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Slice It All! app received 39 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about slice it all!?

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Ads ads ads adsIt’s just so many ads, one after every level.Version: 1.3

To many adsTO MANY ADS.Version: 1.3

...It’s a great game, very satisfying. But there’s no point in earning money u can’t spend like I want new backgrounds and knives and maybe like new things to cut:/.Version: 1.3

OkI can’t find where you buy more knifes.Version: 1.3

Slice rubbishRubbish.Version: 1.3

Tooo many addsI love the game but it has way to many adds..Version: 1.3

Money ???Super fun game, love the sounds too but it’s insane how you just make a bunch of money with literally nothing to spend it on it’s almost like the game is unfinished? Idk but this game could be so much better if you could buy new knives.Version: 1.1

Ads last longer than levelsThis is just an ad generator..Version: 1.3

Game reviewThis game is pointless to play the money has no use, there is no tutorial, you get ads after every level, and the levels repeat. If you’re going to make a game finish it before you publish it and make sure you don’t put ads after every level..Version: 1.3

Pointless gameI don’t usually review games but this game is utter garbage. you can just fly so high you skip the full level. there’s no level select but it doesn’t matter because older levels are just duplicates of earlier ones. there’s no use for the money... don’t download.Version: 1.3

Not a good gameNot a good game. Would not recommend. Boring after the first few levels and is rigged. Nothing to spend the money after you earn it anyway..Version: 1.3

Kinda entertainingDon’t get me wrong the satisfaction from getting a really big slice is euphoric. But Jesus what is the point. I’ve collected so much money for what exactly. Thought maybe after I hit 20k nope. 50k. Nope not even 100k. The money you earn in game has no use. Waste of time to watch so many ads. Just to earn more in game money you can’t use!.Version: 1.3

Money has no pointYou earn money every level but you can’t spend it. Seems pretty pointless.Version: 1.3

It’s calmingFun game makes the time fly by but what’s the point of the currency we earn it but we can’t use it. Please create a shop to buy different knife skins or something . Also less ads would be appreciated. If you turn off your wifi whilst playing after a while the ads will stop so it can be avoided ig. Fun game, please make it so we gain something from playing (using the currency we earn) ☺️.Version: 1.3

Less addsStop with all the adds you give us lots of adds to get rid of them we have to pay stop!.Version: 1.3

Cool but repetitiveYou earn money with nothing to spend it on..Version: 1.1

The ADS ruin the gameYou basically spend more time watching ads than playing the game. This could be a fun game if the levels didn’t take like 10 seconds to complete and they didn’t have ads after every single level..Version: 1.3

Decent I guessWhat’s the point of money?.Version: 1.3

Bad gameSame levels over and over, can’t seem to find a way to even spend the cash in game and nonstop ads.Version: 1.3

Addicting but..The game is satisfying and pretty fun. There is one major issue, there is nowhere to spend your coins. It would be cool to be able to change your skin etc but you can’t. The coins just add up and are pointless. If that was included this would be 5 stars.Version: 1.3

Laggy, Too many ads,Overall this game is ok, First of all its way too laggy im playing on iPhone 11 and it’s super laggy, second too many ads way to many ads every time you die and every time you complete a level, third is that if the game didn’t have these things it would be a 4 it’s very satisfying but unfortunately I’m not going to keep this downloaded on my phone :( I would recommend if you like satisfying stuff but no recommended if you hate ads and lag.Version: 1.3

LameSo many adds like wow I would play it more but maybe less adds than I’ll download it again.Version: 1.3

It’s okThe only probably I have it’s that it freezes or it glitches too much.Version: 1.3

Bad amount of adsTo many ads for a free game.Version: 1.3

Don’t recommendThere is nothing to spend you’re money on so it’s just continuously getting bigger, you do the same thing over and over and the game just gets no rafter a while because there is nothing too it.Version: 1.3

Very nice but...Ok, this is a great game, it’s fun original, and intriguing. It’s just very glitchey.Version: 1.3

Why is there moneyThis game is really fun I enjoy it but I don’t understand what the money is for I think you should have things to buy like knives, skins, etc..Version: 1.1

Ads after every levelLong terrible ads after every level and no gain from passing a level. Also ridiculously easy with no challenge. 1 star.Version: 1.3

No use for moneyThe money in game has a pretty good dynamic, it just has no use!! I imagine this will be introduced soon as the game is relatively new but i think it would be nice if there were options for backgrounds, new knives or other sharp objects, themes you could buy for you to play in and such...Version: 1.3

EhIt’s pretty fun for a bit just slicing stuff. But there is absolutely no progression in any way. The money you earn cannot be spent on anything and the levels do not get any harder. It’s virtually impossible to fail a level and it really just comes down to your own ocd and trying to cut as much as you possibly can. They should add something that you need to cut a certain amount to complete a level and add something to spend in game currency on. Also R**es you with adds if you don’t turn wifi off..Version: 1.3

LaggyConstantly lags.Version: 1.3

LameIt’s the same thing over and over, plus you get money that you cannot even spend.Version: 1.3

Too many adds:(.Version: 1.3

Waste of timeYou literally spend more time watching ads than playing the game. One round lasts about 10-15 seconds then 20-30 second ad then round then ad without fail. do not waste your time with games from this developer. they usually come up with interesting ideas but the games are never polished and you watch ads non-stop..Version: 1.3

I physically can’t progress?Level nine is physically impossible without upgrading or something but that isn’t an option? One jump isn’t enough to reach the next platform but I can’t double jump? I can’t?? Do anything??.Version: 1.3

This game isn’t the bestThis game is fun don’t get me wrong but it is hard to controls the knife. It’s not a game I would segues to my friends of family. This game doesn’t make sense and like I said it’s a little hard.👌🙂👍🏼.Version: 1.3

!You can collect coins in the game but unfortunately you can’t buy anything, there is no items in the game for purchases!.Version: 1.3

Not worth $3The core concept is fun, but after the first few levels the gameplay starts to get very repetitive. There’s no progression and no scoreboard which makes replaying levels to collect more coins a bit pointless. There isn’t even a level selection screen. Don’t bother paying to get rid of the ads because you’ll probably delete it in a few days after the novelty wears off..Version: 1.3

Update the stupid gameI literally have enough money to build 3 orphanages and there is no where I can buy something, I don’t care if this game is just being used for money..Version: 1.1

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