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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser app received 92 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Microsoft Edge: Web Browser? Can you share your negative thoughts about microsoft edge: web browser?

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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser for Negative User Reviews

ErrorIt was very good but pending recent time. Hopefully Microsoft fixes soon..Version: 46.3.13

Some Bugs to Iron OutHaving used the browser for a while I am generally happy with it and it has found its way to becoming my default browsing app with Safari having been sidelined, however there are still bugs in the program that need addressing. When opening a new tab, the 8 self populating quick links are now generating shortcuts to websites that have been opened using the Private Tab option and I would not expect these to be available in this manner, this seems like a fairly new issue as it never happened previously. The only way to get rid of them is to clear the browsing history. Also, I occasionally have difficulty where Edge will load a website but on scrolling down the page the screen does not refresh and it displays as if someone has literally cut the bottom of the page off. On a final note the continuity / timeline features only work for those with a personal Microsoft account, for those of us who have work assigned accounts these are not available and it would be most welcomed if Microsoft extended these add-ons to business users in the same vein..Version: 41.14.3

Really liked Edge until...Really liked Edge and made the switch from Chrome. When setting up it asked to sync my bookmarks which I did and all was fine until a day later. Duplicate bookmarks and multiplying. Did the removed duplicates feature and they came right back and subsequently duplicated them across all devices and browsers too (Chrome etc.). Had to make a clean copy of my bookmarks, store as a file, delete Edge and Chrome as well as disable all syncing on all devices. Installed a clean version of Chrome, imported bookmarks, and no all is fine. Support from Microsoft was poor, support from Google 1 was poor as each blamed the other. Though I will admit no issue ever using chrome. Shame as I really liked the Edge browser too. When it is for sure fixed I may give it another try..Version: 45.4.11

Needs some workI tried Edge on my iPhone and gave it a good go for a few weeks. However, there were 2 main issues which caused me to give up on it. The first was that randomly, but no more than a couple of days apart, I’d visit websites and find I had to login again. It was like cookies were being randomly cleared but I couldn’t find a setting to stop it. The second reason for giving up was the lack of sync to the PC version, despite being logged in to both with an Azure AD account..Version: 45.6.1

Edge for iOS password log on issues.Update 4 Dec 2021: I have knocked a star off my previous review because of differences in password acceptance between the iOS and Mac OS versions. Why are passwords being rejected by Edge for iOS for so-called unsafe websites, but the same passwords are accepted for the same websites on edge for Mac OS. This has only occurred on the latest Edge versions with iOS 15.1. Something has changed with Edge for iOS, and I cannot log on to my teacher’s website using my iPhone..Version: 96.1054.34

Still buggy.On some websites the share button, tab button and tap to hold won’t respond but menu and refresh will. I am a Microsoft user and hate when you have to keep going back to apple apps. I use iPhone Pro, so not a slow phone. I also don’t expect it to be better than safari, never. Other issues: Slide to back feels glitchy. Not smooth and responsive like safari. The whole app feels like need a re building as everything just feels unfinished and unstable. It also needs a good download manager. Don’t know why it is still like this even after several years. Edit: More issues: A lot of times, app is blank when opening. No controls - address bar or search bar or any menu bars etc..Version: 45.8.14

EdgeEdge sucks, need to download an older version but impossible to do for us that never had computers in school..Version: 97.1072.80

A speedy and functional browser, but has a serious flawThe basics of the review, the browser works, fast. It’s speedy and usually extremely responsive (at least for me it’s faster than Chrome even running on the same engine). Plenty of features, and sync seems to work well. However, all of this bursts into a big ball of flames if you have the cheek to swipe from left to right to go back a page, because it crashes your device. I’ve reinstalled, removed my account, the usual troubleshooting tips you’d expect even your Nan to do, and yet it still happens. It also happens on occasion if I press the back button on bottom bar as well. So I’m buggered if I accidentally forget and swipe back, because I’m about to get an automatic restart of the phone. It’s an extremely infuriating issue that plagues a very good browser when it’s actually not restarting your phone. Therefore I can only give two stars at this moment, I’d advise MS to look into this. Once the issue is fixed, I would be more than happy to revise this to a 4 star review..Version: 46.1.10

Winter icon is stupidNot at all professional. What a stupid waste of resources..Version: 98.1108.62

New update made it worseUnlike the old version. The new version’s read aloud no longer read selected, it just read from the beginning. The update drains more battery, unlike the old version, the app doesn’t go auto lock in read aloud, but now it does. What’s the point of making the app look better when the features gets worse? In the old version when there’s “…..” the Microsoft read aloud would usually skip it and read the next line but now it doesn’t. Please FIX IT..Version: 96.1054.49

Where do yo find tabs from other devices?Improved. Yet, on ipados I find that the all password managers freeze the edge app if y don’t enter the correct password. If the dialogue for password manager pops up and you don’t fill in something, the app freezes. Not sure if it is an OS bug, or edge bug….Version: 98.1108.62

Worst Browser Ever!I cannot write expletives here but I’ll say this much! If you are reading anything positive about this application it’s because someone is benefiting from doing so. Edge works well on a Microsoft platform system but is utter rubbish and crap for anything that is iSO based. It crashes, fails to load pages, looses page connection while you are reading and fails to recover from crashes. Safest bet is Safari for Apple users..Version: 96.1054.49

