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Draw Climber App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Draw Climber app received 132 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Draw Climber? Can you share your negative thoughts about draw climber?

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Draw Climber for Negative User Reviews

OptionalMaybe add some music.Version: 1.0.2

DisappointingDecent concept but in the end it’s a waste of time. Played the game for nearly three hours and it was absolutely brutal. The game itself is easy, no clue why it says 12+ for the age. You will literally use the same exact line for the leg to beat every level. The stages are only like 5-7 seconds long, after which you HAVE to watch a 15-30 second ad. It’s a bit ridiculous! After about an hour of this, the ads stopped closing properly and then I had to force close the game and reopen it. Sometimes printing yet another ad before playing the next 5 second stage. There’s no development, no progression and you don’t really solve anything. You draw a line and watch you block walk using that line..Version: 1.1.2

OkayThis game is okay and i play it alot but when it comes to competitors, they teleport! When you climb up something and they cant, you get to the top and theyre right behind you! Try to make an online version and make the coins limit above 50 thousand because its easy to get that much money. Thanks.Version: 1.1.2

Could be better...So, first, I want to say, thank you! My last review said that there wasn’t enough opponents to play against, but now there is! Another reason I’m typing is because this could have easily gone up to a 4 star rating, but it didn’t. This could even be a 5 star rating, but there are reasons why it isn’t. First, there is only two things you do in this whole game, you change your avatar and face against opponents. But there could also be another thing to do. There could be world changes with natural obstacles. Then if the obstacles run out then there could be more automatically. And next, avatars. There should be way more than just the amount of avatars to pick from. Now, this is the final reason haha 😂. Finally, the avatars. Another thing for the avatars. There’s one section that you could get the avatars only in the gifts you get. I’ve been trying so hard to get the last gift as my avatar, but the game is rigged. Rather than fixing this, why can’t they be daily gifts, and make all of them free? These are just some recommendations for the game, they don’t have to be done. But I would really love it if they were. Thank you for reading this. 🙏🏻👍😁.Version: 1.5.0

Ads, ads everywhere.So I downloaded this game thinking “Ok, so if your bad you watch ads.” I was wrong, even if you win every level, even if you choose to not watch an ad for rewards, you still will probably watch atleast one ad per level. Which you might think “that still sounds ok.” But no, the advertisements are often longer than the rounds. In addition to this, the developers seemingly thought “lets make an ai that looks like a player!” Ie: random player name, country flag and a short loading screen between choosing to start another round and playing the round stating something along the lines of “looking for player” this, is very poorly covered up. Also, if you want to advance faster than the pace of a snail, you’ll watch ads..Version: 1.9.2

CrashingJust downloaded the game and kept crashing for me and I even tried deleting it and downloading it and it still is crashing and it also states that the crashing issue was fixed 2 days ago ... it’s still crashing guys..Version: 1.1.1

EhhhAll other players are bots. I can play on airplane mode, so there’s definitely bots, but I know this for sure because sometimes while I’m playing “online” I leave the app for a bit and go back and can still continue the race :/? Also the maximum amount of money you can hold is 50k, which is okay but the way the “offline revenue” works is kind of lazy. The amount of money doesn’t actually count on the time. All you have to do is leave and close the app, reopen it, and you get a load of money, no matter how long you were off the app. Another thing is if you think about it, you get slowed down when you’re drawing and your opponent slows down too... hmmm.. you can’t exactly slow down time, and I’ve never been slowed down from my competitor drawing either :0?.Version: 1.1.2

I enjoy it - BUT YOU NEED TO UPDATE MOREHey guys, This app was fun to start with, until you capped earnings at 50k, and you actually capped offline earnings @ 1016/per hour. It won’t let me upgrade my speed or my earnings anymore, but it will spend the money haha. Guys this game has a lot of potential, so I think it was fun for the most part, but can you at least put things in there you can buy as well as update the earning speed and offline earning money cap. Make the levels more interesting too. Has heaps of potential. Please guys..Version: 1.8.0

No challenge after you get passed a certain levelI’m at level 736, which is excessive, but I wanted to get on the leaderboard, and after you max out the upgrades and upgrade to the no ads version, the games isn’t a challenge anymore. The biggest amount of coins you can get is 50k and if you continue to get coins after you reach that, it doesn’t add to your total. All of this together makes the game less interesting to play because you feel like you’ve reached the games’ maximum potential, and at that point are just playing to get to the next level..Version: 1.10.2

Inappropriate adsAn ad called “see the girl” came up on a game appropriate for 12 year olds? Not okay. Review your ads properly..Version: 1.15.01

Lazy and unplayableWe all know the devs of these games put more effort into making a coffee than designing their games, but this game is so rigged and money hungry that it isn’t even a game. It’s like walking through times square, everywhere you look there is an ad, except new york is an actually fun experience. One you unlock all of the outfits with coins and keys, the only way to get the others is to watch videos that take as long as a flight from Los angeles to miami. After you finish a level: ad. After you buy something: ad. Even when you first finish loading in: another ad. Not to mention, this game tries to look like an online game, but it’s way too obvious it isn’t. The AI is rigged to catch up to you no matter how far ahead you get to the point of straight teleportation. They also always match and even surpass any speed upgrades you purchase. The even cycle through names that aren’t even real usernames, just random people. I miss when mobile games were fun and actually made me want to play them. No ads, decent programming and effort, and minimal microtransactions. This is the opposite of those games..Version: 1.1.2

NOT GOODThis game... it’s not good. First of all let’s talk about the objective of the game to anybody scanning the reviews (please press and hold on this review and mark it as helpful, even if you don’t read it, because it’s long, it would be highly appreciated.). You draw an outline of the “legs” or the rotational points of your cube character. You can change the rotational points to gain an advantage. The critical failure about this game is just how easy it is to draw a line with a slight curve at the end to gain a massive amount of speed. The next part about this game, is the fact that it’s RIDDLED with bots. If you’ve ever heard of an auto difficulty adjuster, it’s when the game realizes you have a huge advantage and raises the difficulty to your level. If you have half a brain cell, you can see at the top screen that the enemy instantly catches up to you as soon as your velocity is high enough, and it’s obvious. It claims to be “searching for an opponent” but it’s very clear that it’s a bot as some of the shapes of the lines are near perfect. One last critical failure of the game is that it forces you to buy an upgrade you don’t want to buy. “Do You want to buy offline earnings which has no significance? Well, you don’t have a choice, because we removed the play button and made a big arrow pointing to ‘offline earnings’, so you can either upgrade it, or you aren’t able to play.” You also aren’t even able to use your money that you’ve respectfully earned to upgrade, UNLESS you watch an ad to upgrade it, a waste of 30 seconds, and the ads promote gambling, torture on a fictional character (psychopathic behaviour) and This game is seriously a joke of a “game”, and likewise to the garbage music and phone industry we have today, the video game industry capitalizes on these simple minded games that milk you for money and revenue. Play better games, there’s so much better games than this. Thank you for reading, and please mark this as helpful as this message needs to get across. TL;DR: This game is a huge failure that milks you for money and has malicious advertisements..Version: 1.1.2

Bad gameAt first I really liked this game but after few hours everything was wrong whith my phone, like I only could stay in one of my games for a few seconds until it glitches out I was nearly sick🤢🤢 because I thought I’d been hacked. There’s also to many adds. When I uninstalled the game my phone went back to normal. I do not recommend this game. I’m a truth telling boy and they also use your data. If you download this game please uninstall it and that’s why I gave it only 1 star.Version: 1.11.09

