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Have to many ads?The game was great but way to many ads, a thing you can do with offline games, just turn off your data and wifi and eliminate all ads. Periodt..Version: 8.1

AvisTrop de publicité.Version: 9.1

Really Good Game but some complaints about how many adds there are...This game is really addicting to me, but I have some complaints about the adds... I love this game and it is very fun to play, but the problem is, is that I think that there are WAY too many adds and it’s REALLY annoying. I play this game a lot when I’m bored, but it gets super frustrating when I finish a tangle, THERES AN ADD!! I feel like the creator of this game or the company of the game should limit the adds just a little, or even a lot... I feel like a lot of people would agree on this and if not, you’re weird. (just a joke) I hope the creator or the company see this, so they could change this by chance.🙃.Version: 15.8

Ive only started and ima pro alreadyI’ve only downloaded this app today and I’m already a pro! Wait I know this was a short story about me and this game by the way I love the app! Bye.Version: 9.7

Great for what it isI try to rate a game by the actual gameplay. Considering ONLY THAT, this game can be a therapeutic way to spend short periods of free time. Puzzles like this can actually really help with stress and/or anxiety, as they require the focus of the other side of the brain. The overall app has the unappealing trend of exposing the player to more ad time than game time. The ad interruptions severely break the immersion and reduce a lot of the therapeutic benefit mentioned above. But, as the developer makes no claim it is intended for such purpose, I can’t fault it for that. As I saw in another review: turn your cellular data off for the game to stop the ads. Then you can better judge the game for itself and decide if you want to support the developer by actually paying to remove the ads..Version: 9.1

WOWENEDAt first I was just like this is just like the same as all games but then I played it and love ❤️💜💙💚💕it. I got this game because on the adverts they couldn't do it and I'm always thinking about it and can do it so I want to prove them wrong as for me it is so easygoing I do think more people should play this app as it is motivating and maybe other people will like it and I think it's amazing. I gave the app 4/5 because it's not perfect perfect it's perfect not 2 perfects.Version: 9.1

Way to many addsGood game, but about 5 mins of adds for 3 mins of play.. I have deleted it.. very annoying.Version: 7.0

GoodFun.Version: 26.1

Very addicting!I downloaded this mobile game because I needed some distraction and it certainly achieved that! I would recommend it to anyone who finds calm in solving simple, repetitive puzzles but also likes the occasional challenge and collecting in-game items. This is definitely not for people looking for an “exciting” game that changes a lot or level; they will get bored easily. I’ve collected almost all the different skins, but I still have over half of the levels to go so I can see myself even reaching a plateau in gameplay soon. The UI is a little ugly with the overly bright colors and it was a little hard at first getting used to clicking the pin that I want to put the rope on rather than dragging, but once I got the hang of it these small annoyances faded into the background. What I wanted was some brief fun and this is simple but definitely very fun..Version: 18.1

Just turn off your wifiEverybody is complaining about the ads but if you like the game then turn off your wifi and the ads go away..Version: 6.0

Yes!I love this game. So addicting. I also am 73. I have no problems with being rushed. I just pause and take a few minutes break. Occasionally the ropes want to go their own way, but it’s not bad. Challenging! I think they just did an update, and all seems fine. I was able to do a new app download and it was ok. But i love the quickness of play; a couple games for a quick break and move on. I ve played 2 or 3 games without ads. That s Nice. Thanks guys. Keep up the good job. Granny-J./eoj (retired programmer/analyst). Add-on 5/1/21: you have taken away the ability to back-up or start over. This needs to be restored since there is still the problem that I tap one rope to move, but a different rope moves! Granny-J..Version: 28.5

A little to many addsSo the game is good and I love it so much and I play 1 hour a day!There are just a little to many adds it’s like whenever you finish a round an advert comes up almost every time! If I could talk to the person who made this I would say don’t put as many adds in the game but apart from that I would recommend buying this app! It’s so fun!!!.Version: 15.8

