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Injustice 2 App User Positive Comments 2023

Injustice 2 app received 119 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about injustice 2?

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Injustice 2 for Positive User Reviews

AwesomeThis game is good but It would be even better if offline as well as online..Version: 3.6

I can’t buy thingsNo new gems.Version: 5.2.0

Game not openingHi Team, I am not able to update game on IOS (IPhone). It asks to Update but when I click it takes on App Store & only option there is to open, there is no update option, please advise, Thanks..Version: 4.0.1

Honest opinionThis game is bad very bad like 90% of other games you will take eternity to get your desired characters maxed out and their gears without spending money even after spending money you will be hanging in between save yourself the pain ,time and poetential money you may spend do not download the game soon these kind of money hungry games will see an end with the rise of game developers who are honest and these big developers will be left with nothing,I genuinely hope Netherrealm studios you go Bankrupt.Version: 2.7.1

AmazingGreat needs a female tech hero or villain though.Version: 3.3

Cool gameI really wanted to like this game, and I do, but it gets to a point where it’s basically pay-to-play. I can only do a few fights a day because you only get so many energy points. And it takes 10 whole minutes just for one point to recharge. And 16 energy points for a fight? Come on... The game is really enjoyable when you can play it though. I’m just tired of opening up the game a few hours later and not even having full energy. They sell champions unlike MCOC which I think is pretty cool instead of just opening up crystals to random ones, but I still have a very small roster because I’m not trying to spend money on a game I can only play for a few minutes out of the day. I would have easily recommended this game when I started, but at this point, I barely remember to open the game everyday to get my login gifts now. Hopefully they can add more options to the game because I’m basically stuck now with champs that aren’t good enough to move me forward. Back to MCOC it is....Version: 4.0.1

Lagging needs fixed asap ON IPHONES12s and upLove this game so much but I’m on Iphone12 pro max and I am honestly sick of it lagging when Combos are hit, And another thing I’ve spent 100’s of pounds on this game I think people who spend this kind of money should definitely be noticed or noted down some way of a kind for packs because it’s frustrating getting and wasting loads of money on packs and getting 5 star nobody’s, but this game is amazing never the less Love this game so much but I’m on Iphone12 pro max and I am honestly sick of it lagging when Combos are hit.Version: 5.4.0

Injustice 2En un mot fantastique jeux.Version: 5.8.0

HeroesThis game is super amazing but there is one thing that bothers me you cannot try heroes and do not have training sessions and you have to collect a lot of shards for gold heroes and legendary heroes (darkseid and Arkham’s batman) for them you have to be extremely lucky to get them and they do not have shards to collect and sometimes you don’t get them at all please make us more comfortable with the game and love injustice 2 you guys are great.Version: 3.0.1

Crashes a bit.In all honesty injustice 2 is an amazing game and I have been playing this game for a while. But ever since I created a new account ( a month ago ) the game crashed quite a lot for no apparent reason. The development crew here are amazing and if they can fix this bug I will easily give this game 5 stars..Version: 3.1

Fun. But there are some setbacks!If you’re the type of person to like grind games, then this game is for you. But if you don’t like grind games, then this game could be for you..Version: 5.8.0

Amazing but requires too much grindingI love the game but it either requires HOURS of grinding or spending money just to get a decent chance of a Gold hero. I’d recommend this game if you like grinding games but other than that its still the best mobile game on the app store.Version: 4.0

Quite good but a few problemsI think that the system for unlocking new characters is not very good. You either have to spend money to get them or wait potentially months or even years to unlock them for free. I also think the energy recovery speed is extremely slow. Often I find myself wanting to play more of the game but I am unable to because i have no energy and I have to wait up to 3 hours just to get enough to play 1 campaign level but other than those I find the game very enjoyable.Version: 4.0.1

AwesomeGood but I would recommend making it easier to get better characters.Version: 5.7.1

GreatThis game is fantastic with the online interactivity, raids and arena events. The game is designed so that it takes time so the progress is satisfying. Those that do not appreciate and accept the time and effort put into this game are blinded by impatience, for example orbs are highly uncommon in raid one but you almost always get it in raid four. If you take the time to immerse yourself in the dc universe I’m sure you will have a blast..Version: 2.7.1

Feedback and feed forwardI can’t think of a better game then this I have been playing it for ages but sadly I haven’t been able to get a purple so I want you to raise the possibility’s for it. Thanks for a great game noobmaster69.Version: 4.1

Good game needs polishingThis game is a much better game than the first injustice- gameplay wise. The graphics just need some extra polishing and the noises that some of the characters, such as scarecrow and the inmates, make need changing. Scarecrow’s voice is literally just scorpions voice from mortal kombat, whereas the inmates are just sub zero. Other than that, I recommend that if you are familiar with fightings games like injustice and mortal kombat and u enjoy netherrealm games, this is a must have.Version: 3.6

Best dc gameI love this game and I am really addicted to it but I wish you could do the following more bug fixes make getting gold and legendary characters easier increase the drop rate for legendary and gold characters in chest more consistent updates communicate with your fan base more make getting everything a bit more easier add new maps or old maps and add new modes and plz expand on combos a bit more I find it a little bit repetitive at times make every character have their own unique combos and special powers ur NetherRealm u make the best fighting games so plz add it where u could do more combos instead of doing the same thing for example increase a basic hit combo from 3 to 4 and when u swipe and start hitting again make them do a different combo which is a 4 hit combo and when u swipe down they do another 4 hit combo and when u swipe up make them do another 4 hit combo or three hit combo for example this will make the game feel more fresh and competitive also every time you add a new character make a dedicated mission towards them letting u find out more about them and once u finish u get some shards for that new character and yeah plz do all of this and expand on injustice 2 popularity I love this game and I hope you address everything I said. 🙂.Version: 3.0.1

