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Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about kingdom rush vengeance td game?

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game for Negative User Reviews

Missing quality of lifeFirst off I just want to say this game is a huge improvement over origins and is tons of fun. However, I noticed some quality of life was removed and was kind of disappointed. First off, where are the multiple save files? One thing I liked about the previous games is that I could try to complete the campaign with some challenges in mind, such as beating the game with no star upgrades. It was reassuring to do this knowing my main save file was still there. Now you can’t do this anymore. Secondly, what happened to the encyclopedia? In previous games, I liked to read the many bios on the enemies. It’s just not here in this game! Instead, you just have to rely on the one pop up card from each enemy, which is just not enough because you’ll forget each bio in due time. Add these two things back into the game and my review will become 5 stars..Version: 1.2

Fun, but with its problemsI love these Rush games and they’ve been quite fun over the years, but this one is lacking somewhat from the previous games. Keeping new towers behind a paywall is rather cheeky, especially with having to pay for the game from the start, and what towers you do have don’t have much variety as they only upgrade to a single version. This one kinda misses the charm that the previous games had. It is fun to play, but there are elements that are missing..Version: 1.9.5

OkGood fun game that continues the story well. Levels are a too long and it’s hard to see the heroes health. To me feels like a downgrade from the previous three but still fun and entertaining.Version: 1.9.6

No more updates?Compared to the previous kingdom rush games, the contents seemed to be less..Version: 1.9.5

It’s fine.It’s the same game again with different towers and heroes except most are locked behind a paywall. I would’ve rated higher but the in app purchases are just too much..Version: 1.1

Too many in-app purchase items and bugsI love this game and all the predecessors. I bought all of them, but this time there are definì too many items that you can unlock only paying, even towers. And the prices are insane (some £60 if you want the entire content, £25 with the offer)... I tried one hero and bought Beresad for £7... it is bugged on many occasions he ignores enemies that pass through his position and this makes the hero ineffective and do not worth its expensive price... you should give an immediate refund. In any case I won’t spend any more money because the selling policy is speculative. The right price for a tower or an hero should be £0,99.Version: 1.7.2

Kind of a letdownShould have given access to all the towers. That’s why people bought the game. The towers you get for buying the game aren’t very good, and other kingdom rushes you end up with 8 tower options at level 4. Maximum 5 here. Finally... no endless mode. Those foibles drop the rating. Would have been perfect if they had addressed these issues. 3 stars instead of the 5 star review I had hoped to give it. The other ones are much better..Version: 1.9.5

Ehhh...Look... If you want to spend money on the game just to unlock more characters or stuff like that, then this is a good game for you. But to me im a once i spend money to play the game, i dont pay for in app purchases..Version: 1.7.2

Shocked, to find myself a little disappointedFirstly I am a massive fan of ironhide games and Kingdom Rush Games. I own all of them in both regular and HD mode and have dropped a lot of money picking up heroes... Whilst the level design and graphics and concept of the new game is first class (who doesn’t love playing as the bad guys now and again!) there are two things about the game I find saddened to see change. 1) lack of strategy - ohh I hear you cry, but you can have 5 towers in your line up now. Call me old skool but kingdom rush is a game of massive depth, as a level evolves I like the ability to deploy 8 towers, all of the old games had this. Dropping the split path of level for top towers I personal feel makes the game easier and takes away a core mechanic of the great game. 2) lack of challenge - I am no longer rewarded for playing in harder modes, no new shiney icons on the map and no trophy to reflect my hard work. I cannot even see the highest difficulty completed on a stage. Whilst this is a minor irk, it’s still something all the older titles had and another mechanism which didn’t need fixing?! On the plus side I do like the new upgrade tree and the hero’s (villains) are all very cool. If this game gets updated to fix some of these problems in a later update I will change my review....Version: 1.5.2

Really?You pay for the game, and you still need to pay. 40$+ if you want all towers and hero’s. You shouldn’t be putting your own money on this game if you need to pay more..Version: 1.9.0

Business is businessGreat game, but you already pay to play it and then there are so many further cash grabs..Version: 1.9.6