Not goodFirst off, it’s literally voodoo, the terrible ad maker that is for trash cash grab games, the games that “are fun then never used again”, it’s not addicting and people don’t know that, such as me when the emoji tycoon thing was a known thing. Also not interesting because all you’re doing is watching a cube running with sticks because you can win a battle with 1 change of sticks. SECOND OFF! Welcome to “draw climber” WHERE YOU CRASH TWO TIMES IN A MINUTE! A DANG MINUTE! And where you watch ads more than you play the real game! That sounds fun!(it isn’t) So, if you are thinking about buying about... I don’t know, ANY ONE OF VOODOO’S GAMES! Then don’t buy it. It’s just a cash grab..Version: 1.9.1

Crashes!!!!!!!It Crashes.Version: 1.1.1

I need helpThis game is very fun and I have been playing for quite a while but then my game seemed to sort of crash a bit and then it broke completely because I couldn’t complete a level because the bridge at the start was broken completely, I managed to complete it after about 30 try’s and I have a video to show you guys what happened, I just need to know how to contact you, thanks all in all it’s actually a great game, all games have bugs. Thank you!.Version: 1.3.0

MehWould be a good game except the levels only last 20 seconds and there is an ad after every level. Play the game for 20 mins and see the same 4 ads recycled a billion times. Didn’t even make it to level 100 before I deleted it for this reason..Version: 1.4.0

Go learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn.Why do we play these stupid games? The only reason they exist is to get us to watch hours of ads. If you spent the same amount of time learning an instrument/dancing/keeping fit, we’d be so much better people. I’m deleting all my games!.Version: 1.2.0

AvaI loved winning for the first time and ther was a girl called Ava she was soooooooooooooo nice and i won for the first time so goooo AVA hahahah 🥹☺️🤪.Version: 1.16.05

Good but...This game is good However, it has one floor... Once you have unlocked everything(which is not much) there is nothing left to spend your coins on so it just gets stored and remains unusable. I have only been playing this a week and have already unlocked everything. I would recommend that they add more things to unlock like the colour of your legs or just more skins. Edit: I would also like them to make the arms available to upgrade as it has said that they are coming soon for almost a year now and it’s soooooo frustrating!.Version: 1.10.6

ReviewReally 👍 good 😊 thanks for posting this game.Version: 1.16.05

Real review from an actual personThis game is a pretty fun game if you just like sitting down and doing nothing for a good 10 minutes or so every now and then I got it because I was bored and I had seen a lot of ads for it and I thought maybe it might be okay Right off I didn’t like the ads in the game (who does) so I turned off WiFi (sorry game developers for not paying $3 for no ads when I can do that for free by myself) I’ve played this game off and on over the past couple months and blown through about 500 levels (they aren’t hard and you’re playing against in game bots not players) It was pretty good and easy to earn coins (although I don’t like how the coins stop collecting after 50,000) I started upgrading my stats in game and I would recommend not upgrading your speed past level 10 or 15 (if you do you start to move weird and maybe too fast for the game to do what it’s supposed to and it starts making things harder) Overall this game is pretty okay I would recommend getting for something fun to do But I would not recommend getting the ad free I don’t think it’s worth it for a game like this Enjoy.Version: 1.4.0

Won’t open, keeps crashingGames looks awesome and I wish I could play but it just keeps crashing on me after loading up. Have an iPhone 11 Pro with up to date software too, so not 100% sure what the problem is. Would love it if you could fix it. Sorry to give such a bad review :/.Version: 1.1.1

BotsThe bots are scaled to what level your speed is not the actual level also money caps out at 50k also the bots can teleport.Version: 1.1.2

You watch ads more than you play the gameSucks.Version: 1.1.2

Wasted potentialThis game could be an amazing game, but it’s not. It fakes multiplayer with bots. Wouldn’t be so bad if their “skill” actually increased as you go, but you can consistently beat them super easily still at lvl 100+. There is barely any variety in maps. I feel like I’ve played a few maps 5+ times and they are exactly the same. I understand reusing assets, but at least make more different levels. Rarely is any new obstacle introduced either. The bots you are against constantly cheat and teleport around. I watched one stuck at an vertical obstacle for a few mins. As soon as I moved he teleported past it with the same legs that still wouldn’t have been able to climb the obstacle. The ads are countless. Want to not see them? Instead of paying to not see an ad every 15 seconds I would highly recommend deleting the app. Sure they worked on this app and deserve ad revenue, but they don’t care about the user experience with this metric ton of ads. Like most games nowadays they’re banking on little kids thinking this is an online game. When it’s actually you playing against a stupid and broken ai. They could have easily made the game better and monetize it in different ways than a 30 second ad every 15 seconds, and could have made more money without destroying the user experience, but I guess this game only cares about kids glued to the ads..Version: 1.3.0

NoĮ̩͉̈̀͊’̖̻͍͇̂͗̕͡m̞̜̋̀ ̭̜̿̐a̞͚̗͑̋̇n̤͉̓̍ ̯̼̞̌͂͡“̧̇Ạ̡̣͇͗̽̿͟͡͝r̪͌t̯̲̦̱̋͂̓́i̗̩̥̜̅͋̈͝s̳͐t̥͎͓͆̌͝”̛̛̱̟̰̍ ̼͍̩͐̋̆̏̌͜͟ḁ̡̪͔̏͑͋̄n̯͔̾͐d̩̗̻̒͐͌ ͔̟̇̈ṯ̨͌́hï͓͙̋s̻̰̄̽̃͟ ̱͈̺̂̅̄̕͢ga̗̮͗̀me̱͊ ͎̮̬͖̐͗̃̔͜͞wò̙́ͅņ͍̫̬̒̑͆̓’͙͊t̡̕ ͎͌̓͜l͔̜̩̹͛͌̌̈́e̖͎̳̫̎̐͛̊ṱ̛ ̧̗̠̓́̚m̲̾̍͟è̦̝̀͘͜ ̛͎̟͛d̮̀͑̐͜͟ŕ̪̳̦̰̮͒̃̔͡a̹̅w ̯͒̌͜ȁ̘̘̜̖͖́̊͊̀ ho͕̳̝̝̍̈́͐͡l̤̩̭̫̍̽͋͠ē̫̯̋ ̩́d͖̝̹̈̀͡è̜tǎ͙i͈̝̣͈̍̎̋̂̅ͅl̢̜͍͂͐̒ę͕̫̩̅̒̄͒d̡̹̃̉ ̻̮̫̄̔̇ā̝̜͇̬̓͂̄̌͢r̰̣̆͗̈͜m̜͘.̣̻͖͙̋͛̆̎ ̯̪̯̉̌̑Ẃ̦̙̼͍̀͗̐͡ͅḧ͙̺͔̘̆̅̚ÿ̡̝͔̩͗̆̊̌ͅ?͚̘̀̽͜͞?̡̉?̦̲̻̯̹̌̍̑́̕?͔̊ ̜̰̙̙̉̾̿̄A̳͡nd̟͉̘̦̒̈̆̔͞ͅ ̭̒a̧̧̧̗͛̈͂͡l̼̞̦̻̏̀͞͠s͔͖͗͑o̡͔̖̅̓͘͡ͅ ̨̱͉̤̾͑̌̏Á̬̟̲̗͒̚͠D̺͇̑͊̇͢ ̨̢͕̻̾́̑͊D̗͕͚̺͛̈̀̽͌ͅI̪͠F̧̧̛͉̮̀͋͡F̛͇̘͆RÉ̯͇͌Ň̘͎̎T̘͚̔̄͋͢ ̧̬̆̓C̭̳͋͗͗͟O̅͜L̛̮͎̱̺̮͌͂̎͘O͚̭͖̾̎͌R͎̈́S̨̰̟̍̊̋̉͢!͍͓̣̘̄̒̃̋.Version: 1.9.0