AddHi Injustice 2 i love ur game its the best! The only thing i ask to change is to make a free play like on ps4 where u can choose who u wanna fight and who u wanna be.Version: 4.0.1

Can’t get enough of itI literally can’t get enough of this game it’s just amazing and addictive and extremely fun - it’s graphics are astonishing and when you first install it, it has a walkthrough that guide you through everything and makes you perfectly familiar with the entire game which it didn’t have for injustice (one) - (the first injustice game was an absolute disgrace btw) Anyway, it’s just really fun and it has an entertaining campaign, a fun family, a huge range of characters, power gems are easy to obtain, and best of all it has a story mode that’s just so beautifully presented!! When you’re playing it or watching it it’s like watching a freaking movie! It’s amazing! The voice acting and animation and it’s storyline - everything about it is just absolutely phenomenal!! So yeah this game’s amazing, and I also really like it’s background music (haha). There’s nothing really bad about it other than the fact that some of its players are highly inactive and that it’s chat is full of advertisements and links. But that’s not the game’s fault. Overall it’s really awesome. xD.Version: 3.6

Crashes every timeIt’s fun... when I got to play it. Now it just crashes every time I open the app. I only have about a minute before the game automatically closes. PLEASE FIX!.Version: 3.2.1

Slow with some thingsOverall a really good game! I really think there should be a slider or some way to upgrade gears faster, upgrading them one level at a time takes a while to do. Collecting rewards often takes a little while to load before actually collecting them, other than the few slow issues it’s a great game.Version: 4.0.1

Finding a good leagueShouldn’t punish people for trying to find a better raid squad left my last league because they could finish the raid a lot of the top players didn’t bother to finish it off for the rest of us that used all our top players up Now I have to wait 72hrs to find a better league Shouldn’t have to wait that long to find a better league than what I was in.Version: 3.1

Every good entertainmentI have been grind for a while and is a great game for just if your board or wanna grind.Version: 3.6

Best game I’ve played on iPhoneSo first off I’d like to say a few bad things time time to time there’s lag while claiming rewards but all u have to do is wait a few mins and it’ll give it to u which is fine and it’s funny how the game has an energy meter but u never rly run out of energy which is great I love the new characters that get released but I do have to say that if your gonna use 300 diamond to pay for a pack it should atleast give a special hero and not a normal one Cus the grind for these items is pretty hard but other than that I recommend this game so much for team work and fighting and if u don’t have the availability to any consoles etc.Version: 2.8.1

Please fix everythingI love the game kinda like Injustice in general in fact the 1st one was literally BETTER but there’s so many glitches, and it is SO rigged. I’ve lost so many times with them having no health cuz it jus wouldn’t let me do my special move to finish, it makes sure I lose. And my characters are way worse then they should be for how much I’ve been playing. I accidentally got an iTunes gift card so I decided to spend it on the 150 gems a day. So I’ve been buying all kinds of chests and getting nothing but silver until now, the last 5 days of it. My cousin played way less and he was twice my threat for a while. And still he can get rigged by the game. Please jus don’t be extra by rigging it and making ppl spend more money and jus make it like the 1st one and ADD MORE CHARACTERS edit: it jus gets worse and worse and worse and worse fix the game everything is wrong with it Update: I was just very mad from some of ur strategies but i guess they make sense besides trying so hard to make us spend money but the games fun when ur good, and it just takes a lot of patience and non family problems when u play it.Version: 4.0.1

Won’t let me buy stuffWhen I try to get new characters it just says try again later. Please fix this because this game is awesome.Version: 5.6.0

Energy refills/timeAmazingly entertaining, but a couple suggestions to make it even more entertaining in just a simple fighter mobile game. The lighting/energy, I love this game and I play it 24/7 but it sadly stops me from this because of the energy I have. I am barely new, level 15, and I only have 74 energy, and the campaign takes up 14, so maybe about 4-5 games played, plus even more with arena and raids. But here’s my point, please make the energy refill more efficient, in exact make it have less time and more energy as well, because currently it’s 1 single energy every 6-7 minutes! This is my biggest concern on this game, but with all that I conclude myself on this review, as I get more into the game/level up more I will be taking more knowledge into this. But please fix the energy refill system, and yes I get that you can pay 50 gems for full energy refill but as I mentioned I’m only level 15 and I can only play 4-5 games. Thank you for reading this! And enjoy the rest of your day/night!.Version: 4.3.1

Excellent game butThe game has always been excellent. Love it since Injustice: God among us. Battle sequence is great. Characters are perfect. There is only few things to consider. Characters are hard to get. You made it too difficult to finish the game. It’s a kind of game that you won’t be able to finish with out spending some read cash or without ingame purchase..Version: 2.6

Fun!Would play over original for diverse and more active community. Lots of potential here! Just hope it allows for custom characters in future. It does heavily reply on a very solid internet connection to play however.Version: 5.8.0

It’s pretty good but…I kinda wanted every character to play with instead of rolling for shards of them. Overall pretty good for a mobile game.Version: 5.5.0

Work rewards youAwesome 😎.Version: 5.5.0

Lost everythingWait do you guys notice this, 😡😡😡😡how do you guys expect me to get another device and apple device just for a 64 bit supported I have an iPad and you guys expect me to get another, meaning to own double pads that's gonna cost a lot and a lot of cash, I have live for this game and this is the update that you come up with, crashing everything up 😡😡😡😡 this is lame guys honestly it's terrifying. I don't know what you guys have done to this game. Fine what would you say about the poor gamers out there who lived for this game with everything, those who can't afford this, did you guys consider that at all before bringing up your ideas. You just ruined everything, my progress in the game a huge progress, my purchases, characters, everything lost. You guys really really don't get it, but all you say is SORRY FOR ALL INCONVENIENCES, that's it😡😡😡😠😠 you guys know what to do about this really please, well I'm giving it 4stars because it's a great game, a game I did played and I found satisfaction in gaming. Guys please I beg of you please do something about this, I know it's impossible to remend things made but please consider me and those out there how can't make it please..Version: 3.1

