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Slots Casino - Jackpot Mania App User Positive Comments 2024

Slots Casino - Jackpot Mania app received 105 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about slots casino - jackpot mania?

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Slots Casino - Jackpot Mania for Positive User Reviews

To many commercial breaksPop ups ruin specials, fun to play but way to many pop ups..Version: 1.50

FunGreat past time would like less adds but either than that it’s fun.Version: 1.55

The Squawking SeagullI played it was good... gets 5 stars for the girl promo-ing and ‘under acting’ for your game. I’ve shared your ‘ad’ ... look for ‘The Squawking Seagull’... funniest ad ever! Cheers for the laughs you’ve bought myself and many!.Version: 1.16

Crazy about slotsGood wins and lots of fun highly entertaining cheers and good bonuses.Version: 1.39

Less winnings with last few updatesSeems like with the last 3 updates the winnings are less frequent and lower. I play mostly the Giant Genie game and the frequency of the major and minor jackpots has lessened. Rarely get a major jackpot anymore but may get 2 minis or lucky to get 1 mini. When I spin, the magic lamps appear frequently with high amounts but when it hits the Magic Link feature the magic lamp amounts are never the higher amounts. Even betting higher makes no difference in frequency or better odds. Can spin 5 times and get nothing. Sometimes the amounts won on the scatter feature itself are higher than the winnings on the 6 free games. I was lucky twice and hit the Grand jackpot..Version: 1.47

Jackpot maniaI love the slots and Quests but disappointed with the free spins and the amount of time it takes to get through some Quest games but the games are very enjoyable.Version: 1.27

Does not doubleDon’t mind the game but have noticed a lot of times after a big win you have to watch a video and supposed to double the win it does not give me double the amount.Version: 1.24

Amazing casino appOne of the best apps.Version: 1.42

Jackpot maniaOne of the best sites.Version: 1.14

FunFun app, love the games, but waaay too many ads.Version: 1.23

Great game 5 STARSGreat to play, stunning graphics and fun bonus games. Doesn’t rip you off and lots of big wins..Version: 1.54

Fantastic butGreat game lots of fun but tends to start crashing once yo start getting big wins.Version: 1.46

Great game ..... butGame is fantastic but got to a point where dreading respin win because stupid ad appears at end of respin win. Would have downloaded what’s on offer if I was that interested.Version: 1.25

Jackpot ManiaI love this game but this when I was close to getting the jackpot if I won a large amount of money it just booted me off and I didn’t get the money.Version: 1.34

Not workingNot working since update.Version: 1.41

YahoooooReally nice payouts, fun games, keep it up,.Version: 1.43

Version 1.15I just downloaded the version 1.15 and the app does not opened anymore... is that normal? Will it be fixed?.Version: 1.15

To many addsAdds interrupt all the time if you press the x to say no thanks for an extra cash bonus it still plays the add and you receive nothing going to continue hitting the spam button every time.Version: 1.31

Great gamesThe object of all of the slot apps is to sell you coins. As long as you realize that and don’t overspend, you can enjoy them! For me it’s a lot cheaper than going to the real casinos and I get to play in my pajamas!!! The graphics are great on this app and as soon as you buy some coins those horrible, intrusive ads go away..Version: 1.20

Fun gameI like this game.Version: 1.7.0

So goodBest game ever.Version: 1.27

Pretty greatIf you just want the thrill of big winnings, this game is for you.Version: 1.68

Good entertainingAwesome game I’ve been only playing this game for a short time but I’m addicted already. Highly recommend.Version: 1.37

Great games.Best and most fun slots on the net. I’ve tried most of the other free slot sites, none compare to these. Hours of fun, never boring. Only complaints I have, they limit you on the amount you can play on any given spin. They also offer no tournaments. When you play many hrs. A day, tournaments make the games more exciting..Version: 1.61

ReviewThis I a great app it makes me feel like I’m actually at a casino.Version: 1.60

Games brilliantFun to play whilst I’m bored saves me from gambling.Version: 1.68

Other slots gotta catch upI played hit it rich not no more this game is top shelf.Version: 1.42

Jackpot ManiaWould you believe I actually deleted this game! Then I was sorry and reloaded it! It’s the most interesting of all games and give me hours of fun, and is fair about rewards unlike many others!‼️‼️🤣😸❣️.Version: 1.55

