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Cash Frenzy Casino Slots Game App User Positive Comments 2024

Cash Frenzy Casino Slots Game app received 132 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cash frenzy casino slots game?

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Cash Frenzy Casino Slots Game for Positive User Reviews

Mrs disappointedWhen I first downloaded this game I thought it was totally amazing that the game was gonna keep you in cash and i was going to pay for all the side bits monthly chests dice et cetera then very quickly the whole game turned round and everything was tweaked putting limits on what you can get in a chest taking the lounge diamonds from the houses adding more and more stamp books harder to achieve whole collections hardly ever get a new stamp harder and harder missions they say it’s a matter of luck I don’t understand how I can be lucky for the first six months of playing the game and then just turn to hard to getting bonuses hard to getting free spins just whittling away the money I had 52,000,000,000,006 months ago every time I go in at just takes takes takes until now I’ve got 2 trillion and I can’t make it up anywhere else cause I’ve tweaked everything probably most people that play the game have time on their hands and not a lot of money and it’s really sad that they can’t be entertained for a few pounds has just got to money grabbing it’s such a shame as me and husband and friends would play for years if we was trapped fairly my money is just about to run out and I will be deleting the game..Version: 3.48

WARNINGI was playing the club challenge, got a feature that I needed, it paid 42 billion I did not receive the reward in the club challenge, they said I did not get it, I sent them a screenshot to prove I did and they still did not reward me There are several instances where they blatantly ignored my wins and refused to honour the payment They are extremely quick at taking your money and very reluctant to reimburse you.Version: 1.72

AverageHow do you account for $4 trillion spent without a Big Win, was spending money? I’ll just play for free in the future.Version: 3.63

Answers Need to SpinFor me, being 6 hours away from the nearest casino, it allows me to at least satisfy the need to play the slots. Whether between appointments or during struggle with insomnia, it’s a great distraction. The payouts and Jackpots seem to be higher than others I’ve played plus the House continuously gifts $10k coins when you’ve had a run of bad luck, which is not offered by other online casinos that I’m aware of and it allows you to keep spinning for another chance to win, which is my goal. If I bet risky and choose “High Roller” betting each time then it’s on me for wiping out all my credits faster than normal. I’ll continue to play online while wishing I was sitting in a live casino. I’ve not had a need to contact customer service but by their responses to player issues posted under reviews, they at least appear to be open to possible weaknesses in their games. I’ve known of some online casinos that absolutely never reply to player issues, with some not even providing the ability to directly contact them. So, for me they’ve earned the 5 Stars..Version: 2.12

Cash FrenzyThe best casino app you can play, best graphics, and hours of fun, highly recommend A+, download today and enjoy the exciting fun..Version: 1.61

Cash FrenzyFeeling grooves..Version: 2.08

Cash FrenzyStill a most fabulous place to play slots. Great games, graphics and humourous. Lots of fun. Lots of play for no cash. It’s the one I come back to over and over and the only one I make pretty much daily. As always when Ineedto cash up the Red Queen is reliable. This is still 1 of my most favourite sites to play slots but I’m really, really disappointed they raised access to the red queen Game so I’m not high enough to play it anymore..Version: 2.27

In the game againHave not won the last week happy to be winning again lost all my money almost gave up having better luck today thank you fun game play every day having a great time enjoy playing this app love this game i play this app every day i really enjoy playing it hope it’s good to me today so i can keep playing itI have been playing this game every day since I downloaded the app I have done and all of the music game I have played this app every day since I have downloaded all of the games are fun to play i have played this app everyday since i have down loaded it i start my day playing it all of the game are fun play it daily have been for months would like to get more knew stamps have not been getting any lately play every day tired of not getting the bonus points when i should be receiving them the screen freezes and i have to close the app and then i get nothing just did it and i should have gotten 570 million, a gold hammer among other awards videos have been freezing all day causing me to lose extra coins at times multiplier still freezes at times having fun play daily gems not being added need new stamps please having a great time.Version: 3.63

Best yetI have played many slot games, this one is by far the best yet!.Version: 3.63

Daily missionsHow come when I complete a daily mission and on the meter you can get 3X 5X or 2X no matter what I get a lot of times I get 5X but it only gives me the basic , it don’t double, triple or give me the 5X.Version: 3.63

Do not downloadMy husband and I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and have always really enjoyed it, however, he is on level 5000 plus and I am on about 4500 and we have now reached the point where we are going to delete. As time has gone on all the good points have been withdrawn and the challenges made harder and harder. The latest round of build your dreams no longer gives you diamonds for completing levels, this means unless you make purchases it is impossible to gain the required diamonds to stay in the lounge, once out of the lounge you lose all the benefits. Minimum bets are unrealistic for challenges when you just don’t get features to gain any funds back. It is all take take take unless you spend money. Even then in order to get any reasonable number of coins to meet the challenges you would need to be spending £100 or more. My advice, just don’t bother!!!.Version: 2.22

Cash FrenzyCash Frenzy is great entertainment ! Come join in the relaxing fun. J.Version: 3.63

Awesome!By far the best slot game out there. The odd pop-up ad now and then but nothing compared to the other apps out there where you get slaughtered by them..Version: 3.63

LION TREASUREJust played 113* billion and got one hit…….wow……not even a real casino is this bad. Here another day trying this game to get a win or two to keep playing…..odds the same…nada. The rating is still one star…..don’t expect to make a killing but would like to, at least,play a few hours. A OTHER OVER 200 billion and nada….same game,my favourite ..will I keep playing. Pondering at the moment. Game great payout not in the least fair..Version: 3.63

Casino, 777My only father Jehovah God I am how do you have the most fun playing this game please please please where I will sleep tonight is not a real game was going at the moment. Can you delete you off my phone please is this game only received the money just leave it on my phone Yvonne going to receive the money. Please call Joe Know always welcome in my life for more good and good plans for I know you have good plans for me in my life. Remember I want to get one driving lessons and Golnaz called One is going to be a Lamborghini Gallardo and I also want to find a nice woman who wants to be with you for me. No phone Mummy no WhatsApp me up, robbed or something like that I want in one minute to Robin for the love of affection so please forward please you’re my only for more and I love you unconditionally as well, amen and amen. I love you, unconditionally, forever..Version: 2.41

