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AdvertsI think there’s to much adverts and there needs to be a way to stop that.Version: 1.10

Level 21My friends and I got stuck on level 21 for a whole day! So, I thought I'd share a few tips to everyone who is bam-boozled. Eventually, I found the trick. What you must do is very simple. The first target you see requires you to get the ball perfectly in the middle. Then, you pull back on the screen as hard as you can You might not get sent all the way up, but here's the catch. Once you land on the first platform again, you instantly pull back up. You'll keep landing back a few times, but eventually you will get to the top..Version: 1.6.2

TO GOOD TO VOTE!!!!!!I don’t usually give apps five stars BUT this game is amazing!!!I know the game has lots of adds but who cares!!!Some people gave one star because there was to many adds but I don’t agree on that. If you haven’t or like to download this game you should download it right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.7.1

NiceIt is really fun and addictive 😁 I’m from Canada 🇨🇦 11.Version: 1.12.2

Consistently Fun, Aimless in Late GameThis has been one of my longest kept apps on my iPhone since I bought it, and while it is a fun game to do whilst listening to a podcast or when you have a few minutes to spare, it no longer has goals. I am on level 3575, and have made all available purchases with an excess of 446,000 coin. A quality of life update that adds more purchases (Pokey ball skins, map skins, ball trails for boosting) or unique challenges/ boss levels would give more goals for later game. Even so, this is a wonderful game that I would recommend to anyone with enough storage space..Version: 1.12.13

Very FunIt is amazing, all I suggest is that if you go over the winners point, could you edit it so you (if you can’t get anything) give them a chance, thanks this is also SO ADDICTING.Version: 1.12.2

🤔 Ummmmm?Does anyone like this game because I do!😡😱🤭.Version: 1.6.2

ADDS, BOKeS. But a really fun gameI have a few things to say first of all why are there so many’s adds this game has so many adds after each round that you barley even get to play it. Second of all why are there BOXES what is the point of those they just mess you up and break like if you going to have boxes that break when you hit them at least have like a prize in it off something like that when it breaks. And last but no least after those two things this game is awesome I still love I even showed it to my friends and family they both loved it. And I have to say it is probably the best game on my iPhone. Those at the only complaints I have i know most people’s reviews would be this long but I love to talk about gaming and stuff like that and I love this game. It’s awesome If your reading this and haven’t Downloaded this game I suggest you do it’s the best ever. My GRANDMA even plays it so I know maybe you will like it to. - Elephant_ lover Thank you for reading.Version: 1.10

Nice gameWhere to start this game is fun highly addictive and if the adverts are a problem turn of your WiFi in settings. There is no bugs and the levels get harder fast which I like only i wish it was easier to get coins. If you are bored I would highly recommend this to you..Version: 1.13.0

AmazingFANTASTIC GAME but for some reason i cant get passed 90 its weird and i hate it please fix.Version: 1.10.3

A good challenge, as a game should be.I love that the game doesn’t plateau at easiness and make you do 300 of the same levels over and over again. It’s not too hard either. And I love that with the bulls eye you get countless chances to catch it on most levels... the only issue I have is that when the level clears and the ball goes into the portal, sometimes it freezes there and I have to kill the app and start the level over again. That’s annoying..Version: 1.12.13

Nice gameI love this game because it’s sooooo fun it makes me so intertaimed I love it defensively downloading this game will change you life.Version: 1.14.2

Great game!I think this is a great game and is very addictive! I am on level 102 and I’m still having so much fun. The reason I gave this 4 Stars and not 5, is because there are so many ads and they do get a bit annoying after playing for a while. Other than that, good game, and good quality..Version: 1.15.3

