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Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game App User Positive Comments 2023

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game app received 149 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about kingdom rush vengeance td game?

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game for Positive User Reviews

Legendary GameThe Kingdom Rush Series has been my favourite for a while now and brings back a lot of memories I love this game and play it all the time it is now my favourite game! There are two things that I would love to be added. I can't seem to find a book to keep track of all the enemies and towers which I really enjoyed in the other Kingdom Rush games so please add this. Also please can you add a bigger map because I am getting through the game quite quickly and I am sad for the end of it. Please add a few more places. Maybe a forest, desert or jungle even just so the game has more enemies and more to do..Version: 1.2

Long time fan and love it but this is overpriced!Very impressed yet equally disappointed that I had to pay so much to enjoy the game in full. I’ve completed and loved all kingdom rush games but felt this one over charged for the tower/hero add ons. Not everyone can afford to buy both like I have and don’t think it’s fair that others should have to miss out..Version: 1.9.4

Best DLC so far!Thank you ironhide for the new DLC. I found myself being over welded with the countless on slaughter of enemies and having to be far more tactical in my gameplay than other levels. All I need to say is I’m looking forward to the next DLC and keep doing what your doing..Version: 1.6.1

Best IOS gameI have always loved the Kingdom Rush saga very much. I think all the games are fantastic! This newest one certainly doesn't disappoint! I would certainly recommend to all!!.Version: 1.0

There game is fun but has issues of courseThe graphics are nice and the gameplay is similar to what I remembered when I played Kingdom Rush a few years ago but there are some annoying things with the game. First, the rounds take a really long time. There needs to be some kind of speed up option otherwise you’re looking at 15 or even 20 minute rounds. Second, the premium towers are severely underpowered. I get that they shouldn’t make the game too easy, but if I’m spending real money on an in game item, I do expect some kind of competitive advantage. I spent $13 to unlock all the towers only for like 1 or 2 of them to be viable. I fear the situation is the same for the heroes which I won’t be buying. Third is less of an issue and just more of expectation which is more game modes and more varied gameplay. My biggest issue is with the premium towers though..Version: 1.6.5

I didn’t want it to give the game a four.When I played the first three games I love them i gave them all a 5 because they are the best towers defense games in my opinion. The reason I’m giving this a four because of the cost I’m talking about how much the games cost to get it it’s the towers it ridiculous how you have to pay to get seven towers for 15$. I loved the game from the start the map the towers the map designs and then my happy smiling face when to a pretty sad face when saw all the towers when I went to the end I saw seven towers that cost money I checked all the prices and saw in total you have to pay 15$ even tho I used three dollars to get the game I wish it was like the other three where unlock each tower for free but no this one is different..Version: 1.9.6

Great game! Pay to PlayExcellent game, very addictive. However be prepared to spend another 30-60 bucks to get all the good stuff needed to battle at harder levels. Gets a little repetitive after a while but still good fun..Version: 1.9.4

Excellent gameI’ve been playing the kingdom rush series since I was 8 and I still enjoy it as a teenager. This is another great instalment into the saga and the creative options have increased dramatically! But there are a few to many micro transactions. If you are a kingdom rush fan and want another fantastic game then this is for you! Even if your not going to spend any money on micro transactions.😃👍.Version: 1.2

Still worth it!Another great entry into the Kingdom Rush franchise. Despite some pretty big changes (some good & bad), you’ll still be glad you paid for it. Ironhide should be applauded for trying something new. And yes, there are now paid towers but I didn’t find I needed anymore. The variety is still very good. My main criticisms are removing the villain encyclopaedia and the 3 game modes, and the difficulty. The encyclopaedia on previous games was really useful for learning and memorising enemy stats. I don’t know why you would remove it. As for the 3 game modes, there’s little to no incentive to get 3 stars or complete the Hard and Iron challenges which is a huge disappointment. You’ll probably do them anyway but some sort of reward would have made this better ie maybe unlocking special, unique heroes /towers that you can’t pay for. Lastly, the Veteran difficulty didn’t seem hard enough. It was a little too easy to get 3 stars. I rarely had to repeat a map. All in all, it’s not perfect but still well worth it. Thanks for making this game. Can’t wait for the next one!.Version: 1.5.4

Best one yet!Huge fan of the series. I was a little disappointed with the previous game (space themed RTS) but this game is a return to form. It’s massive (11 towers compared to the standard 8). Heaps of unlockables and easily the biggest game in the series. I’ve seen some criticism of the in-game purchases. They’re absolutely optional and not required. I played through and didn’t pay a cent. This is huge game and sure to please fans of the series..Version: 1.1

Another amazing game! But it’s missing one thing.I’d like to start of saying I’v played every Kingdom Rush game to date and I loved all of them. In fact I 100% complete every single one. The one thing I looked forward to in all of these games was the bonus levels after you beat the campaign. These were always super challenging and great fun after you’ve beat all the campaigns iron challenges and such. But they seem to have left them out of this game and that was super disappointing to me. While playing through I would look at spots on the map and say, “That’ll be an extra level for sure” but unfortunately there were none. Please I would love to see the extra levels you guys come up with, especially with all these new towers you have added. (which I love by the way) Overall still a great game, and highly recommend playing if you love tower defense games..Version: 1.5.4

Still good ... but different, and I’m oldSo. This is a thing, I guess. For six or seven years I’ve been a huge fan of this franchise, and I played the crap out of the original, Frontiers, and Origins. I bought most but not all of the heroes for all three, so I’m pretty well invested here. Vengeance is familiar but different. The core gameplay hasn’t much changed. But the UI aesthetic seems to have taken a cue from the current crop of free to play games. Don’t get me wrong — this isn’t a sleazy money grabbing F2P title. But it kind of looks a little like one now. You can buy towers now. Dunno how I feel about that, but it’s not like there aren’t plenty of free towers in the game so I don’t think it bothers me much. What I really don’t like is that they’ve changed the upgrades. You don’t spend stars, you occasionally level up. And the skill trees aren’t based on towers now, which I suppose makes sense because they’ve added a bunch of new towers. But it makes it less clear what’s going on with the upgrade system. And you don’t seem to get anything for completing the challenges for each board, unlike previous titles (where you’d get one upgrade star). That’s kind of a bummer. Overall ... it’s good? I guess? But I’m not that excited about it..Version: 1.2

Amazing game but one problemWhile Ironhide has made the best mobile games by putting a ton of effort into each and every one there is one thing that makes the game fall below the rest (not by a lot though still 5/5 for gameplay and story). The problem is that it seems to much like iron marines, theres no enemy encyclopedia (which is probably due to game length), there is no way to check the exact stats of the hero’s or towers except for in game (which makes it much harder to consider buying one), and instead of adding more levels they gave you an impossible difficulty which is pointless considering how you have to beat the campaign to unlock and on top of that there’s no proof of beating the game on a harder difficulty which makes playing on then pointless. Not having the encyclopedia or elite levels was a big letdown for me and is my reasoning for giving four stars however I love the new tower mechanic and I love how every tower has 3 upgrades now so outside of these issues it is truly great game and still worth the buy..Version: 1.5.4

Amazing as alwaysI suppose that I’ve come to expect a certain degree of quality from iron hide’s games and this one does not disappoint. I played through the whole campaign and the addition of tower loadouts make this game feel fresh and new. The idea of playing as the bad guys for once is awesome, though I do hope that sometime in the future we can play as the attackers instead of the defenders. The heroes are awesome, and the towers all feel unique. There are an incredible amount of new enemies, and I’m excited for whatever is next to come for this game. I will admit that there is not much to do at the moment, so I’m hoping that an endless mode is added as well as a few new stages. This has been the case for the other entries in this series. Great job once again guys..Version: 1.3

Love itI played kingdom rush for free and I didn’t nuitée it so much that I bought this one! Love it.Version: 1.9.6

Very good gameThe only think that I don’t like about this game is that it dosnt got encyclopaedia on phone please put the feature in, but other then an amazing game.Version: 1.9.6

PERFECTION 😍😍😍Guys you have knocked it out of the park big time. I have all your previous games and will continue to buy future games, you never let us down. Its instantly clear that this is the evolution of everything you do best and then some. Every feature that unlocks looks and feels so well crafted and thought out. Im so excited to play this game so Im going to shut up and just say a massive THANK YOU 🙌🏻.Version: 1.2

Even better to the collection of KR!I absolutely love the graphics of the game, the rush is definitely back! The new enemies, towers and heroes are really cool and have a great context, by completing each level gives me a sense of achievement and the new achievement system that has rewards, I love a lot, as well as the new progress bar on each one! It’s been a while since another KR game came out and I am proud to have this one in my collection! A complaint about the game though, there isn’t an encyclopaedia of all the enemies which I miss, hopefully you can add it in later, overall the game is amazing!.Version: 1.7.2

