your emoji collection can you have it at the bottom that you have how many emojis out of ? Cos then we will know how many emojis we have without having to count them all the time like I have 65 out of 117 so far. So it would be a lot easier and every time the app updates obviously the number will too cos there is always new emojis getting added. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and do these two things cos it will make the app a LOT better. Thanks..Version: 20.0.0

Amazing game ! ❤️❤️I got emoji blitz a few weeks ago and I’ve fell in love with the game ! It’s so addictive, I’ve collected 14 emojis so far and I’m saving up . You can buy diamonds to get coins with , but you can also save up diamonds to get coins with to ! The only thing I will say is that the keyboard. I have it and personally it’s not working for me . I don’t know if I have done it wrong but it’s just not working. The prices are low ( 2.00 ) for 80 diamonds ! Which is good in my mind . Once you install the app you get to pick a free emoji ( chose out of 3 ) and you also get mickey ( so 2 emojis ) . Great game and would recommend it . ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 23.0.0

Fun & addictive!Great for fans of games like Bejewled, but with the added bonus of emoji collecting! One of my favourite things about this game is being able to collect emojis of your favourite disney characters as an added keyboard. Works great on apps like Snapchat and Instagram stories, but not so good with text-based apps like Facebook Messenger or iMessage. Would love if they worked like proper emojis at some point in the future instead of as large copy-paste images. As for the game itself, it’s fun and fast-paced. It’s difficult to complete the events as strictly f2p, but you can at least get the emoji itself and one duplicate. Not sure if I was just late to the event or if a 4-5 day run-time is standard, but can’t see myself getting to the last level unless I just, like, never get off my phone and keep myself up at night ha ha. But I’m fine with not completing events fully, this is just something I play to kill time. Huge range of emojis to collect and with the multiple free spins per day and generous coin potential in each game, you can easily save for silver and gold boxes to nab your favourite characters. Completing the missions will also get you boxes and gems too. So yeah. If you’re a disney fan, don’t miss out on this app! It’s ridiculously cute and hard to put down! Great as f2p, but if you want to beat the events, collect emojis faster, and get by the life limit, be prepared to spend..Version: 22.0.0

ReviewI do like emoji blitz but you need more ways to get emojis that would have given them one more star.Version: 29.0.0

Match 3Love this game! It’s a classic match 3 game but there are multiple challenges a week that make you want to beat it every time and unlock every emoji.Version: 41.0.2

Great gameIt’s an amazing game fun for a hour or two of escapism. However it is frustrating when you don5 spend money and finally earn the 200 gems and buy the diamond chest and always get top ups for characters you already have and not the new ones. Same when doing the little challenges you go through the game aiming for the one the advertise for this challenge and you reach the finally goal only to get an upgrade for already owned characters and not the new one. And there never seems to be away to get the characters after the game finishes..Version: 34.1.1

Lots of funKeeps me entertained. Great little game. I love that unlike candy crush, you don’t get stuck on levels for weeks on end. It is very difficult to unlock all the emojis though. Also you should be able to buy diamonds with coins instead of very very very slowly earning them 3 at a time. When an emoji costs 200!! Some of us can’t afford to spend real money so it makes it very difficult to get most diamonds emojis. Also, I am on the last item collection - what happens next? The new update saw that item collections always reward an emoji, but I had already done most of the item collections so have clearly missed out on a lot of emojis - a little unfair to long standing players.Version: 34.2.1

Amazing!Wow, this game is amazing. I can’t stop playing it! If you are a Disney freak like me then you will love this game 😁 Everything is just great, there isn’t much that it needs to be improved on to be honest. The only thing I would say that needs changing, is how much money you get after a game. Personally, I love the idea of being able to use Disney characters in your messages, so I would like to buy characters as often as possible. But, you don’t get enough money. That is the only problem, reduce the price of the chests or give the users more money. Either would be great! Another detail which I love is that you can see where you are on the score board. Not going to brag but I’m 2nd 😂wow, that’s sad 😆 I definitely recommend!!!.Version: 30.0.0

Disney Emoji- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is the best app ever! It was so worthwhile getting this app! By playing games it gains you coins, diamonds and emojis. There is pretty much every existing Disney character on the app and you can even get little mini emojis of animals, food and merchandise that exists at Disneyland! ❤️ The graphics are AMAZING and aesthetic plus the cutest characters smiles brighten your day! Get this app! It's FABULOUS! I can't guarantee you won't have problems but I have had this app for ages and no regrets ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 This is 100% a real review and it comes from the truth!!! Enjoy the app!.Version: 34.1.1

Emoji blizI would rate a five star because it has very awesome new characters and boxes but the only problem is that when i start playing it won’t let me play I don’t know why is it not working so i do not know anything about the new update in this app i am sorry cause of the internet but i promise i will play this game soon bye and please read this thank-you just wanted to let you know bye..Version: 37.0.0

Please readOk listen, this game is amazing 🤩 and if you are wondering how do put the emojis in a message it is simple all you do is go where all the apps are above your keyboard and scroll if you need to and the app is there you press it and it will open the emojis you unlocked! Ok that is not all I wanted to talk about if you see the add to it, it is fake!!! Yeah I am sorry about that you can’t just play the game a boom 💥 you make a match and you unlocked a emoji, no that is not how it works. You have to play the game and get coins and buy and box, open the box and you get a emoji that is how it really works. There is also activities you can do like you can fight villains and unlock the villain emoji when you battle it enough. You can play changes and get emojis or chests or play a update!!! There lots of things you can do in this game so give it a try you can confuse your friend by sending the emoji to him or her or just have fun with your new emoji!!! Oh one more this you can not us these emojis on a app like messenger kids or to right a view for this game no if I could I would put all the emojis I unlocked on here but know. Sorry it was really long but it was helpful ( I hope ) bye 👋 have fun with this game !!!!!.Version: 40.1.0

Best game ever!!!!!Hi, now I’m usually very picky when it comes to games because I’m a professional gamer, but luckily I think it’s great but I just don’t have the emojis on my key-bored but apart from that I absolutely love it and I just started!!!!! Usually it goes by moves but instead it has a minute!!!! I highly recommend this game for all people!!!!!! You know I’m picky but you’re very lucky you know!!?? I love this game and I just started!!!!! #inlove!!.Version: 36.1.0

Extremely addictive 💗This game is absolutely adorable and addictive I got it than I couldn’t be pried of my phone for the next 6 hours I highly recommended it to anyone who gets this. Although I highly recommend it I do have a few issues with it such as I never have any lives and I’m always waiting for more. Secondly I wish their were easier ways to get emojis as sometimes I don’t have time to get my daily rewards or have enough money to buy the crates and also I sometimes get a glitch we’re it doesn’t show up in the messages so I can’t use it until a couple hours later which as a social person I find it quite depressing😪. But other than these easy to fix problems I absolutely adore 🥰 this game and I would highly recommend this to all.🤗💖.Version: 27.1.0

Great GameThis game s addicting. And fun for all ages. Keeps kids entertained. Love it.Version: 30.1.2

I love the game butEvery time I play it has a data download but other than that its great.Version: 41.0.2

I’ll be playing this forever.I've been playing since it was first released. I love this game. I play every day. :).Version: 22.3.0

So fun!!Love this game. Challenges are fun and emoji rewards are so cute..Version: 41.0.0

Fantastic!I can chat with some of my fav Disney characters!.Version: 41.0.2

Unfair?The most infuriating thing about Disney Emoji Blitz is that this is almost a waste. When I work up to my 30,000 coins or 200 gems, or actually pay to get there, and then I get the same emoji again and again, it’s like a slap in the face. I get that the game has built in a benefit of owning all the emojis of one character, but it’s not fun and it’s UNFAIR that there’s no choice to it. I get that it’s random, but there are certain tasks I can never complete because I don’t own that particular emoji. Shouldn’t I be allowed to spend my gems on a new emoji rather than swapping out the task? Ugh!! I’m getting all worked up just thinking how mad I get when it happens! PLEASE!!! App developers, read this!! Consider some changes!!! I’ve been playing this game since it first came out. I obviously love it. I have never taken the time to write a review until now. I am one of those people in-app purchasing companies love. I actually waste my money on stupid things in the game to advance further or achieve goals more quickly. I love Disney. I know it’s a “corrupt company” that covers up all the money-grubbing with some charity work and pictures of kids, but I still support it. I just wish the game gave the option of new emojis or powering up of previously owned emojis..Version: 1.18.5

Great game BUTCan we please sort out the issue with events? Whenever you update with an event even if I don’t partake in it I can’t make progress on my level missions. It’s like they just freeze up and no longer function. It’s making it difficult to proceed when half of the progress I could be making just isn’t happening! E.g use the clouds 20 times in Blitz mode. Always stuck at 2 used in last game even if I don’t use any or count them and use more than 2. I’ve had to spend gems to skip it to find out it’s your end that’s bugged, not mine. Really frustrating considering I’d put money in it for currency if you fixed petty issues like this that shouldn’t even be happening!.Version: 1.17.3

