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Age of Origins:Tower Defense App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Age of Origins:Tower Defense app received 126 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Age of Origins:Tower Defense? Can you share your negative thoughts about age of origins:tower defense?

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Age of Origins:Tower Defense for Negative User Reviews

Waste of TimeBeen playing around a month and about to delete it. Good game but the problem, which is a very big problem is that the stronger players who have been playing a long time just come along and smash your base so you can’t save your resources and there is nothing you can do to protect yourself. They also destroy your armies which take days to rebuild. This has happened to so many players in our alliance who have just not logged in for ages so guessing they quit too. The game has very little to do with zombies and is more about players attacking each other’s cities. Most of the reviews here are from players who have played for a couple of weeks so have never experienced this at the time of their review. Until this issue is sorted my advice would be not to waste a single second or any money on this game. They also give prizes for the best review so be aware that some of the best reviews are incentivised and essentially paid for and against the spirit of the whole review system. I notice their response is also a copy and paste from all their other responses. No idea what a power gape is? I have now reluctantly deleted the app as I did enjoy the game but it was so unbalanced it was a joke..Version: 1.1.71

Gameplay and AdvancementI’ve done a few reviews on other games and it sounds like a lot of complaining on my end. But the truth is, players download and take part in these games as a way to enjoy themselves and for the fun of it. Developers such as “Camel Games” has done what other developers are doing, receiving funds for made-up items, in other words, providing small packs for and unfair price. The packs are small, the speed-ups aren’t enough to accomplish any type of advancement and the timers on upgrades are extremely long, this entail, leaves us the purchaser having to spend more “real” money. I’ve been playing GOW for years and they have finally listened to the players and responded, they increased the number of items in their packs to even out what you spend for them. Camel games could do the same, but the fact still remains, they’re going to bleed you before they act. Now, why continue to play you ask, bc of the alliance and the friends I’ve made, but buying packs has come to a crawl. You pay 4.99 for a very small pack and then if you scroll down to their $49-99 packs, well let’s just say, you’d be a fool to hit the “buy” button. Compared to GOW, we’ll there’s no comparison, the developers at Camel games are going to control this to their benefit and the players will be forced to spend large sums to advance. Great game but steer clear of purchasing packs!.Version: 1.1.27

Customer service is a jokeThis game’s customer service is a joke. They either don’t reply to your ticket or tell you that their game is working fine. The game lag is insane and it’s the worst I have seen in all war games. Especially during Realm vs Realm and capital fight type of events, you will be kicked out of the game every 30 mins. So many players quit due to the game lag and unsupportive and unfriendly customer service. They recently added a rate customer service function at the bottom of their email and it’s a scam. When you click on it, it’s automatically adds a 5 star and says you are happy with their service. Unbelievable.Version: 1.2.84

Nothing like the graphics advertisedDownloaded and played for a couple of hours ... the graphics of it being a tower defence type game is false and misleading.. it’s just a build farms and build oil rigs and train troops game... battles are boring and automated and you can’t chose anything to do but watch the outcome. Also seemed overly complicated with way too many choices and very confusing ... couldn’t do a battle in the global world cause I wasn’t a “VIP” .. I think they are trying to force people to spend real money to get any other than basic building functionality out of the game. Worst game I have played in a long time..Version: 1.1.22

Fake reviewsThis game bribes players to give a five star review in exchange for rewards. It’s an average pay to win game. Non paying players are easy targets. Customer service is virtually non existent..Version: 1.2.36

Very addictive and very expensiveThis game is a great fun and allows for great interaction with fellow team mates within the alliance you find yourself in. Those are the positives out of the way, now to the negatives. This game is very very expensive to play if you do not want to be food and a source of resources for other stronger cities. You will start off relatively easy and much of the initial levels are easy to achieve without much investment, but if you wish to progress in the game and achieve a higher ranking status and become a formidable opponent for those that mat challenge you. It will cost you money and a lot of it. My recommendation is do not play this game, it is addictive, and at every turn CAMEL the developers of the game look to extract as much money from your pocket as is humanly possible. STAY AWAY from it.Version: 1.3.32

Not a tower defence game.This is marketed as a tower defence game but it’s just another war game with very limited tower defence..Version: 1.2.166

Repetitive game play = boringI’ve been playing for about a year now and my thoughts are these. You are constantly mining for resources, particularly steel and minerals you never can get enough. There are chore after chore to do. It just becomes extremely repetitive and boring. The game is dominated by whales that dictate rules on how you play and how many troops you can have. If you’re not prepared to spend big you won’t get anywhere. Overall a disappointing game that I’ll be deleting..Version: 1.3.64

Not worth your timeI have played AoZ for 2 years now. In the beginning, it was an incredibly fun and addicting game. But overtime, it becomes quite the opposite. Rewards, updates, and new events are the main problem in this game. Rewards: To build a strong city and army in this game, rewards and bonuses are paramount. But the developers in this game continue to cut them, sometimes removing them completely. Because of this, it takes an insane amount of time and effort to grow. It takes real money investments very important to become even slightly competitive. Updates: the developers of this game continue to update graphics of non active game related troops and officers. Why? It does nothing for the game. Events: The new events they added might be fun, but their server can’t support them. You’ll find your game freeze for several minutes at a time. Any effort and time you spend to organize your world for one of these mass events will simply become a waste. AoZ makers need to start investing back into the game, for the player. Not just strictly for profit. It’s literally all they care about. “How can we make more money? O yeah, let’s cut rewards and invest in crappy events that make people spend more money. We will add some useless graphics on the side to Kee everyone happy”! What a joke. I’m sick of the game but 2 years invested in it. Praying they fix themselves. Waiting..Version: 1.2.42

Nerfing game rewards and lying about improvementSo after today’s update brought in new 3D troops, which is completely pointless, they introduced a new level 25 super zombie for alliances to fight and gain better rewards that were promised in the update notes. after seeing what they changed this was a complete lie, not only did they decrease the amount of rewards depending on what rank you get after killing the zombie. they also greatly decreased the amount of damage everyone does to it, so now it takes a lot longer to defeat the zombie making the rate of getting the rewards much longer. this has made it harder for a lot of people to development as the rewards from this mode is heavily needed, doing this is obviously a way to force its players to buy more game packs to be able to continue development. until this is fixed i do not recommend downloading this game..Version: 1.2.42

Ripped offLatest update is unavailable in my country so game has locked me out. Losses all my money and wasted my time..Version: 1.2.38

Serious game balance problemsThe game has been burdened with serious balance problems that should be a flashing neon “No go” sign for new players. It has become heavily weighted in favour of pay-to-win players, who openly proclaim their intention to “purge” the game worlds of cities smaller than size 30 that do not submit to being constantly raided by size 32+ cities (this size is only achievable pay spending hundreds of dollars on the game). These raids are called “farming” and have the effect of starving a city of the resources that it needs to grow. The other reviews that cite rampant sexism and wildly misleading advertisements are accurate, but the game used to - at least - be playable. With the latest increases in allowed city sizes, there is now a class of city which can raid without reprisal, and those cities appear to be controlled by spoilt children with undeveloped consciences. There should at least be limits on the things that they can attack, but there aren’t. Until this is fixed, new players (at least the ones who don’’t plan to spend $1000+ for an accelerated build on their city) should stay away to avoid the disappointment of a game that used to be enjoyable..Version: 1.3.63

