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Monarchia App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Monarchia app received 12 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Monarchia? Can you share your negative thoughts about monarchia?

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Monarchia for Negative User Reviews

Ending are horrible and the game as a whole is confusingThe endings In this game are just horrible and idiotic, it would be wonderful if the developers could make new ways as to how to lose the game. The game is a bit confusing and takes time to understand, there should be a tutorial at the beginning explaining how to lose the game..Version: 1.3

It gets oldThe game was fun at first but I soon got very bored because I was doing the same old things. You get the same cards over and over again and the cutscenes are too long and most aren’t skip able. I hate that the assassin can come at any time and it’s a literal dice roll if you live or not. Basically it’s a 50/50 if you’ll live or not..Version: 1.3

UnhelpfulThe game does not allow you to see what’s your choices will do.Version: 1.3

Boring and badly writtenGets boring after losing 5 times to the same thing, the options are badly written and don’t make sense the fact that when you die you lose all the land you acquired is in forgiven. The war scenarios are sometimes obvious and other times it’s just a guessing game. Would not recommend downloading.Version: 1.3

A bit weird to playI played for a couple of hours and the game is kinda confusing and has a lot flaws, I hate to say this but I’d like a refund if possible.Version: 1.3

Why so this grammar? PoorlyI don’t know what’s going on with the grammar in this game, and I could let it go normally, but this is a Text Based game for the most part... And it’s not small grammar mistakes either, it’s like mind numbing “huh?” Type of run on and backwards sentences Such as “Disaster! Disaster! An earthquake has happened, chaos, mess, death is walking around, the army must enter the city.” To which your choices are “yes” and “no” The game structure is good, it’s #6 on ITunes RPG list for some odd reason, it has opportunity, but you REALLY need to get someone to edit your dialogue, it would take a day or two and cost you nothing as a dev, because in a text based game that’s super important.Version: 1.3

Not sure I understand itNot sure if the English is bad or if the game is. Lots of it just doesn’t make sense, many of the choices are basically random and the game can end abruptly. It’s less a strategy or tactical game and more a random chance. Needs a bit of work I would say..Version: 1.3

Not what was expectedThis game comes from a cool design and idea, but a rather poor implementation. There is no action, which I expected from the reviews and pictures. Most of it is swiping right or left, which I think most people prefer to leave with their dating apps..Version: 2.0

Horrible GrammarFor a story type of game, I would have expected way better grammar and story lines that actually made sense. Waste of money..Version: 2.1

Map is bad, game has terrible logic.It makes no sense that being over loved can cause you to die what kind of logic is that? Also why can’t he inherit the land from the next Monarch, the map is also terrible and is not historical accurate at all, this game is terrible I want my money back..Version: 1.3

Not funNot fun.Version: 2.0

Knock-offThis is basically a crummy standalone sequel to Reigns. It’s entertaining for about 20 minutes until you realize the monotony of the game itself. This game just feels unfinished and mundane with a fraction of the decision making that Reigns has. To be fair I haven’t completed this game so maybe there is some charm hidden away somewhere. Otherwise I’m disappointed that it didn’t live up to the quality of it’s predecessor, Reigns..Version: 2.0

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