A New Twist w/ Some FlawsIf you want to read an honest review before planning on purchasing this game, take your time to read this: For starters, KR: Vengeance is the fourth instalment of the KR Series, this time playing as Vez’nan’s general in his quest to conquer all the kingdoms after awoken from his long slumber. There are a good variety of new and unique towers (unlocked while playing) to choose from, each equipped with special abilities and ready to take on the do-gooders. There are also (for the first time in the KR Series), premium towers to choose from as well. There are three heroes (unlocked while playing) to choose from: one melee, and two ranged, each with their own special abilities. The rest of the heroes are premium. PROS: Besides the brand new twist or theme of this game, it’s still KR to the core. The huge roster of towers offer a larger variety of ways to set up a solid defence given enough time and practice. In the previous KR games, you can only equip yourself with four different towers, but now you can have five different towers to use at once. This means you can use two of the same type of tower, despite both of them being different from each other, offering more variety to your strategy. Enemies are also plentiful in variety, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. The boss fights were great and unique in their own way, particularly the final boss fight. The landscape, visuals, and effects in the game are nice and interactive, giving a comical vibe. It’s still fun and goofy when playing casual, while providing a decent challenge for strategists. The story illustrated through comics was pretty good and funny at times. Lastly, there are a lot of Easter eggs and references of other games or movies to discover, just like in the previous KR games. Try to find them all! CONS: First and foremost, the price of this game. To be honest and for what it’s worth, it’s not that much of a bargain if you’re paying $6.99 CDN for a game and you still have to pay even more (approximately $60+ CDN) to fully unlock the game (all premium towers and heroes). This too goes for all of the KR games and Iron Marines. Everyone would prefer paying a lower price, given the amount of premium content this game (and the other games) has to offer. That way, the pricing is more fair and it makes the games more tolerable to play. Second, for those who want to practice with their strategy more, Endless mode is not available in this game. It’s one of the features that I really missed while playing this game. I’m forced to play the previous KR games to play Endless mode instead. Hopefully it’ll be added back in an update soon. Third, if you want to read some information about your towers and the enemies or bosses you’ve encountered, the Encyclopedia has seemingly disappeared into the void. I’ve looked everywhere but it’s nowhere to be found. Hopefully it’ll be added back in an update soon as well. Lastly, the start wave button (formerly on the bottom-right corner of the screen when playing KR 1 and 2), is not present (same goes when playing KR 3). I missed being able to instantly start a wave with one tap instead of two. Overall in my opinion, it’s not a bad game if you know how to properly plan your strategy with the towers and heroes (non-premium that is) you have at your disposal, as it’s easy to complete this game without using any IAPs. You only purchase premium content if you desperately want to have an edge, or have a ton of money to spare. Nothing else. For those who are not strategists and are looking for a nice fairly-priced casual game however, you will find this game (and the rest of the KR games, not to mention Iron Marines) a bit difficult to tolerate because of the price for the base game and premium content. With that in mind, it’s a fair argument for you to look for another game similar to this instead, even for dedicated KR fans. But if you really want to play this game, don’t use any IAPs as you don’t need premium towers and heroes to beat the game, and practice or get familiar with your strategy. Do both, and you’ll be fine playing this game. You have Vez’nan’s support on that. Maybe..Version: 1.8.1

Cash grab at its finestStop putting a free to play in app purchase model into a $9 mobile game - it’s horrendous! Gameplay is what you expect from a kingdomrush title; a good amount of polish, funny references and a new host of Enemies.. but by god do they try to milk their customer base for every penny they can. not only are the majority of the heroes locked behind a paywall (like most KR titles), but the best towers are now also locked after you pay the (quite hefty for a mobile game) $9 base pricetag - I would give this game a 5 star if it weren’t for this scammy business practice. all I hope is that ironhide wakes up and treats their customers with a little more respect...Version: 1.7.2

Game locks you out until additional personal info is requestedI have purchased this game and been playing it for a little while now. Until today all was well, but now when I open the application it forces me to input my date of birth and agree to the terms and conditions. T’s and C’s are normal but date of birth? No way, why block the game until this is answered? After purchasing the game from the store I now cannot play it until I provide this info. And why ask this after purchase? had I known they would force this blatant data collection request upon me I would not have purchased in the first place. This is not a free game that must obtain funds by some other means, or an online MMO. It is a single player game that I have purchased..Version: 1.10.1