Money, money, moneyI started this game a year ago and it was good fun, but now not so much due to the attitude of the developer. They have developed the game around those who are prepared to spend big bucks so the rewards in game have diminished so much so that they really are meaningless. Even if you do buy the monthly card at £20 per month, it still doesn’t get you anywhere close to the top in both city or competition rankings. Of course the option to pay is down to the individual, but if you don’t, you’ll struggle to get beyond a certain point. If you can get into a good alliance it is fun. But therein lies the problem, you have to grow your city quite quickly to stop yourself being fodder for the big guys and to be allowed to join. It is all about power of the troops, power = money. The customer service is amongst the worst I’ve ever experienced. Don’t ever expect to get a half decent reply and they don’t fix issues with the game such as lag or timing problems which can have a big impact on your performance. This game is good, but month by month the developer is changing the game to make more profit. Lots of dedicated people who have spent a lot of money have left and that should tell you everything you need to know!.Version: 1.2.50

Do not recommend!!!!!!!Money hungry app.Version: 1.3.668

Pretty good game. Starting to get addictiveLots to do and work out. Avoid spending real money and be patient. Build and grow your army and city..Version: 1.1.39

Not as advertisedAwful, not like the videos you see on fb. Huge scam terrible game waste of time..Version: 1.3.676

Same problem as all of these “city” gamesGood idea, bad execution. First off, the game force closes every time I tried to switch between my city and the map, or vice versa - really annoying. But the big problem is that it falls into the same trap as all of these city building type games - at some point all of those morons who do nothing but play this game will repeatedly attack your city and kill your progress (and all of your enjoyment). It boggles my mind why you can’t choose an independent option for these games. Let me fight zombies and build my city. I don’t care about other players; I don’t want to join an alliance and I don’t want to invade/be invaded. For the love of god just let me play! Thought I could stave off the nonsense by just not joining an alliance, but you can’t continue on the zombie fighting without it and you still get invaded. Yet another deleted app added to the long list. Seriously, will someone start designing some interesting games that (A) aren’t dependent on other players and (B) don’t require an Internet connection? Once you get beyond puzzle games, there is nothing enjoyable like that. How can that be?.Version: 1.1.55

OkNeeds some improvements like realistic daily goals.Version: 1.1.6

Be aware of what you are getting into…The game starts off easy and it is attractive to play. You make quick progress and then once you get to a certain level it starts to chip away with costs which grow month by month. Because you have spent time getting to this point you feel it’s a waste to stop and the costs are low to begin with which keeps you going. Then they grow further and because you have already spent money it feels a waste of all the time and money you have spent so far to stop. You are not forced to spend but be aware at some point you will have to retire from the game. One final thing - there is a war once per month that if you don’t spend money shielding against you will be attacked and lose your soldiers wasting the money you have spent to date. You have no choice but to participate. If you miss it by accident then tough. Eventually the game forces you out as the (much) higher spending players attack you to a point where you can’t grow and defend yourself so you have to leave. The game does this by merging worlds until the highest spending players dominate..Version: 1.3.712

False advertisementThis company should be sued for false advertisement. The gameplay is nothing like what is advertised. Do yourself a favor and do not download..Version: 1.3.26

Bwaa-Haa-Haa!Is that ever dumb! Great story line, guys! And the wiggling babes, is that what passes as sexy to a bunch of programmer nerds? And that dialogue! Nice that you let a bunch of twelve year olds write your script! Trash... delete...!.Version: 1.2.10

Fighting viewWhy does Advertising show game as it could be but is not?.Version: 1.3.681

AVOID!!!You couldn’t pay me enough to play this rubbish. Yet again, another Dev who uses misleading adverts for games that don’t actually exist - aren’t you required by law to state that the advert it not representative of actual gameplay? Or is lying by omission suddenly legal now, where you just don’t state “Actual Gameplay” thereby inferring it’s NOT actual gameplay? And why do all the main splash-screen characters have cerebral palsy? They can’t stand still, it looks like they’re stood on a waterbed, it’s nauseating - but not as bad as your company mission-goals. Same old plot, new scenery - Command and Conquer came out on the PC in 1995, it was essentially this type of game except way ahead of its time in every way - so much so in fact, they’ve tweaked it to take advantage of current technology and re-released it to compete with all those that plagiarised it, from 25 years ago!! That’s a quarter of a century in reality, not virtuality. Your marketing a retro-gaming antiquity, and not even matching it on any level. Money for old rope the saying goes, but it’s being abused at the expense of the parents who’s kids get bullied if they’re not eyeball-deep in these RTS rip-offs’. The cycle of life, every few generations everything comes around again, from clothes, to games, and even cooking recipes..... c’est la vie, utter merde..Version: 1.2.36

Too much building not enough gamesI like the in-games but the constant building and requirements are boring. Same with state if survival Update: Thank you for the response. My tip - add more in-games early on to keep people hocked. :).Version: 1.2.64

Are you rich? Then this is the game for you!Downloaded it, played for a while, then the players with very deep pockets full of money, come along and wipe you out. This is another PAY to WIN game, a game that could have been amazing, but is instead spoilt by greedy devs, who don’t see the long term, but just the short one that means they can make buckets of cash. This will end up being another game that could have been great, that will end up with very few players and servers being left for the rich to battle it out. Save yourself the wasted hours, don’t download, unless you have a few hundred £ or $ to spend (and that’s just for a start). Shame really, hopefully one day we will get a game that’s balanced out and fair to all, but that won’t happen until we get a set of devs who aren’t greedy to the core..Version: 1.1.85

Only care about cities that spend moneyThis game was fun, but the longer I play it I realize that they only care about the cities that spend lots of money. They don’t care about any game play experience, nothing. I’ve watched more people leave this game in the last 2 months than any other game I’ve played. Just ridiculous that a few players can ruin a game for so many. Thanks Camel.Version: 1.2.167

After the Latest UpdateI am hoping this helps out those who experienced the App not opening at all recently. My IPad mini was on IOS 12.5.1 and the game worked for a good while. But, I constantly had issue of the App always closing out on me. It wasn’t too bad, but I could only experience some aspects of the game. It was not until the day after this latest update I could not open the game at all. After reading some Facebook posts I realize why not try on a newer phone with IOS 14..... Fortunately, I had this option and it is messed up for those who don’t. It would have been nice to have gotten some type of pre-warning head of time. After downloading the App I was able to open the game. Fortunately, I bonded my account so I didn’t lose my City’s Progress. I don’t know what IOS it still works with other than the newest one, so this maybe a temporary glitch. Hope this information help a little, but I am sure the frustration will still remain until something is fix in the interim. All the Best!.Version: 1.2.52

Rigged gameGame allows other countries to pay less for stuff and in the end it causes them to have more stuff I wish I could get a refund I don’t like playing games with huge disadvantage.Version: 1.1.90

Good startGreat game. Starts really good but then resources become really hard to get. When a person gets hit, have to start from scratch. No troops, no resources. Makes it hard to level up and get ahead. When they continually get to hit you there is no time to rebuild before they hit you again. Peace shields are hard to obtain unless you can put a lot of money into game. If you could improve on this...I can continue playing game.Version: 1.2.36

Completely copiedThis game looked so fun in the ad but the ad was actually stolen from state of survival. The game was sooooo boring. If you’re looking for a zombie game don’t get this scummy peace of garbage. Plus you can barely do anything in the game without paying..Version: 1.2.56

Pay to winWhile on the whole it’s generally good game if you have the patience, there’s a whole lot to do. However, it’s pay to win if you have the money you can become the tyrant, moderators are unwilling to resolve this issue since the bullies put more than average money in, this many leave who may only put £10 in per month against those who put in £100 per month surely 15 who only pay £10 per month is better than 1 who puts in £100 per month these bullies are causing you loss of income. Time you stepped up and listened to your players as your losing your player base and this will be another game dead in the water.Version: 1.1.98

