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Supertype App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Supertype app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Supertype? Can you share your negative thoughts about supertype?

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Supertype for Negative User Reviews

MissedIt is close but missed. For one, it should use a dictionary to ensure the words typed are valid. The way it is now, it is just me figuring out which letter will “perform” the way I need it to and I can just type gibberish. That feels wrong to me. I also feel like there should be some combination draw/typing puzzles and there should be some drawing with curves and not just straight lines. I give a second star for the creative idea. Just felt like it wasn’t thought through all of the way..Version: 1.1

What a rip offDidnt even tell me it was going to charge me 99p to download, then it took me 10 mins to find it. When i started it up it just crashed, stil not allowed on the app. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!.Version: 1.1

SupertypeI have been unable to find instructions explaining how to play this game. Very disappointing..Version: 2.0

Not freeIf it was free it would be better it is quite har.Version: 2.3

RubbishDon't waste your money or time on this..Version: 2.3

Not a word gameInteresting concept, but it would be so much more interesting if it had a dictionary attached that forced to enter only existing words at the specified length. It’s not a bout the words, hardly about the letters too. The ‘o’ rolls, ‘i’ and ‘j’ have a dot that can roll through narrow spaces, ‘p’ and ‘q’ will fall on their ‘heavy’ side, and that’s about 90% of the game there. They miss the point unfortunately..Version: 2.0

Well.The game worked for about three days but then I was playing and it stopped working, i exited out of it and then went back in the following day and still nothing... could I get a refund on this? Please? I don’t wanna have a game taking up my storage that’s in my phone that does nothing. Otherwise than that, it was a good game. But May I get a refund on this app?.Version: 2.3

Cool, but unrewardingFun game with a cool concept, but as I continued playing I found that it was less about figuring out cool solutions to problems and more about finding the exact sequence of letters to complete a puzzle, where any other solution is clearly wrong. Frequently less like a puzzle, and more like a game of spamming letters until you find their solution..Version: 1.2

Hardly a word gameI really liked the concept of this game: a word game mixed with a physics game, my two favorite genres of mobile game. But what I got was simply a physics game. A word game, typically, rewards you for knowing lots of words and what they mean. It at least encourages you to learn new ones. Any game where “llllllll” can be the answer is not a word game. It is a game that uses *letters* in a new and creative way, and props for that. But it could be so much more. What I would do: with each puzzle, include a definition or some cross-word like word hint that leads to a word which will satisfy the physics puzzle. That way if you get stumped on the physics, you can focus on the word hint, or vice versa. I downloaded this game at midnight, played it for 20 minutes, and then deleted it the next morning, because the charm and novel concept had worn off. The game that I’m describing, I would play for hours, and the game you’ve got is not far off. I just think it’s borderline false advertising to market this as a “word game.”’.Version: 1.2

I know I’m young but I need a receipt for this game I bought it on accident. Otherwise my brother would beat the gel out of me. And it’s not even my credit card details in my phone.💀💀.Version: 2.3

GameplayFuchen ban choch.Version: 2.3

EiReally not the game for me if possible can I have a refund I still have your company money by giving you a quid on okay.Version: 2.3

Yet another load of overrated rubbish!Thanks Apple! I love word games and was hoping this would an improvement on the usual rubbish that is in the store. It isn’t! It is just different! You create a word and hope when the letters drop and move whichever way they move they end up covering either one or two or three small black squares! Yes it really is as boring as it sounds! You have to get very lucky with the placing of the letters especially when trying to go round a few circles to get the squares! Hopefully the developer(s) will create something a whole lot better with our money next time!.Version: 2.0

Letters game not a word gameType a word to try and get the letters to hit the target as the letters fall. It’s all about gravity Os will roll, Qs and Ps will be top heavy and fall over etc. A clever and enjoyable concept, that is until you realise you don’t need to form a word at all but can just type random letters. This game would be far more enjoyable and challenging if you had to form a proper word, otherwise it becomes rather dull..Version: 2.0

I agree with "OleBluHorns."This is a truly unique, innovative game that has so much potential. And I love the minimalist design. DEVELOPER: 1. Please add hints. 2. Please add an "X" button that clears all typed characters. The current arrow button erases only one letter at a time, and it's cumbersome having to hit it repeatedly to clear all characters. 3. After a puzzle is completed and the confetti appears, I often want to replay the combination I used in order to study what worked. But there's no replay button. As a result, replaying a puzzle requires *8* separate steps: - Tap confetti page to go to next puzzle - Tap to being up keyboard - Tap home key - Find the last puzzle played and memorize the display of the characters previously typed - Tap to reopen puzzle - Tap to reveal keyboard - Retype the previous characters - Tap the ✔︎ key This is clearly an oversight. Please add a replay button. I look forward to revising my rating once improvements are made..Version: 2.3

Well...So.... the game in my opinion was well made and I thought it looked really cool and fun and it would keep me busy for hours but it got me board within 10 minutes. Maybe I didn’t play it long enough but I just didn’t really like it. It’s just useless what’s the point it’s not worth 1.99 and sorry if I’m being over dramatic but I just really didn’t like it..Version: 2.3

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