Loved it buuut...I gotta say this game really surprised me especially since I originally thought this would be as restricted in terms of features as GAU though here comes the buuut I gotta say when compared to GAU please please please add more characters in the future not mortal combat characters though if you guys need inspiration look back at what you’re already doing awesome with in terms of characters and if you can build on that definitely worth it. Overall best injustice game on the App Store highly recommend this to all those interested. Keep up the good work.Version: 2.8.1

Best game EVER!!!Yea the games may be laggy crash all the time people complain about how slow it runs this game is better than any other super hero game I know of and when people was that it’s a trashy game but still play it then they should think twice because 1 it’s what the viewers want 2 it’s a super hero game 3 story lines are awesome and lastly 4 if they say how bad it is! The. Why don’t they either not play it at all or just understand the fact that they couldn’t make it any better so in summary it’s a good game because it’s what every super hero fan would want is a super hero game to get addicted to!.Version: 2.6.1

Overall great game, but....I just had to write a review for this. Since I’m here I might as well give my thoughts though, so here they are. This is actually a pretty great mobile fighting game! I haven’t played many fighting games on mobile, but I can definitely say this game nails most the areas that Contest of Champions is lacking in. The addition of a story mode (alongside the campaign) is a great way to kill some time and introduce you to the game. Campaign on its own is fun. The gameplay is waaay better than Contest of Champions, since it handles the attack system a bit differently, making the combos really satisfying to pull off. I just have a small problem with the game that, while petty, will keep me from giving it five stars...and it’s registering the Mortal Kombat representation in the game. Specifically, the blatant lack of a playable Scorpion. While the game is fun on it’s own, he’s the whole reason I bought the game in the first place. I’m pretty sure he used to be in this game, or at least the first Injustice on why is he now absent? It feels weird seeing Sub Zero and Raiden, but no Scorpion...seriously, I would pay money for this character. I don’t know why he isn’t in the game as of now, but it just feels like he should be in the game. Think of how Jump Force launched without a rematch option. (It still doesn’t have one....) Anyway, great game. Still can’t give it five stars until I see Scorpion though..Version: 3.1

Fix itIv played this game since it first started and love it is the problem ur last update has given this game so many glitches 1 it shuts down all the time so u get maybe 1 or 2 fights if ur lucky 2 when loading it always comes up with network error 3 it even if u get a fight it lags so much u lose The list goes on to b honest but i think u get the hint so please FIX THE GAME.Version: 3.0.1

Needs More CharactersIn my opinion the game is really fun but needs more characters in the next update.Version: 3.2.1

I love the game but........... omg what could it beI love this game but if there is info that you think would be good for us to hear like idk having a 5% chance for him with the 4,500 Now you did tell us but you told us 6 days after the release of darkseid and I think you did that so people who didn’t have many gems would only buy the pack through the 450 gem one and once you probably got thousands of money and waited till it kinda died down and then told us Now I could be wrong and I could sound crazy but you know I have my speculations Oh and this comment I saw on the same Facebook post was really great “Remove silver characters from packs that cost 250 and more” and to me it sounds brilliant but would leave a lot of space for the golds and legendary would needed to be balanced but maybe packs that are 300 gems and more idk but if you want people to play with your new characters tell them vital info the day or the day after he comes out and you’ll do better And I’m the same guy who had a review on mk mobile and injustice gods among us About the Godzilla version of the game and I have all the starter characters and the gear how it would the type of card tiers and a LOT more and I hope you see this and could talk to me about the game and see if you can make it with the help of me because I’ve had the thought for about 3-4 years now and I’ve been working on it for a while and I think you’ll really like it..Version: 3.0

Best combat game.Honestly astonishing gameplay and graphics everything is fantastic about this game and I would definitely recommend to anyone who reads this it’s a little hard and you need to know your tactics and characters but otherwise it’s fun and isn’t the easiest game which I personally love..Version: 5.7.1

Kinda laggy and freezesThis game is really good, considering there are plenty of things to do ! But there’s times where the game would just freeze. Response time when you press stuff in the menu/Home Screen is quite slow and is delayed. But those are my only complaints. Overall a very good game. Just tweaking with the freezes and the responsiveness of the game..Version: 5.6.0

Energy RegenerationI really enjoy the concept of this game and all its gameplay, however, I feel as though the super SLOW energy regeneration takes away from the fun and is just way too long. It also doesnt help when the max energy is set at a low already which means you cannot go past this limit. Overall good game but just limited with energy..Version: 3.0.1

Brilliant gameThis game is amazing the characters are brilliant, I believe the way it is adapted and changed every upgrade makes it more fresh and keeps it interesting. I have a personal issue with my game, it keeps crashing when I am doing anything in regards to league activity. If it was any other game doing this I couldn’t be bothered to wait for it to reload over and over again. But it’s just such a good game it’s sort of worth the hassle..Version: 3.4

AmazingFun Game.Version: 5.7.2

I love it!Its just as good as gods among us, its absolutely good! I just obtained my first legendary hero, collector of worlds superman, hes so powerful! And i love it! Keep it up devs!.Version: 5.7.2

Leveling and unlocking is ridiculous, but gameplay is excellentHe game is definitely hard for new players to start, mainly because most likely will have tbuy Gems which are ridiculously expensive especially for a mobile game aswell as having limited amount of playing time before all your energy runs out. But I will say the game it’s self when you get off the starting point, is extremely fun and the art design is excellent. The combat is well put together and the AI at times can be unfair but more than likely it’s balanced. I feel like they need to make it more easier to get shards for hero’s and not take ages to level up. But I guess it’s marketing so therefore I thoroughly enjoy this games gameplay but the unlocking and level system is outrages for people who have just started out. To sum my review up basically: A lil pay to win and unlocking and leveling up is insanely hard..Version: 5.5.0