ReviewTRK, Commander Lord Devil, #244, I am known as SmallMountain & SmallMountain2. I have been playing less than 3 months, I’m on almost every day. I like the farming and leveling up, but there never seems to be enough elite mines to level up without long waits. The larger your alliance the less opportunity you have to level up b/c you are always waiting for your turn to gather from the elite mines before someone else does since it is limited to max of 5 gathering and only max of 3 million oil or farm and less for gold, steel, or minerals. Would suggest larger amounts to be extracted and more to gather. Also, when you get there with your load amount you can carry in order of gathering you should be guaranteed that amount. Often I get to gather oil first and can carry 1 million for example but other members come and I only get say 300k. Another issue is with leadership not opening events to lower level members like doom arena or elite wars. I think elite or cabinet rank should have access to this feature too. We all have issues with how long it takes to upgrade buildings lol. It’s a fun game otherwise! One last thing, I think you should change the allowable number of farm accounts allowed, I binded my Apple ID and Facebook but can only have my main account and 1 farm account. There should be a way to have multiple farm accounts but when I tried to add another it says unable to bind..Version: 1.2.22

Customer serviceThe customer service is so bad , they reply after so many days and were so rude - I bought a few things in the game using real money , but they were not added to my bag/sales , and when I asked for help from customer service I got a rude response as “pay attention to your actions in the game”. Well offcourse I am paying attention to my actions that’s why I am noticing when things I have purchased have not actually been added to my game . The game itself is very slow I don’t think it’s that worth playing to be honest . My second complaint there’s a lot of bullying that happens in the game itself from the larger alliances/ players ( people I assume don’t have much going on in their real life so they live through the game) . These larger members have several accounts and declare you cannot attack their farm accounts yet they are able to attack you 24/7 . And they say you not allowed to be in a basic alliance at a certain level , they dictate what troops you to have etc , Almost every city you see in the game is a farm of someone larger which means you technically not allowed to attack anyone (according to the bully rules) but they can attack you . There’s a lot of verbal abuse and bullying and no way of reporting it , the customer service just told me again to deal with it . If you want your mental health intact stay away from this game ..Version: 1.3.683

Online bullying is unavoidableThis game gives an easy forum for major online bullying. The nation chat option is misleading ansas much as it does its job in allowing you to all send out messaging in a public forum ( for every player from you’re nation ) it also is a place I have seen people be abused and hacked. You have to be online more than several times a day to keep you’re spot in an alliance to which a lot of people become addictive to the control and authority- I’m sure some people live they’re lives through this game. I enjoy it for a few months , then found myself being constantly pressured by other players online to log on and participate. I still know of players who play the game and daren’t leave - an odd one. Very deceptive . To progress you need money. Unless you have no life and play the game 22 hours a day..Version: 1.2.53

Not a fan of social mediaThis game has no wars. Highest alliances are out of reach and friends with each other. Boring. I will go back to my candy crush where it is more exciting.Version: 1.2.12

Pay to playThis game could be fun, but there is no avenue for people to compete unless they want to pay a lot of cash (think thousands of dollars). The game is structured in a way that the big spenders are exponentially stronger and better than even the medium spenders. And if you want a truly free game, well good luck. If you grind it out and put in the time you will then find when you are close the developers will just add another layer on top for the big spenders to keep spending. We saw this with the recent additions of the 6th star for officers and the Titan. It is super hard and takes a long time trading to even get 5 stars, now the big spenders can just buy that 6th star and you will not be able to compete. Everything in the game is just a way for the developers to get more money, and if you want to not get wiped to zero you will have to pay lots of money. One guy boasts of spending tens of thousands of dollars a month, and when you look at his city you can believe it. But how are you going to compete against that? How do the makers of this game expect to have a playing field where a free player or even a player spending a few bucks a day is to compete with someone spending almost a thousand on some days? It’s sad, because this really could be a fun game. But the fact it is a war game and you just get crushed by the big spenders takes the joy out of it..Version: 1.2.54

Only fun for BIG spendersPlay this game if you’re ready to spend a minimum of $500/ week. Otherwise you’re just a meat for big spenders or developers created characters to motivate others to spend. You are reading a review from a player who has spent near $30,000 on this game in a six months period..Version: 1.3.41

Tricked again total crapZero stars for gotcha app. Looks fun then you have to farm and build. No thanks🔥🗑️.Version: 1.3.676

Disappointing95% of the game is just following prompts to click places and 5% of the game is the actual gameplay in the ads..Version: 1.3.672

StupidYour game is crap. If all you need is money go talk to your bank..Version: 1.3.674

False Advertising & Expensive GameplayDo not bother playing this. To begin, unless you’re willing to spend more than $20,000 you will never be able to grow your city to compete with higher level cities in Voids. On top of that, expect to spend at least $500 a week. Big spenders in this game can and will destroy your progress in ONE attack and you won’t be able to protect yourself without buying shields. Save your money and do not download this mobile game. The ads you see are NOT for actual gameplay. I’ve submitted a complaint to a Canadian government agency and am awaiting a response. Nothing but deception from Camel in these ads. The value of their “giveaways” is majorly over exaggerated. A couple speed ups that barely give you any progress. Don’t fall for this trap of a company. All your money does is continue to finance an oppressive communist regime..Version: 1.3.56

TrashYou can spend 3 weeks playing get maybe 1 8hour shield but once a month minimum your army get wrecked by pay to play player and then you you spend 3 week recouping that army for it to happen again..Version: 1.2.64

Full of ScammersI’ve been playing for 2 months, the game is decent so much so I’ve been playing for two months lol! The issues you have players who take over the map with higher level cities and just become pixel merchants and take all the territory and resources. So you actually cannot progress without spending a lot of money maybe this is what the developers want!! Game glitches I’ve lost some items due to game not being able to handle the amount of players online and there customer service say it my fault when the item doesn’t refresh in time for you to use their items 😂😂 Such a shame as it is actually a decent game, unfortunately the pixel merchants and hoarders who want to sell you everything take the pleasure out the game. May even stop playing unless they do something about it..Version: 1.3.678

Customer service is terribleI’ve played this game for 2 years now and used to really enjoy it. Lately though the game is so full of glitches including buying packages, them taking your money but then not receiving what you purchased. They are basically stealing. I’ve been writing their customer support for 2 days now with 5 issues and have gotten ONE response from them where they blamed it on my network. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my network. Stay away from Camel Games!!! They are crooks!.Version: 1.2.114

Don’t waste your timeI couldn’t even get passed the instruction level before it failed to load again..Version: 1.3.25

Negative stars if i could rate it thatI downloaded this game off a youtube ad & is nothing like the ad. False advertising at it’s finest i hate games that do this..Version: 1.3.68

Do better Devs + AppleDownloaded only to comment. . Reprehensible over-sexualized portrayal of women. Marketing campaign leading with a shot of the mostly nude woman’s rear end and gets a 12+ rating by Apple? Do better both of you. Developers are certainly skilled, the published product is solid and the premise is well executed. Recode and market on your merits not visual assets distorted some 12 year olds view of ‘normal’.Version: 1.2.38

Charge delaysI spend a stupid amount of money in this game! Why is it you have a difficult time taking the money when I purchase? Why is it I get charged for my purchases 5-6 days after I purchase things? I get ghost charges and emails days after!! If I purchased something today, I want to get charged for it today... Not next week! Looks fishy, adding extra because of the confusion? Maybe it's time to stop playing!!!.Version: 1.2.16