Not bad but a little brittleThis is a good Chromium browser. Much better than the last Edge :) It’s got a few issues tho - eg things that used to work oddly stop (latest update breaks autofill of passwords for which there’s no help in app support). This is a symptom of a rapidly updating product but it gives more of a beta feel than a production product. Not sure I like how it tries to Bing your world either, and the click bait suggested content is a mire of villainy. If they could make it a little more robust and stop trying to use it as a wedge to drive MSN News and Bing into my life, I’d switch to it as a daily driver :).Version: 45.3.8

Replacement for managed browserPerhaps some work should go into having this browser apex’s up as a replacement to the Microsoft Managed browser, which doesn’t render properly on iPhone X, and is generally a poor browsing experience..Version: 42.10.3

FAIL - No bookmark syncI've been with this browser since day one, keeping the faith. But no longer. The main problem is bookmark sync across devices just doesn't work. I mean Jesus H. The amount of HOT AIR that Microsoft spout over this is ridiculous. I just want to see bookmarks on my smartphone and laptop. Is that too much to ask? I'm extremely busy and I want something that just works. THIS DOES NOT WORK. Microsoft have all this c**p about "make sure this option is on", "Look on task manager to make sure this is running", "restart this process". My God it's like reprogramming the thing from scratch. And it still fails! Well I've had enough. From today I've gone to Chrome and activated sync to Safari. And guess what ... this ... just ... works. It's as simple as that. Oh the joy of bookmarks just spreading across all devices. Why those cretins at Microsoft can't do this in 2020 is beyond me. If you need to sync your bookmarks across devices (who doesn't?) then go for Chrome. Unlike this heap of h***e s**t, it just works! Well done Google!.Version: 44.10.16

Make this app available for iPadPlease make this app available for iPad..Version: 41.11

Surprised.I was surprising impressed, although it doesn’t recognise newer top level domains and goes to search instead of the domain. Please fix..Version: 42.10.3

Somethings gone wrong‘Continue on PC’ showed this literal text - “Error message”. Then the app crashed repeatedly. These things happen so I deleted and re-installed Edge. This time ‘Continue on PC’ lists my devices to continue on but upon selecting my laptop a new error - “Something went wrong. Try again later”. Then that device is gone from the ‘Continue on PC’ menu forever. Frustrated, I decide to tap the ‘Leave feedback’ option, type this whole thing out and tap Submit only for the message “Failed to submit feedback”. I can’t even submit feedback? Microsoft, come on, sort it out. I’ll keep trying for one or two more updates but beyond that I’ll have to reconsider Safari..Version: 45.3.19

96.1054.61 Version December 2021Way too many bugs to continue using this browser until they are fixed. I am on an iPhone SE Version 2. Can’t use Amazon or many e-commerce sites, shopping cart does not work with edge, however does work with safari. A news site I frequently use only displays adds on a timed refresh tlrather than articles, not the case prior or with safari. After updating to this version two days ago, all my shortcuts are gone, and newly recommended shortcuts had to be erased. Erasing the shortcuts was not as intuitive as before. Wow, this release is a mess..Version: 96.1054.61

Can't rate this update 0 starsThis update deleted all my favs, saved passwords, history..Version: 97.1072.56

Privacy invasive garbage from MicrocrapThis browser, just like on the Windows desktop, has become a POS of privacy-invading, disrespectful garbage… They CONSTANTLY change your search engine choice with each update, but now, they don’t even let you delete the default search engine choices, FORCING you to use BING, and when you choose something else, every few starts of the browser it changes back to BING!!! Deleted with expediency!!! If I could rate ZERO I would!!!.Version: 97.1072.80

Reader View MissingRating this 1 Star for now even though it does deserve more than that, but I’m hoping a developer can read this review. The app right now advertises its immersive reader mode, but it actually doesn’t work if it’s even available. Tried a few different webnovel sites like RoyalRoad and Scribblehub, but no matter what, the reader mode option just didn’t show up. If I wanted to contact support, it looks like I would have to jump through a bunch of hoops, so I’m leaving this review here. I’ll make sure to update it if it ever gets fixed. On another note, if the reader mode is fixed or added to the app, I'm hoping for it to really be an “immersive” reader. So every time a new web chapter is available, it will automatically load it (the next page) once I finish my current chapter. Safari used to do this, but unfortunately the last update removed this feature. The only browser I know that still does this on iOS is Alook..Version: 46.3.26

Worst update everWent from a good browser to a really bad browser over night. VERY slow. Links don’t work. It is unusable. Maybe the next “update” will fix it..Version: 96.1054.49

Good browser but needs a bit more workBeen using edge for both home and work use for a while now. It works ok most of the time, but get the odd time where you need to go back a page and reload in order for it to work properly. However between using Edge and Chrome, you’ll notice how many more sites are more reliable on Chrome. I wish there was a more condensed view of favourites similar to Safari. The current view takes too much space and demands a lot of scrolling if you have a large amount of favourites. That said, the latest updates have made the browser a lot more usable. It now remembers where you want to save favourites instead of defaulting to Mobile favourites all the time. The new interface is really clean too, much better than before. Sync still needs improving as it will regularly stop working forcing a manual reset and full sync to start working again. Edge is great for work use, but personal use is better with Chrome..Version: 95.1020.60