Great game, but disappointed.I have loved all the kingdom rush games, and this one is no exception. However, I’m really disappointed that so much of the content is paywalled by in-app purchases. I would pay $10+ for any of these games in a heartbeat if they just included all the content right off the bat. Charging for gems is fine because it doesn’t take content out of the game. You can still access everything in the shop without paying extra money, if you just play the game. Everything else just feels like I’m being ripped off. I’m very disappointed that you decided to go this direction not only with the heroes, but also with the towers this time. I love your games, but I will not be paying $9.99 just so that I can have an additional tower that I may not even use or like. All the kingdom rush games, and iron marines are great, but it’s such a shame that you repeatedly decide to block content with in-app purchases. With how much extra money you’d have to pay to unlock everything, the base game should be free, or all the content should be included. The new tower system is much worse in my opinion, the only reason there was to change it is so that you can make more money off of us. It’s really a shame that you focus so much on cash when you are capable of making really good quality games. My feelings about this game are very mixed. On one hand, I feel like this really ties together the other three games. On the other hand I can’t help but feel that I am being essentially scammed. I don’t think I’m alone when I say this, if your next game continues with this, I won’t be buying it..Version: 1.9.5

Paying for Towers?!?!I have all the kingdom rush games and iron marines which I all loved playing, however this newest installment is different by paying for towers... seriously?! I was completely fine that you had to pay for heroes since it did not majorly affect the gameplay, and it was still do-able with the free heroes. Now I am stuck with either buying heroes or unlocking ALL the towers first,(which is about $23 tax not included). I gave one star just because it was a KR game, another star since the graphics were beautiful, and the third star for the awesome switch as being the “bad guys” in this installment of Kingdom Rush. I really love you creators but when I saw in-game that you made towers an in-app purchase, it just made me sad ;(. If it wasnt for that, then I would have rated it 5/5. Also I checked the in-app purchases on this game on itunes and it doesnt even include purchase costs of towers nor does it list them..Version: 1.2

Yet another crap gameHey losers..... it’s me just leaving you another bad review again because you games are complete trash..Version: 1.9.4

Cash grab 2I have all IronHide games and really liked them but unfortunately they get to greedy in this one. Towers you had for free in previous games are now with a little re-design PayWall towers. The maps also offer not much new same old design with slightly different Grapics. To purchase Towers and Hero’s you up for another nearly $50 + the high initial purchase price..Version: 1.9.5

Such a waste.I’ve been a fan of Kingdom Rush since the very beginning.. I still remember the first time I played it years ago.. so when I saw this new version I was SO hyped. While the game does look very appealing and felt a bit nostalgic... While the new mechanics aren’t bad and it gives it a new aspect.. I felt like game was very “slow” ever the added after game level weren’t entertaining. I couldn’t help be bored before I got to the end. However I just couldn’t help feeling that this game was nothing more than a money grab. Not only do you need to be a few dollars if you want another Hero now you have to buy towers as well.. had the actual game been fun like it’s predecessors maybe I wouldn’t mind so much. But my very first thoughts before I even played my first stage was how baffling it was to have to pay SO much money if you want all the towers other than the ones they give you. It pains me to see such a game with so much potential be reduced to this..Version: 1.6.5

Fun game marred by excessive IAPGameplay is solid. The in app purchases are excessive though..Version: 1.9.5

Not worth the price tagLove the kingdom rush games so decided to just buy it despite other reviews saying the game is disappointingly short. Unfortunately those reviews were right, I finished the entire game in 2 days. I wish I at least felt like it was worth it but I was quite annoyed and how short the game was and wished I had not bought the game. Another thing that was mentioned multiple times by other reviewers that was indeed quite annoying was after having paid for the game, there are only 3 heroes to play with and a handful of towers but a long list of heroes and towers that you need to pay extra for to have access to. And you are paying extra for each hero or each tower… Having some paid DLC is already a bit cheeky when you have paid to buy the game but having 80% of the heroes and towers as paid DLC is just rude.. It’s quite sad to say this but as much as I love the kingdom rush and ironhide games, I won’t be buying anymore games from them..Version: 1.12.1