GamerReason why I give it a two star is because the game is censoring words that shouldn’t be censored for example the word have, contested and many more you need to fix this this is starting to get annoying trying to send someone a message and they can’t figure out what it said but the game is great love being able to have zombies in my army. the game is great just know if you do get attacked just kill the monster and let it build up. It is the best way to save your supplies when you need them to upgrade your base and only use the 8 hour shield when you have a lot plus collect a lot of gold in the mines it is the best way to develop quickly of course you can also make more bases in that world by making more accounts but I have only one and I am doing fine ps censored words that shouldn’t be censored are not fix go into your game and see for yourself start typing random word for example is, hour, have, that are censored fix this this is really annoying censor only cuss words this is ridiculous oh yeah and it is still doing plus you should make the territory give metal and ore as well food and oil don’t really do much for higher level cities.Version: 1.2.68

False advertisingThe game is not played from the perspective of the advertisement. It looks so much better than it actually is with the adverts showing the rush to the desert island and in addition the advertisement of the zombies chasing the lorry along the mountain pass. These ads are not actual gameplay footage and the people constructing these ads should disclose that these clips are not gameplay footage like many other games do. When you see that this game has been downloaded a lot, how many of these downloads are still being played or have been deleted after realising they were “sold a lemon” ? The only part of the advertising that is as the game is played on the screen is the image of the game on the device right at the end. If there are any people reading this that have a legal background, maybe you can look into if there is a case for you to argue on the false advertising and lack of disclosure based on footage not being disclosed as “not actual gameplay footage” which is boosting the false statistics on this games credible downloads. As an example, I would be annoyed if I was sold a guitar advertised as being in great condition and then being delivered one that had been broken in half, yes they have sold me a guitar but it is not advertised and the advert would have been misleading.Version: 1.1.97

No way to advance without payingThis game has great potential. The mini games are fun and the overall game is decently fun…that is until you get to about level 14. That’s where you start needing serious resources to advance and that’s when you get targeted by the level 25 players. There’s zero chance of levelling up unless you spend the money on gold to teleport or buy continuous shields. Alliances are also pretty useless in general as no one actually participates in defending each other. There’s also no cap as to how far in levels down people can attack you so you’re always potential prey to some loser..Version: 1.3.688

Too easy to lose everythingIts too easy to make a mistake that can cost you your entire investment. I worked very very hard For over a year building my account. I accidentally used an 8 hour shield instead of a 24 hour shield because I was working my 12 hour job and was very tired when I came home. In 5 minutes my entire army was decimated when my shield expired. Customer service has not replied yet however all of my friends in the multiple worlds I play in tell me I am helpless and the company will not help retrieve anything. Its my first time ever doing this too. :( Please do not invest in this game as I did, so many players like me are traumatized by one negative experience that one small mistake can cause your entire account. A hard working mans money and time can be taken instantly if you are not on the game 24/7 during the KE events. 😩 This is the ONLY game in IOS where you can lose your entire year investment in one simple player error. One simple mistake can cost you thousands of your hard earned dollars. This is a very very shady way for a company to do business with loyal customers who give their life to the game. Sad day for me and all of my alliances members..Version: 1.3.16

Not tower defenseThis is a strategy game; not a tower defense game. Most of the gameplay revolves around waiting on upgrade timers or paying with real/in-game currency. Only about 15% of the gameplay is actually tower defense. Plenty to do in early levels but mostly a waiting game by level 12. Look elsewhere if you want a game that you can pick up, play, and level up at any time. This is just a cash grab by all the gambling they’ve embedded in the game. 1 year update: I’ve quit the game. It has some decent gameplay but it’s literally PAY TO WIN. Every nation is going to have a rich jerk join and will spend his way to the top and ruin the fun for everyone. You can try changing nations but you’re always going to run into those types. The game has steered harder since I’ve joined to have people pay for anything as shortcuts and it’s gives them an advantage over you. You literally can’t do anything about it; even if multiple alliances try to fight it. You can’t even take a break from the game because you’ll get zeroed and have to rebuild your army and farms from scratch, which can take months….unless you pay. It punishes you for trying to have a life outside of the game. Don’t get this game. If you have, uninstall..Version: 1.2.159

Summary of this gameThe game originally is fun. My old city I had to spend several a week for peace shields to upgrade my city a few of the higher levels.. Why? Because the players with bigger cities like attacking smaller ones How? Because they can/want to be really they make rules saying low level cities can’t have certain rank troops, this apparently inflates the nations BattlePower. The videos shown in the App Store page aren’t there, I’ve contacted camel and asked for they governing body and they never replied so I did refunds with Apple and received a chunk of them back. The support are aware of the displeasure and happy to ignore and avoid as they are making money of people who do play this game. Why you’d want to spend thousands because realistically that’s how much to be top is beyond reasonable. Decent game but world are constantly merged because players leave. All they need to do is lower the cost of everything and protection for players who don’t have time and money. End of day the game is favoured for people who can spend thousands and dominate and they obviously made enough, strange.Version: 1.3.705

Way too much administrative nonsenseYou spend like 90 percent of the game upgrading buildings. The fun part you barely do and the rest is just boring.Version: 1.3.680

Knight89Love it easygoing.Version: 1.1.6

Please fix things that matterI will start this review off with the statement that I have played the game from the very beginning. Over this time, I have seen the game transition completely to ppw. Events that used to have money incentives but not required have become completely money incentivized to do anything. The most concerning is the lack of care on behalf of camel to upgrade things that really matter. The game lags so much during attacks of any more than 10 people that it is impossible to attack in larger groups. Instead of fixing issues such as this, they will add some flashy animation that has absolutely zero benefit to the game. As for the initial look of the game, it has great initial gameplay and is strategic. However, as the game has become more geared towards money driven, the game has transitioned away from any strategy, as long as you spend massive amounts of money. I still play this game, but plea with the directors to look back at the game you had and realize that many of your large spenders are sick of the money grabs and not fixing issues that really matter, instead adding flash to illustrations. We don’t care about how flashy the game is, but want a game that works the way it should. Shame on camel for ruining what used to be a great game with strategy..Version: 1.2.54

Hate and Racist players, and it's allowedHave been playing this game for about 2 weeks. Joined an alliance. Was growing. They were teaching me a lot of the game mechanics. Was going great!! Until.....some players were using racist remarks. Sending out hate messages to other players. This action cannot and will not be tolerated!!! What's worse. You send the comments to customer service. They claim to "act" on it. But those same people are active. Nothing happens to them. I have seen the same player for the past week use major MAJOR profanity on people. While at the same time calling them racist words, and sending out hate filled threats!!! Again. This game allows it!! They will not stop it. I cannot play a game that will tolerate such violent hate filled racist remarks!!! Way to go Customer Support!! UPDATE: Game makers said they acted. Did what? The same players still there. Not suspended. Still posting HATE AND RACIST remarks. Gamer does not care! They want $$$$$. Posted this all over social media. Showing the game maker only cares about the money, they won't even uphold their own guidelines and rules!.Version: 1.3.25

Not a war gameThis is not a game but a social application. It belongs with fb. As soon as you join, 3 alliances rule and they are friends with each other. Wars are planned, if any, and rewards given if you log on every day. No strategy at all. Pure boring..Version: 1.2.12

Totally Unbalanced / Don’t waste your timeGame quality is good. Game play is outrageously unbalanced. Wrote developer to complain about balance and how unfair it is given top of the game can attack bottom of the game making progression almost impossible without pay for play, their response - that’s the game. I will be deleting right after submitting this..Version: 1.3.7

Latest Update makes Game not workTitle. Hope they fix it. Oh well..Version: 1.3.668

Bad structureBeware the way this game is structured. It’s set up so that those who spend lots of money dominate the game. So you end up with a small number of players controlling everything and everyone. Because of the way competitions are set up they impose rules on others which benefit them. For example you cannot have higher than level 4 troops unless you are in certain alliances. It could be an enjoyable game if it wasn’t for the game structure which massively favours the big spenders..Version: 1.3.670