1.10.9Just want to ask when will be 1.10.9 version.Version: 1.10.5

Good but lacks contentAs always another great tower defence game with a slight twist to the other games in the series. And although I found myself having fun with this game I couldn’t help but think it is the worst one in the series. There’s less to do and the progression system isn’t the best in comparison to the others, plus the fifth tower slot I barely used as the base towers are pretty decent or I would just swap them if a tower has better stats..Version: 1.6.5

Loving it!Absolutely loving this game. Have finished every level on 3 stars, including anurian levels today. Can not wait for future Addons for this game.Version: 1.6.1

Great.I love these games. I always get the latest. Hope they keep releasing levels on the map..Version: 1.14.5

Good game, but too many inside purchasesVery good game, but too many inside purchases..Version: 1.9.4

Kingdom rush is finally back!I’ve been a huge fan of the series and have played the previous three games on both IOS and PC, it’s my favourite tower defence series 😃 love the new towers and maps in this game so far, its the small animations and details that make this series so fun!.Version: 1.0

Ironhide has done it again!I never thought you could top the last kingdom rush, but you did! The new towers now add a new strategy element with how much gold you have! (Even if a few towers are overpriced) I love the revamped upgrade system and the new shop! Honestly, bringing in a lot of characters seen before was an excellent idea. A few downsides though are that I think one too many towers (and heroes?) are locked behind paywalls, I think if there were more free towers (which you could unlock after you beat the campaign or something idk) which could open up a lot more gameplay options. And also, there is no encyclopaedia, which is actually quite upsetting because it was actually real good that you could go back and check each tower and enemy type there were. Even though it may have not looked like it, it helped me defeat a lot of enemies which special abilities I had forgotten..Version: 1.5.4

Plz continueI really enjoy your games, I can’t wait for the next one to come out already, I have be a fan of your game for ages, and I’m getting into building comicy games like you guys. I never want you to change your style. I enjoy how this is funny even thought it is the coolest game ever. I think I can say that this is the best tower defense game out there. The games are huge, and just the best. Thank you, you guys have made 5 of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. Also, I do like how you changed the good guys to the bad guys. Another cool thing you could do is make it so you have to attack and get past the flags. As you go you unlock better enemies. You can destroy towers with certain enemies like a monster called “Shotgun” a creature small, has 135 health, very stealthy, low shield and once it reaches the nearest tower, it grows Hughes and just eats the tower, Michael on it for a bit, then explodes. Another cool thing you could do is a path block. It blocks the path and your army is trapped so it builds up to form bigger hordes..Version: 1.7.2

Great gameIve played kingdom rush for over a decade, it won’t disappoint you.Version: 1.14.5

A new twist and another great installment in the series!When I first heard another kingdom rush game was out I was excited, but also questioning how they were going to make this one even better than Origins, which was even better than the past games itself. My questions immediately went away after I opened the app and tried it. For starters, The artwork was much better, and the game ran even smoother. I love the ability to customize your tower layout too. It’s a great twist on the original games that makes this one unique. I haven’t finished the game yet, but it’s even harder than the past few, which I love. When the game is challenging, it makes you happier and satisfied when you finally finish the level you’ve been stuck on. The kingdom rush games never fail to surprise me and I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves strategy and tower defense games. 10/10, but if your new to the games, I would start with the original and work my way through. Love this game and the whole series!.Version: 1.2

Mostly adore it. Bought everything.Having played every installment of Kingdom Rush, I think this one is overall best. The tower and world designs are awesome. It’s full of small details and Easter Eggs. The tower designs are excellent. I like the spooky Halloween themed ones so much, I try to use them all even on levels when there are better towers. The starter hero is weak, unlike the awesome starter elf you got in Origins. It’s definitely cruddy that you’re presented early on with a limited-time decision to make 2 purchases that raise the price of the game +700%. I can’t recommend this game to friends because what if they don’t enjoy the heroes/towers like I do... at $35+ bucks it’s steep and you need to give new players time to fall in love with the game before you throw that decision at them. Otherwise it feels manipulative like the Chinese knock-offs of KR that litter the App Store. Keep up the great work, and please don’t become another EA Games. I play this series to escape all the dollar signs and that shady casino feeling..Version: 1.9.5

Love itFirst off wanted to start by saying AMAZING game I’ve played every TD game made by these developers. This TD was much more challenging the the previous 2 KR games. One thing I like the turret wheel kind like picking a load out. However it makes me miss being able pick two towers in game. I loved the hero’s in the game the unique passives and new abilities are fun to use. One of my concerns is how many purchases were available in this one. I know games have to make money and the campaign was definitely beatable with the basic towers. But I would be devastated if future games couldn’t be beat unless u spent money. That’s all for now just want say amazing game and keep adding more. Update... love the new lvls they came out with and towers. I sincerely hope there are more lvls the only bummer for the winter campaign there wasn’t any end comic seen where u catch the next hint of the villains plan. additional the boss for the winter campaign was pretty weak the lvl itself was much more of a challenge then the actual boss. I will say I like how they put in the yeti as a hero. That’s all for now I really hope the next update is coming soon.Version: 1.7.2

Awesome, but where’s the content?This is an awesome tower defence game with lots of interesting new features however it feels like the campaign is a lot shorter than the previous titles and a lot less stuff to do? You can get all the upgrades by just completing the campaign which doesn’t feel as rewarding as the other KR games and also there isn’t an Endless challenge mode (as of yet). The option to choose your tower load out is awesome but some of the towers feel a little weak while others are completely owerpowered. Overall the game is very good but needs a lot more content, which hopefully we’ll get within future updates!.Version: 1.5.8

I would’ve never knownI saw this game in the App Store omg I wanna get this game so bad, but it was 4.99. I didn’t get the game and saw Iron Marines was out which was free. The moment I finished the first level I hated it. I waited for another tower defense game to come out because I’m obsessed with them and they got a little more popular. I got Bloons td 6 and it Hooked me for a long time. I eventually I became bored and had no clue what to do so I bought this game. I went through the tutorial and I saw you were the bad guy. I didn’t know this till I got the game. Not only that but they beat bloons td6 by having upgrades for your hero and other stuff. They also beat bloons td6 by having more towers not just 4. Not only that but they beat the other kingdom rush’s by not making it as hard. I’d have to say the bad thing about this game is that it is to short. I finished the game in a couple of hours so I’m waiting for a kingdom rush vengeance origins!.Version: 1.5.8

An update!Finally, more content to the game..Version: 1.12

Still great but could be betterI have played all of iron hides game and I’m a huge fan of the developer. The game is very fun, but the progression feels a bit lacking. The upgrade tree for towers is smaller than previous games and you will most likely have it completed before you finish the game. For me this is an issue because in previous titles I loved going back on the harder difficulties to earn more stars and continue to put points into my tower skills. There really is no reason here to go back and replay on a harder difficulty. Also, it’s nice having 5 towers to chose from but overall it feels like a downgrade because previously each tower had two options for its final upgrade which left more room for strategy. My final complaint is that for 5 dollars the game seems rather short..Version: 1.5.4

We NEED A KINGDOM RUSH 5We need a kingdom rush 5 please 😊 I love all the kingdom rush game and really really want a new one.Version: 1.14.3

Long term fanI’ve always loved kingdom rush, but I feel this is the first game where they’ve really shaken things up and added a lot more features than the previous games. Initially I was a little annoyed to see that you have to physically buy some of the towers, however I’d usually purchase all the dlc in the previous games so what’s different about this now?! The new towers are really cool too, and what’s great about them so far is they’ve got the difficulty curve right with this game so if you get these towers at the beginning you’re not ridiculously OP which is still challenging and a test for any towers. The idea to be the bad guys I love aswell as a 5th tower slot. My one criticism so far is that I can’t put it down haha, but other than that it’s an incredible game and well worth the investment if you’re looking for a tower defence game or have previously enjoyed the past games.Version: 1.5.4

Best IOS Game EverI played this game on my iPad Mini 2 which handles most new intense graphics games horribly, but with my experience with the older versions of Kingdom Rush. I hoped it would let me have some descent graphics quality even on my lower end device. I was amazing! Best smooth running game I have ever played on my iPad. The levels were entertaining and I never got bored. I was so excited when I passed each level on the campaign and I found myself shouting out loud “LETS GO BABY!” Even my Dad who hardly ever plays games on his phone is super addicted to this game series. When I told him they made the new kingdom rush he was like “Yesss!” 101% work the $5. Hell, I would have payed $15 if I had known it would be this good. To the developers, please make another one soon!!!.Version: 1.8.1