Freezes when typing in address barI love the new Microsoft Edge on PC and Mac, and for the most part, it works wonderfully in iOS. Recently, however, I have noticed that after launching the app, if I try to type in the address bar—either by tapping in it, or typing <⌘> + L on the Apple Smart keyboard for iPad Pro—the app freezes, becoming entirely unresponsive. The only solution at this point is to force quit the app. After relaunching, the app shows its usual startup logo for longer than normal (~2-3 seconds) before displaying the home page. All works fine as long as I don’t try to enter the browser address bar. I have uninstalled/reinstalled and checked/changed the iOS browser settings to no avail. Both the app and iOS (14.5.1) are up-to-date at the latest version. I believe this problem may have been going on for sometime, and that my attention hasn’t been drawn to it since I usually tap on bookmark favorites to navigate after launching the app (and only uncommonly type in the address bar after startup). I wonder if others have noticed this persistent, reproducible problem!.Version: 46.3.13

Odd bug/feature with tabs is just bafflingOne very odd thing i found is that the order of the tabs differ depending on whether you are in grid view or just using the tabs bar. The grid view displays the newest tab first, top left, then displays older tabs moving to the right, down. The problem is that when you go to a tab, the tabs bar display *oldest* first, starting from the left, and shows newly opened tabs moving to the right. It gets confusing when you have more than 5 tabs open, with you being at the right most end of your tabs bar but at the top left corner at the tabs grid. Edge has been very great to use as a browser! It hasn’t had any performance issues and has been a great alternative to chrome and safari. I hope the devs fix this issue because it’s the one thing it lacks that all the other browsers have..Version: 44.5.3

No iPad versionWhy is there no iPad version?.Version: 41.10

Nearly back to where we wereYou could not open the app onto the landing/new tab page after the big update. Now the option has been added back it, great you all say….there is a catch. If you choose “new tab” behaviour at startup, unfortunately it closes all open tabs. You only get one tab, the new tab. MICROSOFT, I want all my previous tabs to stay open AND for Edge to open on a new tab every time I launch it. This was possibly before. 6/10 for this..Version: 93.961.76

Stuff new lookDumb why change?.Version: 41.14.3

Amending this again after a few days useUnable to sign into NYTimes because doesn't handle recaptcha validation. No favorites bar; unclear how to add to quick start links. Needs work That said, the app feels comfortable to use. It syncs nicely with the PC version. Would prefer a favorites bar but the bookmark icon does feel comfortable to use. I look forward to further updates. As it is, I prefer to Safari and the IOS Chrome app. I make use of folders in favorites and have a long list of links in each folder. When I'm using a folder I like the favorites tag to remain in that folder. Previous versions worked well. This latest version returns to the root list after each link is accessed necessitating three clicks to get back to the folder's contents. Not good..Version: 42.1.1

Partially Useful for Windows UsersThis app looks really good and has over recent weeks become a lot more stable. However, note that Continue in PC doesn’t work (at least, not on my iPhone 8). It also doesn’t make it clear how to add icons to the desktop, is it even possible? But, as I said, this looks nice, the reading of web pages is very handy. It’s just a shame that some of the (non-essential) features simply don’t work..Version: 45.3.19

Back to SafariSync with desktop Edge does not work..Version: 99.1150.38

The iPad app needs workI have been using Microsoft Edge as my main browser now for a few years and have really had no major complaints and it has some distinct advantages over competition—specifically within the Microsoft ecosystem. The iPad app however is in need of some catch-up work. There are a few problems. Highlighting the address bar for copying web addresses doesn’t ever seem to want to cooperate and often does not make it to the clipboard for pasting. There is no option yet for adding sites to collections which is a big selling point of this browser. No extensions yet either. It needs to be developed alongside the iPhone version and both versions need to be caught up with the desktop to some degree also..Version: 46.2.5

Automatically delete tabsThere is NO warning given before the app automatically deletes the earlier tabs and the limit of tabs allowed is low. I didn’t know about it and I cannot get my deleted tabs back. Really disappointed. Also you cannot move tabs, only delete by swiping or tapping X. Accidentally swipe a tab? It’s gone. Safari does way better in these aspects. I lost all my tabs somehow but I don’t remember pressing close all tabs and there was no confirmation. Please can you put in a function to restore all tabs. This is ridiculous and unreliable..Version: 45.11.1

Randomly deletes open tabs.The app crashes fairly often but I could put up with that if my tabs were not deleted and no restore option provided to get them back. I have multiple tabs open at any given time and it is very frustrating when they close suddenly and are just gone. It is not acceptable that my only option is to go find the previous tabs via history. That is way too time consuming and clunky of a process. I am highly disappointed that this is an ongoing issue regardless of numerous updates. It appears that nobody cares to fix this issue. If a developer responds requesting evidence of said issue I will know they are not even reading my review. By the very nature of the issue it would be impossible to get evidence. Thanks for nothing. I will find another search engine..Version: 95.1020.60

😡I’m constantly losing all my tabs! I’ll go out of the app and into a different one, when I come back, all my tabs have been delete. This happens like one or twice a fortnight. I changed from chrome to here because it was quicker, but now I’d rather the slow browser than constantly being set back and stressing..Version: 42.5.3

