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Pocket Build app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket build?

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A good place to start.I really am enthralled with the idea to create whatever I can dream up. However it doesn’t seem that I’ll be able to do that with this application. The lack of a tutorial leaves the player overwhelmed with what they have at their fingertips. It would help to understand how all the pieces were designed to fit together. In the end it feels as if you’re doing something wrong when trying to create just about anything. A button to move the item you are manipulating up or down a layer would be fantastic. I am also confused as to why some of the placeable item are labeled with an identifier and others are not. I feel without the labels it’s difficult to know exactly what the object is with such a tiny thumbnail image. It would also be nice to see if certain items are useful for gathering food or wood at a glance. It would be nice if the different humanoid characters were skilled at different tasks. It would be cool to have some of the objects grant more than a tiny bit of resources. I’m confused by the need to have items cost resources in the first place. Because of this I feel there should be more gameplay. As of right now the resources just build a wall up and block the player from accessing all of the items in the menu. There seems to be no good reason for this other than to make you “wait.” While I am waiting I’d like to be having fun rather than being frustrated..Version: 1.8.2

Big update feedbackCan you make more ruins more buildings and a ruins temple Building blocks more paths add cars and pirate ship in special decorations not wrecked make rain and fog more lights you can colour some buildings and also you can purchase infinity wood or gold or food in every world Make a new human the normal builder he builds normal homes a good builder he builds big stuff and an rare builder he builds temples and big stuff and also there's more decoration and also the builders you can command them And you have to place building parts like a wood for some buildings the builders pick up stone and build with it make Future buildings with a future builder and also make a wood lodge you put them near trees and 3 people come out and cut trees and bring wood back also mines you put them next to rocks and you can upgrade buildings and also sometimes you can control people and make a farm and barns 3 people come out and grow plants and collect them but mor recourses metal tin copper diamonds stone And also in your town if you have people you need entertainment buildings or your people won't work also the catapults and other transport can be used and also you can build house caves more castle parts and more destroyed buildings thanks hope this is going to be a update I can't wait on last thing creative mode and I will love if you can go first person on one of your characters and do stuff.Version: 1.8.34

Good game would love to see it growIm liking the game and its art style, it is clear that the dev(s) care about the game however there is a few improvements that could see this game’s full potential First and probably the biggest thing. I like how there is a creative mode where you can build any size city but a survival mode would be fantastic where you have to manage your city against natural problems such as hunger and disasters or even a rival AI. A change in resource management is needed like adding in stone and metal making buildings cost these resources in a survival mode. More items and buildings and with names even if its just blue house 1. PvP, PvE or Co-op.Version: 1.5.4

Gameplay is not too goodI like how beautiful the game is and how creative you can get on building stuff, but there’s an element of gameplay that’s just missing... like what are we mining gold for? What are we getting wood for? Is that all? I don’t like to make my characters attack each other, so this feature isn’t too useful.... I wish you could have specialised buildings that transform elements into more complex elements to be able to build unique stuff. Basically it should be a little more like minecraft (even though I assume that you are trying to differentiate yourself from it). Being able to discover new things in order to build things like complex buildings just makes the gameplay more exciting. If you can build all these buildings straight away, then it’s a bit boring... but if you unlock new buildings by unlocking new cool elements that you discovered, it makes the player look forward to something instead of tapping on all the nice stuff and then getting bored. It also takes a while to get creative in this game... it would be nice to have a tutorial that could guide the user to build castles for example. Overall I really like the graphics, but not much to look forward to....Version: 1.9.1

Good game needs workThis game is a really fun, interesting, and time killing game. My only issue with this game is that the reset to default world button does not have a secondary, “are you sure you would like to reset?” Response, meaning you could leave your phone on the game in the settings and as you’re walking you might accidentally hit reset to default world. I built a really nice and large castle, built out the smallest island to be bigger then all of the rest combined, bought over 500 workers, planted trees and crops on every inch of the large island, and built a goblin and human empire. This was all ruined when I went out to sea and got lost, I looked in the help and it said, “hit reset to starting point”, that’s not what the button says, the button says “go back to starting point”, I thought it was going to say reset, so I hit the first button I saw say reset, and poof, no “are you sure you want to delete it?” Or anything, just poof and all the hours upon hours of work I put in, just disappeared and there is no way to go back. Because of this tragedy, I haven’t been able to bring myself back to this game to continue building. Please, please at least make a go back button to go back to deleted worlds, and also, please add an “are you sure?” response to hitting start from scratch and reset to default world..Version: 1.8.34