Really enjoying the game, however...If your challenge is to collect 3 crocodiles in a game, can you please make sure the level puts them on the board so I can attempt the challenge? I don’t think it’s very fair to set a challenge that players can’t attempt because the items don’t appear, and then I have to start again... I can’t make them appear, so, ya know, be a bit fairer to your player base... ta very much 👍 PS... can the chance of getting a new character from a box increase a little please? I’d rather collect them before I start powering them up, as there are loads, and for the amount of boxes I have bought and coins I have spent, I don’t have very many... it’s a bit 😩 if you know what I mean... thanks 😊 Also also... not feeling this key event... too short and too difficult to complete in that time... please, don’t put it in the game again. 👍.Version: 23.0.0

I WANNA GET VILLAINS!!!Dont get me wrong, i LOVE this game sooooooo much! You can get loads of cute characters and items for your keyboard which is really fun, but getting villain emojis is now IMPOSSIBLE! Does anyone remember when Jam City took over?!?!?! It feels to me like after that all villain events have been multi map and you need specific emojis for each map. I almost NEVER have those emojis so i cannot progress further than the first map most of the time which means that I can’t actually get those villain emojis i want soooooo bad. The only thing i would recommend with getting this app is that you save up LOADS of coins so that you can buy loads of boxes to be in with a chance of getting further than the first map..Version: 36.0.1

Super fun so download this game 😀This game is super duper fun and addicting. You can get more and more emojis on your phone or a iPad and I mean who does not want Disney emojis on there phone or I pad . I think people love the Disney. So I would recommend getting this. I know people love sugar crush too so it like that but with emojis. I think people out there like you reading this should get this game and it is even free you just download and it amazing. I have read the reviews and it say that you have to spend your money. But the thing is it not and also it does not glitch it might just be what you are playing on like your phone But if want extra gems or coins you might have to play a little bit of money and This Disney game is not a shame it is fun and addicting. But I just want to say I think it amazing and that is my opinion but I just think people don’t have anything good to say about the creators like this girl or boy shame them for making this bad game. I just want to remind you that if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say it!!! But other than that I think that is amazing and addicting and free and not glitchy so I really do recommend this app to people out there. So people out there reading this please get this game cause it is all true and if you don’t it okay because it your opinion.Version: 39.0.1

GreatI’m loving the new improvements with more rewards. Awesome game. Really addictive. (But how do you turn off the tutorials on ‘events’-it’s really annoying when you know how to play it already. I avoid playing the game sometimes cuz I don’t want to have to repeat a tutorial 😅).Version: 21.0.0

GraciebearxoI seriously adore this game 😍 I’ve only been playing it for about a week. And I love everything. The emojis are the cutest.!! I love the game play too. Defiantly worth a download if u wanna kill some time.!!.Version: 25.0.1

Disney Emoji BlitzDisney Emoji Blitz is a fun, vibrant time-waster. I, myself have set 5 minutes to play but end up playing until my lives run out. Lives are the reason I have given this game 4 instead of 5 stars. You only get five lives, which are the little hearts, before you have to wait for it to top up. For such an addictive game, you need to be given at least 8 lives. Thank you for taking the time to read this review..Version: 27.1.0

I love this game so much!😍I am totally in love with this game it’s so good quality and they really think all of you who are looking to get this game should really get it I love how they organise special events and unlock all of your favourite Disney characters such as Disney princesses Disney characters Pixar characters and so much more and they give you gay money to unlock the boxes to unlock your favourite characters from Disney or Pixar you should really get this game this is the Best game I’ve ever played you should really get it they are absolutely no bad sides to this game there are only good side and they even give you special event to look good princesses even amazing princesses is the best game I’ve ever paid it’s totally worth getting! This is the.Version: 40.1.0

I love this game! ❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩I absolutely loved this game the first time I played it. Two years ago, I got the app on my iPod and it was glitchy! and it made me furious because it would take me out of the app and reboot and I had to start all over again on earning emojis. All of my hard work earning coins, was a waste of time. I was furious and rated this app 1 star rating. I wished there was a zero star rating but it wouldn’t let me do zero stars. I told the company about this and after that, I deleted the app. Then, on my birthday, I got an iPad Mini 4. I figured out that my iPod was glitchy even if I deleted that app. It was just glitchy because it was a old iPod! I told the company of this app that it was OK and that I figured out that their app wasn’t the problem my iPod was glitching! Then, my iPod shut down and never turned back on. I never could get it to work. and so I never used it anymore and got rid of it. Then, I got the app on my iPad... and guess what?! It turned out to be the most awesomest, most interesting Disney app! I totally recommend it now that I see how much smiles it brings to peoples faces whenever they earn a emoji. It’s so awesome that my mom got the app too! We have had so much playing the game and I totally this app is awesome without having to deal with the problems of my iPod. I’ve had the app ever since then. It truly is a app I won’t delete again..Version: 1.17

EnjoyableThis game is so much fun! You swipe emojis from Disney movies and try to beat your high score in the time limit you have. When you first get the game you get a free emoji, you can pick between, Ariel, Simba, Sulley and maybe Dumbo I’m not 100% sure. Each emoji has their own power up to do special things to beat your high score. There are events every now and then to make the game more fun, usually giving you three days to complete the event. Once you complete the event you can get a gold or diamond box and much more depending on what event you are playing. There are hardly any adds in the game which makes it way more fun so you don’t have to keep on stopping what you are doing to watch an add. The only downside to the game is that you only have a certain amount of hearts which you use to play the game. Once you use all your hearts you have to stop playing the game and if you would like you can pay money and-or buy more hearts with the in-game coins that take a while to earn. One cool thing about the game is that you can actually use the emojis on your iPhone or iPad device to text people on your keyboard, you have to unlock the emojis first in game. In conclusion, this game is very fun and enjoyable and I recommend it to any Disney fans..Version: 38.3.1

Fun but needs to be more user friendly.As much as I love playing this game, I find it a bit hard getting some of the emoji required for events and end up missing out. I think maybe if it was a bit more user friendly to get some of the cool emojis it would make for a better game experience as people wouldn’t miss out on a lot of events. Other than that it’s fun and a good time waste when needed something to do while waiting around..Version: 36.2.1

Extremely addicting! So, so good! A game for all ages.I am highly addicted to this game!! The emojis are adorable, I especially love when I touch them in the game and they stick their tongue out. There’s a different specialty challenge almost weekly to earn coins, gems and emojis; you also earn coins and power ups as you’re playing. Each emoji has its own special power to help you rack up the points and clear the board. When the level is over you can pop the balloons to earn more coins. The coins and gems are used to help clear a level. This game isn’t like others where you get stuck on a level and you’re unable to continue, you’re always earning. There’s even a daily spin to win as well as spinning to earn extra lives. Every day there are 3 daily challenges which is another way of earning. At the end of a week, the top 3 players are given a useful prize. You also earn emojis to add to your text messages! I’ve been playing this game for almost a year, I play it everyday and multiple times a day. I just can’t get enough!! This is not a game where you need to add money to get ahead unless you want to since you’re always earning..Version: 32.0.1

WowIt’s amazing all the emojis I’ve claimed are so cool all the faces you can do and also all the battles you can do I’m doing on with the Queen of hearts right now it’s so fun you’ve got to get it!! I highly love this game because it’s challenging and you get a little reward that the most the emojis let you win I don’t just want them you can also get them in boxes one of them is for 15,000 which is actually really easy to get 200 diamonds is another than all the rest of 30,000 time and I mean coins coins and so basically it’s a really good game that’s why I rated it five stars and aerial was my first emoji and I’m not the only one in the family who has it my sister does and also my best friend has itMy best friend told me that she rated five stars and my sister writes it five stars she just loves it so that’s why I’m telling you download it now!!!!.Version: 41.2.0

Been playing for so longGreat.Version: 41.0.2

The feelingIt is a lot of emojis so u don't always get the same emojis.🐶🐶.Version: 32.0.0

Amazing and funI find it so cool I can get really cute emojis for three I really enjoy using them my family and friends have downloaded the app so they can try get more than me even my nana did but unfortunately she doesn’t gat that u need to go fast to earn lots of coins to get lots of emojis she has not changed her emoji since she got the game and she won’t let me help her soo my sister got to competitive so she deleted I has been so fun to have this app I have only had it for around 2days and I’m addicted I recommend this for all ages I really enjoy playing I think u will to please donload it will be worth it I have no bad complaints.Version: 27.1.0

BogiesGreat game.Version: 41.0.2

Here’s an ideaI love this game I’m not sure if these characters are added but you should add the ice age characters with the dinosaurs and everyone it would be so fun and cool 😎 also I think it would make the movie more known and get more viewers and likes 👍🏻 thank you bye bye 👋 Hello I still love this game also just a idea you guys should add the main characters from rio 1 and 2 please it’s my favorite movie I keep watching it like 12 times a day and I would love to them thank you 😊.Version: 41.0.0