I lost my skinI love this game but once my phone went laggy so I crossed of all the tabs and then reopened the game and checked my skins and I didn’t have my skin I didn’t have my epic skin and I had to watch two ads to get the skin and now I’m really sad and mad but I still love this game though.Version: 1.11.08

100% adsAfter every round the game will run you thru a ad, (run phone or tablet in airplane mode for best game results). getting any skill in game to maximum still allows you to waste your in game money on upgrades you cannot receive. No multiplayer, can only play against computer and it has auto catch up turned on all the time, “computer cheats to beat you”.Version: 1.10.4

Fake Multiplayer and BoringThe game has fake multiplayer to give the illusion that another human player is playing alongside you when in reality, it’s AI. This was due to me turning off the Wi-Fi and finding that I was still “connecting to players” without any issues. Please do not advertise this game as multiplayer, erase the player names and make the game more interesting. I’m very tired of coming across shovel ware on the App Store like this and I’d rather not play a cheap game like this ever again..Version: 1.1.0

GarbageThis game is absolute garbage which isn’t a huge surprise considering it’s made by voodoo. This game is so boring and mind numbing it’s a surprise that it has 4 stars on the appstore. Most of the levels you draw 1 thing and never have to change it making it feel like you’re not even playing a game, but instead watching a cube walking on sticks. In the patch notes they say that they’ve fixed issues with crashing which obviously isn’t true considering it crashed twice within a 10 minute time frame. You can tell that they tried to make it interesting by adding more features as you progress which still doesn’t change the fact that you can just draw 1 thing and the levels basically complete. They also added a checkpoint system which is absolutely useless considering that there isn’t really a chance to fail at any point in the levels. Honestly why do people play this garbage..Version: 1.1.0

Upgrades mean nothingSo I chose to do an extreme experiment. I only upgraded my income until I was at 8,000 coins per idle hour. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the maximum cash stack is 50,000. So I basically wasted all of my time and money because when I’m away for 10 hours, I gain 80,000 coins but only get 50,000. I wish the game had told me this in advance or didn’t have a coin limit!! Additionally, I made it to level 226 in the game without ever upgrading my speed. Then I upgraded my speed to over level 100 and still won races the exact same amount. It seems that it doesn’t matter what your speed is, the computer player will speed up/slow down to match your abilities. You can still win every level of this game with a speed level of 1. These two points above basically make it pointless to ever upgrade anything. Collecting coins is always a fun game feature, and I’ll even watch ads to get extra coins sometimes. Unfortunately, there is no point in collecting coins in this game. 1 Star..Version: 1.3.0

AdsI feel as though there are to many ads like once you finish a game boom ad and it’s so annoying but overall this is a really fun game would recommend but at the same time I’m a very impatient person if you are patient would highly recommend but this game is just not it for me..Version: 1.4.0

What’s the point?The base mechanic is fun, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on it. However that’s truly all there is. The levels have very very little variation and are far, far too short. All the player needs to do is draw a long line for an arm and that’s it. You’ll occasionally hit a point where you need to draw a shorter arm but it rarely has any consequences. The multiplayer element is a lie. A complete lie. I do not understand why they even bother to pretend there’s a real other player. It’s so transparently fake. It’s very very strange. They give you the option to upgrade your speed, I don’t believe your speed increases either. It’s just something to spend your coins on otherwise there would be absolutely no point in collecting coins, and then how are they going to tempt you into watching ad’s? So to summarise, this ‘game’ is one fun mechanic they’ve come up with, and then a load of lies and lazy level design..Version: 1.1.0

It’s....well, Eh. 😕Before I get started, I don’t want anyone getting offended by this review, these are my opinions, thank you so much for ready thing by the way! It means so much! Hope you enjoy! Me and my friends around the the county have debated about this game. Some of us think it’s a good game, while on the other hand some think not. But, I know that this game could be much better, and needs to get better. First off a problem with this is that the game is really easy. In most rounds, you just have to draw a long line, ( Or sometimes a circle, ⭕️) This can get annoying, because I honestly think that people should have a game that challenges you. I think this reason because if kids want a game they’ll get bored if their playing a game like this, with nothing to do but draw a long line. This is a reason why I strongly dislike this game. Another problem is how many adds. After every single level, it’s an add. Level 1 finished: Add! Level two: Finished : Add! And you’ll never will believe this, Level 3 finished: Add! It’s almost forcing the player to buy something, yes I get it they want to show the player some other apps by the company, however you don’t need this many. (This is not a final review, sorry! I’m not done yet. I still need a: Final body paragraph : Also a conclusion. Thank you so much! ).Version: 1.3.0

DO NOT GET THIS GAME!It’s a literal scam. The game steals your view time by making you watch adds constantly. Then once you watch an add by consent to get a free upgrade, a new skin, or more keys it never gives you the reward and makes you watch more and more ads until you realize it’s a scam and you’re not getting the reward. I’ve played for months and there is a skin I constantly aim for, and I can NEVER get. I always watches loads upon loads that the game claims if you watch you will claim the new skin and it never occurs with me or my account. Despite the good reviews, do not get it. Sure, a great concept, but the creators are selfish, greedy, robbers who rob you and take advantage of your instincts as a customer. Would give it a negative score, and I will be reporting this scam game..Version: 1.8.0

Guess I WonIt’s an amusing enough time-kill. But I largely have to agree with the first handful of reviews. One, there’s no way to win by a large distance.. no matter how perfectly you set your lines/drawings up. The computer opponent will always be right there with you. Two, I also planned on increasing my offline earnings. I continued tapping the button and the game appeared to be updating my avatar (zoom in and the “updated” animation played). Before long, I realized that it wasn’t updating past the 1016/hr. If it’s capped, at least make it so we can’t click it any longer and wind up throwing the earnings away. Three, the speed is also capped at level 100. I managed to get both updates maxed within a week. So.. I guess I won since I don’t have anything to accomplish. Four, the treasure box round is rigged. Either nobody will ever get the “top prize” on their first three choices (I finally watched the ads just so I could get all of the avatars) or I am the unluckiest person in the world. So, it’s fun enough. But definitely flawed..Version: 1.6.1

So many adsSo many ads.Version: 1.1.0

THEY ARE SCUMSAt first this app was fine until I started noticing some things that were very fishy. The first thing I noticed was in the chest room when you used your keys you had earned to unlock the chests you would NEVER get the big prize using the keys you got playing the game you would always get the big prize when you tapped a button that made you watch an ad for some more keys and even then it was very slim you would win the prize. The second thing was the “people” you played with always seemed to catch up with you, let me explain, every time you were climbing a wall and the “person” you were playing with struggled to even get up the first step, when you were on to the next part of the level they were right behind you. My third and final reason that I titled this review THEY ARR SCUMS is that they lie about a lot of things in their game, but I want to name one obvious one that is you don’t play online you play with a bot , an ai, a FAKE human. When they tell you, wait one minute we are finding you a competitor, or something along those lines they are just loading a bot for you. You may be wondering how I know this well you can play this game without WiFi but to play online games you need WiFi. Hope this saves you the misery of playing this game, bye bye..Version: 1.1.2