Can’t load gameCan’t play.Version: 1.2.60

BeNot what they ad says it is..Version: 1.2.139

Save yourself a lot of money and frustrationAddictive game, but very buggy. Always crashing, and you can’t do much if you don’t spend a lot. Big players easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is insane..Version: 1.3.26

Don’t waste your timeEvery second this game is shoving some ad down your throat to spend money. As a f2p you won’t make it in game. So if you download be prepared to spend a whole pile of money just to get up there and be a little safe. Side note the mini games are fun..Version: 1.3.676

Package PriceYou buy a package within the game, the price seems to be 2.90CAD. You buy, the payment shows 2.90Cad, you confirm. 7.90Cad is charged from the credit card. I previously bought a package priced at 13.90 Cad and 26.90 was charged to my credit card. I started a process for a refund from Apple and they said it was not appropriate. I purchased more than 10 packages and had this problem in two of them. There is no customer service you can reach. Be careful when making in-game purchases.Version: 1.3.681

👍Be prepared for a lot of game time or spend money..Version: 1.2.101

You’ll spend a lot of money.It’s an interesting game and they are constantly trying to keep it interesting. One of its problems is with the alliances. The larger ones constantly farm the smaller alliances to the extent that even though you have no troops left, they still hit you to up their stats. You’ll spend a lot of time trying to get resources back so you can rebuild your numbers only to get hit again. In the end you’ll only rebuild yourself so you can give your resources to them. You’ll find a lot give up by level 6. Some gamers respond to emails asking to stop farming. But most don’t. In the end I gave up at level 21, but this game as are most of them, about extracting your money. It’s a great game, could be better..Version: 1.1.79

Waste of timeThe ads for the game don’t match up with the tedium of actually getting any game play. The tower defence requires you to continuously upgrade you town hall which will take you days unless you give them money. Unlimited zombies which the game is advertised as will take you weeks to be able to play unless you give them money. Don’t waste you time unless you want to spend money on this very average game..Version: 1.3.73

Look elsewhere.Possibly the worst game I’ve ever played. *The game adds that pull people in are completely fake. How someone hasn’t started a class action for fraud yet is beyond me. *Every update makes the game crash more and more to the point that it is now almost a guarantee that if you attack, you will be kicked from the game and not able to protect yourself. *The amount of money needed to keep competitive is ridiculous, the pack tiers are geared so that the more you buy the less value you get. *Developers play favourites and ban players accounts at will leaving them open to attack with no way to protect your “investment”.Version: 1.2.164

Unfair biasedUnfair advantage for asian players reduction in prices make it impossible for people in usa or europe to be strongest. You guys obviously dont care about north america players. Also the game takes a big part of your life and you will be spending lots of your money just to upgrade to get to c30. I have been playing for 4 years but decided to stop because spending a 100$ per month isnt worth it anymore for the same mobile game and being in a disadvantage too..Version: 1.3.670

Current updateJust updated the game and now it keeps crashing. Please fix this problem. But the game is great, i am enjoying the game..Version: 1.1.92

Battery drainingAfter the latest update, the app drains my 1yo iPhone 11 Pro’s battery in mins, with no other apps open. Despite emailing support I’ve hear nothing, pretty disappointing for a great game..Version: 1.2.68

Game where the sad truth catches up with youA game where the richest dictate their own rules. Those who do not have the necessary money to spend or who have a life outside the game will be exterminated. It's the law of the richest! Not the best or determination! Not the law of the richest. If you do not have sums of gastronomic money to invest every week and if you have a life, this game is not for you. The strategie is a money money money.Version: 1.3.676

Bias from Developers, favour those who pay moreMoney was spent for in game services, and these services were given to a high-spending player for free, completely invalidating our purchases. Gameplay was completely strategic, diplomatic, and fair, but intervention on behalf of the developers to favour someone who has been spending massive amounts of money, has completely invalidated years worth of effort and money. If you play, do not spend a single cent in this game. The developers are not on your side..Version: 1.2.53

This is a pay to win game and a platform for cyber bullyingI have played this game during the pandemic, and it can be a fun and enjoyable game. However, in nation #342, there has been extensive cyber bullying on the part of two very large alliances. They lie, make excuses, but cannot take it in kind. Today, one of my members, quit. They sent 7 above 26 level bases against a 16 year old. They hit her over 40 times to zero her. They went after several lower level bases, for no reason. Yes it is a zombie hunting game, which is what my alliance likes to do. The occasional battle during a kill event, fine. But the pressure from the two alliances to join them or be destroyed is insane. I have registered complaints with the game, and my preference would be to move my entire alliance to another world and nation or refund our money. I will not tolerate the cyber bullying any longer. Today they decided to destroy our territory. The started before I left for work, and are still at it. Two bases, level 32 and 30, hammering away all day. There should be a massive nerf for anyone attacking more than two below your level. I think if Camel doesn’t respond to this issue, the game should be pulled from the App Store..Version: 1.2.87

Boring and clogged full of cliche micro transactionsIf you’re after a good ol’ time killing zombies, this game is NOT it. It’s chockful of time wasting activities that do not add any value whatsoever, all geared towards asking you for purchases that again, are a huge waste of time. The graphics are dated and when you finally get around to some action, it’s over before you even know it because all the game wants to do is to return you to their messy, uninspired and greedy interface to yup you guessed it, milk you for your cash..Version: 1.3.688

Crashes constantly.The game is fun. It is a strategy game. Unfortunately to fully experience the game you must be willing to make occasional purchases. Recently, the game has become unplayable for me. It lags really bad and constantly crashes. I have spent a lot of money on in game purchases. Due to lag, I will not be able to play this game anymore, and I doubt the developers will fix the issues. I have sent several complaints. All have been ignored. I hope that it will not be too difficult to have the value of my purchases reimbursed. As this game is unplayable now due to poor server maintenance..Version: 1.2.60

Buggy game crashes all day longNever had so many problem with a game before, Kicks you out of game every 30 minutes having to reboot non stop. god forbid someone attacks you as you still get booted out of game and have no control of castle, Don’t spend your money camel don’t care if you get what you purchase or not, use heal speed, speed ups the lot during game everts for the game to crash because bugs and all items used become wasted, so real money spent for the edge in events no stuck army can not move in elite war, robbery . Camel give nothing in compensation, I’m surprised if they even look at reviews or if I get a response hear, absolutely shocking, Don’t play unless you like having money taken and time wasted for nothing in return. Camel push push push all packs, making them pop up every time u log in but don’t no nothing when it goes wrong. Let’s see if I hear anything.Version: 1.3.52

You’re just food for big spendersThis game could be great. It has various fun elements and plenty activities to keep you busy. You also don’t have to be on all the time, you can come and go as you please. Where this game utterly fails though is the complete imbalance between the top players and everyone else. You need to work hard to gather resources but you can’t protect them. As your city level increases you need more and more resources to upgrade your buildings but before you can reach the amount required for your next upgrade, someone far more powerful just comes and takes it all away. You spend the next week trying to regather and train more defensive units and just as you are starting to recover from being wiped out, you are wiped out again. New players can’t become big. You are just there as farming fodder for existing players..Version: 1.1.68

Generally a good game if you like this typeThis game follows in the line of so many others. Generally it is a fun version of this well known genre of game. The introduction of zombies is done well and Lucy has a lot of potential, but her storyline becomes too repetitive. More should be added there. Alliance functions are good and make a big difference in enjoying the game. Combat is just ok. No innovation here. A breaking point for many and one that dropped the stars for me was there is no protection once you have been invaded. A big spender can come in and wipe out your defenders then continually attack sucking all your resources while you’re powerless to stop it. Days or weeks of resources gone in an instant. An 8-hr protection for defeated cities would help. Or minimize the resources the invade can steal. Over all game is a good effort, but there isn’t much innovation in the genre here. One other idea: consider allowing alliances to build defense towers within their territory. If an attacker comes near a tower during an attack, the tower will attack the attacker..Version: 1.2.10