AddictiveI still come back to this game and love playing it.Version: 25.0.1

Emoji funI love this game - the different characters and their different abilities. I do find sometimes a glitch that makes the game go laggy in the middle and it slows the movements right down. Unsure why. Still play though!!! Collecting the different emojis is the goal that I’m aiming for!!.Version: 22.0.0

Pretty good gameIt’s a pretty good game but I had an Idea for more emojis. I like the ones we have now but I am a huge fan of Atalantis the lost empire. Is there any possible way we could make emojis of characters from Atalantis the lost empire? If we had to do an event to do it what if the map event was the kind where you had to clear the bombs that commander rourke was throwing. I also think we could possibly add emojis from iron giant or treasure planet. Is there anyway to skip the tutorials during the events? I like the playing the events but it gets on my nerves that I have to endure a tutorial when I already have played multiple events like these before. Lastly some games have iCloud data where even if we delete the game, we get it back. Is there any way to make emoji blitz like that? I hadn’t spent any gems via in app purchases and got lucky getting Gaston. But then I ran out of space on my phone and had to delete. Now I will have to patiently wait for a beauty and the beast event and hope I can get him again. To summarize, I like this game but I think we should have more emojis from less common movies Atlantis, treasure planet, iron giant, or Oliver and Company. I also am wondering if we could add a iCloud save feature to the game..Version: 38.3.0

Emoji blitzI thought it was a great game and very enjoyable the only thing was that it when I was try’s no to make a emoji to put for the leaderboard it would not save and wanted me to post about it and add it to my pic and it still did not save I thought it was a little much and was not capable to put it up but on the other hand there where many pleasant things to say about it the game goes on a good time but the emoji at a little over priced in the coins you earn when you start you get a big welcome count down for ten days you get many coins to start you off with and 2 emojis 2 time and one big surprise on the last this game is great but my only concern is adding the emoji on which I am still trying to work out and I have had a great time with the game and I hope you do to.Version: 21.2.0

AmazingThis free game is awesome! It's easy enough to get stickers and it doesn't really encourage you to buy the premium currency with real money too much. Unfortunately there are lives, but the time to get a life is so short that you just keep playing! This is a match-three free game and is AWESOME! I love the constant events (which makes it even easier to get new emojis), and I love the new group collections feature. This is a perfect game, that just needs more emojis!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.16.2

I’m enjoying the gameIt’s moved to my new fav because although you charge money, it’s cheaper than my last favourite game addiction. I normally turn the sound off. Today I turned it on and was immediately disappointed and wished each character had specific themed music... character specific sound effects... that would make it really fun..Version: 28.1.0

Watching ad for nothing. Fraud.In the game, it says that you can get free wheel spins for items or free hearts if you pay 30 seconds of patience on watching ads, but actually they end up giving you nothing. This happens often enough to feel seriously like this game keeps fishing me. Developers, do something about this issue. My 30 seconds of time and patience is valuable..Version: 29.1.0

Addictive but glitchyThis game is addictive and fun and I can’t stop putting it down. After having to restart after the game crashed in the cars event and I deleted the app with hopes of redownloading and being able to start back up (still bitter about losing the Ursula emoji I won), I have seen many improvements. Lately the game seems really glitchy during games making it hard to make matches as fast as I can normally. So until this is fixed, you will only receive 3 Stars. I also really like the improvement of carry over during challengers so that if you collect 10 ice blocks but only needed 2, the other 8 get carried over to the next prize. I wish there was the capability to play the challenge over for another chance to win a diamond box. It can be twice as hard since you’ll have the emoji, but when there are so many days to complete some challenges or where there are separate diamond boxes for the same event, I think having the ability to go through it again would be nice! Just a suggestion for future - plus this would keep me playing the game because usually after I beat an event, I stop playing until the next even comes up 2-3 weeks later..Version: 19.3.0

😁😁😁 the best emoji game ever!!😁😁😁I love this game it’s so cool!! You have to try this out!! I love how you can use the power ups and get more emojis, if this game is not good, then I don’t know what is!!!and I love how you can get new things by just logging in!!😊 and let me say once again, this is the best emoji game ever! And you can get all the characters! And it maybe inspire you to watch the movie of the characters you just discovered from the game!!! And you can also use them is messages! By the way you only get a one minute timer and you can do so much! Hope you love this game as much as I do! (And also they are soo cute!!🥰🥰).Version: 40.1.0

My favourite gameI love this game, have just got to the 100th level and am close to getting the special emoji, have been playing this for over a year ... BUT am thoroughly fed up because for the past 2/3 mini games you have to have certain emoji’s to be able to complete the challenge. You can buy the diamond boxes, £5 a pop, to hopefully get the characters that you are missing to be able to complete the game. I have bought two boxes now, to be able to complete the mini quests and have just been given multiples and I don’t have money to keep buying diamond boxes until you give me the emoji that I need. This is really getting to me, there is nowhere to complain about this apart from on the game review, which is s shame, as generally it is a brilliant game. Bad play Disney.Version: 1.17.3

4starsShould be easier to get emojis.Version: 41.0.1

Best gameIt’s the best game ver it even give you stickers on your keyboard.Version: 38.3.1

Disney Emoji Blitz AddictOnce you start you can’t stop!.Version: 37.2.0

Love it but, not clear instructionsI love this game but there are not clear instructions, how do I level up? I've been stuck on level 6 for quite some time. It says 5/6 missions complete. What's the mission? how do I complete the mission? what do I have to do in the mission? How do I get to the next level? It's also very frustrating when I'm moving faster that the game can think. I'll move so I can put 5 together and I move to fast and the game doesn't register that the 5 went together and no star. So I slow down and my points suffer. All and all I like the game. I like the idea of the game. However there are a few things that need improvement. As a life long Disney fan I will continue to play, and keep my fingers crossed that the next up grade will include clear instructions and direction for how to advance. All and all it's cute, my kids love it. Also, generally in games where you don't die, you can play continuously, in this game, you have to wait for more lives. I could understand this if you could live through a mission and advance to the next mission with the same life. However that's not the case in this game. In most match games if you have limited time and then it ends you have infinite lives. This is also something that I don't like about this game..Version: 19.0.1

GreatFun game.Version: 41.0.1

Great gameLove the fact you can gain emojis and have a fun game to play!!.Version: 40.1.0

Great fun for the kidsGood for the kids, they are loving it so far.Version: 35.0.1

Favourite gameMy boyfriend thinks I’m addicted to this. My absolute favourite game and has been for several months now.Version: 33.1.0

Nice gameHello I have been to a few different things about my mom I just don’t want you going out and going out there I have no money I have a couple days of work is not going on with my dad I have a birthday dinner for a couple hours I think you want us you want you just don’t have a couple you know I want a birthday present I just got your text you have no money you don’t think I’m sorry for that I’m going out and I’m sorry I’m gonna you want you and I’m going out of the office I have no friends no one can do that and you want me you can go bye thank your family bye have you happy bye hi and bye hi hi I have to be at my friends friends house in my friends friends house I just want my dog so you happy and you can have it and I’m not happy with your.Version: 34.2.1

Awesome FunIf you like Disney you will LOVE this exciting game. Can’t stop playing it!.Version: 23.1.1

Very entertainingLike it very much.Version: 41.0.1

Super addictive and funLots of different challenges to keep you into the game. I really enjoy playing the game..Version: 24.3.2

Excellent game, but I’m angry!I have loved this game for a long time, and now that Jam City owns it, it’s even better with special challenge games almost an everyday event. HOWEVER, I’m angry that, after the first round of some events, I’m shut out from continuing because I don’t have one of the only 3 emojis that are allowed to play on!!! That’s just wrong!!! I’m fine with requiring certain emojis to get extra points, but to be completely shut out is just no fun!!! What makes it even more frustrating is that you’ll get one of those 3 emojis if you continue! But I can’t continue!!! The only way to keep playing is to try to “buy” one of the 3 emojis, which sounds easier than it is. You need 200 or 300 “gems” (which takes months to accumulate 2, 3, or 4 at a time) to just buy a “chance” to get one of them! You can work for months to accumulate 200 gems, then spend them all, but you only have a chance of getting one of the 3 emojis you need. Right now, I could spend 200 (I only have 85), and I only have a 15% (2 emojis) or 20% (1 emoji) chance of getting an emoji that will allow me to continue to play! NOT FUN!!! If your goal, Jam City, is to try to force me to pay real money, forget it!!! I could spend real money and still have no guarantee of getting what I need!!! I’ll quit altogether, and spread the word about your tactics, before that happens!!!.Version: 31.2.0

Love thisHi I love this game, but when do you plan to bring back the kingdom hearts emoji???.Version: 28.0.0

Love itSo fun I’m addicted ... it calms my anxiety down and distracts me from feeling impatient I love how adorable it is.Version: 41.0.0