It doesn’t workI would open it but then it would close it and not work.Version: 1.1.1

A lot of fakery and overall a quickly made appThe opponents? Fake. Play without wifi and they’ll still be there and it’ll save you getting ads. The upgrades? Ends after 101 levels. That’s the cap. The coins? Once you’ve upgraded the offline coins to a high level your game critically lags whenever you load it. The mystery key chests? You ONLY get prizes after you watch an ad. Your 3 keys never work. Overall verdict? Can’t lie, good pass time, but clearly a cash grab game with not a lot of love put into it..Version: 1.8.0

It’s okay...Ok it’s a fine game but there are way to many ads, even when you say you don’t want to have an ad when you win. It just shoves one down your throat. It’s not gonna be a bad review. But just less ads....Version: 1.6.1

It’s alright.The multiplayer element is fake, you’re playing against bots. I’d like if there was a TRUE multiplayer mode where you were really going against another player... You’d probably get more ad revenue too. I turn aeroplane mode on since WiFi isn’t actually needed. “Searching for players” is dumb too, because there’s no players to search for. The game isn’t actually multiplayer. More game modes and true multiplayer would be fantastic, thanks. Makes about 5 minutes pass quickly if that’s what you need, although it does get boring after about 15 minutes. It’s one of those games you’ll need a lot of (as in voodoo games and stuff) to keep you busy so you can switch between them all when you get bored of one... or get rid of all of them and just get an actually good game that has fantastic gameplay. Nothing in the game is truly strategic either. The bigger you draw the arm, the faster you’ll go. The only time you have to change it is going through something with a small space but chances are you’ll go over the top of the obstacle with big arms anyway. These games do NOT deserve no.1 place in the AppStore. At all. They’re all the same thing, bombarded with advertisements and made by lazy money seeking developers. I recommend Sky: Children of the light for actually good gameplay, graphics and REAL multiplayer. I can spend HOURS on that game and not get bored..Version: 1.1.0

BotsI thing you’ve used bots because the game is so easy and sometimes hard....Version: 1.1.2

THIS GAME IS MADE BY SCAMMERS!!!It’s impossible, how did that “person” you were racing with always catch up even if they were struggling? For example, if you were climbing a wall and the other is struggling, when you get to the next step, they somehow catch up and win the race. I also found some other things that were suspicious, when you buy the speed, you always stay the same if you know what I mean. I found that the people you were racing with were BOTS! So the game finds a name for The bot and then loads it in. And then the chest room, in first try, you don’t get the big prize, and you have to watch an ad to get the next 3 keys then you don’t get the prize again, then third try you get the prize, I now noticed that the prize moves places when you open each chest you CHEAT. Finally, you have to watch an ad after every race you go through. And that’s why I called the title “THIS GAME IS MADE BY SCAMMERS!!!” Bye!.Version: 1.3.0

The game is fun but.When first opening the game I really thought this would be something good to play to pass the time but.. It is absolutely plagued with ads, after every level automatically an add will pop up or if you fail and ad will pop up. I get that’s how they are making there money but I would have happily paid for this game instead of watching ads.Version: 1.1.2

Too easyLevels are really short and super easy. The opponents are kind of dumb..Version: 1.6.1

Keeps crashing .cant even play itKeeps crashing .cant even play it.Version: 1.1.1

Well, definitely not the best game of all time - pretty disappointingI stopped playing this game a while ago, mainly because of the ads (I’ll talk about them later) and also because of how extremely boring the game got. You do the very same thing over and over again - the play experience is terrible. Creators, you did not think about the play experience for the players, there are way too many ads and you clearly only think about the money. There is no variety in this, can i even call it a game? Gives you about two minutes of some type of enjoyment, I suppose. If you want people to play your game, stop with all the ads. You have potential to expand the game but you don’t, another reason why you only care about money. I do NOT recommend this game, it’s not even fun to play when you are bored. Complete waste of time making it, please use the points i have made to improve. Thanks -Connie.Version: 1.10.5

CrashesCrashes when I try open. Frustrating and waste of time..Version: 1.1.1

Won’t give me the last epic skinWatched three videos, played twenty levels, just doesn’t act like I watched the vid to get it but won’t let me watch another after the video is over, only option is to reject the vid and the percentage starts over..Version: 1.7.1

Great Concept Bad Business StrategyThere are so many other ways to make more money from this app than you realise, other than 20 second gameplay followed by 25 second addplay. The culture you are giving all your apps is add generation. So whenever I see Voodoo, basically I don’t bother playing it anymore. Once I see Voodoo when the game begins to load, I force close the app and now delete the installation which is what most of your downloaders are probably doing also. Bye Voodoo, and I won’t miss you..Version: 1.2.0

Doesn’t workIt doesn’t work if I tried to go into the game it will load then kick me out.Version: 1.1.0

To laggyGood game but it’s way to laggy.Version: 1.16.03

Could be BetterI downloaded this game a couple weeks ago and really start to love it. Although, I started to see some flaws and they line up with exactly what other reviews have mentioned. The game glitches and is overall slow when opening up coin chests, gain offline coins etc. Along with this, the opponents I play against get stuck in the middle of a game and when I pass them they are immediately right back next to me again every single time, which doesn’t happen when I get stuck, meaning it is impossible and rigged. Also, I want more interesting obstacle courses. I’m almost positive they are just used over and over again. It’s nothing new. I think I’m going to delete. Sad, definitely could be better! Please improve!.Version: 1.9.4

Do not make the same mistake I didAlright so it shows me a very large and annoying message on the top of my screen with a small impossible to close thing, asking me to share my phone’s data, this has shown up with every, single, game, by this studio, this also give you the illusion of being an online game, but it’s obviously an A.I., since the leg designs are all the same, they start out with a leg design, and you have to draw your own, and the money is pointless, just to buy more speed, which doesn’t matter, all you need is a long stick leg to win every, single, game, except for a few obstacles, also there are ads, nothing but ads, wanna upgrade? Ad, wanna play a match? Ad, wanna collect your prize? You bet there is an ad, anyway don’t buy this game, it’s a waste of time.Version: 1.1.0

Too many addsIt’s fine to have adds but you spend more time watching adds than playing.Version: 1.1.2

Ok... But annoyingI enjoy the game.. I just got it. I like how we can draw our own legs and win a race... BUT idk how it is to others but adds just pop up EVERY few seconds. Like, I finish a single race.. and an add pops up.. I go off the app for a moment, when I go back on.. guess what... Another add. This it has more adds than the actual game. Therefore sadly I have to delete it. If there were less adds I might download again... Otherwise farewell Draw Climber :).Version: 1.11.05

Too many ads take the fun awayFor every 5 second of game time , you have to watch half a minute of ad. Lol Such a waste of time.Version: 1.1.2

لعبة غبيةومعفنة.Version: 1.1.2

Fun but repetitiveThis game is entertaining but it drives me crazy. First of all I agree without a lot of people who are saying ITS NOT ACTUALLY MULTIPLAYER it’s just a computer generated opponent for each round. Second, the speed boots you can buy doesn’t work!! No matter how many times you upgrade, the bot still is just as fast as you. Additionally, I agree that it stays the same level of hard no matter what level your on and once you’ve unlocked every thing it’s just the same thing over and over, nothing to look forward to. This game is crash hungry but you can read every other review to know that. Basically it just needs more effort put into it because right now it’s repetitive and I’d like to see a change..Version: 1.1.2