AddictiveYou start off with the classic Batman, you have a few fights work out the mechanics of the game then start to play story and campaign.... then You find yourself smashing your bank account to buy more gems because your Hero shares for you main chair tee are on special and you must have them or all your time and effort will be for waste 😂. My only issue with this game is once you complete story and campaign you find your self logging on, doing daily missions, and logging of... some extra content would be great.Version: 3.0.1

Annoying game crashesWhenever I try to leave my league the game crashes, I’ve been trying to join my friends league for over an hour but I cannot join it without leaving my own. Please fix this as soon as possible.Version: 5.4.0

Its good but...Injustice 2 is a good game but please add the league of anarchy to the challenge because I started playing for 7 months and I got last laugh joker today so please add the whole league of anarchy to the challenge,arena or raids and increase the shard drop rate please I beg you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 5.3.1

Great Mobile Game 5x⭐️I have only been playing this game for like 2 months and I’m hooked on it. Love the amazing graphics, gameplay, and game modes. You get the idea, overall this game is a great Gacha Game, and I have played many such as Dokkan Battle, Legends, SAO, Attack on Titan, and Grand Cross. There are a few bugs and sometimes that can get annoying but I have not seen anything drastic so far on my end. The main problem with Gacha Games is that over time if you want to progress further in the game it becomes a little costly. When I say this game is a little costly that might be a understatement 😂. A 4 star gold character costs $50 and a 4 star legendary character costs $100 and more plus tax. As a paying player so far I have not really seen any regrets playing and hope this supports the developers in making better content and improving the game even further. Love the game so far, keep up the good work Nether Realm Studios..Version: 4.3.1

Great gameI have played this game on many accounts and this account is going great as I already have 2 gold hero’s and an amazing start compared to other times where I went 23 chests without a gold so overall I think the game has an amazing aspect of battle featuring boss battles and online I really like the campaign as it offers me gems for completing battles and I enjoy the story Objectives are an amazing addition to the game and have helped me so much in devoloping my roster.Version: 3.4.1

5 star game is getting a 4 for nowI play this game a lot but you make the mistake thinking the players input isn’t as good or better than your teams. I sent you emails and made multiple reviews here. Besides trying to bankrupt the players you’re making them not want to play as much. The rewards are terrible in the league and arena. They never change just like the chapters should change characters and go from chapters 9-16. It’s nearly impossible to get the top characters without wasting money. If we do get the characters then we can’t get the gear. If we get gear then we can’t get shards. I’ve had darkseid since I started the game 7 months ago and I only got 100 shards. Legendary characters are way too hard and takes way too long to get. Stop putting them in chest with gold and silver characters. We want a all legendary chests. We want legendary characters in the stores. We want the same characters to have different supermoves. And we want new characters period. Why come it’s Triple the characters on console. They should be on mobile. Shouldn’t be that big of a difference with the same game. You really need to put out a suggestion box so the people that play the game can help you make it better unless injustice 3 is coming soon. Only excuse that would be acceptable. Please read it or I’ll be back with my league members all writing reviews. Thanks If you could give them a second supermove that’d be awesome.Version: 5.3.1

This is the best game ever! But...I downloaded this game not long ago and I had really bad luck:( but since then I have enjoyed playing it and it is soo fun! But there are some bugs that may shut the application but it ends up fixing though. The story mode all makes sense and the clips are AWESOME! If the bugs get improved a bit more I will rate this 5 stars because the bugs are one of the only problems..Version: 2.7.1

Good game, but....I LOVE this game. I play it everyday, and few times at that. I have built a good team without spending REAL cash over the course of a number if months. Updates always provide new and fresh characters and games. Positives Great array of characters Easy to upgrade (without patience) Good game modes Very rewarding Very addictive Negatives Difficult to achieve higher rewards in some game modes (unless you spending heavily - real money) Controls are annoying at times, especially BLOCK which seems to work when it wants. Controls are slow responding. Enemies seem to react to your moves/special moves ridiculously quick, resulting in blocking your attacks and reflecting. (As if game has been designed to do so). Overall, this is a good game, especially for us DC fans (I like Marvel too), but the negatives are way to distracting during gameplay..Version: 2.8.1

Good gameVery good.Version: 5.7.2

Pretty good gameI have been playing the game for about 2 months now and I love it. I play everyday and I play just about every game mode they have and I grind for the gems by completing objectives and other things. Here is the one big problem I find with the game. I save up all of my gems and then I buy a premium hero chest or a more expensive chest in the hopes of a gold card. I have opened dozens of these chests and at this point I don’t hope for a good gold I just hope for anything better than some trash silver that I pull every time. Like I said I have been playing this game for 2 months but I have only pulled 4 golds and I have opened probably around 20 or so PREMIUM chests or better. The better chest have a higher chance at a gold (so they say) but at least you get a 2 star character or better. Now I open these hoping to get some cools gold card or something but without fail I pull a swamp thing every time. That is my one problem with this game but other than that it is a great game. I would recommend playing it and maybe you will have more luck than me. I also think that the developers should add a chest for like 500 plus gems or something like that that guarantees a gold card of some kind. Like it could be a 2 star or it could be better. But yeah that is my one problem with the game..Version: 3.0.1