EnticingAlways keeps ya busy and is a great way to clear your mind after a busy day before jumping into bed, great graphics and bonuses. Had this for years now, just wish there was a way to never run out of coins 🧐...Version: 3.73

CarolynI love the games but if you want to win you have to keep spending money to get any big wins and to get the reels to go at the normal speed and the piggy bank goes up an extra $10 dollars every time you want to break it, so I give up playing , if you don't buy it just becomes boring and you lose interest very quickly like I now have . I didn't down load this ap long ago but have spent more money then I have in a short period of time then any other ap I have played over the years ..under no circumstances do you have to spend money but you can notice a big difference if you don't ..Version: 1.1

Some games pay better than otherThe rewards vary from game to game.Version: 3.65

Great slot gameI really like Cash Frenzy. They give you a really good chance of hitting jackpots. Definitely not a pay to play game. Although I have spent some money on it, but mostly for added bonuses. You don’t have to spend money to enjoy the game. They have a tremendous amount of different slots to choose from. They also have a lot of different mini games to earn even more money to play. I definitely recommend it. Sometimes you do need to grind some , but it is worth it. I really like the “Cash Club” feature. Definitely helps having teammates to earn even more cash. Never has glitched or slowed down on me. You don’t get slammed with adds after every spin like most other slot games. You can check their offers when you first login for the day and you get bonus money for just looking at them. You also have a chance to win cash every 15 minutes. It’s not a lot, but hey it doesn’t cost you anything. Sorry for the book of a review, but like I said it’s definitely a good slot game. Thank you developers and keep it up..Version: 2.23

Great game!This the the #1 pokies game on the App Store - always guaranteed big wins with the addicting and fun games! Unfortunately with the new “Mammoth Gem” game that has recently been added, I tend to get a ton a free spins but sometimes when I re-trigger I don’t get the extra 5-8 games :( could you please sort this as this has happened a couple of times now. But other than that! Best game on the market..Version: 1.20

Super bon jeu . AmusantJ’adore.Version: 3.63

Get money on extras not slotsYou get your money from extras more so than playing the slots. Great graphics and slots are varied and fun to play. Just wished you won on slots vs having to do all the mini challenges. Minimal adds compared to other games which is nice. Real money value is not good balance though.Version: 1.76

Some tweaking needed!Love the different games! But if you don’t spend you don’t win! Chutes & Rockets does my head in with the up/down (more consistently down) & how you can be so near the top & in a few spins you’re right back down the bottom again. The amazing stamps, I’ve never completed & it seems impossible to complete! Also the Home Depots seem impossible to complete. Don’t include these extra games if they are actually unattainable to get..Version: 1.36

CoolIn the way.Version: 3.63

Cash frenzyGreat game lots of fun.Version: 1.71

Best game everI think CFC deserve a 10/10 for this app it is the best pokies app I have played, other people shouldn’t rate this app based on coins won or lost they should rate the app based on its entertainment value, yes I have done well in this game, however my partner is no so lucky she has gone bankrupt many times only to build her account back up again over and over, and the reason she keeps doing this is because CFC is a very entertaining game, it has so many different ways to win money, so many jackpots sub games, puzzle games, stamps, mansion, spin n win, the list goes on, the makers of this app have put in a lot of time, effort, money and countless man hours making a game that is very addictive, and highly entertaining, I spend money in this game not because I need to but because I think the app makers deserve it$$$$$$$..Version: 1.60

Fun fun funFunGreat siteysahooooorh. Fun fmtkgk.Version: 3.63

Love playing Cash Frenzy great stress relief game.👍Well everyone knows that just about everyone has stress going on at some time this game is a great stress relief for me. I enjoy the graphics and I really enjoy picking up the concept of certain games. Thank you Cash Frenzy for all the free gifts 🎁 and coins. I have played a lot of games and this is by far my best go to game I see a lot of people who are having trouble saying that they can’t pass a certain point in the game that’s when you change the way that you play the game . I was there at one point and then I changed things up and found out some pointers on my own. Yes I have spent money on the game but everyone should because if you really like the game you want it to be there when you want to play. Do you think that it’s free to make theses games no I don’t think so SO if you love the game then paying every once in awhile will benefit you and everyone who enjoys playing the game . Thank you Cash Frenzy you’re team is doing a fantastic job.👋👍❤️.Version: 2.33

Cash frenzyThis game is very addictive so many slots games to play have fun enjoy !! i play all the time 😂.Version: 3.63

Great prizes at the moment. Very happy 😃Paying well right now!.Version: 3.55

AddictiveSo addictive I am loving it!!!! Big pay outs so you play longer! So much fun to play, loving the jackpots! Fantastic graphics!.Version: 3.63

9640Hi it seems my games are going through the motion but no wins nothing I’ve spent a fortune and lost trillions in fact over 20 trillion now ok I moan and text you calling you scammers but I will quit when I’m good and ready now obviously your upset so I apologise but I am a paying customer and I am entitled to moan now please either reimburse me or give me 20 trillion back thank you come on that’s another trillion gone no wins just going through the motions / I’m entitled to moan I’ve given good money now let me be back to my 20 trillion enough is enough I’ve apologised once / I’ve spent a fortune this last 2 weeks and still nothing much it’s a shame I feel like this and fed up because before I started buying it was fun to play but now I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth / hi, I fear I can no longer carry on this quest of yours your asking to much of me ( my money ) I’m already squint because of my addiction to all your games and I’m sorry for my outbursts of nastiness that’s more because it’s getting to me and I can’t afford it so in 2 weeks then I’m a gonna thanks for the fun but the fun definitely stopped when I started buying it then becomes more than fun so farewell this will be my last letter.Version: 3.46

Very upset playerThe game upsets me quite a bit constantly kicking me out I think it’s because I won’t spend money I think that your game discriminates against people that does not spend no money or buy none of your stuff I’ve been trying to go into mansion quest all morning to complete my mission and it will not let me in there it kicks me out all the time when I collect big things big items and then don’t give me what I supposed to give me so if you’ve got the game set up that way it’s very wrongBeen trying to get into mansion quick all morning to complete my missions it will not let me. Total different day I still can’t get into Magine quest to complete my mission why??????????? Still not able to get into mansion quest been trying all afternoon in and out he keeps kicking me out of the game every time I try to go into it if you want a better rating then you should make it where I’d be able to do the things I wanna do is complete my missions so I can collect my points and continue to play things have been starting to get a little bit better I still get kicked out a lot.Version: 2.44