What am I supposed to do here?Ok, so I can build a little town with people in it and have them harvest crops and ... thats it. There are lots of buildings which, as far as I can tell, are just there for decoration, there are lots of weapons and goblin stuff, again all decoration, and “vehicles” like carts and boats, more decor. All the people do is walk around in circles and harvest crops if they come across any. They wont use the weapons or carts, they wont fight each other, they wont even hunt the animals! If they walk into an animal or building they just phase through, no interaction whatsoever. Some of these building had doors and hatches on the top which led me to believe that the npc’s could maybe go in them or use them as guard post or something, but no, sadly these are apparently only there to look pretty. Perhaps I'm missing something or not doing something right, and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that this is nothing more than a 3D painting or something, not really a game. The graphics are nice and the building mechanics are pretty good to but this app lacks the ability to do anything interesting. To be honest, I expected a lot more out of this game then what was provided..Version: 1.5.2

Take this into accountThis game, looks amazing. It has so much potential and can go very far places. From everything I’ve seen, the developers are very transparent and communicate very well with their following. At the moment, the game is just an empty sandbox where you can build anything with no restraint. This to me, isn’t fun. I was expecting this game to be like a city builder, starting out as a lower classed type of city and then slowly building you way up to modern cities and skylines. For example, take games like Clash of Clans or Simcity. The ways those games work could be amazing for this game. The current world you start out as could be your village when starting. And from farming with villagers, cutting trees and collecting stone and things like this to build structures and slowly make your way up to more complex and modern buildings. It’s just a suggestion, but could work very well for this type of game..Version: 1.8.1

It’s ok :/Its ok, it’s not really what I was expecting. There is no real game to it, it’s more of a toy where you build a model town or something. None of the buildings do anything, and most of them require no resources to build, they are just for aesthetics and it’s impossible to fail (or to succeed in any meaningful way). Saying that, Its very relaxing, I like the graphics and you are able to build a good looking city, it also has a huge library of lovingly crafted assets to build it with But it doesn’t feel alive in any way unfortunately :( . Weirdly I am still ‘playing’ it and I think it’s got great potential if the devs incorporated some proper gameplay to go along with the toy-like sandbox mode, but as it is now it feels quite bare for someone like me. I hope everyone else enjoys it, it’s cheap at least, so if it interests you as it did me I would say buy it..Version: 2.4

If you just want to build with no point..Like the title of my review says... if you just want to build things with no real point of challenge or story, then I guess it's okay. That's the problem with it though. There's no point to it and after you've built your world up to your liking (I designed mine like a kingdom with several small, connected towns). After that, there's literally nothing to do. Also, the path connectivity is very poorly done. None of the villagers / characters would walk across any of my bridges, and even if you're very careful about how you build your paths, you'll eventually run into an issue where the path won't necessarily connect evenly with the rest of your paths. This was especially problematic for my castle and the king just kept walking from one end of the path to the other, a total of 2 small path squares and that's it. So although the path looked normal to the human eye.. the characters refuse to walk on anything that isn't 100% mesh. That was incredibly disappointing to me. It also made me realize that having any 'islands' connected by bridges (which was how I had mine setup) was completely pointless because they were 'unreachable' by any character that I didn't forcefully add or drag there. Overall... it's a nice time killer, but gets very boring very quickly and is a little too buggy for my taste. Maybe I'll play again someday when they've worked out the kinks a little better..Version: 1.6

Really good, but a few faultsThe game is beautiful, it allows you to create pretty much whatever you want from the items your given with no wait times or anything like that but there is some things in this game that will make you want to tear your hair out. I’ve just been playing it and I was really enjoying it, but then I placed a block down that I didn’t want. I then tried to break the block but instead started destroying other blocks that I actually wanted, for some reason I was click the block that I didn’t like but was destroying all other blocks around it that I wanted. So after a few hours of getting things perfect I now have to re do most of the work again to re-build my castle I was making. This happens quite a lot in the game and I can’t understand why, maybe it because the game has so much going for it that it can’t handle it, or maybe it’s just a bug. Whatever the reason I believe that it’s a really good game if you like to build things and get creative, but it still needs room for adjustment and needs to get the kinks worked out..Version: 1.9.6

