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Basket Fall App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Basket Fall app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Basket Fall? Can you share your negative thoughts about basket fall?

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Basket Fall for Negative User Reviews

RubbishWhat a terrible game, at the levels are identical with different names.Version: 2.0

More adssss!It’s a good game and all but a child finds Games by ads this is why it needs adssss!.Version: 5.6

Good but..Great game, but I am getting quite annoyed with it and will be tempted not to play it again if I get the same new level again! Whenever I unlock a new level I nearly always unlock one that I already have and have lost at least $500 because of it! Please fix this! Other than that it is a great game..Version: 2.0

This game burnt my eyesThis game is so basic and easy don't waste your time on it 💩💩💩.Version: 3.0

2StarsThis game is awesome "However" it's also terrible you have too pay for certain things which the money adds up it is pretty much stupid .. Why not have the app payable instead .. Saying that you'd probably still rip people of. Only download if you fancy getting ripped off.Version: 4.0

Dumist game ever it is so dumDum dum dum Dum game It is the dumist game ever you can't play it anyway it's dum that's why I keep saying dum.Version: 1.0

DumbGoing back to the start every time you fail is so frustrating! I deleted it after 5 mins playing time! Would be better to keep attempting the same shot until you got it..Version: 4.0

Be hesitant on this appThis game is fun to play on all regular settings but you wonder away from that the game freezes up. It won't work 3/4 of the time you use the shield feature it saves the basketball but won't give it back to you it just freezes and you lose your score because you have to reset the game but if you don't use that feature the game is not a bad game to kill time.Version: 1.0

It’s a great game to playMy 9 year old autistic nephew loves to play it. He has won almost all of the balls but the first one it’s a coin that goes in a piggy bank he has 880 coins but there’s no spot to click on anything to buy the last ball with the coins he has won after the last update please fix this or make it to where you can buy something 🤬😡.... do you know how hard it is to tell an autistic kid he can’t save up coins and buy anything.Version: 5.3

OkIts pretty fun !.Version: 5.7

Not BadThis is pretty good but they could work on some other kind of things to do.Version: 1.0

ReviewOnce I ate a potato. It was a good potato. Now I like potatos.Version: 1.0

Bod monBotty boy ball.Version: 1.0

Put rick and morty in the gameDone.Version: 5.2

OpinionIt's ok but lots of times it should have gone in but instead it missed..Version: 5.3

Please fix itIt's a good game, very addicting my only problem is I keep getting the same ball I already got. it's frustrating considering I work for a new ball.Version: 1.0

TrashYour game is trash.Version: 5.5

Great Game!Love it.. Very addictive.. However glitches when I get the shield :).Version: 1.0

WORST GAME ON THE APP STOREStupidest game and it takes 10 years to get 5 measly coins -.- may as well always wait for the free coins. Also there's no objective to game which is a complete let down.Version: 2.0

Fix the GlitchIt's a fun game but nearly every time my ball gets saved by a bumper it freezes and I have to restart the game :(.Version: 1.0

TerribleA copy and paste of cut the rope except they managed to make it worse..Version: 5.7

The game is sometimes hard but it’s still fun!It is half of what I expected ,but I would give it two stars because it was also fun and free!🤬🤯😨🤭😶😬😦😲😪🤢😷🤒🤮🤤😯😑🤥🤔😥😱🤠🤑🤒🤕😸😻😺😼😹😽🎃🤖👾💀🤡👿👹💩☠️🎃👽👻👺👎🏻👍🏼👩🏼‍💻.Version: 5.3

Good, but with issuesIt's a good game. It's fun and addicting. But there are many bugs and issues that need fixed before I give the game above a 2. The biggest issue: using the barrier power up. About 3/5 times, it will shoot the ball back up, and then it will just never come back. So you're stuck with no way to go back to the menu and no way to keep playing, forcing you to quit the game. Developers: get your stuff together..Version: 1.0


DumbyThis game stupid me no like Y game make so hard? Me want just win!.Version: 5.6

It's okYeah it's ok for 5 mins of fun..Version: 1.0

GameThis is choice.Version: 2.0

Love it, でも....I've played the game for quite a while and I love it, でも when I use the shield my ball flies away and never comes back. I would like this bug to be fixed because I like the idea of the barrier. There needs to be a restart option in the pause menu so that I don't have to close out of my app and restart it every time the ball flies away. Also, there should be a practice option where you can place bumpers and adjust the swing speed so that you can practice bouncing the ball off of walls and bumpers. That is all :) I do love it, though..Version: 1.0

Addicting Gameplay. Tacky Skin System.There is not much to say about the gameplay. It's simple, can be addicting, and that's about it. My complaint is about the skins you unlock. It takes about 30 minutes of gameplay to get 100 coins. Then you use those 100 coins to get a new skin which is unlocked at "random", which consist of a new ball and background theme. Now this is all well and good, expect that it is possible to unlock the same skin multiple times! So you can put many hours into the this game, get coins to open new skins, just to get a random unlock of the same ones you've unlocked multiple times already. I'm sorry that's just so tacky to me..Version: 2.0

Super Addicting but...Bugs Galore!Absolutely love this game and hate to give it 3 stars, but it's just as annoying and frustrating as it is fun. Literally freezes almost every other game, and it seems to love to freeze when I'm on a score streak, froze when I was at my all time high score, it reset and didn't remember my score. Please fix ASAP cause I do love playing this game.Version: 1.0

NiceCool.Version: 3.0

It’s an ok money trapEvery level costs money. You can’t unlock anything with paying. Total rip off. The 5 star reviews are fake..Version: 5.6

Ruined by advertsReally fun, simple and addictive game. Unfortunately it's rather ruined by the adverts (as per usual these days) Good to play and for trying to beat your friends score though. Would have been 4 stars if not for the excessive advertisements.Version: 1.0

Wish you get condensation for duplicated themesOpening duplicated theme doesn’t get you anything..Version: 5.3

Boring, repetitive and derivativeDon't bother. Terrible ui, dull gameplay, IAP. YAWN..Version: 1.0

Nice game but repetitiveGame is fun and challenging. But the problem with these type of games it that it has nothing new to offer after 20 mins in, either you like playing the repetitive cycle for a while or you would quit the game after a few days..Version: 1.0

BugsEverytime the ball hits the shield I am unable to continue Not happy 😡😡.Version: 2.0

Got to pay or watch loads of advertsVery annoying. Don’t bother.Version: 5.3

BasketfallGood game but glitches with the shield sometimes. Good game overall.Version: 2.0

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