PLEASE read before downloadingIf you wanna download a game like this, I’d recommend to choose another one that’s better. I mean, the game itself is fine, but WHY so many ads? After every round there’s an ad. Mind you, sometimes these rounds are like 20 secs at most. I get this company wants money by putting in a lot of ads, but who wants to play a game where you spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game? It just doesn’t become fun anymore. If they’re gonna put an ad after every single round, make them very short. That’s the least they can do. This game would probably be 5 stars if it weren’t for the jaw-dropping amount of ads. It’s getting to the point where I’m considering deleting this app..Version: 1.16.03

LaggyThis game is really laggy even if I turn my internet off but was fun.Version: 1.15.01

Ad every round.I don’t mind paying to stop ads but u don’t even get enough time in to get addicted to the game before getting spammed with ads. Game seems like it could be fun but ruined by greed *uninstalled*.Version: 1.1.2

So mamy adsWhy it's so much ads.Version: 1.15.01

Very basic/averageGameplay The gameplay is incredibly standard. The interesting thing about this game is that you create your own legs for your box to run with by drawing them. But its nothing special. All you need to do is draw a straight line. A short line to fit in small spaces and long line to make longer jumps. It doesn’t really matter what different shape the legs are. There are very small instances where you need a slightly more complex leg but its only about 8% of the time. Sometimes you can just draw your first pair of legs and it will make you win the entire track without changing the legs once. Racing I personally never raced another player, only other A.I. In the game. So if this game has multiplayer, im not speaking for it. This game lets you win most of the time. Sometimes if the other racer gets too far ahead, it will obviously slow down for you to catch up. Conclusion This game is fun if you dont have anything to really do. In all honesty, once you play the first 3 races, you’ve pretty much experienced everything the whole game has to offer..Version: 1.1.0

Heavily misleading, only challenging if you’re brain dead.1. You are ALWAYS playing against bots, regardless of it looking for an opponent. This bot adjusts in difficulty depending on how you are doing, once it gets off your screen it will either slow down or catch up to you. In other words, you’d have to be a dumbass to lose a level. 2. This is just an ad machine for the company that makes it, half of the systems they have such as keys/chests is just a direct rip from their other games. Concept is cool, but its not so fun getting an ad every 2 games..Version: 1.2.0

Capped Upgrades Ruined My ExperienceSo I’ve been playing Draw Climber for a few months now and up until recently it’s been a good experience. When I first got the game the offline earning system didn’t work at all, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, when it did start working I put a lot of work into upgrading my coins per hour. About 90% of the time I opened the app, the purpose was to upgrade my coins per hour, with a few games on the side. I did this to the point of getting ~8,000 coins per hour with hopes of getting eventually to 50,000 coins per hour. One day I was doing my routine upgrades when I noticed that the cost had sunk way down. My heart dropped when I saw that the coins per hour were capped at 1,016 coins per hour and the speed capped at 101. Since then my experience through the over 500 levels that I have played had all been for nothing, and my experience has been ruined. I’d uninstall if I didn’t have hope for what could be to come. I beg of you, developers, please remove the upgrade cap. It’s unnecessary and can only lessen the experience of players like me. There could be no harm to other players as the game is just against CPU’s, so there is absolutely no reason to cap out the upgrades. Thank you..Version: 1.6.1

Almost 5 star but one glaring issueI really like this app. I find it pretty fun and unlike some reviewers I don't mind that the vs mode is really a cpu. That said, I don't like that the CPU skips to catch up to you if you pull too far ahead of it. Yeah it's exciting when it's a close race but I don't appreciate pulling far ahead for the first 2/3 of the race only to lose from slowing down in the last leg. The CPU shouldn't have overtaken me because I should've been far ahead of it. Most of the time it's subtle but it's pretty blatant at a vertical stairs portion of the race. I always reach the top of the stairs while the CPU is still struggling to climb up at all, then once I'm past and the stairs are out of view the CPU is suddenly right behind me, having clearly skipped it. I do get excitement out of close races but they should be organically close, not artificially so, and a real player should definitely not lose to a cpu if they're ahead for most of the race and the CPU is just transported to constantly be on the player's tail..Version: 1.7.1

The game is okMaybe if u like watching ads more then playing the game? But they don’t even check your feedback, because if they did there would be many more changes. Like am I right? ( hold down the caption and press helpful if I was right)😄I’m out peace!🥶✌️.Version: 1.1.0

Couldn’t even get in the appDownloaded the app for a good time and it was the exact opposite. These sites promote the app and go on and on about how good this game is and I can’t even access it! I have tried deleting it and getting it back up and nothing changes, have looked to see if my phone is damaged but it’s fine. This is ridiculous and have already disliked the quality of this game.Version: 1.1.1

Ok gameAt first the game seemed really good but when I started to realise that after every level there was an ad I started to get really annoyed. I would understand if there where ads after every 3-5 levels but after every level is to much. All this while I was playing it I never actually thought about the fact that my ‘opponents’ might actually be bots but after reading all of the reviews I understood that they where just lying to us That’s why I deleted it even though I’ve had it for less than a month. Finally I just wanted to say even though it has many hiccups it’s an ok game and I would recommend it to u if you can live with frequent ads and fake opponents.😐😒🤔👎🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.8.0

Utter joke of a gameStarted playing a little and enjoyed it, but in retrospect I really wish that voodoo just knew when to stop Beginning with the speed increase, it does absolutely nothing, considering the opponent will always match it regardless of what level it’s on, and even if you happen to pass the opponent, the opponent gets a handicap and teleports next to where your fov ends, making it useless. Next with the offline earnings, I’m in doubt that you earn the right amount, as I stopped playing for a few days and came back with only a measly 1000 or so. And lastly, the overly consistent ads that pop up over the last round where you drew a box and waited a couple of seconds, like I know voodoo has a reputation for that garbage marketing scheme but still, it just ruins the game since I wait more for the ads to finish than for the rounds So if you are someone scrolling through the reviews, just please, it’s a garbage cash-grab.Version: 1.10.4

CrashesKeeps crashing when I open it.Version: 1.1.1

A little too easyI have had fun and enjoyed playing this game, but I’ve found that almost every level could be beaten with no more than two shapes! The AI was very unconvincing, and as far as I can tell, just randomly chooses from a large set of pre-drawn shapes. I’m at level 150, and I’ve only ever lost twice and only gotten close about... ten times maybe? I would love in the future for this game to build in the option of invitational online multiplayer. The upgrades I suggest would be either removed or optional for it so the players are competing based on pure skill. Overall, if you’re in the market for something to get rid of time without much effort or brainpower needed, this game is for you, but if you’re looking for something to challenge yourself, the current form of this game probably isn’t for you..Version: 1.7.1

Garbage80 levels in. I have drawn the exact same legs for almost every level, and won. Just draw straight to the right, then down. Make it as large as you can. That is literally all you need to beat the game. Don’t worry about buying speed ups. That along with the fact it has fake multiplayer (people are more likely to purchase cosmetic items if they think they’re up against other players), just screams exploitative lazy and unimaginative..Version: 1.10.11