TerribleTook 30 seconds to load when I was trying to add my phone to my pc, and I can’t even do that because it’s “currently unavailable”. Chrome is better.Version: 97.1072.80

Slow on iPhone, terrible user experience on ipadThis app takes about 7 seconds to load on my iPhone, when Safari takes about 2. It also takes much longer than Safari to load up websites. It feels like its running the old version of Edge but it has the new design. On the ipad it at actually feels like it's running the chromium edge as it is actually fast. However, the design it not unified with the Desktop and phone. For example, it has squared tabs which were removed from the desktop almost a year ago. Also it makes it 10 times harder to download things than Safari. And finally, this is just my opinion, it looks straight up ugly. Seriously, get some of the your Edge Mobile team to work on this. Until then, I'll use Chrome or Safari..Version: 46.1.2

Frequently freezes and crashes when starting upI have been trying to switch to edge for 2 years but it's actually unusable still. I have 6-10 tabs open at any given time and over 30% of the time I launch it, it freezes within 5 seconds and crashes. When I wait for it to finish crashing and open it back up, it'll pop up a prompt saying "edge crashed, restore tabs?", But if it crashes again, which it does about 1/3 of the time, I can no longer access the restore tabs feature, losing all my in progress workflow, and none of the tabs are in history or recently closed. This is obviously unacceptable, but the fact that it's so frequent is really embarrassing. Guess I have to go back to Chrome AGAIN. It's kind of mind boggling that it's so difficult to justify using in a situation where they already have very low market share. You'd think they'd be extra cognizant of massive issues like this..Version: 98.1108.62

Needs tab syncing workingIt's got a good browser UI but needs tab syncing implemented. Safari, Chrome have had it for years now. Why bother releasing it without something so basic..Version: 45.11.0

BustedThe latest update broke edge. Getting your browser is not supported error messages. Typical of everything microsloth touches. Not recommended for now.Version: 99.1150.38

Microsoft ecosystem trapThis app recognizes other microsoft accounts on your phone and tries to login in automatically. Microsoft is becoming new GOOGLE. Forcing people to login or create account to use thier apps. Gonna stick with open-source FIREFOX..Version: 44.10.7

Just frustratingI am beginning to love edge especially for work but I work for two different schools, with two different emails, so the app just doesn’t work for me. I have both accounts logged in on my work laptop and switch between them but the app only supports one work account. I have to fully log out, which deletes all my data and then log in again to the other account. Mircrosoft, you can do better than that. Please sort it out!.Version: 99.1150.38

Wanna have a laugh?1. Don’t like the home page? You can hide some stuff but there’s nothing else you can do! They even added a useless home button to add insult to injury. 2. Live outside Divided States of America? Sorry, mate... only search engines are Screwgle (DSoA only), TrashBing and SuckDuckGoAway. Can’t add your own, not even your local Screwgle. 3. Wanna block ads? Here, enjoy the best of all ad blockers: AdBlock Plus. Please, do disable the “acceptable ads” option and notice that it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. But... it should warm your heart to know that that is by design and the men at ABP are being handsomely paid for their work (by big companies). 4. Oh there’s news! 2020 is an amazing year and we need more news. What a great source of joy the news is. Bring us more news! 5. Microsoft rewards. Put up with crap service enough and you might earn enough points for an emote for your favourite game. 6. Don’t tell anyone but this app is fundamentally just a skin for Chrome..Version: 45.9.5

Does not syncIf you got excited about the possibility of linking your iPhone to your windows pc, save yourself some time and don’t bother installing. After opening the ‘Phone App’ on my computer, it’s stuck on a page asking me to log in to my email address. I’ve logged into the same email address on both my phone and computer , but it’s stuck on that page. Nothing on the help page online helps. Until they fix this glitch, there is no point using this app. Everything else that comes with the app is available in other browsers (e.g history across devices, saved passwords, etc) while the function i wanted (linking phone to pc) doesn’t work. If you simply want a browser, then this is for you. Otherwise don’t waste your time like I did . Cheers, Aquila.Version: 45.5.0

IPad support and desktop history tab neededGreat browser to work with iOS and windows 10. Would be nice to also support natively on iPad and also be able to search your desktop history in the iOS app so I can continue working on my phone where I left off..Version: 41.8

Sync favourites just not workingI have a dream ... that someday iOS Edge will sync my "favorites” with my Windows 10 favourites since I’m using same account . But no ...each new version does nothing and my iphone still has zero Favourites from Syncing! And unlike Chrome bookmarks, Edge Favourites handling has always been a mess between different devices ... you get nothing on iPhone, and in Win 10 you end up with some weird hybrid from each Win 10 device with no easy way to clean up and get consistency across devices. Still overall better than Safari for people used to Windows ..Version: 44.2.2

Close but not there yetI uninstalled this app because of the rendering of the web pages. The text was too small and the general appearance a little clunky. I did not find any setting to adjust the font in the app without going into system settings to adjust the entire system font size. Is there a setting? Then I thought I would fix this by choosing reader view. Much to my surprise I could not find this setting on any pages that I browsed except one. On this page, only the first paragraph would show, but still with small font size. I am disappointed because I am a fan of Edge on the PC and I use mostly Microsoft apps wherever I can in iOS. If I am missing something about Edge for iOS then someone please tell me and I will reinstall it. I will also update this review. I would like this app to be successful for me because it was excellent and superior to other iOS browsers in many ways..Version: 44.11.19