Kinda a bit good except there were like issuesOkay, so I just installed the game today. As I installed it on my phone just now I saw that the game was good except there were like issues when tapping the buttons to fight. So, I clicked on the hit, block, and the other combat buttons but some didn’t seem to do anything. For the moving back, forward and other things they seemed to be fine, except you have to move quickly. Overall, I’d say this is a four star good game. I just wished the makers of the game improved it better. (For some of you who are reading this message this is my first time playing this game. I did play another game named Marvel Contest Champion. And this is my first time playing Injustice 2.).Version: 5.7.1

Great game!It’s a pretty good game, I used to play Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) but then after playing this for like an hour I just fell in love with the graphics and storyline! Keep up the good work. A thing I would say to fix would be the kick thing, whenever I go to bye hero shards I get kicked out and lose what I got, a bit frustrating but it’s a great game!.Version: 5.8.0

Great game and all but..It’s a fantastic game but can you please put a system where you can link your account so you can play on other devices I recently got a new device and downloaded this game but can’t get my old save data back so please make it an option to link and transfer data to other accounts thanks keep up the good work.Version: 3.0

Awesome game but needs finesseI love the game so much been on and off playing since it came on mobile. A few things I think they need to add is instead of adding 3-5 different types amid a single character maybe bring new characters we don’t have or haven’t seen (go watch justice league series). I think they should also make it more accessible to get gems. I find for new and mid game accounts it is harder to get gems. make a chest or pack that only carry’s gold and legendary characters, Lastly I think there should be a transfer system for excess shards you get after you complete characters. Even if it just just 5 gems for every extra 100 shards of a character.Version: 5.8.0

Injustice 2Great game although it’s hard to unlock some of the characters seen as you can only get shards at certain times and not often enough.Version: 3.1

Injustice Great Idea, so-so execution.I’m a relative newb to this game, as I’ve only been playing solidly for a month. And after a month here are my thoughts. For a free mobile fighting game the graphics, story, campaign, and overall fights are fun. However, what I have noticed is once you start developing your characters, things start to cost more. For instance fighting a normal heroic battle costs 7 energy. Fighting the main boss costs 12, but at about account level 15 or so that only gets you about 65-70 total energy for about an 8 hour period. Then when you get to a boss in a campaign you are not even guaranteed shards for that boss for a win! Or another example is the gold character challenges that are offered, you can reasonably fight the level 1 challenge with a few characters that you haven’t spent time, money and effort leveling up. But then level 2 challenge requires a threat level of 50k plus to even have a chance. Arena events are similar. But when you aren’t paying money to play you have no real shot at unlocking characters that you want or even ones you don’t. And there are only characters that can be unlocked if either you have been playing them forever or you have a ton of money to spend. How about instead of making everything cost so much offer a season pass that lets you unlock characters, or add them to campaigns or something to that effect. Overall a good game if you want to pass time..Version: 3.0.1

A brilliant gameIt is truly a brilliant game but there is one issue I found, it was after the fight with wonder women and collet the daily rewards it is fine but when you press on the next one to do the challenge it takes you to a fight and it yelled you to go home it won’t let me. I don’t know if it’s am the only person to have this problem but it would be deeply appreciated if it could be fixed. Thank you in advance..Version: 4.1

Great game!I am a bit unusual. This is the 3 rd time that I have picked up this game after quitting twice before. At the beginning, I got lucky and got an Arkham knight. I loved the game, but after a game refresh, I couldn’t download the game for 2 days. I deleted the app and tried reloading the app thinking that it was a glitch. I lost all of my characters and was so mad that I quit. I came back a year later and felt like it was so painful rebuilding and feeling that all of my opponents were overpowered so I quit again. I’m back and loving the game. I have figured out that there is a lot of strategy in the game and it’s helped to build up my team a lot. I pretty much just play this game now since much of the strategy in the arena is build Your team by playing them a lot. I wish that we could convert excess character shards to other character shards even at a reduced conversion rate or converting them back to gems or something useful. It’s a frustrating waste when you spend gems and get useless shards. Keep up the great work!.Version: 3.6

Great but in need of an overhaul...Injustice 2 is, by no shortage, a grand game with so many routes to explore and characters to play. But players, such as myself, are slowly losing interest because of its lack of playable characters. With Legendary Brainiac on the horizon, set to release in early July, has given players such as myself a little more motivation to play once again without it feeling like a chore. However, we still need more characters! Characters such as Multiverse Reverse-Flash, DC Universe’s Titans incarnations including Beast Boy, Raven, Robin, Starfire, Hawk, Dove and the soon to be featured Deathstroke in the upcoming 2nd season, Rebirth Incarnations of all Justice League members, Phoenix’s Joker towards fall, Batman 1989, Joker 1989, to, of course, celebrate the 30th anniversary of Burton’s Batman and also some old characters revisited and remastered from the previous game, would set the game up for a bright future for the WB/DC community....Version: 3.1

Good gameReally fun. I like playing this game. But it is a little annoying when someone’s fighting you and can’t block it..Version: 4.3.1

Awesome!!!This game is absolutely amazing I just love it.!.Version: 5.7.1

Why onlinePlease make offline.Version: 3.2

Glitch or?I love this game and it is very fun to play. Recently in the arena I’m trying to get Shazam and I hit Elite 1 to go ahead and get it. I left the game to come back to find out that it sent me back. So I spent the last 40 gems I have to get it back and now after I played the game for like 30 minutes it went back to competor 4 which really annoys me. I already spent like 300 gems to get to Elite 1 and for it taking me backwards is annoying. It might be a glitch and I still have to wait like an hour to go and see if I was at competor 4 or Elite 1 but if it doesn’t than I’m going to be really annoyed. I spent hours and tons of gems to get one character I really want for practically nothing. I still love the game and it is super fun to play but it is annoying that this happening if it is a glitch please fix it and if it ends up not being one I’m going to say don’t spend your gems on the arena to get to a certain spot because it is a waste of time and your gems that you can be using to get shards for other characters..Version: 3.2.1