Keep it comingKeep it up for making the experience explosive.Version: 3.74

Cash FrenzyVery good game!.Version: 3.63

Fun entertainmentFor a mindless point of playing a poker without spending a dime this is the app for you!!!.Version: 2.41

Fun or so I thoughtSlot pulling fun. Good game.......good game. Good value keeps getting better. Safe gaming. Good range of slots. Scrap what I said. Unfortunately some games are rigged so you don’t finish them to early. Designed to keep you playing and more importantly spending. I like a game of chance but when I have over 40 wheel spins and fall short of the target by one square every time then it’s rigged. Chance is replaced by fiddling the win metrics. Shame. I’m reporting them to Apple as they are taking money under false pretences.....?! Getting better, lovely stuff. Etc,etcetc.Version: 2.34

Something is wrongI like the games but when I changed from 40,000 to 10,000 in turkey blast I looked at the % and it was 51%. About 2 hours later it is same and played other games and still same %. Will no longer play these games. Will keep getting the bonuses to get to plunko. Will check the cash tower and if not caught up will not play. Sorry but if you are supposed to have cash tower then it is supposed to work. I’m an invalid so enjoy playing games and these are the best if they work!!! Went back few hours ago and not funny putting eyeglasses over %. I saw extra dice rolls and I could have won more than that playing as long as I did at lesser amount I switched to!!! I guess I’ll be playing out rest of my coins and until I play plinko one last time then delete the app. Goodbye!!!!!! Went to play and forgot that the circle for cash tower wasn’t s only half filled in like it was about 7pm. I still know it wasn’t moved!!!!!!!! Now I can’t get into the bonus section unless I buy the bank max so not very nice of you to do this unless I can see that section. NOT Buying Unless I WANT TO!!! Not playing unless that is dealt with..Version: 2.13

Update!! I'm making HUGE bets, it's thrillingI was not expecting much from this game, but I am absolutely loving it. And now another surprise, lots of tricks and turns and secret passages. I am having lots of fun now looking for the hidden extra prizes. Not hidden to the usual player but for those like me who just play without looking around, I encourage you to take time to push on the other buttons! It's huge fun!!! I'm making big bets with spine-tingling big wins!!! Loving this game. I just won OVER 6 BILLION!!!! Now that is a great win! Still buzzing..Version: 2.42

Peyton’s NannieI have been playing on this game fir a long time & I notice you have changed the prize value on the spin wheel which is very disappointing nit to say you are cheating the players. Many players build the spins up to save for casing out 100 at a time & your new values are far less than they were meaning you are nit giving the players fair value.Version: 3.63

This gameI must say that I am rather enjoying this game as it has many places to go play especially all the side games as well as spin the wheel and slots and all it takes ages to get through it all iv not even started playing yet as still trying to get through all the rewards and benefits lols but it is a very good game and keeps you entertained for a long while so I would rate this game out of 10 I would have to put it at an 8 woop woop am going back to play but have to go look in my goodie bags then off to slots for awhile then off to bed catch up soon 🦻🦻🫵🏻🫰🤘😴😴😴😴🫠.Version: 3.65

Wagga JackLove the game. Great range of slots and progressive challenges every day. Biggest downside is the hourly bonus scratch and win. The returns don’t seem to match the bets you have to make. For example if I play the minimum wager to be eligible for bonus and rewards it could be 25 million. But in the quarterly and 3 hourly bonus you normally only win around 1-3 million every with multiply bonus. Other than that thumbs up.Version: 2.46

SLOTSIt has ups and downs, with BIG wins, and BIG losses. It has in App purchases, but I haven’t spent a penny. It can get extremely frustrating when chasing daily missions. It takes a lot of coins, but gets you no where in the mission. Especially when it asks you to get free games six times, when you’ve only got that maybe once all day. One weekend I lost 20 billion coins chasing missions. Also, when winning a jackpot, or having a free spin, I always get the lowest amount possible. Maybe because I haven’t spent any money. When you get a big win, it is exciting, even though it’s not real money. Great fun until you go bust.......Version: 1.68

Cash frenzyNot bad, get the odd huge win, often when ya do, you don’t seem to be able to uphold any decent wins so monies gone straight away.😃 other thing is it keeps stalling. Good game to pass time if you can keep enough money. With time comes great fortune!!!!!.Version: 2.07

Risks & RewardsThe winnability in these slots is notably higher than most other slots Ive encountered. The dreaded feeling that you just can’t win, like in so many slot games, isn’t felt very often in Cash Frenzy. Although, I wouldn’t say the same for some of it’s mini-games! That being said, the higher fun factor from those mini-games, along w bigger winnings definitely helps to balance it all out. It’s not for real money, but just for fun! A concept that still causes me to wonder why the asking price for extra coins , jewels and boosters in Cash Frenzy can rise in price so high! As is the case w most everything on the App Store! Some prices are set so high. A fun escape while waiting for your vehicle to be washed shouldn’t even come close to the price of the “works” package at your local car wash! And yet I see it more and more often than not! I say that in general w the many entertainment apps I’ve played. Cash Frenzy isn’t so bad in that regard, I just feel that real money can’t be won here, so let’s not go crazy asking for real money so frequently! Of course, declining the option to spend real cash doesn’t impede progress and you can still win just the same! It’s really a nice way to try your luck without the dangers of a real money casino experience. It’s all up to you!.Version: 2.30

Cash FrenzyThis is a good site you don’t get bored as the games change a lot of other sites have the same game in disguise using different symbols and it’s very boring after time Not so Cash Frenzy it’s a nice way to relax..Version: 2.21

Fun for the year or two I played….Got up to 3 trillion, slowly went down to 1.4 trillion with no wins or bonuses. I’m in the process of going to zero on 2 billion bets because the algorithm is making it boring to drain my chips. Going to delete when I get to zero. BUT…for the year or two I played to amass all those coins it was really fun. I bought the mission pass a couple of times and that enhanced the game with all the side stuff (in reality I never really won anything big in the actual slot game, I think my biggest slot win was 400billion, I got all my coins from the mission pass). Shame it finished like this as I would have probably bought more mission passes. I liked winning, it is just a game. I can’t see why players can’t just keep winning. But I’m sure there is a reason. Anyway, was hella fun way to waste a few hours. On to the next game….Version: 2.21