Fun but..The game is fun and very good to use if you need to pass the time. The only downside is that it doesn’t give you a lot of independence with your coins at first. I was trying to save up and buy a gold box but it told me that I had to buy a silver box. Also you have limited lives so you either have to buy lives or earn them by completing various challenges such as use 20 🌞 or 40 🌩. You earn diamonds and a prize when you complete all the challenges. You can use the diamonds to complete your challenge, get a mystery box, and get boosts. The boosts give you extras of certain things that will increase your score. Your score can level up your emojis in your squad. I hate it when I run out of lives and have to wait, but it’s worth it. The 🌞 and 🌩 blow emojis off the board and increase your score. All the emojis you unlock appear on your keyboard to send to your friends and family. The app also puts out Missions which are where you have a certain goal that’s very big and when you reach that goal you get a big reward. One of the best things about this app is that it gives you free new emojis, provides challenges to keep you busy, that it has prizes that reward you. That’s my opinion on Disney Emoji Blitz..Version: 20.2.0

I love thisI love this game but can you fix this issue? I don’t know how to use the emojis I get???.Version: 37.1.0

Great game!Emoji Blitz is probably my favorite app I have on my phone. The emojis are cute and well designed, and the “props” are adorable. I love that you can use the emojis you get on your keyboard. I haven’t gotten any duplicates ( I’ve only been playing for a few days though, so we’ll see if that keeps up) unlike other games you earns characters in (I’m looking at you Crossey Road). The game itself is fun, although it could last a little longer. My only complaint is the events. They should last longer (a week seems like a good period of time) because kids have to go to school and adults have jobs. The events also could be a little bit easier ( four of nine items? Really?). I’m not complaining about the hidden objects that you drop down (not sure what their called) because they don’t have a time limit. Also, is there a way to earn gems? (Besides the wheel) I’m trying to save for a diamond box (I think it’s the diamond box) but it’s so hard to get gems! There should be a video you can watch to get free gems. Overall, it’s a great game, my gripes weren’t bad enough to stop me from putting five stars. Thank you for reading my rambling. P.S. This review is from a twelve year old girl..Version: 29.0.0

Great past timeLove this game. Been playing it for over a year now. Great for past time.Version: 41.0.2

FunIt’s a fun game but it lacks basic instructions. They do not explain what the emojis mean and what the goal really is I order to get the mist points each round..Version: 41.0.1

Great game!!!It is just great and I think everyone should be playing this, it lets you challenge your self with doing daily targets but you level up by completing missions. I rate it 5 stars because it is just a game that passes time so quickly so if I am bored I know what game to go on! This game had fun Disney characters that all have different powers when you play with them. You can compete against other players and try and beat your own higher scores!! Everything is just great about this game but I find it hard to find the right character I want even though they are in categories so on a new update I would like to ask can you please add a search bar at the top so we can search a movie or character and it will come up? I also come to this game when I am unsure what the characters names are or what film I think they are in but it is hard with some characters because they don’t have a group of well known characters with them. The thing I am asking for is that when you tap on a character it also shows what movie or series they are in so if anyone wants to watch them in action on a screen then they can. I hope this isn’t to much to ask for but I still really, really like this game and want to recommend it to anyone who loves Disney. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 37.2.0

Amazing game but not perfect😍I absolutely love this game don’t get me wrong. I’m completely addicted and play it so much. I definitely recommend anyone to get it. It’s really fun and I love how there are so many different characters to collect with all different power ups. There is always something you can do and it doesn’t get boring. However, some things I think could be improved are that some of the challenge missions are absolutely impossible to complete unless you play 24/7 to be able to have enough time to unlock what you want. Also, my game doesn’t give the option to connect to Facebook in the settings which really annoys me because I would like to be able to play on the same account on my phone as well as my iPad. Also, I appreciate you have to make the game challenging but I never have any lives available. You only get five and then you either have to wait for the timer to give you another one or you have to buy them with gems. Last point but my leaderboard never refreshes or gives me rewards. Idk if I’m the only one with these issues but mine hasn’t worked for quite a long time. However despite a few glitches and issues with the game, i highly recommend it because it is so fun and unique xx (also where on earth are the Snow White emojis?🤔).Version: 1.18.5

Plenty of fun - try not to fall in to the trap of micro transactionsI really enjoy this game, very easy to play and become addicted to and it changes it up enough that it doesn’t get boring. It is pretty good at giving you enough lives in one go with the spinners, and forcing you to take a little break when you run out. The emojis are very fun especially if you’re a fan of any Disney property... but try not to get too caught up in the collecting aspect - it’s become much stingier with the rewards (particularly gems), each event takes longer and there are way more boxes costing more and more. It is really trying to push you into regularly spending real money, so beware..Version: 38.0.0

Good game 😬It’s a great game but I don’t even think that you could send it to people when I downloaded the game I’ve been playing for like since I got my phone this morning and I’ve still been playing and I can’t even text people I went on messenger kids I tried to text him but nothing showed up it was only the normal emoji‘s and I think in my opinion that when you download the game I’m going to like messenger kids or anything else they should be on there the ones that you win masters in my opinion but everybody has a different opinion.Version: 41.0.1

Blitz Bombers!This game is a fun game because you can get more emojis by spending coins and gems and sometimes you can get some from events for free. It’s fun because you match and if you switch the wrong emojis you still aren’t out of the game. I like to play it with my Dad too. Our favourite game on our iPad is Disney Emoji Blitz. We earn extra coins by being top of the Leaderboard every week and we enjoy it very much. My Dad’s favourite emoji is Olaf and my favourite emoji is Syndrome (even though he is brand new!!)..Version: 40.2.0

😍I have been playing this superb game for quite a while and thought I should write a review. Here it is: The tutorial is really good, even though the game is very simple and not at all hard to play. You simply swipe the Disney emojis to match them up. As I said it is very simple but absolutely amazing! There is quite slot of detail, especially when it comes to the unique emoji powers. I have not unlocked all the emojis ( I very far from unlocking them all!) but they seem to be all different, which must of taken a lot of effort! I love all the different Disney emojis you can play with. They are super cute! I love the challenges as if you were to get bored of the normal game there is some different things to do. There is so much to do! You even unlock emojis you can actually use on your real life keyboard! How cool is that!? So overall an amazing game and I totally recommend you to download! Especially if you love Disney and emojis! Great job to the developers! Thank you!.Version: 33.2.2

FunGreat little game. Always made more interesting by all the challenges and specials that are run..Version: 31.0.1

Let me decide!I do love this game & have been playing for ages. My only frustration is that no matter what I do the game MAKES me play a challenge, like todays food fight. I never selected to play it but I had no choice and I wasted a life until I could go back in after. Also the demo at the beginning of every challenge is frustrating to me who has seen them all before in earlier levels..Version: 21.0.0

What you can do betterI think that if you give people chances to get prizes and to do that you could put the prices on the prizes a bit lower. Give people more time when they get the extra time so like an extra 30secs when they get the extra time. Let the people get emojis more easily but not to much easier but just a bit easier. Let the items come more easily in the 1min games so you can get the collections faster but as well don’t make it to much easier..Version: 19.0.1

Amazing game but a few annoying thingsThis is one of my favourite games but I find the prices on the boxes and stuff like that are really expensive and it takes me a while just to get 15,000 and it’s really annoying me I got this game recently I love it it’s not better than Brain Test 2 though but I still love this game it’s my second favourite just a bit annoying though it has no adds which I find is Great 👍🏻 p.s you should really low The prices on the boxes please read this really love it second favourite game.Version: 41.0.0

Latest update has bugLatest update (38.0.0) crashes when the music app is playing. It has the jam city then Disney splash screens, then just crashes while music is playing. Works fine at any other time, even when other apps are playing music (eg. podcasts). It’s just when the music app is playing. I’m running on iPhone 6s with iOS 13.7. Update: All fixed! Thanks guys!.Version: 38.1.1

So funI absolutely love this game and have encouraged my friends to play too, its very enjoyable and a great way to pass the time. I love collecting the emojis and keyboard items but I've noticed a few issues. My leaderboard is only changing my numbers every week, every time i open the app it has to update and sometimes when I use a power up which adds more of one emoji to the board e.g genie or pearl the added emojis just disappear and don’t actually get added. Something I’d like to see added is the ability to buy a specific emoji without buying a box e.g. 10 gems for a card collector emoji of your choice or 20 gems for an event emoji just to give everyone a chance of owning one even if they can’t afford to spend money on the game.Version: 38.3.1

Great Disney fun!This is a wonderful game for the Disney fan in all of us. It’s a simple, fun, game that’s great to play when you have a little down time, or really want to advance a few levels in one sitting! The nice thing is you don’t just get to play the game, you get to win emojis of your favorite Disney peeps! They then act as stickers you can send in texts and posts and whatnot. It’s been a game I’ve enjoyed for over 3 years, and continue to enjoy as they have new challenges all the time! It’s truly the only game I play on a regular basis! The one downside, is this is a game with add-ons. In order to really get specific character emojis, you may need to spend a little money... and speaking honestly, it can get a little frustrating because you still could not get the emoji you desire, as it’s essentially the purchase of a blind box... you just don’t know exactly what you’re going to get. The other thing that is a little daunting, is the power level of the emojis... it’s says there’s up to 3 power levels, but they need to upgrade about 19 times in order to max out... to me, it should just be 19 power levels then... but I’m not a gamer by any stretch on the imagination, so it could be a standard thing in games, I'm not sure... 🤷‍♂️ But all in all, it’s still a lot of fun and always changing & growing! It’s a game I recommend for light Disney fun on a daily basis! 😁.Version: 32.0.0