Whats with the low resolutionWhy the resolution so bad now on iPhone se?. When I first downloaded this game it looked fine but now the resolution is so low. Please do something about this.Version: 2.7

My review on injustice 2I think it’s a lot of fun to play but I do have one question to ask why are the teenage mutant ninja turtles not in the mobile version of the game because they console version of injustice 2 and they are my favourite characters of all time to use than any other character in the game.Version: 3.6

Fun game, not for everyone though.This is a great game for time burning or playing in general. It’s an amazing game for mobile and a big improvement on injustice 1. Not for everyone as there is a pretty huge pay to win focus. If you dumped a few thousand pounds into the game you could easily be better than F2P player who’ve been grinding for years. It is possible to get to the top F2P but very very time consuming. There are some bugs which have remained in the game for a long time and are yet to be fixed. Bundles are overpriced and combat mechanics are simple and repetitive, and like the console version it has a story mode which is awesome. The game isn’t optimised great, as I play on an iPhone 12 Pro Max and often experience very low FPS, but overall I enjoy my time playing. If you’re looking for a fighter game for your phone which can feel similar to a console experience, this is the one you want..Version: 4.2.1

AMAZING GAME but a few bugsI absolutely LIVE THIS GAME THERES EVEN ANOTHER ONE OF THIS GAME but a few bugs this game is amazing you should download it I play it nearly everyday today I was just playing it for 5 HOURS and I recommend anyone that sees this message should play the game it’s called injustice 2 you can play the first one it’s called I just literally overall this game is really cool.Version: 3.6

Pretty good game but....I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and it’s pretty good game. There’s lots to do and there are plenty of games to go into besides the campaign games or story mode. The graphics are pretty great, and so are the characters but I do have one or two problems. They only problem I have with this game is the fact that it takes pretty long time to collect gems and it takes forever to collect the shards. I usually collect the gems so I can unlock characters but lately I can’t even do that. It takes so much of your gems just to unlock one character, and when you don’t get a new character it just adds on to the character you already have and most of the time it’s a character you don’t even use like that. Also it gets pretty pricey to level up the characters on hand, my best team right now is a little over 45,000 I believe and on the campaign mode I’m stuck on aqua man which the team is on 75,000 or something like that and I try to level them up but it takes forever and it takes a lot of your coins. Also the story mode it only went up to 8 chapters and that was it, I know the story doesn’t stop there so what’s the hold up on the other chapters? Ok ok maybe it wasn’t just one or two complaints but I hope you get the idea. But overall it’s a pretty good game I still play it almost every day or when I can. So do not decide to not download this game because of me trust me it’s worth it..Version: 4.2.1

Arena system needs improvementFirst of all, let me just say, i LOVE this gam so much. I play it for at least and hour a day. But the only thing i don’t like is the Arena. It’s so hard to get shards or move up on the Arena. I feel like you should have a certain amount of arena points to move up a level instead of how many people there is. If there are a bunch of pro players on the arena, someone who has a threat of less than a million has a hard chance of getting even getting to Elite I. I love this game and everything else about it but i really want the Arena to be improved..Version: 3.3.1

Raven !!!Can u add raven pls it would be so much fun if u did.Version: 3.5

XP CapsulesGame is amazing, been playing for ages and getting tons of XP capsules, had no idea why they existed. A few months ago I got a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Unhinged Harley Quinn and wanted to level her up quickly, saw the increase xp button and saw I had millions of pages of XP capsules, and it took me ages to select all of them getting her above Lvl. 40, and a friend commented that it really needs a “Select All” button, I agree. Instead of us taking ages to select all the capsules, a “Select All” button would make it perfect. Please do this.Version: 5.4.0

Great but could be betterThe game is overall great. It would, however, be even better if you made the following changes: • Add a feature where players can exchange overflown shards of heroes for shards of another hero of their choice( or at least of the same class). I say this because personally I own over 1,500 extra primal swamp thing and blademaster robin shards and they do not benefit me in any way and i cannot do anything with them. • Secondly, reduce the chances of acquiring common hero shards in chests and raid drops such as blademaster robin, primal swamp thing and unbreakable cyborg( they are already in the campaign anyway). Please read this and consider making these changes as it will improve the game overall..Version: 3.3

Best DC gameI really enjoyed this game with the story lines and characters but maybe have some skins you can choose because I think that having separate characters like Classic Superman it could just be a skin for the normal superman which you could buy with gems, and maybe a choice of the specials when your energy bar is all charged because I was expecting something a bit of a romantic special from Catwomens special. But overall it’s the best game for graphics and fighting ever.Version: 3.1

Very goodI really love this game because there is so many things to do. There’s arena there’s campaign mod and there’s operations which is when your not on the game and you run out of energy, and then, there’s by favourite... story mode which is fun and you also get to watch a quick video on what has happened. I really enjoy this game and have suggested it to my friends. :).Version: 2.6.1

CampaignAt the start the game is quite easy but that starts to cone down when u get to chapter 5 on the campaign. The bosses start to go way harder and theres nothing you can do about it because your characters cant fight it. It starts to get like a pay to win then because u need to get more powerful heros. My characters are a 4 star starfire 3 star harley quinn and a 4 star robin and i cant get any better so i am stuck on chapter 6 campaign battles and theres not really anything to do about it. It would be nice if you could nerf the bosses a little bit so people can have a chance to win.Version: 3.5

Great game!The game overall is pretty good but when your donating shards it can freeze sometimes and the only way to fix it is to restart the app. Also missing some great characters such as The Riddler, penguin, and beast boy..Version: 5.7.2