Good game, but other stuff is too longEverything takes so long. The intro when you open the app, the showing you moved up to the next level, the ads, after you win. I’m just here for the challenge. I don’t care for it showing me all this other fluff. But I like the way it clicks in my hand when I earn coins. If the other fluff does have to be here it would be nice if it didn’t take so long to show me. I don’t need to see how many stars I earned and I don’t care about how many coins I earn unless it helps me buy new levels. I don’t care to see how I progress to the next level. I wish the bombs would actually explode. I was disappointed it gave me another chance to play with another long timer when the bombs “go off” and that was it. The puzzle part of the game is great though..Version: 25.7

One of the best gamesOMG I have been asking and asking Mum for this game and she finally got it for me. I can’t believe how fun it is, even though there is a lot of adds it still is amazing!!! 😊 When I am bored and can go on screens what I do is literally lister to music when I play. I haven’t played a game like this for a while now..Version: 9.5

OMG 🤪🤪THIS APP IS INSANELY FuN 🤩🥳🥳🤭🤭 It is just the game that I love 💗 and want forever in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! It is relaxing and fun and it makes me feel smart (trust me I am🤓) I really want you to download this tooo!!!! Thank you so much for making it😻😻😻✌️👍🏼🤟 ALTHOUGH, plz make games that don’t have sooooooooooooo many adds bc it’s just ruining the magic. I hope that you aren’t offended by me tho....🥴🤔😓 Thx for reading... unicorn magic⭐️🌈.Version: 28.1

LoveI love this game.Version: 27.2

This is amazing!!!This game is the best game I have ever played in a long time I’m on such a high level and I have been playing for a few days i love it so much one thing I would like to change is the unlockables there is not that much of different skins and maybe you could be able to change your colour ropes and I thought you could match against your friends and contacts that play the game and create a profile picture or something like that that would be so much fun please send to developers.Version: 9.0

Its kinda easyI usually turn on the airplane mode, so the ad couldn't bother me much but I get to level 160 but it’s still only 4 ropes, it just repeats again and again kinda boring they should increase the number of the string so the game will be better.Version: 7.0

This game is awesome and I love it so muchYou should have this app it is so fun and easy to play but level 100 is pretty hard but fun and it tests you’re brain 🧠.Version: 20.2

Let’s talk ad management.For all these sort of crappy gimmicky games that you downloaded because you saw an ad, expect a load of ads in game. Luckily there are management options. These may not be helpful to some, but work well for me. I’m on an iPad. 1. So long as you are not waiting for a phone call, swipe down to bring up the widget screen and turn airplane mode on. Viola! No more ads. 2. For those moments when you must watch an ad to claim that ‘free’ prize that you worked hard for, I recommend turning airplane mode back off and waiting a second or two before clicking the claim button. Sometimes I forget to do that and it will glitch out and I lose the prize. But let’s be real, those prizes usually have little gameplay value anyway. 3. If you can’t turn airplane mode on because you need service on your device; There are these little arrows in the corner of the ad that pop up after about five seconds. Tap that and your ‘x’ will appear allowing you to skip the ad MUCH more quickly. Mandatory ads where you are claiming a prize will not have the arrows. You gotta watch the whole thing which is fair IMO. That’s it. As for this game, it’s fine. Good for those late nights when you are struggling to sleep and need something mindless..Version: 13.2

It doesn’t go anywhere.Paid to get rid of adverts so I could play, got up to a high level. You just collect coins, there’s nothing to do with them, and it doesn’t get any harder. Bored now. Bye bye.Version: 14.4

Turn OFF! WiFi and Data.I enjoyed playing this game, entangling each puzzle. I got fed up with the Advertisements so switched off WiFi and Data. I solved over 200 puzzles AD Free! In this really addictive game In one night. So if you read the comments and are put off by all the AD’s disrupting game time and boring you. Don’t be! Just turn off WiFi and Data..Version: 15.8

Great gameI love playing this game. It’s a fun challenge and it’s relaxing for me. The only issue I’m having is that the ropes often don’t move where I want them to—they automatically go back to the spot I’m moving them from, and that counts as a turn. This is happening more frequently—even when I slowly or strategically move a rope and try to relocate it. It just snaps back to the spot it came from and I lose another turn. This has happened several times in a row, causing me to lose turn after turn, and I end up having to restart that level. You can imagine how frustrating this is, especially when I’m at the end of a level and every move counts. Please fix this! Thanks!.Version: 11.2

