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Bad North: Jotunn Edition App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Bad North: Jotunn Edition app received 103 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bad North: Jotunn Edition? Can you share your negative thoughts about bad north: jotunn edition?

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Bad North: Jotunn Edition for Negative User Reviews

Very badOnly Works with reception.Version: 2.00.6

The reviews of constant crashing are no joke!Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the game, but it crashed 3 times before I even started playing after it first downloaded. Once I started to play I had at least 12 crashes within an hours time. The game is really fun to play, it’s challenging on what location to defend next, what defenses you should upgrade, and the graphics do move smoothly. The crashing only seems to happen in between battles so you don’t actually lose any progress but it’s still annoying to have to restart the game multiple times. The game is really fun to play and I’d like to give it a better review. Creators: please look into the constant crashing. I’m playing on a 7th gen iPad if that helps..Version: 2.00.8

CrashesWould have been a great game, but repeatedly crashes and this makes it very difficult to progress and is frustrating..Version: 2.00.8

Really good game but...Awesome game, if I can load my save 🙄 Seems like I can only play in one sitting as trying to load a saved game doesn’t work. Which is a shame as it’s bug free on the Xbox. Please fix this and I’ll change the star rating as I wish to make a proper review but this glaring issue is keeping me from experiencing the whole game..Version: 1.1

Entertaining but sameyThe app is quite entertaining with great visual and good sound effects. The negatives for me would be the repetitive nature of the levels and the fact that it needs internet to play. This sort of game should not need to be online. £2.99 would be a great pricepoint for what this is. £3.99 feels like a reach too far..Version: 2.00.8

Good but glitchyNew update as of yesterday is worse than the previous version. I can’t press the start button, nothing happens. Old version wouldn’t allow me to open saved campaigns. Too bad it’s so glitchy because this is a great game, one of the best for iOS. Please iron out your bugs..Version: 2.00.9

Pls take into accountThis game is one of my favourite games I have it on computer as well how ever it is extremely crashy it crash’s almost every time I chose a path and select my save. I would’ve given it a 5 star rating but this damages the game experience and ratings I’d put money on it that this game would average 3-5 stars only if this was fixed..Version: 2.00.8

No load, no buenoIPhone XS, and it does not work. Bad customer service as well..Version: 2.00.9

Fun but eventually repetitiveThe game is initially very enjoyable. You control four squads of fighters and defend your island against incoming invaders. The problem is that you very quickly discover everything the game has to offer because there simply isn’t very much to it. There are only three different types of fighters you can use (archers, pikemen and swordsmen) who each only have a single ability. You then defend against the same types of enemies, over and over again, on slightly changing maps. Although you can use different strategies in theory, this isn’t particularly necessary. Additionally, the game is bugged and requires you to continually close all other apps for it to load. Not a huge deal but another sign that this game is slightly rushed and has ultimately been forgotten about by its developers..Version: 2.00.15

My sort of gameWould have given it 5 stars but it crashes every now and then. It can be slow to load but not a real problem. I wouldn’t expect these problems in a paid game. Still, I like the game. Would like to see an option for a longer building type campaign..Version: 2.00.6

Not compatible with iPad AirDespite the info saying it was compatible with this device (iPad Air) once I start the game it has a pop up box that says it is not compatible. Spent money. Damn..Version: 2.00.8

Bug/glitchWhen I first bought the game it didn’t work and then all of a sudden it worked but now it has gone back to not working can you please check this out thanks Raw Fury.Version: 2.00.8

Nearly 5 stars but...This is a fantastic game and I love it. However... as you progress it crashes so often it becomes completely unplayable which is a massive shame. Please fix so I can finish!.Version: 2.00.8

I mean, it might be good?Warning to everyone- check in the description of the game for whether your device is supported... the App Store seem to have made a mistake in their descriptions....... So I open the game, and right as it says ‘start’, an error message says the game is non-compatible with my device, and kicks me into my home screen before I can say ‘vikings’. It has the exact same message and response on my other device. Just to be safe, I checked the compatibility on the app download screen in App Store, and it says it should work on both devices... both of which are fully updated, to beyond the iOS minimum..Version: 2.00.8