New Game Breaking Bug Please FixI beat the first new level added to the game but the game does not work anymore. After I beat the level, I got sent to the map but I could not move my screen at all and no buttons showed up. I have tried reloading and reinstalling the game but nothing has worked. Please fix this bug as soon as you can so I can continue to play this Kingdom Rush Vengeance..Version: 1.12

Just Like Old TimesThis whole saga is just amazing, I recently downloaded it after seeing it in an ad and I thought eh whatever, but when I started playing it, not only did the game’s upgrade options, cool heroes, concepts, cameos, nostalgia ugh. This game is pact full of memories. The heroes from kingdom rush are now bosses, and the bosses are now heroes... not only that but the people you have to fight are all troops from kingdom rush, frontiers, and even origins. And absolutely love the bone hart cameo, he’s my favorite hero. I’m aware I’m fanboying a little but still. If any of you are OG’s this game will leave a smile on your face on EACH level, and it’s not even bosses nor troops... THE CAMEOS. I don’t wanna spoil any of the GOOD stuff but all the cameos are practically listed in the achievements log. The whole point of this is to say. THIS... GAME, SAGA, FRANCHISE... RULES!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.10.5

Awesome!Sooo good to have another kingdom rush game! It’s all I play. Great fun for a minute or two or for an hour. Endlessly replay-able these games. Many thanks..Version: 1.1

Best kingdom rush game I’ve playedThe Kingdom rush series is one of my favourite tower defence games and when I heard there was a new one where you could play as the bad guy I was extremely excited and it exceeded my expectations.Version: 1.2

Good but not great anymoreI’ve loved this series since the beginning and was very excited to see this coming out. However, (and this is true for the previous games), I really dislike the in-app purchases. I know you can finish the game without paying for any of it, but I find it frustrating that it’s not just heroes anymore, you can also pay for towers. It’s a shame to have to pay for a games but not getting the full content. I’d rather there are less towers/heroes than having to spend more to unlock everything. I miss the upgrade tree for towers as well. I guess it’s due to the fact that you can now switch out towers. Otherwise, the game is still fun and it’s fun to play as the bad guys. It’s neat to be able to switch towers..Version: 1.4

AwesomeWas a fan of the original kingdom rush games, actually it was the very first game that I was willing to pay for. Brought this new one immediately, played for a bit and loved it..Version: 1.2

Just One word. Fantastic!When I heard they were making another Kingdom rush I thought it would be just slightly tweaked. They might add or remove certain features, but the same as the others in essence. But no, ironhide just completely turned this game upside down and round the block again, when compared the others, which are also great in their own right. Getting to play as the villain, Getting to chose your roster of towers, not to mention the new heroes, towers, items and Gameplay mechanics. All in all, My second favourite game in the series (I just really like frontiers)..Version: 1.9.5

Worth the moneyThis is a great game! Kingdom Rush has always been a good series, and this is no exception. The unique secrets and hero traits are fun to play with, and it’s cool to play as the bad guy. This game gives a pretty good challenge, too, which is nice, because some tower defense games can be too easy, while others are impossibly hard. This game finds a good balance. Some heroes and towers are paid, which I completely understand and am fine with. My only problem is that nearly all of the heroes are paid, when they are the most fun to use! I personally bought the black dragon, and loved it. However, I feel like more of the heroes should be free. The tower variety is nice but they sometimes feel obsolete. In the last levels I was only using the same few towers over and over, which may just be a personal preference. Another issue, if you can call it that, is I wish the game was longer. It was super fun and I loved playing it, and I was sad to see that I had beaten it. Other than that, this game is definitely worth the time!.Version: 1.7.2

Sense of completion?Ironhide has delivered yet another high quality game. Aesthetically first, visuals are still humorously detailed, with vivid colours and fluid animation. In terms of gameplay, it is a tight and precise, every action responds perfectly. As for the strategy the addition of a 5th tower, the possibility to change the roster, and the variety of attack styles multiply the ways of completing each level, and its pretty refreshing. The heroes seem well balanced so far and provide an extra dose of strategical choice. I’ve got one complaint, though. Having been a KR player for a while I just regret that there isn’t any satisfaction to get from replaying levels with different difficulty. As another reviewer mentioned, even being awarded a ‘stamp’ for each difficulty level beat was a big plus as it incited me to go back to the game. I completed the campaign and a few challenges, but I’m now finding myself not wanting to play much more because the sense of progress and achievement is gone. I don’t know how difficult it would be to add this feature back into the game, but I’m pretty sure it would motivate many people to stick to the game beyond the initial completion. Ironhide, you did amazingly, but please add the award system back!.Version: 1.3

No incentive to play higher difficultyIn the older games it shows what difficulty you beat a level on, but it doesn’t on this one so there is no incentive to retry the level on a harder difficulty for a challenge. Please add this feature back, and also an almanac of enemies like what was in the other games.Version: 1.12.6

Beautifully done , would recommend 100%.An excellent game that is full of fun and well worth the £5, especially if you’ve grown sick of playing the original. There were some things missing: such as generic tooltips in some places and the absence of that index with information on every enemy within it- but the flawless and addicting gameplay, as well as the clever little Easter eggs and references that make these games so beloved to begin with, are all in there, and just as perfect as ever. And lets Be honest, who cares about those other things anyways? If you are worried about value for money, this game is packed full of content- you shouldn’t worry at all. Thank you ironhide for another great entry..Version: 1.10.5

Bar not as highThe gameplay is there, the great art is there... but somehow this falls short of the other games. It has fewer Easter eggs on the stages, which are generally more static and less interesting overall compared to Origins, Frontiers, etc. The enemy paths also seem less inventive - with fewer mid-level surprises (are there any? I’m about half way through...). The new “mix and match” tower mechanic feels more limiting than anything (you have fewer to work with per round, even when they’re all unlocked). The different upgrade system makes doing other level modes kinda pointless, except to buy one-use items in the shop. I dunno... This is the first game in the series that simply feels like a rehash - and less like a loving effort. That all said, it’s still extremely enjoyable. Ironhide simply set the bar too high for themselves on past games for this one to get five stars..Version: 1.3

Keeps getting better and better.Absolutely great game, ever since the first kingdom rush game I have deep love for this game. Always keeps me engaged and wanting for more and more I get. Great job keep up the awesome work..Version: 1.5.8

Great ... but not the sameI love this new game and it’s new mechanics. Being able to customize you towers add a much harder part in the game. However, I feel that although this game is good, it is nothing compared to its predecessors, namely origins. The hero’s feel like cheap copies from the other games in the franchise and it just feels that the life and blood of the series, the dark humor and Easter eggs, are tuned down a bit compared to the others. It may just be that I have not spent time to play origins or frontiers in recent years and I just have good memories tied to them, but I don’t think that changes the fact that something feels missing. Overall, yes I highly recommend this game because this series because the series is pure gold and even though I consider it worse then it’s predecessors, anyone would enjoy playing this masterpiece of a game..Version: 1.9.4

Great gamesGreat games and gags but for price and the amount of in game purchases the game is way to short to get a full experience.Version: 1.12.6

YESI knew you guys were still active! PLEASE MORE KINGDOMRUSH I play the game without guides and any type of real strategy. I absolutely love the style these games are displayed, everything’s just smooth and fun thank you for these games.Version: 1.14.2

As good or better than the others!Devotees of Ironsides won’t be disappointed. Similar set up to make it comfortable for old users, but new set up. Great great game.....Version: 1.5.4

Thank you ironhideThis game is great, I think the best of the series (and it’s a phenomenal series). The game is genuinely polished and well made, the care that this studio takes to make mobile games is apparent in this one just like in all on their titles. The thing that really makes me happy about this game is the pay structure. In an era of game developers trying to relentlessly cram monetization down our throats, ironhide does it super well. You can buy everything with real money, including new towers, but what you can buy does not overshadow what you unlock by playing and I felt like they showed me respect while adding more monetization to the game. I bought stuff in this game because I wanted more cool content, not because the game wasn’t fun without it. Awesome game, this studio is the golden goose of mobile games as of now..Version: 1.2

Solid game, but DLC for a paid game?I love Kingdom Rush, it’s a great game, great concept, and I love the explorations into tower customization. As far as I can remember, the previous iterations were free, and had cost based content. I just wish that if you bought the game, you were getting *all* of the game..Version: 1.9.6