10 of 13 heroes behind pay wallIt’s a real shame the game sold out so hard and put the vast majority of heroes behind a pay wall. Towers are slightly better but still, 7 of 18 behind pay wall is a real shame. Greedy strategy. UPDATE AFTER RESPONSE—> The fact that the developer response to this post just says the game can be completed without purchases isn’t the point, most of the fun of the game is locked out unless you play which is greedy design. Pretty bad really when you look at the face value of unlocking all content to enjoy might be £100/$200..Version: 1.10.5

Fun but getting too expensiveHonestly Kingdom Rush is hands down my FAVORITE tower defense series. They offer some fun levels, some challenges, and the always loveably Easter eggs throughout the campaign. This latest game, however, requires you to pay to buy new heroes (as they have in the past) AND use almost half of the towers to choose from. It seems each new game requires more purchases than the previous one. The first was free to play, but pay for new heroes. Second was pay to play and pay for heroes. Now pay for game, heroes and towers. Heroes being purchased, ok, that’s been established. But a bummer about the towers. I can’t necessarily justify the expense on top of already paying to play the game in the first place... it’s “Tower Defense”. The towers shouldn’t be an extra expense. Also, since this is my favorite TD series, I’m generally willing to buy the heroes in a “bundle” deal. I did when the latest game first came out. But now there are a few more added in the latest update, and they’re not unlocked for me. Meaning once again, I’d have to spend more money on something I thought I essentially already paid for (again, the bundle was for all of the heroes). Was hoping they’d honor the purchases made before the update, and allow access to the new heroes too..Version: 1.7.2

It hurts me to give it three.Let me start out by saying, I’ve been a kingdom rush fan since day one. They are by far the best mobile games on the market. Vengeance had so much potential yet it was squandered. Let’s start with the pros. First, the game looks great. It is very visually appealing and is very detailed. Second, is there are SOME good towers in this game and they really play of your nostalgia. For instance, the Dark Knights or the Harassers were some of the coolest, yet most annoying enemies to go against, and to have them in your arsenal is beyond epic. The third, is that it has some cool level design. But in my opinion, it seemed that this game was a BIG cash grab. Just playing on people’s nostalgia to buy it. Firstly, let’s talk about the towers you have to pay for. That is completely unacceptable. There is one they sell for around $7!!!! Second, is the terribly boring enemies. They had so many chances to put in cool enemies yet they failed. Third, is the lack of content. There were very few levels to play in and no post campaign levels when they first came out. And then they release the most terrible DLC with 3 new levels. It is SO bad. The enemies are just annoying and really break the mechanics of the game. Lastly, is wasted potential. There were so many cooler towers and hero’s they could’ve come up with. In all, this is a great game, but it does not match up the the Kingdom Rush Standard..Version: 1.6.1

It’s not as goodWhen it’s perfect why screw with it!! All you did was ruin a great game! I hate the new tower system it’s supposed to open up options, but I much prefer the old system and if I’m honest it feels like another way to charge me! its cost £35 for a basic game to buy all the hero’s and towers as well as the game! On the flip side the new upgrade system is nice and I do like the graphic and audio. I just feel disappointed this time and I’ve waited along time for a mediocre edition of a fantastic game..Version: 1.2

Awesome game, howeverI’ve been a fan of kingdom rush for quite sometime. What has always been so inviting is the content - a lot levels to complete. However, the downfall in this game was that there wasn’t a lot of levels - 51 stars to gain - 18 levels if you include the first. It took me the whole of two days to complete the game on the hardest difficulty (no life, I know) - that’s a shortfall of all the previous games. The purchasing of towers is also pathetic. If you’re gonna introduce that new dynamic, at least give the content for free or even an option to trial the content..Version: 1.5.2

Ka mate cringeIt’s an offensive and an outdated notion that Maori were savage and yes, you have assimilated them with the trolls or whatever the whakapapa they are..Version: 1.9.4

GreedI love ironhide and I am especially a fan of their kingdom rush games. The original was fun and basic. It cost only a few bucks and the in app purchases were completely optional heroes. This was the standard for the first three games. However, with this game ironhide got a little greedy. There are five towers that you can buy to add into your game and in my opinion it creates a tough choice. On the one hand, it cost around 20 dollars for all of the towers. On the other, it makes it feel as though I’m missing a huge facet of the game by not purchasing them. I like vengeance. Maybe even more than the previous games. I’ve even been anticipating it since a few months after the release of origins. But the price of these towers just feels like my kingdom rush games have become another cash grab. I know you make your games relatively cheap. And we all have to make money somehow. But one of the towers alone cost two more dollars than the game itself. I love you ironhide and your kingdom rush games. But I really think the towers should be cheaper or at least introduce a way to buy all the towers at once at a reduced cost..Version: 1.3