It’s stopped workingI have recently brought this game and it was working fine and I was enjoying it quite a bit but now it won’t let me play the game. The game loads up but I’m unable to click on anything ! I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to see if that helps but nothing ...! It’s not my phone as everything else works including other games .... help developers to solve this as I don’t normally pay money for an app but had heard so many good things so thought I’d give this a try and experiencing problems already ! **** update **** They put a fix out but within days it’s stopped working again. I found this game on a google search as one of the best strategy games on ios... what the hell is going on dev’s !! I have enjoyed it when I was able to play it feel like asking for refund as only been able to play it for short period since I brought this some time ago !! Joke.Version: 2.00.12

Too buggyCrashes every game. Fun, but unplayable in this build.Version: 2.00.8

Crashes on start-upShould be able to give it 0 stars. Crashes on startup, waste of $8. Stay away and do not buy, believe the comments, I know I should have. Want refund..Version: 2.00.12

Beautiful design, repetitive gameplayYou basically just deploy units to fight off invaders. That’s it. I appreciate the design of the game and that you have to think strategically about where to move which units, utilize terrain, etc. but after a while it gets a little boring. It would be great if the combat was just one part of the game, and players would also have to manage resources and defenses of the islands themselves. Taxation, revenue, fortifications, economies, trade — these could all be used to impact success. It would make the game much more complex, interesting and re-playable. I’d even pay more for that. Also, I’m experiencing reload issues; the game kept hanging while islands were being generated at startup. I deleted my game and tried a new one, but that didn’t work. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. We’ll see....Version: 1.1

A good game but I can not play because it always crashesThe game is good but for the fact that I have not been able to play for over 170 days when will you fix it I paid money for this and it only worked for one day.Version: 2.00.18

Great game, super unstableI had some spare iTunes credit, so why not? At first everything was fine and the game was fun, very unique gameplay, great strategy, but as I got farther along the game became unstable, I was barely able to play, the further islands would cause the game to crash, and even crash upon loading a further along campaign (starts around 50% progress, unplayable around 60%) on a now semi outdated iPhone-7, I could understand some frame rate issues and increased power consumption, but the game crashing consistently? Honestly, might just request a refund at this point. (Update: Been over three months since I contacted costumer support, they responded with one solution, it didn’t work, and no update since... Lovely.).Version: 2.00.8

CrashesGreat game and really fun to play but after a while it started crashing and I couldn’t load my saves. Now it won’t even start please fix this.Version: 2.00.9

Fun but crashesFor what started as a bearable couple of crashes every now and then, has turn into a consistent crash every time I open the game. Paid primo $$ to play, expected to actually get to play it..Version: 2.00.6

It crashes every time if I play on it😭😡😭😡.Version: 2.00.8

UnplayableI used to be able to play the game but now i can’t even because it crashes every time while loading and the devs are too stupid and lazy to be able to fix the game because it hasn’t been updated in over a year.Version: 2.00.18

Fun game but keeps crashingI’d give this game 5 stars but for the single flaw of crashing. I just lost a campaign because I couldn’t attack a certain island because the game crashed whenever I tried. Also could you please add enemy symbols to the codex? I keep forgetting what symbol means what and it messes up planning your attack as you only see the vikings after picking your troops..Version: 2.00.8

SoundHey devs I was really hyped to play this mobile to only have no sound. I would like a fix or a refund thanks..Version: 2.00.16

Good but....When you get to level 72 is impossible to play because every time you get into the game like in the loading screen it says about analyzing something before you get inside the game it will say analyze something I don’t rember and then it crashes I have tried over 15 times to get a work I’m trying to shutting down my iPad tactic reloading and installing again it doesn’t work I just delete my progress when I reload and reinstall so therefore I’m gonna leave a three star review hope the Devs can you fix this.Version: 2.00.18

Bug when reloading existing fileGame itself is very good, however problem occurred when try to reload an existing saved game. For some reason it has always been loading (5min+), please help!.Version: 2.00.8

Crashing ruins a great gameIt is a really fun strategy game and I was really enjoying playing through it. Unfortunately it crashes all the time. I have some saves I can no longer use because I can never get to the point of loading a new map. It’s a shame as otherwise it’s a great game and I’d happily give it 5 stars..Version: 2.00.12