GreatLots of choice and great features.Version: 1.40

Shut downDoes anyone’s else game just shut down.Version: 1.22

Great gameI enjoy the game the only problem I have is they took away (the x2 reward for watching a ad. ) it was a great reward but since you took it away it’s harder to achieve high rewards.Version: 1.40

Games you will miss if you don’t joinI enjoy the tokens you get when you open this game I have played many different games that at the end of the night you are winning enough to play another day and than some. It also is relaxing.Version: 1.58

BrilliantIv been playing for a few days now and I just love this game it’s rare to run out of credits the graphics are excellent gameplay is great and fun the only thing I’d like to see is tournaments against other players for a pool prize or maybe clubs so we can work together but upto know this is definitely my favourite slot game and iv played all the latest casino games.Version: 1.15

Jackpot ManiaGreat games, excellent payouts.Version: 1.31

CruisetopherNice.Version: 1.36

Jackpot maniaI think the games are very good and the graphic really great but I keep getting kicked out every time I either get fee spins or win a large amount? why is this...Version: 1.16

UpdateLove the game but when is the new update available??? Thanks.Version: 1.55

I like this ‘casino’I really enjoy playing these games. Being an invalid & bedridden, I enjoy having a little dabble asi used to work in hospitality & play pokies 7 days a I can play 7 days a week & not use money i shouldn’ 1.43

1st reviewI just joined about 20mins ago, so I only have so much to go on so far, but I’ve had some pretty good wins in that time. I love it so far👍😊I will review again, once I’ve had some time to play some of the other games. My advice... try it and see what YOU think.. I think you’ll love it✌️🥰.Version: 1.47

Need links jackpotsIt would be great if you can add new slots. I keep playing same old ones and its certainly is very boring. I suggest if can add linked jackpots like dragon cash, lightening links and other new jackpots links. Nevertheless i am happy with the rest, just needs and a good update..Version: 1.61

Jackpot ManiaA whole lot of fun,.Version: 1.61

Crashing and losing big winsAs many others have said, this game crashes every time there is a win of 2 billion or more and the wins are not added to the score This bug is clearly deliberate so people cannot have too many credits fee I have won the jackpot on the wheel once but it only paid a proportion no the full amount.Version: 1.21

ManiaLove it.Version: 1.46

The best nowAfter trying so many slot apps this one takes it to the top! Does not rob you like all the other apps.Version: 1.61

Upgrade WHY IS IT NOT DOWNLOADING?You upgrade is not working. Carol.Version: 1.55

Good gameI like playing this.Version: 1.55

Entertaining when you want to shut downUnlike other “ free slots” that slowly get you to buy coins this app is a bit more reasonable with 2 different game apps I must have spent $100, to play for free in one month! Ridiculous I realize it was really stupid but I have a sick family member and I have a lot of time in the house . I’ve only spent a couple of dollars with this app over 2 months. The opportunity to get bonuses are a lot better than others to allow you to keep the mindless playing :-).Version: 1.16

Re-gamesI love playing your games but the only thing is that for the amount of money I’m betting I would think I would run more than a Mini and I’m wondering about the jackpot on the wheel does anyone ever win it thanks.Version: 1.36

Jackpot ManiaI have been playing this app for a long time. Great games & regular additions of new games. However, like others, I have frequent crashes when at free spin or have reached games reward stage. Could you please fix this bug we are all complaining about? It is spoiling a very good app & will make people give it up! This app is STILL crashing out every single time you get to free games, super spin etc. Please can you fix this bug!! It is spoiling the best app available. Don’t you care?.Version: 1.45

Big Fun Big winningsI really enjoy this game the graphics are great the games are fun and the payouts are huge I Mabel to play and have fun and actually win. I know it’s not the real deal. I know it’s not replicas of the actual slots and casinos. But I still get that rush from winning big And Jackpot mania is my new go to For casino fun..Version: 1.23

FantasticI’ve only recently discovered this ap. I love it. It pays well and regularly. I just hate all the ads and promos to spend money otherwise great games.Version: 1.12

FunThis is a fun game, good wins. I would like the option of having the spin button on the left side for left handers & I have a question, WHERE did the tournaments go? other than that it’s been pretty good to pass the time 😁.Version: 1.35