Good, but no natural voice for Read Aloud featureBy far my favourite feature of Edge on my desktop Windows PC is the Read Aloud feature which gives you NATURAL VOICE NARRATION. As of right now this is A missing feature on IOS Edge..Version: 45.6.7

CollectionsI downloaded this app because of the collections. Unfortunately they do not work as I had hoped. The saved pages do not update automatically and only link to the original page chosen. I use a rolling daily app and it would be great if the latest page was saved in the collection instead of having to set a new one each day and deleting the old. My old browser has tab groups which update (the only good thing). Please could this be incorporated into Edge. Thanks..Version: 99.1150.52

Reloads EverythingI really wanted to like this browser and most things including ad blocker are great. But it reloads all open webpages after 20 mins or so. So all open pages, podcast, work you are doing is lost, gone forever. No thanks Microsoft..Version: 42.4.2

Was great prior to update late Nov '21Was my favourite on Win 10, iOS on iPhone and iPad. However, an update late November 2021 has messed up the rendering somehow. Google results now look strange and often text is superimposed on top of other text. Also the URLs no longer reflect the page you're on, instead you only see the TLD name. I hope this situation improves..Version: 95.1020.60

Fast browser, short on featuresEdge is gorgeous and fast. But if you dig into Settings, you’ll quickly discover that there are nearly none. A July 2018 update added “additional search options” to Bing (which, by the way, is the lone advanced setting), and those turned out to be...wait for it...Google and Yahoo. Sharing also takes too many taps, the first of which is unintuitive. Icons saved as favorites on the new tab page come and go as they please. And the browser’s built-in voice command isn’t nearly as accurate as the mic on the iOS keyboard. A promising start that need tending. Next time, start at least equal to other browsers and improve from there, if you expect people to switch..Version: 42.3.6

Can’t continue work from phone onto computerI would have liked to be able to open a webpage from my phone on my computer as advertised but I am having issues and my feedback cannot be sent in app either. A solution to this would be much appreciated..Version: 45.3.19

So close to the ideal browserThis has become my default browser, but I have to rate it three stars for a few very specific reasons: 1. Auto-complete Suggestions for Search/Browsing: URLs and Favorites need to be prioritized. Often, I'll type in a full word (such as Wordle) and the page I've been visiting every day for weeks won't appear, even though it's a favorite. Now as a Top Site, it only appears when the full word itself is entered in. It's at the bottom of the list. This issue is also in the Desktop version. Favorites and Recent History need to become higher-priority items in the search results, and appear earlier. 2. Misleading links in Search: when entering in the full name of a website (such as "arstechnica" as a single word), I will see "Website" in the detail text of the search row. Why is this the Bing search result and not the Website itself? Better yet, why is the website not in the search result list at all?? 3. No way to add the current page as a Top Site. For all the functions in the ... menu, there is no simple "Add to Top" function. 4. Top Sites change, replacing ones I manually added. If numbers 1 and 2 get addressed, that alone would prompt me to update this to five stars. Those two things are much better/more consistent in Safari's search experience..Version: 98.1108.55

A few issuesI use Edge browser on my windows 10 computers near exclusively, and on my iPhone as much as possible. It’s a good browser but there are a few problems with the recent windows 10 update. (1) I can no longer forward websites to any of the 3 windows 10 OS since the update to the OS. (2) Should also be able to send pages I’m reading on my windows 10 desktop to my mobile iOS device. (3) Really need a way to be able to make the Edge browser (and others) become the default browser on iOS. Not sure why Apple has it restricted to only allow iOS default installed browser to be default when in the late 90s Microsoft was sued over this exact issue and lost the anti-trust case against them by Netscape..Version: 44.5.3

ErreurEn ouvrant, on m'offre une mise à jour que j'accepte. Ne fonctionne plus depuis ce temps..Version: 97.1072.56

Terrible BrowserEvery time an app says “can only be opened in edge”, I know I won’t be getting that task accomplished today. Its usually an overzealous blocking software that’s blocking me from accessing resources within my own company that I can access on my laptop. Its a corporate connected device, so it should have same access, but any app that diverts to edge is an app I delete because those links never work. Theres always some sort of issue on microsoft’s end that makes it sound like my own company doesnt want me to access my own work files on the device that they provided to me. I mean come on guys, whats the point of a corporate connected device if I can’t use any apps, I just get referred to edge to sign in and then told I cant. I can’t print from my work ipad, but I can from my work laptop. Does that sound like a rule that a company would have? Ofcourse not, its not blocked, its horrible software..Version: 99.1150.52

Nice extension of laptop browser but..Having Edge on the iPhone is handy but I am finding it freezes or slows right down quite often. A bit frustrating and I tend to end up going and finding the laptop to continue..Version: 42.8.5

Terrible appKeeps asking for updates then losing all tabs every single time. Even without an update just lost my history too. If it wasn’t for Xbox rewards I wouldn’t use it at all. Same with Mac version too, although that is slightly better and even the Xbox version doesn’t seem modern compared to Safari, Chrome and many others. Edge is slow, unintuitive, I can’t think of anything that good about this browser. I’ve tried loads and I guess one thing I can say Is it doesn’t crash much. That’s it. I’d look elsewhere if I was you. How this has so many positive reviews is beyond me. Oh well, each to their own I suppose..Version: 95.1020.60