Very polished, lacking end game.I have played and love each of the Ironhide S.A. games. The graphics and animations on Vengeance are superb. I love the new tower mechanic. There are also a variety of new mechanics with the stages and enemies that keep things fresh. On the downside...I was really disappointed when I finished the game and no bonus or endless levels popped up. I had not read any of the reviews yet, so I did not know that this was lacking. Hopefully this can be added in the future. Though I will do them just because they are fun, it is also less fun to not get additional stars for doing the second and third challenges for each stage. I’d love for the talent tree to be a bit more expansive and allow for more stars on the challenges. Lastly, the heroes. While each fun in their own right, only having three feels like a letdown. That goes back to the original game and just seems like a step backwards. Still, for its shortcoming in those departments, it was still a blast to play, and I will continue my way through all of the challenges for some time to come..Version: 1.2

Still amazingNo matter how many times I play the Kingdom Rush games prior to this one I still love them. It’s exactly the same with Kingdom Rush Vengeance. I love how they changed the layout of the game and changed the story (POV) and increased the complexity and reward of the game. The graphics have improved once again; the game looks amazing. Vengeance isn’t extremely challenging but some levels push your fortifications to the limits. However, if you need to change the difficulty it is easy to do so. Great for new or continuing Kingdom Rush players. Can’t wait for the sequel!.Version: 1.5.2

GREAT GAMEA very good game with a great idea of playing as the villains and being able to unlock different towers I've only played a few levels but hopefully I see some sort of thing to do with the cannibals like In the second game kingdom rush frontiers! Overall I think this is a must have for any kingdom rush fan! Also I love How Most heroes from THE ORIGINAL KINGDOM RUSH come back to fight like Magnus spellbane!.Version: 1.2

Great Game, A Little DisappointingThe game, story and characters are all great like the other games in the series and I would highly recommend this game. However, considering the games increased price point compared to other games in the series, it’s a little disappointing that there are only an extra 2 towers to use in this one. The original game had 4 towers each with 2 paths which means a total of 8 unique towers and this game only has 11. Considering there are many other towers in the game that cost money, it’s a shame they can’t be unlocked for free as well..Version: 1.12.6

Attention IronhideIronhide if you are listening, I’ve already beaten the game and I must say, holy hell you guys know how to make an addictive, fun, and all round incredible game. The graphics, the animation, the sounds are on point with the increasing quality of the kingdom rush series. I’ve been a huge fan of kingdom rush since it originally came out, but this time you’ve gone and made another wonderful game, and I hope that you read this so that I can tell you to keep up the unbelievable work. Good on you..Version: 1.1

Final boss level bugThis is a pretty good game that I’ve enjoyed but there is a major bug that occurs when veznas summons a demon at the final boss stage. The game just freezes and all progress is lost. If this could be fixed then that would be amazing. Keep up the good stuff iron hide 😁.Version: 1.9.5

Pure Fun!Highly recommended. If you love tactical games with a mix of humor then you will love this little gem..Version: 1.12.1

Good but shortI wish it were longer! Also, I played the first KR, and I loved it. This one seems a little off though... like the towers don’t “feel” as powerful. They have pros and cons in an attempt to make them seem more interesting and for more variety, but there was no solid fun combination that I could find. Also, I enjoyed having the option to specialize towers into two different trees. That was cool. Each served a unique purpose. The towers in this game, it seems like it’s hard to tell how they are different from each other. Odd, I know. Also! One BIG gripe I have. The flipping vines that grow up on the towers. I absolutely hate it. It is sooo frustrating on my I Phone. When I tap on the tower to get rid of the vines, the screen moves and I miss the purchase axe button. There must be a way to make the vines more fun, but in their current state, they are absolutely abysmal and not fun. It’s still an over all good game! It looks great. The story is fun, and the Easter eggs are funny. The hero’s in this one are cool too. You could add random encounters on the map as you progress. This would help with the length of the game. Add endless mode? On any level? I didn’t see that anywhere. There were unused areas on the map too. That was a bummer. Just needs more content..Version: 1.9.5

Love the game, hate the micro-transactionsLove the game as I have loved all kingdom rushes and plan on completing this one fully too! However I hate that you have to purchase towers. I have already payed for the full game so don’t make me buy towers, which are core to the game! I understand the purchasing of heroes but won’t be able to get over the towers.Version: 1.2

KingdomRushThis game is amazing, the hero’s are amazing and the levels are really hard and challenging and fun to make new strategies, I hope more levels get added and a survival.Version: 1.14.3

Good but not greatI’m a big fan of Kingdom Rush, having played each in order of release. For me, the peak of the series was Origins which combined awesome visuals with silky smooth gameplay ( although I love the dwarves from frontiers). I really like the new advancement systems in vengeance and think the ability to tailor your starting towers is a really awesome addition. I really miss the progress trees for each tower though, in particular I miss the top-tier upgrades that encourage a mono-build. For example, in frontiers there was an upgrade which allowed all magic towers a stacking damage bonus for every other magic tower on the map. It would be great if in the next game there were similar stacking top-tier upgrades for each tower type ( extra range for archers, extra regeneration for barracks, extra splash area for artillery) because this would encourage multiple play-throughs with each mono-build. All in all, I think vengeance brought in new ideas but those ideas weren’t fully tested, resulting in a game that feels a little undercooked. But please, don’t stop producing Kingdom Rush titles. I love this series and really want to see it grow..Version: 1.12.6

Like it? Try love it!This is a great game if you enjoy games and gaming type activities. 10/10, keep up the great work, game..Version: 1.12.6

One level inI can tell it’s just as good as the others Edit: in some ways. In some it may be worse and others it may be better I have bought Origins many times. The latest in a new Air. It looks gorgeous there as all their games do no matter the device. I bought this game even though I only have an SE. It looks great but want to show support to get a desktop version. I don’t think I’ll buy the heroes or towers until I upgrade or it come out on desktop I don’t game much but I keep coming back to Kingdom Rush. They are fantastic This one changed up some elements with how the upgrades and towers work. Now the upgrade trees is more console and smaller only having 4 groups. Which at first seems like less options but it’s just more streamlined now and makes sense with the big pool of towers Meanwhile there is a pool of towers to pick from. Both of these changes have pros and cons. I liked the major change in the last upgrade level to towers where you pick a specialization for each in the previous games. It gave a bit of strategy. Now the strategy is in picking which towers you equip something I will have to wait and see once I unlock all the towers. I hope they expand on this game and continue to release more maps, towers and heroes as they did with the last. I will wait for a desktop version to really get into the extra content..Version: 1.5.2

Great GameCan you please add an encyclopedia for the enemies and Towers!? I would be so grateful to you🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 PLEASE!!!.Version: 1.9.6

A very good game with one minor problem. (And a slight rant before the review lol)(Important note, I recommend buying this particular game over the rest of the series on steam for reasons noted below) Firstly, before the review itself. The best way to look at the mobile version of this game, as with the rest of the KR series is a group of highly advanced demos, where you can play every level without having to pay the full price. Looking at the steam version's price helped me clue into this, as they are more expensive there in exchange for not having to pay for the DLC heroes (and for vengeance, towers) separately. I actually agree with how they did this as it makes the games much more accessible to younger audiences while not paywalling the ability to beat the game. With that out of the way now for the actual review. This is a good game. A VERY good game (obviously in my opinion). However, there is one simple problem that this game has that severely hurts it. Its not considered the best in the series by the majority of its playerbase. Yes, that is this games greatest flaw. It slightly changed its gameplay formula in order to try and create an entirely new and revitalized interest, and that has majorly helped the series in the past, during it's different iterations. The problem with Vengeance however, is that it changed too much at once, and for mobile users like myself, they also made more of the games full content (the dlc towers specifically) locked behind paywalls. To someone unfamiliar with Kingdom Rush, in previous games there have only been 4 basic towers, which after being upgraded enough branch off into 2 unique paths per tower, each with its own abilities and usages. Vengeance however, has many different towers that, while they each gain new abilities at their final tier, they lack the distinctive branching paths per tower that enthralled many of the games players. This change was a huge leap, trying to completely shake up the predetermined formula, and people were honestly not the biggest fans of it. I can think of several series that do something of the like, but the one this reminds me of the most is Paper Mario, or more specifically, Super Paper Mario. The initial reaction to the game was terrible, due to fans wanting another smash hit like Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, but the game completely reworked its formula, causing people to recoil. Nowadays more and more people look at the game with positive viewpoints and i have the feeling that this will also be the case with Vengeance. It is a legitimately fun game, if not a bit tiresome at times due to the VERY durable enemies (please PLEASE Ironhide for the love of Elynie make it so that the reinforcements are good again, you already nerfed them enough by making them only have 100% uptime instead of 200%). I do recommend playing the previous games in the series before this one, as the plot will (somewhat) make sense, as well as letting you see the general evolution of the different mechanics ingame..Version: 1.12.3