Great game, but...Look I love the injustice series and I even have the first one downloaded on my phone still. The game itself is great for a mobile game, I mean it’s free to download so people shouldn’t get to carried away with unreal expectations. The controls are good, a bit unresponsive at times but still good. The challenges and concept itself are very good they remind me of a bitesized version of the console game. My one and only complaint for this game is that the super moves or finishers or whatever you wanna call them are unblock-able. Which if you’re the one doing the super move is a big advantage, but when the computer knows to do it too it’s becomes a problem specifically in the story mode I got beat ten times by gorilla grod because he used his super move over and over again. I think it would be a good idea to make the super move block-able like it was in the first injustice mobile game. I don’t care if it means that the computer can block us from doing our super move too, at least then you have a chance to continue the fight. Thanks for reading..Version: 2.7.1

UnrealBest fighting game to date.Version: 5.8.0

I can’t log into my accountMy injustice 2 account is not working and I tried deleting it restarting the app and it just doesn’t work and I don’t know what to do so I decide I wanted to try a few more times it still didn’t work so I’ve decided that I’m going to report to you and I hope you can fix it please..Version: 5.0.0

~Please read~Don’t get me wrong, this game is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever players but since the last update my game has either started crashing or closing itself. I’ve been playing this game for about a month and a half and I never had this problem, yesterday I tried playing it and it was all good except that that’s when the game started closing (I was just playing while listening to music and in unexpected moments it closed) then this morning I tried playing the game but In the loading screen it would only go to 80% complete I don’t know why and then steer the game which is very weird, after the whole loading screen problem I got to the game home screen and I could only see the background image my profile the home button screen and the operations i had completed since yesterday and what it’s weird it’s that I saw the chat loading in the beginning which is weird too, it usually takes a long time to load (probably completing 2 full player vs npc battles ( I forgot the name, but it’s the one that it’s to the left top corner)) I already tried turning off my phone completely and deleting the game and reinstalling it. Please help.Version: 3.1

Injustice 2Really good game, fun to play and a interesting storyline however once you run out energy its takes hours to get back to full.Version: 2.7.1

Beast boyI think the game is really good and it’s really fun, but I don’t think that there are enough characters. Also I would like you to consider adding Beast Boy into the game, as a gold Meta hero. I also think you should add Raven, and make a Teen Titans pack, or chest which allows you to quickly get Blade master Robin, Unbreakable Cyborg, Raven, Energised Starfire or Beast Boy, all at 3 star. Thanks!.Version: 3.6

The image quality is seriously unclear!The image quality of the game has a bug of memory overflow and blur, the image quality is seriously unclear, I hope the official repair as soon as possible. My mobile phone model is iphone11 pro max..Version: 3.6

Keeps crashing.I can’t advance past a certain level in the game & it crashes every time I try to begin the battle, is there any way to fix this? please because I really like this game..Version: 3.0

No story modeNo story mode it will be better if there was.Version: 2.7

PerfectThis game is great if you have lots of time and you are a real person.Version: 4.0.1

Not a huge dc fan butThis is my favourite game.Version: 5.4.0

Better lost from chests and arenaOverall I love the game but the arena is much too long and gives you hardly any loot it should be daily also the chests give you horrible loot and the advertised characters shouldn’t be so hard too get its frustrating wasting so many hour and so many gems when I’m not even gonna get the character and when u are buying a character from the store it shouldn’t be so expensive.Version: 3.6

Best mobile gameInjustice is my favourite game on mobile I have it on my phone and I have injustice gods among us on ps5 as well as injustice 2 on ps5 and I love it on both ps5 and mobile keep up the good work and updates oh ya I love that you added the new super girl from the flash movie I’m gonna see that movie as soon as it comes out any way peace and again awesome game I encourage everyone to get it.Version: 5.8.0

Fix buttons5 stars nothing much to say but great game nice controls and everything else, but please fix home and back buttons, sometimes it doesn’t work so I have to exit and reopen the game that’s all. Thank you.Version: 5.7.2

Needs updateThe game won’t allow me to press the home button or anything once I enter the third tutorial match please fix.Version: 3.4.1

Very fun game, but 1 problem.I enjoy playing this game very much but there is one problem that comes to my attention. Some of the buyable items are thoroughly overpriced I do not feel safe buying things in this game as I feel like a might get ripped off. It is also very hard to obtain a gold character it took my about a month before I got my first gold character. Other than that it is a very enjoyable game and I love playing it every day good work to all the developers who came together and made this masterpiece..Version: 2.7

ZodPlease add to the game General Zod from the movie!!!!.Version: 5.8.0

Very good but has many flawsI’ve played this for a long time, since the Wonder Woman promotion, and I really enjoyed it. However, my game crashes every time I play, and I lost my progress when I deleted it when my iPad storage was low. I had to start from scratch and recently, I spent 80k coins for 20 normal chests and only got 10 chests..Version: 3.1

Not as good as the originalMost people when they make something so amazing and incredible they want to make more. That’s what happened here. I just live was the best I played for years it was a childhood game growing up. All the features were great it was just great fun. But injustice 2 over did it. Added too much stuff and it’s nothing like injustice. And is no where near realistic. I have it a 4 star because of the childhood memory and creativity!.Version: 5.1.0

InjusticeGood game.. loading takes a little long. Need more perks for beginner players.Version: 2.8.1

Best game in a long time !This game is definitely worth getting because it is so fricking good ! A lot better than the last injustice game as there is so many more characters to play with and some of them have story lines which are very interesting and well put together . The game gives you free rewards for logging in every day and eventually gives you a hero! You can join clans which you can have 30 players in. This game got me hooked the minute I started played and am obsessed with it. Even if you don’t like the type of game, it has something for everyone SO GET IT!!!.Version: 3.3