AwesomenessThis game is awesomely fun, great and a addictive game. I play this game nearly every day. I rated it 5 stars because it is fun but challenging and the emojis that u have it comes up on u keyboard. I have I dislike about this game, some levels are Souter hard like level 6 but level 7 is easy. I mean come on now. But apart from that this game is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👎🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 24.4.0

Great for all the family. Get It Now!Easy for the kids and knowing it’s helping with their growth but not taking over needing to be on is great. Playing as a game at a round, then just based on finishing the game to level is better to comeback again. Don’t need to, can get by with out in app purchase but you know if you want it. It helps get it. Bonus is you get the emoji and use it!!! So glade we as a family (of 4) are able to enjoy this together. I have referred many of the family and friends about this game..Version: 1.16.5

Fun but addictiveI’m a big fan of the the game, although it is a children’s game I find that the financial side is very difficult. The only 3 things would recommend is that: 1) You make the value of money higher when you complete levels & increase the time it takes for lives to fill up. It would be great if you could make a friend request to send lives, diamonds or money to increase your chance of getting better emojis. 2) I find that even though it’s a child’s game, it can be highly addictive & people could get into debt easily through paying real money for buying the coins or diamonds. I would appreciate it if you could possibly make it more affordable & value for money. 3) I find it very difficult sometimes to load up the game once it has been updated. When it comes to downloading the new content it always tells me that I don’t have a strong enough internet connection & I do as I check my internet connection & there’s no problems. Other than that I really enjoy playing this game & I like the challenges but could you please make it realistic so we have chance to complete them. Kind regards, Laura Pritchard.Version: 39.2.0

Good funQuick game only lost one Star because of load times.Version: 34.1.1

A lot of FunIt’s a great game ... the time limits make it a bit more challenging that your average candy crush style game, and the ability to collect emoji’s that all so different things on the board make for a game that stays interesting.Version: 37.2.0

Emoji BlitzI love this game. Points reload quickly. Have never had a problem with this game. You can definitely play without the in app purchases and still get ahead.Version: 41.0.0

Fantastic game!Great for all ages, addictive and fun! Customer services team are great to help. Overall it’s a very solid game! Thanks for a great game guys!.Version: 19.1.0

Fun as challenges keep changingNice pass time to fill in waiting gaps in the day..Version: 29.1.0

Energy Refills Take Too LongI’m enjoying this game but it usually takes less than 4mins to use up all the energy amount given at the starting level and then your done for the next few hours until your energy meter refills. Also it takes at least 4 full refills to complete the tasks. The solution could be to speed up the refill time which is currently 4 mins for 1 energy; increase the energy fill amount e.g. instead of 24 go up to 50 and increase accordingly or make the tasks themselves require less energy to complete..Version: 41.0.0

Fun to playEasy to plan and very addictive.Version: 41.0.2

Emoji blitzI love this game but it can get a little annoying at times but it is a really fun game you can play with you friends and family or by yourself..Version: 27.1.0

Awesome !I love this game but I wish we could use the emojis within our texts and send numerous at a time..Version: 24.1.0

Blitz emojiI give it a 5/5 I do think the daily spinning wheel could not have so many $300 coins other then that you will not regret playing highly addictive.Version: 21.2.0

CoolIt’s really cool to play and there are so many different characters and events..Version: 32.3.0

Good stuffI do love this game. Easy and addictive with fun challenges every few weeks to keep you interested. And it’s been better since updates have let you roll collection over levels on challenges, where before you could lose out for doing well. Only thing is that you can save loads of coins to buy a box and wind up getting a double character which feels like a slap in the face when it’s cost 30,000 coins. That really should change. People are here to collect new emojis not level them up for new power ups. Additional - with the new updates the app is getting better. There’s now more options to win wands which help you to get new emojis but the only issue now remains that sometimes you HAVE to buy the diamond box to carry on a level and when you do that there’s no guarantee that you get the emoji you need and at 200 diamonds for a diamond box that’s really no way to go. You should be able to combine a wand and a diamond box or even have a different diamond box which is diamonds and coins that guarantees you the character you need. I’m tired of losing progress because I won’t spend actual money..Version: 34.1.1

Great game however...I love this game. i’m super addicted go collecting emojis, finishing quests, and participating in events. however, it’s clearly geared to make you spend money. certain “exclusive” emojis are stuck behind pay walls for 200+ gems. you can’t finish certain events unless you have those special emojis so it’s not as fun. i still enjoy the game, i just wish it was less about making money off of people and more about making it fair and fun for everyone..Version: 41.0.1

AmazingI think this game helps me concentrate definitely a 5 out of 5.Version: 35.0.1

Great but it freezes.I absolutely love the game. However, the latest update brought about some freezing issues alongside the event. I read a few reports about this and I’m wondering if a new update will come out to fix this issue. I’ve never had a problem with the game concerning freezing or slow loading. This is the first time this has happened to this game and I’m hoping this gets resolved quickly. I find it frustrating that I go out of the app to check an email, text, or some other notification and come back to it completely frozen. I try to lock my phone but it dims and I can still see the game. It takes a few tries for me to actually lock my screen. I then have to unlock my phone, which has frozen a few times since I still have the app open, and then I have to close the app in order to keep my phone from freezing up again. It has now come to the point where my phone constantly freezes and restarts when I have left the game to check on something. I am frustrated and so close to deleting this game, but I don’t have an account that will save my progress if I do. I’m waiting until I’m old enough to make an account, but I’m no longer wanting to play the game in fear that my phone will begin to freeze and restart multiple times before I can actually use my phone..Version: 1.16.6

Trop coolLove it.Version: 41.0.0

Addicted!Can’t. Stop. Playing!.Version: 41.0.2

Mousetacular!Stupidly addictive and while on its own it's been fun, I might have faded away on it by now, but regular challenges keep the interest going. Not so impressed with the use of the emojis in messaging as they become the kind you have to cut and paste, which is annoying and slow, and turns texts into MMS and costs more, but the game is great..Version: 1.16.2

Wish you could sortAbsolutely love this game! Very addicting but lots of fun. I just wish there was a way to sort your emoji’s into levels so that I didn’t have to click on every single one to see what level it’s at. That and a search function for when you’re looking for a specific emoji to use would be amazingly helpful. Other than that I love everything about this game!.Version: 41.0.2

My Latest ObsessionVery nearly a perfect game, IMO. You can play normally and complete your regular missions to level up. You can take on the daily challenges which, with a little practice, diligence and a little patience (and maybe some strategically played boosts), can pay off VERY handsomely. There are always special events being released (sometimes for exclusive emojis). There are collections to complete. Even if you get duplicate emojis, don't get discouraged; duplicates level up your emojis, and there are emoji sets you can complete for even MORE exclusive emojis! The cool thing is that as you unlock emojis and collections, they become available for your text messages. You can play completely free; it just might take you a while to reach your goals. Also, the food fight events are the BEST! The only reason I don't give it the full five stars is that occasionally, there are glitches and bugs. The upside is that they're usually resolved fairly quickly. Finally, a suggestion; maybe someone at EBHQ will read this and submit it for consideration: I would love it if my unlocked emoji were searchable, maybe even have filters that I could apply to them or have a sorting feature, both in-game and when using the keyboard. That might bump my rating up to five stars! 😊 I really, REALLY love this game. Keep up the great work! Hi, Felix! 😁.Version: 21.2.0

❤️Absolutely obsessed with this game❤️The quality of this game is somewhat shocking as it is completely free, no in app purchases of anything unless you are willing to pay with real money for emoji boxes or gems. I’ve always been obsessed with Disney as a kid and this game brought emojis into my life didn’t know I needed until I got this game. You don’t even have to be good at the game part of this game to get the best emojis as it give you starter ones before you even open the app. Hope this helped😁.Version: 35.0.1

Fun gameA fun game - still learning now it works and working out how to add the emojis to my Keyboard.Version: 32.1.0

Emoji Blitz Is Great!🤑🤩It’s great because you can play games and you can get prizes and play and get money and prizes in the game it’s really cool I think that it is appropriate for children who have tsum tsums because it’s all about tsum tsums and tsum tsum Disney characters it’s really cool I recommend it to everyone because it’s kid and child and adult friendly and you can play in groups with friends and family but you can also end up in a group with strangers you have never met before and people you don’t know because you can end up in a group with strangers and people you don’t know and that is the only bad thing about it but the rest of it is great so I definitely recommend it to everyone and they can be any age!.Version: 28.2.1

AmazingThis is the best game ever! I’m addicted! I love my emojis!😍.Version: 41.0.2