KikiUp and down. More variety of game needed in blazing challenges..Version: 2.25

Cash frenzy not sorting out problemsOn the 5 January 2021 in the evening I couldn’t load my game back up after it kicked me off I tried so many ways to get on there and I couldn’t which revolve me not completing daily missions and the blazing challenge to get the awards of mission pass which I paid to open both so lost so much rewards and emeralds and the game constantly lags and crashes and they haven’t sorted the issue out yet or any compensation from the game apart from them saying can I take a screenshot of the problem which anyone who knows you can’t at the time I’m very disappointed with cash frenzy from Matt.Version: 2.41

Extremely Fun and Fair!I have tried them all and this is by far the best Casino game App I have played. Best part is there is no 3rd party advertisements as standard and so many ways to earn and win free coins to play with. So many games and they are all unique and fun. I love working out what the next new slot game has to offer. This is actually a casino game you want to spend money in! I’d rather spend like $2 on hours of entertainment every now and then than blow through $200 in 5mins playing real slot machines..Version: 2.12

Just one more star!Best returns out of all the slots. Only four stars because it keeps kicking me out and won’t let me delete games to reduce the data required to run..Version: 2.20

Give us a chanceWell thought I would try this site, graphics are good and lots of different machines however, winning anything to be able to play for a while is non existent. Had $345mil which went in less than an hour. Bet small to start with, then was suggested I increased my better for better wins, that was a joke. No wins at all after that. Come on guys give us a chance, doesn’t give me the incentive to buy if you loose all the time..Version: 2.02

SlotsI do like your app. very much but am perplexed by your invoicing. I will probably cancel the app. because most of your charges are incorrect. For example I recently took advantage of your special offer for A$7.99 which I received but also was charged A$9.99 for credits which I neither ordered nor received. This has happened multiple times on this app. but never occurs on other apps. It’s a pity. I have complained before about this problem but had no satisfaction although the lady we spoke to was sympathetic and agreeable. Barbara Hoggett.Version: 1.57

FantasticI have to admit I don’t often leave reviews but I thought this game was worthy of a review. I have tried a lot of different slot games but I have to say this has to be the best by far. It’s so much more then just your standard slots with all the mini games and quests going on as well. There is so much to keep you entertained and what I also love is there are so many opportunities to get free coins. I see that some people are complaining because they are buying coins and not winning but that is just the way it is I have purchased coins too and sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t it’s just the luck of the draw no one is forcing you to buy coins. Absolutely great games no negatives all positives from me I would definitely recommend 100%..Version: 1.54

Favorite Game EVER!!!This is the top of the top for me! I love this game, it’s been a winning pic of my day every day for over a year and I don’t have any of the issues 99% of all the slot games on Apple or Google Play. I recommend this game highly abd would give it 10 stars if possible. I’m on a winning streak again today as I’m typing in spinning over 86 free spins! It’s common enough but still big enough of a rush cause it’s not burnt out fun. Just try it out and see. You’ll be very satisfied if you take it for what it’s giving. 👌 Update: about two years into playing I started noticing the following: My only complaint is that the game is very predictable in the way it will let you drop down to almost nothing before it pays out and by then your betting so little it gets you nowhere, it’s a very repetitive pattern and isn’t avoidable no matter how you start out betting it will eventually run you down to nothing especially during missions, you might get the first two on a game done but after that if you don’t top up, you’re wasting your time. I’ve been playing this game daily for many years and it’s gotten worse with time.Version: 2.32

HhHh.Version: 3.63

Rip off appLike many reviews about this app it is a good game to start off with. But as you get to a certain level they want you to spend money by buying game money the missions you have to bet max bets and then the missions are still impossible my advice stay well clear of this app as it becomes frustrating to play and the inventors of the app don’t listen to your advice to improve the experience of the game and I mean it’s only a game.Version: 2.34

Cash frenzySuch a good game. Love that it has so many different games within it so that you always have a chance to win. 🎉.Version: 2.34

What a blast!Once you start to play the game , you can’t stop playing! Highly recommended!!.Version: 3.63

4Games gets harder to win pearls and emeralds as game progresses..Version: 3.63

Latest updateYour latest update has been awful! You have reduced the amount it is possible to win every which way snd even when spending real money. I’ve been a good customer snd you have probably noticed less so recently.. until you go back to the other format which was much more fun and you were making money from me.. you won’t be till then if not I’ll just move on to another game. It’s such a shame as this was the best...Version: 3.74

Great fun!!I alway enjoy playing all the new games keep you interested, graphics are fantastic.Version: 3.65

Best ever gamesGreat games. Still loving Cash Frenzy after Years of playing.I’ve tried the rest, you’re still the best..Version: 3.65

Avoid this game at all cost. They’ve now listened, giving game a secondChanceAvoid this game at any cost. This game froze on me when I was trying to play the mega reward golden egg smash. After many tries and following their instructions, reopening the game on Facebook, they wiped my account. I had been playing, betting 2 billion each press , I started with over 400 billion dollars ( which had dwindled down from 1 thousand billion dollars) and I’m not sure where I was up to but knew if I got near 250 billion I would have stopped playing. So be warned the moment you are about to win BIG they will freeze the game and then blame you when THEY ZERO OUT your account. Perhaps if they restore my account I might be able to write a more positive follow up review. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!! Playing again. Seems to be fairer giving longer game for your money.Version: 2.32

GamesA lot of fun.Version: 3.63

Truly amazingTruly amazing I believe.Version: 1.71

Fun to play for freeGood selection of games. The program gives lots of free points but as you go along it gets harder and harder to win. All the features become almost impossible to finish before the deadline and if you collect stamps the machine will stop giving them out. I won a grand jackpot of 10 billion and found huge bets just equalled huge losses - the lower the bet the better the features paid out. All in all, this is a good time waster but never put in any of your own cash.Version: 1.61

Cash frenzieGood game but you need bigger bonuses.Version: 3.63

Loads of fun!This is one of my go to games every day. Does not have to cost anything if you don’t want to and you can still get fantastic jackpots!.Version: 3.74