Worst Game EverI bought bonus item in this game few months ago, then I deleted it; because I got bored with it. Then when I decided to play it again, all of my bonus item I collected are all gone. What is this? Are you guys just collecting money without making sure the players are enjoying the game?.Version: 3.41

I’m disgusted.A disgustingly scummy app. Increase the initial price and ditch the in-app purchases, or make it free. The app is incredibly lacking in both gameplay, and the “building” aspect. In order to rectify this you can buy additional build items, for $1 a pop. A single additional cosmetic item can cost, at the minimum, $0.99. There are 76 build items available for purchase in their store. Nearly $76 to unlock all items. The game doesn’t make up for it in any way, as everything feels incomplete. It’s incredibly misleading, and I can barely believe that I paid $2.79 for what should have been a beta, free-to-play game. At most, I was able to scrounge up 20 minutes of entertainment from my purchase. Even if the promised updates do come to fruition, nothing was worth this price. Yes, support the developers, but don’t bleed customers dry. I’m not even going to bother touching on all the bugs, poor design choices, and abysmal “gameplay” features. Do yourself a favour, and spend your money elsewhere..Version: 2.82

Great game, bothersome loading issuesThis game is wonderful to play! The styling of it and vast array of options there are for building your world leave you feeling creatively satisfied, and it truly provides a pocket-sized escape into your own world. The only issue is that every time I open the game, I have a good number of missing people and creatures, even ones that have cost me a lot of resource. Further more, when I used to be able to mine things while I had the game closed down, it doesn’t any more. Every time I log in, I have the same amount of wood, food and gold, and they only start increasing while I have the game open. It’s a shame that this happens as it can really detract from the fun of playing it when you have the disappointment of missing characters and resources..Version: 2.31

Not what i expected..Overall this game blew me away in graphics and the tiny details made into this game, but it’s not really the thing i was expecting. What i was expecting was a survival game where you build your castle, defend your village but manage your kingdom as well gathering resources and materials to expand , but what i got was a sorta “God like” mode where your build everything from scratch and design your own kingdom or castle. Although I did really enjoy the game for a short time, plusi would recommend if you enjoy creating a magnificent scenery. So in the end this game wasn’t for me, as i did spend a couple of dollars on this game, but was worth the try and at least give the game a go, but didn’t end in me wanting to play more, But this game wasn’t terrible it had amazing aspects that made it beautiful so if you do enjoy this type of game, then go ahead and purchase it. ⭐️.Version: 1.7.22

Not bad at allIt’s just not for me. I find that the “normal” mode is extremely slow, worse than clicker games, since the game needs to be open. Not that that’s something you can change safely. A speed up option would be appreciated, though. The controls of the first person mode are janky and un-moddable, which makes it hard to do things yourself. Some button mapping and sensitivity scales might be useful. the base controls are very meticulous; hard to use, let alone get used to. I know it’s strictly a sandbox game, but you could add goals or an end objective in the normal mode - Maybe a checklist or something. And, finally, I feel that it’s a bit too early to release it fully. I realize it’s hard to get the money to continue developing the game, but you could’ve made the game free, with a slightly more expensive “pro” in-app purchase. TL;DR, its not at all bad, but it’s too new for me to buy. Very slow, and difficult controls with, all said and done, not much to do..Version: 3.1

Pocket buildThis is a really good game I like it a lot.Version: 3.3

Fantastic Game!This is a very well built game, and has been updated several times since I’ve purchased it. However the auto-saving feature of this game is lacking a crucial element for multi-device gaming. After building for several hours on my phone, I decided to switch over to my iPad. I closed the app on my phone, however it was running in the background on my iPad. While the auto-save worked perfectly fine on my phone, as soon I opened the app on my iPad the auto-save rewrote and older version of my world over the hours of work I just completed! I could not find any way to recover this, or adjust the auto-saving on my other device. Auto-saving should provide a unique ID with each save state, and check the current session runtime against the save it’s trying to overwrite. The solution would be as follows: track the amount of time the app is open, assign time stamps to saves, and compare the latest save time stamp to the amount of time the app has been open. If timestamp > time open or if current time - time open ~= timestamp then DO NOT OVERWRITE. Fix this and you will receive five stars. For now I will have to be more aware when I am playing across devices..Version: 2.97