Why I Recommend Kingdom Rush VengeanceI recommend KingdomRush Vengeance because it is a strategy based game. It is also an offline game to play and doesn’t use internet or data. There is in game purchase options that come in variety. Overall, I enjoy it because of all the options you have as to how you want to play..Version: 1.9.6

Same fun experience, unfortunately ruined by greedI’ve been a fan of ironhide studios since the very first kingdom rush was released. I quickly preordered this version and was also constantly checking up on the development processes and any major news updates on the release of this game. So much hype built up only to find a very mediocre game with lackluster gameplay. Echoing others’ main concerns, the game has become a major cash grab. Not only do you have to buy the game (which is pretty steep in pricing) but also the heroes and now, for the first time, towers!! The entire mobile experience costs over $40 and the game actually has even less options than its predecessor - no new tower unlock ability after level 4 and now the stars don’t even matter and mean nothing - still, I’ve completed the game with perfect completion on veteran mode but this was a very sad release with not a whole lot - seems like a step in the wrong direction. I hope this company does not become corrupt like many others and instead hopefully puts its customer base and strong gameplay and storytelling at the forefront of its agenda..Version: 1.2

Excellent addition to the seriesA very beautiful and fun version of the Kingdom Rush game, familiar yet a little bit different in presentation with some wider range of choice such as tower pre-selection before you take on a level. Not quite as challenging as I thought it might be to complete, but having played Kingdom Rush series over and over maybe have honed my skills too much. Looking forward to some extra levels to be added in time, as happened with the other games in the series, including an infinite level or two. Like the other KR games you don’t need to buy any of the in-app purchases to complete the game - all credit to Ironhide games!!.Version: 1.1

NiceNice.Version: 1.12.1

Don’t listen to bad reviews.Basically this game is 5/5 hands down. I’ve played the other 3 kingdom rush games so many times that I was finally wanting something new. Then a 4th kingdom rush was announced a while back and here it is. Extremely satisfied with it, can’t wait for the bonus campaigns to come out too. Now people complain about towers that have to be bought but they are highly unnecessary. I finished the game already one highest difficulty with 3 stars on all campaigns plus iron and heroic challenges without much issue since I’m seasoned at the rush games at this point. But with decent planning and good strategy this game is DEFINITELY NOT pay to win. Now one thing is some powers of the towers feel underpowered such as the shadow archer crow. But other wise it’s not that bad since u can replace shadow archers easily with boomerang or the bone tower. Anyways great and hope for more soon..Version: 1.2

Back once again for the renegade master!You won’t find a better tower defence game anywhere than the ones iron hide produce. Every new kingdom rush comes with more and more content. This one brings in new towers with a load out so that you can mix it up which adds so much more strategy. Some towers are similar to previous instalments but with a twist and the new ones are brilliant. Heroes are great as always and the passive abilities are awesome. Micro transactions are there but not necessary! They are only there to make it easier but i love the challenge. In summary, another 10/10 game with great humour, graphics, art style, challenges and loads of content with a boat load of fun ! Can’t wait for more from these artists of phone gaming world ! The vampire hero is my favourite so far.Version: 1.5.2

KingdomComeGreat job on creating another TD app.. i beg to the developer never create anything like iron marines ever.. make a harder td.. love all of your td creation.. xcept that marine.. deleted the game after 30 min.Version: 1.2

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!As good as all the previous games in this franchise, with a just an upgrade or 2 here and ther to help keep it fresh. It’s a funny, tactical, imaginative game with great animation. You can just pick it up and play quickly for 10 minutes or decide to binge on it for a whole afternoon, on long journeys or lazy weekends. I absolutely Love these games and also there repeatability, like a good movie you can go back to over and over again without getting bored..Version: 1.9.4

Game crashHi, is it just me or the game crash when i try to open it ? Thanks.Version: 1.10.0

Amazing game!I have never really played these games before. Not much of a phone gamer. But let me tell you my friends... I got so hooked to this game that I ended up finishing the game on normal 3 staring everything. Oh and btw all in 10 hours straight with breaks to eat. The game is super fun and addicting honestly and super worth 5$. There is still much I haven’t done. Tons of achievements and 2 challenge versions of all the levels. Now for the criticism I’d say this. I don’t really care about spending money on games so I actually ended up from the beginning unlocking all the towers and champions, but honestly it is wayyy too expensive. The game itself is 5$ the extra stuff could be around 10$ max id say and that’s being generous. The towers are pretty unbalanced as well IMO the dark forest is basically a must have always and there is nothing that comes close to how effective it is at holding enemies back. My biggest issue with the gameplay is that I bought all champions as well to have some fun. But the only true options if you have all unlocked are the 3 Dragons. Champions not being able to move thru terrain is ridiculous and the black dragon has a basic spell that kills almost everything in the whole screen on a low cooldown. So there isn’t many viable options for champions either. Over all tho the game is fantastic, super fun and addicting and definitely has some challenge to it..Version: 1.10.2

More stagesAdd some sand stages, or maybe even release 1 more game??????.Version: 1.9.5

Worst of the seriesJust finished the game in normal mode, I own all of the games and this one requires the least strategy. Spoiler alert - About half way through I just used arrow towers with the shadow kill upgrade and the odd barracks or whatever they’re called in this addition. This strategy would have failed on any other addition, not this one, straight through to the end. It just lack nuance. Also as others have said they have broken the tower upgrade path and are charging for all the towers. My advice, play the games in reverse order, the first one is the hardest..Version: 1.2

It’s Back!!!When I saw that this was coming out I immediately pre-ordered it. The teaser looks action packed and, like all the other Kingdom Rush games, it looked fun. I downloaded the game and selected normal mode. You get to play as the bad guys, which is great, because it adds an even bigger opportunity for another Kingdom Rush after this one. My only complaint is that it’s missing the encyclopaedia which is a bit of a bummer because I liked being able to look back and see the enemies that I’ve faced and laugh at the ones that I thought used to be “tough”. It’s not worth taking a star away for, but it’s certainly something. When I got the game I bought the dragon, Beresad. I always buy the hero that looks the best, because they always help loads with the game. I like the new upgrades style, where you can choose a path. It adds more choice. I was slightly disappointed to see that there is only one tower upgrade path to go on. (On ly one selection for lvl 4) but once again, you made up for it by adding different towers to the game, that are dark knights, etc. All in all, I am loving this game. I noticed that it adds and additional amount of challenge from the other Kingdom Rush games. It’s much more difficult, but that makes it even better. I do love a bit of challenge and frustration in a game. Well, I have loved this game so far, and I would recommend it to all strategy game lovers. Thanks!.Version: 1.2

Feel kind of ripped offI just bought KRV a few days ago. I am familiar with the KR series, played it on and off over the years. I love the games, the art style, the mechanics, it’s all great. However, I take issue with the pay-wall that is currently in place. As I understand the game normally costs $5 on the AppStore, which is totally fair for a great game. Once I got the game though, I found there to be an astonishing amount of content locked behind a pay-wall. A few things behind a paywall as dlc would make sense, but so much? At first I thought “it might be worth a few extra dollars for some cool content “. Then I saw the “discounted “ price tag. $31 plus tax to receive all of the content, minimum, on an app that already costs $5? That’s ridiculous. I was also extremely disappointed to see that less than a quarter of the hero’s were unlockable through gameplay, and so near the start as well. I would have hoped to see a few more heros to collect. It would give the game something more to drive players to achieve. The fact that so few of the heros are unlockable and the price to unlock all the content is so steep, makes players feel like they have been ripped-off, and makes me start to regret my purchase..Version: 1.9.4

Fun! Recommended!Super fun! Lots of towers and maps. I am happy that I purchased this game. Highly recommended for tower defense fans!.Version: 1.9.6

Best of the series in Gameplay but worst in game purchasable contentThe game is great and by far the best of the series. I like how you can now customize what towers you use in the game which makes for a great way to change your strategy based on the level. I also love the feel of the game, now that your the Villains we get to see their side of the story which is very entertaining. I also love the little Easter eggs to other series that gives you something to do while the battle is going on. However the draw back of this game is that you have to not only purchase some hero’s but now even the towers? it seems pretty greedy for the amount of content there is. If they were .99 cents maybe that’d be better but really I think it doesn’t feel I should pay 30$ for the whole game. Heck you could keep the prices if you would give us a way to achieve some of the towers or hero’s. Either by achieving some goals or completely levels in certain ways or just saving gems for the towers. This would increase the time to play the game and you’d get the whole game..Version: 1.2