Excellent.......when it’s not crashingExcellent, simple interpretation of rts gaming. Graphics, artwork, sound, input control all excellent. It would clearly be a 5 star game but unfortunately it keeps crashing. The only way to resolve is to start again, thereby losing the opportunity to experience the complete game. £5 is not a lot of money for a quality game, and the developers are to be applauded for not monetising their creation with constant micro transactions. It does, however, need to work. Hopefully the developers will react to the feedback and give us access to the full game..Version: 2.00.6

The notch hides stuffDoesn’t work with iPhone X, XS, 11, 12, or 13 because it assumes the notch isn’t there and hides UI elements behind there..Version: 2.00.18

Don’t waste your money on this gameMultiple people have had major problems with crashing, the game not loading and the screen not working.Version: 2.00.9

Bad north is actually badThis game is a total rip-off I paid $7.99 for this game only for it to save bad north is not supported by this device and it won’t let me play the actual game..Version: 2.00.8

I can’t playI just brought the game and I can’t click the start button☹️ please help.Version: 2.00.9

Regular Crashes and lost progressFun little game ruined by regular crashes that lose campaign progress. Hopefully these issues can be fixed soon, would not have purchased if I had known the issues were this bad. Real shame as the game is fun, looks and sounds great..Version: 2.00.6

Would be good if it didn’t crash all the timeYou get into a game and spend hours gradually inching towards victory. Only to have the game decide enough is enough and crash every single time you try to load. This has happened literally on every single run. So frustrating. Also contacted dev support who just ignored me. Don’t waste your money..Version: 2.00.8

AbysmalFantastic game, have this on PC and it’s brilliant. However, it’s a disgrace that Raw Fury are still selling this on iOS in this state. It’s impossible to complete a campaign, you barely get past the first checkpoint and the game crashes every time it loads. I’ve tried everything to resurrect my save game, but it’s not happening. What a shame..Version: 2.00.18

Can’t even useWasted 7 dollars and I can’t even play. warning iPad users don’t buy.Version: 2.00.18

Software IssuesThis is a great game, one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. It is simple and fun, but the reason I have taken off 2 stars is due to the software issues I have encountered. There were numerous times where I had a crash in the middle of the campaign and lost all my progress. Not only that, it would refuse to save my progress, majority of the time, forcing me to restart. When attempting to reload a game, an error message would pop up making that game no longer playable. If it were not for these issues disrupting my gameplay I would have solely gave this review a 5 stars..Version: 2.00.6

Haven’t even got to load past first load screenI bought this today. $6.99 cad Literally have installed 4 times and haven’t made it past loading screen 🤦🏼‍♂️.Version: 2.00.8

Amazing game, frustratingly unstableI love the game play and theme. It has a simplicity in mechanics that makes it fun and not overwhelming, but behind that lies a depth of strategy and challenge. It is highly addicting and I don’t want to put it down. Then all of a sudden it will crash and solve that problem for you. It will crash while trying to load a level. Sometimes once and restart solves it. Sometimes an island will refuse to load no matter how many restarts I do. I am either forced to not go to that island altogether or sometimes restart my campaign completely. This didn’t happen the first day and then it got worse and worse. Developers, fix this with an update and I would instantly make this a 5 star review. Until then, this game just leads me to frustration and heart break..Version: 1.1

Still crashingI could see the end island And I can’t load my save.Version: 2.00.18

Same issue as the restNeat game, perfect for touch screen, but crashes after a bit then won’t load the save file. Hope that gets fixed soon..Version: 1.1

Won’t load on iPhone XApp looked great in App Store but can’t get it to pay. Crashes on app start (after the 4 intro logo slides).Version: 2.00.14

Doesn’t workPaid for it and all I got was a title screen. Can’t click start button. Based on all the reviews I am seeing, I should not have wasted my money..Version: 2.00.8

Probably a good gameCan’t even try it though cause whenever the game open to the start menu I can’t click start almost like the game’s frozen, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling with no luck. Playing on an iPhone 11 Pro..Version: 2.00.9

Can you make it so that you get a resurrect item every island village you save?Hello can you give everyone that plays this game a resurrection item every time you save from Vikings because one of my favourite commanders I spent time and effort on died and I want to resurrect him from the dead (I gave a one star because of my favourite commanders dying).Version: 2.00.18