Do not tell me what to think and try and determine what is true or notGet rid of that garbage NewsGuard add-on you added to app or at least have the decency to ASK me if I want to be told what to think (if I want the add-on turned on). This is Australia, we do not deserve the censorship rhetoric that is being served in the US right now. This is convenient web browser, DO NOT TRY AND BE MORE THAN THAT..Version: 46.1.2

Edge Favorites don’t syncI have both an Apple and PC desktop and have always been a supporter of Microsoft. I hate my Apple desktop but love the PC. I love my Apple mobile devices and hate all other (including the surface PC I have). When I was prompted by Microsoft to share my data amongst all my devices I jumped on the opportunity. I have no problems with Safari but this is Microsoft and why not. I installed Edge it is a blank browser. I did not import my favorites and it does not give me the option to do that. You would think if you were logged into your account it would do that automatically not to mention all other browser installs ask if you want to import the favorites. To me it is not worth the effort to install this app and spend hours trying to figure out how to install my favorites let only going through each one and adding them again..Version: 45.2.16

Freezes for a whole 30 seconds each time I start the appWhen I start the app (was killed or after a phone reboot) the app just hang there, then eventually crash. Click again on the icon and it starts just well. It’s been doing that since July 2021 at least. Was hoping it gets fixed. I really enjoy the app and the link with the desktop edge so I don’t want to change the browser..Version: 97.1072.56

Pop up Adware GarbageYou force me to download this app to access Microsoft Outlook Corporate email on my iPad for work, and then bloat it with Microsoft pop up’s and requests to login to sync etc. Unprofessional. I would use Safari if I could but the Outlook client due to policy security reasons doesn’t let me..Version: 100.1185.29

Hidden bookmarksIt’s a browser, and being on iOS that means a re-skinned version of Safari. That means it works as well as any other browser, therefore you need to look at how the layout and sync features perform… It syncs bookmarks, search history, etc. to other systems using the Edge browser without issue. What a shame that the new layout is poor. Bookmarks, a feature used very often, have been relegated behind the ellipsis “extra features” button, and require additional clicks to find. Whereas Collections and Share are promoted to main buttons; but I have never, and will never use these features. Who decided these should be the main buttons?!?.Version: 93.961.47

Good browser, needs moreI like using edge instead of safari mostly because safari is to me just boring. I like the fact I can make my browser dark, to me it just looks better. It's fast and accurate. There are only a few things I would like to see changed, first would be implementing 3d touch for viewing links the way safari does, second be the ability to add your favorites to the start screen when edge is first started, and the only other thing I would like to see is fixing the problem of saving gif images that are actually animated, I have tried several times unsuccessfully to save gifs, and unfortunately am forced to revert back to using safari to save any kind of animated pictures. Fix those 3 things and this will be a 5 star browser..Version: 41.6

Some Serious LimitationsI’ve given it 3 stars as I like the new Edge in general, inc. on iPadOS but it has some serious limitations. SIGNIFICANTLY - there is NO function to download files, or even to share to Files app or MS own OneDrive app! If iPads and phones are productivity devices now, how am I supposed to work when I can’t save a file? Needless to say, Safari does this - which I DO NOT want to use. Also sync does not work, or as expected at least. I’d expect my visited sites and favourites to fully sync via my MS account yet they do not, and it seems neither do passwords. Saved passwords are variable also as to detection of forms to complete. As I say though, there is no see less sync of visited sites, inc. history. ALSO, every website detects this as a very old version of Safari - why is this? And things like WhatsApp Web do’t detect it as a desktop app even in desktop mode. This again is a serious limitation and makes using the iPad as a productivity device, which Apple do sell them as now, impossible. I will have to use another browser temporarily which is frustrating..Version: 45.9.5

Unreliable to just not working Syncing across devicesI really love edge but unfortunately recently Syncing has completely stopped working on my iPhone with 15.4.1 and just will not work whatever I do or whatever Microsoft support documents say like try resetting sync, turning off and on, clearing cache, deleting app and re installing again, but works on my iPad with exactly the same settings and setup. Even restored and wiped my iPhone still no syncing. Sync semi worked once but was missing half of my passwords and bookmarks. Looking at the internal logs edge://sync-internals/ shows errors and failures. 0 password synced, even after a few hours, nothing is synced if it’s the case I have to wait a day then that is just not acceptable. Microsoft support will not support although it’s their browser but it’s on iOS and blame Apple. Apple won’t support because there is no issue with my phone and it’s not their software so I’m stuck with a busted browser. I would advise you check all of your devices if you are using Microsoft Sync and make sure all your passwords and bookmarks etc are the same across all of your devices. Until this is addressed have to go back to Safari or try Chrome..Version: 100.1185.39

Doesn’t allow read aloud for external PDFsDoesn’t allow read aloud for the PDFs I have downloaded on my iPad..Version: 100.1185.29

Some basic features missing.Favourites syncing with Edge for Windows 10 not nearly as responsive as Chrome’s equivalent. Update October 2018 - would have thought the syncing problems would be solved by now. But no, syncing is still slow or just doesn’t happen. Edits to favourites in Edge for Windows 10 doesn’t sync at all - sad..Version: 42.6.3