Love this game, the new update has a glitch though.After playing the first level, when going back to the map it totally freezes. I shut down the app and went back to it, and it’s still frozen on the map. Can’t play it at all now. 😫.Version: 1.12

The game was CRUSH at the last chapter!!!It crushes. I have raid the last chapter and faced the giant trooper!!! I was hoping I am at the final battle and going to crush it. Then it crashed. OMG. It crushed. OMG. I am a big fan of your series of games, I bought it and seeking a untold adventure. Unfortunately, it crushes my heart and hope. At the final battle it crushes!!!!! OMG. I'm just 16 years old and my heart is broken..Version: 1.2

DLC? Post Campaign?I want to start off by saying this is nearly my favorite kingdom rush game, second to only origins. When you manage to look past the extra paid towers and heroes, it is a wonderful game. Except it’s lacking the Kingdom Rush staple: a post campaign that is nearly as long as the actual campaign. It’s what keeps people playing for months and years on end. The Aquatic expansion was a good start, and I’m hoping Ironhide looks at it that way as well. Perhaps Oloch finally rises up against you and you have to defeat him. Maybe Denas’s heir starts to challenge you. Maybe you move south looking to fight your way to hammer hold in the wake of Malagar’s defeat in frontiers. There are so many possibilities and so much potential in this game it is impossible to ignore. I have been a fan of Kingdom Rush since she it was a flash game and I can tell you that the only thing this game needs to skyrocket is more post campaign. I hope you see this Ironhide. Thank you so much for another incredible game, I hope you take it farther, and good luck on “A Rift In Time”..Version: 1.6.5

Great game but…I have played all the games in this franchise and this one definitely feels more pay to win than the others, I have used all the same successful tactics yet have struggled to beat the last boss after lots of attempts…Still a great game though…I just keep trying!.Version: 1.12.6

Great games alwaysKingdom Rush always fun and challenging game at the same time. Play all 4, and every game is unique to each other especially the 4th. great job for the game developer.Version: 1.9.4

Awsome gameThese guys know how to make an entertaining tower defence. The entire series is one of the best out there. Humour, strategy and straight up fun!.Version: 1.9.2

Good game.It’s still boring replaying levels to get enough game coins to buy upgrades. The graphics are excellent. The gameplay similar to other kingdom games. I would like more info on the tower to help choose them..Version: 1.7.2

Great, but pricey.Im writing this with no intention but to explain how fun it is to play KR saga. I love the storyline, the graphics, the maps, Heroes and towers. I have been playing since kingdom rush original came out. When I was young I couldn’t purchase frontiers and origins because I didn’t have money. So I waited a Long time as a kid. Now that I can, I feel like it’s a little too expensive to pay $5 for vengeance. Though I did purchase it. I know that Ironsides is going to make more games and I’m going to keep playing them until they are good. But I think games should have an education purpose as well as fun and entertainment and I don’t see a reason for us to make entertainment and fun only some groups of people ;).Version: 1.10.2

Hard to walk awayVery enjoyable game I recommend upgrading to gain full access to all towers and hero's. Every hero has unique skills and can change the feel of the game completely. The extra towers allow you to creat entirely different combos within your build. The animations and sounds are fun and will make you smile, I recommend this game to anyone who loves tower defence games!.Version: 1.12.5

$$$ to unlock more contentLove the addition to the KR series but these IAP prices seem quite ridiculous especially for a premium game..Version: 1.2

Good, but worse UX, gameplay and balanceThe game is good, but not as good as frontiers or the original. The UX is way worse. For example, a lot of levels start with an un-skippable mini animation on the map (e.g. some enemy taunting the player). They take up to 10 seconds during which it’s not possible to skip them or going back. It makes thing very frustrating when trying different towers at the start of a level, on when retrying. Also gone the encyclopedia with the enemies (HP, damage, life-worth, etc) and tower (damage, speed, radius). That was great because it gave info about all the towers at different levels. Now the game has more towers, but no clear way to compare their progression. The towers are too many, and at the same time there is leas choice. The double-max-evolution of the other installments was a cool mechanic, as it provided 8 different tower types per level. Now players have to choose 5 mono-dimensional towers. The balance is off. Towers are too expensive and the building spots on the maps are always placed in a frustrating way. I suppose that the idea was to make the game more challenging, but at times it just feels very annoying. It’s a good game overall, but it’s just worse than its predecessors..Version: 1.9.0

Suggestion to IronhideOh Ironhide you have done it again! No idea how you keep doing it but the games just keep getting better and better! One Thing I Would Absolutely Love is A game called Kingdom Rush Remastered Basically it would be the first game but with different towers because I loved the option to switch towers it adds a real sense of freedom you know? And I think it would have a new storyline. About how Veznan took over again! Just like in this game. And the heroes fight him again with a large display of towers. And I think another cool thing would be events. Like limited time worlds. Anyway. Enough suggesting. I just want to take the time to thank you to always being the best you could be. I really enjoyed all the time with this series. You have done a astounding job on this new game. This game Deserves a Definite 5 Stars. It is unlikely that this idea will happen but hey. It’s fun to fantasise..Version: 1.7.2

Another Great GameThey’ve done it again! Another great game by ironhide. I’ve played every single one of their games, and they never seem to disappoint. I love how they have used a colored map in this one, and some more changes, such as no more tower upgrade paths but instead you can choose different towers. I don’t like that change much, but maybe because I’m not used to that. The only complaint that I have is that there are no extra missions once you have finished the campaign, unlike the other games. The upgrade tree should have a few more upgrades, but everything else is fine. They probably don’t have extra missions because of how new this game is, but hopefully they will be added in the near future. Nonetheless, great game, and if you like it, you will enjoy their other games as well. Keep it up, Ironhide!.Version: 1.5.4

Move the pause buttonThe pause button can be tapped mid game too easily. Please relocate it..Version: 1.10.5

Wow!!!If I were to write a short review, it would say ‘Buy this game, it’s superb!’ That wouldn’t do the game justice so here’s my honest opinion. If you’re someone who enjoys TD games, you have to have this and to be honest, the previous KR games as well. I’ve said it before, these guys put everything into making a game. From the quirky characters, excellent gameplay, reasonable difficulty curve and not to mention the pop culture references dotted throughout the entire series. You’ll see homages to StarWars, GOT, Simpson’s and dozens more. Even after you finish the game on campaign, you can delve into the heroic and iron challenges which throw up new tactics and new towers. Brilliant. You can also finish the entire game without having to buy any extras. There are so many other good points about KRV... Excellent voices on all the characters. Lots of hidden jokes and secrets to discover. You have to be tactical and getting it right is so satisfying. Ironhide also release additional levels from to to time with new enemies and characters! So there you go, buy this game and get to playing!.Version: 1.9.1

DisappointingSuch little content for the money it costs.Version: 1.5.4

Awesome!Ironhide have made another gem! 😁😁.Version: 1.6.1

Not much fun and no reply valueAfter 3 great KR games we get the fourth installment and it’s a bit of a disappointment to be honest. The duel power up of towers has gone, each tower has abilities set at the start. Towers can no be swapped before attacking but the balance is so lazily done you can bludgeon your way through any level with any tower once you unlock the later ones. The first 3 games had an amazing balance for winning, this hasn’t. It’s too easy and this no fun. I dropped a few stars completing it on medium and never lost a level. Paying for towers is a disgrace, ok if you want a hero then pay but towers...come on! 2 stars and hope for better upgrades and extra game save slots..Version: 1.5.2

The best tower defense series in the app storeThese guys are consistently great at making these tower defense games. Absolutely stunning graphics and animations which are a pleasure to see, solid and intuitive interface and gaming mechanics that's easy to understand and use, fantastic sound effects, entertaining storyline, fully optimised for the latest platforms... There's loads more positives but in short, it's obvious the developers pour their heart and soul into these games, so I highly recommend this and all the previous games, if you haven't played them already! (If not you're missing out!).Version: 1.1

Good SequelI was really looking forward to playing the bad guys and it hasn’t disappointed me in terms of heroes, towers or stages. This is a good sequel to the other 3 games, although the change in towers took me a bit of getting used to. I love the new graphics and the fact I can zoom in on the map, but I was a bit sad that there are no extra campaigns as in the other games once you’ve finished it... I’m hoping they will be an update or maybe a future game won’t be too far away?! The two-part finale was a challenge, and it and I was excited by the hint at a future game in the cliffhanger at the end! One addition I *really* like is the status bar on achievements that require a certain number of kills/special moves etc, so now I can see how far off I am from getting that achievement. I just gave up on some achievements in previous games because I couldn’t tell how far off I was from getting there so I just got bored. The status bar gives me a bit more impetus to complete them all! I wish there was a proper pause button rather than just settings (I’m worried I will accidentally hit exit or something). I play this on my commute so pause is useful for when it needs to go back in my handbag... but my wish list is pretty minor to be honest..Version: 1.2

