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Rise of Kingdoms App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Rise of Kingdoms app received 122 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Rise of Kingdoms? Can you share your negative thoughts about rise of kingdoms?

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Rise of Kingdoms for Negative User Reviews

Full of BullyingJust stop lying! This game is just a pay-to-win game. And the early player takes all. If you are a beginner, none of the powerful alliance will let you join. So, in the beginning, you don’t have any of gaming experiences. You will be just like a farmer, farm, build, and upgrade yourselves. The funny thing is: this stupid game’s event follows Asian time zone. I’m in the U.S., and their events start in the late evening or early morning. Excuse me? It is just a game, not real life! Why should I suffer for rest less to play a game? Moreover, you will see thousands of crazy gamers here playing over days and nights. They will blame you for not contributing yourselves if you are not playing like them. Even in the kvk event, 90% of the fights start in the midnight or early morning. Well, if your power is under $25 Million, and you don’t have gold/orange commanders with gold/orange equipments, you are just giving killing points to the enemies. You will spend millions of resources and hundreds of days to treat or rebuild your troops. This game is good at killing your money by making every useful item chargeable. And, this game has many millionaires and billionaires. They seem like they can spend $100k or more every week or month to this game, and you will never be able to catch them. So, save your money and mood, don’t play this game. It is a fraud, no fairness..Version:

P2WGreat game but open migration ruins it. Players who have spent tens of thousands will jump to your world (or your kvk) and ruin it. It is a shame when the game has such potential....Version: 1.0.2014

Money hungry gameI’ve been playing this game for a year and all I’ve seen is how this game just looks for ways to make money. Every single update is getting worse where I barely get as much gold heads as I use too. You make it extremely hard for low spenders and people that just want to play for fun with their friends to get anywhere on this game. When you hold discussions on how to make this game better do you just look at the option that racks in more money. I’ve been on your discord where you basically ignore the cry out for change from your own gaming community. I recommend no one download and waste their time on this game because in the future it’s just going to be a stepping stone and fade into dead game. That one star goes out to all the hard working F2P players and people that are wasting their money on this game who are being neglected. Have nice day you greedy ****s.Version:

3 timesPlayed for about 2 years, spent moderately but still, it was really far from opening up T5’s..Left then came back a couple more times and there’s just too much stuff in this game! Now look all these games are pay to play, pay to stay relevant, pay to compete! I’m not sure why the free to play crowd keeps trying to play these games. All they’re gonna do is get frustrated! I played a couple hundred of these games, they’re all the same way.. just some less greedy than others. That’s what I look for… now from what I can see this game has become a total cash grab and I played their other game, Warpath..They totally destroyed that game! That game was great for the first year and it looks like I got out at the right time! Some advice to mobile gamers out there, if you’re not willing to spend even a little $$.. stop playing these games.. they’re all the same.. unless you just play to pass some time for fun! and please stop using the term pay to win..that is incorrect term.. just because you pay, does not mean you win! now I am giving it three stars because it’s a very tactical game.. which is cool. The graphics are great if you’re willing to spend probably about $500 a month.. and you can do OK in this game..Rocky :).Version:

Do not play this game!This a a pay to play game. It is set up extremely well to lull you into a sense of “I just need a little better....If I buy this one little pack for 7 dollars it will help me.” At the end of the month you look at your Credit Card bill and you have spent $1,000, or with some players, way more. I played for 3 months, spent moderately and played a lot. At the end I have a great deal of buyers remorse. The gameplay is very unbalanced. It takes a very long time to train troops and if you do get into a huge battle your troops are gone very quickly and you have to buy “speed ups” to train more. I cannot stress to anyone reading this enough Do Not Install This Game!!!! I have never played a more unbalanced game in my life..Version:

Zero customer serviceFirst problem is it’s pay to win only, if you don’t part with hundreds of dollars you get smashed! Second problem is the customer service, I’ve had issues with the champions of Olympia event, as usual the developers have changed the format like they do with everything on a regular basis and now it’s impossible for me to play. Champions of Olympia is the only event worth playing and your able to win gold statues for upgrading your commanders with are very very hard to get unless you pay through the nose for them. When I try to play I get the message “repeat AFK behaviour” and it won’t allow me to play it’s done this for 3 straight weeks, I have contacted customer service and it takes days to get a reply and when I do get a reply it’s they tell me absolutely nothing. Very disappointed! I spent 3 weeks talking to customer service and got nowhere. I won’t be wasting anymore time talking to customer service.Version:

If you have a life give this game a missFirst of all I’d like to say it’s a brilliant game, you can spend hours playing but the real issue is kingdoms and finding a kingdom right for you. Don’t do what a king wants then your threatened with being “zeroed”. all that time spent training troops gone… all that time farming… gone…. If you work decent hours and have a life or any other hobbies then this game isn’t for you….. game would be 10x better if kingdoms choices had information on how active they are, if they are power and pvp focused or for the casual gamer, but they are not… passports to move kingdom are expensive. As an Australian all the events are when I’m asleep or at work…. Iv played for one whole year so I’m here to say iv wasted money and time playing this game all because of the way majority of the kingdoms are run…. If you: Spend big, have nothing but time to spend playing then this game is for you… Casual gamers look somewhere else. Put 3 stars because it is a great game…. Just let down by lack of casual kingdoms..Version:

MisleadingThe gameplay in the advertisement I saw isn’t found in the game. The response to this review is not accurate because of the fact that 4 men dancing holding a coffin is not in the game..Version:

Just read below...As pretty much any gamer knows, free MMO games are rarely truly free. Servers and new content cost money to create, and developers aren’t running a charity service. Therefore, they need to monetize their games to pay for those things and to pay for their time. Unfortunately, most games give insurmountable advantages to big money spenders that free players simply cannot achieve. This is pretty frustrating, even gamers willing to spend money, because it means everyone has to pay just to keep up. The ideal system encourages players to spend by providing options to supplement a fun activity, rather than putting that fun activity behind a paywall (commonly referred to as a pay to win or p2w game). This is 100% p2w and there’s a massive wall for free players they will never enjoy the benefits I spent little on this game before I saw the maxed out players who troll you over and over and attack you until you quit there server and have to start the game over losing any real money you spent on the server before and when you join and start a new game you see max players around you i have had enough of it RIP deleted seemed good but so unbalanced they say the release new servers when alot of people join its bull crap ..Version: 1.0.1403

UnfairThe game is addictive but this cross season migration process is unfair to F2P or low spenders bro you are competing in season 2 kvk with old players that have so much power tier 5s unlocked. The cost of everything is so expensive. Im surprised people still play this game… people with high power always have huge advantage of everything it’s stupid & unfair. If you do something about this maybe most people will never quit this game...Version:


Pros and ConsFirst I believe this game is enjoyable. This was my first game like this and through ups and downs I have made a lot of new friends. I enjoy the challenge of growing and improving… a few Cons before I go into the PROs… 1. The time table for leveling up EVERYTHING…. 30 DAYS is WAYYYYYY to long… plus the expense too makes it really hard for F2P…. I do realize the company wants money and people will buy gems to jump past a lot of extra time… 2. The lack of safeguards for players being bullied in game… I’m not sure how to fix it but I can say from personal experience that bullying players should have a way to report easily. 3. The CONSTANT UPGRADES! Give the F2P players time to adjust before the next upgrade hits… there is no time between commanders before a new one evolves out… rotate upgrades to older commanders to keep F2P members in a position to have a chance to compete… 4. Make it more manageable to get to T5 so that those who can’t spend like a whale have a chance to push towards equal footing… since they cost gold all the way around Lilith will make money… Now for PROS….. Game has challenges and mini games/events that allow a constant choice of activity… You meet people from all over the world… You can build up strong alliances and support good KDs… It is WAR so causalities are a given…. But it’s also a learning process 😁.Version:

F2P Players Beware!!!Good game but the difference of power between free to play players and pay to win players is ridiculously huge. In most events, it’s mostly p2w players who come out on top and as a result get better commanders and equipment. Basically, the stronger get stronger and the weaker stay weak. This game does nothing to help f2p players stand against p2w players. A p2w player can just buy his way into training hundreds of thousands of troops while it takes a whole day for a f2p to train two thousand. Worst thing is you only start to realize that this game is p2w later on in the game when you’ve already invested so much. I’m done with this game, I can’t play a game where it takes f2p players many months just to max one commander while it just takes a week for a pay to win player to max one out. It’s insane how huge of an advantage p2w players get over f2p players. This isn’t going to change anytime soon either, Lilith is receiving too much money from big spenders to change the game for a more level and fair playing field for all players. FREE TO PLAY PLAYERS, BEWARE. P.S : I’m aware that the developers have a family to feed and bills to pay but it’s not that hard to put limits on how much money one person can spend in a week, like seriously, there are people who’ve spent over $200,000 dollars in this game since the game’s release which was in September of last year. That’s around $500 dollars per day..Version:

Fake ads are only the beginningYou might have seen the ads on YouTube. They have little to do with the game. Much of the gameplay they describe is not part of the game. There are no ships. You don’t control your troops in the way the ads show. The graphics are nothing like the ads. Most events are gambling based and the results are based on luck over skill. Most combat is won by those who spend the most money not those with the most skill. Vikings? Longbowmen? They are not very important to your game at all. The civilizations like Britain or France have slightly different troop characteristics and slightly different graphics, not much else distinguishes them. What matters in this game is the money you spend. To compete well you’ll need to spend around US$200 a month minimum. And you’ll have to play a lot. Everything in the game is on some sort of timer. You’ll need to log in throughout the day and spend 15 - 30 minutes at a time getting things done to meet these timers. That isn’t playing time, that is chore time. The game demands you do regular repeated chores multiple times throughout the day or you’ll lose out. Spending money will help with that but not completely useless you’re one those who spend closer to $1000 or more a month..Version:

Pay to win free to lose.A great game if you want to pay to win for a digital ego. Otherwise pure horse crap..Version:

Constantly crashing...I love this game, I really do. I have a level 25 city hall and I have around 19 million in power without spending a penny. Yes, like any game spending real money will speed up your progress etc but all of these reviews claiming that you will only be successful if you put your hand in your pocket just simply are not true. There are constant new challenges keeping you interested, plentiful rewards and many different aspects to the game. A few reasons why I like it so much. As far as “free” games go this is right up there.. BUT.. I currently play on an iPad mini 3 and this game CONSTANTLY crashes. I have more than enough free space etc but I’m lucky if I get more than 5 minutes of uninterrupted play. This is particularly annoying if I’m in the middle of a battle as by the time the game reloads I have been defeated, costing me massively in resources as well as the time and effort to recover. I feel I can’t properly engage in the game as I am constantly worried it will crash. Please please please resolve this.. at times it becomes unplayable and I desperately just want to play this game as it should be played. Again, I’ve not spent a penny to get where I am in the game so perhaps it’s a case of “it’s a free game why are you complaining” but with the shoe on the other foot why in my right mind would I spend a penny on a game that crashes more often than not? Please fix!.Version: 1.0.2215

Worst P2W Game EverLet me start by saying this is the best pvp multiplayer game I’ve ever played but that is where my praise stops. To give you a few facts the best and unbeatable armies are tier 5 troops, impossible to play against unless you have T5. For the average F2P player it will take you 12-18 months to achieve T5, a new server I recently started playing on we have a 62 million player with 500k T5 troops AFTER ONLY 17 DAYS. The Chinese and Koreans spend tens of thousands of dollars on this game and will gladly destroy any progress you make and waste any money you have spent to dominate the server. There is no balance in the game and those that spend the most will dominate others providing your on the winning side, if on the losing side your money is wasted. I have played on 5 different servers spending an average of $500 - $1500 (most I spent) on a server only to be bullied, harassed, & intimidated. Do not play this game unless you are willing to either play for free (and be dominated) or spend $10,000usd to run with the big boys if you spend any less than that you might as well flush your money down the toilet as you will end up having your castle zeroed and quitting in frustration. WORST best game ever but typical of Lilith.Version:

Very expensive gameBeen playing it for almost 2 years . The in-game reward system was great but now they reduced grants to making them irrelevant. The purchasable packs are the most expensive i EVER saw for what you actually get. Real war action can only happen every few MONTHS , and since Korean players vastly dominate this game communication including chat systems are terrible. Do not play this game unless prepared drop huge $ amounts for little fun.Version:

Stop this manThe guy with 25 million power took away everything I own, my wife left me for him and he took my kids.Version:

Login IssuesAfter the newest update on May 7th 2020 every time I go to open the app it’s closes itself and I have spent money so a fix would be nice.Version:

Great game…but a few problemsRoK is a great game and I spend hours a day on it. There is always something you can do so I am never bored. There are so many great things about this game that I love… 1. Great way to meet new people 2. All the various events like the mightiest governor and warpath are fun to accomplish 3. Having you and your allies send armies to take out shrine guardians and barbarian camps. 4. Wars…fighting other governors is so much fun (and can be stressful waiting to see if they will strike back) and taking down other alliances There are a few issues though… 1. Sometimes the game crashes when I try to switch between chats 2. It is super unfair when a really strong person joins another alliance you are in a war against and attacks all your alliances cities and resource points and then goes back to their original alliance 3. Troop training time is WAY TOO LONG. Please make it shorter because I hate waiting about 12 hours for 900 lvl 3 units. Thanks for the great game! So I am forced to drop my rating a star because the customer service is poor and is SUPER UNHELPFUL. Also it says the game is for people 9+, but it is not true. I would not let your kids play this game until they put a content moderation thing in the chat because a lot of it is not kid friendly..Version:

Crashes?Dear All, if you see my other reviews, I would normally rate apps like 4 star or 5 star. None of the apps I wrote a review about had a rating below 4 star, which makes me a bit disappointed to rate this a 3 star. Let me tell you why I rate it 3 star. One day, I was bored and I decided to find new apps. I was thinking about what game I should download and I realised, rise of Civilizations was probably a great game! It was on ads and other stuff. I quickly downloaded it and discovered it was an amazing game! I played it for a long time until a bad thing happened to it. IT CRASHED. I tried reloading it like 5 times but it still wouldn’t let me get on without giving me a crash! Now I just stop playing it. I hope you fix this immediately or I might even delete it! Sorry if that’s a bit rude I just got too annoyed by the crashes. Sorry for the long review as well. Hope you fix this! -Governor FluffyCloudM1.Version: 1.0.1120

The ads are absolutely nothing like the gameThe game play itself isn’t the best but it definitely is not terrible. The one thing that makes me (and everyone I know) hate this game are the ads, the ads are awful and whatever you call clickbait for games. They are the most clickbait, awful, scummy, annoying ads. I can’t express enough how clickbait these ads are and I’m warning everyone who plays this IT IS NOTHING LIKE THE GAME! The ads started out fine saying you start with a kingdom and work your way up to be among the best of the kingdoms, but now they say stuff like “oH nO mY kInGdOm Is UnDeR aTtAcK i’M gOnNa HaVe To FlEe” which is another thing you can’t do in this game you can’t do anything it says you can in the ads. It is the most scummy thing I’ve ever seen, it gets little kids to think they’re gonna play a really cool kingdom game where you play as a king roaming around the kingdom, but when they get it they just get a mediocre game that you only really play once and has very little game mechanics. I know that the developers won’t respond because they are a bunch of low life scum bag cowards, so here is a message to the developer- Reply to me like a man and I don’t want some robot auto response I want a real human response and demand to change the ads so they are not clickbait, otherwise you will be a coward for not responding to me and a scum bag for scamming kids. I bet that makes you feel good, scamming kids..Version:

I love this game but I need helpI have been playing this game for a while. I have made friends and run a successful alliance. Out of nowhere when I try to long in the game kicks me out. I log into the game everything is going perfect and when it comes time where it zooms into the city it kicks me out from there. I deleted the game and reinstalled it multiple times. That did not work. I updated my phone and did the same it did not work. I do not know what else to do. I need some help very fast Hello. I am a very active player on rise of kingdoms. But these past three days I have not been able to log into my account. The game it self loads in and rhen crashes. I have done everything possible to fix it. I updated my phone I deleted and reinstalled the game, I restarted my phone and I powered off my phone. So to me there is nothing else I can do. I contacted your customer service but I have gotten no response. Which is unfortunate. Anyways the way I see I could play the game again Is that I get my account deleted and I start from scratch. I really do not want to do that. I have played for a while and have a very strong alliance and have made a lot of friends. So it is not easy to delete my account. Regardless for me to play this game again I think I have to get the account deleted. So it would be very helpful for you to either fix this bug that won’t let me play. Or you delete my account..Version:

Crooks!They take away player’s inventory and when you inquire or request for it to be returned or the issue to be repaired their response is for me to “purchase” to replace it! RoK has been a fun game but to be pressured to buy because they take away your items... **Advise: Do Not play this game..Version:

Great game/bad gameDepends on your style of gaming. It’s a great game, I love it. Like seriously best game strategically I’ve played. I’ve sent a fair few reviews on these types of games and that’s the first time I’ve said that. However, it’s not the game it’s the people. There’s “rules” made up by nerds playing in a phone app, usually Rich nerds, in each realm, they want to compete, make their realm great, but instead of unifying they dump good solid people(often more advanced vs time ratio) for server hoppers(from old realms usually f2p that can’t afford to heal after the first battle) chasing kvk prizes who jump as soon as the season is over leaving the realm depleted and worthless... So if you are a solo player with a lot of $$ to blow on server hopping, and with zero integrity this is the game for you, if you want to play with friends... unless every one of you spends at the same(preferably high) rate give it a miss. And for the f2p whining about spending this game actually works better for you than most, not spending but building for 12 months gets 6 month spender accounts booted from top alliances no worries... biggest issue in this game is the f2p server jumpers in my opinion..Version:

Highly addictive but not worth itIf your going I got his game wanting to be a free to play player, don’t bother. I enjoy a lot of aspects to the game and got quite addicted for a while but now in late game, I have realised what a waste of time It has been. The game is completely pay to win and even 90 days into playing I can easily get squashed like a bug and looted by a player who decided to get out his mums credit card. It’s just not fun in this respect. It’s not rise of kingdoms, it’s rise of the biggest payer..Version:

Too reliant on moneyI’ve played this game for a long time and have made many characters throughout my play through, but one problem continues to bug me. The use of money in the game. Anyone who has a part time job e.g. depressed college student can easily afford so many things that boost their growth in game. As a free to play player, mostly because I’m broke, I often find myself falling behind the people who spend their life savings on a mobile game. While a free to play player actually needs to use strategy and plan things out to gain power, a pay to win player can just spend a hundo dollars on 25 thousand gems, or spend a few bucks for a gem supply of way too many gems! When my troops get killed in battle, I have to break my back, constantly training more while a pay to win player can just skip the process with gems. Really dedicated pay to win players have the choice to spend their entire bank account on gems and boost all the way to city hall 25 while every free to play player is still busy researching metallurgy. My suggestion? Maybe limit the abilities of pay to win players, like putting a budget on how much money can be spent every month or just making the things a lot more expensive. You probably won’t take this seriously since I’m just a broke high school kid who has anger issues but still, I believe that with a bit of fixing, this game can truly be enjoyed..Version:

Great Game Spoilt By Bully Clans - Zeroing AccountsAwesome game played for many years BUT beware you will put many hours in build your city, resources and troops only for clans to be able to zero you city when ever they feel like it - what does mean ? They can strip away everything you have built and earned example today been I’ll for several days only to find my clan has cost me over a billion in all resources built up, over half a billion troops in hospital I can’t heal. How is this fair to loyal players ? It’s not so if you put the hours in on this game beware the above will happen to you and if happy to have all your hard work erased then play this game if not don’t bother much better and fairer games ou there to put your into. This game is badly broken, unfair and un-balanced. C204 was the clan who zero’d my city if clans are wanting to kick members they should not be allowed to zero players this needs to be stopped by the game developer but it’s not. It can take months or more to built up your resources, army and city only for clans to take it all from you this ruins an awesome game so beware..Version:

Quite fun to play but the problem is the goalThis game is initially good and fun to play, lots of stuff for F2P players to keep them occupied and lots of opportunity for people who are willing to spend to power up. The problem with this game is the end goal of appointing a ‘King’ - (ignoring the fact that it’s a sexist concept for a second) it leads to the utter domination of thousands of people by a few high spenders. It means you are unable to do anything without their permission and if they decide to get involved in a dispute then you have little to no control over the outcome even if you are in the second most powerful alliance. Once you have been completely destroyed by another alliance it is difficult to recover unless you spend huge sums of money as a result of the deaths/hospital system. In summary unless you are prepared to spend $10,000+ early on within a kingdom or agree to do the bidding of someone who has then this game isn’t for you. If you want a game to play as an escape from your real life of being told what to do all the time then this isn’t for you. I would probably suggest playing FarmVille as an alternative as unless you want to have to start all over again every other day then farming is about all you can do and for 2 days a week you can’t even do that..Version: 1.0.1729

Great game, operational issues.Gameplay has been amazing and although in terms of themes it shares many characteristics with similar games available feels completed to a better standard than many of the others. Pay2Win still very much present but hasn’t detracted from the enjoyment in early stages of the game. Strongly supported the concept of verification rewards to ensure players and actually players rather than bots, this is however also the biggest gripe as my account is constantly failing to verify and requests for help are yet to be answered. Bugs and poor customer service unfortunately ruin the game by literally making it impossible for me to play. Other players might not experience these issues as it could be an iOS 11 specific issue..Version: 1.0.905

Great Idea and concept poor execution.The idea of this game is great and it is a lot of fun to play, but the more I play the more I realise this game is made for pay to play players, if you don’t pay you can’t really enjoy the game properly, the reward structure is poor and your activity in the game is based on action points that you don’t get many of and cost real money to replenish, on top of that there are many “bugs” in the game that are massively negative for the player and when you speak to the customer service about compensation for a supposed “glitch”they just say sorry and that they can’t give you compensation, when you have already spent a few hundred dollars it’s not fair to have to pay more money because of their bugs, which is what you will have to do to replace what you lost because of the “bug”. I would avoid this game and play a more honest and trustworthy strategy game that isnt based on profit and doesn’t just drain your real money and time..Version:

No money no play...It was fun at first, but now nothing help us poor people..Version:

Be FOREWARNED: NEW PLAYERSI have been playing every day since January—and things are starting to change. I never had problems like this when I started (I like the game itself). I put my devoted energy into building a strong city, and I was a head of a small alliance, but now, especially in the last weeks, other players have begun to blatantly break the rules, and they are now randomly attacking smaller players and alliances. They justify this by their own rules. The leader of the main alliance sent me messages ordering me to disband our alliance (we’ve all been working together to build this, of course). His is just a plot to snatch the weaker territories. They send renegades who join our alliance, attack others at free will, then leave quickly. We get blamed, and then just yesterday, my city was attacked, I lost all my newest troops. Last week a stalker teleported on the border of our territory, and attacked all of our farmers, he sent a message “it was fun feeding off you”. This stuff is only allowed during certain events in the game. So yesterday I quit. I disbanded, and I don’t think I want to play the game anymore. If you don’t want frustrations and heartache over lost troops (for no reason), then don’t start playing this game. It will take you a long time to build a strong city, so you should look way ahead before you give up and feeling like you’ve wasted a lot of time (and money! I have spent a lot)..Version: 1.0.2517

Customer service!This game is amazing and very addicting. You build your kingdom from the ground up and grow your troops. When you join a good alliance youll notice thats where the fun really begins! Keep up the good work guys! The reason why i did not give this game 5 stars is that there are still little issues here and there. Please fix the alliance chat. It works if im connected to wifi but once im out and using data the chat stops and totally ruins the communication with my alliance. And one last thing is the pay to win aspect is a little too much. I dont mind paying here and there but later in the game i noticed my wallet being squeezed just to earn something. The last event i worked hard to gain these coins. I have enough coins but i have to pay real money to reach VIP 5 for the commander i want? Theres a huge gap between free players and players with deep pockets. PS. I sent a message to your customer service and i havent heard back. Its been a few days now and its regarding my payment. Please work on your customer service especially to costomers who pay for your services..Version: 1.0.915

Getting thereThis is a really good idea unfortunately the execution is lacking. The progression and combat especially need some fine tuning but it’s best to start with the little things. The idea of picking your own empire and grinding away to get it to the top is Cool and fun however not only do you only switch from the default village at like city hall 4 you don’t get troops that actually relate to the civilisation for a long... long time. The best way to improve this is to dive into the history books and find some infantry (archers etc) for each faction. This could be better improved by instead researching to improve troops as opposed to researching to get troops. you could also adopt something similar to clash of clans where you have a barracks and army camp where you can have preset armies and train said armies more to your liking. The combat and map could also use some tweaking like better animations for fights and more tactical options to use instead of just dragging your army to some barbarians and waiting. Please don’t take this awfully long feedback the wrong way I just want to see this game reach it’s potential and become a more enjoyable experience..Version:

RoK Don’t Care About Their CommunityAfter spending 2 weeks of heavily playing this game and making it to 1mil power, my alliance decided to attack another alliance. From here one of their members went from 3mil power to 25mil power in 10mins. Since then he has done nothing but bully weaker players & kill off server population. I asked the staff to do something like introduce a power cap per week or immigrate him as he had more power than the top 50 players combined. The only response I got each time was simply “we’ve checked & he’s not cheating”, this is unacceptable. I’ve never met a company who just don’t care about their players as long as they make money. As of today I’ve had enough & will not spend another dime on this game neither shall my friends as we’ll be looking for a similar game that actually cares about its community & server populations, a game that doesn't allow players to pay their way to win or accept those powerful players bullying new players from the get go & allowing them to send messages like “ I was bored or it’s not my fault you can’t pay for power”. No more, i’ve already spent 2.5 weeks trying to get the staff to do something about it. As of today i’m just going to find a better product..Version: 1.0.1920

Dear Lilith Games…You produce advertisements that reflect on game content and to promote said content, this is what I’ve read in every review criticizing your adverts. This is not true, the content is typically poorly produced and does not reflect the new in-game content. You form the adds in a way that gives off the illusion that some kingdoms are far superior than others, leading to less diversity in the game because every new player wants to be the best. Now, you do reflect how the basics of how the game works in the adds, so that is something I will credit you for. Although, the content viewed is extremely repetitive, showing nothing new. And the BIGGEST problem, is the amount of advertising for this game. You haven’t shown new content in them, you haven’t shown any reasons this game is better than others, the quality is abominable (lip syncing, animating almost everything so there is limited actual gameplay, stupid situations, repetitive gameplay, and generally irritating “storylines”) If I’ve gotten nearly 80 Rise of Kingdoms advertisements in a week, I probably wouldn’t want to download it. I used to play AFK Arena, but after seeing your new advertisements for the game, I’m deleting it, for I’m frankly embarrassed that I even put any time in the game. Fix your problems, and maybe I’ll consider you a quality game producer, instead of a uninteresting, money hungry developer. -Hoping for change, and awaiting something new. This review was made by a active “gamer”..Version:

Rise of WalletsGreat game, way to expensive if you want to compete..Version:

I want to like this game but I can’t.I’m giving this game 3 Stars (If you wanted to do what I did and join the game with your friends or in my case siblings and start your own alliance.) because you can’t do that, there is a system called “immigration” and it’s so difficult to get into the same kingdom as your friends and start an alliance. They give you a “beginners immigration pass” at the start that does nothing because when you try to immigrate it will say one of a few things barring you from doing so, either it will say “current season not supported.” Or it will say “Entry of Governers with beginner pass not yet capped” whatever that means but essentially you have 10 days from the day you start to immigrate to another kingdom and if you dare upgrade past city hall 7 they take it from you, if you are a solo player that likes to interact with only strangers in the world and join an existing alliance, or start one and recruit people in the kingdom the game gives you its 5 stars. Because the game itself if fun but for me wanting to play it with my family I have to grind all the way up to city hall 16! And so do they. It’s ridiculous go place state of survival because they don’t make it hard to join your friends..Version:

Garbage gameSpend thousands of dollars on this game and have a bad experience on it!.Version:

Not starting and crashing!!!So I have no clue what happened but my game was working fine and I was sorting my alliance out getting ready to attack another alliance and them out of no where the game freezes and stops working so I did what everyone else does and double taps the home button and swipes up right. Then I went back into the game and it started loading but stopped on 74% so I left it for a bit and nothing happened after about 5 minutes and then the game crashed on the loading screen so I was a bit confused. I went back into the game and it just won’t load in it keeps stopping on 74% and won’t load at all I’ve left it for about 20 minutes and nothing happened I reset the iPad turned it on and off and nothing works. I’m pretty disappointed with this I was going so good I was just about to hit 1 million power and then this happens to me. It is a really fun and addictive game I’ve even put a bit of money into it when I’m not going to get back now because of this glitch. All I want is some advice from the developers on how I can get my game to start working again after the loading screen stopping on 74% and crashing. I just want to conquer the kingdom!!!!.Version: 1.0.1025

I hate my lifeI was about to my wife but then I guy come over with 72 million power and married her instead of me.Version:

Free to play(s) stand no chanceI like games like where you use strategy and teamwork in order to succeed. I made such good friends and used to play for hours but now... I uninstalled the game and I don’t think I will play again until this is fixed. Unless you have a fat sum of money laying in your bank and you regularly donate, the chances of your alliance surviving are really small. Me and my friends who just wanted to enjoy the game and put a lot of effort in creating something... got our cities burned down,every time by a bunch of guys who pay money in order to win. This not only happened once but multiple times in different servers. You just stand no chance in front of those who pay money and have a huge advantage over you. It’s a great game but until the developers do something to separate the f2ps from p2ps and make the game fair for everyone, I don’t think it’s worth the time. An advice for the developers that in my opinion will hugely change the game towards the better is to make separate servers for those that just want to enjoy the game for free and separate servers for those that want to spend money in order to compete and win.A great game but frustrating when you lose everything just because you have a huge disadvantage from others. Thank you for your time and hope this will make a change for the better..Version:

GarbageDon’t bother wasting your time here, people spend 2k and go around and ruin the game for FTP. The free players have 1mil power and pay players 20+mil there’s no point in competing in that unless you’re rich..Version:

Didn’t workThe ad said if I got 20m power I would get a girlfriend but then I didn’t 😭👎.Version:

Continues to crashI’ve been playing this game for a few months and every now and again it starts crashing, not allowing me to continue having to wait till the bugs get fixed.Version:

CrashingApp keeps crashing at 6%..Version:

Strategy game that takes too long to ramp upI’ve been playing for over 6 months, and played the entirety of KvK2. There’s a lot of issues I have with RoK that other strategy games don’t have, which is just how long it takes before most long term players say it’s fun. If you mess up before SoC, you’re done and at a massive disadvantage, even if you’re a paying player! I have spent well over $2,000 yet I still felt way behind anyone else. This game suffers the same issues as most strategy games with age, power creep. Most new characters are better than any previous ones, and you better hope you have enough golden heads to some skills maxed. New systems are released every year to keep paying players continue spending (formations system). If you quit, also good luck starting back up, you’re now forced into whatever KvK the server is in, and you’ve missed every event in between, meaning you now have to create a new character and lose all the items you spent. There is little strategy as most are just head on battles in what’s called a “ball” where your alliance goes all on one space then instantly attacks. Once that happens you’ll notice you mainly lose to T5 units, the best in the game, and take forever if you don’t spend at minimum $5,000 or over a year waiting for research. I personally would rather go with Call of Dragons, as there is more strategy involved in fights, and troops actually have range; but soon that game will have power creep too..Version:

Mise à jourDepuis la mise à jour incapable de charger le jeu👎👎👎👎.Version:

Another pay to win gameIt’s fun and peaceful til other paid users kill off all your farmers and runs.Version:

Customers mean nothingThis game is exactly what it looks. Grab and bait. I’ve played this game for 3 years. Let me break it down of how Lilith ruined this game. First year when this game came out, this game was fun and enjoyable. Players received a lot of rewards from events, drop rates of gems from barbarians were amazing and etc. Lilith decided to add an update that “prevented” boting but in reality hindered fighters from helps and making players have to use a lot speeds to heal or buy bundles for speeds. Later, Lilith decided to nuke rewards and introduce SOC and crystal tech. As if this game was bad enough as it was for being P2W. Now you must buy crystal bundles to max tech in order to compete against whales in the field. Such a rip off. As I decided to quit the game and update was added to give players the quit button for Apple users. I asked Lilith to delete my account and erase my personal information. Guess what? Lilith has once again made it extremely impossible to do something simple. They have asked me so much information and once I have provided that info, they said no and that my account was a VIP account. I warn everyone, beware of this rip off company. They DO NOT care about their community that gives them money, always finding ways to squeeze money out of players and will do whatever it takes to make your life difficult..Version:

Fun at first, but you’re trapped!This game was super addicting and very fun at first. I was really liking this game, I have had it for about 3 weeks and I am city hall 13. Then my alliance that I was in died and everyone left so I did too. When I tried to join a new alliance I realised I was TRAPPED! YOU ARE TRAPPED IN YOUR LITTLE KINGDOM SQUARE FOREVER! I could not get out of my kingdom so there and only a ha full of different alliances I can join. I researched and apparently once you reach city hall 8 (which happens very fast) then you can’t move to a different kingdom. This has completely ruined the game for me. Now my current alliance is dying too. My alliance gets overrun, I lose all my troops. I send out some troops to gather materials to recover, I lose them as well. It is a constant cycle now of attempting to gather resources then having everything killed. The cost to retrain troops is astronomically high. After about 3 times being attacked by players WAY higher level then me and a couple times failing to gather resources, I have used up every single amount of my resources I had in my inventory. TO SUMMARISE: You are trapped in a tiny square of land with particular players after city hall 8. Say no to joining a friends alliance or a alliance you want to be in from another kingdom..Version: 1.0.2218

FakeStop with the ads I can’t take it anymore I want to literally punch all the people that promote this game!!!! I don’t even need to play it and I didn’t I just downloaded and deleted immediately to those saying it’s a pay to win game yeah no s&$@ look where Lilithgameco is from..Version:

Terrible gameIt’s terrible it can not be played and enjoyed it has terrible CGI I prefer by a avalanche rise of cultures improve your game! I bet the CGI cost you nothing! I see your ads and it’s nothing like the game and how mean is it to have somebody hope they don’t get eygipt in a ad if Roblox has better graphics then you that’s saying something do you care about the player experience.Version:

Unfair and very biased towards the spenderThe game is a cool concept and it looks very nice. Cartoonishly good graphics. All the rewards you get are nice in regards to exploration and levelling up your base. Speed ups are frequent and various in type. Rally and reinforce are there and large guild sizes. These are it’s good points. The bad points are that unless you are willing to spend money you will become a farm for someone who does. This is very common. People quit over it in multitudes. The server I am on has a 71 million power alliance and this server has been alive for just over a week. And there is more in the various provinces on the map. The game will ask/invite you to buy a pack upon your first big defeat and will continue to do so every time it happens. Good advertising there! The chat seems to be uncensored and unmonitored so you can expect to read and even hear homophobia, racism and sexism. Be warned! You will be laughed at and abused should you even dare to complain about a player who has repeatedly attacked you for 7 hours straight and the attacking will continue. Bullies are commonplace and even encouraged by certain alliances. So do not expect a fair game of skill and tactics. Money rules in this game and it will until it dies. This is my opinion on this game. I hope it helps..Version: 1.0.905

Good game but P2W dominatedI’ve been playing in the same kingdom for around 200 days and am in KvK2. From early on it was apparent this game is pay to win, with players spending $1000s to obtain tier 5 troops and max tech and commanders to dominate the battlefield, making f2p players suffer. Also MGE events where you get heads to summon commanders are near impossible for a f2p player to win, and to top it off many kingdoms make MGEs fixed to players who contribute the most in KvK. Although a good idea and tries to eliminate the pay to win idea of an MGE, those high spenders will usually be a top contributor as they have the best tech, commanders and troops giving them a competitive edge. Not to mention spin the wheel event in which some commanders are only available in these events, leading whales to spend thousands maxing out these exclusive commanders, furthering the gap between f2p and p2w players. Post KvK1 people from other kingdoms can migrate in to your kingdom, meaning even larger whales who have played the game longer now enter your kingdom making f2p players have near no hope of being in top alliances. I don’t usually spend in games but I fell into the trap here, spending maybe 15$ a month just to keep my gem supply up so I can obtain exclusive wheel commanders as mentioned above. Overall the game is fun and enjoyable, but it’s all consuming for f2p players to try and keep up with the big spenders..Version:

I hate the gameEvery time I go off for 2 days I get teleported and end up far from my alliance fix this please..Version:

Only credit card players have funI have been playing this game over a year, with multiple accounts. I have done jumper accounts and farm accounts, I have migrated 4 times to new kingdoms in search for some decent people to play with... all I have found is racist and sexist bullies of the asian dissent, I was zeroed 3 times for not agreeing with them and their dictatorship way of running the kingdom. They were bullying this one player and I stood up to them and got kicked out of every alliance in my current kingdom. I have already put thousands of dollars and my time playing this game to be bullied and zeroed for doing what’s right.... that’s ridiculous! The culture of the game was much better when this game first came out ! I’d just like to save anyone like myself that really enjoys this style of game from getting screwed over! My recommendation is the fatter the wallet the more fun you will have, but remember that there is always someone else with a bigger wallet than yourself! Those whale account players will zero you for fun when they are bored ! Just a heads up now !! P.S developers my suggestion would be to keep kingdoms dedicated to certain hemispheres of the world (example uk and Americans together, asian continents together, all of Europe together, South America) just an idea to fix the bullying!.Version:

Terrible developersI’ve been playing this game for over a year now and I have to say I’m disappointed in how little the developers actually listen to the audience of their game. There are many key features that still need tweaking and changing to improve gameplay and despite multiple people putting these ideas forward they’re still not addressing them. Migration is still WAYYYY to expensive - developers haven’t done a thing Late game kvks require you to spend a lot in order to be relevant in tech - they’re looking into it but have continued it on after the first KvK Equipment loadouts were not thought through at all - shouldn’t of been released as it was Overall the development of kvks and other features are not thought out before releasing. Everyone wants a KvK where you can do bastions and forts to contribute to A COALITION OR CAMP related tech. NOT INDIVIDUAL TECHS! It’s not hard to listen to your audience yet rok developers find it so hard to just take ideas on. Spoke to customer support and asked about a talent perk function and 3 different people gave me 3 different equations and answers and still can’t tell me straight forward how this talent works. Useless, absolutely useless. They telling me you have to break the functions of the game for a talent to work which renders the talent useless. I can’t believe a multiethnic million dollar company can’t even afford decent support who can tell someone one answer as to how a simple talent works. This game needs help.Version:

Greed may be their downfallTruth be told, I love this game and have been playing for over 2 years, even spending £150 a month to keep myself somewhat competitive. But it’s getting to the point where that just won’t cut it. Events that benefitted players who put in some grind are slowly disappearing and being replaced by new ones which require spending to really even be able to get much from them. It used to be that a low spender could make up the difference between that and someone spending more by putting in the hours but every basic reward feature from barbarians to marauders have now been nerfed to provide lesser rewards. For a game with a revenue stream such as RoK, the developers are pricing out there own players and frankly I’ve never known so many players to have quit as they have recently in my time playing this. Its a worrying time for the Rise of kingdoms community, I can only hope Lilith realise their constantly moving goalposts and continuous ramming of new bundles down our throats is in fact, beginning to kill the game off. Perhaps that’s their idea, their profit margin is incredible yet they’ve never devoted the time or resources to it that this community deserves..Version:

New players beware: Rigged for paying players - developers don’t careI had liked the game because you get to build and fight barbarians sometimes other players but the problem is that the big paying players are so big they crush you and don’t let you expand or play. You work long and hard to grow your city or alliance and the big ones team together to destroy smaller ones. They sometimes join a weaker alliance to attack another weak alliance and after destroying them they go back to their big alliance. Other times they just attack a smaller alliance directly. So what’s the point! You think they would just fight each other - big to big instead of big to small. Instead these big alliances support each other. In fact some blantantly ask for your credit card or cash to join their alliance and all the developers say is oh we recommend don’t share personal data. The developers don’t tell those alliances that they shouldn’t ask for people’s cash or credit card information to join! So again it’s rigged for big paying customers. I’m not opposed to spending a little if you want to speed up a few things but here it does nothing for you because they want you to spend a lot of money. Oh well, that’s fine since they want to earn a ton of money but at least people should know. It was fun for a while but it’s pointless if you don’t balance out the game a bit..Version:

Release kvk alreadyThis game is fun at first when the server you’re on is starting out, making alliances and allies as you go for the same goal of taking the lost temple. But once you’re invested about 6+ months into the game, it comes down to nothing but same events that has trash reward pay offs. When compensation comes around for mt it’s always the same maybe 300 gems and a golden key if lucky, but nothing new for free to play events to compete against the few guys that have dropped atleast 50,000 bucks to reach over 100m power with 5 million minimum T5s when most are still rocking only T4s, you need to balance the game out to make it more f2p as we wait for kvk to happen but you keep pushing it back and losing more players on older kingdoms, that are farming low amounts for higher resource cost. Start making more Ark of Osiris for us to atleast enjoy waiting for an endless time for kvk to happen. Plus the fact some kingdoms get bonuses on their tiles of a 3.5x bonus amount to farm makes me believe the devs play on those kingdoms hence why they farm for an lvl 6 farm for 1.8m at a time while we all farm for only 504k on a lvl 6. Unlock merging kingdoms already atleast, so the ones wanting to join the kingdom I’m on with 2 of the Top 5 overall highest power players can give us something to work into play over just lame kill event.Version: 1.0.1729

M1 MacBook supportAdd the game back to Mac AppStore like other developers or this one star rating will keep coming your way..Version:

Killing F2PLilith is killing f2p woth the newest patch making speed ups less accessible and promoting gear.Version:

Purchase errorThis game is very good and I enjoyed it a lot so I made two purchases, but didn’t receive anything. I contacted the customer support and sent them my receipts and everything but they didn’t do anything about it. So I felt a bit scammed and wasn’t sure what more to do about it..Version:

Rise of Kingdom - could be goodMy nephew had played this game for a couple of days and nagged me to join him so we could join in an alliance. I did this and played with him on and off for a further two days and during that time, we had both built up our city and alliance having spent money on rubies and special offers (which I normally would not do). Then this player (Sannada Yukimura) attack’s our cities- which I know is the purpose of the game- and defeated us - which is acceptable as part of this game. However, she continued to attack (me 3 times in a row and my nephew 5 times in a row) and left us with very little after all our hours of playing and spending money. This should not be allowed - attacking the same players until they have been left with little is not an honourable way to play and shouldn’t be allowed to happen - especially with a game where the players spend their money to build up their cities. The game needs to be updated to prevent dishonest players like her from being able to do this to other players who will never manage to get the ability to stand up to the likes of this person. Poor rate is due to the way that another player can ruin the game for others..Version:

Enjoyable at first, gets boring later onSo I started playing this game a while ago, I built a fairly powerful alliance and kept expanding. But then I realised, after you’ve built an alliance and ruled the kingdom, there isn’t anything else to do. I wish strategy games didn’t have an ‘end’ and you can develop your city. Another problem I had with this game is that the city area is just too small. You should at least get given more land or buy areas with stone, wood, or gold. Another thing is once an alliance is built and is very, very powerful, you cannot build your own alliance and have fun because the strong alliances crush your alliance, making you miss out on all the fun you have building an alliance and teaming up. Also I wish there was someone who monitors the world chat, it doesn’t really have a use and there is only usually spammers, and people who talk about things completely unrelated to the game. Really enjoyable once you start playing, but gets boring quickly over time, and that’s why I have decided to rate Rise Of Kingdoms with 3 stars..Version: 1.0.1928

Fun but concernedI was having fun with this game and I decided to buy 2 bundle packs and a gem pack, no big deal they’re only $6.99 each or so I thought. The concern came when I got billed charges of $18.94 and $15.80 and $9.47. I don’t understand why there’s a set price and then I get charged a totally different price at the end, if I knew it would come out that way I would never have purchased the packs in the first place. Can someone please get back to me on this, if it’s some error on your end or me just not understanding how it all works, I would like some clarification..Version:

Why are popular mobile games like this…?Seriously, I’ve played quite a few "settlement/empire" mobile games and they where pretty much following the exact same boring gameplay direction… same rules are applied to anything remotely popular, which I find it weird. The ONLY reason why they are thriving is because they waste more money into ads than making an actually good game itself. So basically, why should I put money into this "F2P" game (which is not just by looking at some other people’s reviews) , knowing damn well it’s gonna end up into ads in someone YouTube video… Keep in mind that this is not the only game that does this type of stuff. ( i won’t name any, since i feel like they’re pretty obvious ) if you EVER want to spend money into a game, consider the following advice; -do you like the game -do you want to support the game -do you think the game needs the money more than you do -are you pleased with what the game is going to give you afterwards If you answered YES on all of them, you are not wasting your money and will have a good purchase This review might not be viewed by other unaware people about those "complaints". So out of all respect, you can upvote any reviews on the App Store by just pressing long enough on it to ether; upvote it if you find it useful or straight up downvote it if you don’t support someone’s review.Version:

No recommandationOnly PtW.Version:

Pay to WinEvery update keeps getting worse and worse. They don’t listen to their player base at all and will do everything to make this game not worth playing for free to play players that they can. Take it from me as someone who has not put a dollar into this game and save yourself the regret later BY NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY or even downloading and giving this game a chance. I’m 300 days in and every update they remove the aspects that made it somewhat playable for free to play players. It can (and has) only gotten worse from here..Version:

It’s good but can be really unfairI’ve had to come back 3 times to edit this because I found new stuff. First I spent $15 in this game, It’s a good and interesting game that I play a lot throughout the day but somehow people go up to 2.8 million power after almost 4 weeks, I’m only at 1.5 million and I started on the first day the kingdom went up. Then there’s all these big alliances kinda forcing you to be an academy or merge with them that are at 60 million power? Can anyone explain any of this? I also practically made my alliance on the first day but it got up to 14 million and then got wiped out because I wouldn’t merge that’s just not fair they need to put more rules in against bullying little alliances. Also there’s individual people with 16 million power or more in a 27 day kingdom. Also I just saw someone leave an alliance in the kingdom chat saying to his old 61 million power alliance that he’s sorry I’m not into attacking little alliances that are at only 3 million one person from his old alliance said we never did that but then he joins another alliance because I saw his alliance tag change then a few minutes later after saying that he lost his new alliance tag and said I could send him an invite into my new alliance because he doesn’t have one so what I’m saying is if the big powered alliances are really friendly then you saying just one thing and that isn’t that big of a deal and leaving that alliance will cut off youre ties with the other big alliances..Version:

Avoid this trashBeen playing for a year. And I have watch it get worse and worse. The developers are useless and screwing over its players. They help top dogs cheat yet leave its free to play players to rot. They make a mistake which will cost them a bit of money but when it comes to a mistake they make that gives rewards for hard work they either don’t give it or compensate with nothing of value. The developers are trash and only interested in scamming money out of every player they can. I would avoid this game at all costs..Version: 1.0.2513

Why just whyWhen i pressed on the rom sign it said website not showing up, what is it when I can’t even get out the page so I had to uninstall then install it again, Please fix this and I did check my wifi and every thing else I could think and it was still not working so please add an way to get out of the page..Version:

Major IssueI really loved this game when I started playing. I have been in different alliances and leader of one. However I am becoming more and more disillusioned with each passing day. The game has become a game where smaller alliances and governors are bullied and forced out of the game. They are given dictates like join us and do our bidding or we will keep destroying you. The premise of the game is built round kingdoms which are governed by a select few who have a stranglehold on the game and what everybody else does, this only works if all members of the Kingdom are treated fairly not just the select few. If you want to play a game that develops your skills that you have control over what you are doing and to be treated fairly then this is not the game for you. Although a war game, the concepts of honour, fairness and skills get lost and individuals are forced into being pawns for the few. So if you do not wish this then it is not the game for you. The Developers really do need to address this so that players are not forced and bullied to be pawns in somebody else’s game or to have to be destroyed continuously. Players pay their own money and give their time to play a game they enjoy where they are treated fairly otherwise they will continue to leave or just stop playing. It is a bullying culture that is developing and this is not good in any game. Initially I would have give this game 5 stars but now given my experience this has dropped to 1 star..Version:

The game is fun butI am giving it 3 starts because even though people say this game is purely P2P, which is true but I play F2P and this game is good enough for me and I do alright. Im giving it 3 stars because of some major flaws in this game, One being the alliance search option when you search for an alliance even if you type everything perfectly it still shows that no alliance can be found. So you cant find or apply to join the alliances of your friends or the second wing of your main alliance. Its as if the search option is just novelty only to show that its there, but when you use it it’s absolutely worthless. Please make it work so that when someone types lets say [ABCD], all the alliances with that name show up and not an empty page saying nothing can be found. Second being the report system, selling resources for real money or using bots is against the rules but when we report players for botting and selling resources for real money we have no option to do so we have to find the option that says we could not find what we’re looking for. Even then your report wont be responded to even if you give screenshots of proof. So basically you have players cheating in this game and when players try to report there’s no system to do so and even if we somehow manage to do it, players reported for cheating will never be caught or took action against. Both these things affect this game’s credibility a lot. I urge game developers to work on this..Version:

PAY TO WIN!Do like spending $300 a week to even stand a chance in this game? Well this games for you! Honestly developers, stop making this game fun for only pay to win players. Every single one of friends loved this game at the start but a month later we realised we can’t keep up. And we limited to half the games opportunity’s. if you even out the playing field for both players there would be sooo much more players on this game! But nope, this game only supports people who empty their entire life savings into the game. This game has so much potential, the developers are all money hungry I guess🤦‍♂️ you guys are gonna ruin the game if you keep going in this direction. My guess if they don’t stop this pay to win trash this game will be dead in 6 months. Well Anyway, I’m sick of this game, I can’t progress without spending money, so thank you rise of kingdoms for wasting my time👋🏼.Version:

Great concept ruined by Pay to Win playersI have played this game for a couple of months now. First city helped me learn a lot but the server I was in was dominated by several huge alliances that told all the others what they could and couldn’t do. No fun at all so I waited for a new server and started again. I was there in the first hour of the new server. Imagine my surprise to see players already with huge power - they are called jumpers. I tried hard again and even spent around £20 to try to catch up. Hopeless, despite playing it basically all day so that no time was wasted for upgrades and I was constantly gathering the resources needed. The game itself is great but make no mistake - you just cannot compete long term without spending a lot of money. It’s fun for a while but ultimately disappointing. As other reviewers have said, you can rise to a decent power level over time but you will never truly be able to compete at the same level. The only way the game will prosper long term in my view is by splitting servers as P2W or F2P. Only in that way would it come close to being fair. If it did I would come back and play for sure but until then it will remain deleted and one of the most disappointing gaming experiences I have had. It has so much potential that is wasted for the reasons above..Version:

DANGEROUS GAME! Be warned.How irresponsible and greedy the developers of this game must be. I have many points I would like to address but first and foremost: THIS GAME IS NOT FOR CHILDREN - it is new age gambling, very addictive and full of bullies who are homophobic and offensive 24/7 on a group chat that isn’t monitored in any way shape or form. I find it shocking that these developers seem to only care about getting hundreds of pounds out of their players and don’t care whatsoever about their welfare. Parents be warned - should a player get attacked on the game they are immediately offered a ‘get back on your feet’ package in the price range of £50>£100 to fast track back to health. A couple of quid I can understand but these players are spending THOUSANDS OF POUNDS on this game. It is insane. And more should be done to ensure that the vulnerable people of this world aka children and those with gambling addictions are protected from greedy apps and developers like this. This is my honest opinion. The game may be good but only if you’re willing to go bankrupt to play it. Stay well clear or pay the price. Literally..Version: 1.0.1624

The game is for paid playersFree players are slaughtered like sheep by paid players. You need spend at least $5,000 to be a top player. Don’t waste your time and money..Version:

TerribleThey make the ads way better then the actual game,false advertising.The quality is terrible and way more pixelated then the ads..Version:

Loading in bugFix the bug that you are about to enter to play the game.Version:

Pay 2 Win past a certain pointThere is no reliable nor rewarding way to earn books which are required to upgrade your academy and castle. This means you eventually reach a bottleneck where you can’t upgrade the Academy/Castle without paying and you cannot upgrade most of your buildings to lvl 25. I had been paying a bit here and there while playing this game and I’ve managed to reach 24 Million power but realizing I literally cannot progress because of the tens of thousands of books I’m missing, I quit the game. What a scam, seriously, several months of dedication to this game and this is what I get, a wall of $$$$$$ that I won’t climb..Version:

Great Game, Worst Support EVER!The game itself is great, despite the usual Pay-to-Win hassles these games all have. I’d give it a 4.5 rating. But Lilith have to be THE worst people to deal with I’ve ever encountered. Support just plays canned responses at you and does nothing. And they keep adding bells and whistles which bloat the footprint (9gb+ currently) instead of fixing a laundry list of big and little issues that actually matter. And then they break stuff, in every single update. Seriously break it. And always in the middle of events when you can’t afford to be out of action. Right now, in the middle of KvK, they pull an update that freezes the game at 6% loading and reports constant network errors. And they post advice that the only fix is to delete and reinstall. And then the download crashes before completion. Over and over. I’m about to lose a full year’s progress because of this, not to mention all sorts of tasks I was working on. And I’ve pretty much had a gutful. If it doesn’t work in the next few hours, I’ll finally give up on it and find something from a better publisher..Version:

A Game for wallet warriorsWell where do I start, the game started well and was quite good fun. There are a lot of good features which at the beginning I enjoyed. However, if you want to progress beyond a level fifteen city you have to spend money. Having the ability to gain territory is a great idea in theory, but as soon as the wallet warriors get started the ability to expand your alliance territory greatly reduces. Therefore this inhibits personal growth because if you farm tiles in their territory you get attacked. Now the passes have come in to play, and unless you are part of a wallet warrior alliance you cannot explore other provinces. So because of this and the inability to grow once you get past a certain point without spending thousands and thousands of dollars makes this one of the worst games I have played. This game is even worse than invasion which operates on the same sort of principle. I don’t have a problem with people that spend their own money but you need to cater for both types of player which in games like this will never happen..Version: 1.0.1216

Good Game, Bad CultureHmmm…my original review was deleted, I guess I hit a nerve with the developer. I’ll try again. I’ve only played RoK a few days and so far it seems like the best game in this genre, unfortunately there is one game-breaking exception: jumpers. The game enables players to change servers indefinitely as long as their city hall doesn’t surpass level 7. It’s created a weird culture in the game where every new kingdom is flooded with people who have strong accounts and create a significant imbalance from the get-go. There is an event during the first week with rewards based on the most powerful, etc.—the jumpers go to the new kingdom, get all the top rewards, bully people then leave to do it again in the next kingdom. Sometimes some of the jumpers decide to stay and since they’ve already been building their accounts for months, they automatically dominate the kingdom. It’s also difficult to find an active alliance as a new player because of all the jumper alliance requirements. Either you spend or you end up in a dead alliance. RoK could easily level the playing field by capping the number of days new accounts are able to jump. Only allowing someone to move to a new server during the first 3 days of an account would eliminate the problem. It doesn’t seem likely the developer will ever do that though since “jumping” seems to be the vast majority of the player base..Version:

Excellent customer abuse systemThis is not your take-your-money-and-run skim. Lilith was able to craft a master piece is sociable fun and program bugs. Where the magic starts is in their Customer Abuse System. In a fine core of lack of vision and bug riddle programming, they have top a slow response system, simmering to perfection the insult of forcing you to demonstrate the problem. We have bugs and we have you money. What are you going todo about it? The true master craft shows in the slow, erratic response - almost schizophrenic- to the point of absurdity. Put your money in and let the abuse start!.Version: 1.0.1824

Ups and downsI love the idea and concept of the game. But the developers prioritize money over fun. every time I play this game I start out in a new kingdom and work my way up, playing hours and hours each day. There are so many people spending great amounts of money to be the “best” and it’s very unfair for those who don’t have thousands to spend on the game. There should be a limit to how much people should be able to spend because it takes the fun out of the game for everyone else, the game would be so much more fun if every player had to put time into the game instead of money..Version:

Terrible gameThe ads are annoying, a farmer loses his wife and in 4sec he turns in a GOD, and how many ads have you seen on YouTube today let me count for me about 10 PER DAY this is insane just stop.Version:

Great game! Ruined by small thingsI have played rok for about 1 year now and after all my time I’ve only spent minimum £500 even so I can still see the HUGE difference in f2p and p2p once I was in a server that had very little spenders but this meant that top 10-20 players was 5-6mil while everyone below that was 1-2mil this caused the top 5 alliances dominate ruining the game for the rest of the kingdom stuff like this needs to be handled me and countless others have emailed rok with a suggestion for f2p servers or limited spending servers this could really help f2p close the gap between f2p and p2p I think paying in these types of games is a way to speed up the process of grinding not put you weeks ahead of everyone else I hope you reply because I am interested to know what you think about my suggestion I also play in a lot of Arabic alliances and have come to realise that the translation is very bad some sentences don’t even come close to matching what they actually say I hope this is another thing that can be fixed.Version:

New healing updatePlease listen to community feedback on reverting this new limited healing update it will harm f2p to low spenders very heavily leading to less people playing..Version:

Great game but short for f2pThis is an amazing game and honestly I don’t have many negative opinions towards it. The problem comes when you are f2p. Upon entering a new server you will have approximately a month before you are essentially pushed out of a lot of end game content because you are viewed as being “too weak” compared to the players that have bought their way to having very high power. They will eventually all group together and keep you from being able to join a lot of the later content. As a F2P player you have you find yourself being content with the constant threats of being kicked out of stronger alliances because of low power since you can’t keep up with spenders and eventually being kicked out or being content with just farming and doing the same round of events every few weeks. Kingdom vs Kingdom won’t happen in most cases because you won’t be allowed. I’ve started in many many different servers over the past 2 years and it always happens the same way. If you can afford to pour money into this game, then I totally recommend it. If your like me and can’t afford to spend tons of money on a mobile game then go in understanding that after around a month, maybe a little longer, your going to be seen as useless because you won’t be able to keep up with the spenders..Version:

The greed of developers is highDont need to download this game unless you can drop thousands of dollars in a month and then too just to disappointed with stupid update and they wont even spend your money to fix lags or any other bugs in game.Version:

Needs a lot of workLet me point some issues. So, during a rally attack that is canceled due to no players, the lead commander’s army (canceled army) goes out for a few seconds, then all of a sudden goes back in. Why doesn’t it just stay in the city since it already there? Also, the people are right about immigration. It has good and bads, but overall it needs a fixture. We have people from enemy kingdoms getting enlisted as Rank 4 (Officer). Please fix the immigration! Oh, and lemme tell new players why this game needs MASSIVE changes: the balancing system. So, I started in a kingdom (2780, Kingdom of Langollen) just to find out 6 months later I joined a kingdom with a lot of people who were destroying people left and right for nothing. That right there needs a balancing system for new players. This part needed a special touch to it. The justice system is crazy bad! My kingdom has no real justice in it. I was in an authorized alliance (still am and an authorized alliance is one recognized as an okay alliance), and someone frames me by attacking MY farm and attacked others in the opposing alliance(unauthorized, barely on, and expanding too much). Then I wake up to “don’t worry the rank 4 and leader are under council control” from the kingdom queen. But I still get attacked. Make a justice system or fix a not-working one, pls.Version:

These dev comments sound like chatGPT nonsense lolSo my actual assessment is the game is good and bad. If you have unlimited free time to devote and are a people/good at networking you can make f2p work but it’s still a long haul. If you spend a little bit of money it’s about the same thing. If you spend a lot/whale out you can do whatever you want the first few months of the account and no can stop you lol. Don’t let the ads fool you if you plan to be f2p it will take around 2 years to reach 50m power. It would take thousands of dollars to reach 50m power in 2-3 months of making an account. If you spend money you can bully people and if you have a couple of friends there is little people can do about. Using shields and teleporting if you don’t have money to spend is pointless. F2p players have to just sit back and do what they are told to survive unless they have powerful friends. Unless the people spending thousands a month(yes some spend north of 10k/month on the game) are new or dumb, or you have several highly experienced people opposing them who are also spending money and actually willing to fight, they ultimately control what everyone is allowed to do. So if you can’t dedicate 5-6+ hours a day every single day for months on end or you have excessive amounts of disposable income don’t download this game. If you do have those things this can be a fun game..Version:

Give to the rich take from the poorWhen first getting this game I was excited and optimistic. Right up my street. Don’t get me wrong, it is good. I’ve built a few accounts and made numerous friends. Enjoyed a plenty encounter etc. The HUGE downfall in my opinion is the epic gulf in pay to play and free to play. Unless you have hours a day and are somewhere near like a guru you cannot compete with the Whales!! For example. I felt I was experienced enough to start a second account, when my first started getting into the stages where it’s was taking days for upgrades. So I went through the intro etc. Went to join an alliance, only to find there were players already in the multi million power category. The kingdom had been open less than 8hours!! This happens in every kingdom. How can you compete!!?? I’m not condoning it as it’s each to their own. However I wonder why not just make a free to play server so to speak... just to even the playing field a bit...? I cannot see this happening in the near future as ‘money talks’..Version:

Great game one suggestionHi developers this game is one of the best games that I’ve played in a long time previously playing Clash of Clans. I love every aspect of this game yet I feel in the alliance Rank 4 and leader or Rank 5 have all the things to do like building and because of this Rank 2 and 3 have basically nothing they can contribute to it apart from the Alliance Technology tree. It would make people feel more included and important. if the developers could make maybe Rank 2 and 3 can build stuff but with their own resources and not the alliance’s resources Ik I would work towards making those. The one thing that is annoying is if I’m trying to get friends to play ROK they say the games cringe because of the ads and their right there. Maybe the ads could be a bit less cringe and more realistic as well. Otherwise this game is great HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Keep up the good work!.Version:

BugHello, I’ve been playing the game for more than 463 days. Till this day I’ve loved playing and enjoying the game. There was no other mobile game that I have played it for this long. However, I’m going to give a bad review because during one of my academy research, for a old reason the game bugged out and it didn’t allow me to ask for help( this means when you’re in a alliance you ask for help from your alliance members which reduces the time it takes for a building or a research to be reduced.) On my way to Tier 5 troops this is very crucial for me because one research without help is about 125days and that’s far too long. When you ask for help this is reduced to about 70days if not less. This is a great way which the game provided to us. However, I cannot utilities this because of a bug and I’ve been getting in contact with customer service to fix this bug and nobody is willing to help. Also to mention, I’ve wasted resources on this which costed me a fair bit, and to mention that this is being going on for about 3 weeks now and they still haven’t been able to help me. I do spend a lot on this game and I don’t regret it either because I have fun. However, currently I’m not enjoying the game..Version:

Riddled with problems but great playersI’ve played the game extensively over a few years and had fun in that time however I’d have to rate it low for a few reasons. On big killer is the “security feature” which has extreme overreach features - tap your device too quickly and you will get banned 24hours, tap the RHS map edge too many times, yes that very thin strip of cloud while your scout is there and the map border will clear block at a time but you will be banned 365days (try if you don’t believe it). I tried contacting the “service desk” about these things but they were very accusatory and insisted the game was correct. I will end with some positives - the players - a lot of great guys to meet. The events - keeps things interesting to a degree. The scale of the map - lots of alliances to choose from at least at first. Just don’t expect real help from the “developers”..Version:

Big alliances and pay to win make this game unbearable :(Love this game, there’s so many different elements to it that keep my playing for hours at a time and the in chat translator makes it easy to chat to people from all over the world! The only issue is as a low spender (as well as my alliance) we are being totally dominated by a play to win group. They attack smaller groups for trying to progress or leave their territory and force everyone to carry similar clan tags at the threat of burning everything they’ve been building if they don’t. There’s no way we could possibly beat them and it has already forced people to quit the game. I don’t know why big spenders would even be in the same server as play for free or low spending players. Surely if they were put in a server with other big spenders they could have a spend off and leave others alone to have fair battles for sanctums and alters etc. Would only recommend if you’re willing to spend a lot of money or join a big alliance that do. Even then they may enforce their ‘rules’ and will turn on you and burn your city for stepping out of line. Big spenders take this game very seriously so beware if you’re looking for some light hearted entertainment..Version:

Absolute garbage.Rise of Kingdoms is one of those ‘strategy’ games. It’s sort of realistic yet expensive as hell. In order to switch civilisations you have to pay 10,000 freaking gems! This means they force you to be stuck with your civilisation forever until you get enough gems. And strategy is not required either. In spite of the ads, the only way to beat rise of kingdoms is with brute force. You cannot beat anything without high level troops and thousands of them. Lilith games can be much better than this. And to add all of this together, you have to connect an account to get higher than level 10?! I don’t even own one! This is simply OUTRAGEOUS! This is why I am writing this review. Don’t listen to these ads. In conclusion, Rise of Kingdoms is way too expensive and greedy with their in-game currencies, and the advertisements are lies. One last thing to add is this game is pay-2-win. It’s not even owned by EA..Version:

Worst game I ever played on my iPad AirI’ve been playing this game for about a year. In all that time there has been a severe server connection issue with this game. Typically during 30 minutes of game time my connection will be kicked by the game on average about seven times. Sometimes it is much more often than every three minutes. There are elements of the game I cannot play because of being kicked. My WiFi connection averages 33 Mb/s and uses a fibre optic 50 Mb/s to the router. My iPad Air was bought new in 2015. I play many games of this type on it and this is the only game that constantly and incessantly kicks my connection. I can not recommend it to anyone who plans to use an iPad Air to play it. I have contacted Lilith three times in the past about this connection issue and nothing has been done to improve the situation. Review update folks, I’ve found out that this game needs at least 2GB of RAM memory to run smoothly, curtesy of Lilith games. So it would seem that it can’t be played on any iPad with less memory than that, which means nearly all the older iPads. Guess I won’t be playing it much longer. As far as I can determine, the only iPads it will be trouble free on with regard to RAM memory are the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro (3GB & 4GB RAM respectively). Apple Support are now aware of this since I talked directly with them about it..Version: 1.0.2410

Pay to win.5 Stars for the game itself. 0-1 Star for gaming experience. I enjoyed this game so much, I can actually say that I love spend time playing this during my spare times. There’s so much to do and well balanced. Me and my friends put a lot of effort into this game and when I say a lot I mean at least 12hours a day or more... but just like any other games out there, Free players has no stand in this game AT ALL, I mean AT ALL. Multiple times we got smashed by other players that is constantly donating to this game, you can tell as they have Commanders that you can only get by paying... and when you ask other players how they power up ridiculously fast obviously the answers is always to donate... Sadly, not just me but also others are feed up of this & decided not to play no more. Hopefully one day, whenever the developers decide to change this, I get back to it. And yes, you do a lot of free events for free but payer players also has access to this events which means it doesn’t matter if theres free events or not they still be on top because they simply pay. I just would like to thanks for creating such a enjoyable game but unfortunately just another pay to win game, It’s a shame the developers don’t see our side or don’t do anything regarding it since I am not the only one who is mentioning this problem..Version:

Why is there a rape trailer?I was browsing YouTube and an ad came up for rise of kingdoms where a woman is raped, chooses to commit suicide, then celebrates randomly becoming rich? What the actual f**k is wrong with you people? Who is the piece of garbage that thought “oh I have a fun idea! Let’s use rape and suicide to sell our fun little micro transactions!” “ we’ll make it ok because she becomes rich after her suicide attempt fails. Because money and power takes away that pain. Lol gg.” You are less than human..Version:

Could be a great game but too much p2wAddendum: I am dropping my rating another star. Seems the devs made some error in rewards during Osiris and gave out more coins then they intended. They took back items purchased or unused coins so many of us now have negative stars/statues/keys. It’s a shame that this company chose to punish their customers for their mistake. I will most likely quit the game because of this; I’m just too discouraged by the setback and disregard of the company for their players. I have been playing several hours a day, every day, for 8 months and, with about $75 invested, am CH25 but still only at 22mil power on this account. Significant , but not really that competitive over all. I am being held back by the need for gems that require real money to make any significant difference. Meanwhile, as others note, there are players who spend thousands of dollars and therefore have the ability, and sometimes the temperament, to flatten any in their way. I had quit an earlier game because of one such player and have had 3 teammates quit just this week in current kingdom because of this. Some of the events, like mighty governor, are always won by the high dollar p2w. It is no longer competitive nor fun so I no longer even try to earn a spot; I just cower in my city during KE. There needs to be a threshold for the p2w folks. For example, once you spend over, say, $500 or reach 50 million power, you must migrate to kingdoms set aside for those players..Version: 1.0.2215

Not nearly good enough!I love many aspects of the game but what makes it nearly unplayable is the pay to win aspects. I feel many changes need to be made to this game, mainly the pay to win part. This game would dominate the market of the genre and be so awesome if only people who spend thousands didnt control the servers and make it unplayable. At its current state its unplayable unless you spend money. Its not even hiding the fact that you need to pay money to win, ive seen several bundles that cost alot of money for a mobile game. I could buy several good steam games for the price of the bundles that only give you alittle buff above the rest. This game definitely needs improvements if it doesnt want to pander to the highest bitter, this is a major problem for all of their games. Lets face it, they make too much money of the idiots with big wallet. I would never recommend any of their games to anyone. They are never gonna change their practices and they dont have to. Just dont download this game, you will either get sucked in (and waste money) or waste your time. Well this and this review was a waste of time, no one will read this and if they reply they will send some automated message about how their working to change the game. Stay away from this game and others they own, this is a company that uses great ideas and genres to infect with p2w aspects that utterly ruin the game. Screw this company..Version:

Rises then fallsPlayed this game a fair bit now, starts of well and good at start of season everything was fine at first, the exploration was actually interesting for a while, raising an army, levelling a champion and gathering resources wasn’t a chore, killing the npc’s was fun and the social part was sensible and normal.. THEN.. the pay walls and the big spending bullies start boxing you in and everything that seemed fair and simple at first becomes a nightmare as times to train and build become days, gains and experience for your champions almost hit a stand still, resource requirement skyrockets meaning your week long build takes longer as it takes days to gather material and even killing the npcs with tv out one of the big spending bullies come and wipes you and your target. Caters greatly to those willing to fork over an unbelievable amount of money as even the mindset of “oh I’ll just spend a little on the pack it’ll help” stop as it won’t help and will barely make a dent in what you want it for. It’s annoying cause I like this game and am in a very good alliance with nice people but it’s plagued with mega spenders that farm and bully..Version:

1 starRating Rok with 1 star. All the lag and sh**t updates you guys do makes the game even more unplayable. Kindly, really fix the issue... The Chat update still horrible. Actually even worse....Version:

BrokenTodays update just broke the game, cant even get past the loading screen now. It just sits at 6% until it times out and the app crashes. Update: After talking to other alliance members on discord, a lot of players are unable to log on. Fix your bug infested update.Version:

Really good game but bullies ruin itI’ve been playing this game for over 15 months and it’s been quite enjoyable. It’s a meaty game with plenty to do and it’s nicely balanced. We had ourselves a nice quiet corner and had a good relationship with our neighbours. But this last month we’ve been threatened, attacked and ordered out by an alliance way larger than we are (they’ve already forced out all our neighbours). We’ve tried diplomacy but the translation software is poor and they either don’t understand us (since we don’t understand them) or they just refuse to understand us (which seems probable). We’ve been given the choice of either joining an alliance of their choosing (where we lose all our benefits) or get smashed totally. So we’re left with a choice of being bullied or crushed. So 15 months of daily playing is wasted. It’s a terrible shame since this game had legs. Ultimately I wouldn’t recommend this game unless you like being bullied..Version:

Too many inappropriate things going on in ROK!While I’ve been playing some people are just a little to much to handle, gay people in the game sending pics of them in a slutty way, cat fishers ( people who are men or fat women ) sending pics of girls that’s not actually them, thots sending too much of themselves and most of the time we actual gamers who play this game want to just have some fun instead of seeing the inappropriate side. THERE ARE KIDS IN THIS GAME! (Say up to 8-11 years old I guess) and this game has done nothing about it… I mean I like the game I wish I could’ve rated it a five star review but too many thots, gay people and cat fishers ( I also forgot people have been sending disturbing anime pics ). Please just do something..Version:

If I had one wishTo start off. I want to say that I have mixed feelings about this app. I’ll start with that this game is really well built. The graphics, the idea, and the system in game is set up good. I like a lot about it. But, if I could change one thing or even have a compromise. My one wish that I wish I could see is the game to release pure f2p kingdoms but you must pay to get in (something like $5-$10 for entry) and once you are in. There is no p2w elements. No micro transactions. Everyone is on fair playing grounds at the start. If that could be added to the game. I feel like that this game will take over the genre and be over the top because to players, that won’t seem like much money to enter and they can test the game out on the kingdom servers we have now to see if they actually like the game itself and from these reviews. People really like the game but not the p2w aspect. The p2w aspect is bringing it down heavily and players are leaving because of it. I myself am not returning to the game till something changes to where there is no p2w aspects or there is an option to what I proposed with the f2p kingdoms being available, but with a entry fee. I feel like that is a fair compromise where the players get what they want and the company still makes a lot of money. I will happily come back and play and waste all of my hours on this game if that proposal gets accepted..Version: 1.0.2014

Money rules supreme hereI’ll start with the good points. It is great game with great system for upgrading your base and troops. Forming rallies within your alliance and attacking other alliance. The expanding territory and the tower system is great. The goals system where people work together to get rewards are great. I really would normally rate this a 5 star game but there’s one major problem. It’s people buying their way into power. I understand that the game has to make money but it’s gotten to the point where it’s not fun to play. There is always one alliance where it’s players that is willing to spend a hell of a lot of money to be the best. (I mean at least a couple 100 pounds easily) My latest alliance that is in the top ten(so not weak) got stomped on by one guy in the top alliance and they had 20 guys that were just as powerful. I wouldn’t be surprised if that alliance could take on most the server by themselves without breaking a swear. If people can buy their way into power to that extreme what’s the point of playing? Also this is my second review as my last view got deleted..Version: 1.0.1128

Beautifully addictive but found wantingFirst off I have to say that this is the best mmo game I’ve played on a mobile device period. The game play is fluid, the graphics are outstanding, the community thrives and there’s no forced pvp play in order to progress and become such a strong governor that other alliances will actively seek you out to join them and gain even more strength! Teamwork is key in the alliance and it’s great to be part of this game however, this game is marred by two things, one is the alliance power level scaling, one false move against another alliance and you’ll find yourself overpowered and outnumbered before you even know what hit you. It’s depressing to a degree and second is the pay to win (pay to grow) structure. The devs have made the game feel like it’s heavily implied to be a pay to win system when it comes to resources after being attacked, building your city, certain events that run and the cost of resources required to gain rewards and features like cosmetics, golden keys, teleports, chests and more..Version: 1.0.2517

Worst game everFirst the ads. They are cringy, misleading and annoying is there really a restaurant for rise of kingdom players, and do nearly everyone in the world play rise of kingdoms and do people really bully people for being low power and and do people really get like 5 million power in like 3 days? Again ads with the Viking ads they say people are farming and I am attacking city’s well you have to have a certain level to attack city’s and to get levels you need to upgrade and if you want to upgrade you need coins and if you want coins you need recourses yeah misleading. Plus they put fake promo codes in ads to. The gameplay is bad to and it has a limited amount of civilisations unlike what the ads say. Anyway read before you get the game oh and when you make a review it comes up with a template saying best game ever.Version:

Fun but cheaters prosperSo this game is super fun. Have been playing a full year and have made great friends, however the developers of this game allow cheaters to propers. Our server has gave the 1300 server in back to back KIngdom vs Kingdom events and each time 1300 has been allowed to use unfair exploits and botting programs to cheat. They have been reported multiple times and yet nothing is done to correct the issue. Worse than that, the service team actually had the audacity to reply to our complaints with a lie. Told the many of us who have complained, who have literally sent them screen shots of the cheaters, that everything had been fixed when in fact nothing had been fixed. So wonderful game until someone starts cheating, openly and blatantly cheating without any negative consequences. And the kicker is the gall of the service team to actually lie to us like we are idiots and wouldn’t notice that the cheating is still happening. Play fun for here but don’t spend any money on this game please. This company doesn’t deserve it when they treat their players with such disregard. If anyone wants to check out this awful cheating who is currently playing just check Lost Kingdom server 35. If you know the game look at the pass level 9 between server 1273 and 1300. It’s a real riot how first they claimed no cheating was taking place and then afterwards lied to us and said it was fixed..Version:

Game needs serious management fixesThe server my friends and I were put in is full of Asian whale accounts that spend thousands of dollars on the game and make several Alliances that are all under their “family.” This is oppressive and makes it impossible to do anything meaningful with my friends. At first when the server started, it was good, but they’ve blown up and own well over half the map. Can’t even transfer to other servers because this game’s requirements are so strict. The game is a lot of fun but it has absolutely no filter for people that make it impossible for new players. When these alliances just trade their City Hall 21 accounts between each other and stomp everyone that is five or more city hall levels below them, it’s impossible to do anything. I wish that the developers actually cared about providing a fun and fair challenge to this game instead of letting these abusive players walk all over them. That being said, if you’re planning on playing anyway, do NOT come to server #2310. It is a nightmare here and there is nowhere on the map that is safe. You can’t even harvest resources without players that are millions of power above you sending their armies to annihilate your gatherers. I hope other servers are better than this because it’s not even remotely fair..Version:

Awesome game with errors to be fixed.Brilliant game that calls for perseverance and teamwork. Love how you can strategize with other members of your alliance, build friendships, gain enemies and set goals. However, since the latest update, the game crashes almost every day with it turning a really strong saturated colour before it gets stuck and flips out. Reopening, it loads to 74% and then stops moving, so it has to be deleted and reinstalled. This then causes a loss of chat messages. The other issue is the chat does not work on mobile data and must be hooked to WiFi. Looking online, I’m not the only one who is cut from my alliance when I’m out of WiFi range. This is a terrible bug, especially when you are at war. Please fix what is otherwise a fantastic game..Version: 1.0.1120

Unfair Game - BewareRise of Kingdoms is a game where you cannot make fully maxed legendary heroes even after you play it for 2 years. If you don't spend 1000 dollars a month for the game, forget the competition. You will lose the war. You will lose the achievements. You will never get the city rewards because you have to be in top 10 for every event. Big spenders will always take away your rewards and you will always have to wait and grind. With this last update, you cannot even grind. If you want to play a free game, choose a different game. I suggest you can play Black desert or Metin2. Because Rise of kingdoms brought up this crystal material to upgrade your technology and you cannot make fully crystal technology unless you spend 2235 dollars. You have to pay two thousand dollars to be competitive player. Because without crystals you cannot have the bonusses to fight at all. You will just be a punching bag for the whales. AND this game will reset and take away your crystal every month to make sure you have to buy it again for the next fight. Also, the game will always match your kingdom with bigger and stronger kingdoms that are paying less than you, and they still get the same amounts of material just because their currency and country is different. The customer service is also the worst in the world. They will never respond to you properly. They will always ignore you..Version:

Quitting gameI’ve previously rated this game at 5 stars but after being attacked so constantly for the past week, I have to lower it down. Yes this game was created in China and as a result, Chinese players have a big advantage over the game in terms of city power - since many of them have played this game longer. However, it draws a line when throughout so many kingdoms, Chinese players and alliances are granted a giant monopoly and many players from continents other than Asia are being constantly attacked. I’m not just hatefully bashing them with lies, the top alliances in my kingdom (1566) (mostly Chinese) are filled with people intent on terrorising all the players. They do actions such as appearing to attack you by having their troops march towards you but then move somewhere else at the last moment, its absolutely terrifying. I’m not even considered a ‘noob,’ I have been playing for nearly two months now consecutively and I had 5M power. I love this game so much because of how fun and simple it is but the unfair way players from Asia (not even being racist, I’m Chinese myself) are intent on terrorising all the players really makes me angry with this. Unless this problem is somehow improved by having new players an equal chance of rising in power, I’m afraid I won’t be playing this anymore..Version:

Won’t open after updateLoading stops at 6% and kicks me out. It’s been like over 12hrs of waiting. Please fix it!.Version:

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