Unable to play the slots.You have really good slots and your bonuses are very generous but all i can do most of the time is get a few bonuses and start a game and then the system crashes again and again, day after day. I updated last time it was available and it still does the same thing, particularly when i am in the middle of getting free spins..Version: 1.14

Fix the quest!!Great game, several ways of getting coins and the big wins are great! However these quest need fixing! I play the quest and finish a slot or 2, when I close the app and open later in the day, I go to the quest and it’s frozen between 2 slots. There’s boxes of coins in between each slot but I’ve already collected the box and the next slot is still locked. Now I can’t finish the quest so I’m losing out on coins!! Fix please!!.Version: 1.21

Jackpot maniaGreat games very enjoyable.Version: 1.68

Game crashesI’ve noticed a few people are saying the game crashes , with me it does also , enjoy all the games but seems to crash and you loose the free spins mainly happens when a ad comes on Otherwise good graphics and lots of games to choose from..Version: 1.15

Playing this gameThis is by far the best of all the casino apps that I’ve tried and deleted and currently have. The stakes are reasonable and the winnings is unbelievable. I wished I hadn’t wasted my time wish all those other crabby apps. Thanks! I’ll pass this one to my friends if they haven’t already have it..Version: 1.16

Very enjoyable to pass the timeIt’s one of my go-to apps - regular additions and heaps of features/wins. I do better on this one compared to other slots I’ve played before..Version: 1.54

Game Crashes 2Two many crashes keep missing out on winnings and free games. Annoying cos it has great games. Still play just cus a bit when it crashes 😡🤬.Version: 1.38

Jackpot maniaFun game.Version: 1.55

Max BetWould love to give it 5, but I’ve accumulated a few fair trillion and it is becoming very boring, please up the max bet to atleast 250b(5b/line), would be amazing.Version: 1.47

Jackpot ManiaFun to play.Version: 1.61

Jackpot maniaC un vraiment bon jeu de casino.Version: 1.39

Great slots gameGreat game lots of fun when you have nothing to do but try and win.Version: 1.24

Playing for funIv recently started using this Slotomania™ and so far I am enjoying the fun I’m having..Version: 1.34

JackpotGreat game. Very addictive and challenging. Thanks.Version: 1.3.0

Great gameOnly been playing a few days but great fun with great graphics and rarely run out of coins..Version: 1.16

FrankWay too many pop-ups 😡😡😡.Version: 1.52

Have funSometimes luckiest can win lots of credits to play with ! Sometimes I need to build up lots of credits in order to play ! But it’s fun !.Version: 1.34

AlexFun fun lost alot. But still enjoying ❤️.Version: 1.59

Super game.Played it today for the first time, and got so engrossed, I nerves realised I’d been at it for 5 hrs. Great game. Thank you..Version: 1.61

GmailEasy and fun.Version: 1.14

Good funHonestly, this is probably one of the more “fair” slots games I have played. I haven’t spent a single cent and have been playing for days without running out of coins. Though, to be fair: I won a HUGE jackpot really early on, and I worked it out, if I were to pay for what I had won, it would’ve cost me a few hundred dollars. I guess I’m lucky. But yeah, I enjoy this game a lot and jackpots aren’t locked to people who pay real money. I’m proof of that. Give it a shot, maybe you’ll get lucky too ;).Version: 1.43

Download this game NOW!Whaaaatttt???!! You had to read the reviews to see if this IS a good game? I’m glad you stopped to read this one. By far the best slots game online. Huge wins, massive jackpots and the best part is the free coins. You really get free coins that you can actually enjoy and play with without having to wait forever just to bank enough to spin five times. Another great part is ONLINE and OFFLINE playability. You don’t want adds? Just shut off wifi and cellular data and close app and restart the game. Hope this helped you to decide!.Version: 1.38

Free gasGreat time killer. I just wonder when they will take back all the massive amount I have won. Probably when they figure out I’m agree player and just choose another casino when one realizes that if I’m going to spend real money I want to win real money. After all I can do that right down the street.Version: 1.47

Mania slotsAre good slots they money but you get it back in the long run with a bit calm and thoughtful thinking.Version: 1.61