Plz respondThis game is extremely beautiful and the gameplay is amazing. Except I have been running into issues with my game crashing even with an iPhone 8 and the most recent software. Plz fix this!!!.Version: 2.00.15

Crashes frequently, and recurringly on some islandsI have an iPad from about 3 years ago, the iPad isn’t full. The game crashes frequently and on some islands repeatedly. I now see from the reviews that this is a common problem..Version: 2.00.18

Would be my favourite Game in years.If it didn’t crash every time I got literally anywhere. Fix it and it’s a winner..Version: 2.00.18

My IPad is compatible but it still crashes regularly.This is a beautiful and engaging game.......when working. The game crashes randomly both in loading screens and during games. Incredibly frustrating considering how good this game could be. Any update on the horizon?.Version: 2.00.8

Does not launchGame ceases to work past initial launch credit roll. 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 2.00.15

Very unstableA good game but crashes far too much..Version: 2.00.8

Enjoyable until a crashI like playing the little game, but it is so frustrating when the game continues to crash. I have lost loads of games that then refuse to reload in. The gameplay is simple but fun and keeps you wanting to progress. Maybe one game wont crash and i can see what the end game plays like.Version: 2.00.8

Can’t even play because it crashes way too muchAs soon as I downloaded this game I couldn’t wait to play but every time I open the app it would almost immediately crash. This has happened several times for me and I would like to request a full refund on my purchase..Version: 2.00.12

UnplayableApp crashes on start 9 times out of 10. My iPad and the app are fully updated. Developer said the last patch would fix the problem. This is NOT the case. I don’t know why you would put so much effort into building a beautiful and clever game, but so little effort into making it actually work..Version: 2.00.12

Can’t get past load screenAfter title screens, offered to press ‘start’ then game crashes....Version: 2.00.6

Crash and corrupt save file.I turned a blind eye to the comment saying game crashed. Result, after 40 minutes playtime, game crashed 3 times and last time it corrupted my file and I can’t even launch game. VERY disapointed even tho everyone said it. VERY FUN AND BALANCED GAME but not worth downloading until game is fixed. DO NOT BUY it WILL CRASH..Version: 2.00.8

Broken difficult curveOh dear. This game had potential (albeit quite a simplistic game) but unfortunately the difficulty curve is madness. The game starts out silly easy. And remains silly easy for too long. Then all of sudden levels become impossible. And not only that, but if your heroes die on these impossible levels, they are gone for good! Meaning - you can no longer complete the game!!! I finished an incredibly difficult lvl and was amazed I even completed it and then I realized the heroes that died on that lvl were gone for good. I can’t get them back. That’s it. Campaign over. All money invested in those heroes are gone too. There is no way to reverse it. Upon discovering that I deleted the game instantly and won’t be playing it again..Version: 2.00.6

Bought Game - Couldn’t get past the load screen.Bought the game. Couldn’t get past the load screen. Have reinstalled the game numerous times with the same problem. Running the game off an iPhone X. I would like a refund on my purchase unless the game can be fixed..Version: 2.00.8

Used to work ok with frequent crashes. Now won’t even start.Great game but buggy app that crashes a lot, especially when you reach the end. Now, since last update, it just won’t start..Version: 2.00.9

Terribly optimizedGood until it crashes. Then in never loads your saved files..Version: 2.00.8

Infinite loadingI payed four bucks for this game and it won’t even load. Like what the heck I love the game on pc and want to play on my phone.Version: 2.00.15

It feels like a betaIt looks nice, the controls are ok, and there’s plenty of items to collect. But only being able to finish a campaign on the SIXTH attempt because all the other campaigns I started crashed and refused to load is not good enough. This game is the most buggy app I’ve ever downloaded on any phone. It crashes constantly without any particular reason. If your trying to decide where to spend your money you will get better value with other games. Or even buy two other games compared to this. Very frustrating.Version: 2.00.8

Don’t risk itIt does state the devices it is not compatible with and the last update was seven months ago...but even on compatible devices I get halfway through and it will continually close and stop any gameplay past that point. Yes my iPad is updated and no other issues and compatible with the shouldn’t be so poorly bugged, especially so well documented with no fix. Don’t risk paying for it, avoid at all costs. Otherwise would’ve been fun..Version: 2.00.8