Such stupid mechanicsI been playing this game for a few months and oh my god are there flaws. First, developers need to get rid of that god awful rubber band effect for literally ONLY the AI. Why can I loose by a long shot but they have to give an AI the absolute most annoying mechanic. Second, make some items more challenging for high level players! I’m at level 317 and there’s literally no point in playing when you have more coins than you can imagine and all the skins that you can buy with them (which only requires about 10k coins, literally a day of inactivity will get you that) like come on guys, it’s developers like these that make a semi good game then drive away their player base by giving us the middle finger when we provide feedback. Lastly, who the HELL asked for the stadiums at the end of the race? FIX THE GAME WHERE IT MATTERS!.Version: 1.4.0

CrashyI don't understand how this is the top game right now with how much it crashes.Version: 1.1.1

Hardly even a game, don’t bother installingTLDR: The idea is interesting but this game sorely lacks variety, the gameplay is easy and boring, and ads are rampant. Not worth an install. The only positive things I can say about the game are that the animations and physics are pretty well done, and it’s got a decent colour palette so it’s at least nice to look at for the first few minutes. As for the negatives.... - Half the time, drawing a single long line is enough for your box to win without you having to do anything else, so you’re just watching the game play itself - Level variety is poor, you’re basically playing the same handful of levels over and over - Without exaggerating, more time is spent watching ads than “playing” the game, which is unacceptable. I understand that ads are a necessary evil when creating a free game, but there is a balance that needs to be struck between ads and gameplay - No semblance of difficulty, since as soon as you get ahead, the opponent bot is artificially boosted by the game to catch up to you to make the race seem close - Speed upgrades don’t do anything since the opponent bot is always programmed to keep up with you, so you never feel like you’ve progressed or improved after buying an upgrade - The game doesn’t let you have more than 50k coins saved up - “Offline earnings” don’t work properly, since it gives you a coin bonus every time you launch the game. This can easily be exploited to give yourself massive amounts of coins, so you’ll hit the 50k coin limit very quickly and coins feel useless after that.Version: 1.1.2

Decently fun, but new ads during game?Well, this is new. Ads running in the middle if the game? They interrupt gameplay. What’s with that?.Version: 1.16.05

Another classic ad farm from voodoo.If you like 30 seconds of content followed by an ad this game is perfect for you. The levels are too easy by design to get you straight into another ad. It’s an absolute joke games like this are even allowed on the store. Steer clear of this garbage if you value your time and brain cells..Version: 1.2.1

EhIt’s ok but, it gets boring FAST. Get it or don’t l don’t have a strong opinion on this one.Version: 1.15.01

Good but awfulGame has a fun cool concept but it fails to challenge the player as you advance. This game is also so smothered in adds that it is not worth the effort to play. Beat a level get choice to watch a add or not then makes you watch one anyway. Even if you do watch a add for double gold it make you watch another add after that one. This game is not fun enough to pay the 2$ price tag to remove all adds the way adds are portrayed in the game literally kills it. Better way to add balance is give people a add timer give them a choice to watch so many adds to have so many minutes without adds in between levels. That way money can still be made off adds they won’t be as annoying killing the flow of the game. Now with recent updates to add onto this game is not being able to finish a level. I always liked concept finishing a level even though I may have lost with the update I can’t even do that now makes me want to stop now I feel like I have nothing to goof around with in levels when I have lost..Version: 1.6.1

Too many ads, and very deceiving.Don’t listen to the other paid reviews... this game is nearly unplayable without turning off your WiFi/cell service.. plus, it says “searching for opponent” but is actually just a single player game, that tries to make you believe it’s multiplayer. It’s really just struggling to load it’s own AI while you wait.. (a common strategy of the voodoo games...) also, spending your “coins” on “offline earnings” literally does nothing, because you get no money when you get on, no matter how long it’s been.. none of this will ever change either, because voodoo is a company that cranks out games as fast as they can, and never fixes or updates their games, they’re only in it for the ad revenue.. so don’t waste your time with this one....Version: 1.1.0

CrackingIt keeps crashing.Version: 1.1.1

No real opponentsThe game is just lying to you when it says searching for opponents. It’s all pots designed to lose against you so u can keep watching the stupid ads or pay for the full version. - cheaters.Version: 1.16.01

This is a scam plus roboticsLike the other person said (film film boy 3452) the app at first is fine but then random people start to catch up to u and that could be a use of robots and then u never ever get the big prize unless u watch the highly annoying ads and it asks u to rate it I mean u should be rating if u want to not coz someone asked u. I like this game a little but it deserves 1 star for: too many ads, people catch up to u easily like their on a higher lvl than u , u only get a maximum amount of space for drowning legs, and you can’t change wht colour or so the legs are , u can’t make the body how u want. I am sorry but this is wht my opinion is.Version: 1.6.1

WAY TOOOOOO MANY ADSNot sure if playing games or watching ads. Uninstalled..Version: 1.1.0

Should be a 5This game could easily be a 5 star game. Was hoping to find a contact to voice my complaint to, so I didn’t have to reflect it in my rating, but could not find a customer service number anywhere. This game is so addicting and satisfying to play. What takes it from a 5 to a 2 is the fact that when you pull ahead of your opponent, the game forces them right back up next to you again. I’ve had opponents who get stuck at a wall and I reach the top before they even get a hold of their first step. Two steps later, the opponent ZOOMS up right next to me. It’s impossible. Why won’t the game let me win by a mile if that is how it goes down? It has no problem letting me lose by a mile if I get stuck. Once I get unstuck I don’t automatically zoom back up next to them. This one mechanic is enough to make the game unenjoyable when you know you should have a massive lead, but you don’t all of a sudden and then you get stuck and lose when you should have been more than far enough ahead to give you the extra time you needed. I do not understand the mechanic. Would be great if someone could explain it to me..Version: 1.2.0

Quickly Boring, RepetitiveThere is only 1 mode of play in this game & even the obstacle courses on that mode are too easy, repetitive, & quickly becomes boring. After only a few hours of this game, I reached over level 200 without difficulty. You cannot add or challenge other players & some of the advertisements require a force close of the app in order to continue playing the game. I believe this game would be more fun with more game modes such as challenging a friend, keeping the same arms the entire course, or even more types of obstacles. This game is designed to make you feel like you’re really good at this game when i’m reality, it’s a very easy game with no real goal. If there were even available leaderboards or tournaments it would make the game more interesting. Most of the buttons under the settings button don’t work. The only reason this app got 2 stars was because in the beginning, it was very addicting..Version: 1.4.0

Don’t waste your timeThought I’d give this game a chance, but it was more adverts than game. It feels like about 12 seconds of gameplay for every 30 seconds of adverts. You can pay money to get rid of the adverts, which I might have even done... if I’d actually had a chance to get into the game a bit. But the adds were just really annoying, right from the start, and I wasn’t convinced the game was going to get any more interesting than the first couple of races. So I just deleted it..Version: 1.2.0

UmmmWhat do I do if I hit max level?.Version: 1.9.2

👍🏾👍🏾I love this game, it’s a great thing to do when you’re bored. However, as I realised today, you can’t get anymore than 50K in coins which is very annoying since I put a lot of money into upgrading my off-game earnings. I opened the app this morning and was told I’d earned 127K but got less that a quarter of that amount. This would be a good thing to change during the update please..Version: 1.1.2