Won’t sync with windows edgeHas the potential to be the best browser…. IF….. it would actually sync with edge in windows. I have tried called Microsoft and all they say is “we don’t support ios” which is so ridiculous because they’re making an edge browser for it. I also emailed the tech emails in recent review responses and no one has replied. This is a joke. Billion dollar company can’t make sync on their iOS browser work smoothly. Sad and disappointing..Version: 97.1072.56

ErraticJust deleted all my opened tabs after I decided to sign in. History deleted and not synced as well. Great thanks a lot.Version: 46.1.2

Issues far outweigh its usefulnessSummary: The issues far outweigh the benefits. It’s clear MS is still trying to play catch-up, and are still far behind. This browser has good privacy, but the issues it has make it near unusable about half the time. I had gotten better over the year but the fact that it seems to have some serious issues when using Google as the search engine means I don’t recommend it. The good: it works more like chrome and sites work good (good, not great). The privacy features are a plus, even over chrome. I’ve chosen to use it over chrome for this issue. The bad: using google as the search engine causes issues on every search past the first one. If you go into app switcher, close edge and search. No issues. If you come back several minutes later and search again in the same tab, the search freezes and the browser does nothing. MS - I’m not going to use Bing. It’s crappy (I’ve tried multiple times a year and it hasn’t gotten better). Stop handicapping other search engines to push your own stuff. Certain sites which are coded to hide the search and option bars, have issues when trying to get those bars to show up. Edge starts to act like no touch events are being made so it takes a lot of clicks to get them to show so I can navigate elsewhere. Either that or edge is just slow in responding to this. Neither of which is good..Version: 45.12.4

No DuckDuckGo on iPhone versionThis looks like a nice, clean, chromium-based browser. I am trying to decrease my Google footprint. The iPad version of Edge gives me the option for Google or Bing. The iPad version also includes DuckDuckGo. Why does the phone version not do this?.Version: 44.2.2

Good, with a few key problemsLack of extension support (so no Adblock possible). No way for it to identify as mobile safari to take advantage of websites formatted for iPhone screens (for example, google news). Force touch to preview links for example doesn’t work..Version: 41.6

Still playing Chrome catch-up, but not badI rarely use Edge. There's nothing wrong with it, I just have 15+ years of synchronised Chrome data (bookmarks, history, extensions, settings), accumulated while avoiding the terrible Internet Explorer, which means there's no reason to switch. I did that with Firefox back in 2009, and Chrome fills every need in one way or another, so little need to shop around for a new browser. The constant begging to use Bing over Google just feels desperate, too, like I'm being constantly harangued by the Microsoft marketing department. Yet I use Windows 10, and it's nice to have some big-screen pc integration with my iPhone. Edge seems to be making a few strides towards having a seamless cross-device experience. Being able to send texts direct from my PC, which I can already do with WhatsApp (and Mac users have been able to for years), is a Nice Thing To Have. And sending web pages from phone to PC feels like a pleasantly smooth and reactive transition. So who knows, maybe I'll start using Edge a bit more in the future..Version: 44.6.1

Bottom bar interfers with PW managers hampering disabled peopleThere is a new bar at the bottom of this browser which is interfering with password manages like Keeper, and Dashlane. Also the Edge password manager tries to take over from time to time, EVEN THOUGH IT IS TURNED OFF. The app also aggressively turns these settings back to default every update, and resumes recording the personal information you told it not to in the settings. You guys need to fix this. - Stop recording personal information, when people have previously told you they don’t want your app storing their personal information. This is a privacy violation. - Stop resetting the settings each time the app updates, which tell the app NOT to record my personal information (eg: “Addresses”). This is anticompetitive. - Get rid of that bar at the bottom that interferes with the password managers slide up, thus hampering people with physical disabilities. This violates WCAG legislation. These are lurking lawsuits..Version: 97.1072.56

Crashes my iPhone when accessing searched pagesThis is fine if you only want to search for things and view the initial list of returned searches. If you choose to actually visit a page from that search within the app is when things get unstable. You can usually see the initial webpage but when you start to navigate around or try to go back to the original search page is when things start to go wrong. The app becomes unresponsive and more often than not locks up my iPhone and causes it to restart. I assume from the average review scores that this isn’t a common issue as to me it’s pretty much unusable. I only use the app to help with searches for Microsoft Rewards programme because I can get bing and edge searches at the same time. But I’d never choose to use it over safari or chrome on my phone..Version: 93.961.47

Useless on my iPhone XRWhen I try to start it, it either crashes or freezes. Totally useless so I deleted it..Version: 45.12.4

No tab syncing and too many clicksI love edge fir desktop, but without tab syncing, it’s not worth using edge on iOS. Mobile browsers should be quick, and it takes too many clicks to get between tasks and to open favorites. Opening a new tab or clicking in the url bar should reveal a list of favorites to choose from (like in safari), and not some shortened quick access menu. The three-dot menu at the bottom should also fully expand when clicked or have further customization, as it requires a secondary swipe to see all the options available. These are nit-picky things, but it’s those little details that make permanently switching browsers worth it..Version: 45.10.3

Losing my signed in sessions every weekThe browser works OK, predominantly use it for accessing Microsoft’s cloud services including Azure DevOps and 365 for work, however I am finding I’m repeatedly getting signed out only after a week and needing to individually sign back with 2FA into these services. Quite a significant hassle. I don't have this issue with Edge on any other platform (windows 10 pro, 21H1).Version: 46.3.26