Not as advertisedPlayed this game daily for over a month and never saw one game mode that was advertised on instagram. This is a boring RPG with mini games that are nothing like the advertised game play. I’ll admit it is addictive, but basically designed to extract as much money out of you as possible before giving you any chance at some cool game play. I am pretty disappointed that I wasted as much time with this horrible game trying to get to the game modes / gameplay that was advertised. It a Clickbait joke! Avoid avoid avoid.Version: 1.3.689

Has potentialI have been playing this game for a few months now, and really still don’t fully understand the whole thing. At times it seems way too complicated for a mobile game. So many different power ups that I have no clue how they even benefit the game play, and very little explanation of each. Every time something new is unlocked and explained, I forget something else. Upgrades and power ups could be made much simpler. As far as trying to advance, it is quite frustrating to send troops out to gather resources, taking a very long time to complete their task, meanwhile another online player raids your base, and drains all of your resources, and yet somehow your defense wall shows very little sign of damage. So what is the point of spending all of those resources and time to build it up just so it can be passed over? In my humble opinion, while I like playing the game at times, it could be simplified quite a bit, focusing more on strategy and interaction. These over complex power ups and irrelevant side games don’t contribute anything to the game play or entertainment..Version: 1.3.689

TrashTrash.Version: 1.2.43

Greedy gameThe game itself is great but the further you get the more you have to pay to play, the events they hold are just greedy and the rewards are trash. The customer service is also non existent aswell. I enjoy the game but I’m sick of the expensive cost that comes the further my city grows. Fix the rewards for events and reduce the cost of packs to a more friendly price. The greed of the developers is beginning to ruin the game.Version: 1.2.169

Waste of Time and ResourcesIt’s a great game to start playing, met some great people and made some great friends- however, it comes down to spenders vs non spenders. My friends and I have spent a decent amount of dollars over the past year. We bought accounts to strengthen our alliance and keep the game interesting. At no point did Camel Games (Hong Kong Ke Mo Software Co Ltd) stop us from buying packs even though they knew the currency/ language location changed. For this particular account in Nation 206 ‘TheNutQuacker’ - currently ‘Sam19’ the original owner sabotaged the account by destroying all officers and equipment. Camel Games did nothing about it. They simply said ‘Trading games is prohibited on our platform’ Well mate. YOU need to improve your security feature(thanks to us NOW you have). I am not sure how many people have lost alot of their time and money because of the lack of developers foresight. I hope you reinstate the lost account and rectify your mistakes. Kind Regards Elf.Version: 1.2.127

Why is Apple approving this?I downloaded just to comment. The game clearly took a lot of time and skill to create. The fact that the female characters start off in bikinis only to receive additional clothing after they "level up" is reprehensible. To the developers and financier, be better than this. Time to delete now..Version: 1.2.23

Misleading Game.I played this game for around 6 months, unless you are willing to spend 100’s of pounds, dollars, euros etc then don’t even bother to download the game. It’s all driven for pay to win, and I mean every aspect of this game is pay to win, there is absolutely no way around this, the developers will say there is, but you cannot compete in this game without spending money, it’s impossible. Early stages yes, that’s fine but when people get to level 25 and above, if you are not a player who spends money then don’t bother. I played in a world when certain players got to high levels within weeks but paying to win and destroyed the world and people left. People use bots as farms etc, other players who have 1000’s to spend will make it to high levels and just use you as a farm for resources and unless you spend money you can’t do anything about it. So in short, if you have lots of spare money and don’t mind using it on this game to pay to win then it’s the game for you, but if you don’t want to spend 100’s if not 1000’s of pounds don’t even bother. Edit - I’ve seen the reply from the developer, are you mental? Really? This game is simply a pay to win, nothing else. Events you say? Full with items that you need to pay for to advance. Just be honest, you will get nowhere in this game unless you spend thousands of pounds. It’s as simple as that. Avoid this game like the plague..Version: 1.2.155

Don’t believe the advertsDownloaded this for gameplay shown in adverts. It’s nothing like the adverts I’ve seen :(.Version: 1.3.2

Game developers need to get busyLimited chance to set goals apart from upgrading your city, the levels of zombies are too low so is no longer exciting, can achieve maximum waves in the ruins rally with 2 people where it used to need 10 so more levels are required, worms and dinosaurs levels are to low also so again once you are a moderately strong city the challenge becomes boring, 70% of the cities can kill the highest zombie without trying, higher levels across the board required to increase the challenge and entertainment of this game!.Version: 1.2.22

Pay to winThe only reason I play the game is for the tower defense part. That is why I gave it 2 stars. The rest of the game, is all about getting you to spend lots of money on the game. You get attacked often, and they will steal all your resources. It takes forever to get all the reason we need to upgrade, which is hard to get cause of low amount resources mostly, and games full of thief’s that want to steal your resources. It would cost tons of money to buy the shields that you need. They take advantage of how easily some people can be addicted on the power trip they get from buying. Addicts will spends 10k $ on an game that’s not worth spending money on. Can’t forget the game crashing often as well. This about the 3 time I’ve played this game, only for the tower defense part of the game. The rest of the game is there just to get your money. At last I can’t forget lots of bugs that’s don't get fixed. So if you like an buggy game that crashes often, and to waste lots of money for nothing getting raided all the time, then this is the game for you..Version: 1.3.67

Good game but money grabbingIt’s a good game, however I bought in game currency to create my own clan/alliance. I had my clan open, it filled up to max amount. I made other players into officers and higher ranks that contributed to the clan/alliance. So that I’m the event I was away from the game the clan could still operate until my return. I went away for 3-4 days. On my return found the game had demoted me to just a clan member. I have lost leadership. It turns out that because I was away for 72hours that’s what the game does. Asked this to be reversed or for the company to return my in game purchases. To which the responded they will do neither. That’s like purchasing a character in a game and not using the game for 72 hours to have the character revoked. No other game does this. Because of this I would now suggest avoid the game or avoid buying and making your own clan. I suggested that they should remove that 72 hr rule as it is not made clear and that they should also re assign my leadership of something I bought. But they won’t. Creates the question of what else they will remove from you that you purchase in game. Hence why it’s money grabbing. Avoid game or avoid purchases at least!!!.Version: 1.1.94

Not what you seeThe screen plays you see are not part of this game. I know right? How is this legal or acceptable for an app? I’m guess there isn’t anything that requires you to use actual gameplay screenshots or video. Anyway the game is ok. You’ll need to put in a few weeks before you know what is even going on and build to be strong enough to join a GOOD and ACTIVE team to explain some things. The nations are overly involved with setting their own world rules. Might not be for everyone. Not for younger kids. Nation chat gets way to spicy and the picture reviews are a joke. NSFW material will post. Customer service or getting a reply from the game company doesn’t exist. Sure this doesn’t matter until you use an item and it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do and you’ll lose progress. Like months worth of progress. Like you were a lvl 25 but there isn’t an explanation on events and now you are lvl 14. Omg are you still reading? It’s a game and you’ll probably download it anyway thinking you’ll eventually get to those fun parts you see in ads. They don’t exist if you have forgotten..Version: 1.3.681

Click bait gameGame looked absolutely nothing like advertisement! Boring as hell , with short bursts of gameplay cut off with extremely long ads. Deleted in about 15 minutes..Version: 1.3.2

Not what it appearsName says tower defense. It’s not. It’s a heavy strategic game that has a ton of added features and dialogues. Not a mindless tower defense game at all..Version: 1.3.691