Keeps me happy in sad timesThis game is so fun and keeps me occupied and entertained when I have free time. Love to lounge and play kingdom rush whenever possible. Thanks to the creators of this amazing app/game ☺️.Version: 1.9.6

Good but some minor complaintsWell first of all I don’t exactly mind the fact that it feels like a cash grab since I beat the game without spending anything extra but a few things still bother me like the fact that there is no encyclopedia because of this I found the enemy’s and towers at times quite forgettable as in the other games I could always remember what exactly they could do (plus I liked the small jokes that were sometimes in there) and now onto the next thing, the towers I feel like they all just seem kind of bland I liked how powerful they could be but sometimes they just didn’t feel great playing with, and then that ends my review it’s still a great game and it’s worth the cash but that’s everything I have to say.Version: 1.9.5

Please fix thisHi ironhide first off all I want to say I love the games but if you keep adding new heroes can people who purchased the all heroes pack before the update please get the new heroes as I purchased the all heroes and all towers pack back before the aquatic update and now I don’t have anything from after that update Thanks-.Version: 1.7.2

Another Kingdom Rush beauty !!I’ve played them all and really enjoying this one as well. There are so many good points to be made about the Kingdom Rush games but what tops the list is the value, hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay for such a small outlay. Yes it has in-app purchases but you do not need to buy anything to get through the game and have a great time in the process with more than enough variety. Just fantastic work again Ironhide !!.Version: 1.14.2

Really goodThis is my favourite kingdom rush game out of all.Version: 1.12.6

I love this game!In kingdom rush you fight against the bad guys but the revenge is here, I recommend you play ‘kingdom rush’ before you buy this game because it will make more sense. My favourite hero is the ice dragon because he freezes his enemies, and one of his ability does 30% of damage to the target witch means the more health they have the more damage it does. Good investment!.Version: 1.12.1

Another amazing game by Ironside just wish it had an endless modeI have played and beaten all the games in the kingdom rush series and this one by far is the best we’ve seen. The biggest and most notable change is to the tower systems with the ability to swap out different types of towers to fit your play style. I have seen lots of reviews condemning ironside for adding in paid towers to the game but having played and beat the game with all the basic towers before opting to buy new ones with money the game is totally playable and enjoyable this is not a paywall experience. The only complaint I have had since the first kingdom rush is that I wish it had a “sandbox” style endless mode with a few maps to choose from. I can’t tell you how many times I just really start getting into a certain level just for it to end at wave 15. If you have any doubts about this game don’t and buy it immediately. Hands down the best tower defense experience.,.Version: 1.5.2

Amazing Game So FarJust downloaded this game today and I have had a blast. I have played all of Ironhide’s kingdom rush games and this one is as amazing as the others. The art in this game is stunning (like all their other games) And I love how you select the towers instead of always using the base towers to. 5/5 Definitely get this game if you can..Version: 1.2

CoolCool game.Version: 1.10.2

Great game, stop locking content behind paywalls!I've been a fan of Ironhide since kingdom rush. They have earned a good reputation due to they're quality level designs and consistently stylised art (as well as humour and plenty of Easter eggs). I bough this one (despite it being the most expensive one yet) as soon as I noticed it was on the App Store due to the goodwill built by previous titles. I knew what I was in for, and they delivered on all the necessities; cheesy lines, fun gameplay, new towers etc. I enjoyed this title more than Frontiers and Origins, as it felt like a direct sequel to the first Kingdom Rush, and it brought a load of nostalgia (with returning characters, musical cues, world map and assets). Despite this, Ironhide shouldn't have locked towers behind paywalls. It felt greedy, and now two aspects of our beloved game (heroes and towers) have had sections removed and become microtransactions (or macrotransactions if you are silly enough to buy them all). Also, Ironhide, please add bonus levels as they are some of my favourite parts of the other instalments. The game is to short at the moment. In the end, I would still recommend this to Kingdom Rush fans, it lost a star for the steep price of entry and then the bevy of expensive microtransactions in the game..Version: 1.5.4

No Harder Difficulty RewardsThere are no achievements for completing the game on harder difficulties, only an achievement for completing the game in, what looks like, any difficulty setting. I got it for completing in normal. This doesn’t incentivise me as much as Iron Marines did (shout out!) for testing my mettle against harder difficulties, and I think the level icons should change/look more hardcore if you complete the on harder difficulties to help you track your progress. Also I know the paid towers are there to help support the developers, but how about a tower that you can only unlock by completing the game on “Veteran” mode, that’s cool and could help you to complete the game on “Impossible” mode? Could be like a special tower that heals your hero if they stand near it or a beastiary that summons cool creatures etc, something that offers a refreshed playing experience. Something like this would increase replayability and generate a greater sense of value for money I think. Also it would make it more likely people will pay for extra content to help them play through the game on harder difficulties. Fantastic voicing, animation and level design, really quality production, but as I say limited replayability for the price of extra content..Version: 1.3

Amazing, and nothing less than expected..The Kingdom Rush series of games have all been excellent and Rush: Vengeance is no different. All around amazing game and I'm always looking forward to new additions to the games and the series itself.. As a dedicated veteran of the series I find this game very fun and engaging and would recommend it to anyone who's teetering on the line of whether they want to buy this game or not. P.S. [To Devs] The game itself is amazing, but y'all should give people challenges in order to get the towers locked behind pay walls.. They're not necessarily needed to excel in the game but they're nice additions to anyone's load out into a level. That is my only gripe of the game, so if you guys could put in some way to attain these towers in game or, lower the actual monetary price of the towers themselves..Version: 1.2

Yet another great kingdom rushI love this game! This one is a bit harder than the others but that's not a bad thing. It just means it will take longer to conquer and that means more game time! When is the next kingdom rush coming out? I can't wait!.Version: 1.2

A bit of a backward step for IronhideBy far the least challenging of the entire KR saga. This results in the game not only feeling too short, but makes getting all the achievements a bit of a chore. On top of that, the in-game catch-phrases are not up to the standard I’ve come to expect from Ironhide. All that said, this is a solid game, and I really like the way they’ve split up tower-specialties into their own towers..Version: 1.5.4

My prayers have been answered!!I love this game!!! I’ve always wanted a evil kingdom rush and this one does not disappoint. There are a variety of towers to chose from although some have to be bought with real $$$, same goes for the villains which I’m a little disappointed in considering you only get 3 free ones and the rest are costly. My only problem with the game is that I feel like I didn’t get enough for the $4 I spent on this game. The game has a regular campaign but after that, there’s nothing! No side mission or survival games like in the other 3. All I ask is for more free towers and heroes and more content. Also another idea that I thought would be a cool feature is a sort of sandbox mode to the game where you can do whatever you want choose which enemies you defend against. Nevertheless they did an excellent job on this game and I can’t wait for the next one!!!.Version: 1.12.1

A little disappointedThe kingdom rush games have been my favourite games for some time now and one of the main things I really liked was endless mode. It offered so much replayability and given all the new towers and hero’s in vengeance , I think adding endless mode would make the game so much better.Version: 1.10.5

This is goodAbsolutely the greatest game I have ever laid my eyes upon. I would make love to this if it were real, please Ironhide, make this a reality. This game is just so good. I would pay $9 AUD, I’ll have you know, for this masterclass in mobile gaming. You have truly created something special. Kind regards, Vez’nan.Version: 1.1

Great gameGlad to see you went back to your original format. Did not like the Marine game , but this format is much more fun to play. Keep to this format as in my opinion this is a much better game than Clash of Clans which is the top downloaded game of this sort. I am always waiting for your next game to come out, so keep up the good work 😀.Version: 1.5.2

ReviewVery good game worth to pay.Version: 1.9.6

Awesome Game! But..This game is a blast! I have played every game Iron Hide has made and I have yet to be disappointed! Although the game is not free, this are the best $4.99 plus tax I had spent. You get a tower defense game that is repayable with different difficulties and achievements to get, some are pop culture references (that’s another thing I love!) as the title says there’s something “bad” and that is since I have an iPhone XS Max, the notch gets on the way blocking a part of the map which can be frustrating because sometimes the entrances for my base are covered by the notch I’m not able to deploy my heroes or bombs to stop those pesky stragglers that made it past my towers while they were busy targeting the rest. Maybe make the game fill the screen and hide the notch? Idk. Another minor problem I have is that you buy the game for $4.99 and some of the towers or heroes you might want cost more money and some of those add ons are $6.99. I would love for Iron Hide to maybe cut the price of those add ons in half (because you already spent $4.99 to be able to play the game) or charge a bit more for the game (maybe like $9.99 and include everything) This game is great I recommend everyone to try it!.Version: 1.3