Weird syncing issuesI went all in with edge to take advantage of the enterprise account integrations to the browser and syncing between devices. It’s extremely frustrating to invest time into the browser on iOS only to get error messages and no explanation on how to address them issues. I logged out to reset and it won’t sync now. “Something went wrong. [2400]” Maybe it is an SSO issue, but the experience with the browser happens on mobile and on desktop with zero explanation. Searching online for help yielded little to zero help on how to troubleshoot. [update] Reply to Microsoft’s developer response: I have now submitted feedback within the edge app. I’d hate to have to go back to bloated chrome browser. Edge has so much going for it, I hope you contact me and connect it to this review and trouble shoot this extremely frustrating issue. Rco****** at *****ics com.Version: 93.961.47

MhmmOverall good app with many features but one most important feature that bothers me is that pdf files are corrupted when I download from my university's moodle site. I have to use Safari to download files from there. It could be an issue with private pdf files..Version: 45.4.11

I AM NOT IN THE UK!!!I think that Microsoft Edge is hands-down the best browser out there, and for that reason I’m pretty devastated to finally give up and delete the app..... meaning I also have to delete it from all my other devices so that everything can sync. The iPhone app continues to change my location to the United Kingdom, essentially destroying any hope for helpful search results. I can’t tell you how many times I have changed the setting back, cleared my data/history/cookies, deleted and reinstalled, and sifted through proposed solutions on technical support message boards..... Today I finally had enough and pulled the plug. Please PLEASE let me know if this bug ever gets fixed. In the meantime I’ll be browsing with boring ol’ Safari. ☹️.Version: 46.2.5

Forced to useMicrosoft teams forcing people to use Edge when opening links..Version: 97.1072.80

Weird bugs, but solid stillIt’s great to use, better than Chrome and safari but just has some bizarre bugs. Occasionally, the address bar/top UI will completely vanish, requiring you to restart the app to use it again, because you can’t search for anything. I’m not sure if this is some weird setting, but I don’t see anyway to fix it, and it happens often enough that I’m considering going back to chrome or something. Adblock doesn’t appear to work at all, and breaks some sites (including google??) if it’s enabled, but since none of the other main browsers offer anything similar I won’t mark them down for it..Version: 46.3.26

Nothing special. More usable in iOS than WindowsEdge is just a browser with no special offerings for power users in iOS. At least it is usable much more so than in Windows within the iOS environment. There are much better browsers for iOS. But if you have simple needs as I do, it is more than adequate for day to day browsing. Additionally it feel more solid and responsive, easy to use and uncomplicated. Okay for beginners or for a backup browser for power users..Version: 41.14

Needs improvement for magic keyboard usersEDGE is lacking full trackpad support, and has a very limited number of keyboard short cuts. It’s not even possible to ctrl tab through open tabs! It would also be useful to br able to open previously closed tabs with cmd shift t. A setting to turn off the annoying ‘hide header on scroll’ behaviour would also be the godsend to finally make me leave safari for good..Version: 45.9.18

Solid, but...I like Edge because of the better cross-platform availability when it comes to bookmark management. (However, creating bookmarks must be done from Windows - if you do it from this app it says "Added to Favorites" without ever letting you choose a folder, and sure enough the added Favorite is nowhere to be found - what a shame.) What drives me nuts about this browser is that MS chose to arrogantly swap the main buttons around - if you want to compete with Apple’s iOS browser on their home turf then it makes sense to respect the muscle memory users have grown over many years of using Safari. That and the Favorites issue is enough recurring frustration for me to cut away two stars..Version: 45.7.12

ScamI was on google just playing around when all of a sudden this random thing pops up and it says congratulations you have won an iPhone X and it forces you to the page. This has only started happening since I got the app so I’m a bit concerned 😟.Version: 44.1.3

Thumbnails show inaccurate information!Thumbnails will change automatically to different ones, either old visited website thumbnails or even from incognito tabs in normal browsing mode, can’t trust this browser in terms of privacy, wish if it was free of excessive bugs...Version: 45.9.18

ShameI’ve just upgraded my PC and it has Windows 10 and with this browser being the standard it was recommended, from a security point of view, that it be installed on my phone! That’s where the problem started, I’m afraid. I have an iPhone 7 and I’ve had to delete ‘edge’ because of the battery usage! It absurdly absolutely eats battery life! Sorry, but there you go - it’s gone! Shame because, on the PC, it appears to be a very stable browser - far better that the old ‘Ms-explorer’, but there ya go! Thanks for your response, and it appears that I may have been a little hasty in putting the blame for the loss of battery onto your shoulders! All I know is that despite me having not used it on my phone, other than the initial sign in that is, it was well and truly planted at the top of the list in the battery usage list within ‘settings’ at 34% for the previous 24 hours. Because, with there being no apparent difference, I have actually looked at the problem on the Apple web site and I’m not the only one to have their battery usage increased (5 hours instead of the used to be, at least 12 hours!) The ‘system update/upgrade’🤪 to 13.4 is the problem apparently! So I think we’re all looking forward the 13.4.1 update which will hopefully include a ‘fix’ for this problem! Thanks again!.Version: 45.2.16

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