15 corrupted saves...I tried to beat the game 15 times but every time after the second checkpoint it crashes, just like everyone else says. It’s unbeatable! You can’t get past 75% completion! They need to fix this, I come back to the game every two or three months hoping they’ve updated it because it’s such a game but this is getting ridiculous now... do they even read any of the reviews? UPDATE: Ironically like a day after I posted this, it for some reason stopped glitching so much on my latest campaign (my fifteenth). This is crazy, as I have been trying to finish a campaign without it glitching and ruining the save since last year. So I’m not sure what to give this game as a review anymore because I’m elated it finally works and want to give it five stars, but at the same time it’s odd because the game working without glitches is not the norm at all and is probably a glitch in and of itself! So I am changing my review from ONE STAR to THREE STARS.Version: 2.00.18

Game issuesThis is a great game. However, there are quites few bugs which can cause issues with the game. Most of these bugs are visual causing the player to assume that they either have one more unit on the map or have selected a unit. These can be extremely agitating as on the harder difficulties they can cause confusion and end up killing your run. Another bug is the app simply not responding once opened and crashing after a while. For a game at the price of 5.00 dollars this gives off a very bad impression as these bugs have not been fixed even with previous reviews pointing out bugs and issues such as these..Version: 2.00.18

Pretty Solid Game BUTNeat take on a cool genre of game. Love the art style. Challenging and fun. This game deserves five stars but currently I can not even load the game. The game gets stuck at the start screen or will just load endlessly. The game is in a Pretty sad state. Save your money till this gets fixed..Version: 2.00.16

CrashesUnfortunately this cool little game crashes on startup every time now. The only way I can play it is by restarting my phone (iPhone 11 Max Pro) then I get some game time. However, next time I start the game it crashes..Version: 2.00.12

New update has something wrongAn amazing game but since the new update I can’t get past the made with unity loading screen and it’s disappointing.Version: 2.00.12

I love this game but....This is one of my favourite of all time. However. The game crashes when you finish a fight and go back to the maps. Not all the time. Sometimes. Its really annoying. Ill give it a 4 star because you dont lose any progress if it crashes. im 50% in the game and it keeps crashing!! Please fix this!! 1 star taken away. Edit: i appreciate the update. But it still crashes. Im playing on an iphone 7 that is 1 year old. Im not sure it i should keep my hopes up for the phone version. The mac version played fine. Please get back to me on my possible options or update and fix it. Thank you..Version: 2.00.17

It used to be lovelyI’ not sure what happened. I used to be able to play this game just fine. But now it crashes when I attempt to open it....Version: 2.00.12

CrashesThe game only makes the loading screen and crashes every time ...... bummer don’t waste your money on it, seems to be a common issue.Version: 2.00.15

Don’t buyIt’s quite embarrassing for them to put this game on the App Store, knowing that on most campaigns you play, you will end up crashing on the loading screen each time, roughly half way through the campaign. Leaving you unable to finish the campaign. The game is certainly fun but due to the bugs, it leaves unable to progress. Don’t buy!.Version: 2.00.8

Terrible gameA very lack lustre game, lazy development, poor graphics, no tutorial. Upon downloading after the recommendation from a friend this game lives up to zero hype and after a solid 4-6 hours of play can safely say it is terrible. Would not recommend, save your money! Wouldn’t recommend even if it was free..Version: 2.00.18

BaddddddI bought this and I was playing and then it started to crash a lot so I deleted almost all my games on my device and it still crashed devs can I please get a refund cause I had already uninstalled the game.Version: 2.00.18

Software issuesBad North is a great game and I was very excited to be able to play on my iPhone after trying it out on console. The issue is that after getting the game and launching it, I just sit in the loading screen forever while nothing happens. I payed $7 for this game and in my opinion, $7 is not a warranted price for the state the game is in, especially if it won’t even launch. I have restarted my phone, the game, and uninstalled/reinstalled the game multiple times and the issue it not resolved. Additionally I am on an iPhone that this game supports and my iPhone is up to date. If you have any ideas on how to fix this please help me..Version: 2.00.8