LoveI actually don’t mind this game..but only the win!! I will have to agree with everyone else on the false advertising on the game though..that’s not fair!!.Version: 1.54

Just amazingFun to play.Version: 3.63

Cash....J’adore.Version: 1.71

ReviewI really enjoy this app, however I’ve realized a couple negatives with this app. It’s wonderful to have enough free coins to enjoy playing the Cash Frenzy app, but I have been tapping the max bet accidentally only due to the max bet button being located right next to the play button! I really hope a representative reads this review, and I hope to see the max bet button located elsewhere. Most importantly, I hope some improvements this will be made to this app with your coin balance located on the top left! I don’t have to wear glasses (thank goodness), but I’ve been struggling to see my total with it not being a stand out color, and the size of the #’s is just ridiculous! I haven’t contacted Cash Frenzy about either of these issues cause I still haven’t received a response from the many messages I’ve submitted explaining the glitches that I’ve experienced. Hopefully both of these situations will get attention since they have been submitted by a Cash Frenzy member who enjoys accessing this app DAILY! I would love to see a few new slots available as well….Version: 2.28

Thanks for robbing me blindFor a slot game that admits it don’t pay out real money even though you can pay to buy upgrades or deals which i have spent £20 today and got nothing in return is in my opinion pure daylight robbery and when u write a complaint they take up to 6 hours to reply and tell u that it’s not there fault obviously it is as they continue to rob me so pls don’t pay money to them as they don’t care or even offer u something in return when I’m a loyal paying customer.Version: 2.39

Took money without permissionOn multiple occasions when I have purchased from this game the have took extra on making a complaint they done nothing to rectify the situation.Version: 2.35

Awesome slotsVery fun games.Version: 3.63

Best gambling game everThe new games every week makes it more exciting 👍👍awesome 3/5.Version: 3.63

Receiving same stamps over n over n overI am so over receiving the same dam stamps over and over again to point where I have lots of stamps over 20 of the same stamp it’s getting ridiculous now and boring. How are we meant to finish a collection if we can never win new stamps. I don’t like the new lounge point feature, I prefer getting coins instead and so do a lot of other players.Version: 3.63

FunFun game…great way to pass time!!!.Version: 3.63

Good gameI agree with some of the others this is one of the best games of its kind available, however I have had a few issues with not receiving coins. I just traded 30 diamonds in the infinity wheel and got booted from the app before I got to spin. Signed back in, no coins and it is saying I can’t play again for 24 hours!! Thanks! If anyone knows how I can fix this I’d appreciate it. All in all though this is a wonderful game with lots of “mini” games/challenges to keep you busy as well as the main slot games. Lots of opportunity to get additional coins also..Version: 1.50

Cash frenzyAn amazing game so many different things to play you get some really great rewards for things you achieve one of the best games in my opinion, s as ll though the game is a great one it’s starting to get silly the way you are asking us to finish each task is getting out of hand yes I invest money into the game but what you are asking us to complete is ridicules, I for one can’t afford to put money in like that so unless something is done you will be losing me as a customer I’ll look for something else, which will be a shame as I love this game please look at what you are expecting us to do it’s impossible without spending a fortune one very sad customer.Version: 3.65

Great game, better than all the rest!One of the best slots, really recommend you play this (they even give free money to buy the store packs occasionally!!) ads are the same as any other game, that is the only downside to the game, other than that, it’s great -like exceptionally!..a lot of things to do, you’ll never get bored with this one...Version: 2.26

Timing outLove this game play in my iPhone but it keeps timing out at crucial times every few minutes it’s not my internet as I have unlimited data and highest possible speed etc for our country just pisses me off I can’t keep playing or access all the other options without losing contact.Version: 1.75

Great game but…Have been playing this for about 4 years, play it pretty much daily. I’ve never paid for anything that whole time and don’t intend to. That alone should earn this slots game 5 stars because every other casino/slot game i’ve tried - you run out of money, or there are too many ads, or you lose interest. This game has a great balance, daily quests, good bonus games, new slot machines weekly, colorful graphics, lots of free coins… But… because I’ve been playing this for so long i’ve become greedy! Within the last month my coin balance has dropped, the quests get harder the higher level you are, I’ve been trying to get my balance up but luck hasn’t been on my side, and it’s getting very annoying. Today, for example, I had 600 billion, did quests 1 & 2, got up to 1.3 trillion, tried for quest 3, didn’t finish it and have a leftover balance of 20 billion. I will probably spend the next two weeks plus getting back up to over a trillion, which isn’t fun because I have to do that with small bets gradually. So I need my luck turned back up. It’s been 4 years since I won a Grand prize..Version: 2.45

It’s fun but prepare to spendIt’s pretty fun. I will say that the daily bonuses/challenges are not set accurately for when you get to a higher level. The bonuses stay in the low millions when you need billions to play and succeed. The challenges/mini games become wildly difficult without having to make purchases and I’ve been playing for over a couple years and I have never won a grand jackpot. The other jackpots are easy to hit most of the time (when you have enough coins to play) and there’s a huge variety of games. But they want your money, and the prices creep higher and higher. With that being said, compared to the other games like this, it’s a lot of fun. The mini games and challenges make this game different from the others that are strictly slots. It’s my favorite, I just wish the goals and rewards matched the challenges. All in all, I say, it’s fun. But if you’re a serious gamer and get to the high levels, prepare to spend to win 🥴 I’ve spent a good amount over time and watched this game grow. Through updates and bugs, more and more games, I just wish they were better to us that are at high levels. Price wise and daily coins too. (Over level 5000)..Version: 2.32

Awesome game!Thank you!.Version: 3.63

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️To developers: Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job. Thank you! To everyone else: People in your life that care about you will become concerned with the amount of time you spend playing Cash Frenzy! Fact: The number of hours, days, etc… I’m sure I have lost to this app is countless. Opinion: I know people are quick to slap a five star rating on any old app nowadays, but this is among the best of the slots apps on the App Store. Cash Frenzy is regularly updated, uses plenty of vivid colors and quality graphics, there’s plenty of free (fake) money to keep you playing. And I f you’re running super low on the in-game currencies, there are usually great deals/discounts on money and other items should you decide to actually spend real money in-app. But you don’t need to spend money to play. I think played for two years or more before making an actual purchase. Fact: If you like slots and have free time go ahead and get this app and play for free. Opinion: I only WISH I was playing for real money because I’d be a trillionaire! Devs: Hook me up with some emeralds and props! 👋☝️👍🤜🤛.Version: 3.40