Thought this was gonna be a game I loved...When I first saw this game on the apple store I thought it was gonna be a management type game where you start of with a simple village and work you way up. It was clear I was wrong the game lets you build anything and everything from the start I personally do not like this, I know there are some people that enjoy this thing having a sense of freedom but I what I wanted from this game was a sense of accomplishment and progression I can see now that this game is not going to give that to me which is a shame since I enjoy how this game looks simple stands out to any other mobile game and console game I’ve played. If there was something that would bring me back to this is a more where you can build towards something instead of the game giving you everything from day 1 games like minecraft do this perfectly fine with two different modes that lets you be creative as possible and another that lets you working towards surviving and progressing. I’m not asking for boss battles just something that can feel meaningful in this game..Version: 2.0.1

Turn Off MusicCute-looking little game, but it really needs a setting to turn off just the music. Currently you can only turn sound off entirely, but if you want any sort of audio feedback on your actions, you are subjected to the same two notes in a ridiculously short loop (think 9-notes long), over and over and over again. edit: Thank you dev for the quick response! The guitar's definitely nice, but so so short. Alternately if the music went for long enough that you don't notice when it repeats, that'd be an equally effective change. Anyway, looking forward to giving the 5 stars with the update. Thanks :).Version: 1.4.1

Game crashes consistently :(Downloaded this game after a friend recommended it, game got off to a fantastic start, I sunk multiple hours building up my town and resources, but however once I started placing multiple giants the game started consistently crashing, now it’s just gotten point where the game won’t even load without crashing... I tried reinstalling the app but when I loaded my town off the cloud it just instantly crashed the game again :( I really wanted to give this 5 stars but since I can’t even load the game properly I’ve had to give it this rating. Playing on IOS 12.1.3 on an IPhone 6. Hope you can fix this....Version: 1.9.7

No clueI bought this game not really sure what to expect. I looked at the trailer, read reviews and then bought the game. It’s an amazing idea. I love the big open spaces and possibility to expand into something far larger then the imagination however I have no clue what I’m doing. Now you’re probably going to say “ there’s a tutorial which is easy to follow” well unfortunately I clicked off that and have no clue what I’m doing. Now If I place myself in the shoes of let’s say an illiterate Neanderthal then this game would appear to be an enigma inside of an enigma wrapped in some really puzzling yet dull brown wrapping paper. I’d like to interact with people and go to war however that’s my inner archaic lord speaking and I feel like that’s just to large of an update. Overall I’d just like to say the effort put in with the art style is noted and I specifically like the atmospheric audio however in order for me, a simple millennial to process something so large I’d need a video specifically detailing how far I could go so I could “imagine” however this would then cause me to get bored. It’s all a vicious cycle. It’s really a 5/5 because who am I to bash your hard work. The inner bitter and cynical me wants to express my discern but the joyful 23 year old wants to praise it. On a side note I’m not a millennial. 10/10.Version: 2.0.1

Has potential buQuit adding more stuff and fix the bugs. You can barely edit the terrain without frustrating glitches. I don’t recommend this to anyone..Version: 3.22

TutorialIs there any kind of tutorial for this game?.Version: 1.8.34

BadThis game is about as good as my math mark..Version: 1.6

So much potentialStarting out is a little boring and slow, maybe introduce some quests and things to do, breeding of people and animals, collections of rare artifacts or types of animals and trees, unlock hidden puzzles and or tombs ect... this game has soo much potential would love to see more themes available like a candy or fairy land or holiday inspired collectables Halloween and Christmas make the special editions for purchase so much can be done. Overall its a great base game cant wait to see where you take it..Version: 3.41

SorryI wanted to get another game... not that this sucks but I want my money back to buy it #itscalledgeometrydash..Version: 2.994

It’s a good game but needs more oompffThis game is great and fun to play when bored, but I feel you should add perhaps a mode, or even maybe an update to the game to have more of a “you make the plot” kind of genre in which you start of with your set character and make your story as you go along, I also feel like some of the things in the game have no unique mechanics, like if you built a dock for instance it seems only fair that you have a fisherman working on it instead of just a scenic display and no actual activity on it, as the only thing npc’s can do is chop trees and farm... I feel a lot of a sense of direction is lacking in this game because there aren’t many options to take the story and can I just add that npc villagers shouldn’t be able to walk on water... I might also add that npc’s should be able to open and close gated fences instead it being scenery item, however this game has so much potential and I appreciate all your work, wherever you may lead it ;).Version: 1.8.2