Tell us the difficulty we completed!So I just bought this game after completing the original kingdom rush on veteran difficulty for every level. It gave me a sense of completion. However, in this game we are not told which difficulty we have completed each level on, which makes it less exciting than the original. It mustn’t be hard to add this to the game so PLEASE update it. Fun game though....Version: 1.9.5

The greed ruined it.I have no idea how the developer put everything behind a paywall. The game is playable without those dlcs, but the developers wants more from their own fanbase by locking all the tiny advantages away from people who literally brought the game. As far as I can tell, the game have less than 20 stages while charging people 40 dollars for the premium version, what a genius..Version: 1.2

DisappointmentHave lived the chapters before this one. This episode lacks the charm that the the first two episodes had. Graphics good.Version: 1.9.4

Too difficult without IAPYeah its hard and frustrating, more so than any other by this developer even on the easiest difficulty. You wont get far without red crystals to buy ‘use once’ power ups..Version: 1.4

Same old kingdom rush but less contentThe load-out system basically is a cash grab for you to buy new towers. You get 3 hero and rest of them 4 still cost the same price as the game (5$ is the cheapest and 11$ for most of hero’s and towers) Lesser levels, and stars just don’t matter no more. I brought this game because I thought they will allow more heros to be used or all the towers choices will be free (because the game cost more than the other ones) but no~~ same old scam, Also why PC version gets everything for free and mobile need to spend a truck load of money ?.Version: 1.1

Great! But oh no...Yet another 10/10 for gameplay / graphics / entertainment. However their transaction list has now extended to towers. In a tower defence game if you’re going to ask me to buy the towers to play the game with AFTER the initial price tag, nah thanks. What’s next, pay to unlock the next level. Don’t fall to the micro transactions..Version: 1.6.1

OK, but the first 2 games are far superiorYeah... sadly this game does not live up to its heritage. The first 2 incarnations are brilliant and the additional content for purchase is fun, so you don’t feel robbed! However, in this journey the paid content is absolutely redundant. Once you unlock a certain in-game tower the game is easily completed with ease. I do find the move of making the towers an additional purchase to be an absolute cash grab. I have no problems with the heroes and gems being an extra, but towers? No. It’s just sheer greed on the part of developers. If I have to pay for the game up front, I expect the majority of content (if not all!) to be already included. The game itself looks lovely and nice, and yes it would have been a lovely addition to the franchise... but only if it had followed the model of it’s previous betters. I would seriously avoid and invest in the first 2 games. The third game you can give a miss also..Version: 1.5.2

Lost its charmWaited months for a new update, but the new levels and the final boss are so boring. There’s nothing memorable about them, just enemies with either magic or physical resist, some move fast some move slow, and meat shield bosses that simply slowly move toward the exit. In contrast, I still vividly remember levels and tower abilities from previous KR games, including tower that becomes a giant robot, tower with super sniper range, new path that suddenly appears, a boss that heads straight for the exit instead of following the winding pass, boss dragon, boss King Kong, a volcano that spills lava if you fail to prevent enemies from sacrificing a girl. Even the Easter eggs are more interesting in the old games, including Indiana Jones cameo, alien spaceship, and a memory mini game that rewards gold.... Please be more creative on game design rather than IAP..Version: 1.9.0

I’m not mad just disappointedSo I bought this game expecting have fun like I did when I played both the original and frontiers but the game locks most things behind payment and the towers and heroes you can unlock for free aren’t that good and the game got stripped back from unique 4th level towers with 2 options to 1 level 4 tower that is really underwhelming and it reaches a point where strategy becomes pointless because part of the previous 2s strategy came from deciding between 2 level 4 tower options which is where the strategy came from mostly but vengeance has just removed it and it’s just disappointing and most of the game has too many enemies that heal/revive and it’s really annoying.Version: 1.9.5