SlotsAren’t that bad.Version: 1.38

Love this game ,butI do love this game but since switching from one device to a new one has dropped me down to start from level one and can’t understand that ,been playing this game for a good while and was up in levels but now back down again. So not right. Love the game itself but very upset with the customer service. And yes ,was connected to Facebook. PG Foshee.Version: 1.48

Great gameGreat game. Only just started playing it. But great game so far.Version: 1.36

Good appRuns well.Version: 1.61

Slots casinoGood game..Version: 1.43

LameMeh.Version: 1.16

Time killerFun game to play and passes the time keep up the good work.Version: 1.12

GreatFun and easy to play.Version: 1.48

Great bunch of slotsFinally a game you can win at 😃.Version: 1.32

Excellent!Excellent to play! Would suggest creating a players club, World rankings and local rankings. Playing against other clubs for prizes. Different tiers, different prizes. ie emerald, ruby, sapphire or bronze, silver, gold. Higher the tier the better payout. Do club tournaments which last over a week period. Collecting stars or tokens and whichever club has the highest amount over a week period wins big bucks..Version: 1.43

Great gameOnly down loaded this eve but have spent the last 2 hours on it without realising it as it’s So addictive. Well done creators..Version: 1.38

A few more tweets to look atA good slots but a lot of the time in free spin you don’t get any coins but I still love to play because it takes away the boredom at this time..Version: 1.53

BoredHave played this game for a while. Now have over 17 Trillion Dollars but it’s the same thing over and over again. Would really like to be able to bet way higher than 50 Billion. Also, am playing the treasure hunt game and can’t for the life of me, finish it. Need to get 3 Bug wins but it won’t allow, even after playing for sooo long. Would have been easily 5 stars apart from these problems..Version: 1.24

RipyBrilliant game, easy enough, fair and it nice to be a billionaire for a few minutes a day , everything you want in a slot game with good features, easy machines, hard machines and a very healthy 2oo million for free each day.Version: 1.42

Jackpot ManiaThis is by far the best slot game I have ever played. I was a slotomania fan until I played this game though similar it is much more friendly as it is less expensive for coins and it’s machines are more looser. I love this slot game. Watch it once you play you’ll find it hard to stop. So please keep the win- loss rate on the machines the same don’t change them..Version: 1.52

Car87oldsBeen loving this game keep up the great fun.Version: 1.34

Jackpot ManiaOne machine will hit great if you find it stick with it then bet the house just don’t get the fever if you find yourself not hitting take a break slow your role and try later . I do believe it’s fixed to a degree but practice the stoppage of the wheel on your own . But otherwise all games are great features graphics and payouts Great job keep it up now you have to keep up the pace and go bigger and badder.Version: 1.61

BugSometimes app shuts down in the middle of in-game play but hopefully the new update has fixed that bug! Other than that, this is my favourite slot app 👍.Version: 1.26

Give it a chanceThere are so many so called “free casino apps” that you can choose from today. Sure %99.9 require you to spend money sooner rather than later. It is what it is. I don’t mind this 1 at all..Version: 1.35

BonusGreat to play but for some reason today when I’ve had a win on free spins and it offers you a big bonus for watching a video the video doesn’t play and you don’t get the bonus happened at least a dozen times.Version: 1.57

Great game 🤪This is a awesome game 🙂.Version: 1.36

Grande gamesHi can’t download game,Gair..Version: 1.15

Keeps crashing!Please fix the bug! It’s very annoying. Happens every time I get free spins..Version: 1.47

More to play...Just started with these games. Looking to go deeper into the offerings..Version: 1.36

Best gameAwsome game.Version: 1.33

Mr B TLots of fun takes the boredom out of my day I’m 78 years young don’t get about much especially in these days of Covid 19 restrictions.Version: 1.60

Shugs65Top game love it just wish I had a little luck.Version: 1.48

Need help!!!I need help transferring my progress from my other device to this one. They are both connected to my Facebook and email. How do I make this happen? My original device has a lot of coins and high level, but this one is on level 3 with very little coins. I’ve put in a lot of effort into this game and I would rather stop playing and find a new game than restart again from the beginning. Please help me transfer my progress..Version: 1.61

GameI like these games can’t stop playing fantastic bonus keep up the good work.Version: 1.14

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