Best mobile games series ever!I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series and Ironhide have have outdone themselves again with this epic new chapter. The gameplay is great and the level design and artwork is top notch. Challenging, entertaining and very replayable. This time you get to play from the bad guy’s point of view which I think is a great way to change it up a bit. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing the rest of the Kingdom Rush series, make sure you do to experience to complete storyline. Thanks Ironhide, I’ll be playing this one for a long while yet!.Version: 1.2

Really goodI’ve played this since I was about 5 and I’ve loved ironhide ever since. These are some of my favourite games and i love them. They could let you make your own level though..Version: 1.7.2

5 stars if you add an encyclopaediaThis game is great and totes worth the money. I have played Kingdom rush origins through and so the same with this one. It is just as good as the other instalments and probably better. The only flaw I have found is that there is no encyclopaedia to check up on enemies stats and so on. I have lost a few battles because there has been an enemy that I did not recognise but only recognised when it was too late. Please add the encyclopaedia and I will not be the only one thanking you guys. Best wishes, Pleading.Version: 1.9.5

The update with king Polyx is what is needed more of!!!The general campaign was lacking the diversity of new interesting enemies that I was easily able to counter with the general blocker, mage, and splash. With the small update including the new subsection of King Polyx and his aqua army, I was having to adjust my tactics and was having to think of new ways to counter these new enemies that were difficult to defend against, thus creating a more engaging and immersive experience that brought a smile across my face, as I had to refresh on many occasions, and attempt to defend against the onslaught that smashed my defences on previous attempts. Keep it up Ironhide!.Version: 1.6.1

Solid gameRe read heading.Version: 1.14.5

Brilliant!Have been a big fan of the series and happy to say that this entry still has the same fun and challenging formula. I think the addition of more customisation is a great addition and offers more ways to play. The only criticism is the cost of the hero’s. I hope there are special sale seasons in the future. Please keep the updates and sequels coming, there is no better TD game out there..Version: 1.2

Kingdom rushLike the other games I enjoy this a lot . One thing I don’t like is that you play as the bad guy and it doesn’t follow the other story in the other game. Also I don’t really like how you can choose different towers. The cartoon stile is a little weird too but you get use to. Aside from that this is a great game and another addition to the kingdom rush series.Version: 1.9.4

This Game is by far the best ever!I have been a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series of games science I was like four. I remember when the original one came out. I have bought, played, and loved all of the versions, and I highly recommend them. To me, when I saw this game, the price of buying it was a no-brainer. I new that 3 bucks is totally worth all of the fun, and versatility I would get from this game. To be quite frank, I would buy this one, (it is probably one of the best one’s) and then I would check out all of the other kingdom rushes. They are sooooo great! Anyway, back to vengeance. This one is cool because you get to play as the villain, (Vez’Nan) And I love the fact that you can choose which towers you use, and all of the different enemies and stages. Also, to someone like me that has played all of the games, (including iron marines, which I highly recommend) I start to recognize some of the hero’s and stuff. It just reminds me of all of the time I have played these games. Overall, if you are on the fence about purchasing this game, just do it. It is so worth it and you will not be disappointed!.Version: 1.9.0

Great GameKingdom rush games were always great, I loved the first gen and Frontiers the most while the wasn’t a big fan of the Origin. This is much better than the origin version. The developers are, in my opinion, still one of the most ethical in terms of how they price transactions; because you are not blocked behind a paywall like most other games are in the App Store. Keep up the great work!!.Version: 1.6.1

Great gameBetter on steam tho.Version: 1.14.5

Great designI’ve played all the Kingdom Rush games a lot as a TD they stand out for sure. While Vengeance costs a little extra to unlock additional towers, the ability to equip different towers opens the gameplay up for so many options and strategies. This is the new TD benchmark!!.Version: 1.12.1

UpdateTank your for update / merci pour la mise à jour tout fonctionne maintenant très bien !.Version: 1.10.2

The Standard for Tower DefenseIronhide’s tower defense games are true works of art, allowing the player to travel to a variety of environments using beautifully designed towers to take down hordes of invading goons. This latest instalment is no different; brash and cheeky where Origins was careful and artistic. Work your way back through Linirea, re-imagining the map from the first Kingdom Rush as you play as the bad guys for a change. I’ve had a lot of fun with the excellent presentation and challenging strategy-based gameplay..Version: 1.5.4

Great game & don’t complaint for IAPKingdom rush is my favorite iOS game. I have all series and still keep them on iPad. The game itself has great quality as previous one like it always. I understand ppl don’t like IAP, however it is not same case for kingdom rush. Premium heroes and towers are nice to have but it is not necessary to beat game. The devs bring lots more towers compare to last 3 games. It is not surprised that they charge few of them. I usually purchase some heroes I liked right away to support dev, then purchased all of rest once they are sale later on. It will be the same for tower this time. Some people think they already pay for the game then should get all of the content. But come on, those premium heroes and towers are just DLC which available instantly when game come out. WHY it has to be free? If you can’t afford it, that’s fine. Please don’t complain it any more. Last we all know devs will have update with new campaigns and heroes. Guessing this time if they will release more towers. I am willing to pay if those are cool..Version: 1.2

More of everything you love about KRYou won’t be disappointed, worth every penny of the price. There are special paid towers but at least so far it’s the same as heroes, not necessary to buy them to win, just interesting extras which make it a bit easier, you still only have 4 tower types per level so choosing the best ones for the level adds an extra layer of strategy. Noticeably harder than older versions but that’s a good thing for veteran players (:.Version: 1.2

Good gameJust like the original. very fun to play, I'm glad they made another game. Love all the new towers.Version: 1.9.5

Good, but limitedI found this played pretty well. It’s not pay to win - or at least no more so than the previous games. It’s much better than many competitors which are basically slot machines. The only problem I really have with it is that it’s short. It feels like there’s less to it than the previous games in the series. There are large empty areas of the map which show no signs of being filled..Version: 1.9.6

I love itWith it’s many Easter eggs, cringey lines and astonishing art, Kingdom Rush is finally back with a fine addition to the series borrowing a lot from KR Origins. The new diversity with towers is great and the map is gorgeous, can’t wait to ruin it all as I take over everyone and everything. I think so can probably say that this is the best game in the series and for me making it my favourite tower defence game of all time. Whilst being one of the most changed games in the series, having a few more hero’s to choose from would be awesome (payed for or not) and additional levels would really add to the game. Great graphics, great mechanics, great game I love it..Version: 1.1

Well worth itThe effort and polish that has gone into this game is phenomenal. Never disappointed by this developer 😊👌 I’m ever one to really by in app purchases but for anyone that does I can see many of them being worthwhile. More enjoyment from this than most AAA titles I’ve played recently on console. Keep it up!!.Version: 1.5.7

Amazing sequel again!Ironhide really knows what people love about their games. Great mix of strategic levels and many ways to beat them. Many achievements and little interactable extras in levels, cheesy lines and just fun overall. Amazing art. Only issues are a slight reduction in crazy enemy abilities/surprising turn arounds in levels(though I’m sure the levels they bring in the future will change that), no enemy stat/ability screen and I kind of miss being able to branch out the fourth level of towers and being able to change my strategy quickly. The enemies do get slightly boring and predictable even when changing areas. Oh look a standard flying/invincible for some time one, a beefy one, one that buffs others, a cannon fodder one etc. but that doesn’t happen too often I suppose, still fun. It’s great that the free heroes are very good and viable on their own even compared to the premium, same with the towers. Do wish you could eventually earn enough gems to buy them, but you never ‘need’ them. Can’t wait to see what ironhide does next! Maybe you’re the invading force against towers in the next game?.Version: 1.2

Favourite mobile game by a long shotMan, these guys have mastered the tower defence genre. Played at least 4 of their games, all though they’re all good, this one takes the cake. Well worth the money, balanced and just so fun. Looking forward to future additions to this game and the new ones to come..Version: 1.9.6

ExcellentThese games are always a pleasure to play, it’s easy to get sucked in to the game and pass hours of time, I’d easily recommend playing all of them as I have, I have also purchased characters on each of those games and this one, however, I think they’re extremely over priced and I will not be purchasing towers AND characters. Devs could of easily charged more for the game and kept the towers free to use..Version: 1.9.4

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