Huge fan but this one slips a bitStarting off by saying I've played every single kingdom rush game and this is the only series of apps I've ever thought were worth purchasing. I'd rate all the previous ones 5 stars. That being said, this one is a bit of a miss for me. I don't really see this as a cash grab like other reviewers since I never felt the want to buy extras. But I agree with others that the game was much too short. With the new upgrade system, there's also no incentive to do the challenge modes and complete to 100 which I always did with previous games. The towers were a little underwhelming and I didn't think any of their abilities were really that fun to use like previous games. They got rid of the tower upgrade tiers which made me lose a feeling of progression in the game. I think biggest letdown for me was the new tower system which brought down available towers during actual gameplay from 8 variants to 5. Visually the game is still top notch though and the concept of playing as the villain was well done. Overall, a bit disappointed but still a loyal fan to the series..Version: 1.7.2

Very disappointedI’ve bought all the KR games to date and thoroughly enjoyed playing them through with my children (with a save slot each so we can play at our own pace). No longer (unfortunately) thanks to there only being one save slot in this game, meaning the tablet we share can only be played by one person. A ridiculous decision and one which means I won’t be buying any more of your games in the future unless it has the ability to be played by more than one person per device..Version: 1.12.5

Fun but GreedyVery fun game but the amount of heroes and towers they don’t allow you to unlock even through the gem system you’ll still need money on top of already paying for the game is quite disappointing..Version: 1.9.6

It’s just not the same...I’m such a fan. I’ve played the 3 other games before this one and really have had years of enjoyment. The colors and scale seem gaudy and almost more childlike now. Really love and appreciate the art even if the color scale is wrong. The lag time between entering and leaving a level is tortuous and having to look at those red eyes fill up so slowly is painful... maybe they could change that screen into a complex cool geometry or labyrinth image instead? It would also be nice if we had the option to be the good guy or bad. It’s fun having those bag guy options for sure but the underlying message is “the bad guy in charge isn’t the worst bad guy. There could be worse, but not a good guy either”. Interesting? Some of the tower options like the treants, melting furnace, and goblirangs seem really lame and ineffective. I want to like it but it’s not happening yet. It doesn’t feel pleasing to look at and I think that’s the worst thing for me. It’s great that they have upgrades adding more but it’s only 3 levels and then you’re done. How about 2 or 3 endless levels to play? At least I still have the first 3 games! I really hope you guys can fix it in the next version. Good luck!🕉🙏🏼.Version: 1.7.2

Cost / fun ratio is way out of whackI had never played any of the Kingdom Rush games before. Huge upfront cost for what this game is, and entirely unjustified for what you receive. Seems like 3/4 of the content is behind a paywall, which adds to the level of frustration of playing the game. There should be clearer warnings for rip off purchases like this. Greedy developer. Avoid..Version: 1.3

SO EXPENSIVE!Why are we subjected to crazy high costs for things such as a new tower or hero. $6 for a tower? Sigh.....Version: 1.9.4

Good game but with a dealbreakerThe gameplay is largely the same as the previous games (which is a good thing), as is the attention to the detail. The one thing that ruins it for me is how you have to pay to unlock additional towers. I was kinda okay with paying for heroes — they always felt optional — but new towers are integral part of the story to me, and the game does not feel complete without them. I don’t look forward to re-playing this game as with the previous ones, and had I known, I would not have bought the game..Version: 1.7.2

Restore Purchases!!!This game really REALLY needs a restore purchases option just like the previous kingdom rush instalments. People will spend a lot of money on this game and it isn’t fair that if they were to reinstall the game that it would require you to purchase these things again. The cloud save option is not good enough. The rest of the game however is very well done and enjoyable. However the reason this game doesn’t get 4 or 5 stars in my opinion is the lack of the restore purchases..Version: 1.9.2

Castle fight is a cash grabThe fight at the castle is a cheap attempt to make the game too difficult without using special abilities… which to get more of requires large amounts of game time or… you guessed it, money. This game was pay to play… the cheap cash model within the game doesn’t belong and cheapens the game. I’m sure it works to take money from impressionable children and vulnerable people but I think it’s exploitative and disgusting - some of the worst practice to be popularised by game devs in recent years. Shame to see this game dev stoop to the same lows - I hope you know you’re making the world a worse place and taxing people too ignorant or vulnerable to know better. Sad.Version: 1.14.3

