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Payment issuesOverall this game is great, it doesn’t usually allow me to make in app purchases but when it does, i pay for something and dont end up getting anything. Please fix this.Version:

Good while it lastedI have been hooked to this game for a solid 3months. Pros: The graphics is amazing. Gameplay is superb. I have met a bunch of great virtual friends from all over the world. Cons: Money makes the world go round - even in this game pay-to-win players will triumph. Your hard-work and dedication can only go so far. Also, it takes up so much of your time..Version: 1.0.2018

Some Game improvements that would be very niceIn the alliance system you should add a last activity logger so the leaders of the Alliances can kick people out who are not active. Also you guys should add training que slots. Where you can que up multiple slots of training soldiers. For example I que up 5 lots of infantry and it will be done in 5 hours instead of coming back each hour to collect and train new troops. Apart from what I suggest, this game is really good. You guys care about the visuals of the game and systems, compared to other games that are similar which compared to yours are not even great since all they do it quick cash grab then never improve. Great job for creating a good game!.Version: 1.0.905

This game is awesomeI enjoy playing this game and i love it. But i might need the developer’s help regarding on my account! Please help. I have invited my friends to play this game with me as well. But i am afraid that i won’t be able to play this game with them in the future because of this current problem that i have. Please help. I have sent a message to the customer service and i will be waiting for response. Thanks guys love lots..Version: 1.0.2517

Great game and satisfying but…Before we begin the review, I’d like to say this review was written by 100s of notes written down by me and took me about 3 months to gather all the notes, Easter eggs and surprises up. I spent hours editing my notes and thinking about every word. This very game, Rise of Kingdoms, is certainly one of the best game I’ve played for many diffrent reasons. The first main capitals of these ways is the experience. It’s a very satisfying game on mobile for brains who like to figgit. Another things is there are no ads when you do something which you have to do multiple times, like of course if you want a couple free time bonuses you’ll watch an ad if you WANT. I think that’s a very good detail this game being good. On the other side of the road of the ads subject, I’ll say it’s cool that the ads give you tips of how to get good quick like you have to pick Egypt to be good fast. I would write more but I am running out of space. Have a good day or night! -Alexander Mourgh.Version:

Game gets boring after a while…Don’t get me wrong; this game is great for history fans. However, the game gets repetitive and upgrades take hours. The only way to get new items is waiting for extremely long upgrades to be able to build them. It has nothing the ads showed featured in the actual game which I know is for marketing but they could have added at least a few things showed! On a more positive note, you can chose between several civilisations of the early ages to play as each with their own unique strengths. You can unlock several historical war leaders ( can’t remember names ) and ally your friends to rally attack several other players. The game helps you at the start and tells you what you need to do. In overall, if you didn’t mind the issues I stated and liked the sound of the games high notes, I definitely recommend the game as a fun pvp game..Version:

Pretty goodCan you add shortcuts to rok mac like the pc version and also extend the screen because there are parts of the screen which is black because its designed for ipad.Version:

Pretty good buuuuuuuuut!It’s a awesome game don’t get me wrong but the age should be well over 9 because of how uncensored the chat is. It’s also a very unbalanced game, due to the fact that you can just get attacked over and over again and it almost makes it impossible to play the game. If I was to give ideas on how to make it a better game it would be that, 1. When you start the game you start in a low level world (noob world) until you get to level 9-10ish then you immediately go into the real world (obviously allow no clans in the low level world) 2. We need more of a tutorial to this game, because in my opinion it was so hard at the start to figure out how everything works that I was just wasting certain speed ups/Boosts etc... and 3. You need to reduce the amount of time it takes to upgrade stuff, it’s getting to the point where it’s taking 3-4 days to upgrade/gather enough resources to even upgrade!! But again don’t get me wrong, this is one of the best games I’ve played in a really long time. Definitely worth a download in my opinion..Version: 1.0.1127

Would be 5 starsReally enjoying the game but getting to the point where the lag and ‘choppyness’ is really starting to ruin the experience. Hope and update it put out soon that can at least decrease the amount of lag..Version: 1.0.915

I cannot believe my eyes!I have been an avid gamer for 30 years and this game you would play just for the graphics! These images you see above are actual game play images! I also love the voices of the champions, especially the Arab (?) guy. I can’t understand him, but he sounds amazing. And otherwise the game is just perfect. Retiring has never been so good. 😊 Just one small criticism: there is a background sound that I think resembles a bustling city, which is fine. However, every 20 seconds or so, a guy calls out “Hey hooo” in the background. Every 20 seconds, is 120 times in an hour, which gets VERY annoying. I have now switched off the game sounds to avoid that, but that also turns off all other game sounds, which is a shame. Otherwise, you’ve got yourselves a winner, my friends!.Version:

Excellent game but one huge downsideI love this game and really love to play it. Now there is one huge downside in this game and there is a easy way to fix it. Probably the most asked question: is this a pay to win game and the awnser is no, but you will never become great in this game and will be over looked unless you play 10 hours a day which for some people is the way to go. An easy way to fix this is to make free to play kingdoms where for example only people who have spent less than 40 dollars are allowed to enter. This would fix everything because it gives us a chance to really become great in this game and show what we are made of. Without it we just are the lowest players and achieve nothing or feel like that, because there are people that gain the might that you have in 200 days in less than a week. This game has done a great job of giving the chance to free to play players but it needs to go further to really give us the real feel of game play. Also the kingdom needs players who are very strong and that’s why I introduced that people who have spent a little money can still be seen as free to play which is essential for the game developers and players..Version:

Good game but...I love this game so much. Have been playing for years. The only issue I have is I can’t seem to play with my friends. Since I’m in a different kingdom than them and they can’t join mine, it’s just a hassle. But other than that, highly recommend!.Version:

Great Game...Played these kind of strat games for a few years now and I must say besides War of Nations when that first came out, this is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s a really fun and addictive game, simple but also very tactical once you’ve climbed power and start fighting/wars. I must say however that I have found attacking others bases and etc a little pointless. I wish they would up the competitiveness of the game and allow troops to die inside the village as well as adding some kind of outpost structure to the game, even if it’s just 1/2 outposts you can build. Similar to games such as tribal wars where you can actually lose personal (not alliance) territory. Overall this is a really good game and I recommend playing it. I’m sure i will continue to play it as I think it’s by far one of the best of its kind out there at this moment. No games perfect, but this sits nicely close to it..Version: 1.0.1221

Great game but couple of side notesThe game is really fun I played the game for 4 years now and it has really good mechanics from creating your own kingdom and alliances to diplomacy which is really cool. But the game has a big downfall you see when you reach the point where all of ur buildings are maxed the only thing you can do to increase your power is training more troops , research and lastly improving the commander . The problem is the commander part as it is the most vital part in this game most commanders “that are good “ you have to get them from events and only give you a chance to get the sculptures for that commander and some others can only be gotten from the mightiest governor event. The thing is it’s more of a loop because in order to get the commanders from the mightiest governor event you require a lot of resources and speed ups in order to get that placement in the event and get the sculptures and usually you will need to spend a good amount of gems not only that but some of the event is about killing units and barbarians which will always give the upper hand to the more powerful players always which makes it impossible for a weak or medium powered player to get the commander forcing them to buy other commanders from the shop to give them better odds .The other event to get the sculptures is more of a money grab technically you can get the gems for free but it can take a really long time..Version:

Football lover’s reviewIt’s an awesome and amazing game, and I play it all the time. I play this game about 6-8 hours a day or less. It’s a great game, but I’m gonna go over some problems but they’re not really that big of a deal. 1 so I know how you have to train your troops to get better but I don’t get why you have to use so much wood in like 30,000 food just to upgrade a little bit of troops but like I said it’s not that big of a deal. 2 I know I said it’s not that big of a deal but I don’t get why it takes like a day or 30 days or like a month just to upgrade City Hall. 3 I don’t get why it’s not that hard to get food and would love for me. It’s kind of hard just to get 50,000 stone, but it’s not a big big deal I just don’t get why it takes a while. 4 last one, so some days when I play this game and I’m like three hours in and I tried to attack a colony it just won’t let me attack their flag and I don’t get it like I try to sneak up on them, but it won’t let me attack or make a rally attack on them. anyway, thank you for viewing my review and I hope you have a great rest of your day bye.😄.Version:

Warning!!! AddictiveI only started this game to get credits on another game and i got hooked . The gameplay is awesome . Graphics are even better . They say you need a tonne of money to be able to get anywhere but that’s wrong . I particularly like the history write up of all the commanders . The characters are based on real warlords and emperors . This game is top notch ..Version:

Fun game, slight annoyanceSo this game is really fun for its genre, and having played games like clash of clans coming to this is actually a breath of fresh air, as this game is well made and cares about the players. There are a lot of systems giving depth, but they aren’t so complex that you can’t understand them easily. I think the politics is one of my favorite things, to give an example my clan recently built a castle but some members are scattered and rando people are just in our territory, so me and several other clan members are pressuring the non clan members to leave the territory, which is kinda fun. My one real complaint beyond some kinda ridiculous things like building upgrade times being obscenely high, like 9 hours for a level 9 town hall upgrade. Having the time reducers is a nice mechanic, but it’s all too easy to burn thru them quickly. Another issue is on the map where forests can make it so you can’t move a building into what should be open space. An ability to remove forests on the map or move the positions of resource gathering points if they are in your clan territory would be really neat. Other than that this is really cool and definitely different from those that look like it.Version:

Super fun game (two problems)OK I have played this game for about a year now and I love it there’s always something to do. You’re never bored, there’s always new events always something to upgrade. Unlike other games in this genre, however the kingdom that I’m in or pretty much any kingdom there’s always a bully alliance. For instance the one that I am in the bully alliance is 94RG. They try and control everything including KVK, and if somebody doesn’t listen to them, then they go ahead and kill everyone and ruin the game experience for everybody. It’s totally not fun and I feel like once you reach the top you should only be allowed to stay there for a certain amount of time and then get knocked back down. Second problem, everything costs money, if you want to upgrade or get a good commander it’s money, if you want to upgrade something and not wait a month it’s money and so on… But other than that this game is incredibly good and I literally have 375 consecutive login days. I’m part of one of the top alliances. Definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played and I’m going to continue playing it for a very long time. And for anyone debating on whether to get this game or not, and if it’s going to be like all the others. It’s way better in my personal opinion and I would definitely recommend getting it. Hope this helps keep on going guys.Version:

Love this gameAnimations, graphics and day and night cycles are quite impressive. Recommend rise of civilization to my friends..Version: 1.0.905

Great game! Slight tweakingI have loved this game since I started playing. Definitely one of the better applications amongst it’s genre. Haven’t found any bugs since I started plying however, one thing has been getting on my nerves. The builders hut constantly is suggesting I upgrade buildings I don’t have certain resources for. I recommend that it places preferences for buildings that you have the resources + it’s current preference mechanic. I think both these mechanics combined will make it more convenient for users, which is exactly what the builders hut is for. Convenience. Thanks!.Version: 1.0.1113

This game is so fun!!I’ve been playing for a few days and I’ve been having a blast! I would recommend.Version:

Come to 1310For those people who are getting bullied by p2w come to our server we zero anyone who steps out of line This is a great game once you find the right people and server to play on and with.Version: 1.0.2127

Great game but……This game is so much fun I all ways love seeing the Adds because they give you huge tips the tips are a great help to. But the amount of time it takes to get more unites is insane it takes like an hour just to get 250 unites like I said before insane it is way to long.Version:

Best game ever but some problemsSo when i started playing this game it was ok and nice and when I got my city hall level 11 I joined 5 alliances .One of them I left because I accidentally attacked one person from that alliance . Then every single person in that alliance attacked me and even if you delete the game and download it again they still will be attacking your kingdom. Also you have to pay for everything even to get a commander and there’s lots of glitches. Getting a legendary commander is almost impossible but the worst thing about this game is that you have to have diamonds for everything even to buy an statue or a water fountain cost 2000 diamonds. If you think getting diamonds is easy then your definitely wrong because you get 10 diamonds killing a level one barbarian and that goes up to level 23 ! But the good thing about this game is that it’s addictive , super fun and you can build your kingdom anyway you want / place anything where you want it . The most important bit about this review is that when trying to get power you get it, very very very slowly. when I look at other peoples kingdom they rarely have 20,000,000 power and regularly have 3,000,000/ 2,000,000 power. So if you don’t have at least 900,000 power in a week then delete IT! My rating would be 4 and a half stars.Version:

Nice gameThis is a very good game, the mechanics are cool and I definitely enjoy playing it! There are a few things that I think need to be improved. 1. make it easier to leave the game for a few days, i.e to go on holiday. I left the game for a day and I had already been attacked and a lot of things had happened. 2. The community page is very political eve n though it’s just for th e game. People are rude and also a common topic is gay rights which most people are very homophobic. So it should have more regulation.Version:

Good gameThis is actually good but just to say that the ads about it seem to be nothing compared to the game but some ads show like ways to improve in the game, which I like. I’ve been playing for some time and it’s pretty cool… But some ads show some people with millions of power, I understand the progress. But, getting resources is key because it will help you with the tech tree more because being bankrupt in resources means that you have to get all your way back to your place. Other things I liked to talk about the civilizations. The game with having all these civilizations but I chose Rome because ads suggested me about its ability, but I realized that Spain is pretty better because giving a way higher change in resources, I’ve been trying to change my civilization to Spain but the main thing is that you'll need to grind a-lot! Some ways I’ve gotten gems where by a survey, but to be real, I think overall this game is good but I hope the devs don’t continue these fake versions of the real game because you see these hate vids making jokes about ad vr reality and really wish for more updates soon too the game. Now, Byeeee!.Version:

Good game but some problemsHello The game (rise of kingdoms) is a really interesting and fun game to play but there are some problems I am having to play it when I get in the game and load in and all that give or take 5 minutes it crashes I am playing on iPhone 6 it can be a bit annoying which is a shame because I really enjoy the game I am a bit confused so if anyone could give me some suggestions or help in any way I would appreciate it mainly the developers again I really like the game and I would like to get a proper experience from it thank you and goodbye.Version:

Overall Absolutely Fab!In general I think this is a fantastic game and one of the best that I’ve played in a long time. The graphics are good, it had me hooked from the start, the number of rewards keeps you motivated to keep going, it has a good flow and there is plenty to get your teeth into. Saying this, I am very new to the game and I did find there to be a lack of tutorial at the start therefore it took a little while to get to grips with everything that the game has to offer. And the main negative point for me, is due to my lack of experience, I joined a fantastic Alliance however have been unable to teleport to their adjacent land due to them not having hold of the Gate despite me having a Territorial Teleport. This has been somewhat frustrating as I am restricted with how much help I can provide and I am too high a level to use a Beginners Portal. If the Teleporting problem was not an issue this game would have received a 5* review. Overall great game and very addictive..Version: 1.0.1403

Fix pleaseeeeeThe city edit mode is quite the work of art, the save button doesn’t even work if we save our progress, it won’t do anything since half of the roads will be going on top of each other and half of the building is stacked with the decorations, the game is fun and have a lot of smart ideas that similar games failed to comply for example taking control of troops and telling them where to go creates a whole new level of strategy. Clans leaders has to worry about expansion because of the bonus resource on the map and you can move buildings according to your taste of decoration and be able create a beautiful scenery of a city in the world. Though this might be quite hard to do but can you add another type of decoration where you can raise and lower the ground? They can create quite a unique style to your castle..Version:

Very enjoyableI had always seen the advertisements on social media. The animations we’re very capturing, hence why I downloaded the app. In the beginning, I thought differently towards the game but as I progressed, I began to build a liking of it. In the end, I very much enjoy it. Definitely takes time and patience and a lot of researching to understand the game a little, but as soon as you get use to the entirety of the game it becomes very easy and simple. Worth downloading and playing..Version:

Great game.I’ve read a lot of reviews from players moaning about taking 6 months to get to level 21-22 and being attacked all the time, also saying you need to spend thousands, you don’t. It took me 90 days to reach level 22, which is quite a good level. I’ve spent about 20 pounds on packs in this time which isn’t bad, as it’s less than you would on a PS4 game. Just find the right alliance, a lot of them are rubbish I know, maybe I got lucky with my alliance, but it helped me a LOT. I didn’t join kvk event at all as I didn’t want to waste my resources, I wasn’t strong enough. So whilst it’s on just keep your head down and place your base in amongst a good bunch of alliance members, so you can all protect each other. Also if your able it’s a good idea to farm whenever you can, even use a couple of minutes at work to send farmers out..Version: 1.0.1928

Best strategy gameThis game is a relaxing and enjoyable game that involves many things in it that you can enjoy. I’ve been playing for 3 months and have spend $300 dollars on the game, might cost a pretty penny but in my opinion it’s worth it. Download the game and at least play for a bit to experience the good stuff. Some people dislike it because it takes a while to get good but at the same time it’s not like it 5 mins your gonna be destroying other players. I love it when I attack others in the game and win, I also like it sometimes when I lose because I know I help others while losing too, so it’s not always awful. Overall I think this game is an amazing game and you try it out..Version:

This game is Amazing!I have been playing other games and I keep seeing this ad that is rise of kingdoms and I saw the ad everyday. I soon got very annoyed so I decided to download the game. Little did I know this is the best game created. Building your own kingdoms, training your troops, levelling up your commanders, going at war with other kingdoms, joining a Alliance and so much more. This game is a blast and I can’t believe it’s free! You should definitely download RiseOfKingdoms its so fun! P.s (the only downside of this game is the very long waiting time which I think they could change as it causes the player to get bored and I just don’t like needing to wait 24hr for building something.).Version:

Plz read this !This is by far the best game I have ever played ! This game I just amazing with no flaws I just want to encourage you guys and pleas keep this game going I hope this game never stops I will definitely help you amazing developers out I will surly invest money in this game As I said this game has no flaws literally ! If there’s one thing I want it would be to add the Mongol civilisation If you could do that I will be more than thankful Keep going ! 👍👍 COME AND CONQUER 😎 Just an edit I can give you ideas for mongol civilisation Firstly architecture could be like nomad tents or modern Mongolian architecture For troops you could have Mongolian troops which would be cavalry And starting commander could be ether Noyan, Togay , or Genghis Khans son or sons Thanks hope you read this 😃.Version:

LoveLove this game been playing for awhile. But recently my purchases have been on hold? I spend alot of money just wondering why items i purchase are taking so long. Never had this problem. Roc is still amazing game.Version: 1.0.1519

8/10 stars! Great game recommended!Very fun game, but with that there are a couple problems… 1: if you are not comfortable having kids play with other people online from around the globe then might not want to play this game. 2. There is a big grinding aspect to the game if you don’t like grinding to get to being the best player this game may not be for you. 3. This game also has a pay to win aspect in the game, I’m seen people that shot up from 1,000 power to 1 mil in about 2 days! This is probably not possible even if you were playing for 48 hours strait. 4. WARNING: there is a billboard sign you can put in your city that you can tap and take you to a social media page if you not comfortable with your kids having social media this billboard could be a problem. Also in this billboard I’ve seen girl taking pictures of themselves that aren’t appropriate for kids would not recommend for kids to see under the age of 18. Also last thing NEVER SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFO IN GAME. This may be common sense but just want to make sure everyone is aware of it. Even though I’ve said all the negative things all in all this is a very fun game to play and I still highly recommend you play..Version:

Great Game, love itRise of Kingdoms is one of the best games, it’s fun, addicting, and I love the commander, I think it’s what make Rise of kingdoms different than most games. The commanders are historic, like based on real commanders/rulers. I just wish I can find more games like this. I just wish RoK had more civilizations, like Russia, with its special unit being the Cossack or something like that. Keep up the good work Lilith.Version:

Hi there.My game was running smoothly. Completely fine until it crashed after I went to school. It gets up to 70% on the loading screen then crashes, anyone else experiencing this?.Version:

Enjoyable and relaxedPretty good game. The current setup is suited for both play styles PVE and PVP. You are not forced to PVP for resources, you can simply build troops and farm resources around the map. Alliances and event notices pre-warn you when certain events are about to commence (eg PVP), so you know not to send out your troops for a period of time, if you are not the aggressive type. In saying that, if you like attacking things, but not other players, there are NPC variants which are reasonably balanced but not overpowered. Yes there are micro-transactions, but at the same time it’s not enforced or required. Bare in mind some things require them if you want to go down that path (use a certain commander -for memory only one- and wish to unlock some abilities but need to purchase). Personally I have purchased a couple of things to support the developers because it is an enjoyable experience, especially playing with mates around the world on other operating devices. Toddy.Version: 1.0.2410

Eh, pretty good but gets a bit boringThe games very fun to play at the start, with all the civilisations and commanders it starts off very intriguing and interesting. But after a few months I have notices a pattern in the game with me and my friends. You start having lots of fun but then slowly the game becomes increasingly repetitive and boring, if you’re in a faction/clan they commonly slowly start to become inactive with no one playing the game. I have tried getting back into it multiple times and it seems so easy but after a week you just forget about it. Also it is so easy to get bullied by a larger faction, very frustrating having your hard earned resources taken away. Overall it’s very fun game but I wish it was more interesting after the first rush and excitement when you first start playing it. 7.5/10.Version:

Rise of kingdomsThis game is amazing . I would reccomend it to anyone . It does have its flaws , i have been playing for 180 days and someone whos played for a week can be stronger than me due to spending large quantities of money , but this happenes in many games so i dont see it as an issue , without people investing into the game , the game couldn’t continue so pay to win is a good thing . People complain about how some kingdoms are ruled by unfair leaders . My response to this is that migration is allways an option , and jumping to a new server is also an option . This game fills up my day perfectly . I spend so much time into the game and every second is worth it . Although the game should add free to play kingdoms or help free to play players with rewards and special events . Another issue is books of covenant , there needs to be more ways to get them . I love the game and i wish it to be up there with the most popular games so more people would play and the game will inprove more.Version: 1.0.2211

Amazing gameThe game is wonderful it runs good graphics are amazing the game it’s self is perfect I recommend all of yous reading this play it. The art style is wow everything like the buildings the troops the fighting is woah. So again recommend you play this.Version: 1.0.2515

Great GameThe game is fun, with a strong social component. A little buggy at times, getting kicked out of the game. But worth the trouble most of the time.Version: 1.0.1021

AddictedI’ve played this game for over a year, and I have been hooked, unlike most games like Clash of clans or other similar games like this, none have a feature where there’s an actual world you can explore, where you can take your armies and go out of the city, trade with other players, have alliances that rule over the entire kingdom or alliances that fight with others to rule the kingdom and eventually fight other kingdoms. The only and huge downside to this amazing game is the P2W (play to win) I’m guilty of slightly participating in this but player I know are constantly flowing in money and even when they have less time than me they are 2 or 3 times stronger than me. P2W players can not only gain more power, but more troops, upgrades, accessories to make their commanders stronger, more technology and better troops. The game does have some things to counter this, such as having the ability to migrate to a newer kingdom (server) to have players in your power-range ability. This isn’t a review for the devs this is more for the players to know that while the game is so much fun at first, in the long run you will meet “whales” (extremely strong cities) where it doesn’t matter how much you’ve grinded because of the amount of money they’ve put into the game. Overall I love this game, I just wish there was a way that I could compete with these types of players..Version:

One of the most amazing games I ever playedYou can’t with this game it’s too good /before I was playing this game, I thought it was just scamming, because I thought that they were trying to make the ads look good, but when I tried it, it was amazing I couldn’t stop playing it 100% prefer this game.Version:

AddictionThis game is the best I’ve played. Not because of graphics or small things that surely will be improved in the future. Because of the base of active players and how serious this game is taken. It takes you to another level, you will find friendship and camaraderie, it involves high levels of strategy, and truly gives a place for leaders to be born. It is a whole other world that Will envelope you and your time. If you don’t have several hours a day to dedicate to the teamwork involved, you will likely not succeed and become part of the bigger picture. I love the game mechanics, however I would say there are some downfalls. Things are so expensive that, the ones with big pockets are the ones that succeed best. You will see a mix of power players, those who are not wise and strategic who only succeed from the money spent, and those who dedicate completely to the game and put effort and hard work in rather than their wallets. I wish that we would get more for the money when making purchases. I also wish that members can share items and gems with other members, maybe make it only so leaders and officers can share, this way the leadership of the alliance truly picks the members up..Version: 1.0.1025

Great game, however play for the long gameI’ve played this game since it was rise of civilization, roughly a few weeks after its launch. It’s a great game. However, you really have to play for the long game if you really want to get nice buffs. While the VIP system is unique and a great feature, it really does require free to play players to grind out the lengthy VIP levels. While I didn’t always collect vip points everyday, I’ve collected them for over 200 days and I’ve only gone up 1 or two VIP levels. Of course you can always spend gems on VIP points but let’s be honest, harvesting 10 gems isn’t worth it, and the daily 100 gems could be used for so much more. For all the free to play players you do technically have everything the pay to win players have. You just have to be patient Also!!! If you’re coming to this game from one of the advertisements you see from another game or instagram. THIS GAME ISNT LIKE THE ADVERTISEMENTS. It’s a great game, it genuinely is, I just think a lot of players are discouraged when they come to a game and realized that marketing has led them astray. Whoever is in charge of the advertisement needs to show the game for how it’s really played, people would really respect you for it..Version:

Amazing Game!This game’s amazing, and I can’t see why some people complain so much. However, I have been experiencing glitching of the verification chests after every update, basically trapped in a loop where I cant do anything except talk to Support Desk (who are really helpful) Edit: Maybe something may need to be changed; almost all the female commanders are wearing high heels (why), and Tomoe Goezen looks like she’s trying to reinvent the hourglass (honestly, if a person in real life had that thin of a waist, I would seriously worry for their health). Also, Æthelflæda has an amazing design (apart from aforementioned heels) but one of her quotes seems to me to be a little sеxist. It runs “A queen by title, but in deeds, a king.” That seems a little, like, I don’t know, saying that male rulers are better?! When either gender rulers are fine? Anyway, apart from that and the glitches, great F2P game.Version:

Good gameSurprisingly good. i thought all the adds on social media were quite cringe but the game is actually pretty good to play. It always has things to do unlike clash of clans (boring ahh game). cut down on the lame adds on Tiktok and instagram though..Version:

To Save Us Time. And Enjoy the Game more. :’)Can we please have an automatic Barbarian farming option like Infinity Kingdom has? If y’all will have a look at that game and see how they’re farming Barbarian options is it’s really convenient and not so stressful. To me its really handy how they’re able to farm Barbarians and how it auto fills the troops when they come back to the castle and then they’re send out again automatically to other Barbarians on the map at which ever amount of times that the actions points capped. Can we also have a fort Finder? I’m tired of looking around the map for level 1 or level 2 forts. These are just 2 things I know it could make a huge difference in Rise of Kingdom. For players like myself that don’t have much time to stay on the game all day and keep pressing on the barbarians on the map and send troops out to fight them. And also looking around on the map just for the level of the forts that we need. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! We will appreciate it so much. Thanks ROK DEVELOPERS! Yous are awesome..Version:

Really good gameBeen playing for a while but it needs ,more improving especially for f2p players as well as paying ones . It’s the same thing over and over again after every kvk only reason why I still play is chatting to the players that makes me wanna keep playing . Lilith you need to fix migration for lower level players who don’t spend especially when you got whales coming back in to season 2 with t5 and people have only just started . Call of dragons is a good game with extra activities to do . Do more improvement with your updates especially with the amount of money that people put into playing to keep this software going it Needs more excited ..Version:

Addictive!This is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played. I literally spend about 8 hours a day playing this. 😂 there’s so much you can do, from rearranging your city the way you want it, sending scouts to explore, farming recourses, scouting enemies, rallying attacks on other kingdoms/alliances, and lets not forget all of the rewards you get for completing daily challenges! They bring new things to the game all the time so you’ll never be bored! Right now they have a ‘Wheel Of Fortune’, where you can win legendary items, training speed ups for your troops, commander XP... ect. The only time you’ll ever feel bored while playing this game, is when you’re upgrading your buildings and have sent all of your troops/scouts out and there’s nothing left to do. 😂 Now, if you’re reading my review and you’re still unsure of if you want to download ‘RISE OF KINGDOMS’ because you saw someone give it one or two stars along with a bad review, just remember that no one will ever be completely happy with any game. You’ll always have people ‘b!tching’ about things they hate about the game or how it needs ‘FIXED’ 😂 but you won’t know until you see for yourself. So download this game, and come join us on ‘R.O.K.’ 🙂🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.0.1722

LjbIt shows that a lot of you people have not been on the game long yes u can spend money but u do not need to just be patient use your rss wisely and pick your battles wisely I have been on the game a few months have not spent a penny have reached a lvl 23 ch about 15million power the kingdom u are describing is a new kingdom we have single people in our kingdom higher than that we have alliances with over 3billion yes I said billion yet I am still here the biggest problem at the moment is the game keeps losing signal hopeing this upgrade sorts this problem or I will b moveing on I can remember when you used to spend £50 to get a game and if it was no good u were stuck with it at least u can leave and go to another game if u don’t like it free of charge after all this is a business to make money but gives u the option to play free or if u want u can pay so enjoy it or move on and leave it to those of us who do thank you.Version: 1.0.2214

AddictiveI enjoy the game very much some things like upgrades can be a bit of a struggle and be hard to get without paying money but it is definitely a very fun and addictive game.Version:

Very fun but..!This game is a great blast! Yeah it has minor optimisation issues which is to be expected, but there are a few issues I have that I’d like to make aware to the developers. Firstly, as a leader of a semi large clan, I find it quite confusing being thrown in the deep end with clans. I found it very difficult to learn what certain things meant (such as the clan coins). Another problem I had was many of my clan mates wanting to move to me but they couldn’t because they thought they had to buy a targeted teleporter instead of realising they had a free one (probably because it never explicitly mentions these things in an information box). I also find combat quite confusing. I’ve raised many bases but they seem to set on fire and I don’t appear to get any loot. The bases also remain on fire for ages and nothing has happened to any of them. It doesn’t feel to rewarding conquering enemies and resource deposits, but maybe if you could conquer them and then build and add to them like they were secondary bases it would make more sense. There’s also a huge influx of gem bots in the global chat, spamming the same messages to try and scam people for their own gains, but that’s more than likely unstoppable. Again well done on this game, me and my mates are having a blast. Can’t wait to see what future content brings (and whether or not we will be able to have more than one base on one character)..Version: 1.0.905

Just another one of those amazing games again 😁Dear creator this game has been amazing to play gameplay graphics and overall how you made the game well some stuff are hard to find like some buttons or something but besides that keep up the good work 😄🥰.Version: 1.0.1928

GgThis game does indeed need improvements then again, what game doesn’t. Before I heard that this game could be pay to win but later learned that it is mildly true but regardless of pay you can still beat those players by just being free as well 😅.Version:

Great GameAlways struggle to find a good mobile game that gets me hooked, but rise of kingdoms just keeps getting better and better the more I play. If you’re into this genre of conquer and expand games then this is the best on the App Store. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!.Version:

Great gameI absolutely love this game. The fighting, kingdom v kingdom. Growing your city, troops and commanders in this game is paramount. Lots of events all the time and it’s great fun in an alliance. I only have one major issue, I haven’t been able to get on the game for nearly 3 days now, it keeps crashing. I contacted Lilith on Facebook and they gave me instructions on what to do, however I have asked them what will happen if I lose my account/progress as I am not sure if my account is connected to game centre. It was connected to Facebook but when I checked it said it has expired. I have been waiting for a response from them for nearly 2 days and I am missing a lot on the game which will set me behind. Response times need to be reviewed especially if someone is unable to get on the game and at risk of losing their account which they have spent money on..Version:

CaptivatingSuper fun animations and I love the back story on all of the commanders that get unlocked. It makes them feel more real and less generic..Version: 1.0.1613

Fun but game not balancedI’ve played RiseOfKingdoms for about 14 days now. The game is easy to learn to a degree. It teaches you how to play while you play. The game seems pretty stable at least on the server-side. But my client crashes about once a day. The game implements mechanics for civilization development and warfare. It can be fun to play for hours and hours. You don’t have to pay to play but doing so is highly encouraged by the game itself. I tend to dump about five dollars a day into the game, but it has packages that you can buy that cost 10 times or even 50 times more! My number one criticism of the game is that it can be extremely unbalanced from a gameplay perspective. For example there can be a character or a player that is 50 times as powerful as 99% of the other players! The game has PVE & PVP play. Unfortunately you can’t get away from PVP in most situations. In my 14 days of play I have encountered Goku, Who is a player that is 50 times as powerful as me. He moves through the land and decimates everything takes all the loot moves to the next area and repeats. I thought meeting GOKU was like getting struck by lightning the first time, but I’ve already encountered him twice. I encourage you to give it a try!.Version:

The game is super fun and its best game out of my 25 games I’ve downloaded beforeThe game helps me make friends because I’m very lonely at school even though I get super good grades I still get bullied so this helps me make contact with people even though I don’t know who they are..Version:

Awesome but…I think we should be able to teleport where ever and have upgrading our buildings faster and have marching faster. Also make the game non pay to win as some of us can’t spend money or don’t have enough. Overall a great game..Version:

Amazing game super addictiveAs a 13 yo there is a hand full of good mobile games now(I know this sounds like I’m trying to promote the game am no)but strategy games like this are amazing I just installed it today and me and my brother have been playing it for hours and this game is the most addictive mobile game I’ve ever played a few times my game has crashed but I have loads of apps on my phone don’t think it’s the games fault I mean things are expensive like to get upgrades with gems but it’s really easy to get gems i can easily say me and my brother love the game and the developers have done an amazing job the graphics are good and is really well done the game allows easy access to gems and all the currencies instead of having to buy all of it with your money the game is very friendly to free players like the ads for the game I would definitely agree it’s the best strategy game of the year much better than clash of clans because clash of clans is t very friendly to free players this is honestly the best mobile game I’ve ever played ups to the developers.Version:

Amazing but however...This game is amazing, it is very fun, addictive and definitely deserves 5 stars. As a player who has not spent a penny on the game, it’s clear that you don’t need to spend money to get big in the game. There are many fun events such as KvK and different holiday events which give you limited edition items. You can play casually or competitively in your kingdom depending on how you play, which is amazing. You can chat with people from all over the world due to the automatic translation feature which allows creative freedom and you are able to chat with your allies without having to worry about language borders. However I have two problems. The first is the waiting times. It’s fast at first, with only a few minutes building time to help you level up quickly. But, for example, to get to the level 25 city hall it takes about 75 days to complete. This is kind of annoying as it can postpone gameplay immensely. Secondly, the translate feature doesn’t work the best. Sometimes it works well, but other times it’s hard to guess what your friend who speaks a different language is saying. It’s not a major problem, but can be annoying at times. However, apart from these slight faults, this game is incredible and very engaging. If you’re bored and need a good game to play, then I would recommend Rise Of Kingdoms..Version:

Rise of kingdomsI have 15 million power peasants.Version:

Just a suggestion -(I hope the developer sees this)I love to play this game and strengthen my kingdom and I even recommend this game to my friends. I have a Discord Server with all my friends in it and I told them to dowload the game so that we could be in one alliance. The only problem is that we couldn’t be in the same alliance because we weren’t in the same kingdom area. Could you please make an update where we could search for alliances that are not in your kingdom area and join them? Also, I can’tsearch for their governor name on the search bar necause they aren’t in my kingdom area. Please can someone answer this and maybe clarify things for me..Version:

I love this gameThe first time I played this I enjoyed it but things started to get worse and I was annoyed but this time I love this game because I have been going on really good this year.Version:

Great game, but.....I’ve been playing for over 1.5 years but right now I can’t get into the game. I’ve tried 3 devices but without success. I obviously can’t access in game support because I can’t get into the game. Please help Lilith!.Version:

Amazing recommend best game everThis game is very well made with kingdoms spanning from egypt to britain to china. It has good graphics and animations. Dont need to spend money to progress unless want to make progress a lot faster. I love how the game lets you make your very own kingdom and alliance. I even divorced my wife because she deleted this game off our childs phone which made made me upset cause they had 3million power (which is quite a decent amount). I even quit my job so that i could spend more time playing this game cause that is how good this game is. Luckly i found the love of my life on this game city keeper he is a big man with a big axe and if he was a man in real life i would 100% smash and marry. The music in this game is what i listen to on a daily basis it is a banger recommend it 100%..Version:

I was skeptical..That this would be another boring CoC type game. And while it is, it’s far from boring. I find myself actually having fun gathering several items on the large playable map all while leveling up my commanders and having fun with my friends in my alliance. I would highly recommend it. The only issue that I see is late game players with very high power moving to new kingdoms, and destroying lower level people who have just began. If there were a Power Cap to when you can teleport, or a time limit depending on how long you’ve stayed in the server, this would help that issue. But other than that, this game is still rather fun. EDIT: Many months later. I believe there’s a limit to teleporting now, which is good. But the only thing I really have to add since i’ve gotten back into the game is that the ads are obnoxious and don’t really capture the essence of the game, but it still IS a GOOD game nonetheless, ads aside. Note: I stopped playing months back simply because I was burnt out over time, not because it was frustrating or anything like that. I like Vikings so coming back with a new kingdom is pretty fun this time around once again..Version:

Great game but..This game is exceptional, I have played for a long time with no regrets despite the games heavily pay to win basis. However I have one main issue where is Greece? Greece was one of the most influential civilisations of the ancient world, why is it not in the game. I would love this game much more if Greece was added. Some possible starting buffs could be: Infantry defence (5%), building and technology speed (3%) and 4% increased skill damage. However these values could be changed, this is just my idea. As well as this some commanders that could be added could include: Socrates, Pericles, Cleomenes of Sparta, Aristotle, Solon, Cassander, and Phillip the Fifth of Macedon. Kindest Regards, Governor: Leonidasof300.Version:

Something you could addRise of Civilisations is a amazing game which you can never get bored of. I have found that when sending allaince mails many people don’t read or acknowledge them at all. I’m suggesting that you add a feature specific to the R4 and R5 of the alliance to be able to see who is looking at the mails you send. Also you could add a response button so that people actually read the entire thing and don’t just click on it and get out of it to remove the notification. Other than that little improvement this game is incredible with great potential for this game..Version: 1.0.1624

Literally The BestMy wife left me because I was only 20,000 power; but now with my 10 million power I get all of the hoes at the function.Version:

Great game, community buildingI have played this game for a while, one of the best features has to be the community and atmosphere, you can create and build a community of comrades and friends from all around the world, to play and enjoy the game with. The rotating events schedule is also a great feature as you have constantly changing but familiar events occurring ( adding a few new ones every now and then as well). I love the historical component Calvary, archers infantry and historical commanders to discover and develop, newer strategy games tend to be about equipment and tech but here strategy and diplomacy are the key requirements..Version:

ILiveOnAridgeMyNameIsDidgeI have played a long time and although the packs are over priced and the prices are not big enough to get you in front without spending sometimes at least , the game sis fun and great for people who love strategy and dedication , some updates could be more carefully checked before putting out there as glitches have caused many million lost troops over the years and make sure you don’t miss collecting your event prizes before reset or they get sucked up into a black hole , but I have been sucked in to this game a long time , 4 ROK books I think and still going , migrated a few times , been king a few times and now I’m a lowly farmer building a new city in my new kingdom which I don’t want to lead as it a lot of work . Enjoy the game and hope to kill all your troops on the battle friend or fight on your team some day If you know you know RD.Version:

Really good strategy game but too many glitches...It’s a good game where u can grow with your alliance and kingdom and smash other kingdoms.. to be competitive you would have to spend a few bucks here and there.. I’m a low spender probably spend around 40£ a month on this game.. only issue I have is graphic glitches,, normally a new glitch occurs when they update the game.. for example , you move your troops, the troop notification bar states they are moving, but on screen they are stuck in one place, really annoying.. another thing that annoys me is the verification feature, sometimes it pops up in times where it just gets in the way, when your doing race against time for example, pops outta nowhere and throws you off your game.. another very noticeable glitch is when you are in a major battle... when there are too many players on the field the fps becomes wayyy to choppy.. to the point where the screen just freezes and before u know it you can’t control your troops and their all dead.. my phone has 8gb of ram so it’s not my phone.. even with the features they add to reduce the FPS drop in big battles makes the troops look silly and still doesn’t work efficiently.. other than that it’s a really good game Lilith should add more events though, maybe same events but different maps if you get me the same events with the same maps and bosses gets boring after a while..Version:

Game playGreat game but: Gold - almost point less resource as its not used for purchases in merchant store, not used for commander upgrades or to purchase or hire emergency or temporary troops. I have over 13 million gold and nothing to spent it on. So long to get to ranked grades and move up an alliance and alliance officer only being able to build or start things frustrating if not done. Hate: The rally mode being the only way to attack barbarian forts or special is units - great idea to help attacks but if you tHe groups to have a go it holds you back..Version: 1.0.2417

Enjoying the game but...Enjoying the game so far, however there are definitely some improvements to be made. Such as putting in safety measures to stop accidental spending of hard earned gems. Every time a gem related purchase is made eg speed up or instant build troops/completion it should pop up with a warning. Once implemented, it should also have an option to disable temporary for people who are wanting to spend gems times and the turn back on the safety measure automatically after a certain period. Or just have that as a option in settings so people can choose what they want..Version: 1.0.1017

Really great game, but not completeOk, so let me start out that I absolutely love the game. The game mechanics are amazing, I love the fog of war idea, and the fact that each commander speaks their native language and not English. And as a Roman and Byzantium history nerd, I love the fact that the Latin in the game is quite decent compared to other games (it isn’t perfect, but that is what you get from a dead language that doesn’t translate well into other languages). Now, I feel like the nations to choose from is very limiting. From a game about the ancient and medieval ages, Africa and the Middle East were left out, and they have some of the richest history during that time, from the African Empires that rose to power all the way to the Persian empire and the crusades. Specifically, I would like to see three more nations added: Ethiopia, Egypt, and Persia. Ethiopia rose to power after the fall of the Roman Empire and remained a powerful nation until after WW2. Persia created a very advanced civilization that grew strong and powerful and became one of the largest empires until the greeks conquered it. Then the Persian Empire reformed itself as the Sassanian Empire and conquered the remaining Romans and Byzantines to form the Ottoman Empire. I do not know much on the history of Egypt, but as one of the first powerful civilizations in human history, it should be obvious why they should be added into the game..Version: 1.0.905

Superb and enjoyableAt first i thought this game wasn't even that good before i downloaded it, then i decided i will try it out and see how it is. I am glad i did it is definitely 1 of the best games i have played on mobile. The tutorial is excellent it teaches you how to play in a way that allows you to know just about all there is to know about the game, it isnt a very difficult game and you dint have to pay money for stuff like VIP which in other games you normally do, the system is simple yet brilliant. Overall i am really enjoying this game and would highly recommend this game..Version:

Best game of its kindThe graphics is better than other games of this kind, the game play and rules make it more enjoyable to play. It is light-hearted, doesn't take itself too seriously. I got quickly bored with other civilisation games but this one has many features that make it highly enjoyable. The music is sensational and the voice over artists well chosen. Update: after having played this game for a while now, over a year, I can say I agree with the those who say it is a Wild West out there and those with money dominate the game. Not only that but they are free to ruin it for others by zeroing them in effect damaging them financially. I am in Kingdom 62 which is a relatively ok one to play peacefully although I got zeroed on my farming account once. I have been in another one too and constantly got zeroed so I’ve abandoned that account altogether. Luckily I have spent no money on that. There should be a limit to how much one player can be damaged. I have seen good players on Ch 25 completely zeroed by others and thus sent back to Ch 24 and as a result abandon the game. I have also abandoned the Lost Kingdom because the losses in there are just silly. I am willing to spend some money but not all of my money. Also the last two days I’ve started getting “Server busy” messages in effect unable to log back into the game for minutes which is quite bad if one is in the middle of a battle..Version: 1.0.2012

Major WinGreat game to invest time into, and like everything else in this world, if you want to make it to the top, you gotta pay a price. In saying that, it’s not over for you if you’re a free to play player, it just takes a little longer… or a lot. However it’s still a fun, and enjoyable game to play, especially with alliance members to help you through you’re ROK journey. Keep up the good work..Version:

I ENJOY PLAYING THIS GAME MORE THAN I ENJOY MAKING MY PARTNER HAPPY!!I truly love this game. Now I am NOT “a gamer” and neither is my man. So when I say I play A LOT it’s not what you think. But still he gets jealous even if he isn’t in the same room as me and my phone dies, hence I enjoy playing this game more than making him happy. This game is ALWAYS exciting, never gets old with all the new events to play almost everyday and always every week! Things to discover, commanders to adjust to perfections. Side games, new goals, alliance strength and honestly made some great online friends on hère. Most Leaders and almost ALL R4 will help and we have some of the BEST to helps noobs or those who are trying it to improve with new tips and tricks! I send out mknthkh to bimonthly Codes for Freebies Flm You can join 16GI Gold International presently I have been given the opportunity to be the Leader and. Oh do. I have some surprise in store, our very own side games and quizzes JUST for our alliance! My motto is you do you, chill or kill just help fulfill! By that I mean make your donations to the alliance research, and partake in Rally’s in your on. So much more to come of 16GI Gold international you gotta stay to play in a whole NEW way!.Version:

Next level marketingSo you probably heard rise of kingdom from the countless memes and ads and your friends saying things like "You cant join us because you have only 500 power in rise of kingdoms" but then they say after "do u have rise of kingdoms though?" and then you feel like u wanna join the game so you can have more power than them. First time going into rise of kingdom for me was because I heard all about this power mechanic and honestly its not really to my demographic but somehow I still like it? Good marketing tho.Version:

Good gameWhen I first played the game I fell in love, it's a great way to make friends and to also kill some time. I've been playing this game for around 4-5 months and it's good and enjoyable. As a low spender I find it difficult to keep up and buy stuff as the prices start doubling everytime, for example- the VIP it starts off as 99p which is an amazing deal then as you go up the money starts getting more and more but not by a little it starts going up by a large amount, it goes from 99p to £5 to like £15 then £30 then it goes to £50 and £80 which is very annoying as I'm on vip8 now and I'm 1 more vip away from minamoto but vip9 is like £80 and I've already put around £300 into this game and I can't keep doing it. Everything else is great and just started my first kvk which is fun. I also have a suggestion of being able to maybe bubble up your farmers? So they can't get hit while AFK as this costs so much rss and speed ups just a thought and I'm sure people would buy them with gems..Version:

Better then expectedSaw soo many ads about this game, they were very annoying, so I decided to download this game and I’m glad I did. The game has good graphics and good gameplay, but I would like it if you could add other unique factions. Other then that, great game..Version:

Great gameLike it so far reminds me of a lord of the rings game I played.Version: 1.0.915

Rise of EmpireRise of empire is a fun game. It’s a free to play game, the game is quite complex at first because you get shot straight in and get told what to do at first I was confused but I played for about 30 minutes and then got the hang of it. Here’s a bit of information about the game, the game has cheap prices for when you start the game and also you get so many rewards that you basically never run out of materials lets say you complete a quest and it just gives you another and the rewards are fair as well. You can join your friends in an alliance and fight together thinking and trying to come up with a strategic plan for defeating someone’s base or a monument. The game as well gives frequent gems and short cuts when playing so if you are waiting you can decrease or Even skip the whole timer. There are endless pages of quests, I just can’t get over the fact that there is so much to do. Also there is many different countries you can play as which change your whole game. There are different ages In the game like Bronze Age , Iron Age and many more..Version: 1.0.2415

Rise of kingdomsIt’s my favourite mobile game yet such a good game only one thing I don’t like about it is that you can’t delete characters I made 2 accounts in the same kingdom 1558 just for the time being because I was gonna wait 90 days for the kingdom my main account lvl16 was gonna migrate too so I made 2 new accounts in the kingdom I wanted to migrate too 1558 but then it told me I could only have 2 characters in one kingdom so now when the 90 days is over and I’m able too migrate to the kingdom with all my friends I won’t be able too because 2 is the limits I have 3 accounts one is in a kingdom I don’t want it to be in and 2 are in a kingdom I want my main account to be in and a tried deleting one character that was in the kingdom I wanted my main account to be in so there was enough room for it but I can’t so all I’m saying is that there should be an option to delete a character if wanted and I’ve been dying to move kingdoms I so badly want to but now I’m stuck and can’t move kingdoms because I have the max amount of characters in one kingdom and I can’t delete any of them in order too move my big character in that probably didn’t make any sense but yeah I just want to move to 1558 so badly the migrating part of this game is annoying.Version: 1.0.2612

Bug Fixes and new suggestions!!Hi Dev Team of RoK! As you might have thought that there were not any bugs, there’s one I wanna share with you. So you know when you press the alliance button it goes to your alliance right? (if you have one) Well when you press shop in your alliance and try to restock something, And if you tap something at the top and scroll down to the bottom and tap something else, then that something at the top will still have that white border and will allow you to tap on multiple stuff. I had fun with the bug but then got annoyed quickly. Please fix this. Ok about the new mode. How about a bowling mode that allows you to bowl for prizes using currency such as items or such short. A new feature on the world map would be bushes!! A player can hide from someone if they are in a bush but it costs 1k coins to check a bush and that’s how you can reveal the player. If the player notices this then he gets a warning (you know, the red things on the side!) and can make a run for it while being invisible for 3 seconds! Now how about that! Please add these features!! I put a lot of time in this review and I love this game and adding these would make it better!!.Version:

Crashing ProblemsLove the game and played it virtually everyday for a good while until a recent update caused me to crash when trying to do the verification mini game thing, and since it’s required to do that before I can play again this means I just have to wait for an update to fix or sadly delete the game. This is on an iPad Air 1 so it should be able to run it at least on low graphics settings (I may be wrong), which is what I have it on. Pls fix..Version: 1.0.1120

Great Game but.....Honestly probably the most well developed free game I have ever played only thing about it is it is very easy for players to put to win. I’ve been playing the game for about a year or so. So there is a lot to do and plenty of content and events but if your alliance doesn’t have what is known as a whale or two you’re pretty much screwed. So players that appreciate the game and how it has been developed really get screwed over. I understand the need for in game purchases as it is a free to play game but when the whole game is based around a competitive multiplayer world where everyone is racing to get troop tier five anyone who is able to drop hundreds to thousands of dollars on the game are able to dominate the servers and can switch between them. God forbid that one alliance consists of all of the whales in the server that entire server would become unplayable. And for those of you still confused as to what a whale is it’s someone who pays to be months ahead of everyone else so that way they can essentially one hit you or dominate the world without fear. If the developers would just slowly but surely shift the purchases to purely cosmetic the game would be 100x better. Or even make the vip system account based as opposed to character based. Understand the game is very dynamic and ever changing just be wary of the pay to win system.Version:

Please add or fixOk so first of all I love this game it’s soo much fun and Grindy perfect game to kill some time on ur break at work or ur day off. But I’ll get to the point so iv 100% explored the fog without collecting any rewards from villagers and caves thinking I could just knock it all out when I’m done exploring. But iv gone through my mail to collect it only collected some then there was no more to collect in the mail so I zoomed out of the map and I see so many I havnt even collected so now I have to individually collect the rewards witch is very annoying and makes me just not wanna do it coz how many there are so if u could please fix this or maybe add a collect all button for the villagers or caves would be such a time saver or even make the mail stay no matter what till u collect them. Thank you :).Version:

ROK BEST GAME EVERROK is the best game I’ve ever played and I love it because it’s a fun strategy game in which you attack or defend you have so many options of how to play eg: you could be Rome and have the Roman buffs and architecture or be Greece and have the Greek buffs and architecture..Version:

Pretty good gameThis game has had loads of updates, improvements and new ideas coming to the game just around the corner. I love the simplicity of the game and that it’s not too hard to play. I also like the graphics of the game and that it runs smoothly on just about any device. It’s really fun rallying forts, attacking cities and playing with your friends. I love how the game isn’t boring and that there are elite barbarians in special events that you attack with your alliance. It good to see that there are different civilisations you can choose from too with its special unit. If i could change one thing about the game it would be people that are pay 2 win. People that pay money are going to have a huge advantage as they will be powering up way faster than someone who has paid nothing. Only if the game was less pay to win i would rate it 5 stars. That’s all i have. If u are apart of SR91 u will know who wrote this… : ).Version:

Game playThe game has become really injoyable with all the new updates and features that the DEVs have put into the game. I know it's hard to always maintain balance in a free to play with the idea of also making a profit but the idea of if you really like a game don't feel upset that you have to pay for features that may improve your gaming experience cause balance is always what good games strive to be.Version: 1.0.1824

Rise of Kingdoms2 years ago, I was in a Great Depression. Other games healed it momentarily, but it continued until about a few days ago. And I’ll tell you why. My wife had left me, she took the kids and the dog, I was left penniless. All I had was my job, and an apartment I rented in the extreme cost of living in Australia. I cannot talk very good English even today, as I come from Asia. I was fired very short after she left me. But, two day ago, I found about this game, rise of kingdoms. I now have 53,000 power and play for most of the day. I am in a very cool alliance and my depression is cured. I love you Sun Tzu, with your hot, glistening abs and your wispy beard. I love you. This game has change me. I love it so much. Download it today. It will make your life have a purpose..Version:

Good gameI mean what's there to say, it's a well made game, the gems aren't a thing that you have to spend real money on and there are perks that don't take 200 hours to get. They put thought into the game and how to keep an audience and it worked! There's always something to do, I find myself coming back everyday to claim my VIP points so I can level up and receive more perks. The idea of civilisations and being able to change them every so often is nice. It's just a really well made enjoyable game, I'd say it's better than hayday and clash of clans and all those other games we all grew up with. I also like how you get rewards for doing simple stuff and you can use the gems to get speed ups for building things and in the risky chests as well, really useful. 9/10 because you'll never know if there'll be anything better.Version:

Impossibly Brilliant!This is what I’ve been looking for as a game for the past three years! A perfect strategic game where it isn’t play to win or too overpowered! This game is brilliant from day one, alliances are actually helpful (at least the one I’m in), you can translate chat so you can talk to anyone and everyone (I learnt the Russian word for hi/hello in one day) and the progression is great! The fact you have to upgrade the Town Hall to level 8 before you can attack other cities is really great so new players don’t get attacked constantly. The War Frenzy buff means that players who just attacked you can’t put a shield on for a set time after, so you can actually take revenge without unfair gameplay. I’ve been a gamer for eight years, and there’s nothing like or better than this. It combines all the things I like from Clash Of Clans and that one merge battle game that’s popular, smashes them into one spectacular game as a whole!.Version:

CrashingI’m about to get kicked out of my alliance after the latest update the game crashes every time and seems way slower to react to my requests hopefully you guys can fix it never done this before.Version: 1.0.1120

NiceI would say it’s better than clash of clans more action and things to do when stuck to help you get on edge love it.Version:

This game is amazing (download it now!)Rise of kingdoms has kept me excited from the first day I downloaded it. It is an amazing game with dozens of different features along the way. You can choose your own desired starting point from the Romans all the way to the Vikings, etc. If you enjoy games that include strategy, action, battles and lots of things to do the I recommend you download this game. This is my personal opinion but Rise of Kingdoms is one of the best mobile game ever. If you want to communicate with friends whilst you play make sure the download the game then tell them to join your alliance or the alliance that your in. Oh and I almost forgot by joining alliances you can interact with other players in your region. Send or collect materials to each other and rule the Rise of Kingdoms map! Thanks for reading my review and if your interested DOWNLOAD RISE OF KINGDOMS RIGHT NOW! 😃.Version:

I Love ROK!!!So I loved this game, but then everyone was a higher level than me, and they had more power. I was going to get married, but a man showed up and told her that he had more power than me, and she dumped me and left with him. Many were telling me to join the Vikings, a powerful clan, but I had to pass on the offer. I am not skilled enough to be a Viking! I did not know how to handle this stress. I could not stop thinking about the man. Years later, I decided to ask him for some tips. He was a nice man and he yet again told me to join the Vikings. Normally, I ignore this, but his power level was too high to ignore. I joined the Vikings and I was finally good at this game. In only a week I had 2 million power! I played the game for months and months, and I k ow have a power level of 10 trillion power! All though this man taught me everything I knew about ROK, but he had also taken my wife! I knew what I had to do. I told my wife I had a higher power level than the man. She thought about it for a second, and she made the choice to be my wife again! I was so happy to hear this. Ten years later I have 69 quadrillion power on ROK! This game changed my life from miserable, and having no power, to having an amazing wife, all the power I could ever ask for, and I am living in a mansion with my three beautiful children. Thank you ROK!.Version:

Crashing every 10 seconds, since last AugustHello. I’ve been playing Rise Of Kingdoms since January of 2019, predominantly as the German civilization. From January 2019 - July of this year, I’ve virtually had no problem in playing the game in any aspect (especially farming barbarians) . Ever since late August though, I’ve been having severe crashing issues with the game, where it would crash literally every 10 - 15 seconds. It has put a severe damper on barbarian massacres, as well as everything else I use to daily do in that game and onto my kingdom. Also, if it matters, I have an iPhone 6 Plus, so if that matters at all as to why it’s been crashing way more than usual - than fine. Even though I got this iPhone like, literally a few days - to half a week before I first installed this game. So...i don’t really know, if you all see this, i’m hoping you could put in some other kind of update to officially fix the crashing issue. Overall though, this is a really fun game, it’s just that the crashing issue has (as I said earlier) put a very severe damper on my general enjoyment of the game as a whole..Version:

Good game butI love the game I like the alliance system where you can really help my people in your alliance by taping on the help button when ever I help my alliance I fell like I am in a community I like the gathering system instead of attacking everyone to get resources like in other games all u need to do is build an army and go to the gathering spot and wait until its all gathered now my down side is it keeps crashing I can only do 2-4 things before it crashes and often loads slow however my iPad is old but iPads these days are very expensive back to the review also GET new building system I find it's really hard to move stuff around in your city there should be any option where you can remove everything and all your buildings are on the side bar and you can place it all back like dominations that game has a good building system anyway great game good job and have a nice day.Version: 1.0.610

Before and After the rise in popularityI played this game a LOT about 10 minutes to a few hours every day depending on availability events etc. i was young when I stopped playing about 3 or so years ago and I QUIT because of the ads lol. Got back into it again and I gotta say after another couple weeks it’s like a better clash of clans. I’m max townhall and builder hall for clash of clans and I play clash royals and clash of clans every day for the past 7 years, but it’s been weeks since I’ve touched it. Try it out without spending any money and following quests and I assure you you’ll have a good time. If it’s not your game, leave a review and uninstall so other people won’t have to waste their time seeing if they like it or not. But why not give it a try! I love it and I think many others will too, although again the time you spend playing whichever type of games is based on your preference so what I’m saying is just an opinion formulated based on my experience. 5/5 stars, great progression and even while I’m waiting for builds, scouts etc I always find something to do. Or i just put my phone down, do some chores, work or what-not and then I’ll continue playing whenever I pick up my phone again later. There’s a lot to do and I don’t want to spoil it, so check it out if you like to play phone games similar to clash of clans! Take care and thanks for reading.Version:

This game is special…I usually don’t write reviews but I had to for this game,I usually hate games like sim city where you upgrade your city, but this game separates itself from the rest. First off there is the “pick your own civilization” thing where you pick your first general and it gives a special boost to a special attribute which I thought was awesome. Second, there is the the alliance system where you can help people in your alliance and it speeds Theo build process up, which I figured would take up some of your recourse or you could only do a certain amount a day, but no there is no harm to do it so people are constantly helping with your building times. Lastly and this is my favorite thing, is how many boosts you get completely free just for playing. I’ve played for about 2 hours a day for three days and I have like 150 1 minute build speed ups (which lets you cut the build time by however much the boost is, 1 minute will cut by 1 mi hte 5 minute will cut by 5 minutes etc) and I have like 50 5 minute build speed ups. I haven’t really noticed any long builds, mostly just long upgrades but it is nice to not have t wait for three hours for your workers to build something you need to progress. I would honestly give 5 stars if the game reduced the update time a little bit but overall a great game.Version:

Very goodI enjoy this game it’s very good although it’s what some people call a COC clone it has elements that really distinguishes it from the others. I don’t know what it’s like later on (other reviews says it’s not the best) but the beginning is definitely good. I think there should be an easier way to get small amounts of gems because to get gems you do a lot and get a lot but you usually don’t spend that much at once, maybe tribal villages could gift gems or something? Anyway it’s a good game 4/5 stars.Version:

My Thoughts on RoCSo I dedicated an entire day to this game and I mean a entire day... The game seems pretty fair, I haven’t put any money into it and I’ve managed to grow my civilisation quite quickly and for a begging become kinda power. I’ll admit like most apps if you put money into then you will have a clear advantage over most players who don’t. Saying that to be fair I honesty think if you put the time in you’ll become better then most people who put money in. The graphics are pretty up there, I was impressed with gameplay of it and the amount you are able to do also. Would defiantly say if a group of friends got the game and helped each other it would become a lot more fun. 100% join an alliance as soon as possible as this speeds up EVERYTHING! So overall I would say good fun and enjoyable, would defiantly give it a try if your thinking about it. Not too bad for a demo 👍🏻.Version: 1.0.1314

Keeps closing downThis game would easily be 5 star however it keeps closing on its own and needing to re-set. It usually happens when upgrading a commander or fighting barbs and it’s just getting annoying & ruining the gaming experience..Version:

LoveI love the game. I have an issue with my game loading. It will make it to 100% then it will say that my network is unstable. Believe me, I’ve turned my wifi router off and tampered with just about everything internet related. It still doesn’t load. I need this solved ASAP so I can play 😭.Version: 1.0.1113

I suggest we have a gem bank building in the game.I am a player who has played ROK for 568 days now and has unlocked T5. I love this game and the commanders since they look fantastic—especially Joan Prime with the wings. But there is one issue I think the game needs to do better the gem issue. Most of the events in-game required gems, I spent about two hundred dollars each month to buy bundles but it seemed like that was not enough since the events were next to each other. So, I suggest we should have a gem bank, where the player can save their gem in there and receive back an interest maybe 10% each month for the number of gems that they save in there. This will help solve the low-on-gem issue of the new player and free-to-play players and players who spent medium like me. Also, one more thing that needs to be fixed is the event calendar of the Not Only Gem event, and the Wheel of Fortune event. I am VIP 15 and spend 50k of gems on the 2 days of the Not Only Gems event to receive rewards, so basically I don't have enough gem to play the Wheel of Fortune event since it is a week after the Not Only Gems event. So, if you can please make both events happen at the same time, it will make more sense than making the player have to choose between one of them..Version:

Great game, no annoying ads!This is a well balanced game with plenty of great elements..Version: 1.0.1221

I genuinely think this is the best game overallSo you might read the title of this review and think I’m crazy, but just hear me out. Rok has educational content that is fun and engaging. You most people think this game is only for people that like or know about history but it doesn’t have to be. My friend who doesn’t know ANYTHING about history or difeerent civilizations started playing ROK with me. We made alliances, different accounts, and it didn’t keep us inside all day. We went outside and after hours we started playing ROK. Then after that we went back outside. There is leveling up and upgrading your base for players like me and many others. There are educational videos and paragraphs you can read about ancient commanders and rulers. You can meet new people like I have. It’s so easy to make new friends in this game! Also, you can go to the notice board in the game and talk to people or post pictures just like social media. Even the ads got better! Instead of misleading animations, they now help players learn how to progress in the game. What I’m saying is there is something for everyone, it doesn’t matter if your 6 or 70, live in Europe or South America. Don’t forget the team working on this game just for us, and it’s COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY. This is definitely the best game in the world overall. Don’t hate on this game because everyone else is. Thanks ROK team!.Version:

Great gameHello, I love this game, and I have been playing for over 1400 days, and I enjoy this game as much as the first day I started, this game does require you to spend money to keep up, but if you don’t spend money, you can still have just as much fun as players who spends thousands every few weeks. There is lots of lag in these bigger kvk’s ( kingdom versus kingdom ) especially where there is large kingdoms / imperiums, this Problem needs to be solved, especially when he becomes unplayable, with the new power up version of heroic anthem, the lag becomes unbearable examples of this lag would be the 1556 vs 1034 kvk when 2 of the largest kingdoms in the game went head to head, and caused immense lag, I personally crashed many times while watching it. Other then these points, if you want a fun chill game to invest your time into, this is the game for you. But keep in mind this game takes up a lot of time, but you meet lots of lovely people, and have tons of fun fighting with them..Version:

Game reviewIt's a game that takes you by surprise after a couple of weeks you are hooked. Internally they are always improving and finding and correcting small bugs, if one occurs they reward those effected. The game has a lot of potential..Version:

Pretty goodBeen playing for a while now and the game hasn’t disappointed, you get to choose you your kingdom turns out and you choose what you develop. However there are a few little things that bother me, 1 we get so many commanders and the most we can dispatch is 5 marches so you get 10 commanders total, it would be nice if that limit was increased a little. 2 you can have scouts at the start of the game to explore fog caves and other cities but afterwards they become kinda useless, it would be nice to have another role for them where they are more useful. 3 alliance loads are useful if you want to gather on the map without the fear of being attacked and when gathering you have few limits as to how much you can take ( depending on how much you commanders and troops can carry) however it is difficult in higher alliances because people are powerful and can take much more so you end up with a smaller amount, I think this limits people’s potential so I think the limit should be raised by further developing more alliance technology specifically for gathering. 4 upgrading the castle and towers take forever to upgrade because you need special items to upgrade them, books and arrows of resistance however these can be really difficult to get because there a few ways to get them and you don’t get a lot I would like more ways to obtain these through events or increase the amount people can obtain..Version:

Yeah okSo my game won't even load, I'm stuck on the loading screen and it keeps bringing up the network error pop-up, even though my network is fine. I sorta wanna play but I can't so....Version: 1.0.1113

Amazing game but a few kinksI love this game! I’m at 10,000,000 power and am running two accounts and one alliance. I have so many friends on here and they all agree for it being 5 star. We are a new law enforcement alliance for our kingdom and have central control over top left region. My school wanted us to write a report to a video game so I obviously chose this one. All my friends play and their only complaints where mostly how you couldn’t watch the armies play in first person. If you could see the armies battle and progress as you move on in the game that would be awesome. Another thing is that when you join an kingdom there are usually more powerful people in the kingdom and can push little alliances around. But if you could form formations to make the gameplay more fair. The story of the300 Spartans versus 250,000 Persians was All about strategy. So if you could make it so you could form tactics that would be cool. Then a 50,000 army would have more of a chance against a 40,000 army. And that could make battles so much more fair. Plus it would give lower level players a chance to practice. Other than that there isn’t anything major a would suggest. Me and my friends have made our own game and know how hard it is to make games. So thank you for always making the game better and trying to give us the best experience possible. Goodbye 👋!.Version:

Great game, but...I love this game!! I think it is great and I’ve already spent money on it. It’s very addictive haha. However, I’ve got one slight issue...the game keeps lagging and freezes constantly. And when the woman speaks saying “hello governor...” her voice keeps cracking up and it’s making my phone go all glitchy. And it goes slow on other things like out of time when i’m typing or pressing buttons it will only do it like 2 minutes after I pressed it which is really sad because it lets down such a great game with so much potential. I’ve tried everything to sort the problem...it’s not due to not enough space because I have 10GB free, it’s not due to it needing an update because I’ve already done that and I’ve cleared all my other apps so only 1 tab is open and it still glitches like crazy and sometimes even boots me off the game! I have an Iphone 7 as well by the way..please sort this bug out ASAP!! I really don’t want to delete the game because it’s sooo good! -Nicole.Version:

Great game would recommendIf your are thinking of playing you should it’s a great game well thought out and is entertaining, kind of like a easier version of Civilisation.Version:

Read to the end :)A wonderful strategy game! I’ve always been a bit disappointed with games like Clash of Clans which though they have a bunch of strategic options don’t allow you to freely move your troops once placed. Rise of Kingdoms has fully fulfilled and exceeded my expectations of what an open field strategy warfare game should be, to find success in this game you don’t need to spend any money (I haven’t) all you need to do is get your base leveled up quickly by using the speed ups and completing quests. One of the top priorities you should have is to join a strong alliance, even if you want to start one of your own it will probably only succeed if you have 1,000,000+ power because everyone wants a good leader, so join a good alliance and they can help you speed up your builds and reinforce your kingdom. Exploring is a big part of RoK so make sure to upgrade your scout camp so you can discover as many things as possible! In closing I was really satisfied with the unique speed ups that are unlike any other game I’ve seen and work REALLY well, and I hope you have a great time playing RoK!-Drowah of the Empathy alliance.Version:

This game screams strategyIf you like strategy games like clash of clans and other games , this is the next level , this is where you take your self to the ultimate level and it feels like you are always learning about the game and it makes it really interesting. I honestly would have dreamed about a game like this as a kid and now it’s all here in one and I can’t believe it. You can chose your civilazion and after you literally start in a map which you have to explore , make use of resources, join an alliance which you can move next to , help and become stronger and earn loads of perks by doing that. It feels like you can never not do something on this game which is crazy because you can get better if you really want. So far I’ve enjoyed this game and I don’t think I will ever stop playing it ..Version:

Very GoodGraphics are good and it is a very addictive game. There is the fact that I can remember that pretty much the entire concept (building hoards of troops and equipment) has been done before, only this time it’s prettier. I have only played it for a few hours but can see how it panning out. I’m sure once my peace shield runs out, I’ll just get smashed by alliances and players millions of power points higher than me and have all my resources taken. My last point of note is that, though there are ways not to have to buy things to win, there are quite a lot of ways to spend small amounts of money, £3-5 on packs. Now this is both a good and bad thing. Small amounts of money is good but I believe the developer has decided that lots of small costs will encourage people to spend more in the medium to long term because people will only see it as a few quid here and there. I will continue to play and though I have my gripes, have given 4 stars due to the good gameplay (though recycled), good graphics and as far as I can see, you don’t need to pay-to-win..Version: 1.0.905

Absolutely FantasticI picked this game up 4 days ago with my friend and I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise the game was fantastic, they was always something to do and progression was fast due to the sheer amount of speed ups, boosts and gems they gave you. I was immediately hooked and couldn’t put my iPad down. I’ve already put over 48 hours into this game and not one second of it has been boring or not joy-filled. You don’t even have to put money into the game and if you do it still doesn’t give you a highly unfair advantage. This game requires a lot of time but in the end that dose the matter because the amount of enjoyment you get. I can hardly put into words how fun and entertaining it is. They are a few issues though which are expected with an MMO as big as this one. Every hour or so the game has a tendency to crash which can be annoying when you are raiding barbarian huts or actual people. Also lag spikes happen once in a while which can also mess up you. Other than this though, the games truly amazing. A definite 5 star game for me..Version: 1.0.1019

My overview and Thoughts of the game :)I absolutely love this game! Watching the troops march out is great and being able to specialise your commanders to specific units etc! Plenty of rewards and constantly ways to keep playing without getting bored waiting for upgrades. I love the progression as well and nearly everything in general however there are some problems I have encountered so far. The first one is that I haven’t received some boosts and 1500 gems from the o Tannenbaum which was very disappointing after grinding for the decorations :( and the second is when you search for example a lvl 6 food cropland and then right after try to search a stone deposit it will search onto the cropland again. Other than that I’m KEEN to see where this game goes in the future as it has huge potential and I’m excited to be apart of the journey :).Version: 1.0.1314

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