Top matching gameGreat matching game with an awesome cast of Disney characters each with their own unique power. Plus you get to collect a vast array of stickers to use in your messages..Version: 40.0.0

AddictiveStarted playing just to be able to text with Disney emojis and quickly got addicted. It’s a simple but fun game. The limited lives are good to stop from playing for hours on end. I just wish you could choose your emoji from the prize boxes instead of it being random. Getting a duplicate emoji and power up is frustrating as opposed to getting something new..Version: 40.1.0

CrashesI absolutely love this game and have regularly referred it to other people I know to get them to play it too. However, over the past couple of months, it has almost become unplayable. Whenever I win prizes on the events, especially tokens towards the monthly challenge, the game crashes and my progress doesn’t save which means I have to go back and start again, normally with the same result. The events are my favourite part of the game so it’s disappointing to not be able to play them as it’s extremely frustrating every time this happens..Version: 39.1.0

Game doesnt workGame doesnt work after last update.Version: 38.0.0

Fun and addictive, I just wish it would stop freezing my phone...This game is fun and my wife and I really enjoy playing together and try to one up the other. As far for in app purchases, not a big fan of that but I understand that the developers want to make a profit from their fun game. I don’t have anything negative about the game itself it’s more the bugs and glitches that cause frustration. Mainly that anytime me I get a call or ‘pause’ the game and open up another app (like music, safari or even photos) and still keep emoji blitz active in the background by the time I come back to the game it freezes and then my phone becomes unresponsive. I have to lock my phone and everything dims for a few seconds and then I hit the lock button again and then my finishes closing out. I then have to unlock my phone and double click the home button to show all active apps, close emoji blitz out completely, and then relaunch the game in order for it to work again. The whole thing just takes about a min or two, but it’s quite aggravating. And this happens on my wife’s phone too. We both have iPhone 8s and we notice that this game has been out for a few years already so just wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if so, are they fixing the problem. Otherwise the game is fun and worth getting..Version: 28.2.1

Not happy with new Challenge structureI was already disappointed that the challenge structure changed from earning diamond boxes at the completion of a challenge to having to complete the challenge then additionally completing the rainbow falls challenge. It is nearly impossibly to level up or even earn diamond emojis without paying for them. This new maleficent challenge was going well until I got to Level 1 Fairies and used learned I had to have the fairies to even play. That seems unfair. Fortunately for me I had been saving my diamonds for the Halloween Mickey and Minnie I know will be releasing soon so I reluctantly used them to buy a fairy so I could complete the challenge...or so I thought! Instead I got another Aurora who I already have and now I still don’t get to play the maleficent challenge or buy Mickey or Minnie when the time comes because it takes several weeks to earn enough diamonds to get a diamond box emoji. Of course unless I fork up over $5 for another blind box chance. My kids don’t even like this game anymore because they feel it’s rigged and they can’t get what they want. It’s the only game I play so I’m still sucked in but aggravated that the structure has changed making it even harder to earn special emojis..Version: 30.2.0

THE BEST GAME EVERAs you can see, I have given this game five stars because it’s best game I have EVER downloaded. The only problem is, is that there is a timer on the diamond boxes, and the times ends at like midnight. I cannot collect my diamond box because I am asleep 😂. Also, I would like to know why it takes a heart off you every time you go into a level. But other than that, it’s a great game in general. Please do download, there are tons of Disney emojis to collect, and the best bit is that you can open messages and there will be a little picture that has Disney emojis on it, press on it, then there will be loads I’d Disney emoji stickers to send to your friends! I really enjoy this app, and I would definitely recommend it!.Version: 40.2.0

Loved it butI loved this game I have been playing since I was younger and I LOVED IT but now my sister gets to play it but it won’t let me on I update it and do everything to it but when I am loading on it stops at 44% and then I start getting mad I even cross my fingers to get it to work I feel like I have to delete it but I am scared it will get rid of my stuff so just please make it work it will get better overtime hopefully it would also be helpful to start with more money .But thanks for reading!hey this is from a wile more I wanted to say I think gems should be easier to get like a lot of people say I want to be able to earn them in game plays please make that easier and that’s it oh and I don’t know how long it’s been maybe it’s been a few years since this was made but I LOVE the Christmas updates and love the Star Wars witch I am a big fan of!!!!!Sorry this is another time and I just wanted to say I LOVE the updates but I also wish it was easier to get emojis because I love love LOVE them but they are hard to get so pls make it easier that’s it I love this game But I guess not gunna be mean still pretty fun so I am giving this game 5 I would rate it 10!.Version: 38.3.1

Best Game Ever!I am hooked! Collecting the emojis and being able to use them in messages is such a good idea! I use them all the time and the game play is simple, cute and fun... also addictive so be aware you might spend too much time playing. If you’re interested, you can search for and join online groups who love this game and everyone there are happy to share their tips and knowledge. IMO, Reddit has the best community of Blitz players..Version: 30.1.2

Love it!Just wish there was a way to purchase a particular emoji you wanted..Version: 38.3.1

Really Good Effort.I think you guys are doing a really good job of making players happy with this game, personally i think it’s a inspiring and pretty cool game. I also watch a lot of movies that are Disney so when i found about this game i was pretty excited to play and it turned out to be really good. FeedBack: I think you should add Walt, you know the actual person that made Disney as an emoji even though he’s dead you have to give him credit(Seriously). I also think you should add more of the characters in each move section! (Some people would probably be happy with that plus what if someone got all the emojis. Anyway I hope you take all of my feedback and put it into action..Version: 24.3.2

You cannot live without this gameI know, it might just seem like a normal game to you, but really, you can get a whole new set of emojis! They only work on messages, though. Good game if you have it, like me, but even if you don’t have messages, you will still enjoy the game. I recommend this to anyone into candy crush games, and stuff like that. My only problem is, that they need to add emojis more often. Ty for spending time reading this review. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.Version: 39.0.1

AMAZING AND FUN AND BRILLIANTSo, I just downloaded this and... I’ve almost defeated the queen on hearts ❤️🖤🤍❤️🖤🤍. There are so many characters to collect! My best one that I got is Alice in wonderland. I think she is a lucky character and I know that she does 2x damage! There are story characters, Villains characters, and more! There are recommended characters. U start with a Simba, Ariel, or Mickey Mouse (I don’t know about Mickey Mouse.) Of course I started with Simba. When I got a couple more characters I started texting my sis. And she was like “OMG HOW DID U GET THEM :D” And I said “I got them from playing Emoji blitz!” Then I started texting a few of my characters! I posted mostly..... Ee yore bc he is SO CUTE. I’m a fan of Ee yore. ALL I WANT U TOO KNOW IS IM ADDICTED TO IT ALREADY AND ITS MABYE 1st 2nd or 3rd FAV GAME ON MY PHONE 📞. PLS PLAY IT!!!!.Version: 38.3.1

Great game, I’m addicted!I’ve downloaded this game twice now. Stopped playing for a little while but came back to it because I missed it. Was annoying as I had deleted my data so had to start all over again. It’s a great, addictive game, especially for any Disney fans out there. Yes, all the gems and lives etc cost money but the lives quickly restore & you win a good amount of coins & gems on the games anyway so you don’t actually have to spend anything to play (just need a little patience). I love it & every so often, they have special challenges which are always a lot of fun! :).Version: 23.0.0

Best of the free game appsMy 10 year old wanted me to get this game so we could both play. I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely designed the interface is. The overall look is just clean and nice. The emojis are super cute! Also, I love love that the ads are pretty much optional. In other games that are “free”, you have to slog through ads just to continue playing. In this game the ads are for when you want something extra, and only if you want to. You don’t have to watch an ad to continue playing but you could watch one of you want a extra free spin from the prize wheel, for example. It’s a breath of fresh air, and makes me want to actually play it plus also purchase the in app gem packs etc. The only thing I am not liking is that every time my daughter wants to purchase a gem pack, she doesn’t receive her purchase. I’ve already reported this to Apple, and they refunded my two past failed purchase. Now, I tried again and the same thing happened. So I am going through the developer now to see if they can address this through a support ticket. Overall though, this is a good game for younger kids( and I suppose adults too!) if you like these types of puzzle games. I assumed that because it is associated with Disney that it would be a better quality overall and I was not wrong. Now let’s hope I can get the gems I promised my kiddo!.Version: 39.0.1

Disney Emoji BlitzI’m actually getting fed up trying to finish levels that last far too long!!! It’s just impossible to collect enough Gems & Emojis. I don’t want to pay for boxes of emojis or gems we should just be able to win them. I just wish you’d make it easier to finish levels & easier to collect Emojis??!! I’m on a level that I’ve been on for the longest time & it’s driving me nuts trying to finish it & bored too. Sorry but there it is. Please sort it out? I will give it 5* if you try at least to do some alterations to what could be a smashing game..... Also I’ve just paid £4.99 for 200 gems & haven’t received the gems!!! They were to finish a level that has finished now!! So please sort these issues out??!!.Version: 38.3.1