AmazingWhat a great casino , so much fun , until you get sucked in and start buying coins which actually get you no where, waste of money , anyway you see a great deal on the page and you purchase it , the best deal you’ve ever seen. You play , play , play having fun , stoked with the great deal you got , fall asleep , next day you login and find that your 27 quadrillion coins you got and played with is gone. Come to find out a couple days after trying to get ahold of customer service with no luck, come to find out there was a fat finger and someone put an extra zero. So because they made a data entry mistake they took the coins that I bought and never gave me any of them back. They never even offered a refund. They said oh we can’t put them back once we’ve taken them out or something to that nature. I said then put my 27 quadrillion in like it’s new , probably just a button in a computer, and oh no that can’t be done. They blew me off and every time I try to contact them they close my ticket and ignore me. Don’t trust this place they’re crooks. But it’s fun !!!!!!!!.Version: 2.29

Decent slot game.Having fun on this game compared to other slot games. I don’t buy extra coins and I’ve been playing for over 2 months. Yeah some times you lose big and have to build up small wins again till you have billions but that is realistic. I’ve played a slot game that always won and it was sooooooo boring. The daily coins actually give you a chance to make more cash unlike other slots that give you less than one spin as a prize. If you don’t bet stupid and you don’t lose everything!.Version: 1.28

Love this game BUT….Love playing the various games however, I have been playing this game for some time now and even paid for multiple in app purchases but still have not won any grand jackpots or major prizes in the bonus games. Forget about getting the bigger prizes! it’s non existent. The add for this app swears that you will hit a jackpot within a certain amount of spins but this is not true. I’ve spun over 300 times on the new game Xmas Outer Space and because my bets are high I have not once got the free spins! It’s very riggged and they’re not even trying to be subtle about it anymore..Version: 2.43

Adventure styleBest quest type casino out there!!.Version: 3.63

Solid game although it becomes so rigged after a whileAs far as slots for coins games it is one of the better ones. The graphics are good and features within the bonuses are not too samey. You’ll get some decent play out of them most days without needing to purchase coins etc. After a while I’ve noticed a pattern in its play. It seems to have an algorithm where you can only seem to get most features and bonuses up 6million coin stake per spin. It’ll grind your coins down every time and suddenly you’ll get a feature on your last spin or the lowest stake you can do. You then up the stake and no feature, you get your daily coins and free coin rewards and still no feature. It’s like it is set to only low stake features. All in all it’s enjoyable enough and plays smoothly just it won’t let you win on high stakes which I presume it’s trying to get you to pay for coins..Version: 1.88

SlotsGreat that always getting new games and don’t need to pay .getting low ,watch an add.Version: 1.54

Best slots gameI’ve tried a few slots/ poke gaming apps. This is by far the best. The payouts are good—there are in app purchases to top up but so far (2 years) I’ve not had to buy. Plenty of different mini games to win “coins” ie watch video for 30 seconds. There are about 50 (?) different slots and the graphics are spot on. During co-vid this is the one game to which I return time and time again..Version: 2.29

Free coinsShould be on main screen and don’t like scratching them to get free coins just press ok let machine scratch them to hard now.Version: 3.63

Great entertainmentGame is fun, exciting with great rewards. I love all the extra plays and different varieties to suit all preferences. Definitely recommend..Version: 2.12

Awesome!I wish that I didn’t get the mini jackpot EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! If I had to guess, I’ve spun wheels, slots, numerous games of chance, picked cards, whatever, you name it I’ve ever payed to on here at least 500x. Probably over 1000. I can remember 1x hitting a minor jackpot. 1x. Everything else has been mini. It’s so rigged. If there’s a a game to make a choice, for instance, picking 2 of 3 cards for a prize, without fail, uncovered is the smallest prize out of the 3. EVERY SINGLE TIME! When spinning a wheel for a prize or multiplier, I can tell you what I will pick or land’s always whatever the lowest prize is in the group or on the wheel. I just look for whatever the lowest prize is and sure enough, BINGO! That’s what I will win. I’m like Harry Houdini when it comes to picking the prizes this game awards!! It’s actually laughable now. Even if I spend money on the shop items, boosters and coins, I’ll still pull the lowest prize in the group! Granted, I seem to play a little longer, hitting the the smaller stuff more often but come on!!!!! Would it hurt you guys to loosen it up a little? Jeez.Version: 1.89

Been a player for years!!And I still come back here to play!!! Love this game!!.Version: 3.46

Cash frenzyThis has got to be the best casino app out. The quality and variety of games is better then any other I’ve tried. Love this game. I look forward to new games every week..Version: 3.63

Good quality workmanship with fun.This has to be the best game out there...plenty of choices with big pay outs when you’s user friendly and you soon get to understand the effort to make these games. I have tried most of the well known named games from other manufacturers...this one has to be the best. Like all games losing sticks in your mind but if you keep in mind it’s a business you’ll enjoy it more. If there is a negative? It’s probably a personal dislike of your chosen game! Is there a perfect five star game? I haven’t found it as yet!...worth a download...🤪.Version: 1.31

Cash frenzyMiss the free stuff you use to get watching the adds. Feel like it cheats when getting silver hammers seems to take them away..Version: 3.63

Great gameI have been playing a couple weeks now they have great bonuses! Very fun games lots of extras keeps you entertained for hours .the bad part is when your on a winning streak the review comes up all the time and it seems if you do not rate them your coins just go barley any wins if you do not rate the game !! It is my new favorite game I just hope it will let me win and keep winning now !! It dose seem the higher the level you get the faster you lose it is sad this is my favorite game but when it gives you money it takes it away as fast as you get and then you are waiting again all day to get enough bonus’s to play again 😥 it is sad because I really like this game but I feel it just wants you to buy coin and when you do buy coin it takes that key fast and any time you are having a winning streak it asks you to write a review even if you already have and if you don’t by by coin broke again 😥😥😥it’s a great game but the higher the level you are the more $ they want you to spend.Version: 1.68