Needs WorkUnfortunately, this game, while it is entertaining has glaring issues. Firstly, it is very obvious that 90% of the people you are matched with are bots. Second, bots have an unfair addition to their programming where if the player gets a certain small distance ahead, the bot will instantly distance close. I have tested this multiple times in many conformational ways. For example, on portions where both of us could not climb because we had too small of legs, I waited for 10 minutes once and neither of us made progress. Finally, I decided to draw in larger legs for myself and immediately after the bot was out of vision, it was right next to me WITH THE SAME SIZE LEGS a clear indication that it had been boosted and not actually changed anything..Version: 1.1.2

Very basic. Too many ads.Idea seemed fun. Game play is ok, but not that exciting. There’s an ad after EVERY level, every few of those is a 30 second one. They would appear to need that revenue because of the ridiculous amount they spend on advertising it on other platforms. It killed about 10 mins of lockdown time before I gave up. (And 7 mins of that was watching ads!) 🤷🏼‍♂️ You could spend a load of money on it and get a slightly better experience, or you could just poke your eyes with a stick. Not much in it really. Bring back PAC-Man..Version: 1.6.1

Dumb gameDude this game is so retarded you get like 500 ads every minute 1 star worst game ever👎👎👎.Version: 1.15.0

CrashesConstantly crashes.Version: 1.1.1

Just like every other Voodoo gameVoodoo is notorious for a whole lot of the flaws of this game. For starters: the “opponents” you compete against are just CPUs. Don’t let the names and the “searching for opponent” before every level fool you. This genuinely makes me mad because it tries to push this game as a “multiplayer game” when it’s not. Next comes the gameplay. It’s very repetitive. All you need to do is draw a long stick and occasionally drawing smaller ones when you can’t fit in the tiny zones and you’ll win every time. At least you would if the cane wouldn’t keep teleporting the opponents so they’re right on top of you all the time. The opponent can be stuck behind a wall and then the moment they’re off screen the game basically teleports they so they’re right on your tail. On the map above you can see you’re getting away and then the opponents mark just zooms up to the point where you’re almost constantly side by side. Next, the bridges are horrible in this game. If you get your legs stuck on them, the whole bridge will glitch out and spasms out everywhere: meaning you’ll have to restart the entire app to finish the level. Oh yeah, did I also mention that if you fall out of the level you have to start from the beginning while the Computer keeps going? Voodoo is honestly a cash grab. All their games are like this and it gets very boring..Version: 1.5.0

Ads!Cool game but the ads drove me to delete it..Version: 1.1.2

Kinda funQuickly realised you can just draw long legs to easily win any race which was somewhat enjoyable as I felt pretty op but the extreme amount of ads combined with a lack of content made this a game I will soon forget (or at least try to)..Version: 1.0.2

😐This game is fun but I wish you could vs real people because the bots 🤖 are really easy to win so every round you win the game. So yeah it can get pretty boring. The thing that REALLY ANNOYS ME 😡 is every time I get to pick 3 of the chests and I watch an add to be able to pick another 3 it makes me watch a 30 second add and then it will make me watch another and after the second add I don’t even get to pick another 3 chests 😡 Idk 😐 if that makes sense but it does to me.Version: 1.3.0

0 stars an add every single time you play this game is horrible voodoo needs to get rid of the adsHorrible id rather eat my own eyes than play this.Version: 1.1.1

Fun but..Its was one of my favorite games when I got really annoyed that there were so many adverts and it made me not want to play! If you want people to play your game, don't annoy them! It is weird that you never get the big prize as well. I think the opponents are fake because they have already drawn legs when we have only just got chance. Also, we don't put our nicknames in either and our opponents have names, so is it just me? I do like this game, its very addictive but it is also really annoying.I don’t really mind that the 'players' are bots but I don't like the fact they lie to us. This game is quite easy as well but I still like it! :) Thanks for making this game but its not very truthful. Thank you!.Version: 1.5.0

So some glitchesSo all the times I have tried this the bot wins other then that good game fishy you getting money from us watching ads and you never get good stuff in the chest room and the glitch it if you draw a heart that covers the whole box you win atomically so a bit annoyed please get real people to play the game. 😬 other then that good game like to see more updates thank you! 😁.Version: 1.9.1

HorribleJust like a lot of people said, there are way too many ads in this game. Seriously, after every game you finish there’s just another ad. Some games make me question why I need to pay to remove ads. Also there isn’t even real players it’s just AI’s that teleport to you when your in the lead. I also purchased a bunch of speed upgrades but of course it didn’t do a single thing because the AI’s just practically teleport in front of you. Horrible game, there are so many developers that are dying to make a good game, well guess what? This won’t get you anywhere! Voodoo needs to stop making these types of games. There just so so desperate to make a good game and like I just said it won’t do you any good. And the people that say this game is addicting, can they explain why you think it’s fun to be paired against AI’s and have them teleport to you and you have to see a ad every 2 seconds..Version: 1.6.1

Please Don’t Download this GameIt’s like voodoo wants people to not have fun by shoving ads down our throats, like I understand you need to pay for your programmers and digital artist designers but you could manage your ad use better and focus more on a quality game with occasionally have an ad, also the game is legit 100% bots why are false advertising with your fake reviews!? I’m sorry to the designers who spent time making this game just for it to be packed with ads.... a waste of talent. -Unsatisfied Customer.Version: 1.1.1

WhySo many ads. It takes the fun out of playing. Mist people create fun games so that people can enjoy it but there are too many ads. So it’s a really bad game. I hope you know that t👎🏼.Version: 1.1.0

OKVery good game. 8 out of 10. Problem is is that there are too many ads and it’s pretty leggy when you’re playing online but overall it’s a great game and I’m being extremely generous with the ratings if I was a harsh person then I would’ve given it two stars but I’m going to stick with three stars because I’m a nice person..Version: 1.1.2

If you like adds this is the game for you.After playing for 10min and reaching level 11 I’ve already deleted this game. After EVERY game your forced to watch an add, some are skip-able after 10-15 seconds but some force you to sit and watch the whole thing, and when they’re over your still stuck for 5-10 seconds for the option to close the add to even pop up. Game was fun but not fun enough to pay $3 for add removal, I wouldn’t even pay .99 cents for add removal on this game. Maybe if you’d like to keep your players for longer than an 30min before they delete your app try cutting your adds in half, an add after 2-3 games is expected out of most games on the App Store today, but to force a 30second add after every single 15seconds of game play is crazy. Spent more time watching adds than playing the game..Version: 1.1.0

Fun gameplay, ads are to muchAll I’m saying is that the ads should not be after every level, more like after a couple levels because I’m getting tired of every mobile game having a stupid amount of ads, and not only that but it’s so rare to find a game that people put thought into. Example, this game has fun gameplay but you have to watch these 30 second ads, it would be nice to see a game that is fun, enjoyable, and giving the game a good experience. If this game had less ads it would be super fun. Because right now, all mobile games are is money makers, horribly thought out except for the part that says money..Version: 1.10.3

Boring!!I got the game because the ad looked appealing and challenging. I should’ve known better. The app is boring, easy, and predictable. First, you can easily win every time if you draw the legs kind be like this: ), but more slanted to the left. If you draw the legs like that, you will win every time. Second, the game didn’t get any more challenging after play 30 levels. They just add a few little additions. Thirdly, your “opponent” always “draws” the slowest possible legs so it’s easy to beat them. After two weeks, I just deleted the game because it was taking up space that could be used for something far better. Sorry for the harsh review but do not download this game. I am certain you will be bored after 3 days with the app..Version: 1.4.0