AdsI’ve been playing for 3 hours and I only got 6 ads👍👍.Version: 1.11.6

POKEY BALL RULES!ILove it but I don’t like the adds because there are so much of them and it’s annoying to watch them but other wise I love the game because it is so fun and it does not stop you in the middle of the gam why your playing and a lot of other games do that so I get mad and delete them because its frustrating and I don’t like it so you game is really good because it dose not do that at all so I give your game five stars I love your game so much its the best of them all but you should get rid of some of those adds because people could get made and delete them witch you probably don’t want that to happen because I love you game so much so get ride of some of those adds please I love it other wise so I am sure the people will to so get rid of some of those adds..Version: 1.11.3

Impossible levelHey guys so I just deleted this app because there was an imposable level and it was level 39 but other then that it is a pretty good game so I recommend this app and play it to level 39 ok see ya. But before I go I just wanted to say that...if you turn ok on its k it looks like a little man dabbing ok for reals now bye bye...he he..Version: 1.14.2

Great game!! 🥳🥳This game is not one of the typical “play for a week then delete” kind of game. I downloaded this game 1 month ago and I am still obsessed with it. I would only change one thing about this game, that is that maybe adding races between other players, that would add an interesting twist on the game. Overall this game is great and does not have lots of adds, like normal games. It’s super addicting and fun! Great game for kids, teens, and adults. The game overall is a strait 10/10! 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏.Version: 1.9

This game is okOkay.Version: 1.11

Very good gameThe only I wish was that there was more balls I’m on level 800 I think and we need more balls.Version: 1.12.13

Nice game however needs some new obsticalsI like this game a lot but I want some cannons you know like push you off it would really make my day so please add that and some more stuff.Version: 1.14.1

YoYou guys should make new games this one is super fun.Version: 1.12.11

Lvl 70 Solved!Hi everyone, I downloaded this game and after reading the reviews was looking forward to getting to lvl 70. I load it up and shortly realize the reviews are true. I play lvl 70 for a few minutes and eventually give up. About 20 minutes later I randomly have an idea. I load back in the game and poof I get it. It’s tricky but the key is to attach yourself to the green bushes on the side then align yourself back in the middle. Hopefully this helps. Have a great day!.Version: 1.6.2

Very fun!I would really recommend this game! It is super fun and get this: I have only had it for a week and I’m already on level 389! I really hope you guys love the review and be proud that you get to work for a really fun company! Have a great day! Best regards, Me! P.S: if you would not mind to respond, that would make my day!.Version: 1.14.2

SatisfactionIt’s satisfying satisfaction satisfied.Version: 1.11.3

IOS Apps Needed! High Prices!Facebook: aso8866,Sell your iOS apps at high prices to reliable purchasers! Contact us on Skype/WhatsApp: +86 15982207105.Version: 1.14.0

Update this game pleaseI love this game but the makers need to update it a bit it a little laggy but that could be my phone but besides that I love this game.Version: 1.14.2

Problem with level 100Great game really fun and easy up until level 100 which in my opinion it’s impossible. There’s no target to make the ball go higher and the ball with a flick just doesn’t go high enough and I was wondering if that’s the last level?.Version: 1.12.4

There is one thingYou can’t complete level 39 I tried everything I can but I can complete it it’s just so hard. It’s so hard that I have to tell someone who completed it but I can’t because I don’t know anyone who did and because I can’t just go like hey mom can you drive me around the earth to find someone who completed a stupid game because I can’t complete a level I’m still trying but I can’t.Version: 1.12.4

TyTy owner of making this game.Version: 1.15.4

This game is amazing I can’t stop playing!!! ❤️❤️❤️This game is amazing for when your on a trip in your room or even in on the toile- never mind that one but it’s perfect for entertainment.Version: 1.12.4