Addictive but access issues in messagesI love playing this game because it brings back memories of all of the films I used to watch as a kid. The only snag I’ve found recently since updating to IOS 14 is that the keyboard loads and then closes after a few seconds without loading the emojis for me to use. The app has also disappeared from my messages app drawer so I can’t even send them as stickers. I have tried everything including deleting and reinstalling the app and removing the settings for the keyboard, restarting my phone and then reapplying the keyboard settings but nothing has made a difference. Is this a problem with the app or does iPhone not want us to enjoy sending these emojis because it’s a third party keyboard? Please find a solution to this because I love sending these emojis!.Version: 42.0.0

J’adoreC’est vraiment plaisant ce jeu, j’adore !!!.Version: 41.0.0

Highly addictive, and regularly updated too!As mentioned in the subject this game gets you hooked quickly, there is sufficient rewards throughout the game to keep you coming back for more, which is irrespective of the fact that there are emoji rewards a-plenty too. Game modes are updated regularly and cycle enough not to be cumbersome and boring (for me at least). A couple of pointers though... Some of the characters powers require action and it’s not always clear right way which ones require action and what the action is, that being said it is usually fairly easy to find out with a little random finger movements. The other issue I have is getting the emojis to work properly with WhatsApp on my iPhone. I’m sure other formats would work fine, but they don’t integrate well with WhatsApp. They integrate perfectly with iMessages though. My basic summary is this, it’s a great additive I’ve game with plenty of shelf life, there’s a couple of niggles but nothing that would detract for an overall fun gaming experience..Version: 41.0.0

EPICI live the game and I wouldn’t trade it for the world like my fish but I wish there was a better way to get coins like so if u get over 5,000 coins u get as many coins as points but u just don’t get as many so yeah and I’ve only had the game for one night and it’s epic and the rest of my review is me talking about loving the game so I love the game it’s epic and my family loves Disney so it’s good to have this game and I love Disney so much that I beg my family to watch it for movie night and I love them I love Disney I’ve said that so much but still if I could rate this game I would rate it infinity stars and that’s not even enough but one other update idea and idk if u already have the update cause I only had the game for one night but could u add avengers and question did u add descendants and I’m not dure that how u spell it anyway pls send feedback and a prediction it’ll take a weeks to read this lol😆😆😆👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 hey this message is from another time cause I’ve had the game for a while and i think there should be a more quicker way to get 💎 so like could u be able to earn them while ur doing a level and the better the emoji the more 💎you’ll earn and in events can we get an lucky emoji those updates would make the game more fun and could you add more descendants characters and some of the people from greatest showman but anyway pls read and ad definitely diamond 💎 update and event update and character update is optional.Version: 38.0.0

Love it all but two things:Love this game, it in fact should probably deserve five stars. Then why (you are probably thinking) have I not given it five stars well two reasons: 1) I do not want to allow full access, it’s a fun game to play even if you don’t want emojis but I do however I do NOT want to show everything I type to the makers of this game which includes passwords and so on I personally (no offence) think this is a breach of privacy and yes I would understand if it is impossible to upload the emojis on your keyboard however this is not the case as I have tried some different font apps before and I have one that works very nicely without my having allowed full access (called super keyboard-KeyPro) and though these are emojis not fonts the fundamentals are (I think) the same so please remove the allow full access feature as this will cause a lot of people to just delete it 2) they aren’t emojis - they are cute images but images nonetheless and this does not hugely bother me (though I was looking forward to seeing my friends reaction when I sent them emojis that that weren’t normal) but they are not emojis so you can’t really call them emojis. Sorry for the very long comment and thank you for reading. Please change these two as I really want this game to be the best it can be Emojigirl.Version: 34.3.0

Very goodI have been playing this game for years, possibly since it came out, and I would just like to say that it is the BEST! It provides many cute emojis for your keyboard, and it gives your text messages that magical touch that all Disney products bring with them wherever they go. This app allows you too to bring that magic touch with you! Dang I sound like an ad but IT’S TRUE!! It’s amazing!.Version: 39.1.0

THIS GAME IS SOO ADDICTINGHold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. You mean to tell me this game is free???? This app is amazing and thoroughly addictive, one of my friends told me about this game so I was like “Okay, I’ll download it,” but I’ll admit I didn’t think I was going to like it. This game is so adorable, and not only is it fun, but you get stickers. I collected the Mickey Mouse character and when I’m texting, there are so many different Mickey Mouse stickers that I can send someone. They even have some characters from “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” which just came out three days ago. When I was playing the team challenge, I ran out of hearts and couldn’t play. Unlike most games where you have to wait half a day to get a single heart back, I only had to wait seven minutes. Yes there was an option to buy some, that’s what you would expect, they need to make money off this game right? But there was also an option for me to just watch and add and get three hearts. On the topic of adds, the only time you see them, is when you choose to watch one. I feel that this game is better than the other games on my phone. I mean, it’s free, it’s adorable, and it isn’t like most games where you have to spend money if you want to do anything. This game deserves five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 24.1.0

Good but sometimes too hardI've played this game for a very long time and it does have it's ups and downs. The ups are when you have quick challenges to work towards (e.g. blitz mode X amount of times) but when you have to have a specific character to complete a challenge and that character is in a gold box, it can be very trialling since the one you want doesn't appear when you need it. I've been waiting for months for it. Also the challenges (namely the new magic key challenge) is ridiculously impossible to complete unless played 24/7. I had one key appear in 2 games which I was not able to get. I feel as though this game is meant for children but even as an adult I sometimes find it boring and tedious. Additionally, the calibration is way off and you go to do something and it moves something that’s nowhere near! As well as you making a move that should get you a star for example, but then just does a normal move and leaves the other emojis behind! 😑 Not very useful when you have the near impossibility of combing two stars in one game challenge.Version: 1.17

Not Like Every Other Matching GameThis game is so much fun, I’m a bit obsessed! There’s a million matching games out there and I’ve played quite a few of them but this one is far more unique than any of the rest! Not only does it have different missions to complete to level up, it also has tons of fun events to participate in regularly. There’s multiple goals you can work towards each time you play which keeps me interested. You also collect the emojis and each one has a different power up so you can switch up the emoji each time which really makes each game unique. The biggest thing I love about this game is that it’s NOT PAY TO PLAY! There are soooo many games out there that make the game a hundred times easier for those that spend a bunch of money to play the game and you almost feel like you have to spend money just to enjoy the game! Not this game! Plus the gems can be purchased with real money but you also earn them through game play pretty regularly which is amazing! You aren’t forced to buy stuff just to beat a level or get a good item. So I’m definitely a big fan of this game and everything I hated about other matching games, this game doesn’t do!.Version: 28.1.0

5 Stars!This game is SUPER fun and I like how you have to earn the emojis for your keyboard! And I like how you can come and get a daily spin to win things! Overall the game is SUPER DUPER fun and I recommend getting it if you want!.Version: 37.2.0

Addicting and so much funLove this game, easy to play and not your normal match 3 game..Version: 1.16

I love this game!At first I was only downloading the app for the emojis- which are totally awesome. I liked the idea of having to play to win the emojis because mostly you got to show it off to everyone, but as soon as I started playing, I got sucked in. The game is so cute, colourful and fun that I just couldn’t stop playing! The game is well thought out, very nice to look at and very fun to play. I would definitely recommend this app. If I had to make one suggestion it would be to add a confused face or a question mark face to the emojis and adding more than three hundred dollars in the free prize weel since you can’t really do anything or buy anything with it. So maybe just bump it up to like five hundred or something like that..Version: 38.3.1

Fun and simpleThis game is pretty fun and addicting, you can pick it up and put it down anytime which is nice.Version: 41.0.2

A bit addictedFun little game. I found the instructions on game play a bit incomplete at first but after level one it becomes clearer. Trying to get Minnie! Game is great but I find the in app purchases very expensive..Version: 41.0.1

So much FUN!😍I love Disney, so this game is already pretty awesome in my books for just being ‘Disney’ alone. The characters are so cute, there’s always new things popping up and it’s just fun to play every now and again. I do wish that the game offered more gems in prizes, instead of just power ups. Other than that little detail, I really enjoy this game 😊.Version: 36.1.0

I love this gameI’m having so much fun. Many things to do to keep it interesting..Version: 41.0.0

Lots of fun !Addicting and fun :).Version: 41.0.0

Cute Theme, Beautifully ExecutedI’m usually dismissive of these kind of games. It’s the same thing over and over. However, being a long time Disney fan, this game drew me in with the cute designs. I was pleased to see features like different characters having their own abilities, and missions that weren’t frustrating. Generally a visually nice game to pass the time. Other than that, the usual formula. ‘Lives’ required to play, a coin system to get more characters and power ups etc. So far I haven’t been bombarded by ads so that’s a big plus..Version: 26.0.0