Big Alliances kill off smaller onesTo start off, this game is great. The reality though, the game is poor. Larger Alliances attack smaller bases and smaller alliances. You pay to get bigger, the bigger alliances will attack you even more. Put flags down on unclaimed areas, the bigger alliances will use threats to intimidate you. My advice is to not spend money on the game, the big alliances will destroy anything you will try to do..Version: 1.2.95

Unless you spend large amounts of real money you cannot surviveFun game up to level 15. Then you realize you need to be in an alliance. If you can find one and if you can survive to level then you will be faced with the cliques and politics. When nations become so afraid of losing, the top players bully everyone else into unfair "rules" to keep themselves at the top. Since you will never be able to spend enough to catch up in a nearly five year old game you end up quitting. Nation chat is full of unmoderated content including insults, threats and harassment. Given the player base this is to be expected. Just be prepared to have less fun each day while you try to grind the same pointless quests and tasks all solely designed to get you to spend money. Undoubtedly the developers have gotten rich but when you stop to think about all the players that could have spent money if the game were fair, then you realize the extent of the real failure. I lasted about 100 days and my nation is destroying anyone that does not fall in line with their rules. Hope the remaining few players enjoy the emptyness and loss when they try to win the next cross server event..Version: 1.3.52

Poor Customer SupportInsinuates a new iPhone is the reason their app crashes all the time. When they are well aware of the instability issues. Closes support tickets without a chance to respond. Given the responses, there is no interest in actually solving the issues most of the players have while playing this game. Don’t give this multimillion dollar company any more money..Version: 1.3.681

TomGame is very glitchy and regularly freezes up on kicks me out. When it does work though it’s great. Currently locked out altogether, game won’t even launch. I’ve spent some money to speed up the progress a bit. You need to be part of a strong alliance or else you’ll never get anywhere. Alliance politics can be a bit precious too but not the fault of the game creators..Version: 1.2.52

Love the game but I don’t like the greedy mindset of the developersWhy ask when you can’t even jump servers. This is so disappointing since new players have to succumb to the high level players who kill and loot smaller players just because they started to play the game before. And if you tell me that you can use shields then let me tell you that even shields are not free. So bottom line is you either pay to play or you just get bullied until you finally decide to quit. Been playing this game for more than a year and yes I have spent my cash on the game but now I’m almost at the brink of quitting the game because of the fact that I can’t jump servers and the server I’m in is filled with Chinese and Japanese players who spend tons of cash and keep bullying new player resulting in not letting the newbies grow. Not everyone is rich. People from developing countries like me don’t have a lot of cash to spend but still would like to play and enjoy the game. And Yet, all that the developers care is money. I didn’t get to choose the server I was born into but I should have the option to choose a server i call home. In the past 1 and half years that I have played the game I have seen many of my friends quit the game just because they can’t spend and grow like the other big spenders. I would rate the game 1 star..Version: 1.2.46

Will waste your moneyBeen playing for 3years I think. Have waited to give my review. 1. The game is fun in the beginning,yes can’t argue that. 2. You will make new chat friends across the world. 3. It is fun to lvl up your city. But her is why I see it being a 1 star game. And just a place to make friends. There battle system is a joke. No matter how much you build someone higher lvl can take all you have done and make you start over. So building your city comes to a stop. Plus they merge worlds so other alliances kill everything and make it impossible to gather and grow. And decide if you are worthy to play or not. Plus people sale accounts for money to jump lvls. Witch I just find wrong and cheating anyways. O and warning if you do this people steal them back after they get your money. Have seen this happen to people. There is so much wrong with this game you will leave it after a short time. Or you will spend lots of money to lvl then a merge will happen then you will leave because you will die. So for me I sit died in 52 only to log on to say high to my friends from time to time..Version: 1.2.142

Just don’t start playing it...The game itself is ok. It’s the players that are the problem. There are a few alliances who set the rules including pearls like, “You can’t attack our alliance but we can farm yours at our pleasure “, for example. The strong alliances are established and control everybody else so it is impossible to grow unless you spend a lot of money. They actually run it like a dictatorship from their mummies basements. If that’s your thing then go for it. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money just trying to exist in this game then stay away..Version: 1.2.60

AwfulThe ad is mindless fighting, which might be fun. In reality, it’s mostly a role play game where you’re pretending to build a city. Thank you for nothing :).Version: 1.3.694

Not as advertised.This game pops up every time I look at a snap story and I thought it looked fun and after I downloaded it, it’s not at all like the ad..Version: 1.3.669

ImprovementsIt is somehow unfair, low level players are always being attacked by high levels. not balance. There is supposed to be a selector where team can do wars with the same level.(TEam Wars).and prices will be resources..Version: 1.1.58

Infinite paywallsThe publishers are so greedy. The first levels are fun, but then you will be struck with paywalls everywhere. The points they require are always slightly below your balance, so that they make you always put more money. Just deleted it. Avoid this scam..Version: 1.2.167

Pay to playGame very boring. Just level up city stuff. Strong players bully weak players. Need to pay a lot of money to win..Version: 1.3.680

Pay to playIn order to get anything you have to pay. You will get beat day in and day out by larger groups. Can get frustrating.Version: 1.2.14

Spend time on something elseVery bad.Version: 1.2.164

MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS! THIS GAME IS A SCAM!I never write reviews, but this game company is so disgusting and exploitative that I’ve chosen to go out of my way to write this review so that people who see these ads DON’T download the game.This game purposely creates misleading advertisements to make the game seem more fun then it is! They constantly spam these misleading advertisements on YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram. Basically, the ad shows a FAKE GAME-MODE AND FAKE GAMEPLAY that is ADVERTISED as being what the gameplay in this game is like. In reality, this game is just a crappy city building simulator with an apocalyptic setting that encourages micro-transactions. THERE ARE NO TOWER DEFENSE GAME OPTIONS contrary to what their advertisement displays! It is disgusting how this company thinks it’s okay to mislead people into downloading their terrible game through falsely presenting their product. Once more people catch on to what’s going on here, this company is going to be in for a big law suit or at the very least have their game removed off of the App Store. Shame on Apple and the other big tech corporations for turning a blind eye on false advertising in gaming. It’s misleading and annoying..Version: 1.3.709

Download only if you have extra money to wasteThe game is free to download but it’s definitely not free to play. After playing 3 months I realized it’s just the money that the developer of this game cares about! What they did for the latest event was that they let other high level players from other nations visit you and destroy whatever you built! Basically if you don’t spend huge amount of money you don’t stand a chance to fight them and the worst part is that you have to spend even more to save your troops or the game will delete them!! I deleted the game right away and won’t spend one cent on this game no more. Developers don’t care about you but their pockets..Version: 1.3.51

Greed has killed the gameHaving played for 4 years in many nations the developers greed and poor merger decisions has killed the game for me. There needs to be some limitation on growth like the early days of the game. Allowing C38 development in a matter of months makes the game unplayable for others and they just leave. Also merging newer worlds with others over one year old makes it impossible to compete without even more expenditure. I have always been one of those big spenders but limited it so others did not lose interest because it allows the nations to remain active. Any developers out there create a game that is subscription based and allows level playing fields so it’s about the choices made rather than money spent.Version: 1.3.64

Not what’s advertisedWhy is game nothing like the first video on this AppStore page? False advertising. Happy to be proved wrong. But I’ve played the game now, grinded the tedious building to level 10 to see if the tiger defence part was like the advertisement. Still not that gameplay. Where is the gameplay of these blue soldiers walking backwards through +4 power ups and weapons fighting massive hordes and large monsters??? These ads are pumped all through Reddit and are even on this AppStore page. Stared as 3 because what the game isn’t awful. Tedious and money grabbing, but not awful. It’s just very annoying you had to falsely advertise to get people to play it..Version: 1.3.712