Cash frenzyI just bought the matches and cash and can’t get into the game. I press the button on the add thing and it takes me back out but you can’t play while it is there. The 10 mins special is gone. I could see it counting down but couldn’t play the game. I have spent a lot of money on Cash Frenzy but I doubt that I will be spending anymore. I live in Australia so I pay a lot more than advertised price..Version: 2.23

All kinds of fun!!I really love this game because there are so many different ways that you can earn coins, several different side games to play, and there are challenges that make it so much more fun. There could be a few updates to make the game even better such as, making it a little easier to complete your stamp collections and build your dreams. I have been playing for many many many years and have never once completed either one. It would be nice if there was a way to search the slot games that have the same type of extra game within such as the puzzle pieces or the games that you collect to play free games and things of that nature. It would also be nice if we could just look at other peoples stamp collections so we knew what to send them instead of having to post them in the group all the time. In all the years that I have been playing I have never won the jackpot for slots of cash or any kind of grand jackpot in any slot. I wish there was a way that you could gift coins from your own stash to give to your friends and not be limited to how much you can send. Overall I would have to say this is the best Slots game I’ve ever played because there’s always something to do and I can usually play for quite a while before running out of coins until the next day..Version: 2.41

Michael I gPretty happy at the moment keep up the good work🇦🇺never can win a jackpot as usual rigged. Hate the max bet being so close to the spin button twice I accidentally touched it and didn’t notice cost me a heap but on the other side it could of won me the same ha ha😂just a load of cra a pity u don’t pay any body some outlay back last time for me when u look like getting something u stop the game so u cannot play🙏🙏🤙what a ror test set upcompany just a rip of u can shove it for mine what about 1star that’s being big hearted u certainly know howeto stuff up agood product cheers if u need lend of a quid let me know I’ll see if ican help out 💢🎗thank u for taking all my money now i can delete this app with pleasure u won’t be stealing from me anymore u pr s.Version: 1.86

GamesLove this game.Version: 3.63

App Issue: Purchases / Frozen / Crashing SystemI’ve sent multiple emails, about an issue with my account an purchase!.. “ I recently bought a “ Coin Pack “ that had a bonus “Balloon Pick Me “ bonus. I did all the picking , used gems for 3 extra picks and stated my whole total . The app decided to close / crash on me whilst on Home Screen looking for a game. Now every-time I open the app , it goes to the “ Balloon Pick Me” bonus and freeze. It been like this for 4 days now.. I went to your contact page clicked the appropriate sub headings. Tried filling out the information and included pictures.. I also can’t access my Player ID because it goes back to that “ Bonus “ game .. What are the next steps on your end to solve this issue ?!.Version: 3.63

Does not give coin packages properlyI had coins taken away from my total several times and last night it happened again I had 361 billion coins and when I chose my game my total immediately changed to 251 billion. Also I had 356 billion coins to collect from the coin package payback daily and it never gave it to me. I selected it and never got the coins. I always buy coin packages from the cash frenzy game almost every week and always buy extra packages as well, I spend lots of money on this game and I’m very disappointed that this lag happens to me over and over now several times. If someone can contact me or refund me my coins or send me my packages as I’m supposed to have cause I paid for them. Please if someone can call me back I would appreciate it. 514-476-1224 Dino Thank you..Version: 3.63

Really BadJust put 10illion through grand mammoth and got nothing. Got a pay for 2 mammoths 4 times had 33 free spins and got 6 pays. Total rubbish unless cash frenzy changes so that you can at least play for more than 5 to 10 minutes befor going broke, I really feel like deleting and finding a game that you can play for awhile. Hope that you people take this and do something about it. Happens every time I play cash frenzy..Version: 1.75

Cash FrenzyAn awesome game..Version: 3.63

FriendWhen I think things are going bad there always seems to be a friend looking after me thanks cash frenzy.Version: 2.23

My experienceI really enjoy this game. I’m clearly addicted to playing. There are so many different money making elements (fake money) To reap the full benefits, I spend a lot of real money. It’s actually a problem for me. I don’t earn enough of an income to support my game play however I do spend 159 bux (real money) on money bank per week and additional money (real money) on unlocking mission passes, and assistance for completing pick frenzy and other events etc. it’s quite expensive to play AND ALSO WIN and after spending this much real money weekly u would expect to have unlimited amounts of cash frenzy dollars, however it’s not the case. I’m often broke. It’s almost a no-win situation.Version: 1.76

AddictiveHas anyone had any issues with the game closing randomly? I’m constantly trying to play but most times it won’t load. At first it was fine, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but still having loading problems. Not cool at all. Otherwise it’s a really good game very challenging and addictive. Playing on iPhone.Version: 1.80

Having funI’m having a lot of fun ,but I’m not playing extra games because there’s too much going on for my brain to observe. Thank you for the lovely day I’m having 💜💜💜💜Trippy.Version: 3.57

MmmmWhen you first start to play you are lucky lucky lucky BUT then the buying coins adds start to be pushed on you. The games are fantastic but frustrating. It isn’t as easy as the adds for the game make out to win jackpots. As you get future up the levels the luck runs out again to push buying more coins (I don’t buy coins on games that you don’t win cash on). You don’t realise the amount of time you have played on the games. Amazing game but be prepared to loose time. Make sure you have no chores to do lol. Enjoy!.Version: 2.29

HaI love this game but lately you can’t ever get the grand jackpot and you can only ever get the mini. And you will spend every coin you have trying to get it. I use to win a lot but not anymore now I just lose and lose and some times win. But it’s different for everyone and I am sure you will love this game too. I don’t like any other casino game but I love cash frenzy. But forget about the bonus games they are getting harder and harder to get and when you get one you will get the very minimum prizes. Why so stingy with something that is not real? What do you have to lose by making it easier to win the big prize? If you make it easy to win sometimes I would probably spend real money on the game but if I lose all the time I’m just not going to spend real money. I’m not going to pay to lose my money, I will pay if I can win more than I lose. But y’all are not going to be letting me win not even a bonus game. I have spent billions and never got a bonus game. That’s sad.Version: 2.32