AnnoyingIt’s ok but I hate it constantly asking me to subscribe to someone’s YouTube channel or have a pay to unlock all I mean I payed for this game.Version: 3.3

More interactive with the people and buildingsIt would be nice if you could have more interaction with the people, buildings, gates and Walls would be nice but you guys might already be on to that so I wouldn’t know.Version: 1.6

Not the game for meHave played the game for a little while but i find the controls a bit fiddly in terms of placing things on my 8 plus, maybe better if it was iPad? Personally id suggest some sort of virtual directional pad in the bottom left for ease of use and maybe a feature to create a block of land, graphics are very nice, music personally is repetitive its like repeating the same 10 second clip over and over, had to turn it off in the end, i can see the games potential its very well thought out and has a nice feel to it but personally I haven’t been able to grasp it enough to want to spend valuable time on it, i will leave it on my phone for now in the hopes maybe an update or a moment of boredom will stir my interest..Version: 1.8.34

Lack of fulfilmentThis game is amazing, I would just like to say, but there’s a feature that I wished existed... the characters such as king, prince, knight ... etc, I wish there was a society like ai to the characters, I.e. if you created a kingdom and a king, and workers and farmers, i would be cool if the workers went to the king for new buildings or new tools to farm faster, and the king could have a pop up and you could select whether you want it to happen, that way they could develop on their own if we allowed them. or say more characters with roles, or a school to put children into and they could develop into their own roles, and you could turn a tiny village into a thriving metropolis ... etc, just something to do with the characters, because the building aspect is fun, but runs dry after 5 minutes.Version: 1.8.34

Seemed pointlessWouldn’t recommend.Version: 1.6

Amazing concept, still needs a little fine tuningThis is a great little game and a wonderful way to pass the time if you like building things. I enjoy making my own little worlds. The graphics are pretty and there seems to be tons of available items for building. My only criticism is some performance issues I’ve been having. Sometimes the game freezes, usually when I’m trying to build something, it gets stuck on the confirmation screen for building the item and I have to force close the app. Then when I reload, the last minute or so of building is gone. This wouldn’t be a huge deal but it seems to happen distressingly often for me. There’s also some minor annoyances, such as how you can only zoom back so far, when you place a large 6x6 ground tile, if you try to “sculpt” it you can’t remove individual tiles from it, you can only delete the entire 6x6 tile. It was also annoying that the screen moves with whatever item you have selected when you build something. Say you build a path, the next path will appear next to the one you just built in whatever direction it was facing. This is handy, but unfortunately the whole screen instantaneously moves along with it, and sometimes you get momentarily disoriented, especially if you’re working with steep inclines. I’m not enjoying having to work around these inconveniences, may end up putting the game down and coming back in a few months with the hope that these issues get fixed..Version: 3.0

Just not what I thoughtThe games okay but I was hoping the “survival” mode would be more focused on surviving? The only difference from this mode and the full sandbox mode is that you just wait for resources and that seems to be about it. I was hoping for more resource management and making my choices matter more. I suppose I got the wrong impression since this game just seems to be about building. Which isn’t bad, just not entertaining or challenging enough for me..Version: 3.22

This game has potential!!!I love the game. But after playing for a week or two, it is lacking many features, in my opinion. First, the time of day, I love the night and day thing, but I suggest we have more lighting options. Additionally, weather options like thunderstorms/rain, snowstorms, etc. Second, charge us more on other things I have soo much wood, food, and gold. Third, textures, it would be awesome to have different graphics, and the developer(s) don’t have to create them, they can make a section where we are allowed to make textures, and post it so many can download and try different textures. Forth, give us a goal/ challenges and rewards for fulfilling these achievements, it would be nice to have a purpose. Fifth, DLCs/limited time items, I mean special buildings/props/trees/etc that cost wood/food/gold of course and are there for a limited time. It would be cool to see different awesome things come and go. Sixth, co-op, I will like to create a world with a friend(s), and make a huge community. Seventh, adding more sources, currently it’s just wood/crops/good. Additionally, a trading system where we can trade our sources with our friends (if co op exists). Lastly, more species/creatures. I know this game has potential and I hope you can add these things later in the game. Keep up the good work!!!.Version: 1.8.34

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