Pet5543This game is challenging. But every time you go back to it it starts you at beginning..Version: 29.6

Easy fun but something needs to changeBefore downloading this app, just know that after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL THEIR US AN ADD. Some adds are weird too and some are inappropriate. I get adds for chapters, a game where you chose what to do about your cheating boyfriend and stuff... which is bad for people like me that are the age of 10. I think that some adds should be taken out. And there also shouldn’t be adds after every little level because it gets SO ANNOYING. I do like the game ,though. The adds for the game that I got said it was harder than you think when it’s actually very easy. I got all the ropes and ends of the ropes in one day. Very easy. Right now I have like 20 thousand coins and this is my second day playing. This game does pass time ,too, which I like. It’s pretty fun I do recommend it if you have the patience for a million adds..Version: 9.4

Rigged Time Challenges?I really enjoy this game, however, I keep losing the timed challenges because the threads will either not move where I want them to go, or they bounce back to where they came from!!! Therefore, 20 seconds is not long enough for them to be solved. Can’t believe it’s just me having this problem, surely? So what am I doing wrong, or what do I have to do to get past the timed challenges?.Version: 9.4

Good but not GreatWhen I first got this game I was addicted to it. But when I started playing it more it also started to relive stress while at the other hand it also made me have more stress. THERE IS WAY TO MANY ADS! Especially when you run out of moves and have to watch ads to get more moves. And to be honest, some levels you can’t even beat if you don’t have enough moves. So here I am watching like 13 ads just to get past one level. Other than that, the game is amazing. You get to change your rope style, your pin and much more this is definitely one of my favorite games ever. Another thing that I really like about the customization is that you can be different and it makes the game a lot more fun. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to have a fun and challenging time. It would also be really fun if they could have head to head challenges to see who can unknot the level the fastest. Great game and I am in love! 🥳🥳🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳😍🥰.Version: 15.8

Yahoo!!!!!!Hi I love your game.Version: 7.0

Good butThere’s to many adds. I appreciate that you want money but bruh calm it down.Version: 8.1

Tangle master 3DI think you should do the 5 star and the review thing a little into the game instead of after level 1! But I can’t wait till it gets harder I always like a challenge!!!!!.Version: 28.5

Love it!I am a master at this fun game! The levels are incredibly easy! You have come to right person here, because I love ads! Rollic games, I think this one is a great 👍 success to the world and please download it! Yes there are ads, but it’s very interesting to watch! Leave a like on this if you agree with me! I think they are just being nice sponsoring a lot of games to make them feel better! I turned off my wifi and then there were no ads! Totally recommend this app game reached level 💯 and really is not so hard but I understand. As long as it’s fun. I have the game on three devices! My mom’s phone 📱, my grandma’s phone, and my iPad! Again, love your fun games, Rollic Studios!.Version: 9.5

Nice gameI really like this game but I have a few things to say: Firstly the levels are really fun and challenging and I think they’re a perfect level of difficulty and earning coins is easy. However, the one bad thing is there are SO MANY ADS!! Almost every time you finish a level there is an advert and it’s really boring 🥱 All I want to do is play the game! The animations of the app is really good though. That’s all and peace out ✌️.Version: 9.9

Good but too many adsI thought this game was really good and quite relaxing to begin with and was very addictive it’s just the ads always come up nearly every time you finish a level and it’s so annoying. Other than that I think it’s very addictive especially how you have to try and untangle the ropes and there’s levels and coins but maybe there should be less ads and no glitch because that’s another thing that sometimes ruins the game..Version: 9.91

Great game but...I have really enjoyed this game but recently had to delete it twice because it freezes and changes to a tiny upside down format with foreign language and remains frozen. Please sort this out. I'm going to try downloading it agin but if it happens again it will be deleted and I'll write another review..Version: 14.0

Thank you so muchEver since my grandma passed away my dad was so sad and miserable but then he tried candy crush but that didn’t work but then this game came out and he installed this game and he suddenly became happy again so whoever made this game thank you so very much not only because my dad likes it because I am addicted to this game to so 🙏🏻🥰.Version: 9.0

Woo hoo!The ad is a lie you have a certain amount of moves you can’t go crazy and use a lot of moves but really fun game!.Version: 28.1

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