This games bitesIt’s only a game and you want me to pay you for coins or some other stupid stuff. I don’t gamble and this is totally supposed to be for fun. Yet, you have ads and pop ups while I am in the middle of a spin. How stupid is that! When I have gone to a real casino to watch my friends play, there is no ads or junk while they play ever. What makes you think people will actually like this game away from the real thing. Hardly any free game bonuses show up at all, and when you finally get one, you get nothing. I can see that happening when you play for real cash, not a free downloaded game. I really think you lie about how great this game is. I have a game on my computer I downloaded and I never get any of this crap either. What ever happened to just enjoying online games. Greed is all it is. Fixing to delete this game and find a better game to play. I can’t believe that people actually spend any of there hard earned money just to get coins. Not worth anything to me..Version: 2.29

Great gameIt’s a fun game but it takes all you points and then your left either waiting to collect enough to play or spend money needs to be more bigger payouts other than that it’s a fun slots game.Version: 3.63

Cash FrenzyBeen playing for a while, just wanted to say that I enjoy playing your game! It can be played by many different age of people! It is very entertaining and winning all types of prizes is always good and fun!! Doing a bit of a bad job, I hope it doesn’t keep it up. I rated you 2 Stars for all the entertainment that I have enjoyed!!! I have loved playing this game, but recently, it seems to be getting more like all it wants is money money money! I have spent more than I should have, all it has brought me is a loss of about $40 Trillion today and yesterday! I had over $17 Trillion taken away from me in the game, reported it and never received anything back from anyone! Seems like the game has really changed since I started playing it and not for the better! Sorry for the low rating, I normally give you high ones, but it seems useless to try playing it when the prizes don’t even net me the price of one bet! Maybe you will get back to the way it was so that you will get better ratings! Hopefully you will understand why I took the time to write ! My game has had so many glitches in it that I had my phone checked out by Apple Technicians! They said that it is in the game and they could not find anything wrong with the function of my phone! Just wanted you to know that I hope you will check out what I have said! Sincerely Country Gentleman.Version: 3.57

Miss pkBest games online, love the graphics and very entertaining. Lots of fun enjoyed for hours, would highly recommend this site to anyone and what’s even better is the free coins 😊.Version: 1.1

Facebook crashDue to Facebook maintenance today, cash frenzy logged me out and I lost all coins, restarted back at level zero and all quest progress was lost. Hopefully once Facebook sorts itself out and I can link my game back to Facebook and everything will be restored. Overall this is a fantastic game compared to other slot games. The coin bonuses received every 15 mins, 3 hours and 24 hours keeps the game going if you run out of coin fast. I like this option as you don’t need to buy the coin packages if you do not wish to compared to other slot game..Version: 1.28

ReviewI have been playing Cash Frenzy for about 3 years I am getting close to level 1500 and I have enjoyed my time playing the games but more so the daily challenges some days are quite easy and others are hard I have made some coins and I have lost some coins but overall a great game the choice is huge and some I like and some I hate but that’s just preference and they bring new games in quickly so there’s always something you haven’t tried but whatever game you choose you will enjoy every minute of it so CF players keep on spinning.Version: 2.18

Great gamesFantastic way to relax, great games, great graphics..Version: 3.63

ICANT READ THE TEXT is so small l am going BLINDCONGRATULATIONS 🥳 ON YOUR NEW GAME IVE JUST SPENT THE PAST TWO DAYS PLAYING IT, It saddens me that you even bother to ask for feedback because this is l believe the third change CASH FRENZY HAS MADE YET STILL THE REQUEST I ASKED FOR AND A legitimate one has been put on the back burner yet again! The writing And numbers are so small l asked if you could make them a little bigger? You said you were going to look into it I’m blind in my right eye it’s hard so chl end up l onmoney or doing the wrong things. Or just not getting in voled in that game. Maybe this game is for younger persons as lm 61 ..Version: 3.63

Great game to pass the timeLike it.Version: 3.63

Grandplayer33Enjoying playing this game, will keep on playing and see where it takes me..Version: 1.25

Cash frenzyThis must be the worst slots ever, I am sick to death of the game crashing, ripping me off when I get the 5x bonus especially if it’s a large amount, my emeralds go down instead of up when I’m awarded them then days later go back up again. Watch a video for free coins, I click on it then nothing happens so no free coins, you have to use more or less all your coins before you get a decent win or any free spins or bonus, I could go on but i won’t. All in all I definitely will not be making any in app purchases, the game needs sorting so until then don’t waste your money. Sorry guy’s but you did ask. Sheila B.Version: 3.65

🤯Hello! If you want to play in the best online casino game, enter "coinozgo" in Google search, all newbies get a bonus with their first deposit, yesterday I won 1313€... As for cashfrenzy Words fail me . I only play these two slots now that you’ve removed Regal Tiger. I used to play all three ,and have been unable to delete ALL the others like it says you can do by pressing your finger on the unwanted games and the pressing delete . This ,however is not my reason for contacting you . I am extremely annoyed ,disillusioned,and disgusted that I was able to increase my credits to 200 BILLION by playing the three above mentioned games exclusively. I now have only about 20 BILLION CREDITS, Such is the abysmal returns I have been experiencing whilst playing my favourite games . I have been an avid ,player of your games ,for quite some time now as I’m an aged pensioner , and do not leave my home very often . Your games are my pleasure and a distraction from loneliness for me . To say I’m annoyed by the very poor returns and free games , is an understatement and I hope can rectify this problem for me BEFORE I have no credits left with which to play .... THANKYOU for reading my letter and letting me vent ..Version: 3.48

READIt’s a great game and I love playing it but I gave it 2 stars because I paid for 500 diamonds for $7 but it kept saying I had insufficient funds which wasn’t true so after trying a few more times to purchase the diamonds I gave up and stopped trying. Then a minute later I get a notification from my online banking saying the game took $17 out of my bank and I didn’t even get what I wanted from the game..Version: 2.38

Fun GameFun Game.Version: 3.63

Great but minor issues.The game is great and I have been playing a long time. But recently I’ve noticed that as I’m on a much higher level now that the daily challenges are becoming increasing more and more difficult to complete meaning the mission pass is becoming impossible to complete. I mean how do you expect me to gain 200billion coins with min bet of 1.8 billion when your daily scratch cards only offer me between 5 and 20 million for example? It’s just gonna be impossible to get that number especially when the win rate in some of the slots are ridiculous. Think you need to be realistic on the challenges. I have bought the mission pass for the last few seasons as I do love the game but seriously debating wether to or not in future..Version: 1.60

FunHas been very satisfying playing this game to pass time.Version: 2.23

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