Huge paywall!!Wow you guys are crazy I’m getting a refund the whole game is locked you mine aswell make it free to play like charging 10 bucks a hero and tower what are y’all smoking over there lol there so many people who hate your paywall bunch of money hungry developers I guarantee you guys lost like half your fan base making this game what a joke! 😂.Version: 1.9.5

A step downKR: Vengeance just isn’t as good as earlier entries. The step up to 60fps is nice but the gameplay just isn’t as compelling. Hoping they come out with an improved sequel..Version: 1.9.5

Good but some changes that I am not thrilled withI have bought all the Kingdom Rush games because they are good fun and my 6 year old likes playing them with me. This one is not different. It was fun to play. I liked the new towers, although I don’t think you need most of the towers. I liked the twist that you were playing the bad guy. Overall, it was fun. What I did not like was the lack of ability to have multiple different games going at one time. In the past versions you could have three games going at once. This allowed me to play my own game, my son to play his own game, and one joint game. I can live without that, although it did bum me out. The lack of additional campaigns and quests after you finish the main game is a real bummer and why I dropped the rating to three stars. In the last versions there were additional campaigns you could play. Those were a lot of fun and are missing from this version. I don’t worry about the in app purchases, we don’t buy any of them. You don’t need any of them. we won the game with all the free towers, I suspect you can do just fine without any of the new towers that were introduced. But losing the additional campaigns is a blow. The game cost the same as the others but has about 1/3 less content in it. Seriously bummed out by that..Version: 1.5.2

Not as good as previous gamesWhilst the game is fun enough, the removal of the two tier four options for each tower is not worth the new mechanic of choosing which five towers to include in your lineup. The tier four upgrades instead of making significant changes to the function of the towers, are just slightly upgraded versions of them, this is disappointing as the changes to the towers were what made the previous games interesting and enjoyable..Version: 1.9.5

Disappointing and UninspiringTLDR: An uninspired cash grab that seems like it was rushed without much thought on value. Game mechanics are not as well thought out as previous games. Fun while it lasted but replay value is low. I own every KingdomRush and Iron Marines by Ironside; this is by far the quickest play both in terms of challenge (yes I played on hardest difficulty) and content. The heroes are ok, though some of their mechanics are copied from previous games heroes. The third hero to unlock seems like a throw away and underpowered. Previous games have endless challenges and other special stages. There are none of these in the game. Once you’re done ‘Campaign’ you’re done the game. The developer tries to throw some map challenges (the 6 and 1 elite waves) at you using the pay for towers to tease you into buying them. These micro transactions are not micro, some towers coming it at $5 a piece..Version: 1.2

Not as good as the last gamesCompared to the last games the levels feel weak, the difficulty in the last games felt as though you the player had done something wrong and could fix that with the next attempt but in this game, it feels like you didn’t buy the correct tower to complete the current level and you need to buy something new to complete it (pay to win) compared to all the other titles this is simply a waste of money clearly the developers just made a cash grab game.Version: 1.9.5

Come on guysI played this game on computer since I was really young and loved then to get the new game on mobile that costs money but you still have to pay for stuff in it like come on there isn’t even a way to unlock them at all other than that gameplays pretty good.Version: 1.4

Game is crashing. £20 wasted!So, the game is cool as it is. However, once I got my way to chapter 3 (this green part of the map) and after beating first or second flag, the game has crashed (just get closed) and now I can not open it. Every time, after pressing Start in main menu and after loading screen the game is getting closed. When I defeated it and downloaded once again it was fine as new game, but when I loaded my saved game progress, It got crashed again. I’m very disappointed that this is happening. And I’m not gonna lie, that I feel scammed because I have had to pay for the game and I have made few in-game purchases. Sorry to the developers team, but because of that, at least for now my rating is gonna be low..Version: 1.10.2

Grindy1st Kingdom Rush game where I feel like I’m being driven to In-app purchases after paying a premium to get the most out of my play through. Pretty bland levels and finishes also. Had some fun but disappointing..Version: 1.8.1

Not worth the price tagAs others have said, it’s highly disappointing to have to pay for towers in a tower-defence game which is already $9 at the outset. In addition I’m frustrated at not having multiple save slots as I used to keep one for each difficulty level. The graphics are good and the gameplay is pretty standard but I expected more content after such a long wait. Bit of an effortless cash grab if you ask me; I’d stick to the initial KR games if you want something that’s value for money. This game has an outrageous cost for what you get, the developers are clearly just coasting off the brand name they’ve created..Version: 1.5.2