Asks for your informationI have played this game for a while. Everything was fine until one time when I clicked on the app. There was a white page telling me what Voodoo does with your information and why they need it. In red letters it told me that I needed to give them access to my device’s privacy settings. The fact that the letters were red it came across as sort of a threatening manner (even though it probably wasn’t meant as such). I decided to just move on without doing it. But after I didn’t do it, I was swarmed with notifications. It would pop up twice every level and before each level. Even though it only pops up at the top of the screen, in makes it very hard to concentrate on the level and has made it almost unplayable. I know that they don’t use your personal info for bad things but the fact that they want access to all of it is a bit excessive. And also the fact that they keep bugging you about it when you play is absolutely ridiculous and they care about money more then their costumers. It’s a good game, that’s why I gave it 5 stars it’s just this is a problem and they need to understand that not all people are comfortable sharing their information. Thanks for stopping to read my little rant xD have a nice day..Version: 1.10.3

Good game but lots of adsI like the game, though it seems like there are a lot of ads. If you don’t want to watch ads just go off of the wifi..Version: 1.11.3

It’s very fun!It’s very fun and I can see myself being hooked on it! It has different obstacles that won’t let you land on them and i think that is very fun and creative! I only played a little and I’m liking it already. Thanks! Edit: actually there is something I want to point out. I know it’s sponsored and all by “sneaky Sasquatch” but seriously THE SAME AD keeps playing over and over again like 5 times in a row! Sure other ads will play here and there, rarely. Sorry for any misunderstandings..Version: 1.12.4

AmazingIt’s a amazing game how ever it does glitch a bit.Version: 1.11

Great gameThis game is a very good option if you are looking for a relaxing game I highly recommend it to people that never stop working or having no time to relax..Version: 1.9.2

I love the adsThis is an interesting game but I really look forward to the ads that come on after each session , I just wish they’d put more ads in as the lack of them somewhat spoils the game.Version: 1.10.5

Poke Ball= AWSOMETo be honest the first time I downloaded poke all I was kinda disappointed 😔. But I was only disappointed was because I din’t understand it... Now I LOVE it and I am totally addicted to it! So it is recommended by me but if you don't it when you first download it, then give it a chance !.Version: 1.11.2

This gameThis game is good but it needs a little bit of improving because it’s a bit boring.Version: 1.9.2

HardI found this game easy but as I got playing it more and more it got harder and harder. I like the fact that they have a choice to skip the level but ... I don't like it that much as it had a lot of glitches ..Version: 1.10

Good game butThis game is really good but there is nothing else to do like challenges or different game modes so you are stuck doing levels with nothing else to do..Version: 1.10

Great gameIf you can’t be asked to watch the vidrios just turn off WiFi...... It’s such a fun game The only downside could be that coins don’t do anything.Version: 1.6.1

Too many resourcesI really like this game. Enjoyable to play, it it uses too many resources on my phone. Drains the battery quickly and phone gets extremely hot. I’ve purchased the ads option and love the game but I just can’t play it more than 5 minutes at a time because my phone get so hot and starts shuttering/lagging. Runs normally once I shut the app..Version: 1.11.7

Give it a chanceSo for many people it will be boring yes but when you reach level 670 you have a option of going home but you can deny it and carry on with the “boring” levels but I honestly LOVE this game.Version: 1.16.2

Yet that lil ballYeet it!!! Full send or no send.Version: 1.7.1

AMAZING GAME 100000/105 stars baby!.Version: 1.12.4

Pokey ballThere is to many adverts when I am trying to play the game but apart from that the game is amazing I am addicted to it already and it is a fantastic game that I think everyone should get thanks x.Version: 1.12

Already addictedI think this game is a great game to pass time. I’ve been addicted for weeks!.Version: 1.12

His I’m pretty pretty good just come over for meHi Layla just going home and going home love you Layla.Version: 1.6.2

Level 100Is level 100 even possible I don’t think the ball can even reach that high unless getting a bullseye on the dart board but there is no dart board. Am I missing some trick or something?.Version: 1.11.3

Pretty decent time wasterIt’s actually not a bad game, it’s fairly addictive...all be it pointless. But still alright.Version: 1.7.1