Justice league 2 reviewI was a bit apprehensive about playing this again, last time I played I lost all my progress, but I thought let’s have another go, the last game was justice league, I’m hoping they’ve got all the bugs out of this one. To be honest this so far is going great, usually you’ve got to wait for your favourite characters, I loved catwoman last time, I’ve only downloaded it tonight and spent about an hour on it, so far I’ve got Batman, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, but nit allot of moves, I think you’ve got to earn them if I remember rightly, but really enjoying this so far, better than MortalKombat, I’d love it if they got killer instinct on here I they’ve got it yet I’m. It sure, I’ve not looked yet. But I remember the 90s version, that was so cool at the time, and no other game has come close to it ever, the ultra combos are the best, I don’t understand why no other game has followed the model, ahhh Howell life’s a mystery, oerhaos one day they’ll pick that up. But so far 5 stars, but lists see how we go. Don’t ever spend, it’s so easy to do, I got into trouble with war dragon, the amount I spent is embarrassing, but they’ve got people that specialise in our addition habits. So just be careful not to spend. They give so much free and then you’ve got to pay to advance. “If they want you to pay, count to 10, just stop think and stay away lee.g.Lewis 2021.”.Version: 4.3.1

Why this?Don’t get me wrong nethherealm, I love this game and injustice GAU but there is one thing I ask… Why didn’t you just make this game so it was like the console/ pc version? I really want to play the console version of injustice 2 but I’m not allowed so I play this and injustice 1 on my phone. Bring in the gear system where you can get gear and it’ll change the appearance of the character like the console game! Not where you try and get characters by either paying or grinding for. If you want, make a separate game for that! I would certainly play it and a few others would..Version: 3.0

Story ?????This game is really amazing !! I download is couple years ago this is an incredible game BUT why after all of these year the story isnt done yet ??? There is only Chapter 1-8 ????? I don’t understand ?.Version: 5.8.0

Issue with some graphics and also claiming daily rewardsThere is an issue with the achievements section, whenever I click claim it doesn’t register meaning I have to constantly reopen the app. Plus I have been noticing a minor glitch with particularly silver superman and also within some of the stages. Please fix. PS this is on my iPhone X R.Version: 3.0

CrashesThe game is so fun. But for me it keeps on crashing..Version: 4.2

Good gameGreat game crashes sometimes but other then that it is awesome.Version: 5.7.2

I am completely in love with this gameThis is the best and most addictive game I have ever played. I absolutely love it, there’s so much to do in the game, and you are going to love it whether you are a paid player or you want to play without buying anything I highly recommend you play this game if you need something to ease the stress of work or you just want something to keep you busy. Great game.Version: 5.0.0

Best of the bestI really like this game and like how characters have gear that others don't share so that if you get one piece of gear you wouldn't need to sort of get more gear for other characters. I would like it if with the chests that cost 300gems that they stay on stock for longer. I love the different types of characters and how the game has its own story mode. I would like it even more if it had victory ending such the ones if you play it on a console. Over all it is a great game and if anyones thinking about getting it they should..Version: 4.0

The best game on the App Store.I’ve uploaded it onto two different phones now both of which have the same issue. The game closes EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to battle. I can’t earn money I can’t level up I can’t progress the game is now unplayable. Fix immediately or I’m done. That is what I previously said but since the new updates have come out it has been improved vastly with graphics unlike any game on the iPhone and a gripping addictive form of gameplay. Perfection that will be improved..Version: 3.3

Good but SkewedFirst I just wanna say how much I love this game, I’ve been playing it I think since the first month or 2 after it came out and have always loved it, I’ve been at the max player level for awhile now and I still love playing it especially with the new content always being added. The reason I leave 4 stars instead of 5 is the skew of power rating in the characters. I understand the games like these with the options to buy more powerful characters will always give those who spend money on the game an advantage, I’m fine with that, and this is not about that by itself and I’ve spent a lot of money on the game myself. However it’s so frustrating that the characters you usually have to buy are always waaaaaaaay more powerful than what their “power levels” are. I’m fine with them being more powerful but just let them be labeled as such, it’s ridiculous how often a character with 90k threat quickly and easily annihilates a character with 270k threat. I’ve been on both sides of that like every time I play virtually and whether it’s in my favor or not it’s still annoying, if a character is super powerful than their “threat level” should reflect that, I think we all understand that if we give the game money we get stronger characters, just let the threat levels reflect that ffs..Version: 3.0.1

Unbalanced heroes?Okay, this game is unbalanced. Heroes are over powered. But, I went from coming 29,000 in areana to 600 in one and a half days, probably spent 4 hours. You need a little luck, not that hard with the premium hero chest, one gold hero will set you up for areana easily. All the people you okay against in areana are bots, yes the heroes maybe over powered but you can just select a lower team threat to fight against..Version: 2.7.1

Concept Amazing but Needs OomphI love DC. I love the way it is so balanced and creative. Injustice 2 is basically all of the ideas The DC has had combined in one. But some slight improvements could be needed. A lot of heart has gone into some of the graphics, yet some are a little bit rushed and are blurry. Overall I like the concept of the graphics but maybe a few more advanced features could really make the app thrive. The game is very good. High-Five DC. All the best, BlackPuma 💀.Version: 2.8.1

It’s pretty goodTo be honest, this game is really good. The developers have made it hard to level up characters, but it actually makes it so much more rewarding when you do. Have had it on my iPhone for around 1 year now and still play nearly everyday. A solid adaptation of the console version 5/5.Version: 2.6

Very good gameGood.Version: 5.8.0

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 2.6.1

New FeatureHello! I love this game so much, and it’s amazing to play in your free time, but i have a suggestion that you could follow up to add into the game, with the characters, most people would agree with me, could you add certain styles? so we can mix and match different outfits? but still include the armour? because i own the console edition, and you can choose certain armour to make your characters look cooler? so if you get what i’m saying? that could be a possible feature. Thank You! :).Version: 4.1.1

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