Underwhelming & Cash grabbyToo much content must be purchased Surprisingly expensive despite being extremely similar to the last two games Graphics are really nice GUI layout is nice Difficulty is appropriate I think the target audience is very young.Version: 1.9.5

Good but has fall downsGreat game as always with plenty of humour and action. I thought the tower selection was a fantastic idea to add as well as the heroes making a return. It does seem like it has received less love than other titles which is a disappointment. There is no endless or bonus missions that have appeared in earlier editions, I assumed they may add later on but still nothing. The story is very short I found compared to previous titles although I haven’t checked the fact the game only has the story and the repetitive challenges for each level that would help unlock more upgrades but as you can easily finish the upgrade tree just by playing the story feels like a buzzkill compared to previous titles. I find that this makes the micro transactions a bit pointless as the game doesn’t provide anything super challenging, or bonuses for going the extra mile as the upgrade tree is easily fully unlocked by the end of the game with any further effort. Personally this is a big mistake for me as much as I love these games, it seems too exploitative and as a result has lost a lot of character. I would recommend this game to a fan of tower defence games but certainly this is the worst entry in the kingdom rush storyline despite all the great new features added..Version: 1.5.4

Dev getting greedy.I have played all 4 Kingdom games now. With every new release they tend to get a little better. Their main downfall is that they are too short, only around 17 rounds per game and then you can do repeat challenges which are short and feel like a chore. With the 4th release they got greedy. Instead of having your normal tower splitting into 2 fractions, now you gotta pay for additional tower fractions and there is more of them. You pay $6.99 (CAN) for base game, $20.99 for all towers bundle and another $23.99 for all hero bundle...which goes back to my original point, developers are getting greedy. Shame. The up side is the Revenge is longer than pervious games.Version: 1.9.5

Nowhere near as good and buggyThe previous games are excellent but the developer seems to have spent more time adding shiny things than producing a good game. The repeated tapping on things to remove ice blocks is really annoying. It’s also a lot slower and pretty boring. Times I’ve sat there for 2 minutes watching one slow enemy after another get killed with ease. And the green fire from above sometimes sticks on screen. Also, when enemies reach the bottom, if I select a hero to respond, a huge stupid box pops up at the bottom obscuring my view! Very disappointed..Version: 1.9.4

Huge fan, butI have played hundreds of hours of the Kingdom Rush games (the first 3). This installment is OK for one single play through, but there’s something missing that I can’t fully grasp. Towers no longer have dual conversions, so you,re stuck with a single tower to upgrade. Instead, we have more towers to choose from (the good ones are behind a disgusting pay wall), but they must be selected before the match begins. It appears that we have more towers to use, but in reality, we have less options during gameplay. Enemies no longer stand out individually, but rather tend to all blend in together according to their class. In previous installments, enemies stood out. Maps are OK, but not fun enough to replay. No endless versions of a single map (all maps should have an endless mode at this point in game development). It’s a Kingdom Rush game that has lost it’s soul..Version: 1.7.2

Good game, bad In-App-purchasesIf you like the other kingdom rushes you’ll probably like this. Good graphics and gameplay. The reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because of in-app-purchase of towers. In previous games, IAP of heroes was fine, but not getting all the towers in a tower defense game that Ive already paid for feels like a cash grab.Version: 1.2

Squandered potentialIts a good game that offers an array of possibilities except for one problem; it is way too short. So, some complaints have been about a few towers that are behind a paywall. The paywall doesn't bother me too much. As the developer commented in one response I read (paraphrasing), “the pay towers are there just to add some new possibilities and also if you just want to experiment with them.” Thats fair enough. However, what makes no sense is that they want you to buy towers and them provide only the campaign stages to use them on. And those stages ended up being way too easy at any difficulty and the whole campaign can be beat in a single day. To unlock the whole game with all the towers and heros would be about $30. That’s insane. $30 dollars for a game that can only be played on a handful of maps. And dont forget all that nonsense in the first 7 stages where you can’t even level up to full strength and the enemies practically fall over dead from exhaustion. What exactly is fun about that?.Version: 1.3

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