Crashes are a big problemI absolutely love this game but after a certain point the game starts crashing constantly. I currently have 2 save files that crashed on me and now they load indefinitely when I try to launch them. I also have a 3rd that crashes whenever I select a map. If/when this issue is fixed then the game is easily 5 stars, but I think it’s important if you’re going to ask people to pay for a game that it actually works properly. An important tip that I’ve figured out is that the game will crash less often if you try to do the maps in order. If you have a bunch of possible maps to play then it seems to crash much more often..Version: 2.00.6

Why does it tell me it doesn’t work, after I pay for itLike what the hell.Version: 2.00.15

I love this game but for $3 it crashes way too muchI got this game today and I’m almost finished with my second campaign. On the first one, I got halfway through and then the save wouldn’t load. Now on my second run I’ve gotten 93% of the way through and my save file will sometimes load but then when I go to the next island it crashes. I would give this game five stars because it’s really good but this glitch is gamebreaking so for 3 dollars with constant crashes I can’t justify three stars. Though the game would be totally worth 3 or even 5 dollars if the crashing stopped..Version: 2.00.18

Safe file errorI was so happy to find one of my favourite games on iOS yesterday, I played for a good 3h straight. Today I got home from work and super excited to play my game again, but to my surprise my safe file won’t open, every time I try to load my saved game, it won’t load and shows an error of some sort, restarted my phone and everything and nothing... one thing is 10min of game gone, another thing is 3h of game completely gone when my only free time from work and kids is at bight.. get the game fixed because I’m not the only one with this problem..Version: 1.1

Good game but crashesBad North is a great rogue-like that sets itself apart from other games in the genre. However, the mobile version is extremely buggy and constantly crashes for me. Please fix it, I really want to play this game.Version: 2.00.14

£4.99 load screenWell it’s the most expensive load screen I have ever bought, I have an iPhone SE doesn’t mention compatibility issues with this model, yet the start button on load screen doesn’t respond at all. Game looks great on the App Store but can’t really leave a review until I get my 5 quids worth of play. Can developers suggest how I might get it to run or get a refund ? Thanks for the quick response developers ! apparently an update is imminent! So let’s hang on a bit longer and see if we can get a good crack at the game.Version: 2.00.12

IPad Pro crash issues..What a fantastic game Bad North is until you reach the first checkpoint. A definite nailed on five stars in fact. Unfortunately, after said checkpoint the game becomes unplayable due to continuous crashes. My old 2017 iPad Pro is running the latest IPadOS. Feels like some sort of memory issue causing the crashes but hey what the hell do I know?.Version: 1.1

Great concept - Have played before...Can’t open the app without it crashing. Please tell contact me to refund my purchase. Kind regards..Version: 2.00.6

Latest Update Broke the GameIt was a fun strategy game but the latest update completely broke the game for me. I can’t even press start anymore. If they don’t fix it soon I’ll likely never play again, it’s good, but not amazing. Without the glitches I would rate 4/5..Version: 2.00.12

The game does not even load: asking a refundI have an Iphone SE, the game does not even load, app stucks on the loading screen. I’ll get a refund. I do not recommend this app..Version: 2.00.8

FrustratingIt’s a fun simple game which I would recommend, except I have yet to finish a campaign. I can get to around 60 to 70% through, then it continually crashes after that. I wish I was able to complete the game at least once!.Version: 2.00.18

Had FunI had a lot of fun playing this game but unfortunately it will not allow me to access any of my saves which is annoying as I have to start again every time I want to play.Version: 1.1

Please fix!Bad North is easily one of the best RTS games I’ve played on mobile. This game would be a five star review if it wasn’t for one thing, the crashing. It doesn’t let me play more than three islands in a row before shutting down. The game also doesn’t let me play if I get more than 70% into the game. Anytime I open the save file it crashes. Now, I know for a fact that the problem isn’t that I don’t have IOS 13 (I’m not entirely sure what it is off the top of my head) because I went and checked. Similarly, I know my device is supported. Please fix this..Version: 1.1