AMAZING!!!!This game is absolutely amazing! The graphics are perfect and the characters are unique. It’s so creative how each different Disney emoji character has it’s own power to use in the Blitz mode and when their power bar fills up. I like how the emoji’s power links to the characters background and the movie it is from. The bright colors and fun music just increases my liking for it and really enjoy playing this super engaging game. The only thing I have to complain about is that you have to sign in using Facebook, which as a twelve year old, I do not have so it upsets me when I can’t create an account, or contact / battle friends and if I delete the game the progress won’t be saved. But overall, amazing game and really fun to play!!!.Version: 25.9.0

I love emoji blitz it’s the best!The add convinced me and the same thing happened, my friend asked where I got the emojis and she got the app! I love how it is free and accessible. The characters are amazing and funny. I love doing food fights and battles against others. I can’t stop playing it! I hope you get so successful with this game because it deserves it soooooo much I love the game and keep doing what you are doing because there is so much things to do on there! Which is really good and I love all the choices you can do. This is not false advertising because it is so amazing just like the add said. A couple of days ago I was playing all day I couldn’t stop!.Version: 37.1.0

Nice conceptCould be cheaper.Version: 38.1.1

AweomseI’m addicted to this game. I love the emojis! Brings back memories of watching a lot of these films.Version: 41.0.0

Enjoyable gameUpdate: Changing my review from 4 stars to 5 stars! It is refreshing that the folks behind Disney Emoji Blitz actually make changes based on users critiques. In my case, I recently noticed that the mission I couldn’t pass because I couldn’t collect the right emoji was changed! So now I can move on! I enjoy playing Emoji Blitz. The extra challenges are fun when they arise, and I enjoy the Daily Challenges. That’s mostly what I play now because I have been stuck on a mission for well over a month because I will no longer use 20 gems to bypass it since I don’t have the required emoji. That’s my only beef with this game. Don’t require a mission to be played with an emoji we don’t have and is impossible to get. I tried getting it when it was a lucky Gold Box day. Didn’t get it or one of the other supposed lucky ones—twice! I’ve used 200 gems twice to get the wand that guarantees a new emoji. Still didn’t get the emoji I needed. Maybe next time I’ll be able to use a wand in combination with lucky gold box and finally get that darn emoji. But it is so hard to save up for those gems. I know, I know, if I don’t want to pay to play then I shouldn’t complain. This complaint is minor though. Other than that one little thing, this is my favorite game for sure. I’m just getting a little bored with not playing new missions..Version: 1.17

BlitzVery addictive game. Been playing for only a couple days and I am completely hooked..Version: 1.16.5

🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 41.0.0

Eat, Sleep, EMOJI BLITZ, Repeat!This is an amazing game, and I would definitely recommend. However there are a few bad things about it. Firstly, the advertisement. I found out about this game by watching an advert. On the advert it was these people texting and using the emoji’s they had one playing the game. And yes, you can win emoji’s, but on the advert it showed him/her sending a text and then attaching a few emojis onto it. But you can’t actually do that, you have to send them separately, which is still amazing, but the advertisement is false. Maybe the people who make those adverts could change that? Secondly, the cloud power-up. In the game, you can match 4 emoji’s to make the cloud power-up. You can then swap the cloud with another emoji, and it will clear everything in that row or column. But it doesn’t have a set direction, so if you swapped it with an emoji that was above or below the cloud, the power-up would clear the columns, and if you swapped it with a left or right emoji, it would clear that row. The problem is, is that because you’re under a time limit, it’s annoying when you have to think about which line you want to clear. It’s a minor issue, but makes a big difference. In summary, I would definitely recommend this game, it is fun, addictive, and hopefully the programmers will asses the issues and solve them. Have fun playing! 🥳😁👾🎮.Version: 37.2.0

$-$-$-$I’ve been playing this for a while now and it can be fun, but the rewards aren’t justified for what you need to do to get them. The prize wheel is so obviously rigged too. I love how the wheel conveniently skips over the best prizes if you even get close to landing on them. My biggest complaint is that it’s almost impossible to get the characters you want unless you spend a lot of diamonds which, in turn, cost “real” dollars. It would be nice if another option was available to perhaps spend coins which are earned in game instead. I have way over $1,000,000 coins in the bank which I haven’t spent coz there’s nothing really interesting to spend them on while there are plenty of characters I’d like to still collect, but can’t coz I have to wait for a Dimond box to become available! Ridiculous! If you’re happy just to play this game with 1 or 2 characters, then I’d recommend it, otherwise, shop around. I’m sure there are better options available..Version: 33.1.0

It’s great but....This is an incredibly addictive game but playing it on more than one device can cause issues. Take the prize calendar for example. If I haven’t claimed it on both devices then it says I have missed a day even though I haven’t. So it can get confusing when it keeps asking if you want to use the data on the server or your device and I always hit server. The FAQ needs some work as there is no answer to questions like where do you get the magic wands from or how do you buy the things to fix prize calendars. There is also the game itself. If you click the more items boost the game that follows it’s ridiculous with very few matches and a complete waste of a boost. Yet I can’t help but want to get every single emoji but the whole emoji keyboard isn’t deceiving as well as they are not actually emojis but more large pictures that never work half the time. But playing the game itself is so much fun I just wish it didn’t always require you to buy gems to buy the boxes you need to complete event challenges..Version: 37.2.0

Good but just one thing that happened to meSo the game is pretty good except for one thing that happened to me I would give it five stars but I’m giving it for because of what happened to me I just think it’s a bit creepy so I was playing this game about maybe half a month ago and I was just playing it like usual nothing wrong going on and then all of a sudden I got five emoji’s in a row and I’m like wow that’s lucky but no the screen just turned down to dark mode which I didn’t even turn down the brightness so it was kind of weird and then all the emojis disappeared and it just showed villains it kind of weirded me out and I’m like it’s probably just a glitch it was nothing too freaky but I still don’t know what happened🤔😬🤷‍♂️ otherwise that glitch has only happened to me a couple times if it is a glitch but it’s only happened to me a couple times anyways the game is still good nothing wrong with it it’s really fun and addicting but I hope they just fix that glitch if it is a glitch because it’s kind of weird? But otherwise there’s nothing wrong with the game besides the whole villains in darkness thing it’s actually a really good game I came back and I’ve been playing it a lot every day like every hour 😂.Version: 36.2.1

It’s amazing but...I love this game but you have to pay 20 gems to switch a task!! Like WHAT?? And this game is so fun I love how you get emojis and it’s at random but I do think it is a little to high of a price for a new character i think for a gold box maybe 25,000 max I still think 25,000 is to much because it takes a lot of games to unlock one other than those I love the challenges there so fun and I love how the emojis look there so cute..Version: 32.1.0

Awesome game, best everAmazing game, you actually keep something from it and to a Disney fan a dream come true.Version: 28.2.0

This is a good game I am go addicted to it but the only problem is I can’t send emojis to anybody🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 41.0.2

Fun But Need TweaksI really enjoy this game! It’s challenging and fun. I like the challenges that they randomly have like the Cinderella challenge and beating Lady Tremaine. The only few things that annoy me are that sometimes, you make a match but the game refuses to accept it and it takes 3 or 4x of matching it until it works (sometimes you have to make a different match then go back). It wastes easy 5+ seconds. Another thing is if you try to make a match while the screen is blowing up with matches, the emoji you were going to use just magically “disappears” and the match is no longer available. That’s not quite as annoying as the first problem above. The last issue is, I know you are supposed to spend money but it does get annoying when you save up 30,000 coins for a box/emoji and after 8x, you get emojis you already have. I have about half of the emojis in the gold box but the last at least 8x of buying the box, I have gotten duplicate emojis. Wands are VERY hard to come by. The prize boxes, where you collect items...I don’t have those emojis for the special items (not for lack of trying!) and having to collect 25 of each special item is taking FOREVER. Honestly, it’s genuinely a fun game. I am kinda addicted and play all day long..Version: 34.2.2

It’s GreatThis game is so much fun you can't even put it down. You cannot stop playing it!.Version: 41.0.2

LovingI like how there isn’t so much ads and it’s a great game❤️.Version: 24.3.2

MignonJ'adore ;0).Version: 41.0.1

Glitches fixedDuring a recent challenge I was having some major glitches but they have resolved now and I’m back enjoying the game :).Version: 19.3.0

I ADORE THIS GAMEI have to admit, at first, I was some what reluctant to download this game because I thought it would be the same as all those other Candy Crush carbon copies but I thought ‘the emojis are cute I guess.’ Boy, am I glad I did. For one thing, you can play this game without having to spend real money! It is SO refreshing and it makes the game overall more fun to play. Second, even though it is the same formula as most swipe games, the missions are super fun to play and very easy. Third, THE ENERGY RECHARGES SO QUICKLY!! Maybe it’s not such a good thing because I end up playing the game straight away rather than finish what I’m doing but !!! It’s super fun. Finally, emojis. They’re so so CUTE! I love them so much ❤️❤️❤️ The only issue I have with this game is actually sending the emojis. You have to copy and paste them to your message box and they show up as stickers rather than emojis. It would be nice if they could appear like actual emojis like this > 💕 instead of slightly pixelated stickers..Version: 32.3.0

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