Work in ProgressI’ve been participating in this game for a couple of weeks now. I’ve previously been playing Game of War but tired of the gameplay after it became abundantly clear that the richer you were in the real world, the easier the game was to win. So I had to abandon my city because I couldn’t keep up with the factions from Dubai or Saudi Arabia. My fear is, that this game will go the same way. I know it’s a business, but surely it’s better to keep a steady income instead of sporadic, unpredictable donations? The gameplay is fine. Build, strengthen, gather, attack. Etc etc. But I do find it can be overly complicated. With gold, oil, food, minerals, coins and various other items to collect, with no obvious aim. Unless to go digging. Even then, once you’ve found where you can spend the various bounty’s, come back the next day and find you’ve completely forgot where it was you could spend them. It was three levels into a directory. This side could be clearer. It would make it infinitely better to play. I love the game within a game element. The one where you fortify a FOB from marauding zombie attack by defending your base. This could be exploited mor by offering more bonuses in the general game. Collecting coins or gold for instance. On the whole, I’d have to say I’m enjoying playing but how long before our rich Arab friends take over? Commander: Winniepoo1971 Nation Number: 237.Version: 1.2.10

Ads are not accurate to gameplayDownloaded because the ads showed a 3rd person game with a guy walking backwards collecting power ups to shoot a ball of zombies. Played until level ten thinking the “ infinite zombies” was the mini game I was looking for. I was wrong and feel cheated because this game is not what it’s advertised as. There should be no “level of interpretation” with your ads, they should show the game as it is. Very glad I never put any money into this game..Version: 1.3.674

Better not hit a bugIf you hit a bug you need to have been recording you game play to get it resolved even if you cannot do this on your device. I lost several Buffs acquired with in-game gold (bought with paid for packs) due to a bug, I was able to show another user said they had hit the same bug. I quote “.. if you can't provide the video, we can't transfer it to the technical department for verification.” So it seems when I play on my iPad I need to record the game session on my phone (I’m not sure how else I get video - they won’t help me there either) just in case I hit a bug. Without video they won’t even investigate. All I wanted back were the buffs I lost. I’ve played for around 18 months, regularly spend money and have asked for nothing in that time. What I’m asking for costs them nothing..Version: 1.2.169

Not like ads...very pay to winI'm tired of ads showing games that are not even remotely like the videos they advertise, so now I write reviews every time I see this, detracting one star from the rating I would otherwise give, and explain a bit about what the game is actually like. If you're going to show ads with gameplay, show gameplay that is actually in the game, and which makes up most of the game, and is available within the first day or two of playing, at least. In the case of this one, all the ads I've seen show impossible situations that noone could ever win. This is another really stupid thing about these ads. It really gets old. *None* of these situations are actually in the game, at least not for the first month or so. I've been playing it about a month, and I have yet to see even one thing that is anywhere in *any* of the ads for the game. What it actually is, it's another post-apocalyptic civilization building game in a zombie infested world. There is a traditional tower defense game element for you to play, this gives you rewards for the rest of game. The storyline is not great, but it's not horrible, either. The game does really try to push you to purchase stuff, and you will have trouble without purchasing anything. All in all, if you like civilization building games, *and* you like tower defense type games, you *might* like this one, otherwise, you won't like it..Version: 1.3.63

Pretty misrepresentative.What’s shown in the advertising isn’t what’s in the game at all. Quite expensive if you go for any of the pay to win features. A lot of people have spent many thousands on it. Can be fun but time consuming. Best not to start playing..Version: 1.3.672

This is not a game — AVOIDThis is not a game. This is a systematised money making grind that makes a real life 9-5 middle management job seem rewarding. If you want a game to play, you will find very little of that here. Mini games are a reward! They want you to spend your time doing the most boring things so you can be rewarded with a little game. This game starves its users of things to do, so that they pay them money. IT’S INSULTING. They want you to grind and pay your actual money to be rewarded with mini games. I wanted to kill zombies, instead I’m mining for oil, harvesting food and spending hour and hours doing mindless VERY BORING TASKS in order to be given crummy rewards so I can advance and be rewarded with a little game. The ONLY fun part of this game is limited to one per day, and the other one becomes some rare, you spend WEEKS in order to be advanced enough to play the next level. IF YOU LIKE PLAYING GAMES, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS TRASH..Version: 1.3.2

Great game, terrible performanceWhile this has easily been the best app game I’ve played for the premise of the game itself, the performance of the game is negligible. You spend months building your army for an item to fail and you lose your whole army because of an item failing, trust me, if you’ve played the game you will understand how frustrating this is. The in game purchases are extortionate and the game, quite frankly, is not worth playing without spending. When these in game issues happen, the customer service is awful and recently the free in game rewards for completing certain tasks or missions have been hugely reduced while the developers are still raking in the money that players spend. I know full well that there are players who spend obscene amounts of money on this game and it is quite simply a cash cow for the developers who have consistently reduced free rewards while continuing to profit even more so due to these diminished rewards. Camel Games, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror..Version: 1.2.49

Meh good but too slowMain halltakes too long to upgrade without spending a fortune. Been playing a year, getting bored. Also if you miss an infinate zombie round, you should build them up,for a week maybe. Or at least if you are halfwaythroughanother one.Version: 1.2.169

Credit card worriersIt is not a war game. It’s a game of capitalism where you can observe many lonely credit card worriers speak as if they were hero, but without heroic actions to follow. Lots of hypocrites talk big and tough to weaker and behave like a puppy when face a stronger. Biggest spender act as if they own the world and the time other player have had spent on the game. They will tell you which buttons to push and when. You often hear “this is a war game, so quite if you don’t like it” those of who speak as such used to complain and whining about unfairness of the game at early stage when they were not so strong. No wonder why we will never have no war in the world. You will be able to observe a lots of hidden naughtiness of people in the game. So it is a great game for watching lonely credit card worriers act tough on weaker. if you are not planing to spend lots of money, just be ready to be dictated how you play the game by credit card worriers..Version: 1.2.88

Game is badThis game is just a generic copy of every single other city builder where you just click buttons. only difference is this one occasionally lets you play fun mini games. The trailers and screenshots make the game look really fun but you only get to play those super fun levels for like 30 seconds and then it’s back to click a button and wait 20 minutes for an upgrade. I don’t know why the scum bag game developers can’t actually make the gameplay like the trailer..Version: 1.3.688

It’s a money pitI was a 2 yr veteran of another camel game called War and Order. I got carried away with spending in that game, working up to C38 before giving it all away because our realm could not work together. A to Z seems like a step backward from WaO so far. The graphics are clunky and the format is basically the same. Build up your castle for free until you grow impatient and start spending. You think you’re not going to spend much and then you see your cc bill. Working against you is tapping all the freebies. It’s subtle training for spending. Don’t believe me? Good luck. BTW, I’m a USA player and the pack prices are different by country. The WaO packs cost a lot less than they do in the AtoZ game for USA players. The chinese players pay the least. That’s not fair at all. I was contacted to update my review because developer responded. The response is cookie cutter PR garbage. I changed my review from 2 stars to 1 and frankly think this is a zero star ripoff game. Reverse the sort feature so you can read all the 1 star reviews. They say the same things I have. This game is rigged to entice you to play and make you spend. If you’re easily addicted, run!.Version: 1.2.64

Good game but don’t botherThe game itself is quite good and the interface easy to use. The big problem is that most of the players have been playing for a long time and the huge alliances dominate. That means that new players just get constantly attacked, bullied and farmed before you can get to a reasonable level. I watched dozens of players just give up after a few days or weeks and I lasted a few months before realising that it just wasn't fun to be constantly rebuilding only to be smashed again..Version: 1.3.32

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