Ads every 30 secondsI’m all for paying for apps that I enjoy. And respect the ad funded until you pay for it. But I can’t enjoy it with ads every 30 seconds that run 30 second unskippable ads. Looked promising, but can’t play it enough to determine if I want to buy the full version..Version: 1.1.0

Ads and glitchesThe app didn’t even launch on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I had to delete and redownload multiple times before getting it to finally launch. Played for 2 minutes and seen more ads then I can count on one hand. Deleted the app and won’t be reusing..Version: 1.1.1

Too Many AdsThis game is really great ... for the first week. The game is super fun and cool but it got boring quick; there a too many adds. It is really easy to get sick of it when you actually spend more time watching ads than playing the game. If you would even just half the amount of ads you watch it would be great..Version: 1.6.1

Very BadThis game (Draw climber) is broken in many ways. For example, if you grind and get a high speed, the AI that you verse will change to the same speed. This game has sooo many ads that it actually lags my whole phone and crashes at least once an hour. I don’t think people should get this game..Version: 1.7.1

You can’t winWe can’t win even the first game.Version: 1.15.0

Ads and glitchesIn the middle of A game a ad keeps coming up and also it sometimes kicks you out of the game and it does it in matches please fix it game creators.Version: 1.1.0

Terrible implementation of an idea with potential, don't limit coins to 50kThis game could be fun, but any more than surface level playing and it has a lot of issues. You are maxed out in terms of the only reward, coins, at 50k. The various different items you run across are the most in terms of interesting new content that makes you want to play more, with rapidly fleeting effects. Coins can purchase a speed boost (which at a point does absolutely nothing) or off-line earnings which again are limited to earning 50k coins! It never lets you collect anymore than 50k coins ever ruining any sense of progression. Completing missions also subsequently feels pointless as they only provide a coin reward. This needs a lot more work than just adding more animations upon winning..Version: 1.4.0

SusThis game is so sus and weird.Version: 1.15.01

Why is their so many adds?It’s a great game and it relieves stress. Their is one thing that would of gave this game a five star review, but since you added this thing, I gave it a two star. The thing......is the adds. I don’t know why you put them in the game but their just so annoying and useless. No one likes add so I’m just so confused why their in the game..Version: 1.1.2

Great game butI really enjoy playing this game and it would be fun if it didn’t lag so much after playing for a while. And also, it’s really annoying how after each race which is what like 30 seconds and flipping advert comes up! And then if you get an offer to watch a video to get a prize and you click no thanks and advert will come up anyway! WHY?? ITS SOO ANNOYING!.Version: 1.2.0

It’s ok?? 😼I really like this game and I’m not kidding, but the ads. Like I actually do wanna break from the ads(?) even when I’m competing, sometimes a random picture ad shows up and distracts me and I lose. Like be for real. Why. Please just no picture ads, there so annoying. apart from the ads, this is a pretty good game. You don’t need to use wifi(non-wifi game) and it’s pretty easy. Thank youuu😘 -A l y s a ⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.16.05

Gr8 gameThis game is awesome. I don’t mind the ads at all. But the people I’m playing against are obviously fake. Also all the levels are the same. For example they all have two obstacles which are pretty much the same. And the bonus levels I get every single coin cuz the bonus levels are the same thing every time. If this was fixed I would change my rating to five My little sister can beat all the levels without trying and she’s 2 I think there’s something very wrong with that so I changed my rating to a 2. Also what’s the point of stopping people from getting more then 50,000 coins if I find one more mistake as I’m deleting this app.Version: 1.7.1

Great game, but need to cut back on the ads.Ads every two or three rounds, not everything you do. Bonus for ads ok, I can understand but ads ever round is a bit too much..Version: 1.10.3

Broken Cash Grab GameThis game has got to be the epitome of cash grab games. First off, the running speed upgrade is utterly pointless. My character is up to level 80+ (I’ll explain further in the review) on running speed and the opponent bot is still running the same speed. Secondly, the offline timer is non-existent. I can close the app offline, open it again, and it’ll give me thousands of coins for literally 30 seconds of my time. My income is at 1001 coins per hour, absolutely broken and useless. Thirdly, the running speed is pointless on a whole new level due to the fact that I’m 99% sure that once you pass your AI opponent off screen, the game jumps it up next to you again to make it seem “close” or whatever. What’s the point!?! Fourthly, this game has a “finding new opponent” wait timer which is absolutely useless and all it does it waste my time. You don’t go online with you, there’s no “real” opponent, it’s a bot, so don’t waste our time with a pointless timer. Finally, this game blasts you with ads after every short 20 second round. 20 second game, advertisement, 20 second game, advertisement, etc. Half your time is watching an inconvenient advertisement..Version: 1.1.2

It’s not goodIt’s alright, but nothing happens. I get the idea, but for every round the same thing happens over and over again, except for the fact that they add ‘harder’ obstacles every now and again, which doesn’t make it any harder. Also, all you have to do is draw one thing that’s simple, and you’ll only have to change it every 40 games. It’s also one of those games that seem fun in the adds, and for the first few times, then it just gets so boring that you can’t take it, and delete the app. So, sorry, but I 𝔻𝔼𝔽𝕀ℕ𝔼ℕ𝕋𝕃𝕐 do not recommend this app whatsoever!!.Version: 1.9.4

Awsome, but one problem.I've had draw climber for a while now, and come to think of it, the only way for me to win is to draw the same wheels over and over again. I would like the game more if you added really challenging levels where you keep having to change the wheels to win, instead of having the same wheels from start. I've had about only three challenging levels where I had to change the wheels once or twice! That's all! I was expecting it to make you change your wheels over over again, not just only swipe your finger once and watch it win every single time. I like winning but when I actually do something to win it. When it says "Funniest race you ever played" that's not really true I find it kind of boring. If the developer sees this please make more challenging levels!.Version: 1.15.01

Could be so much betterIt’s a really cool concept for a game but seems very lazily made. Levels are very repetitive and you can complete pretty much all of them using the same shape. Just make a curved line as large as possible and that completes pretty much all the levels. The levels are also really short they take about 10 seconds and then there is an ad after pretty much each level. This is a problem with mobile games in general these days. They’re far too profit-centred and the developers try to keep the effort:profit ratio to a maximum.Version: 1.3.0

AddsIt would be better if the game had less adds but overall it’s okay it can get boring time to time just doing the same thing over and over again 👌🏻.Version: 1.1.2

F**KING ADSHi I give this game a 1 star review for the reasons below 1. To many ads. I see ads every time I want to play a new level 2. Some ads are inappropriate. There is kissing, twerking and DEATH. 3. Some ads for games are weird some are ErAsinG games and they have to ERASE THE WOMENS BRAS AND UNDERWEAR AND CLOTHES. (like WHY) - Emipu.Version: 1.15.01

Hmm...This game is fun and easy to play but when you start playing it for a while, the levels are very similar to eachother and I would love it if there were some different ideas on each level. I mean, for some people this is: 😍 and for some people this is 🤢 but it really depends how you look at it. This is an etremely tricky game to rate as different people have different opinions and expectations for it. However, my oppinion is that it could be better by putting in some different levels. This game has many goods and bads but I would say to download it and then judge within your expectations. Thanks for reading 😘.Version: 1.1.2

$7 and still tons of adsPaid for ad free game play and the game is still plagued with long ads making it unplayable. Developers need to be more realistic and less greedy..Version: 1.16.05

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