WowSo good reason I know you have to the same was true that I can get the Heck the only way we could get u I am a little bit of a laptop I am not sure if you have to the same.Version: 1.12.17

I have a healthy addiction to this gameAll though this is a very basic game i love it sm, im not kidding i play this so often. like im on level 747 and i still get joy out of this mf. i could definitely stop but its j my go to app to be on when i listen to music and want to do something else. everyday i pray for a pokey ball 2 or a new update with new features but I will still be satisfied if its the same thing everytime:,) pls download this app its so good..Version: 1.12.17

Manufique but just a few bugsThis game is fantastically fantastic because it’s so smooth, it’s a stress reliever~ I always use this app when I’m stressed or bored 🤧. As you can see that I have rated this 4 stars¡ The reason why 4 stars is because of the “ball” the ball, well the “ball” in my opinion needs a “fixing” the ball when you pull it down to all it can go.. 😶 It just goes up a small period..! I really don’t like that, I think that it can go so much higher! And stop at the neck of a average person, but y’know everything else is fabbbbbb 😉 So keep on going! I luv this game so much! Tysm for making this game! Bye! 👋 -0 year old 😂.Version: 1.10.1

Too easy to beat the gameI love this game, it’s so fun, but it only took me 2 or 3 days to beat the entire game and earn all of the different balls. Now there’s no reason to keep collecting coins and to keep playing the game. If there was an update, I’d play to earn more balls or if there were more levels that weren’t repeats of past levels. But for now, I’m deleting this game since there nothing left to do..Version: 1.12

Complain about whatI don’t understand why people are complaining about ads when you can just turn off WiFi and no more ads then.Version: 1.5.1

It’s funIt’s a really good game, but there is a lot of ads.Version: 1.11.5

Good Ideas for it 💡Ok so, I really like this game, but it is kinda boring. No offense whoever made it, but I just want to state my opinion. Please respond soon. I like how satisfying it is when you have to poke the boxes full of money, but it is just the same thing over and over and over and over and over. It would be a really cool idea if you payed 50 coins you had a option to go to like a spin wheel and it spins and they either get 100 coins or 40 or 70 or 80 coins or if they landed on something else they would have to watch like two or three ads. They could win more coins, or YOU could get money! Win win! You could earn a lot of money by it. Or you could also ad like a free skin on the wheel to. Sorry, I just wanna help you make the game better. And you. Could like unlock different universes after you do 30 rounds or something and can compete against REAL people with chat and if they lose you get some of their money and if you lose they get some of your money. For financial reasons, you could make a shop to earn even more money and they get coins and you give them free coins if they watch ads. It would also be cool if you could make like clans or groups or something and chat in it and you can like give them power ups or coins or skins or whatever. I’m so sorry😂 I talk so much. To be fair I’m only 7. So... yeah. Please respond soon!.Version: 1.12.17

This app is so much fun!So I was just playing the game and I cannot get off it the game is amazing so PLS get this app 🙂.Version: 1.10.1

Nothing badI play this when I’m in the toilet and there’s nothing wrong with the game whatsoever. But I recommend making boss levels more challenging..Version: 1.12.2

Amazing plus AddictingIt is awesome!!! It’s fun and easy! I love playing it and it is absolutely addicting. I used to play my favourite gam Ethan I haven’t played it years and then I ditch that and go to this amazing game!!! You will enjoy it like I do!.Version: 1.7.1

DeadpoolYea I’m gonna go with this game is cool It’s a bit to bouncy.Version: 1.11.3

It’s actually a good game-Surprisingly it doesn’t get boring and it’s fun to play the levels. Sure, it’s not the best quality game but that’s expected for Voodoo. The skin part of the game is also pretty good and it makes you work for more and more coins depending on the amount of skins in that category thats unlocked. I’ve only had it for a few days and there’s no telling when I’ll get bored of it but it’s a good game either way..Version: 1.14.2