Almost great but notLovely, gorgeous design – both the characters and the islands. And the gameplay is nicely done too, the way the ships loom ominously out of the mist is great. But unfortunately it glitches like hell on a phone, crashes A LOT, and goes from an easy start to an absolutely impossible-to-beat middle to… well, I don’t know how it ends because I’m always stuck in the middle. And now it constantly crashes after the endless title screens, start screens, and loading screens. Also, it’s just not a comfortable size to look at on a smaller smartphone. An iPad would probably be a better fit..Version: 2.00.6

Bad awesome gameIt’s a real challenging team building game. The only problem, it crashes... more times then you play and at some point it won’t load your saved game. Basically you won’t see the end of that game as it will crash and won’t let you load it up again. It frustrating as it’s a great simple game that you want to play over and over. @ programmers, please fix this annoying problem, that so many people are reporting. I don’t think that we need to report to client service as everyone have well documented the problems. Just to be sure, crashes and unable to load saved game. I play on an iPad Air. And please don’t send me the exact same generic answer, I would feel disrespected and not answered. Thank you for your consideration and action to come..Version: 2.00.6

Sell something that works as intended.If I cannot play through the game without it crashing, it does not work as intended. So it is not worth buying. The devs have my money, and in return I give them a participation star..Version: 2.00.18

It’s glitching but it’s a good game for the moneyIt’s good but we please go to bed it kicks me out in my been stuck for five days I would recommend buy it if you have a lot of open iCloud storage if you don’t it’s not gonna work so I suggest not buy it I see white editors choice it’s a pretty good graphics game but it has the savannas does it’s kind of hard to move your guys I think the really strong loser of the strongest people in the game I hard to defeat and you should make them easier because they wipe out over half of one of my armies.Version: 2.00.8

DO NOT BUYThis game has very pleasing graphics and is fun to play, but is very poorly explained. I don’t think one should have to search online to get the rules of the game explained? And now after a week, the game crashes every time. Customer support is terrible, no response to requests for help. Buyer beware,.Version: 2.00.12

Won’t even openGame is stuck on loading screen. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Waste of monry.Version: 2.00.12

Excellent game... when it loadsThis is an excellent real time strategy game, beautiful graphics, fantastic UI, simple concept but difficultly ramps up to make it a decent challenge. The problem is the game won’t load quite a lot of the time. This is very frustrating because other than that it’s perfect for picking up playing for 10 mins then putting down again. I’ve raised a bug report, hopefully this will be fixed soon. Dropped two stars because I can’t play it when I want to. Dropped one star because it could really do with more upgrade paths for the units. Half way through a campaign and all my units are maxed out..Version: 2.00.12

Fun, but not greatFirst of all I want to say that I haven’t had any bugs or crashes. I guess it’s a role of the dice if it crashes for you or not, but the game is perfectly fine for me. The problem is that it gets boring. It’s like watching a movie. The first time you play it is really fun, but the more you play, the worse it gets. The same thing happens every time. You progress through the islands and eventually get to the end just to repeat the process. The game will only last a few hours before you’re done. After that, you just repeat the game. You can unlock different starter abilities, but that’s about the only difference between play through. There’s not enough content to have the price tag that it has. I would recommend it if it was free, but I can’t recommend the game with the price it has..Version: 2.00.18

Cloud saving is brokenWas absolutely loving this it’s such an addictive 1 more island kind of game but by changing between my iPad and my phone my best saved game was wiped when I quit my new game on the iPad and to play my best previous saved game on my phone to find it had been replaced with the new iPad save. Would really like to be able to manually save..Version: 1.1

I think mines brokenEvery time I press start it won’t do anything please fix this bug.Version: 2.00.18

Technical IssuesAs of the current version of the game (v.2.00.6), it isn’t possible for me to recommend this game, as I have repeatedly experienced game crashes to the point where I can’t play the game the way in a manner it was intended to be played. This is the only application that I use that crashes on my device (iPad 5th generation) and it occurs quite frequently. I’m ver much hoping that the issues will be resolved so that I can review, and properly play, the content of this game..Version: 2.00.6

Very disappointedDownloaded app, game crashed without going past the first screen, deleted app and redownloaded, game crashed without going past the first screen Don’t waste your time.Version: 2.00.9

Fix bugsI cant play my saved data because it kicks me out of the application when I try to.Version: 2.00.8

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