Level 791I love this game. I’ve been playing it for years but when I see that level 791 is not possible and I am quite upset. Please fix this. Many thanks..Version: 1.15.4

GoodOkay to y’all who say there’s to many advertisements. Guess what, did you know you can turn your wifi off. Anyway this game. It’s fine like you can do pretty cool stuff and yeah.Version: 1.12.4

Good gameWell there may be a lot of adds it’s a great game and I suggest getting it.Version: 1.9.2

I give 5 stars for a awesome gameThanks that this game is awesome and fun because if you land on the yellow of the target icons you get a awesome boost.Version: 1.12.15

Pretty goodPretty fun but I don’t like how hot this game makes my fun. I admit I get lost in it for a long time but only as long as my hand can take the heat! Would recommend.Version: 1.11.7

What a game !!! I LOVE ITSo its like , I hate but love it at the same time . I’m so addicted to these game , it’s like if I’m never gonna finish it . I’m on level 242 , and downloaded it two days ago ,so you can tell the addiction. I play this game more than I see instagram . I loveee the game it is so good . For the people that is going to download it I am gonna tell you this , it is difficult if you just give yourself up , but if you try it more you just cant find a better game . I didn’t know what anger was until I tried the game . So for people that like challenging games , these is for you . Continue like this Voodoo - Love your game.Version: 1.10

Level 500So addictive am currently at level 500!.Version: 1.12.4

The ad for this gameOk so this is technically not a complaint about the game itself it's just the ad that's used to advertise the game it's looks like it's really hard ( and the ad is pretty stupid ) but it's easy to play I like this game but I think that if you improved the ad then I think that if you developers improved the ad then you'd get more players..Version: 1.14.2

IOS Apps Needed! High Prices!Facebook: aso8866,Sell your iOS apps at high prices to reliable purchasers! Contact us on Skype/WhatsApp: +86 15982207105.Version: 1.14.0

Love this game!I absolutely love this game! I’m on level 363 and I’ve only been playing for about 2-3 weeks. I love how the graphics and just the overall game. It is very addicting, however there are few things I don’t like. There are ads after every level you play and that gets annoying. I’ve unlocked all the little balls in the game so I have nothing left to do with the coins I get, I wish that they would create new balls for people to unlock. But other than that I love the game..Version: 1.15.3

I just wanna no what the jackpot gives you help meeee hahahaHelp meeee I wanna no what the jackpot give ya.Version: 1.12.4

BadThis is so much bad.Version: 1.11

Good game :)I like it it’s fun I have lots of coins and there’s is 1 Valid reason why I put 4 stars not 5 the adds- Ever time u die on a level there’s an ADD or of u finish a level ADDs it’s a game full of adds but all an all it’s a good game have a great day Bye.Version: 1.15.5

Question for the Pokey ball teamI’ve had the game for awhile completed everything i thought was completable, but now it seems like a new update dropped with the “enter home thing” i lost my “balls” like i had one that was a person hanging but it’s gone now and i can’t seem to find the more expensive balls like the box and the weird shaped one.Version: 1.16

NutsI just to enjoy the game without the adds even if have to pay three bucks at the start.Version: 1.6.2

Amazing!.......ads ads adsOverall this game is fantastic, addicting, and fun. I find myself playing it when I need to pass the time, it’s not to hard and not to easy, I strongly recommend you play it, but after every single round there is an ad! I understand you have to make money but it’s unreasonable to have this many ads! I really like this game, for a tip to stop the ads (you can’t get free coins tho) is to turn it in airplane mode..Version: 1.9.2

Pokey ballI enjoy pokey ball because it is really fun 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊it is awesome.Version: 1.10

Addicting!I highly recommend this game, it’s a good time waster and it keeps me occupied when I’m bored. It’s better for you than to be mindlessly scrolling and using up data..Version: 1.8.1

Pokey ballFun game but when you can’t get past a level it drives you crazy.Version: 1.11.2

Sup manFun.Version: 1.10

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